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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  KGO  May 17, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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devastating tragedy.
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kgo-broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> we begin with breaking news from the east bay. thank you for joining us. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm dan ashley. in the last 90 minutes abc news confirmed a student in alameda passed away this evening after a medical emergency on the football field. >> abc7 news reporter cornell bernard joins us and is there live. cornell? >> reporter: ama and dan, the principal here is sending her thoughts and prayers to the friends and family of the young man who died today. his name has not yet been released, but this is a statement that was part of a recorded message that went home to parents tonight. it said that one of our students passed away this evening following a medical emergency that occurred at the conclusion of football conditioning. the message went on to say that staff provided medical attention and 9-1-1 was called
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immediately. a tragedy for his love ones and the school community. it is unthoan if -- it is unknown if today's hot temperatures played a part in the medical emergency. it was 80 degrees in alameda today. the grief counselors will be on hand here at the school tomorrow. live in alameda, cornell bernard, abc7 news. >> cornell, thank you. new at 11:00, tonight police in pittsford are looking for somebody who shot three people. one person is in critical condition and all three were taken to the hospital. investigators are still at the scene tonight gathering evidence. today's heat was a day where firefighters were called in. they had to take breaks and cool off. a fire destroyed part of the home before they were able to get it under control. an suv hit two people in a crosswalk at 6:00 at lincoln and grand avenue. both of those people went to
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the hospital and one with major injury. police interviewed the driver, but did not issue a citation. >> now to a dramatic wine country rescue. more than a dozen to tourists found themselves strand i had forcing first responders to jump into action. the hot air balloon made an emergency landing south of buckley station road in napa county in an area inaccessible by car. first responders are telling us what went wrong. katie is live in napa county with new information. katie, what went wrong and what went right in terms of the rescue? >> luckily this is a good story, dan of -- dan, the tourists are having a nice, long dinner following a long day. the chp explains it to me like this. if those tourists had tried to get out of the spot where the balloon landed on their own they would have had to walk five miles and swim. >> napa valley balloons tells us they were on a tour and
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they set off early in the morning and ended up off course. strange wind out of the north may have been to blame and it was a flight officer who noticed they landed in a thank you spot. >> there are flews and ponds and everything is on an island. >> he took this video from the fixed wing plane. he gave the pilot the bad news that they had no way out by car and by foot. >> he said he was low on fuel and didn't think he could lift out of there. >> they called in the chp helicopter that was on a training exercise. in growpts of -- groups of three they were lifted to safety. >> they got a nice balloon ride and free helicopter ride. the balloon company told me the passengers were never in any danger. abc7 news. >> this video is the center of a civil rights lawsuit filed against san jose police. the lawyer for polino posted
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the video on youtube and claims it shows three rookie officers using excessive force in august. san jose police didn't respond to requests for a comment, but earlier defended the actions saying he resisted arrest. he was arrested for dui and resisting arrest and the charges were later dropped. tonight the family of a missing millbrae man says his body has been found. keith green disappeared three weeks ago. family and friends who set up the facebook pig to help in the search posted tonight that his body was found, but provided no other details. we move on now to the race for the white house. hillary clinton claimed victory in kentucky though the win is too close to officially call. clinton beat bernie sanderses by a half a percent. the democratic candidates will each receive 25 delegates and five more will be allocated later. in oregon sanders easily won. however, clinton will still get a large share of the state's 61 delegates. and donald trump faced no
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competition. he easily won the oregon primary. some are ready to feel the "bern" as in bernie sanders. the vermont senator will hold a rally tomorrow night. up to 18,000 people are expected. city officials warn that there won't be enough parking, but still many neighbors are psyched. >> to see a candidate in person and to hear them and see them live, that's exciting. >> it is going to be crazy. i actually took the day off for tomorrow. >> today sanders campaigned in carson in southern california and is focusing on california with our primary three weeks away. donald trump sat down with megyn kelly in their first conversation since a heated exchange at a republican debate last august. kelly asked why trump followed up the debate by attacking her on social media. >> well, that was a retweet. did i say that? >> many times.
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>> okay. excuse me. over your life you have been called a lot worse, wouldn't you say? >> kelly responded saying it is not about her, but the message september to other women -- sent to other women and girls. the bay area's largest city is taking actions against states that pass laws and discriminate against the lgbt community. >> mississippi and north carolina have passed such laws. the city of san jose is joining several tech companies including facebook, apple and netflix in halting travel to those states. >> abc7 news reporter lisa amin gulezian is live with the story. lisa? >> we broke the news of the vote with a push alert on the abc7 news app. san jose now follows suit with other major citieses like san francisco and new york in stoping all non-essential travel to those states. >> i feel like this is something we need to take a stand on. it is a violation of civil rights. >> the vast majority of san jose city councilmembers
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agreed making the 10th largest city the latest to ban workers from traveling to north carolina or mississippi. >> enough corporations and enough governments that chime in and hopefully will move the needle and have them rethink what they are doing. >> plenty of tech giants are weighing in and speaking out. paypal, google and apple execs want the states to overturn the recently passed laws they call discriminatory. north carolina requires transgender individuals to use the public restrooms that match their gender at birth. >> it is the prints pal. it -- it is the principal. it really is. we haven't had the san jose city council that has been so supportive of the lgbtq community. >> they admit that staffers don't travel much to the two states. but it is the message that counts. they have mixed reaction to the council's decision. >> they don't need to be distracted with things that
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are not the city's responsibility. >> i am glad they took a stand like that. >> the travel ban will take affect in june. in san jose, lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. still ahead on abc7 news at 11:00, when orcas attack. the new video that shows the wild scene off the north bay coast. >> i tried it and i really liked the smell. the smell doesn't smell like salmon. >> and salmon skin cream. could it really help smooth out the wrinkles? >> and 7 on your side's michael finney and consumer reports say don't trust what is listed on the bottle. >> feeling the heat today, but drastic changes are coming. i'll detail them out straight ahead. >> first though here is a look at what is coming up on "jimmy kimmel live" after the news at 11:00. >> thanks, dan and ama. here is something from us to you. >> i have to admit something. >> okay. >> i didn't try the suit on before i came out and i
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all of the bay area this is abc7 news. >> watch this now. two fishermen captured a wild scene off the sonoma county coast and they are sharing it with us. the video shows two orcas attacking a gray whale calf off the coast on saturday. they say it happened in about a hundred feet of water. those fishermen believe the beached whale was the one that was attacked and they have since washed back out to sea. >> could something you might order for dinner at a restaurant actually help smooth your skin? as kristen sze discovered
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salmon has the secret ingredient in a new skin care product. >> she is trying out a new topical treatment for her skin and while most patients wouldn't be concerned with how a skin cream smells, in this case it was a bit of a relief. >> i tried it and i like the smell. the smell did you president smell like -- doesn't smell like salmon. >> reporter: the smell was spawned by an unusual discovery according to san francisco dermatologist. >> the active ingredient is hydrolyzed salmon row. >> reporter: its origins go back to norway and they hatch mounds of salmon eggs at a time. workers who had their hands in and out of the water tanks noticed their skin becoming smoother. according to the manufacturer tests pointed to anen zip the salmon released to dissolve the shell of the egg. >> it is an exfollow gent and -- exfollow gent and has
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like a glycolic acid. >> they hatched the idea of turning the ingredients into a skin care system. and diving into the competitive waters of topical products to smooth wrinkles and rejuvenate the skin by sloug hing off the dead cells. >> as for june, she says the pleasant scent offers a hint of the cream's unusual origin. >> it smells like the ocean. >> in san francisco, kristen sze, abc7 news. >> the manufacturer says the active ingreed -- ingredient is collected in the hatching cycle. >> from seven on your side's michael finney. many people need sunscreen on a day like today. however, they may thought be getting the protection they think they are. we teamed up with our partners at consumer reports to test more than 60 sunscreens. the technicians send uv light through sunscreen samples to find out if the spf matches
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the bottle. more than 40% did not. the best results came from some great values. equate ultra protection, spf50 and no ad sport spf50 sold for $10 or less. apparently they offered the protection they claimed. tonight michael emceed a fundraiser for a san francisco nonprofit that helps the low income residents pay for housing. they help 3600 people, nearly half are senior. they have other projects including several urban gardens. i know michael was proud to be here to neat. let's turn our attention to weather which heated up today. >> and will it continue? sandhya patel is here with the forecast. >> it will continue inland, but no where else. you notice the skies are clear and there is one patch of fog near half moon bay.
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concord, livermore, antioch mainly 80s. 88 in san rafael and oakland, and 93 santa rosa and 89 san jose. half moon bay, 71 degrees. we are still hanging on to the warmth from earlier in the day. looking at the temperatures mostly 60s and 70s. we have a few spots in the 50s. a live look from our emeryville camera as you get going tomorrow, this is what you will be seeing. clear conditions with the exception of a few spots. cool at the coast and bay. further cooling into the weekend and we are looking at a chance of showers on saturday. first thing tomorrow morning, mild conditions. low 50s to mid60s. it is to the exactly great sleeping weather tonight especially if you don't have the ac. so it will be a tough night to sleep, but there will be some patches of fog tomorrow morning, a sign of things to come. the fog that is around first thing in the morning will quickly clear away. we will see the sun, but the sea breeze will be coming in and the cooling sea breeze will take the temperatures down around the coast and
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arched -- around the bay. you get inland and the breeze is not going to reach you just yet. 80s and 90s and still warm to hot for your wednesday afternoon. how warm? in the south bay, 82 in santa clara and 73 in santa cruz. on the peninsula you are looking at sunshine, low to mid80s from redwood city. loss altos is 68 degree. downtown san francisco is low 80s today. 65 daly city and a little fog here. the sunset district and north bay and 60s at the coast and looking at low to mid80s from vallejo to santa rosa and napa and 79 in san rafael. you need the sunscreen, 77 oakland and 80 fremont and 82 castro valley. head inland and this is where it will be summer-like heat. 92 in antioch. 89 in livermore and 88 concord. take a look at what the weather will be like for the a's game against the rangers. uv index is very high of the
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looking at mild conditions. if you go to the game at 12:35, make sure you have your sunscreen. low to mid70s at the game. now we do bring in the storm impact scale. we will switch up the weather pattern. one to five is how we rate our storms. one is light and five is severe. we have been dhog all season long. saturday we have a one and possible showers. most area less than a quarter of an inch if the showers materialize with a slight chance of thunder. here is your hour by hour time line. 7:00 a.m. saturday, it is cloudy and we head into saturday afternoon and the rain begins to come in and the showers will linger into saturday evening. if you have plans on saturday the plans may need to include an umbrella. a look at the accu-weather seven-day forecast, mid60s to low 90s tomorrow. it will be another hot one inland. cooler coates and bay. we will drop the temperatureses even more on thursday. braze econ decisions -- breezy conditions expected and they are expected to come through on saturday when we expect cooler than normal conditions. a one on the storm impact
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scale with a chance of showers bumping up the temperatures again sunday to tuesday. no more major swings after that. >> thank you, sandhya. still ahead, the bay area school going hog-wild. >> when it happens where you live -- >> we have developing news in the east bay. a major water lane break. >> the abc7 news team covers your neighborhood. >> concord. >> morgan hill. >> live at at&t park. >> your story. >> 7 on your side is changing the way these guys do business. >> i said bruno, i know this is a scam. >> choose the news that matters where you live. >> i was trying to share what we've got in our backyard. >> choose the team that works for you. >> live in berkeley. >>
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out a mini jam session he had in beijing. check it out. using a new version of garage band cook played traditional chinese instruments with jj lynn. he is a pop star from singapore and they played one of lynn's songs. >> students at a pittsburgh elementary school went hog-wild watching their principal kiss a pig. lily received smooches and the principal challenged the student body to raise $3,000 for pennies for patients benefiting the leukemia and lymphoma society. the students met that challenge and other school leaders made good on the challenge in front of the entire student body today. >> that is great. word is lily is a good kisser. >> apparently. >> lily has some size to her. >> don't mess with lily. >> don't make lily angry. you won't like her if she is
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angry. >> no kissy, kissy in san diego for bumgarner. he was a bit peeved.
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11:29 pm
schwartz by the tip of his skate. 2 sick saves for jones. 26 saves for jones. they rip it home and down to one knee on the one timer. 2-0 and then in the third another power play goal. burns again. what a shot he has. an empty net goal would make the final 4-0. sharks beat the blues and the series is even at 1-1. the giants took a 5-game winning streak into san diego with bumgarner on the mound. make than an irritated madison bumgarner. sprky got -- sparky got himself a souvenir and instagram needs to know about it instantly. that's what it is now. you can't have an experience without a post. crawford with the three-run homer. you know i am right also. matt bum strikes out meyers in one of his 11k's and they exchange words. bencheses empty. bench empty. it was a misunderstanding and
11:30 pm
they made up later. no punches thrown and no door incidents. giants win their 6th in a row and mad bum a complete game. easy as 1, 2, 3. the first homer off cole hamills and then the second off cole hamills and then a walkoff grand slam off sean tollison. good night, game over, drive home safely. it is pie time. 8-5. clean up time now too. how do the worriers respond after being -- warriors respond after being stunned by okc. there was a lot that broke down including their offense that unraffled to one on one december spir ration heaves and then a stream of turnover. game two is tomorrow night and the warriors know they have to respond. >> it happened. there is a reason we pour champagne on each other's heads when we win. it is hard. it is a grind.
11:31 pm
this is a great reminder of that. jay we didn't win nothing -- >> we didn't win nothing. no matter how you get it done, the first team to four. you can't relax, man. happy teams get beat. >> all you need to see is one play from the cavs-raptors game. i am the king. lebron james will go baseline here. we call this with authority. he had 24 and the cavs route the rap for game one in the eastern conference finals 115-84. abc7 sports is brought to you by riverwalk casino.
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ashley. >> and i'm ama daetz. for sandhya and larry and all of us, ryan gosling is on dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, ryan gosling, dave salmoni and animals, plus it's mash-up monday with music from flo rida georgia line. and now, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hi, everybody. i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching at home. thanks for coming. very nice.


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