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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  May 17, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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it looks fun. >> "world news with david muir" is next. >> for all of us here, we tonight, the deadly train crash. the mystery revealed. authorities now revealing what happened with the engineer on that amtrak train, crashing at more than 100 miles per hour, killing eight, injuring hundreds. the new demand involving the tsa tonight. after passengers revolt. three-hour waits, missing flights. forced to sleep in airports. and just now, the senator calling for the head of the tsa to resign if it's not fixed before memorial day. donald trump tonight, saying he would talk to north korea's secretive leader in what would be a major shift in u.s. policy. and what melania trump has now revealed about the clintons at their wedding. the 911 call. the horror inside one family's home, after the wrong home is targeted. two teachers terrorized as their
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children were sleeping. and the world's biggest cruise ship, soon headed to america. 23 pools, 20 restaurants. and the robot bartenders. we take you onboard. good evening. it was an horrific and deadly amtrak crash in philadelphia. the train barrelling down those tracks at more than 100 miles per hour. and tonight here, an alarming portrait of what was happening with that engineer. the train rounding a curve, going more than double what it should have been. inside the cars, hundreds injured. passengers trying to crawl out in the dark. eight people were killed. and tonight, investigators say the engineer was at fault, as they reveal what they say distracted him. abc's david kerley leads us off. >> reporter: tonight, the newest clues about what triggered that devastating amtrak derailment, seen here in these still frame images, edited together. >> heard the noise from the brake and went, "we're turning over." >> reporter: josh gotbaum was in the third car. >> first reaction was "okay, am
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i dead?" >> reporter: eight passengers were killed, 200 hurt. the engineer, brendan bostian, had a clean record, but investigators say it was human error that caused this catastrophe. >> he went, in a matter of seconds, from distraction to disaster. >> reporter: bostian, heading north out of philadelphia, hears radio calls about a commuter train being hit by a rock. >> transit 1, let those personnel know. so, use caution. >> all units copy? >> reporter: investigators believe bostian "lost situational awareness" as he listened to those calls. thinking he'd passed a dangerous curve, after which the speed limit is 110. he increases speed to more than 100 miles an hour, but his train is still heading towards that same curve, with a speed limit of just 50 miles an hour. investigators are adamant that if the safety system ptc, positive train control, was in place, this accident would have never happened. the ntsb has been calling for ptc for 40 years.
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but congress just extended the deadline for railroads another two years. what would you tell them, after this investigation? >> what i would tell them is, i hope we're not back in this room again, looking at another ptc preventable accident. >> reporter: the engineer remains on leave. a criminal investigation is continuing, and several families are suing amtrak. david? >> david kerley leading us off tonight. david, thank you. tonight, there are also major new developments as travelers across this country vent their anger against the tsa. and late today, at least one senator saying the tsa chief should go if this is not fixed by memorial day. here's what he's talking about. the images over the last several days. at midway airport right there. and at chicago's o'hare, lines several hours long. travelers missing flights. officials telling passengers to arrive three hours early. tonight, there is new action from the tsa, but we ask, is it enough? abc's alex perez is at o'hare airport. >> reporter: tonight, flyers are furious and fed up.
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>> are you [ bleep ] kidding me, tsa? >> reporter: with epic lines and thousands of missed flights, there are calls tonight for the tsa head to resign, if he doesn't shorten lines by memorial day, in about two weeks. >> there's got to be a better way. >> reporter: it's so bad, passengers in chicago have had to sleep on those cots at times. >> not the greatest. >> reporter: and tonight, news that 100 part-time screeners will be rushed into full-time work by this weekend, with 250 more screeners being sent in the coming months. so, check it out. just arriving here at o'hare. the lines are already growing. experts say, to beat the lines, avoid flying early morning and in the evening. the crunch is being felt around the country, all due to tighter security since the brussels attacks, with fewer security officers screening a surge in passengers. since 2013, the number of tsa officers has fallen by 5,000 agents. but passenger volume has spiked over 8%, 68 million more u.s. flyers in the air. and david, more and more airports now considering joins
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chicago and denver, asking passengers to show up to the airport three hours ahead of time for domestic flights. david? >> going to be an ugly few weeks ahead. alex, thank you. millions are bracing for tornadoes and high winds tonight at this hour. in fact, seven reported tornadoes in just the past 24 hours. this one along the new mexico/oklahoma border. images of funnel clouds in florida coming in late today, as they now prepare for a dangerous night ahead. abc's phillip mena is in san marcos, texas. >> reporter: tonight, funnel clouds dropping from florida skies. powerful thunderstorms flooding streets and damaging homes. this as millions in the south brace for severe weather. from oklahoma to texas -- twisters. and huge hail. hitting with the force of major league fastballs, cracking this stormchaser's windshield. along with all of this, days of heavy rain stranding drivers.
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>> the heavy rains have left the west side of corpus christi. severely flooded, as you can see here on kostoryz, 18-wheelers and suvs are having a hard time driving through. >> reporter: the area getting more than a foot of rain in 48 hours. and more on the way. tonight, along the blanco river, residents here are watching the skies closely. rivers and streams are already at capacity, and anymore rain could lead to flash flooding. david? >> it's been a rough couple of days. phillip, thank you. and we're tracking it again tonight with rob. hey, rob. >> reporter: david, a couple of spots with heavy action tonight. we start with the severe weather threat in texas. this watch is up until 10:00 p.m. so, heavy winds and hail, but rain is going to be an issue. as phillip mentioned, saturated area. houston, over 25 inches above average for the last 12 months. florida today, also getting hammered. look at these storms today. we've had 74-mile-per-hour winds, so, damaging winds across much of the state. and the future radar shows more action coming tonight. so, a long night ahead for them. and the overall trend over the next four to five days, very wet, from louisiana, texas, right through the mid-atlantic.
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d.c. has seen rain nearly every day this month, and that pattern is going to continue through the rest of the week. >> all right, rob, our thanks again to you tonight. as much of the country braces for rain and high ones tonight, overnight, it was a passenger jet that was rocked by unexpected turbulence, so severe, the jet had to turn around to get passengers and crew emergency help. here's abc's linsey davis. >> reporter: tonight, more than 130 passengers and crew are still recovering from turbulence so severe, the pilot had to turn back. >> there were three or four other people on the plane thatt. >> reporter: the southwest jet left boston at 11:00 last night for chicago. less than an hour later, the plane hit turbulence so intense, it was forced to return to boston. >> sir, we also have another medical. can you meet ems at the crash gate? >> reporter: two flight attendants were taken to the hospital. two other passengers were hurt. in just the past two weeks, more than 50 people have been injured by extreme turbulence. eight on this jetblue flight that also spilled debris across the cabin. and 31 were injured on this flight to indonesia.
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but there's hope that turbulent flights could soon be reduced dramatically. new technology like this, cutting-edge radar software, could make it easier for pilots to spot turbulence ahead and try to avoid rough air altogether. after changing planes and flight crew, those passengers headed to chicago finally made it safely to their destination around 3:30 this morning. david? >> finally. all right, linsey, thank you. now, to the race for the white house tonight. primaries in kentucky and oregon today. and tonight, donald trump revealing he would talk to north korea's secretive leader. that would be a major shift in u.s. policy. as melania trump and what she's now saying about the clintons at her wedding. donald trump taking aim at both clintons, but of the three of them, donald trump, hillary clinton and former president clinton, who is the most popular? tonight, the numbers right here. and here's abc's cecilia vega. >> reporter: from hillary clinton's allies tonight, a scathing attack on donald trump, using trump's own words. >> you know, you can see there was blood coming out of her
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eyes. blood coming out of her -- wherever. does she have a good body, no. does she have a fat ass, absolutely. >> reporter: the first shot in a $130 million ad campaign by a pro-clinton super-pac. >> and you can tell them to go [ bleep ] themselves. >> does donald trump really speak for you? >> reporter: trump now throwing a counterpunch at both clintons, after hillary hinted bill would have a key role in her administration. >> my husband, who i'm going to put in charge of revitalizing the economy, because, you know, he knows how to do it. >> reporter: trump today tweeting, "crooked hillary said her husband is going to be in charge of the economy. if so, he should run, not her." but the fact is, bill clinton is more popular than his wife, and twice as popular as trump. in one recent poll, trump's favorability rating, 29%. 44% for hillary clinton and bill clinton's? 58%. hillary clinton battling bernie sanders tonight in the kentucky
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and oregon primaries, hopes her husband reminds voters of the economic boom of the '90s. trump wants to remind them of a different chapter. >> in the history of politics, hillary clinton's husband abused women more than any man that we know of in the history of politics, right? >> reporter: but the former president's strategy? for now, at least, rarely even mentioning donald trump's name. and, tonight, a new dig from trump's wife, melania. the clintons famously attended their wedding. but melania trump now saying in an interview, "i don't think they sent a gift." and she goes on to defend her husband, saying, quote, "he's not hitler. he wants to help america. he wants to unite people." >> and cecilia vega joins us now from louisville, kentucky, tonight. cecilia, donald trump today saying he'd make another major break with american foreign policy. this time, involving north korea's mysterious leader? >> reporter: he did, david. he said he would be willing to
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meet with north korea's kim jong-un to try to stop that country's nuclear program. donald trump said, quote, "i would have no problem speaking to him." there are currently two americans detained in that country right now, and as you said, a meeting with that country's leader would mark a major shift in u.s. policy. david? >> all right, indeed. cecilia vega tonight. in a gray and wet louisville there. cecilia, thank you. next tonight, back here at home, to a former police officer who was arrested in texas years after a shooting death, while on duty in st. louis. shooting a suspect at point blank range. jason stockley is charged with first degree murder now. there was a high speed chase at the time. police say they thought they saw a drug deal. when the chase ended, stockley allegedly walked up to the car and then fired. anthony lamar smith took five bullets through the driver's side window. next tonight here, to a controversial move in one mississippi town. two high schools, one predominantly black, the other mostly white. but so close, the railroad tracks, the only thing between them. a court tonight ordering the two schools to integrate, to create a more diverse student body in both schools. but not everyone is happy. here's abc's steve osunsami.
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>> reporter: the court order sounds damning, and forces the cleveland, mississippi, school district to combine schools, creating new ones that aren't so racially separate. east side high, for example, that's 100% african-american, would merge with cleveland high, that's predominantly white. but here's a wrinkle. the black school is the one with better scores. take a look at a map of the town. an old railroad line divides it. schools with the most white students are on this side of the tracks, schools almost entirely black are on the other. some families worry that bussing students around will encourage more white families to leave. >> bad idea, because you're trying to force kids to go to schools they don't want to go to and it's going to cause people to move or go to a different school. >> reporter: no one is accusing current school officials of willfully segregating children like it was 1950, but federal officials say they're not doing enough to keep schools from becoming segregated on their own. it's an issue across the country. here's a look at some of the most segregated states for black students. new york, california, illinois
5:43 pm
and maryland top the list. in a statement tonight, mississippi school officials say they plan to appeal. david? >> steve osunsami with us again tonight. we turn next here to an abc news exclusive. to the gangs right next door, across our border. and ready to send more of their members to the u.s. they're already here, in fact. in 46 states. "nightline" anchor dan harris takes us to the tiny cells, overflowing in el salvador. gang members who likely know many who are already here. and just look at what dan found. >> reporter: it's the middle of the night in the murder capital of the world. we're in el salvador, on patrol with armed to the teeth cops who take us to this rundown police station, where they're holding allegedly vicious combatants in this country's all-out gang war. as we approach the cells, the low roar abruptly extinguished. how many people are they holding in here? 169 people in here?
5:44 pm
i'm not sure you can get a sense of how small this is, but this is tiny. they're just piled on top of each other. they're only supposed to be in here for 72 hours. how long have you been in? >> one year. >> reporter: one year? and now, these gangs are exporting death directly into america. active in 46 states, because of a revolving door of illegal immigration and deportation. here, the violence doesn't rest even for those in mourning. this grieving mother is holding a wake for her 17-year-old son, alexis, murdered by gangs just last night. and right in the middle of the service -- gunfire. a chaotic scene. the madness in el salvador is sending a massive flow of illegal immigrants over the american border. many of them kids, traveling alone, who arrive here only to
5:45 pm
be targeted for recruitment by those very same gangs. tonight, you're going to meet one young man who was able to find a safe place for himself here, but has had to face the real threat of being sent back home. and some big news for this young man, you'll see it tonight. >> all right, we'll be watching tonight. again, dan's special edition of "nightline" called "gangland" airs later tonight, 12:37 eastern, to be exact. dan, we'll be watching. there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this tuesday. the horror inside one family's home. you will hear the call to 911. the wrong home had been targeted. two teachers terrorized as their children were sleeping. their father, trying to fight off the attackers. there's also new fallout tonight from that major league brawl. the punishment is just in. and news tonight about the late james gandolfini. the paramedic now accused of stealing a valuable item as he lay dying. we'll be right back.
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abc's clayton sandell with the mother's frantic call for help. >> oh, my god. oh, my god. >> reporter: the call for help is frantic. >> 911? >> there's three men that just came in my house and attacked my husband and i. >> reporter: a knock on the door in this golden, colorado, neighborhood. >> they knocked on my door and then they came in my house. >> reporter: a husband and wife, both middle school teachers, at home with their two kids last night, when three suspects break in. the husband is stabbed, but fights back, grabbing a knife, taking one suspect down. >> he has a cut on his arm and he's gushing blood out of his arm. >> reporter: police say the home invaders were looking for drugs and $10,000 in cash, but it was a case of mistaken identity. the bad guys had the wrong house. >> there were three guys. we have one of them down inside of our house. he's been down. baby, are you okay? oh, my god. we have two kids downstairs in the basement.
5:49 pm
>> people could have certainly been killed in this situation, but obviously, this father was protecting his wife and children. >> reporter: tonight, the husband is in the hospital. he's expected to be okay. the children are safe. police say two suspects are still on the loose, david. >> clayton sandell tonight. clayton, thank you. when we come back, we have just learned of a history-making moment for the american military. also, the new headline tonight about the late james gandolfini. the paramedic now accused of stealing something very valuable after the actor collapsed. and coming in now, news tonight about that baseball brawl. the punishments have just been announced. we'll be right back. this just got interesting. why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas for pulmonary hypertension, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure.
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the senate confirming eric fanning as the new secretary of the army, making him the first openly gay leader of a branch of the u.s. military. fanning is former undersecretary of the air force. his confirmation had been stalled by kansas senator pat roberts, in a dispute over the president's push to close gitmo. there is news tonight about the late james gandolfini. the star of "the sopranos" died in italy in 2013, suffering a massive heart attack. a paramedic is now facing trial for allegedly stealing gandolfini's rolex watch as he lay dying. the watch is worth $3,000. it's unclear if he was wearing the watch at the time or if it was taken from his room where he was found. the trial begins in november. major league baseball taking action tonight. the rangers' rougned odor suspended eight games for sunday's fight with blue jays slugger jose bautista, landing a right across his jaw after a hard slide at second base. bautista suspended one game. several others also suspended and fined. eight players, coaches and managers were ejected during the game. you thought i'd mess up those names. when we come back here tonight, all aboard the world's biggest cruise ship.
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♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ finally tonight here, the $1 billion cruise ship, about to make its maiden voyage, and soon, headed to america. abc's matt gutman with a look inside tonight. >> reporter: it's a city on the sea. the world's largest cruise ship, sailing from florida to the caribbean this fall. the harmony of the seas is the royal caribbean's billion dollar bet you'll want to spend a few
5:58 pm
days aboard a colossus, longer than the eiffel tower is tall. there are 18 decks, 23 pools, 20 restaurants, thousands of rooms and, if you are into being terrified, those purple tubes off the back are a ten-story water slide. the harmony of the seas dwarfs almost everything out there. those are not jet skis, people. those are boats. pieced together in a french shipyard, it took 32 months to build. in this case, size does matter. it's exactly one foot longer than the previous record-holder. and after a day of surfing or rock climbing, you may want a night cap. maybe even from these two bionic bartenders. but don't expect an ear to lean on or one on the house from these two. matt gutman, abc news, new york. >> matt gutman, our thanks to you. and thank you for watching on a tuesday night. i'm david muir. i hope to see you right back here tomorrow. until then, have a good evening. good night.
5:59 pm
the man, facing a tougher charge for allegedly attacking a dog an the owner. and the wind driven fire that threatened a northern california casino. a day before google's conference, a playground for kids and what they're learning ahead, a former security guard has been arrested and charged with animal cruelty for the death of a dog he's accused of kicking. >> we told you about the death of the dog back in march. vic lee is live with the developments. vic? >> reporter: we have had a lot of response to the story when
6:00 pm
airing it last march. last night, the former security guard was arrested and booked on charges of felony animal cruelty and misdemeanor assault on the dog owner. >> everybody that heard the story, i feel was heart broken. >> roscoe was mike's beloved pet. he says mar exchanged words with him, when he used a smart phone to record a scuffle. he says morris slapped the phone out of his hand and ta tacked him. security cameras captured the brazen assault. >> he went to his vehicle, changed out of his uniform and whacked the man on the back of the


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