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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  May 17, 2016 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> are you ready senate hottest day of the week is here. a look at the golden gate bridge under clear and sunny skies. it is nearing the 70s here, how high will the temperatures go? >> i am kristen sze. >> i am natasha zouves. meteorologist mike nicco is on the roof tracking the warm-up. mike? >> we talked yesterday we would need a jacket in san francisco today, here you go, sunshine, temperature already ten degrees warmer than this time 24 hour ago. other areas up to 17 degrees warmer. where does that put us? right now 71 in san francisco but some parts are nearing 80 and our director was saying,
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yikes, because we know how people get when it is 80 inen extra. mid-to-upper 80s inland neighborhoods. here is a look at what is going to happen: all of us are 12-16 degrees above average with napa at 90 and 92. however, it will not last. we have showers on way and 30-degree temperature drop in the seven-day outlook. i will see you in a few minutes. >> after three way shooting in the east bay the latest yesterday, the city of pittsburg is taking emergency action. this morning, reaction is pouring in after the city council voted to spend big bucks to install surveillance cameras. amy hollyfield is on highway four with the latest. amy? >> pittsburg is the first city to do this in reaction to the freeway shooting. these are cameras that cover only the four miles of highway four we are on right now through pittsburg. the city manager here is saying he is already hearing from other city managers who are also
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interested in the cameras. >> reaction is pouring in to pittsburg city hall. after the city council voted unanimously to spend $100,000 on surveillance cameras for highway 4 to try and bring a stop to shootings on the freeway. >> they mixed. some are saying it will not stop it. others are saying that they are applauding the pittsburg for taking leadership. some are saying, you should demand the state of california pay for it. why is pittsburg shouldering the burden? >> city leaders say they are doing it for drivers like pete who heard about the recent freeway shooting in bay area and is nervous. >> scary. i drive through the area quit a bit and i am wondering why they are targeting? who are they targeting? who next? what time? law have been two dozen shootings including two deadly shootings in pittsburg. police say that it appears to be the new way for gang members to attack each other. >> it is easy get away.
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less likely to be caught. >> they are using 100 cameras to self crimes. look at this surveillance room. they will have a view of highway 4. the cameras can really zero in on what they need to see even from a far distance. >> we are not kidding ourselves this will stop violence on the freeway but in it helps identify after the fact, and narrow who it is, and put those offenders in jail... >> this is tough on pittsburg federally. the city is about the size of walnut creek but has half the revenues and they have to be careful with their spending but public safety is worth it. >> we are tracking development news out of san francisco after an attack on a muni bus. police are looking for a man who stabbed a passenger in the torso
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at 1:30 a.m. on 14 bus line at 9th. a spokesman said that one passenger stabbed another with a knife or razor blade. no word on a motive. can you see the blood. the victim was taken to the hospital and is expected to survive. >> a warning in the east bay fremont police are seeing a resurge ensure of robberies involving ripping jewelry off a woman's body walking down the street. this were two incidents two days apart the on thursday they ripped a gold chain from a woman's neck walking down mission view drive in broad daylight. second, on saturday, two men ripped a chain from a woman's neck while walking with her family near frederick and deep creek road. the robbers tried to grab her earrings but she screamed and they ran 50. officers are trying to figure in either case is related to the last chain snatching robbery in fremont in february. you can crack the case by down ling our news app where we have
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posted the suspect descriptions and a vehicle description download it for free in your phone's app store. >> we have new details of a dead baby whale that wash ashore. the mammal center said the gray whale washed a back out to sea. these are the two photos. a trained crew from the center tried to performance occupy but it was too far out in the serve for the members to safely reach the body. >> will san jose stop city-funded travel to north carolina and mississippi? those states recently passed anti-lgbt laws. today, the city counsel is weighing in on taking a stand. the san francisco lee issued a similar ban. >> one thunder player is apologizing for a comment about the warriors guards.
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elissa harrington has the controversy. >> thunder center adams called neck confirm monkeys that some felt was racially insensitive and he apologized for a "misunderstanding." tired and out of breath after defeating the warriors in game one of the finals, adams spoke with our sister network, espn. [ inaudible ] >> quick limit monkeys. >> some call the words a "major foul," but many were calling him out internetting this as really insensitive. today, the new zealand naturive apologizeing for a poor choice of words. he said and i quote, "i wasn't thinking straight and i did not know it was going to upset anyone but i am truly sorry, i was just trying to express how difficult it was chasing those guys around e he links the understanding with what
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different country cultures have. i everstepped the boundaries tonight. steph curry and clay torch are among the gars and neither have commented. >> despite the criticism plenty of people say this has been blown out of proportion and do not believe adams ever minute any harm. they want players and fans to shift their focus to game two. in the newsroom. >> the controversy is after what was a tough night for the warriors. after leading by 13 points at the half, it unraveled and they lost this is game one of the when conference finals >> the dubs get a chance to even the series in game two tomorrow night at oracle arena, with tip-off at 6:00 p.m., and the series shifted to oklahoma city for game three and four on sunday and tuesday. in needed game five is back at oracle arena in needed. shark fans are inviteed to meet to cheer on the game with an
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official watch party held tonight and fans will be treated to a scaled down version of a home gage with sharky, the tank parole and the p.a. announcer. the men in teal are in st. louis. >> huge honor for a redwood city teacher winning a national awad for work at a charter school that is pardon of a network serving is underprivileged communities. matt keller is at the college prep with a story you see only here. >> thousands of teachers were nominated but the hard work inside this classroom that brought the ard to redwood city city. >> it is fun to be part of a surprise, we snuck into the 4th grade class at the community rep in redwood city along with her parents to be there for a big anumbers --
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announcement. >> we are happy to announce the winner this year. >> miss stewart is one of four around the nation to win the 2016 teacher advocacy nonprofit award that recognizes the nation's most effective teachers working in high-need public schools. she was nominated by her principal schaefer. >> everyone, clap. >> when you are sit in her class it is magic. all the 4th grade math teamer wins $25,000 and six week residency where she and the other prize winners meet with education leaders cross the country and write essays about insights into the class, and you need proof she is top? listen to the students. >> i describe her as one of the best math classes i have ever had. she explains well. i get good grades and feel good about myself. >> we have fun when we are working hard. >> working shared a theme. what she credits for her and her
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students' success. >> really, really hard work. you have to love way are doing. it has continue most important thing. to put in the hard work. >> miss stuart's hard work is pay off and 90% of the students have passed the state math exam. >> those are some from numbers, great achievements. >> cause for celebration in the south bay, a new lottery winner has come forward. and may day in malibu, incredible video as a boat goes up in flames but a silver lining to the scary situation. >> preeing tolessen the reigns with
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>> a form safeway security guard has been arrested and charged with felony animal cruelty accused of violently kicking a dog, twice, outside of the safeway store in san francisco on march 16. the dog died. he said it started when he began recording a confrontation between the guard and a shop liter. >> a pet groomer is on bail after the dog died in his care. juan zarate was released after being arrested. he was grooming a dachshund named henry on sunday at petsmart and after three minutes in his care henry was pleading from the mouth and having trouble breathing and a
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vet tried to save him but he die asked was fund to have a punctured lung and two broken ribs. petsmart said any case of animal cruelty goes against everything they believe in. he is slated to appear in court next month. >> we want did show you new video from southern california, a close call for two people and their dog on a burning boat. it caught fire a mile off the shore this morning. everyone is okay. the folks on the boat and the dog were not hurt. crews got in time. a man in a blue shirt is carrying the dog, handing the animal over to the people on a rescue boat. >> a texas oil pipeline company responsible for massive spill along the coast last area has been indicted by a state grand jury. plains all american pipeline and a company employee are facing 46 counts of violating california law. the spill happened two weeks before memorial day weekend. 140,000 gallons of crude oil seeped from a 2' wide pipeline
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that was fund to be she verily corroded. >> one of a kind honor for a san francisco giants legend, how the city is paying tribute to willie mays. >> some of us are going to be wanting air conditioning this afternoon. the hottest day this week. i will show you how hot in your neighborhood and when the 30-degree drop is coming and who has the best chance of showers this weekend. >> then, a safety upgrade in the works for a popular bicycle trail with a change for bicyclists that will not first them to sacrifice the view of the >> eating fish is linked for benefit from eating longer and keeping your heart healthy. tonight, fish can help your skin with an unusual discovery that led to
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>> benicia, san ramon, san mateo, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> if you use twitter and you have felt restricted by 140 character limit we have good news. according to bloomberg you will have more wiggle room, twitter is planning to stop counting photos and links as part of the 140 character limit. they can take up many characters, maybe a third, and bloomberg said it will happen in a few weeks but month comment from twitter. >> new this morning the newest millionaire has just come forward after winning $9 million playing the lot friday. officials say that the man has claimed $9 million jackpot winning the surplus drawing march 16 but waited two months to come forward.
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he bought the winning ticket in san jose and is not saying what he will do with the money. >> we will be getting our gas from that gas station. >> now, if you like no one outdoors lucky you, a gorgeous sunny day but some places warm. >> him hot. especially inland where there could be some 90s through tomorrow. and then some cooling. we talk about offshore wind, and you think it is east to west wouldn't because that is the fat of the way for the winds to blow but north to south wind also is an offshore wind and we have that right now the winds come from the north bay mountains and my down the hills to the lower elevations they heat, he come resolution and that dries them and you have this on our visible satellite: the lack of clouds, except for around the santa cruz mountains and those are starting to evaporate. here is walnut creek, an area that could hit the mid-90s and we are look south at 680. today, total sunshine, warm at the cost to hot inland and
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cooler breezes especially on thursday and friday. a chance of showers on saturday and sunday. for highs today, how about 85 to 89 throughout the south bay and 87 in san jose, and right in the middle there, and mid-to-upper 80s on the peninsula to milbrae at 78, and pacifica, today, 77 degrees, usually the warm spot along the coast, and 82 in downtown san francisco and sausalito at 81, and 86 to 91 is the average through the north bay and along the east bay shore, 82 at richmond at hercules, so orinda and fremont at 87, oakland tops out at 85 and inland, 90 to 94. if you are on the pavement and your car thermometer could say it is warmer than that. look at san rafael, a couple things as we look north on 101, the transition to brown is taking off, and grass poll certain high, u.v. index is high. in san jose, we will use that to talk about our day planner for the prosecute of the day spot evening we are at 95 at 5:00,
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and 60s at the coast and the sea breeze is kicking in this afternoon, and by 9:00, that is when we are in the 50s and 60s, and more comfort outside. if you can sleep with the witnesses open we are in the 50 but the crowds are creeping to the coast and the coast and bay warm and the breezes, really, kick in on thursday. look at that, 60s and 70s and cooler on friday, our best chance of showers is across the north by and language the coast down to san francisco on saturday and all of us have a sight chance on sunday. there is even a chance of a their on saturday, a lesser chance on sunday, and if you are caught under one of these less than semi 1" of rain is it is not a game changer. it could be noisy. from time to time. we will batch it. we focus on the heat. enjoy the benches. this is the last day. >> enjoy it while it lasts. the national park service warrants to make it safer to get to sauce latte from the golden gate bridge on bicycle.
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people take photographs of the golden gate bridge from this and take selfies and head to sausalito. but it is congested. the park service is proposing reopening of the trail so people and bicyclists can directly access fort baker and avoid alexander avenue altogether. the meeting starts tonight at 7:00 at sausalito city hall. >> giants fan, this afternoon, muni's board will approve a resolution dedicateing cable car 24 to willie mays, giants legend. he just celebrated his 85th birthday. a cable car was dedicated to willie mays. the cable car is number 24, his number during his career. >> and what is that bright light
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in the
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>> we went you it weapon the fan photos coming in when the warriors play on. look at what we have received so far. share yours with # dubson7. we can use them on air or
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online. >> coming up at 4:00, many people have hard attacks and do not realize it. almost half are silent. the warning signs. and sunscreens that may not worker. a new report you need to see before you go outside especially with weather like this. >> a police sergeant in maine was not sure what he was looking at when he spotted a bright light blazing through the sky. check it out. >> he was parked in front the fire station looking for speeders early yesterday morning and the fireball caught his attention. the department posted this camera on his facebook page and getting a lost reaction. the sergeant said he spotted it at 12:50 and said you never know way are going to see on duty. safe to say he did not catch
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speeder. he was distracted. right. would wants to an millionaire is next.
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>> your heart races, your palms sweat, your adrenaline goes into overdrive, and that's just trying to answer the $500 question. are you ready? let's play "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] [dramatic music] ♪ hey, everybody, i'm chris harrison. welcome to the show. are you guys ready to play "millionaire" today? [cheers and applause] let's do this. our first contestant beat the "millionaire" computer game when he was just ten years old. now he's finally on our stage, and there is nothing imaginary about this money today. from norwalk, connecticut, please welcome andrew kirkman. [cheers and applause] hey, andrew, welcome. >> great to see you. >> great to see you. that's pretty incredible. when you were ten years old, and now that you're 14, you're-- >> [laughs]


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