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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  May 17, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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nowhere but half moon bay. and south. today, the day mapper -- well, no, i will go over here and try to advance this...i was going to sell you it will be 70s at the coast and mid-to-upper 80s an bay and low 90s in inland valleys. sue? >> we will look at the drive times if you are headed out. it is looking good. most places highway 4 to the macarthur maze is 21 minute drive from the bay bridge backup to san francisco. you are looking good with 13-minute delay. at sfo from the city you are looking at under ten minutes. last time i said beyonce was performing last night at s.a.p. center but of course i few she was at levi stadium that was my correction. otherwise we are looking at solid stream of traffic now from emeryville to the macarthur
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maze and the drive time shows the not bay commutes in a few minutes. >> we have breaking news in san francisco an attack on a muni bus police are looking for a hand who stabbed a passenger. it happened at 9th and miss on 14 bus line. one passenger stabbed another passenger with a knife. or a razorblade. no word on a possible motive. the victim was taken to the hospital the scene now is cleared. it will not affect the morning service. >> shooting after shooting on highway four cameras are coming to the freeway in hopes of preventing more. and elissa has what to expect. >> they voted to install cameras on highway 4 to fight the crime. this is where the city but the cameras, from the sentry boulevard overcrossing to then
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the bart line east of bailey road, this have been several shootings along highway 4 in less than a year. two people have been killed in only the past they weeks. hours before year's meeting, there was another shooting at on-ramp and the suspect sped off and later were arrested. members of the public are fed up and want to feel safe. >> we have too many people committing crimes that are escaping on the freeways. >> we had to take a proactive stand to prevent future shootings and sox shooting. >> officers say the rise in shootings are gang-related shootings take advantage of the nowy freeway can target each other with no or few witnesses. the shots are muffled by the freeway noise and quick get away. pittsburg agreed to spend $100s on the new cameras. i am elissa harrington.
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>> to women in the east bay someone is trying to rip jewelry right off the women's bodies as they washington down the street. it is not the first time. matt keller is at the fremont police. all the area has been plagued with these robberies over the past year. fremont police have two more cases they are trying to self. the first incident took place last thursday in the middle of the afternoon. a who was walking on mission view drive and the robbers ripped a chain from her neck. the suspect took off in a silver vehicle. on saturday, family members were walking at deep creek road and to men ripped a gold chain from a female's neck and they took off raining. the last chain snatch robbery was in february. the suspect descriptions and a vehicle description are on our
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news app and you can go to the phoneup store to done load our newsup for free. >> santa clara police hope $100,000 reward will help crack a cold case murder 20 years old. matthew flor. s was shot in the head in 1994, 10 days after starting to work at a manufacturing company. police have little evidence to work with. only a surveillance video which was fuzzy showing a ford. the company hopes the reward money will get someone to talk. >> someone committed the murder. someone planned the murder. someone covered up the murder. someone who knows one of the somebodies needs to speak up. >> police are not sure why flores was targeted. he had an eight months old baby and she just graduated from college. >> a san francisco police officer is suspended without pay and facing physical any chances
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over overtime fraud. officer lee was booked. the arrest is the latest in a says of incidents involving friend officers ranging in questionable police shootings to racist text. a sexual misconduct involving oakland police is widening and another officer now is on leave. clays of sexual misconduct involving oakland police surfaced after the suicide of an officer. he left a net claiming other officers could be sexually involved with the underage daughter of a pass dispatch. >> a rohnert park woman is expected to be in court after leading police officers on a chase and the car caught fire with her two children in the back seed. laura anthony jones led them on a chase from san rafael yesterday and officers laid doubt down the spike strip
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which caused a fire to star with the wheels. >> the park service want to make it safetory get from sought lease to the golden gate bridge with a public meeting talking about a new route oning. it draws hundreds of people and people take photos and selfie of the golden gate bridge and then head to sausalito. the park service is proposing reopening the trail so people and bicyclists can directly a says for the baker and avoid alexander avenue. the meeting starts ton at 7:00 p.m. at sausalito city hall. >> and feeling deflated after the surprising loss last night, game one to the thunder. >> 73 victories. finally hit. >> duran shot with 73 seconds and all but sealed the victory.
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they evercame a 14-point deficit largest come back against the warriors this post season. >> mill valley man with federal natural brain cancer was in the stands, the 58-year-old is a long time warriors fan and you are talking about it on twitter and facebook. his daughter set up a gofundme page to pay for for the tickets and you paid for donate $3,000 to may the dying wish come true. >> being able to see the warriors is a, really, a event for me and my family >> the warriors know about him and plan to contact him soon with a special gift. >> san francisco is already one of the toughest cities on gun and a supervisorren whats to tighten -- and a supervisor tighten -- and a supervisor
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>> we are starting in the south bay with 52 in cool spot and saratoga and san jose and leg at 5457. most temperature are in the same range until fairfield at 70. brentwood is 69. half moon bay is cloudy and 50. that is where the clouds are.
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you can see in clouds at exploritorium and ten -- 10-15 miles per hour for the ferry ride. we are at 60s on the coast on wednesday and cooler on thursday with a chance of showers on friday can saturday. more ahead. >> coming up on lunch with san rafael, beyond the not gate mall. in the commute taking you from rohnert park we have show traffic through petaluma and it pick up at 50-minute drive from republic rope -- from republic rope -- from rohnert park through san francisco. stacked 31 the macarthur maze and the biggest backup is 580 at 20-minute delay from the back of the line to san francisco beyond the metering lights she traffic through hayward according to our sensors. we will look at the south bay commute in a few and mass transit options, as well.
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>> check out this crazy crash video of a car that flipped and skids into a fire station in south carolina. major damage to the car and the building. neither the driver or passenger were severally hurt. not sure what caused the single consider crash but it is not every day our citizens bring our message to us. >> a pastor comes clean. he apologizes to whole foods. >> excessive force or resisting arrest? the moment a police officer the moment a police officer slamme
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santa clara, san francisco, east bay, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> this morning the man accused of kidnap asking murdering a three-year-old boy more than 30 years ago is scheduled to be arraigned after a delay. in 1984, three-year-old clark toshiro handa was snatched from his bedroom and never seen again. 55-year-old friend of the family was arrested and charged with first-degree murder in the death. fairfield police say the unit reexamined the case in 2011 and found evidence leading to the suspect. he is serving 26 years in state prison for three separate cases of child me levitation -- child
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molestation. >> the san francisco board will approve a new gun storage law that requires all guns rifles to be stormed at home in a locked container or with a trigger triggerlock. >> police are acan youd accident scenive force. look at the video a 15-year old boy accused of skateboarding, slammed to the ground. the teen posted this video on youtube and said they had permission to skate board but police say it is still illegal. police warned the teens of not skating in the area but the teens did not listen. >> what you saw was a classic case of resisting arrest and going bad. in a police officer said you are break the law, you stop doing it. that did not happen. >> fell or slammed to the ground the boy said that the teen suffered a sprained ankle from the incident. >> the case of the chocolate
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cake slur was...a hoax. the openly gay texas pastor accusing whole food of writing anti-gay slur now said he made it all up. he has dropped the lawsuit. the company has drop the counter suit releasing a statement say they were lazied the truth came to light. if you will be inundated with bebeyond -- beyonce story, no need to be jealous, the queen is coming back. good seats, you got it. 50,000 swarmed santa clara for the tour stop and caltrain added an additional train for the an additional train for the beleave the she will come back
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>> now, she is practically a tornado. >> september 17, that is after someone's birthday... >> true. >> good morning, everyone, almost hot today as the temperatures at concert. before you head out tore lunch use our app so you can temperatures the san rafael is 56. check out sunshine, looking south on we, total sunshine at the coast and warm to hot from the coast inland and cooler breezes on thursday and friday and chance of showers friday and saturday. today, 89 in gilroy. cupertino is 87. up the peninsula, mainly 83 to 88 and millbrae is 78.
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mid-70s along the cost and half moon bay is 73 same in sunset. 80 downtown and south san francisco and sausalito. petaluma is 86. santa rosa and napa and calistoga and cloverdale, 90s, and 82-87 on the east bay shoreline and oakland is 85 and inland, maybe air conditioning, 90 and antioch is 94. on ferry can you see it is quiet at 10-15 miles per hour winds. 60s at the coast and mid-to-upper 70's by 7:00 and back in the 60 by 7:00. 60s and 70s on thursday and a chance of showers friday and saturday and our coolest days were 50s and 60s for highs. >> 53 bart trains currently on schedule this morning, and train one has mechanical problems but it is rolling eight minutes late into great america. ace train these is on time and no caltrain delays. that is the way to get up and
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down the peninsula. south bay drive 101 the headlights are headed in the northbound direction with the cars on this side of the morning and this is the southbound, 880 overcrossing so get your bearings. obviously, everyone is moving at the limit. cross town, toward 280, a few car on the road and seven/780 overcrossing at seven americans into cupertino. green is good. we have show traffic. from the central valley. in the eastbound direction it is road work that is out there and down to five miles per hour in the reverse commute. we will look at the bay bridge in a few minutes. >> it is perfect it will to enjoy the beep and maybe subjecting. check out this photo: don't you want to sing the beach boys? >> i like it, a lot. show your pictures by posting them with #abc7now . buying a home is stressful.
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and there is an optional insurance that could put your mind at east. >> rescue at sea, a fun fishing trip ends with a rescue off the coast of florida. >> and eating fish >> and eating fish benefits but now there is a
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narrator: sometimes it's the things that the rest of us don't see that can make all the difference in california's classrooms. it's part of my responsibility as someone who's experienced to allow the door to be open for younger teachers. the teamwork between the teachers is essential. when we collaborate with each other... makes everyone stronger. by helping my fellow teachers be successful, i'm helping kids be successful. narrator: the california teachers association: educators who know quality public schools make a better california for all of us.
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>> and two adults and two kids were pulled from a singing boat, exceptioning when the boot took on murder and was barely floating when crews arrived. everyone was rescued and the boat was not so lucky. >> an attempt to rescue a bison calf has inned badly. people are ready upset. the rangers has to euthanize the calf when tourists loaded it into the van. we told you of this yesterday morning. the tourists saw the bisom and thought it looked cold and put it in the van to take it to the ranger station to. juan, and that was a huge problem. when rangers took the calf back to the mother the mother rejected it. so did aural of the rest of the
6:25 am
bison. yellowstone has a problem with a virus in the wildlife so they cannot put the bison in other parks. they could not afford to take care of it them selfs and they had to put down the by son and -- the bison. >> and now ask finney, is owner's title insurance needed? we saw a ritzy optional item, should we grow to pay for it? here is the answer from michael finney. >> paul, thank for your question. i will start with the bad news, this is not really an option, lenders depend you have it and if you pay cash it is a good idea. title insurance exists because land ownership can get complicated. title insurance guarantees you actually own the home you are buying. with that alone you can fell how much money is on the line, there is too much at stake not to have it.
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>> if you have a question record it on your smartphone or tablet or share it on social media and you could see your question answered here. >> mike said it would be warm with a lot sun. with summer almost here consumer report has the guide to sun screens and they found popular brands perform significantly below their add very tied protection levels. "consumer reports" look add 65 lotions and sprays and 43 offered lesses from than what the label said. >> that is concerning. spf is the sun protection factor and tells you how good the idea from protecting you from burn. they will go through more of this on "good morning america" this morning but natural sun sunscreens all ahead at 7:00 a.m. with the full study head to
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i will be doing that because that is a big concern. >> absolutely. >> next at 6:30, san jose's plan to protest the north carolina transgender law. >> from san francisco, a person >> from san francisco, a person stabbed on a from bank of america to buy a new gym bag. before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time and 2% back at the grocery store.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. a frightening scene on a muni because, a fight, a stabbing, and police are searching for a suspect. >> we are tracking a big warm-up across the bay area. today could be hottest day of the week. good morning, i am natasha zouves. >> i am reggie aqui. it is tuesday, may 17. we start with mike nicco. >> good morning, everyone. it feels different outside, you need the sun glasses and half moon bay south language the peninsula coast we have converter mile -- converter mile visibility. the flag blowing to the ocean because of the offshore breeze in the mid-50 to low 60 of the 70s around the bay today and 70s a coast by 4:00, and 80s around the bay and 90s inland. our warmest day this week.
6:31 am
i have showers and cooler weather coming up in the seven-day forecast. sue? >> the san mateo bridge is busy for this hour. from hayward to foster city it is 20 minutes. it is sluggish along the flat section toward the high-rise. the east shore freeway -- no, the freeway is looking not too bad and that stag -- stacked from golden gate field to san francisco. westbound highway is 28 minutes, slow through pittsburg and bying up in concord. we will look at south bay drive in a few minute. >> a stabbing on a bus sending a man to the hospital. amy hollyfield is at mission and 9th. >> good morning, the scene is clear. police have wrap up the investigation. it will not impact the traffic.
6:32 am
a muni becauses with proposed off with claim tape. police looked into what happened the they say a passenger was stabbed in the torso by another passenger. the victim was taken to the hospital. the victim is expected to spiff. -- to survive. it happened on the 1 police are asking for witnesses to come forward. right now if you are taking the kids to school, and you want did know developments a great way to follow it is download our news app for updates on stories through the day. >> petsmart is investigating how a dog died while in the care of a groomer. the petsmart employee
6:33 am
zarate has been arrested for animal cruelty. three minutes of being in the groomer's care, henry the dog was pleading from the mouth and had trouble breathing and a vet tried to save him but it was too late. an x-ray revealed a puncture lung and two broken ribs. something happened and someone is not saying. it is unfortunate. i feel sorry for them. i don't know the guy. >> in a statement petsmart said this goes against everything we believe as a country and asville pet parents. >> happening today, a controversial dome met technical violence case returns to court in san francisco, former technical executive gurbaksh chahal is on probation after pleading guilty to domestic violence. today the defense will present witnesses in the case. the judge is expected it hurricane at video evidence to decide in it is relevant to be
6:34 am
used in the trial. the hearing is 9:30 this morning. >> concord police want you to be aware of a man suspected on on on -- of killing a woman and dumping her body. nelson knew the victim but they are not saying the relationship. officers pulled the body from the upon at the park yesterday morning. they quickly determined she was murdered. investigators thing nelson could be driving a black four door kia with the license lit -- mate on the screen >> witnesses in the death of a real estate agent, with suspects shooting the agent outside a restaurant in san jose. the suspects are held in jail. police is future said what evidence led temperature to the arrests. >> firefighters investigating
6:35 am
the cause of a fire at an apartment building. crews from san mateo and foster city responded. a stretch of road was shut down for these hours. firefighters say it started on a second near balcony. >> will san jose stop city-funded travel to north carolina and mississippi? they passed anti-lgbt laws. the city is weighing whether to put san jose in line with dozens of cities and companies taking a stand and not do business with those states. san francisco mayor lee issued a similar ban in april. >> on agenda is how to recover from money missing from past due library fees? there is a $6.8 million fines. 39% of the library cardholders have racked up fees and the city council will consider a one month amnesty for those would
6:36 am
returned items and another idea is in money is tight patrons can volunteer to pay down the fine. >> 200 teachers and students and parents are ready to pack a bus and take a field trip to the we capital of state. it is all business. they meet with lawmakers it lebanon for more money for education. they leave at 6:30 this morning in san jose and join groups from city other cities. >> now the race for the white house bernie sanders is coming back to the bay area temperature and ice -- hillary clinton and pick become are back next week. voters head to the polls in kentucky and oregon to weigh in. hillary clinton is looking ahead and focusing on the general election and debating donald trump. >> what is your plan to create jobs? his answer; i'm gonna create 'em. they will be great. i know how to do it.
6:37 am
but i'm not telling you what it is i'm gonna do. >> on the going side a number of republicans have been looking at the possibility of a first-party candidate to take down trump. would would that be? it will not be ohio governor kasich saying he is not that candidate. >> in california a weekers to register to vote in the primary, and you need to regular officer by monday, the deadline to change the party affiliation, requesting a vote by mail but the end of the month, and the california provide marry is juan juan -- primary is june 7. >> we will look at our east bay temperatures. contrasted with what we see this morning temperatures in the low-to-mid 90s during the afternoon hours but pittsburg, bay point, antioch, brentwood, discovery bay in the mid-to-upper 60s. not much of a chance to cool down the house so you may need the air conditioning. san ramon will hid the 90 but
6:38 am
low-to-mid 50s right now. get the cool air in the house. fairfield is the warmest at 70 and the cool spot is napa at 48, and oakland is 54 and san jose is 57, and san francisco is 54. warm sunshine at the beaches and the temperature are 53 degrees in the water and in the pool is open, it will be in the 90s today. now, as you look at the three day forecast, significantly cooler on thursday and friday and saturday, showers are possible. sue? >> 65 bart trains are looking good. from the drive times from tracy to dublin, this is stacked up for 50-minute drive and 680 over the sunol grade from dublin to mission manufactured south and fremont at 23 minutes and 101 or 85 from 101 to cupertino, it is 21-minute drive so hooking good. golden gate field is stacked up, bumper-to-bumper traffic to the
6:39 am
macarthur maze and you are looking at 30 minute from golden gate field. 85 is stack up halfway to highway 24 for 25 minutes into san francisco. 880 is the better approach to golden gate bridge and san francisco this morning. stay tuned. >> and now a navigation app is takes on uber and lyft testing a car pooling option with waze rider and pitch a ride with drivers who share a similar commute. >> after the win last night oklahoma city center adams apologized for insensitive phrase describing the guards. [ inaudible ] >> it did not go over well and the comment was made in a post-game interview to espn reporter. the 22-year-old new zealand
6:40 am
native told "usa today" it was a "poor choice of words." adams said different words have different expressions and they can be taken differently depending on the country you are in. i am still trying to figure out the bantedryies but i overstepped them. thank you was a stunning has to the thunder in game one lead at half time but it came apart and thunder beat golden state warriors. fans were in shocked silence. it was exciting. and then sad. another day. another game. i'm ready for the next one. >> warriors were 39-2 in regular season with winning all six home play offs until last night. >> looking ahead to tomorrow at 6:00 p.m. at oracle arena and then to oklahoma city for game three and four on sunday and
6:41 am
next tuesday. in necessary, gave final is back here at oracle arena. >> officials are trying to stop a string of shooting in the east bay and what drivers will see on the freeway that could catch the funerals. >> and this morning a model and tv host is talking about the criticism and body shaming she received after giving birth. her message for moms. >> but, first, a look at "good morning america" at 7:00 a.m. amy? >> good morning, everyone, the race for the white house, voters going to the polls in oregon and you it tuck as bernie sanders fighting hillary clinton for the nomination and donald trump fire become at "new york times" after the profile on the treatment of women. women. we break
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♪ i got the discounts that you need ♪ ♪ safe driver ♪ accident-free ♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪ >> a meteor lights up the sky in the northeast. the portland, maine police department posted this, the sergeant was looking for spedders but was able to only some visitors from away. far away. the american need meteor society received 160 reports from people all over the northeast. he did not write a ticket.
6:45 am
>> pittsburg is moving forward with a plan that city council the hope to boost safety after a string of shootings. elissa harrington is in the newsroom. all the pittsburg city council voted to put up cameras because of violent was spiraling out of control. the cameras are installed on four miles of highway 4 from the overcrossing to the end of the bart line east of bailey road. police asked the city council for $100,000 to install the cameras and the officers say the shootings are gang-related shooting. >> it is easier when you drive 60 or 70 or 80 miles per hour to avoid detection. >> hours before the city council agreed to buy the cameras, there was another shooting with the suspects speeding off on highway 4 and were later arrested. you can see how big the problem is. in the newsroom.
6:46 am
for abe 7 news. >> police need your help to catch a couple of men seen in surveillance video. they are breaking into a chinese fast foot strond joe chinese fast food april 21 located near from america parkway. the man is wearing an oakland raider hat and white sox jacket. call fess if you are nice the men. >> we getting a brand new apple story on friday downtown san francisco at post and stockton strene with these rendering released of what the store will look like: 44' high sliding glass doors these stories high. the fountain designed by the late san francisco artist is the feign feature. to celebrate apple is hosting it
6:47 am
this weekend. >> and calgirl creamery has merged with a swiss company. they want to occupy a production facility in petaluma and emmi is funding that. the owners will remain in charge of the company, and the merger included distribution company of another company. >> if you want a summer job you cannot be in a better place. here is money report from jane king. >> good morning, starting off lower we had another day of a good rally but not fully, down 80 points for dow jones industrial average and oil is trading lower after a high for the year and suspect in the red chase customers can no longer use credit cards for become young as overdrafts with account holders only linking chase savings account to the check account. that starts august 20. san francisco is the third best city to have a summer job accord
6:48 am
ing to list of best cities for summer jobs comparing the most 150 populated city, that include tunes for people 16-24 and affordability. washington, dc, top city for young people to get a summer job. gameers unite, the f merchandise store with 20 gaming stations and consoles and audio listening stations and streaming and video watching disally. >> super model and two mother address her recent bout with mom bashing. >> in do you not know that is when a million attacked another mom for doing things she feels a new mom should not be doing. for the model it was going to dinner with her husband two weeks after giving birth. it set off a firestorm from
6:49 am
women who felt it was too soon to leave the baby behind. she said she needed some time alone with her us and does not feel guilty. she said the dinner only lasted an hour and he stood up for his wife and their decision will be discussed on america summer at 7:00 a.m. >> i had a chance to meet her and she was charming and wonderful and just great. so nice. easy to talk to. >> i is heard great things. >> that debate will go on forever as long as people post pictures. >> the winds and the valleys are less than ten miles per hour, and 30 miles per hour at 2,600' up so breezy from time to time but they are blowing blow offshore and we will have warm sunshine, still hot inland tomorrow and showers are possible friday and saturday.
6:50 am
now, our cloud camera: nothing, but for right along the peninsula coast, and those are going away and we will have 70s at coast, and 80s around the bay and 90s inland. the warmest day is around the bay. san jose is at 87. santa cruz is 80. mid-to-upper 80s on the peninsula. 83 in san mateo. los altos is 87. millbrae is cool at 78. up to 74 at coast. and 85 in san rafael and 90 in napa and north to calistoga. 87 in fremont and castro valley and research monday and hercules is 82, and 94 in antioch. you can see the clouds coming back to the coast and the rest of us are clear mid-to-upper 50s more stuffy than normal. check out the cooling trend, 60s at the coast, 70s around the bay and cooling trend hits on thursday and slight chance of showers on friday and saturday.
6:51 am
sue? >> mass transit has 57 bart trains with no delays. at all. ace train one landed in san jose already and ace train three is in pleasanton and number five is all running on schedule. golden gate, two buses have been can selled 15 minutes, other buses other buses will be along. richmond-san rafael bridge, cash-paying lane, ten minutes from the cash-pay paying backup. green is good across the map and we are going to san jose, 87, we have an accident blocking the right lane at taylor beyond our screen where we are showing you the s.a.p. center so expect minor delays beyond the scene. we will look at the bay bridge toll plaza and the metering lights in a few minutes.
6:52 am
>> muni's board will officially aprove a resolution dedicating cable car 4 to willie mays, two weeks ago he celebrated his 85 85th birthday and the cable car was dedicated may 6. car 24 is the same number that he wore during the 22 year hall of fame career. >> the bay area is one of the least religiously affiliated places in the country and ladies that could be affecting your health. a 20 year study found that women who went to church more than once a week had a 33% lower risk of dying than those who never went. it did not shore the association of men who go to church. stay tuned.
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♪ ♪ to the women who know what real values are,
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you inspire us to bring you real value every day. >> these are the seven things you need to know. in san francisco, police are sending for the hand who stabbed a passenger on a bus near 9th and mission this morning. the victim is expected to survive. no word on a possible motive. >> the search is on for suspects behind a string of gold chain robberies in fremont. in both cases, the people want up and snatched chain off the neck of the victim. the robberies took place near mission drive and frederick and deep creek road. all the san jose city council votes today on whether to been all city-funded travel to north
6:55 am
carolina and mississippi after the states passed anti-lgbt laws the san francisco passed a similar ban last month. >> check out the exploritorium camera, we will be 12-16 degrees warmer-than-average. total sunshine. san francisco is 78. the rest of us in the upper 80s. >> a look at maze may travels on highway 80 into san francisco is continue minutes from hercules and the bay bridge backup, metering lights are on but it was at 5:29 this morning. >> starting today, a discounted summer path for tubes andcies for any train or business all summer long for $75. all the worse have a height traffic trying to rebound from the game against oklahoma after a stunning loss in game one last
6:56 am
night. >> thanks for being with us this morning. we continue outknew on line, on twitter, on facebook and all mobile devices. dress in layers, with 50s right now but a lot of us going to be in the 88 and 90s and maybe you can make it to the beach, we will not blame you.
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good morning, america. hillary clinton unleashes new attacks on donald trump. mocking him from the stump about jobs. >> his answer is i'm going to create them. they're going to be great. >> while her supporters launch a barrage of new ads as trump fights his own battle saying "the new york times" lied in their story about how he treats women. breaking overnight. at least seven twisters tear through the heartland. a giant dust storm sweeps through arizona. the east sees more than 7 inches of snow in may and huge hail shatters windshields in the south. now more severe weather for millions on the way. the dangerous police standoff livestreamed on facebook. >> they got a [ bleep ] s.w.a.t. team. there are snipers outside. >> a suspect barricades himself in his home while posting the whole thing on social media. how s.w.a.t. teams used his own broadcast to end the four-hour ordeal.


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