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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  May 17, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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hospital. the spokes person does not know the person's condition at 1:30 this morning. we have called to the police department to get more details. was there an arrest made? we do not know. if you want to hear more, download abc app so you can get updates on the smartphone. >> the pittsburg city council has given the green lit for new cameras along highway 4. this is after a string of shooting on the area highways. the city council approved $100,000 to install several new cameras along the highway. they will stretch from the sentry boulevard overcrossing to the end of the bart line. this was hours after another
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shooting in the area, forcing police to shut down the freeway yesterday. it spill on to the streets. four people were arrested, they recovered two guns. there have been 20 shootings on the east bay highways since november. >> fires are vote the cause -- firefighters are have thing the cause of a fire. crews responded with a stretch of the road shut down for three hours. firefighters say this starts on a second-floor balcony. >> a petsmart is vote how a dog died in the kay of a grandmotherrer. san mateo police arrested the petsmart employee for animal cullty -- cruelty. >> police say a one-year-old dachshund henry arrived at me smart for grooming on sunday. in three minutes of being in the grandmotherrer care henry was
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having trouble breathin >> he was brought with no injuries and no known illness because of actions taken by the programmer during the session that caused the dog to die. the 38-year-old of san francisco has been arrested for animal cruelty and an x-ray revealed he suffered from a puncture lung and two broken ribs customers say they are surprised to hear. >> i don't know what i would do to the guy, your pet is your child. >> philadelphiapetsmart is investigating. animal cruelty is against everything we believe as a country and as individual pet parents. the dog died in napa and this republican forcing the public for legislation that grandmotherers be certified -- groomers be certified. >> wen trust the grandmotherers with the care of our beloveed
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animals and there should be something in place allow us a level of confidence. results of the investigation will be released in a few days. >> happening today a controversial done met tick violence case returns to court in san francisco this morning. former technical executive is on prohibition after pleading guilty to domestic violence. this is the court last month. witnesses will be presented and the judge will decide in video evidence is relevant. the hearing is scheduled for 9:30. >> and this man is suspected of killing a woman and dutch her body in the pond, eric lamar nelson knew the victim and is considered armed and dangerous. he knew the victim. officers pulled the body from the pond yesterday morning. they quickly decembered she was murdered. investigators think he could be driving a black fur day kia
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license late on the scene 5e 5eny919. >> in the south by, will san jose step city-funded travel to north carolina and mississippi? the states passed anti-lgbt laws. the city council is weighing whether to put san jose in line with dozens of cities and companies taking a start and not do business with the states. san francisco mayor lee issued a similar ban in april. >> how can the city refer from the money they are missing from past due library fees? the library system is face $6.8 million in unpaid fines and 39% of library card holders hav fees. the city council will consider a one month amnesty if you return overdue items. another idea is patron can volunteer at the library to pay down the fine. >> 200 teachers and students and parents are ready to take a
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field trip to the state capital. they are headed to sacramento to meet with lawmaker to lobby for more money for education. they will join groups from several other cities to focus on education issues facing this. >> and oklahoma city center adams is apologizing for an insensitive praise he used post game with episcopal reporter, the new zealand native referred to the guards as "quick little ..." can said "different words, different expressions but they can be taken differently depend on the country. i everstepped the backgroundries tonight". >> fan are focusing on the future hoping for a westbound tomorrow after the stunning game loss to the thunder. they led by thin points at half but it came apart in the second
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half. there was a comeback with but thunder bet golden state warriors the first game one loss in a playoff series for the warriors unhead coach occur -- head coach. >> many did not think losing was possibility for a team that won 54 regular season games in a reover a 14-month span. >> a it was exciting. and then sad. >> another day. another game. i'm ready for the next game. >> the warriors were 39-2 winning all six home playoffs' the defeat last night. >> we are looking to game two tip-off at 6:00 p.m. and the series shifts to oklahoma for game three and four on sunday and next tuesday. in necessary game five is back at oracle arena. >> no one is underestimating the thunder after watching the first
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half. when they started play changed. we will bounce back. and now, look at the temperatures, 12 degrees warmer in antioch and 16 in forward and no one in santa rosa and even san francisco is one degrees and warmer. temperatures at glen park at 51. crissy field and marina, downtown, ferry building at 54. financial district is 57. san leandro is 58. 54 in pleasanton. american canyon is 49. we focus on water activity, poaches, warm sunshine, is the pool open? when it is 90 degrees, you may want to go through. walking the dog, find the shade in the afternoon. it is breezy in the east bay hills camera but not breezy today. 78 in san francisco is the 8:00 spot and most of us in the upper 80 to mid-90s and cooler in san francisco at the cost tomorrow and more cooling
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thursday and better chance of showers in the seven-day outlook. sue? >> in san jose, past the shark tank s.a.p. center we have nice traffic conditions and light. the head lit are headed on 87 in the northbound direction by the off ramp so hopefully that will continue, we know it is early. green is good on the sensors and everyone is at the limit with a few exceptions including out of the central valley that is typical we are hooking at 35-minute drive account accident at the truck skills in livermore, that is cleared so i am not see any problems and the eastbound direction the reverse commute, road work is the culprit and that is between greenville and north gasoline until 9:00 this morning with slowing. we will look at the bay bridge and see in there is backup. >> two men break into a restaurant in the dead of night on the peninsula but something will put them behind bars. >> bernie sanders and hillary
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clinton bring the campaigns to clinton bring the campaigns to the
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the apartment building where the fire was. when things like this happen, i think you find a new perspective on life. hi. red cross put us in a hotel so we were able to stay together. we're strong and, if we overcame that or if we can overcome that, we can overcome anything, so. [ sniffle ] >> santa clara, san francisco, east bay, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> santa clara police need your help to catch these guys. surveillance video shows two men breaking into the fast food on april 21. it is located near great america
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parkway. a suspect can be clearly seen the chicago white sox jacket, call the police if you know either man. all the race for 2016, bernie sanders headed back to the bay area. tomorrow he will lead a rally in san jose and speak at an event. hillary clinton and bill clinton are back for fundraisers in present and atherton. today, voters head to the polls in kentucky and oregon to weigh in. we have more on the battle for delegates. >> good morning. hillary clinton has been fighting hard for a win tonight specifically in kentucky. she also is looking to the general election. >> hillary clinton battling in the blue prostate and look -- the blue grass state and looking ahead. >> imagine i am on the debate stage with donald trump. what is your plan to credit job -- to credit job. his answer is i will create 'em,
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they are gonna be great and i necessity how to do it but i'm not telling you ma it is i'm gonna do. >> bernie sanders getting big crowds in puerto rico with a primary in june. on republican side, donald trump is still dealing with the fallout from a "new york times" story on the alleged treatment of women. a former model quoted by "new york times" is coming to his defense. >> she a gentleman. he is polite and thoughtful. >> republicans including mitt romney have been looking for a third-party candidate to take on donald trump. ohio governor kasich said he would not play that role. in california, a week remains to register to vote in the primary and you need to regular store by next monday. that is the deadline to change the party affiliation. request a vote by mail at the end of the month and california primary is juan -- june 7.
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>> and more affordable housing proposal in san francisco from the supervisors with a land to allow developers to build several stories above current height limits in a third is presented for middle and low income residents and trying to reserve small neighborhood businesses. they will maybe the proposal at 11:30 a.m. at city hall. >> muni's board will approve a resolution dedicating cable car 24 to willie mays, two weeks ago he celebrated the 85th birthday. city leaders dedicated the cable car on may 6. car 24 is the number that willie mays war in the 22-year career. it features a willie mays 11:00 and sometimes willie mays himselfs. quite a thrill. >> how about seeing a lot of sunshine today? >> love it.
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>> a rare day at the coast. the next six hours: nothing on live doppler hd. it is breezy in the hills. 31-miles-per-hour gusts on mount tamalpais. you do not see clouds. it looks clean down to the san mateo bridge. the winds will subside and that will allow warm sunshine. still hot inland tomorrow and the sea breeze is cooling at the coast and the bay. showers are possible on friday and more so on saturday. today, normally our cloudy forecast, not much there. whatever clouds are clinging to the coast, they are gone. you are in the 70s and 88 at the bay and 90s inland. in the south by, the cool spot is milpitas and sunnyvale at 85 to nearly 90 in gilroy and up the peninsula, temperatures in the mid-to-upper 88 and millbrae at 78. mid-70s along the coast today to nearly 80s downtown and
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south san francisco and sausalito and 86 in petaluma and 90 in santa rosa and napa and the east bay shore richmond and hercules 82 and oakland is 85 to 87 and inland, 90 to 94. tonight is stuffy. mid-50 to let 60. we are 90 inland but only 80 around the bay and 60s at coast and by the time we get to saturday, 50s, 60, maybe 70 inland. sue? >> traveling to the macarthur maze westbound direction of highway 80 looking good at 4:47. westbound direction headed to the bay bridge toll plaza, now is a if time to go there because it is light. no delays. 15 minutes from golden gate field to san francisco. green is good. we have slow traffic out of altamont pass, fairly typical. we have road work.
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in oakland, southbound 880 from 23rd to 29th we could have slow traffic with the road worker picked up in another 15 minutes. we have road work in the north. we will check in a couple of minutes. >> is 140 characters cramping your twitter style? there will soon be no wiggle room. >> potentially dangerous particle that could contaminate your baby's formula. >> good morning, topping america's money the markets react to the shock are by america's most famous investor, warren buffett purchased $1 billion after apple stock and he usually avoids technical stocks boosting value by 4% lead telling more apple in your mutual fund as an increase number of managers see it as an attractive stock. >> despite long security lines travelers are not complaining about airlines with complaints
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down 18%. the number in march was 5% less than the month before. >> and a change to how applebees could bees spending $75 million to convert grilled from grass to wood fires saying it will change wood fires saying it will change the flavor of 40% of menu items wannwith sodastreamter? you turn plain water into sparkling water in seconds. and because it's so delicious,
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you'll drink 43% more water every day. sodastream. love your water.
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look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious. mmmm, yoplait. >> the abc7 news app on go on your schedule. news that lives where you live.
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>> this morning, severe weather is moving in to eastern texas. it hit the panhandle and part of oklahoma. you can see a small tornado spotted yesterday in boise city, oklahoma, with no damage or injury reports. large hail, damaging wind and storms that could spawn tornadoes are possible today from dallas to stone. >> the ntsb will formally announce fining into the cause of the deadly amtrak derailment in philadelphia. the officials say that the engineer brandon bostian was distracted by radio diagnoses with radio conversations. investigators found no evidence the engineer was using alcohol, drugs or self phone. eight people were killed and 200 were injured in the crash. >> there are a lot of healthy things found in baby formula but did you know this could be smart needle like particles? according to a new study from friends of the earth, nano
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particles were found. they were found in select gerber and well beginnings products that are linked to health hazard like trouble inhaling. >> have you been feeling restricted by twitter 140 limit? can you have more wiggle room. they are planning to stop using photos of the link of 140 character limit. but twitter has declined to comment on the report. >> surveys show the bay area is the least religiously affiliate ed places in country so that could affect your health. a 20-year study found that women who went to church more than once a week had a 33% lower rib of dying than compared to others. it did not explore the association of men who go to church. >> little kids do like up when they hear their mother's voice.
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a child can recognize the voice in less then a second. they analyzed scans of 24 children and found those who identify their own mother with 97% accuracy had stronger social communication skills. >> especially when mine call me "michael," let me show you a couple of things. this is santa rosa the average shy 75. to date, 90, but 27 degree drop by saturday the down to 61. saturday is the best chance to be wet. especially across the north pay. if you at the game, at come see yes, 72 at 7:00, dropping to 63. you think it is hot here? look at central valley. low-to-mid 90s. palm springs. scattered shower along the high desert. 72 in los angeles. 65 in lake tahoe. sue? >> we will look at san rafael, a shot of 101 southbound the
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headlights in the northbound direction with the overcontracts ing, the freitas parkway from 101 the road work and the bright late on the freeway so extra caution this morning. across the golden gate bridge you are looking great with no problems and 25 minute drive from novato and other road work there, northbound 101 the reverse commute at sir francis drake off ramp they are doing expansion work so heads up. we will look at the southbound commute in a few minutes. >> an official shock playoff in downtown san jose treated to a scaled down version of a home game with sharks mass account sharky and the tank patrol and the p.a. announcer there. they are in st. louis for game two of the western convince finals trailing the blues in the series. the puck drops at 5:00 p.m. >> if you go to oak today,
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police will want you closely part of the operation to look for motorcycle safety. oakland has had 230 motorcycle crashes in three years. officials hockey they will bring that number today. >> today, the transportation authority of santa clara is offering discount pass for teens and kids for the summer that is $75. it can be used for unlimited rides between june 1 and august 31. the pass is send on light rail trains and buses for anyone 18 and under $630 less than regular monthly passes for kids and are sold until july 15. >> planned new apple store in downtown san francisco is opening. the young square flag sore is at post and stockton street. the store will have 44' high sliding glass doors and three stories high. the fountain is designed by a late san francisco artist and
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that is the main feature of the lazy. to celebrate, apple is hosting live entertainment all weekend. >> marin county's cal girl creamery has merged with a swiss company. the owners want to open a production facility in petaluma. a swiss company will fund it. cal girls owner remain in charge including food distribution companies. >> whoa! a sign of more to come upgrading one of the most iconic parks, this is one of a dozen trees in alamo square that need to come down in danger of falling. there are 160 trees in all. 9 city will laboratory 40 new ones. we thank abc7 viewer ben for sending this video. share your video with us #abc7now . >> they did not yell "timber."
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that was the perfect opportunity. >> the must popular bicycling trails in the bay area at pack a.m., the land -- the trip safer. >> and a big award to crack a two-year old murder.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning. it is 5:00 a.m. i am reggie aqui. >> i am natasha zouves. time to get up and get going. now, weather and traffic. mike? >> good morning, everyone. it will be breezy. like santa rosa at 12. everyone else is light. most of the winds are in the upper level of our atmosphere. they. come down. by noon we are at 68-84. the 12 hours are warm with sunshine at the coast, 70 to knight inland. -- 92 inland. more on how hot it will toll, coming up. sue? >> in the south by san jose, this is 101 northbound direction. at the 880 overcrossing. you can see everyone is behaving nicely. no delays. cross town


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