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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  May 18, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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condition. two had moderate injuries. they were taken to walnut creek trauma center. the scene is clear. we have calls to the police department to find out more on can this shooting happened. and what was the officers' o? no arrests have been made. we have breaking news from ecuador a 6.7 earthquake struck the coast this morning. it sent people run spot streets and knocked out positive we are. the president said there is no report of injury or significant damage from the earthquake. it hit same area where a devastating 7.8 earthquake hit a month ago. the tremor killed 650 people and left thousands injured.
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>> tragedy in alameda, grief councillors are on hand at encinal high school after a young man died at end of football practice. janet? >> his identity is not officially confirmed but students at encinal high school are wearing red in memory of their classmate. it happened yesterday. the school sent a message to parents saying one of the students passed away following a medical emergency occurring at the conclusion of football conditioning. the staff tried to give medical aid while they waited for paramedics and the student was pronounced dead at the hospital. on campus, students have been expressing corn dole ensure -- condolences. it is not known in heat was a factor. it was 80 degrees. >> bay area firefighters hope cooler weather makes the job easier today. a second unit was called to battle the house fire in martinez until the first crew
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would cool off. the fire broke out before 8:00. flames destroyed part of the home before firefighters got it under control. >> this is heavy smoke rising from a wildfire that break identity at lincoln with crews keeping an cry on the fire overnight that has burned 169 acres. it is 80% contained. the flames burned near the casino resort destroying cars and damaging vehicles and equipment and a business. high temperatures fanned the flames. there is no word on what sparked the fire. >> oakland firefighters will look for wildfire hazards in the oakland hills. they want to see in property owners have cleared dead and overgrown brush and vegetation away from the hes and other buildings. it is recommended to clear 30' of defensible space around your home. violators can face fines starting at $303 for dangerous conditions.
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the family of a missing man said his body has been found. >> keith green disappeared three weeks ago. the next day, a hike are found his cell phone at golden gate park. family and friends posted last night that the body has been fund. theyryed no other details. >> democrats in vallejo are ready to feel the burn. senator bernie sanders hold as rally at 7:30 p.m. up to 18,000 are expected. officials washing there will be not be enough parking. he will hold a rally at santa clara county fairgrounds in san jose. he campaigns in los angeles yesterday. he is focusing attention on california. we have the primary in three weeks. >> hillary clinton claimed a narrow victory in the kentucky bring hear last night edging out bernie sanders by less than half a percent now that 100%
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precincts reporting winning 29 degrees to more than bernie sanders. in oregon, sander when getting 53% and clinton received 45% but she still get as large share of the delegates. on the republican national convention -- on the republican side, donald trump won easy. >> and zuckerberg will meet with glen beck and a senior advisor to donald trump, and hopes the claims of claims that trending topics are biased against conservative point of view and zuckerberg said the story are determine by the computer. >> commuters will pay higher taxes to sped up their commute. for 30 years and part of the
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money pays to complete the bart extension into downtown san jose and for expanding caltrain service. >> happening today a first of its kind move toward car-free living in san francisco. developers of this massive apartment complex now teaming up with uber to give out $100 a in credit to use uber to all of the residents, to be used for riders and bay area credit and will charge maximum $5 on one way rides in some areas. they are double housing europeans to 6,000, with the move taking cars off the road, but are also, room for more apartments. >> the form court cleared the way for a new san francisco law requiring h warn, on ads for sure drinks. a district court rejected an effort to overturn the
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decide whether to drop a mandate requiring 25% reduction in water use. the state water resources board will vote on whether to allow local water districts to set their own conservation targets. they are expected to make some water saving measures in place to become permanent. that includes hose off sidewalks and drives, washing cars with hots not equipped with shut off nozzle and watering lawns in a manner that causes run off. >> we are looking at san francisco and i took a sample today, a sample of one, but that person said he slept well although the temperatures are warm. 60 at the ferry building to west portal at 53 and 60 in the financial district, belmont, and san leandro, is 62 and milder in santa clara, and pittsburg and
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tracy in the 70s and american canyon is 5 a. petaluma and pacifica at 52. the flags on the ferry not moving, they will still up grandson pollen and u.v. index is high. from mount tamalpais, you can see how clear the air is. as we head and the afternoon hours, look at the temperatures at the coast, in the 60, we are going to have the sea breeze sneak up the peninsula chest, make the right turn at the golden gate bridge and keep the bay in the mid-80s, however, inland, especially east bay not touching you so much with 80s to low 90s. now, all of us will feel the freezes and they will be fast are at 25 miles per hour tomorrow keeping us 60 at the coast and low-to-mid 70s else what and cooler on friday and updated chances for rain on saturday. sue? >> in walnut creek a shot 680 southbound and northbound beyond north main to 24 in the southbound direction. we have road work in the respond valley northbound and southbound
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680 in the lanes until 5:00 this morning. not seeing in slowing through alnut creek. green for the road sensors is good news and everyone is at the limit. we a big-rig blocking three lanes, with the bailey on-ramp to westbound 4 and that has been there for a bit and we will follow that, again, it is not on highway 4 just the on-ramp and that could be blocked -- blocking. >> san jose steps in the battle over laws targeting lgbt with action against controversial moves by two southern states. >> google comes up with unique way to protect pedestrians from the cell
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>> the abc7 news app on go on your schedule. >> two people are in the hospital after they were hit by an s.u.v. the pair were in the crosswalk at lincoln and grand avenue in san rafael and they were hit. officers had part of lincoln avenue closed from 7:00 p.m. until 10:00 p.m. police did not cite the driver. >> fallout from the fire in harlem is a nightmare for the commuters. it stranded thousands of
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passengers. a firefighter suffered a minor injuries. no passengers were hurt. it is not clear what started the fire. service will be limited. commuters are told to brace for long delays. >> the bay area's largest city joined other voices against what many call the unfair treatment of the lgbt community. the san jose city council has a ban on nonessential travel to north carolina and mississippi. here is more. >> i feel like this is something we need to take a stand on a violation civil right. >> at the city council, the saturday majority agreed to ban the workers from traveling to north carolina or mississippi. >> enough corporations and enough governments that chime in, that will move the need expel have them rethink what they are doing. >> local technical giants are weighing in and speaking out. papal, google, and apple executives want the states to
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overturn the lays they call order discriminatory." toward the lgbt community. north carolina required we transgender individuals to use the public restrooms that match their gender at birth. >> it is the principle. it is. we have not had a city council, a san jose city council so supportive of the lgbt community. >> leaders admit that the staffers do not travel much to the two states but it is the message what counts. residents have mixed reaction. >> necessity don't need to be distracted with something that is not the city's responsibility. >> i am glad they took a stand. >> the travel ban takes effect in june. >> the senate has confirmed the first openly gay leader of the military as secretary of the army. president obama nominated him eight months ago but a dispute over detainees at guantanamo bay
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delayed that. he has been the acting undersecretary of army. >> google will have a conference to look into virtual reality and artificial intelligence. the conference taxis place near google headquarters. google has kept many details under wraps. some believe that google will release a virtual reality device to compete against facebook's headset. it could unveil art official intelligence gadget to rival amazon. >> google has a way to protect pedestrians from the self-driving cars: glue. company received a patent for a compound that secures a victim to the hood after a crash. it is kind of like giant fly paper. it is safer for the person to stay on the hood opposeed to being flown into the busy intersection or another vehicle that would be covered by a special material that shatters in a crash and expose the glue.
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>> we could not step talking about this. >> if you walk over to it, it would not be sticky but only if you crash. >> and i am thinking of raccoons and the deers...ought raccoon that you hit. >> in they walk across it they are fine. >> okay. what goes through your minds when you think of, we will talk about sunglasses. you will need them from the glare. first, the wind, nonexistent winds. they will pick up this afternoon. san rafael is at 61 degrees. under clear sky. the sea breeze will start our cooling along the coast in parts of bay this afternoon. a dry cold front reinforcing the cooling tomorrow and friday at pickup making the brings faster. the best chance of showers is saturday and slight chance on friday. you can seat clouds developing along the coast as the sea
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breeze develops by the lunch hour. 60s at coast and 70s around the bay and 80s for most of us inland and down in the south by the 90s are gone and we will hang out from 81 to 84. on the peninsula a lost mid-80's from redwood city south but san mateo north mid-to-upper 70s and along the coast we have mid-to-upper 60s with temperatures falling in the afternoon hours. downtown san francisco is 70 after being 82 yesterday. 79 is warm spot and low-to-mid 80s mostly, 72 at richmond, oakland is 7 a, and 80 in fremont. inland, 85 in san ramon. night hanging on at highway 4 corridor. better sleeping weather with temperature in the low-to-mid 50s. we have rang our forms from "1" light to "3" is veer with shower on saturday and none defer and small hail but less than
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quarter-inch rain. the temperatures on saturday are comest at upper 50 to upper 60s. sue? >> we are waiting for the zip are truck language the golden gate bridge to maneuver the barrier to make four lanes in the southbound direction and two lanes in the northbound direction. it is a beautiful drive. clear morning, up and over the waldo grade to san francisco and i have slow traffic on the peninsula on 280 road work affecting the drive and a big-rig block the on-ramp to westbound 4 at bailey road so you can take willow pass or the railroad avenue on-ramp to get to highway 4 because it is blocked. we still have road work westbound and eastbound the carquinez bridge with slow traffic eastbound. heads up. tim be cleared by 5:00. we will check the mass transit in a few minutes. >> a popular condiment has a newly discovered home benefit. >> if you work overtime but are
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fault paid for i that could change. >> topping america's money, a big shift on interest rates. insiders at the federal reserve say three increases are likely so things like credit card rates will go up. >> concern of the hikes have stocks down around the world. >> ford is bringing back the ranger, car and driver reports a redesigned version of the pickup will return in 2019. it was sold from 1983 until four years ago. the ideas are to compete with mid-sized truck from other car makers. >> taco bell is looking to attract a bigger dinner cloud with wood beams and friendy light fixtures to boost
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like that! this is how i'll do it. sarah: there you go. you're in a group most likely to develop skin cancer, including melanoma. that's why your best shot is to check for a spot. follow through and check your skin. go to to find out how. >> daly city, dublin, los gatos bay. >> you could be one of the more than four million american workers who are eligible for overtime pay. the obama administration will issue new rules to change when workers can earn overtime. many of the existing rules date back 80 years. companies can deny overtime pay to being worries would make $23,000 or more. that will double now to more than $47,000. a year. >> lawmakers want to force employers to give workers fair
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warning of their hours. the reliable scheduling act requires employers to give hourly worker as week advance notice of upcoming work schedule. that bill is designed to help workers in retail and restaurants better listen for child care and attend college or hold a second job. law is a new weapon in the fight against cancer: horseradish which can detox the body. you do not have to take a ton, a teaspoon is enough to get rewards. >> half of all hard attacks happen without the person even knowing it is happening. the results published show that 45% of victims of heart attacks see no symptoms and men likely to experience violent attacks, women are more likely to die from them. >> this is an incredible creation the focus of a new
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exhibit at pier 15 at the exploritorium, wind powered kin otolaryngologic -- kinetic it harnesses the power of the wind to allow them use on the beaches around the world. >> it can work for hours and power by the wind. it has a gadget to walk in an emergency case when the winter storm comes in. all the exhibit is on tour for the first time in north america and on display start on friday until september 5th. >> that is a cool story. >> here is a look at our day game, not so hot but sitting in the sun it will feel remain wary than the low-to-mid 70s from 12:30 to 3:30. and a couple hours later, game two of the finals, 66 at 6:00.
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after the win when you come out 60 at 8:30. across state today, we have changes along the coast. you can see the clouds at 69 this monterey. but still, mid-to-upper 90s through the central valley to palm springs with scattered thunderstorms around yosemite and 80 and sunny in lake tahoe and 70 around los angeles and san diego and afternoon sunshine is 69 and 73. our cooler trend, hitting today and tomorrow is ahead. >> out of central valley ace train one is leaving stockton on time and will roll in to vasco on time. we have no delays with bart. 42 trains are on time this morning. muni is reporting no delays, so great way to get wednesday off to a good start. the early stalled big-rig blocking the on-ramp to westbound 4 now is cleared. you are free to move around the off-ramp with in problems westbound 4.
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we have road work northbound 101 in the eastbound direction to be picked up in the next couple of minutes. >> happening today the national park service is reopening an area of yosemite with the popular route closed in the fall when it starred to snow. there could still be ice out there especially in the morning, with ramp grounds and commercial services along the road will be closed for a bit longer. >> if you move through oakland, officers are looking for drivers and bicycle who break the traffic laws with bicycle fatalities rising across the street with more riding for exercise, commuting and recreation. in oakland there have been 600 injury and fatal collisions involving bicycle over the last three years. >> in sunnyvale it could spell like rotten eggs it is most likely natural gas that pg&e is
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releasing from a pipe near highway 101 and 107. it is just opinions. work me begins at 7:00 p.m. and lasted two hours. peg said the service should not be interrupted. >> car title loans could see a quick way to get cash but a study shows there are a lot of pitfalls. they are similar to payday advances and the borrow you are puts their car up as collateral. the consumer fraud protection bureau found that one in five people who take part of the loans end up losing their vehicle to the bank. four out of five of the loans of renewed on the day they are due and the borrowers are in a cycle of debt. the typical loan is $700 with percentage rate of...300%! >> students in pittsburg elementary school are talking about a kiss, it was not just any kiss. look at this. the principal at the elementary school told students in they raised $3,000 for a program to
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benefit leukemia she would kiss a pig. they did. so she kept her promise yesterday. >> a goes up doesn't always come down the right way. ask the tourist in this hot air balloon. next, their dramatic wine country rescue. >> you could get a say to keep a bay area police force in check with a move to keep a watchful eye on oakland police.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> 5:00 a.m. i am natasha zouves. >> i am regular. it is wednesday may 18. how is the weather and traffic? we start with mike nicco. you will step into the warmest morning this week. it is the clearest. pier 15 is showing the embarcadero ready for game. 50 to 60 at 7:00. headed to noon, 2 at coast. the clouds are developing 86 inland. the say breeze will touch the bay and upper 50s to low 70s by 7:00. sue? >> coming up on


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