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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  May 17, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning. it is 5:00 a.m. i am reggie aqui. >> i am natasha zouves. time to get up and get going. now, weather and traffic. mike? >> good morning, everyone. it will be breezy. like santa rosa at 12. everyone else is light. most of the winds are in the upper level of our atmosphere. they. come down. by noon we are at 68-84. the 12 hours are warm with sunshine at the coast, 70 to knight inland. -- 92 inland. more on how hot it will toll, coming up. sue? >> in the south by san jose, this is 101 northbound direction. at the 880 overcrossing. you can see everyone is behaving nicely. no delays. cross town on 280 at the 17/880
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overcrossing, a great drive with hold heights moving from downtown san jose toward cupertino for eight-minute drive traffic conditions are from. we will come back and look at the minor incidents. >> we are tracking breaking news from san francisco: an attack on a muni because. a passenger was taken to the hospital. he was stabbed by another passenger. police surround the puss on 9 -- the bus on 9th. a spokesman said that one passenger stabbed another passenger with a knife or razorblade. the suspect took off. the victim was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. >> shooting after shoot on highway four and now cameras are coming to the east bay freeway. alyssa has what to expect. >> the pittsburg city council voted unanimously to put up cameras pause of violent was
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spiraling out of control hours' meeting, again, another shooting near the on ramp. the cameras are installed along four miles of the highway stretching from the sentry boulevard overcrossing to the end of the bart line east of bailey road. police ask the city council for $100,000 to install the cameras. officers say the shoot, are gang-related shootings. gang members take advantage of the noisy freeway as a place to target each other the. >> a it is easier when you are driving sector 70s or 80 miles per hour to avoid detection. when you are at those speeds it is very difficult to hear gunshots. it is easier to get away and less likely the criminal think they will be caught. >> before that, they agreed to the county after another shooting. the suspect sped off but they were arrested on highway four.
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>> thank you. essay someone is trying to rip-off necklaces and earrings as women walk down the streets. though are after gold. this is a story police have heard before. matt is at the scene. matt? >> a big problem and fremont has seen two of these type of robberies recently. fremont police are trying to determine in they are connected. the most recent took place on saturday and the one before that was on thursday in the middle of the afternoon. a woman was walking on mission view drive near michelle street and the robbers rip add gold train from the neck. the suspect vehicle was four day model with tag on the rear passenger side. the second incident was on saturday, fremont police say family members were on a walk near frederick road and deep creek. two men ripped a gold chain from a female's 96. she screamed. the suspects took off. the last robbery in fremont was
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in february. a string of chain snatch robberies took place in the summer with one juvenile arrested. >> thank you. santa clara police hope $100,000 reward will help crack a cold case murder that is more than 20 years old. a man was shot in the head ten daze after work for a manufacturing company. police had little evidence other than a surveillance video of a ford. they hope the reward money will get someone to talk. >> someone committed the murder. sun planned the murder. sun covered it up. one of the somebodies needs to come up or sun who knows a somebody needs to speak up. >> they are not sure where floress with targeted. >> a san francisco police officer is suspended without pay and facing felony charges in a case involving overtime fraud.
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officers booked into jail lee who is one of a series of officers arrested. sexual misconduct investigation involving oakland police new is widening. another officer is now on leave, with claims of sexual misconduct involving the oakland police officers surfaced after the suicide of an officer. he left a note claiming the officer he was involved with and the possibility of underage daughter of a dispatcher. i will clear that occupy and get back to that story in a moment. >> a rohnert park woman, 22, was arrested on suspicion of d.u.i. in child endangerment. jones led them on a chase from san rafael yesterday, and c.h.p. officers say they had to leave spike strips to slow her down but she kept spinning the wheels and sparked a first. the officers rescued two kids
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from the back seat the vehicle. conference was taken into custody. authorities in sonoma are trying to figure what to do with this: a dead wheel washed ashore yesterday. the sheriff tweeted two photos taken from the -- helicopter. deputies are not sure how the whale died. spring migration is over and sometimes they remain along the coast year round. >> here is a look at what is going on with the temperatures, starting over in the east bay where castro valley is the cool spot and san leandro is the warm spot at 58 degrees. now a look at the peninsula, in the mid-50s, san jose is 58 and now, fairfield and antioch and brentwood at 70 and santa rosa at 60 and napa at 46 with microclimates this morning. the hourly temperature for san jose, our average high is 75, by noon we are at 80 and we will
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touch 89 around 3:00 and holding hole around 6:00, 84 degrees. here is a look at walnut creek, looking south on 680 with temperatures in the mid-60s. not much of a change in the air quality, you have to watch for the grass pollen and the u.v. index is high. again. now, today, tomorrow, and wednesday, we have changes on the way, but they will be subtle with cloud cover in the morning. that will increase the breeze. notice the temperatures and the sea breeze are 64 at coast and 80 around bay and 90 inland. cooler for most of us and the big drop on thursday, 60s can 70s and a better chance of showers. that is coming up in the seven-day outlook. how is the commute? >> so far, so good, out of hercules. it is looking great. all the way to golden gate field and we bunch up approaching the macarthur maze, but still only 15 minutes into san francisco. this is the richmond san rafael
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bridge, in takers -- no it is easy from the east bay to marin county. green is good. slow traffic here in the westbound direction up and over the altamont pass. that is typical. it is 95 minutes from tracy to dublin. eastbound road work between greenville and north flynn, until 9:00 a.m. that is reverse commute. so far, so good. >> thank you. we are not used to this, dub nation is feeling deflated after they lost game one of when conference -- western conference finals last night. dirt rant shot with 30 seconds and steals the thunder's vick overcoming 14-point deficit the largest come back against the warriors this post-season. game two is tomorrow at oracle arena. >> mill valley man with terminal
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brain condition certificate was in the stands at oracle arena, 58-year-old is a long time warriors fan. his daughter set up gofundme for tickets and people donated $3,000. >> warriors are aware of condition and plan to contact him with a special gift. stay tuned. >> a shark is tangled in a fishing net and a risky rescue caught on video. caught on video. >> a gay pastor is coming clean
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>> in iraq, 14 people are dead in a suicide car bombing in baghdad. the number of dead are expected to rise. a wave of bombings in and around baghdad the past week have killed nearly 200 people. no one is claiming responsibility for the attack. >> this morning the man accused of kidnapping and murdering a three-year-old boy 30 years ago will be arraigned after a delay of a week. in 1984, three-year-old hand was snapped from his bedroom. a friend of the family was arrested and charged with first-degree murder in the death. fairfield police say the cold case unit reexamined the case in 2011 and found evidence leading to the suspect. he is serving 26 years in state prison for three separate cases of child molestation. >> the case of chocolate cake
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slur was a hex. a gay texas pastor had sued whole foods for defacing a case but he dropped lawsuit against the chain and apologizing saying he was wrong to perpetuate that story. company released surveillance video which they say proved the case was not tampered with. whole foods say they would counter, and they say given the apology is in point moving failure. >> if you are inundated with beyonce stories, the queen is coming back don't be too jealous . >> which song was that? >> do i need to get >> do i need to get "low-to-mid on -- >> there were 50,000 arrest the
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tour last night in santa clara and caltrain added an additional train. beyonce returns september 17. >> amazing. i am jealous of everyone would got to go. >> she should have sent us more video. >> we want more! >> intoing of "more," do you want some more heat? today is uncomfortable in san francisco. 78, yes, maybe uncomfortable. it is one difficult. clouds still from south bay and south but nothing over francisco international airport, warm sunshine and cooling and that will be at the coast and an the bay. now, a look at the temperatures
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in the south by, 80 in santa cruz, and in the santa clara valley, 85 to 89. now, in the 80s mainly mid-to-upper 80s on the peninsula and millbrae is 78, the cool spot and temperatures at the coast, flirting with mid-70s but daly city is 71 and nearly 80 downtown and south san francisco and sausalito at 81. to the north, santa rosa, napa, calistoga, cloverdale, in the 90s. castro valley and fremont arrest warm at 87. richmond is warm at 82. inland, will the air conditioning run today? get the witnesses open this morning, and 50 degree both but later on, 90 to 94 in antioch. temperatures this evening are warm at 5:00, 80s and 90 around the cost and mid-to-upper 70s by 7:00 and dropping into the mid-to-upper 50s tomorrow under clear sky.
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notice 60s and 70s are on thursday and 50s and 60s by saturday. sigh? >> a beautiful shot of the bay bridge toll plaza with the sun coming up. it is clear. no delays here. no metering heights. from golden gate field to the city we are looking at 15 minutes. to correct yes, south 680 to 24, moving at the limit from highway 4 toward 24 it is seven minutes. through the men valley toward dublin/pleasanton you are look ing at 15-17 minutes. it is nice conditions. if you are up early it is clear. green is good. the sensors show everyone is behaving. we have clear sailing from antioch to pittsburg and concord for 15 minutes. it is hooking -- looking knock on wood. stay tuned. >> eating fish is linked to
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gives from live longer to keeping your heart hy. tonight, fish can also help are skin with a new skin care line based on salmon. >> the beachgoers are dragging a spot to shore after it was tangled in a fishing line on sunday off the cost of hawaii, removing the big hook, and the fishing line, from the shark, and they released it back into the water. always recusing a tampered wildlife but experts sea it was good of them to do this, try to do it safely and remove the hook from the mouth. >> an attempt to rescue a buy certain calf has ended very badly. people are very upset. rangers had to euthanize the calf after tourists loaded it and the van, and the tourist claim the calf was cold. and they wanted to help warm it
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up. so they pit it in the vehicle they drove it to the ranger station and then the rangers tried it we unite the calf with the mom and the palm rejected it because it had been handled by humans and rangers could not take it out of the park because there is a virus outbreak and they could not afford to care for skit they put it down and now the tourists are pay a fine. >> something stinks along the peoples in southern california, hundreds of thousands of dead red crab are taking over for the second year in a row. expert say they are urgely found in baja but el nino pushed them to orange county ifs. crews say it could take a week for clean up the crabs. >> this is one activity do you more than anything else, the answer is in tech bytes. >> a big change to twitter, spoon going to stop countrying photos and links as par of the 140 character limit for messages. they take up to 23 characters and is a bay to give users more
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flexibility. >> new evidence that we there our streaming video more than any other activity. the average user watches an hour and 40 minutes each day more than average american spends reading, exercising and socializing, come pinned. >> walk this way people are able to keep their up rather than on the map on senate phone using blue tooth, when you town left or right the shoe vibrates and the shoes will be on sale, soon, they hope. those are the tech bytes. >> oakland dressship is showing warriors pride on lick sure avenue creating a one of a kind stress in the window, includes portraits of all of the players. fancy. getting a lot of attention. not wearable, though.
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>> we love to see this but i don't think it would work. don't think it would work. it is a lot support for the local causes and local teams. >> seven things you need to know as you start director day, san francisco land americas will be francisco land americas will be hollywood movie sets.
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with the benefits of our probiotic yogurt. new activia fruit fusion, with the exclusive probiotic bifidus regularis. delicious and good for you. new activia fruit fusion. if you've gone to extremes to escapetry clarispray.ergies. new, from the makers of claritin. with the #1 prescribed ingredient. and nothing is more effective at relieving your sneezing, runny nose and nasal congestion. return to the world with clarispray. . >> and now, the seven things you need to know. one, breaking news, police are look for a man who stab add passenger on a bus this morning. the victim is expected to survive.
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there is no word on a motive. two, the pittsburg city council approved $100,000 unanimously for new surveillance video along highway four. there have been two shootings there in two days including one year afternoon. >> three, today is primary day in kentucky and oregon. hillary clinton is making a final push and bernie sanders is hoping to extend the winning streak. four, up to 16 degrees warmer this morning push the temperatures 12-16 degrees warmer-than-average with a cool spot in san francisco at 78. most of us in the upper 80s to low 90s. we have a chance of showers in the forecast. >> a pretty darn good looking tuesday morning commute. a look at the golden gate bridge with four lanes in the southbound direction and no delays off the waldo grade. we have ace train delay. >> big changes coming to applebees spending big bucks $75
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million, to switch oven from gas to wood. he hope to reverse sales. >> the warriors will try to even the western conference final series with the thunder. last night they blew a 13-point half time lead and lost to oklahoma suffering their first game one loss since 2013. >> when you thought medical billing could not be more confusing, it does. out-of-pocket costs for standard chest x-ray and ultrasound can vary widely. different imaging officer -- states have huge gaps, in pennsylvania they rain from $437 for a ct scan to $2,200. uninsured patients trying to get cost in advance may face uphill battle with hospitals slower to
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respond. >> seven robbery suspects unage of 18 are in custody after a car chase that ended when the vehicle burst into flames. a cell phone video in a home is showing the car on fire before fires puts it out. police have been searching for the vehicle since sunday suspected in several armed robberies in oakland. officers spotted it yesterday and chased it for 20 minutes. we were on ban crest avenue as the suspects were arrested and neighbors were shocked to see this. >> we her the sirens. there was a car. it was stopped next to ours, fire was under the car. the police had guns drawn. they told the kids to get out. at the love excitement. >> the suspects are between 13 and 17 and no ones with hurt. >> the national park service
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wants to make it suffer to get from sausalito to the golden gate. hundreds are drawn each day taking photos of the golden gate bridge, selfies and heading over to sausalito. the park service is preparing reopening of the april so people can directly access the point baker. the meeting is at 7:00 at sausalito city hall. >> aaa members will not see a tow truck in the car breaks down on the embarcadero in san francisco. rather than trucks they will deploy electric assisted bicycles with rapid response light duty service made by petaluma-based company with 50% did not need a tow truck, theability program will serve the waterfront from the ferry building. >> new series of a netflix sears
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-- series are being politicalled here -- filmed here. but the production crew is taking up nine routes spots of both locations. plan accordingly. stay tuned. we have breaking news in san francisco and a full 90 minutes. a search stab add muni rider and the everyone is on. the everyone is on. >> do you know
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the everyone is on. >> do you know look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious. mmmm, yoplait.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning, i am natasha zouves. >> i am reggie aqui. and now the weather and traffic the it will be warm and sunny. >> you may want to find your
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summer clothes. it will be warm to hot. the next three hours, nothing on live doppler hd. east bay hills camera shows how clean the air is. in the mid-50 to low 60s. 60s and 70s and 80s by noon. 70 at coast and 80s an bay and 90s inthat by 4:00. more in the seven day photograph. sue? >> mass transit, bart has 43 trains on schedule. no problems. we have an ace train delay, number one suffered from mechanical issues. it is running eight minutes late. it just left headed to livermore. it is running behind from san jose. in problems with caltrain. we will look at bay bridge and walnut creek if a few. >> a stabbing on a bus in san
5:31 am
francisco, a passenger is hurt. amy hollyfield is at the scene at mission and 9th. amy? >> good morning, natasha zouves, we got new information from san francisco police. they are confirming a passenger was stabbed in the torso by another passenger. the victim was taken to the hospital and is expected to survive. police have not made any arrests. this happened at 1:30 at 9th and mission on the 14 bus line. police have not said the motive. police have cleared the scene. the morning commute will not be impacted. reporting live for abc7 i amy hollyfield. >> the pittsburg city council has given a friend light for new cameras after a string of shooting.
5:32 am
members approved $100,000 to install new cameras. they will stretch from the overcrossing at sentry boulevard to end of bart line at bailey road. that vote came just hours after another shooting in the area near sycamore drive and "l" street. four people were arrested. they shut down highway while they investigated this. there have been 20 shootings on east bay highways just since november. >> fighters are investigating the cause of a fire at an apartment building. you can see the video from san mateo, with crews responding to the scene. a stretch of the road was shut down for three hours. firefighters say it started on a second-floor balcony. >> petsmart is investigating how a dog died while under the care of a groomer. a groomer has been arrested of the dog arrived for a grooming
5:33 am
session. in three minutes of being in the care of grandmotherrer -- of the groomer's care henry the dog had trouble breatheing. an k ray revealed he suffered a punctured hung and two broken ribs. >> something happen the someone is not saying. it is unfortunate. i feel sorry for them. i don't know the guy. >> petsmart said any incident goes against everything they believe as a company and individual parents. results are released this week. >> controversial domestic violence case returns to court in san francisco. the former tech executive is on probation after lead guilty to domestic vie -- violence battery. the defense will have witnesses. the judge will look at video evidence to decide in it is
5:34 am
relevant. the hearing is 9:30 this morning. >> police want you to watch out for this map suspected of killing a woman and dumping the body in a pond. nelson is considered armed and dangerous. police say he knew the victim but they not saying the relationship. the body of the woman was pulled from the pond yesterday morning. they quickly determined she was murdered. nelson could be driving a black four door kia license plate 5eny919. >> in the south bays will san jose stop city-funded travel to north carolina and mississippi? the states passed anti-lgbt laws the city is they should not do business with states. the mayor lee issued a similar ban in april. >> and how can the city recover from the money they are missing from past due library fees?
5:35 am
the library system is facing $6.8 million in unpaid fees and 39% of the library cardholders have racked up the fees. the city council will consider a one month am fast for those would returned overdue items and another idea is you cannot afford to pay the fine we will let you volunteer to pay down the fines. >> 200 teachers and students and parent are ready to pack a bus and take a field trip. it is automatic business holding to sacramento to meet with lawmakers to lobby for more money for education. they gin groups from several other cities to focus on education issues facing our state. >> after the win over the warriors, oklahoma city center adams apologized for an insensitive phrase he used to describe the guards. [ inaudible ] >> quick link monkeys.
5:36 am
>> the comment was made in a post-game interview to espn reporter, and after, the 22-year-old new zealand native said it was a "poor choice of words." >> different words, different expressions, stuff like that but they obviously can be taken differently depending which country you are in and he said i'm still trying to figure out the boundaryies and i overstepped them tonight. >> focusing on the future for warriors fan after the stunning loss to the thunder, they led by 13 points at half time but it came apart. the thunder won 108-102 the first game one loss in a playoff series fore the warriors under the head coach. >> you can see unfamiliar scene for a last us, outside of oracle arena after a game no one is yelling and cheering, subdued.
5:37 am
>> many did not thing it was a possible after winning record 54 seasons over 14 months. all in a row. >> i was excited. and then sad. >> another day. another game. i'm ready. >> the warriors were 39-2 winning all six home playoff games this year before last night's defeat. >> game two tomorrow at 6:00 p.m. and then it shifts to on observation for game three and four on sunday and tuesday. in necessary, game five is back at oracle arena the following thursday. >> new it is a chess match. intoing moves, moving around outside you need a jacket, at 48, and san bruno is 55 on the peninsula, we are in the 50s until fairfield and antioch nearly seven. napa is 49. santa rosa is 60. san francisco is 55 and san jose is 58. walnut creek is starting at 57.
5:38 am
mid-80s, though, by lunch. upper 80s in the afternoon. at 7:00, still, 83. you will have centralized weeks ago, stay cool at the beach at the low-to-mid 50, and warm sunshine will warm us into the 70s with shade walking the dog in the afternoon in the pool is open it would be great inland with 90s. golden gate bridge is clear. 78 in san francisco. upper 80's to my 90s and cooler around the coast tomorrow and cooler only 60s and 70s on thursday. a chance of showers and cooler weather in the seven-day forecast. sue? >> the bay bridge has metering lights on as of ten minutes ago. traffic is backing up at the overcrossing. from the backup to san francisco it is only 11 minutes. that is just getting you close
5:39 am
to the metering lights. then it is smooth. from walnut creek, conquer, highway 4 to highway 24, that drive is ten minutes southbound 680. noted if. we have an incident reported in oakland eastbound 580 the reverse commute at 35th with debris and the right lane blocked with an accident. we will check on that and the north bay commute in a few minutes. >> two men broke into a peninsula restaurant at the dead of might and what they coupled on that will help police put them behind bars. >> bernie sanders and hillary clinton bring campaigns to the clinton bring campaigns to the bay area again.
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all the abc7 news app on the go on your schedule. >> the santa clear police need your help to catch these guys. the surveillance video shows two men breaking into joe chinese fast food april 21 neither near great america parkway. one suspect can be seen in a raiders hat and white sox jacket. call police if you know the men. now the race in white house. bernie sanders coming back to the bay area temperature with evens in san jose and vallejo. hillary clinton and bill clinton are back in fremont and atherton
5:43 am
next week. today, voters head to the presidents in kentucky and oregon to weigh in on the presidential race. hillary clinton is look ahead and focusing on scene election and debating trump. >> what is director plan to create jobs? the answer is, i'm going to create 'em, they're gonna be great and i know how to do it but i'm not telling you what it is i'm gonna do. >> on g.o.p. side a number republicans are looking at the possibility of a third-party candidate to take down donald trump. ohio governor kasich said he would not be the can day to day >> this california a week remains to register to vote in the primary. you need to regular store by monday. that is the dead behind to containing director part affiliation. you can request a vote by mail ballot through the end of the month. >> a proposal to create more affordable housing in san
5:44 am
francisco from two supervisors allowing developers to build several stories above the current height limits in a third of space is reserved for low income residents. they will make the foil proposal at 11:30 a.m. at city hall. >> muni's before will approve a resolution dedicating cable car 24 to willie mays. two weeks ago he celebrated the 85th birthday. city laters dead indicated the cable car on may, the same number, 24, is what he wore during the 22-year career. >> people are get up and dressed be prepared for heat. >> most of us are in the 50s on way to 88 and 90s. half moon bay and down to santa cruz to see the fog, the only place we see it on live doppler hd.
5:45 am
10-15 miles per hour wind if you taking the ferry. pier 15 camera is show how gorgeous the sunrise will be today. warm sunshine includes the coast, still hot inland tomorrow and showers are possible friday and more so on saturday. as far as today, look at this, your normal cloud forecast, there is nothing, so, temperatures, 70s at the coast and 80s around the bay and 90s inland. we are close to 90 in the south bay from 85 in milpitas to gilroy. 88 in mountain view. mill way at 78. mid-70s, 74 in fact can and 71 in daly city, and nearly 80 in downtown can south san francisco and sausalito and 86 in petaluma santa rosa and napa and lakeport right near 90 degrees and 82-87 is the video in the east bay and
5:46 am
oakland is right around 85, but, you could have air conditioning running inland 90 to 94 and tonight is mild like this morning and mid-50s to low 60s but, notice, the person laser coming back at the coast. my seven-day forecast shows tomorrow the temperatures are only 60 at the coast and barely 80 around the bay and hot and 90 inland, 60s and 70s on thursday and chance of shower on friday and more so with the cool of the day on saturday. now, sue? >> from petaluma through novato and san rafael, on the north gay mall it is 40-minutes from petaluma to san francisco. that is not bad. traffic is moving nicely. if you have to be up at 5:46 you get the good drive time. the richmond-san rafael bridge is hit. we had early tire in the lanes. it is cleared. it is on the shoulder of the no problems from richmond to marin
5:47 am
county at seven minutes. the oakland accident. it is eastbound direction. at 580. near 35th. partly mocking -- blocking the right lane but okay getting by the scene. we will have mass transit options just ahead. >> at 6:00, a summer health alert, your sun scene may not be working as well as you think. >> 140 characters is that cramping your style? you could have more wiggle room. you could have more wiggle room. parent: potentially
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>> benicia, san ramon, san mateo , and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> severe both is moving into eastern texas after hitting the state panhandle and oklahoma. a smart tornado spotted in oklahoma with no enjoy or damage. large hail, damaging wind and storms that could spawn tornadoes possible today from dallas to stone. >> happening today the ntsb will announce findings into the probable cause of last year's deadly amtrak derailment in fill. the engineer was there is no evidence he was using come or drugs or cell phone, for been been. >> 800 were injured and several hurt. >> now, did you know this could
5:51 am
be small needle-like particles in baby formula? according to a new study from friends of the earth nano part 8:00s found in baby formula in select gerber and well beginning product and can be learned to trouble inhaling. >> if you use twitter and fowl -- feel restricted by 140 character limit you will have more room. they are listening to step including photos and links as part of the 140 character limit. links take to 23 tweeters. twitter has not commented. british royalty is fight mental illness. prince william and his wife and brother have launched "heads together," work with charities to almost met mental health. william and kate and harry put on positioning gloves say mental health is as person as physical health. >> heads together wants to help
5:52 am
everyone feel more 9:00 with the every day mental health >> we rarely hear her speak. the campaign will bring eight different charities together the largest initiative that will and kate and harry will undertake. >> surveys show the bay area is up of least religiously affiliatedlations in the country and ladies that could affect your health. a 20 year study by men medical association found women who went to work more than once a week had 33% lowery of dying then those with never when. the study did not explore the association of men at church. >> little kids do light up when they hear their mother's voice and the brain circuit is turned on by the sound of the mother's voice. though analyzed 24cys and found kids who could identify their mother had stronger
5:53 am
communication skills. >> meteorologist mike nicco, better get down here. >> michael >> mile timothy, come down here now. >> in san jose, we have a big swing in temperatures, 87 today. 85 tomorrow. saturday, 66 degrees! wardrobe shuffle. at the game tonight, rangers and a's pretty comfortable at first pitch at 72. and when the sun is setting at 8:15, be ready for low-to-mid 90s through the industrial heal and sunny and 65 in lake tahoe and a stray shower in yosemite at 78, and look at this, showers in the high desert palm springs 90 in the mountains around san diego at 68 and 72. at monterey, look at sunshine,
5:54 am
69 degrees and that is a cool spot along the coast. enjoy the warm weather. here is sue and the commute. >> it is not bad. a delay. if you take ace train up, it is 10-minute delay or eight minutes behind fremont. no delays for the other ace trains. 45 bart trains are on time and caltrain is looking good up and down the peninsula. in san jose, 87, beyond the s.a.p. center and it was hopping with bebeyond. -- with beyonce. today, looking nice, in san jose from downtown to cupertino, 17/880 overcrossing, an early accident on 580 is cleared. it is out of the lanes. eastbound near 35th it is cleared. possible drive times for commute
5:55 am
are ahead. >> official shark playoff watch party is today in downtown san jose. fans are treated to a scale down version of a home game with shark's mass account sharky, tank patrol and the p.a. announcer tanning with the machine in st. louis for game two. the sharks trail the blues. the puck drops at 5:00 p.m. >> if you move law oakland today, police are watching you closely as part of the operation for motorcycle safety. oakland is at 230 motorcycle crashes that left someone dead or injured in the past they years. city officials hope to bring the number down. >> santa clara valley transportation authority offering a discounted summer pass for wrong are riders available to anyone 18 or under and used on all light rail trains and buses between june 1 and august 31.
5:56 am
the pass costs $75, a $6 on ings and are sold until july 15. >> downtown apple store is opening on saturday, at post and stockton street. it will have 44' high sliding glass doors, he stories high, the fountain design by a lake san francisco artist is the main feature of the plaza. to celebrate, apple is hosting live entertainment. >> marin calgirl creamery has merged with a swiss company and they want to occupy a production city in petaluma and emmi, the company, will owner, the merger includes food distribution examines -- companies. >> a noisy sign of what is to come in upgrading the most
5:57 am
iconic parks, one of a dozen trees in alamo square that need to come down because they are in danger of falling. there are 160 in all. 40 new trees will be planted. we thank our viewer, ben, for sending the video. share your news with #abc7now . authors are -- authorities taking after new security measures along highway to solve plans. >> a fight between a teen and police officer caught on camera police officer caught on camera and the believe said
5:58 am
5:59 am
hey pal? you ready? can you pick me up at 6:30? ah... (boy) i'm here! i'm here! (cop) too late. i was gone for five minutes! ugh! move it. you're killing me. you know what, dad? i'm good. (dad) it may be quite a while before he's ready, but our subaru legacy will be waiting for him. (vo) the longest-lasting midsize sedan in its class. the twenty-sixteen subaru legacy. it's not just a sedan. it's a subaru. live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> coming up on 6:00 a.m., glad you are here, i am natasha zouves. >> i am regular. >> a it is tuesday tuesday, may 17. >> take some shades this afternoon. check out live doppler hd. where are the marine layer cloud
6:00 am
s? nowhere but half moon bay. and south. today, the day mapper -- well, no, i will go over here and try to advance this...i was going to sell you it will be 70s at the coast and mid-to-upper 80s an bay and low 90s in inland valleys. sue? >> we will look at the drive times if you are headed out. it is looking good. most places highway 4 to the macarthur maze is 21 minute drive from the bay bridge backup to san francisco. you are looking good with 13-minute delay. at sfo from the city you are looking at under ten minutes. last time i said beyonce was performing last night at s.a.p. center but of course i few she was at levi stadium that was my correction. otherwise we are looking at solid stream of traffic now from eme


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