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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  May 17, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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>> announcer: live from the kgo-tv broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. good afternoon and thank you for joining us. i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm larry biel. as you know, it is a very hot day in the bay. a perfect day for a little pass in the park in berkeley, in the mid-80s. >> in san francisco, lots of people were out on the embarcadero enjoying the sun and the high temperatures. and this is a live look right now from our east bay hills tower camera. >> spencer christian never let them see you sweat with our accuweather update. >> should have seen me earlier running up to the roof. i was sweating then. you don't have to move around much to sweat on a day like this. let's look again at live doppler 7 hd. here is a look at our high temperatures so far, it has hit 94 degree degrees in antioch, 92
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in santa rosa, 90 in concord, gilr gilroy, 82 the high so far in san francisco and 87 across the bay in oakland. and this is a 24 hour temperature change. notice how much warmer it is than at this hour yesterday, 15 degrees warmer in san francisco, 53 in novato, palo alto than at this time yesterday, 12 degrees warmer in hayward. and the winds are still fairly brisk we're getting winds mainly out of the north in our inland areas like fairfield, concord livermore, the northerly winds are warm winds but closer to the coast it's more of a sea breeze effect so some cooling has begun along coastal areas already. and i'll give you a look at just how warm we expect it to be tomorrow. this isn't going to be a heat wave. things are going to be change and i'll have the changes for you in just a few minutes. >> thank you, spencer. turning to politics and the race for the white house. primary day today in kentucky and oregon. could be a close race between hillary clinton and bernie
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sanders. >> abc news reporter kenneth moaten is live in washington, d.c., with the latest on this primary tuesday. kenth? >> reporter: ama and larry i can tell you the polls are closed in kentucky and the voters in oregon voted by mail so we should have results soon. even if hillary clinton loses both battles tonight, it's not expected to stopper her march to the democratic nomination. all eyes are on kentucky and oregon. >> you know, it's time people stopped listening to republican propaganda. >> reporter: hillary clinton is trying to get within striking distance of clinching the nomination. bernie sanders hoping to slow her down. >> if we can bring out large number of people, i think we can win. >> reporter: donald trump is cruising unopposed to the party's nomination but the party is bumpy. >> there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever. >> reporter: a pro-clinton super pac released this ad using trump's own words. the billionaire attacks the ad on twitter called bill clinton
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the worst abuser of women in u.s. political hissry. then there's the article that says the woman was mislead by the "times.." >> he's very much a gentleman. he's polite and thoughtful. >> we've had comments on people's appearances and primarily weight, male and female. >> reporter: house speaker paul ryan dodged questions on trump's history with women. >> i'm not going to get into the day-to-day up and down of this campaign. just so you know. >> reporter: for the democrats, i can tell you after tonight a lot of attention will be on delegate-rich california. i can also report that right now clinton is about 140 delegates away from clinching the nomination. larry and ama? >> kenneth, just how crucial will california be for the
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democrats? >> reporter: ama, extremely crucial. and the reason why is because we all know there's about 500 democratic delegates that's up for grabs so there's going to be lot of attention when california joins about five other states in voting on june 7th. also trump and clinton are expected to reach those magic numbers of 2383 and 1237 for the republicans, 2383 for the democrats, they're expected to reach those magic numbers to dlinch their parties' nominations. >> kenneth, thank you so much. a week after drawing huge crowds in central valley, bernie sanders is comie ing to the bay area, an jose event begins at 1:00 at the county fair grounds, the vallejo stop scheduled is the aechb:00 at the city's waterfront park. those are free and open to the park. less than a week remaineds to register to vote in the primary next month. next monday is the deadline to change your party's affiliation
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or register. you can request a vote by mail ba ballot. you can get election updates on tonight's primaries and all the way through the race for the white house by downloading the abc 7 news app and being sure to enable the push alerts. the gray whale calf that you washed ashore yesterday at salmon creek in sonoma county has washed back out to sea. the sheriff's office tweeted these two photos of the whale. a crew in the marine mammal -- a fisherman believes he knows how the calf die. he captured this video of two orcas attacking a young gray whale and its mother off the smoem na coastline. close call for two people and a dog aboard a burning boat in southern california. that boat caught fire about a mile off the malibu shore today. everybody is okay. the folks and their dog were not hurt. there's been an indictment in that massive oil pipeline
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break and spill that contamin e contaminated santa barbara county beaches a year ago this week. mains all american pipeline of houston says it's been hit with a 46-count indictment by a grand jury stemming from the break. the company says the spill was an accident and believes there was no criminal behavior. seems everywhere you look in san francisco especially if you're driving or trying to drive around you see a construction crew. but the selection process for some of those lucrative job is about to change. >> we are joined live from city hall with the details. >> reporter: well, last year civil grand jury said that san francisco's selection process, the bidding process, for public projects was flawed. today the board of supervisors agreed. there's an estimated $25 billion worth of city projects under way or in the pipeline between now and the next decade. the current criteria for who gets the jobs is the lowest
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bidder. but supervisor scott wiener says that needs to change. >> we also need to allow our ity's department to take into account if a contractor, for example, has a history of safety violations. if a contractor has a history of labor violations. if a contractor has a history of walking off jobs. >> reporter: the contractor's track record raz highlight last fall when workers on a mul multimillion-dollar main project in the haight repeatedly ruptured gas lines and caused sinkholes in the neighborhood. past performance like that will now be a factor in future selections. but some contactors worry replacing the low bid system could lead to corruption. >> if put into effect in not the right manner, then this ordinance has the potential to open the door to potential collusion or, you know, bringing back the old boys network. >> reporter: the supervisors passed the measure on its first
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go-around today, though supervisor wiener included an amendment designed to protect small businesses by making projects under $1.5 million exempt from the new regulations. in san francisco, carolyn tyler, abc 7 news. the city of pittsburg is taking emergency action following a series of shootings on highway 4. last night the city council voted unanimously to spend $100,000 on surveillance cameras for the highway to try to stop the shootings people who use that stretch of the freeway applaud the decision. >> kind of scary. i drive through the area quite a bit, and i'm just wondering why they're targeting, who they're targeting and who's next, what time. >> there have been nearly two dozen highway shootings in the east bay in recent months with two fatalities in pittsburg. police believe that gang members are responsible. an east bay park game a crime scene today when someone opened fire. abc 7 news was at san pablo park in berkeley as police
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investigate the a shooting. a man was found punded outside the bathrooms next to the basketball courts it happened around 11:00 this morning the victim is now in the hospital in critical condition. in san francisco investigators are reviewing surveillance footage from a muni bus to help them find a man who stabbed another passenger overnight. this happened at 1:30 this monk on mission near 9th streets. police say the two men had some kind of interaction on board the 14 mission bus before one stabbed the other in the torso. the victim's injuries are considered to be non-life threatening. his attackerer got away. mexico could soon be the next country to legalize gay marriage. today the president said he has signed initiatives that will begin the process to legalize same sex marriage. kurnlly owner civil marriages are recognized by civil law by same sex marriage is legal in some parts of the country. another musician has canceled a north carolina performance protesting the state's new lgbt law pz n. a facebook post today -- the
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violinist said he has spent a lifetime opposing discrimination and describes himself as a vocal advocate of treating people equally. still ahead an obz 7 news at 4. why you might not be getting the protection you're looking nor if sunscreen. plus -- >> i can't apologize enough. >> an apology today from okc thunder center steven adams. we'll tell you what he said after last night's game. and art or vandalism? the battle over graffiti in one north bay community. at 4:10, a live look at the downtown traffic. this is the skyway in san francisco. and it's jammed up in both directions, oncoming traffic trying to get to the lower deck of the bay bridge, ultimately the east bay. right-hand side people
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(music plays from one way or another )♪♪ ♪ i'm gonna find y♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna win ya ♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna see ya ♪ (inhales cigarette)
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>> announcer: los altos, pe petaluma and all the bay area. this is abc 7 news. the warriors saying they are confident they can come back after losing game 1 of the western conference finals ais ls to oklahoma city as they collapsed in the fourth kwoert. abc 7 news was at the practice facility as players went through team drills. coach steve kerr said they'll be fine. they've faced challenges before. he says players appeared to be exhausted at the end of the game. tomorrow the warriors will skip their shoot-around because of the early start game. that's how the schedule is, tip-off at 6:00 at or he cal. an oklahoma city thunder player is apologizing today for a comment he made last night
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about the golden state warriors guards. >> alyssa harrington has the story. >> reporter: tired and out of breath after defeating the warriors in game one of the western conference finals, oklahoma city thunder center steven adams spoke with our sister network espn. >> they're quick little monkeys, those guys. >> reporter: some are calling those words to describe the warriors guards a major foul. many viewers were quick to call adams out, interpreting "quick little monkeys" as racially insensitive. >> today the new zealand native is apologizing for what he called a poor choice of words. >> i can't aapologize enough. just focusing on the playoffs now. it was obviously a mistake. i have to live with the consequences. >> reporter: the 22-year-old links the misunderstanding to what expressions mean in different countries. i'm assimilating, but i definitely overstepped the boundaries. splash brothers klay thompson and steph curry are among the
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warriors guards. neither one has commented on the controversy. despite the criticism, plenty of people say this whole thing has been blown out of profrpgs and do not believe adams ever meant any harp. they want players and fans to shift their focus to game two. in the newsroom, alyssa harrington, abc 7 news. >> when asked about this today, the warriors had no response. draymond green told you us he had not heard the comment. speaking of draymond,'s he's now a solo cover star, on "sports illustrated." he appeared earlier this year with steph and klay. it's official muni's board of direct rz has given the nod to dedicating cable car 24 in honor of willie maze. there was a certiemony a couplef weeks ago on willie mays' 85th birthday. that's the number he wore in hey baseball. more controversy than ever about graffiti along a seawall.
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this is all happening in bolinas where art has been a tradition for decades. >> but now it's changing some say for the better others say for worse. abc 7 news reporter wayne freedman joins us live from bolinas beach. >> reporter: bolinas has always been an artsy community. this mural behind ne to my write a good stexample of what they cl old school art in bleen nas. there is new school art that some say isn't art at all. it's small, select, unincorporated bolinass, this peaceful beach has been a beachhead of sorts in a timeless battle-freedom of speech versus private property. >> reporter: how does a person distinguish between art, graffiti and garbage. in bolinas, the discussion has escalated as three years. what began as murals have now, shall we say, evolved? >> art is definitely wanted here you but i think political statements should be be on personal property. >> reporter: even the political statements deal with art as
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well. >> who is anyone to say that anybody else what art is or where they're going to connect or relate? >> reporter: sound toxic? gets even more so when another critic local veterinarian says even the paint is toxic. >> it's just poison that they're putting on the ocean front that goes into the water that get noose the food chain. >> reporter: this latest band of gra 50 think has gotten controversial. >> i've lived here for 30-plus years. we've always done it and it's never been an issue until the past two or three years. >> reporter: then what happened? >> and then he we seem to have a local art nazi that wants to decide what is art to her. >> reporter: anywhere else this wouldn't be so controversial. anywhere else is not bolinas. from west marin, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. a senator from illinois today called on the tsa's administrator to resign if he can't shorten wait times at airport security checkpoints by
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memorial day. the call comes on the same day chicago's aviation department asked flyers at owe heard and midway airports to arrive three hours earlier for their flights because the tsa lines have become that bad. staffing shortages have led to marathon wait times at airports nationwide. delta airlines stock is on the rise for a second straight day investors are pleased with the carrierer's decision to delay a planned expansion partly because it wants to stop airf e airfares from falling delta says it will now delay delivery of four wide body aircraft from airbus. awful the major u.s. aur lines had plans to expand capacity to take advantage of low fuel prices increased capacity usually means lower prices for passengers. if you're looking for work, join you us tomorrow for the contra costa hire event, the abc 7 job journal cost ra costa hire event will be held on clayton road in concord. it runs noon to 4:00 p.m. tomorrow. employers looking to hire will be there along with employment experts doing free resume
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consultations. a warning today about sunscreen. you may not getting what you expect. a test from "consumer reports" found many popular brands performed significantly below their advertised sun protection factish. researchers found 28 of the 65 lotions, sprays and sticks they tested offered less protection than what was on the label. in fact, a few with an spf of 50 actually had a rate willing of about 8. 7 on your side's michael finney will have more on the testing at 5. and we need sunscreen for the next few days. spencer christian live and melting. >> yes, melt be. this is a good day tore sunscreen and for shade for sure. here is a look at life doppler 7 hd on this sunny and very warm bay area afternoon. hardly a cloud to be found anywhere maybe a wisp here and there here's the view if rain shower mt. tam camera looking down onto the bay under clear skies it's 74 degrees in san francisco right now down from today's high in san francisco of 82. it's 81 in oakland mountain view 89 san jose 88 morgan 4i8 8764
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in half moon bay. there's the view over sfo blue excise there as well. it is 93 at santa rosa right now 90 in napa fairfield 87 in concord 89 at livermore. and we see blue skies over the golden gate bridge as wu look ak our 4 kaest 40s. it will be cooler ago the coast and around the bay tomorrow, warm inland. further cooling will occur into the week and weekend as showers are likely on saturday. here is a look at our overnight lows maybe a lively cloudiness here and there, not much though lows in the mid to upper 50s and some inland spots like antioch won't have lows dropping out of 60s. here is a look at our forecast animation starting 5:00 a.m. tomorrow. whatever patches he low clouds we might sigh in the morning will quickly disappear. we'll develop a cooling sea breeze near the coast tomorrow and that will bring coastal and bayside temperatures down rather significantly. but it will still be pretty warm inland with highs in the upper 80s to around 90 in the warmest inland spots an on we go to
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highs to specific live tomorrow 86 santa rosa 80 richmond 77 oakland 80 in fremont 86 palo alto 73 in san francisco and 92 will be the high in antioch. here's other storm impact scale. we have ranked every storm the last couple of seasons winter and spring 1 through 5 to gix uf the idea of the impact we can expect. the 1 preaching us for with showers on saturday ranks 1. a storm of light intensity on the storm impact scale. and here's our forecast animation starting 5:00 friday afternoon, you might see a little spot of light rain developing in the wee hours of the morning up in the north bay. rain will spread southward and eastward in the afternoon and then retreat to the north again by saturday evening and by 11:00 saturday night we expect rainfall totals to be mainly between about 0.14 and 0.20 inches. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast, shorp cooldown thursday through the bay area, even cooler friday and saturday. we get the showers on saturday and the temperatures start to
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climb gradually back up toward the average level early next week. larry and ama? >> thank you, spencer. up next, these wild creatures are coming to the bay area. what they're all about and where you can see them is just ahead. and in honor of asian-pacific american heritage month, we're using our abc 7 news instagram feed to celebrate the people who have made a difference where you live. today we're celebrating shirley after alow, a member of the pacific islanders cultural association which coordinates the annual san francisco bay area aloha festival. this festival august 6th and 7 chblg in san mateo. learn
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california's great america in silicon valley game maker electronic arts unveiled the theme park's newest attraction
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today, one that will feature the world's largest and highest resolution 3d l.e.d. screen it's a 4d hollow graphic experience based on ea's popular mass effect franchise. riders will sit in motion haif-based seating, it prompts your sense of smell even. the mass effect new earth ride opens to the public tomorrow. >> the exploratorium at pier 15 in san francisco has attracted an enormous eye-catching exhibition you've got to see. this is going to be an attention grabber for sure. these guy jant ick things are called stran byes. that is dutch for beach animals. now, what you're looking at here are intricate wind-powered kinetic creations. they're made of pvc tubing and other hardware materials. they're coming to get ugg. >> they're like robots. >> they're just like robots. i know what's going on. the exhibit will open this summer dedicated to these
4:26 pm
magnificent and intricate creations. the artist treats them like they're real animals with an actual life span. >> they have to survive the storm and water and sand. they have to be many generations of strand beasts. this is an evolution process. >> that is amazing. the exhibit is on store for the first time in north america and its first stop is here ste exploratorium. a great treat. it will be on display beginning may 27th until september 5th. abc 7 is a media sponsor of this exhibition. i'm going to send ama over just to see if she make it's back in one piece or brand beasts captures it. >> we should check it out. it's across the street. >> larry is scared. abc 7 news at 4 does continue. coming up, it's primary day in two states. it's a close race for the democrats. we'll take a look as the results come in. well, another case of animal
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cruelty. a former security guard arrested, accused of kicking a dog that ultimately died. abc 7 news has been following this story. we'll have reaction to that arrest. and a case of distracted driving. the hearing today on last year hi. is the internet still out? yes! i have nothing. come on! work together. work together. work together. do you got anything? i don't have anything. no i don't have anything. please come back internet. i love you. i love you so much. just come back. please. please.
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. >> announcer: this is abc 7
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news. here are your headlines at 4:tlif. today u.s. senators from both sides of the aisle voted in favor of spending more than a billion dollars to fight the zika virus. now that still falls far short of what the president had requested but at $1.1 billion it's about double the amount that the house will debate tomorrow. the zika virus can cause dweer birth defects if a pregnant woman is infected. every u.s. victim who's contracted this virus has come in contact with it in another country. abc 7 news reporter laura anthony tweeted video of a tenants rights group in oakland marching to city hall they serve eviction in thes to the mayor and the city council. a look at how bad the rental crisis has gotten and what that group wants the city to do about it. abc 7 news reporter david louie tweeted look at this traffic here, his view from the passenger's seat of a news van showing heavy heavy traffic in the south bay david said more jobs and lower gas prices are now crowding our roads. coming up at 6:00, how much
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gasoline californians are now using. also a forpter security guard at a san francisco safe way store has ln arrested and charged with animal cruelty. police say he kicked a dog to death. abc 7 news reporter vic lee live outside safeway in pa torero center with the new development. vic? >> reporter: well, we first told you about this story in march when it happened here at this safeway store. last night the former security guard was arrested in oakland and he was booked at santa rita jail. he'll be transported to san francisco where he faces felony animal cruelty charges and misdemeanor battery assault on the dog's owner. on the morning of march 16", charles moore worked security at the safeway in pa torero center. harn acy says moore exchanged words with him when he used a smartphone to record a scuffle and the man young accused of shoplifting. he said moore suddenly slapped the phone out of his hand and minutes later attacked him.
4:32 pm
captain vicki goldbeck says security cameras attacked the brazen assault. >> we went to his vehicle and actually changed and covered up his uniform, came up from behind the dog guardian, whacked him in the back of the head. >> reporter: goldbeck says the security camera also recorded the attack on hard city's 11-year-old chihuahua mix roscoe. moore is accused of kicking the dog twice, the second time more violently described it. >> he he kicks my dog like he's trying to win the shurp bowl with my dog. roscoe took off. i ran after him. >> reporter: roscoe ran into traffic and died when he was hit by a car. hardastc thanked ago man kroul and police for his hard work but justice still seems a bit hollow. >> sometimes i open up my door and, you know, for just a second i think i'm going to see him or hear him ushgs know? and it's kind of blows.
4:33 pm
but you know -- >> reporter: moore faces fines of up to $20,000 and possible jail time. >> this man is violent, and to act like this when an innocent being that had nothing to do with this, this dog did not deserve this. >> reporter: vic lee, abc 7 news. federal regulators today say a fate al amtrak crash in philadelphia last may happened when the engineer became distracted by radio chatter. the ntsb announced its findings this morning the panel found the engineer brandon bost yawn diverted his attention to a conversation about a nearby commuter chain that had been pelted by a rock. >> with his attention diverted, the amtrak engineer may have lost situational awareness. the engineer may ultimately have lost track of where he was before he accelerated to a high rate of speed. >> baust 81 was once an engineer on caltrain before 2011 when the agency contracted with amtrak. he lived in san francisco at the time. the ntsb also found fault with
4:34 pm
the amtrak train car design. some windows on the cars that slipped in the wreck dislodged fate alley ejecting four passengers. well, this is a big day in pretz deshl politics with primaries in kentucky where only the democrats were vote gt and in oak oregon where democrats and republicans are at the polls. >> abc 7 news anchor kristen sze is live in the newsroom with early results just in. >> ama and larry, polls closed in cokentucky just a half hour ago. we're getting a look at some results. let ales take a look, sanders holding a slight lead 47% to clinton's 46%. that is with 40% of the vote reporting in. this thing has been going back and forth so it is closer than close with the lead going back and forth. so we'll keep our watch on it. right now bernie sanders holiday'dhold a slade slaed. kentucky may only offer 60 delegates but it's a must win for bernie sanders. seen here campaigning in puerto rico last night's behind hill clinton by more than 760 delegates including the
4:35 pm
superdelegates. but clinton is also desperate for a win. she's made of a dozen stops in the bluegrass state in the past two weeks pry trying to stop sanders' surge. the underdog has won 10 out of the last 16 primaries. the clintons have historically done very well here. 0 former president bill clinton stumping for his wife in puerto rico today carried kentucky in his two elections and hillary beat president obama here in the 2008 primary. so a loss for her here would expose weaknesses in her candidacy heading into the general laeks. now, sanders is also hoping for a big win in oregon with its culturally liberal base. polls there close at 8:00. be sure to stay with abc 7 news for the latest. larry and ama? >> kristen, thank you tv. >> an effort to require young women to register for a military draft appears to be dead now. late last night republican members of the house rulz committee stripped provisions from the annual defense authorization bill that would have required women 18 to 25 to register in the selective service system. one republican says the action
4:36 pm
was taken to prevent what he called a quote reckless policy for moving forward without closer stud yif of the the house armed kevss committee had approved the move. the senate today approved legislation that would allow the families of 9/11 victims to sue the government of saudi arabia. that legislation gives the families the right to take the saudi government to court for any role they he may have played in the attacks. the obama administration has threatened to veto this bill believing it would expose americans overseas to legal risk them supervise. some athletes hoping to compete in the summer olympics in brazil may be banned from the games. the international olympic committee says 31 athletes from 12 countries have tested positive after their doping samples from the 2008 beijing olympics were analyzed again. results are pending from another 250 retests from the 2012 london olympics. the ioc says any athlete caught violating anti-doping rules will not be allowed to compete in rio. >> a lot of problems. coming up, shock for an
4:37 pm
officer out on patrol. >> oh, my god! >> it wasn't a speeder. it was a fireball that he caught streaking across the sky. i'm spencers christian. nothing in our sky but blue. the color blue on a warm almost summerlike day. but things are about to changement i'll have the accuweather forecast coming up in just a moment as abc 7 news
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the bay area's newest millionaire has just come forward after winning $9 million playing the lottery. carlos ba zahn has claimed the $9 mfl jackpot. he won the super lotto plus drawing on march 16th. he bought that winning ticket in shan jose at the capital valero on snell avenue. i's not saying what he plans to do with the money. he's keeping a low profile. a portland named police sergeant encountered a fast flying object he couldn't pull over. >> oh, god. >> that's a fireball streaking across the sky over new england. the dash cam on sergeant tim ferris' patrol car captured the meteor as it lit up the sky last night. the fireball, look at that, was coughsed by a meteor burning up as it passed through the earth's atmosphere sights were reported across the sneest. >> that's very cool. >> it is. spencer christian, he wishes he was cool. he's been baking for an hour upstairs. >> toasty. >> i was cool before i came up
4:41 pm
here. let's take a look at live doppler 7 hd on this really warm bay area day. we have sunny skies across the kwa. it's beautiful. i'm not complaining at all. here is a look at statewide conditions tomorrow. it will be sunny and warm in many locations look for highs of 97 at chico and sacramento, 96 at fresno mild down south in l.a. and san diego highs? the 70s there. here in the bay area we'll have another warm day. 92 in antioch but a bit cooler along the coast and around the bay. we'll see highs in the 60s at the coast and upper 70s to mid-80s around the bay speaking of highs for the week ahead let's santa rosa be our indicator of the trend a high of 86 expected tomorrow in santa rosa but a sharp cooldown the next few days with highs reaching only into the low 60s on saturday, bouncing back to 70 rz early next week. that's the pattern most bay area locations see. rain chances in santa rosa, 10% friday, 70% saturday as most of
4:42 pm
the bay area is expected to at least have a chance of for showers on saturday and sunday. then the rain chances fall off to zero after saturday. >> you'll be cool on saturday and wet. >> exactly. security in your home. still ahead, just how easy it is to break in and what you can do right now to prevent a burglary. i'm "7 an your side's eye" michael f
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>> announcer: cupertino. conco concord. wine country. and all the bay area. this is abc 7 news. now for a warning about keeping your home safe. intruders have been caught in camera invieding houses. could something like this happen to you. safety experts reveal just how easy it can be to break in. here's lara spencer. >> reporter: watch as this home security camera captures someone outside ringing the doorbell and moments later a crash. two intruders are now inside. and this home break-in, the incruders claim to be be police. >> got a search warrant lnchts at least one man appears to be
4:46 pm
carrying a gun. janette brady and her husband raised their home in this beautiful home in williamsburg, virginia. security not exactly the first thing on their minds. >> all in all, wee feel pretty secure here. >> reporter: secure enough to allow safety and security expert to conduct a test. >> i'm looking for vulnerable points around the house. >> reporter: with the bradys prmgts, he is testing the security of their home to see if he can break in just like a common burglar. >> what jumped out at me, when you went around back, there are many, many points of entry, front door, side door. but then came the moment the eureka moment. there was a ladder in the garage that ways going to use to get into the house. >> stanton uses technology to help his cause. with the family's explicit permission -- >> i took a gps and i put it on her car so this way i could track her. t >> the next day when janette was out, stanton put his plan into
4:47 pm
action. >> i knew my best shot was on the second story because most people, overwhelmingly neglect second and third stories in their home because they don't think anybody is going to go to the trouble to get up that high. right now i'm casing the place. >> and why is he so calm? well, remember that gps he put on gentlemjanette's car. >> i see they're on the other side of town. >> he knows exactly where janette is and he has plenty of time. >> this looks expensive. >> reporter: when janette does come home, a surprise she wasn't expecting. >> excuse me. i'm going to give you a b-minus on the home. here was the mistake. the alarm wasn't set. the garage was left open. and what do we have in the garage? a ladder. >> you got my ladder? >> i used your ladder to get
4:48 pm
into your house on the second floor where one door, one entry point, was open. >> i'm in. >> well, experts say layer your security. install motion detectors and alarms and be sure to actually use them. also, leave lights on inside your home when you aren't there. >> the "use them" part would be critical. an arm of the national academy of sciences released a sjs[gdñ9]ho4 >> the report is unlikely to end the debate. michael finney has the details. >> there's a lot of work to be done actually but this is very interesting a 407-page report concludes that genetically modified foods are as safe to eat as any other food. it comes at vermont is prepared to imt implement the first labelinging law for gmos, the national research council called sweeping statements about gmos problematic and called the issue multidimensional. those opposed to gmos in food say the food industry made
4:49 pm
payments to the council tainting its findings. the council however cautions that the long-term impact on gmos on our health is less defense tiff. if you use google imajz you may be used to being ad-free. that's about to change. geeg will show you ads connected to the images you're searching. if you're look forge an image of a new car, let's say, you can expect an ad for that car that might take you to a local dealership silling that car. google hopes to stem a loss in searches due to people going directly to shopping websites. looking to increase your credit score? let me give you three mifs takes to avoid. number one, even one late payment of more than 30 days can reduce your credit score by 90 or more points. unpaid medical bills can quickly end up in collections. you need to keep track of them. so if you're unsure if you owe any money, it's best to xxt even a small unpaid balance can lower your credit score 70 points. and the third, keep your credit
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utilization rate below 10%. if you have $10,000 in available credit, that means you make sure your credit balance is below $1,000. now, i know that sounds nearly impossible, but you need to keep it below the 10% when you're looking to get a loan. they're not checking every day. they check one time. so get all the rates down, be ready to go. then go have your credit report pulled. >> got it. great advice. thank you, michael. many people have had heart attacks and don't even realize it. >> and researchers may have found a way to get more kids vaccinated. here's jane king with a wellness report. pregnant women who shun flu shots may also skip baby vaccines the "wall street journal" says women who decline to get a flu shot during pregnancy are more likely to ignore vaccinating their babies. doctors think this could be an early clue and may want to discuss the importance of vaccinations for children during their visits to the doctor. well, children's brains light up at the sound of their mother's voice. behavioral scientists at
4:51 pm
stanford say when their mom spoke the children's brains were activated including the -- the heightened reaction was only for the moms, not for other female voices. almost all halfful all heart attacks are said to be sigh lentd. the journal of circulation says heart attacks happen but there are no typical signs of an attack. well, men were more likely to experience the so-called silent attack, women were more likely to die from them. and exercise can cut the risk of 13 different types of cancer. the study published found that the cancer of the esophagus was lowered by 42% when someone was physically active. liver cancer risk reduced by 27%. but in a surprise result, physical activity was linked to a 5% increase in non-advanced prostate cancer. from the nasdaq, i'm jane king. abc 7 news ats 4 continues. up next, a spernl honor for a teacher. the surprise and the big check she got today. right now dan is here with a
4:52 pm
look at what's coming up on abc 7 news at 5. larry, thanks very much. coming up next -- >> what do we do? >> stand up fight back! >> activists swarm oakland city hall. why they served their own eviction notices today. plus, political infighting. how one silicon race is getting ugly. and girls boys and the nation's first technology test. find out who wins when kristen and i s from bank of america to buy a new gym bag.
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tonight fresh off the boat followed by the real o'neils then marvel's agents of s.h.i.e.l.d. >> then at 11:00, eating fish has been -- eating fish can also help your skin. at 11:00, the unusual discovery that's led to a xain care line based fon salmon. a huge honor today for a redwood city teacher. she won a prestigious national award for her work at a charter school that's servesesing underprivileged communities.
4:56 pm
>> matt keller has the story you'll see only on abc 7. >> reporter: it's fun to be part of a surprise. we you snuck into erica stewart's fourth grade class in redwood city along with her parents to be there for a big announce. >> i'm happy to announce that you won this year! >> reporter: ms. stewart is wufrn of four teachers nationwide to win the 2016 teacher advocacy nonprofit tntp. the award recognizes the nation's most effective teachers worg, with high-need public schools. she was nominated by her principal kyle schafer. >> everybody give her one clap, two claps, ten claps. when you sit in ms. stewart's class, it really is a magical place. >> reporter: the fourth grade math teacher wins $25,000 and a six-week residency this summer where she and the three other prize winners will meet with education leaders across the
4:57 pm
country and write essays about their insights in the classroom. need proof ms. stewart is a top teacher? listen to her exude student. >> she explains well and i get good grades and then i feel good about myself. >> we have fun when we're working hard. >> reporter: working hard is a theme in ms. stewart's classroom. and what she credits for her and her students' success. >> raefl, really hard work. and you have to love what you're doing. it has to be the most important thing to put in the hard work. >> reporter: ms. stewart's hard work is paying off. more than 90% of her students have passed their state math exam. in redwood city, mtatt keller, abc 7 news. a zoo keeper in china learned that one panda can be a handful but two, forget about it. watch as this poor young woman wage a's losing battle trying to keep those pandas out of a basket full of leaves she's p k picked up. >> they even seem to work in
4:58 pm
tand tandem. that is hilarious. >> that is. thank you for join us for abc 7 news at 4. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm lar biel. abc 7 news at 5 begins right now with dan and kristen. i think they definite live should have background can chekz. >> reaction to a pet groomer's reaction over the death of a dog. we've learn that's not the only pet care facility he's worked for. also, the rescue of hot air balloonists, what caused today's unxmrekted landing in napa. plus -- >> a notice of eviction to the city council. >> from the city council to the mayor why oakland leaders are getting served. and a new warning about your sunscreen it may not be providing as much protection as you think. and is this art or vandalism? the squabble over scribblings in marin county. >> announcer: abc 7 news starts right now with live breaking news. and we begin with breaking news near xroext. you are looking at a fire near a lumberyard in the city of
4:59 pm
lincoln. the blaze started in nearby brush and xosh much at least 80 acres around the thunderer valley casino ra sort. >> it spread to a nearby building when you can see burned to the ground. storage containers with pvc pipe inside made this fire tough to put out. >> here is a live look now. you can see they've made headway but it is still burning and still kicking up a lot of thick black smoke with some flames jumping lines getting closer to roads and potentially a neighborhood. >> and here's a look at where lincoln is, just north of sacramento near rockland. we'll bring you more information if this fire starts to threaten homes. right now it isn't. but we'll keep an eye on it. good. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm dan ashley. we'll continue to follow that story. thank you for being with us. we're hearing from relatives of a san mateo dog grooper accused of killing a dog over a grooming session over the weekend. >> family members say 38 year old juan would never harm anything. lianne melendez is live with reaction from stunned relatives. lie anne?
5:00 pm
>> reporter: the family doesn't get it and the district tern for this county says it doesn't make sense for someone with experience to do this. the d.a. now has to prove that it was a deliberate act, and that is not easy. the dog groomer's uncle and grandfather told me they can't imagine juan ever harming a dog. >> very surprised. i know it he he's innocent. 's not one to be injuring animals. we've all been raised around animals. >> reporter: they showed me the grandfather's dog frequently groomed by juan. they say he took the job at pet smart after working as a washer at a cat and dog boarding and training facility in san francisco. >> he says the pet smart jbuebp& a good one and he was liking it. he was arrested on sunday on suspicion of felony animal krutety. the 1-year-old dachshund died. the peninsa


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