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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  May 18, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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over to mike nicco. >> inland we will have the same heat but the rest of us are cooler. a great way to explain it. i will show the you differences. there are clouds developing along the coast and the golden gate bridge but nothing falling from our skies. we will look at what will happen as far as the day planner, what you will see this morning is the warmest morning out there. with temperatures running in the 50s and 60s. as we head through the difficult, the 60s are staying the at coast and we will hit 80s inland, check out the fog rutting across the golden gate bridge, be careful. varying conditions over a small span this morning. sue? >> yes, could be limited visibility in the middle of the golden gate bridge span so heads up. tracy to dublin is moderate at 43 minutes, and under 45 minutes. dublin/pleasanton to mission
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boulevard 680, is 20 minutes and 85 from 101, cupertino is under 20 minutes northbound direction. the drive from hercules to city is moderate and delays behind the metering lights and it picks up in the city. >> we just got new details on the developing news in alameda. the identity of an encinal high school student who died after football practice yesterday. he is 15-year-old polito of oakland and it is not then if he played a role in his death. grief councillors will be there with a report at 6:30. >> tracking developing news in pittsburg. investigators are trying to determine a shoot that left these hurt at a comb on kingsly drive. one was shot by a pittsburg
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police officer and one was seriously hurt. the direct attorney is overseeing the investigation. >> the delegate math is against him but bernie sanders necessities how to draw a crowd this is the first bay area rally for bernie sanders starting in san jose today, where we find matt keller at the santa clara county fair grounds. bernie sanders brings owe the big crowds. that is what they expect here. thousands are expected at fair grounds. the event starts at 1:00 in san jose. then bernie sanders heads to the waterfront park with 18,000 supporters expected. bernie sanders will hit on campaign finance reform, climate change, free college tuition and health care. we spoke with the first reporters and 7 1/2 hours before the event to make sure she gets in. >> he will is the most real
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candidate we have ever had and i feel like he is for the people. her woulds about normal issues that people like me worry about and he is the first candidate i have ever known to be that way. >> the event starts at 1:00 p.m. with doors opening at 10:00 a.m. the vallejo event starts at 7:30, with doors opening up at 4:00 p.m., and it is also first come first serve. get to both elections by car pooling or using public transportation. >> in bernie sanders is hoping to game more momentum after beating hillary clinton in the primary and hillary clinton claim victory in kentucky belast less than half a percent beat him by only 1,900 votes. but hillary clinton has a 300 delegate lady over bernie sanders and is expected to
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clinch the nomination on june 7 in the new jersey primary. on republican side, donald trump won in oregon facing no competition. >> donald trump and fox news megyn kelly have called a truce. for now. donald trump sat down with mechanic meg for the first conversation since the heated exchange at a republican debate in august. megyn kelly asked trump why he aunderstand her on social media. >> bimbo? >> well, there was a re-tweet. does i say that? >> many times. ouch. excuse me. over your life you have been called a lot worse won't you say? >> you kelly responded say it sends the wrong message to other women and young girls. a couple is accused in the shooting death of a 26-year-old rich man manned. the couple were taken into custody in las vegas yesterday after being on the run since april 28.
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police say attkisson was killed in richmond at a gas station on cutting boulevard. attkisson as found lying on the ground suffering from gunshot wounds. >> san francisco police plan to announce a reward for any information in the murder investigation of a mother and the sent for the missing two year old daughter. the body was found buried in a shallow grave covered by a piece of plywood and her daughter is missing. the any my and police unveiled the plywood help sun would recognize the markings on it that could help lead to the person who brought it to the park. >> this is the center of a civil rights lawsuit against san jose police. the lawyer of the pan
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force. he was charged with d.u.i. and resisting officers but charge were later dread. >> a city council commission wanted to have a measure to step a police commission allowing residents to file complains of pass misconduct with the power to discipline or contaminate officers. some do not lick a rigs to do away with arbitration allowing the officers to overturn the discipline. the city council has to act by july to get the measure on the november ballot. there are sicks being collected to get i if the voters in the city council does nature take action. >> warning for city college of san francisco students personal information may have been exposed with social security anybodies for 7,500 students could be compromised after we employees were targeted. the employee responded to a fake e-mail that appeared to be a legitimate request allowing hackers access to their computer. the college learned of the
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program april 15. they will be be overred a year subscription to identity theft service. >> and now the warriors face oz in they lose game two whom teams that trail 2-0 have never gone on to win the final. tip-off is tonight at oracle arena. >> but we are confident. what goes up does not always come down the right way. ask the tourists in the hot hair balloon. >> revealing new interview with celine dion and
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>> we take you to southern california, a picture from our sister station off the coast. that is the shuttle fuel tank. isn't it bigger than you expected? i thought it would not be so large but compared to the tugboat it is enormous. it took 5,000 mile journey from new orleans to make it to california gone through the panama canal. it will be joining the endeavour which is already at the
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california science center which is a huge deal. now, endeavour is going to be put next to the fuel tank and "endeavour" will look like the whole shuttle package. thank you is the last remaining fuel tank for nasa for a space shuttle and it is 153' long which is taller than 15 story building, but smaller than the "endeavour" so they do not have to chop down trees. >> it is cool. >> love to so it in person. and go to disneyland while you are down there. parent company. of abc7. >> 55 in cupertino, los gatos is 71. microclimates are developing in the south bay. 52 in novato, 60 in lafayette. now, beaches, clouds and cooler and if you live there, you like
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it but if you want warm sunshine, it is over. hot inland if you want to take a dip in the boom. temperatures are in the 60s and 70s on thursday and friday and i will show you why. sue? >> 50 bart trains on schedule this morning, with no delays, excellence move and ace train is run nicely with a golden gate bus cancellation, and the next bus is new at 6:44. green is good. over the general area. san jose has traffic moving noisily and one stretch of 101, though, is slow can has been slow since the early accident. we will look at the central valley commute in a few minutes. >> controversy for an actress after instagram post with reference to oakland and everyone is talking about it. >> dramatic rescue in alaska that is caught on camera, a liver risks his own yeah a little further back. there you go.
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>> fremont, palo alto, north bay, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> i am sure you heard about a dozen tourists on the hot air balloon stranded for a wheel. responders jumped into action in napa county. the pilot ran out of fuel. c.h.p. helicopter on a training
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exercise was diverted to the area. the c.h.p. posted this video on youtube the it happened south of buckley station road an area inaccessible by car that is why they were stranded the wind from the north could have been to blame a c.h.p. flight officer would noticed the balloon landing in a tough spot. >> there are ponds all around there, and no road access, no trails, everything is on the island. >> yuks. the 16 passengers and pilot were lifted to safety. the passengers were carried out but they are all fine. >> atlanta man is luck lucky r.b.i. standers and police officer jumped in, just in time to save his life. >> push. push. push. push. push. >> can you see the smoke and the flames rising this is video provided by the mess, the officer tilted the vehicle because the driver's arm was stuck under the vehicle on sunday.
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they rocked it enough to free his arm and the driver escaped. >> a frenzy over a comment made by an actress on instagram. the star posted a red carpet photo from the film festival funny and others are not happy say she is racially insensitive. >> exclusive interview with deborah roberts and celine dion is opening up about final moments with her husband before he died, two days shy of his 74th birthday after a battle with cancer. he was her manager for decades and since since 1994. she let him know that it was okay for him to leave her and their three sons. >> i started it talk to him and i said, you know what i want you to just go in peace.
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i want you to not worry. >> she shares how she used a disney movie to break the news of the death to their sons. the interview is on "good morning america" and on "fight line." aif you see smoke coming from the county park the next few days, do not be alerted, the fire department is connecting a training burn from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. today and tomorrow and the burn is fought only used to republic new recruits for wailed fires but manager envasive plant species. athis are no reports that bernie sanders will be there. >> whoa, too early for puns like that today. >> good weather. maybe he brought the cooling trend. >> speaking of hot weather, the
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lack of snow is meting quickly in lake tahoe. it fills up the reservoirs, no need to worry about wet weather but we are tracking carl the frog crossing the golden gate bridge on the see breeze that is bring disrupt changes to a few of us today and more, tomorrow, and we will track the showers and some thunder on friday and saturday. you can see the develop must the clouds on the coast. the coast is cloudy. and the cooling sea breeze brings 60s to the coast and 70s and 80s to the bay and a few 90's in the east bay neighborhood and 81 is the video in the south pay, we will start at palo alto at 86 and drop to 75. cloud cover is coming back and the 70 downtown is 12 degrees cooler than yesterday. petaluma and san rafael is 79 and 86 are the temperatures in
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the north by. berkeley is 73. orinda and castro valley and fremont are warmer. 80 in the warmest temperatures from 85 at san ramon to antioch at nat. tonight is milder than this morning, low-to-mid 50s and storm-impact scale is "1" light to "5" severe. less than quarter-inch of rain if you are caught. it is not a game changer or a wash out but it will be cooler, 50s and 60. sue? >> good morning, the east shore commute from hercules to san francisco is moderate at 35 minutes a solid stream of cars to the macarthur maze. metering light were turned on at 5 common 31. from the central valley, usually sit slow, and a grind and the eastbound direction the reverse commute is road work. you are slow for the stretch beyond north greenville or north flynn and the speeds pick up
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westbound direction and you are looking at 15 minute drive from tracy up and over into the dublin/pleasanton interchange. reports of an accident on the shoulders, sunol grade south 680 in a few. >> if you look for a better deal on cable tv michael fish any has you
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>> news that lives where you live on your schedule. >> look at this video: keep your eye on the front of the bus on the right. a girl is run --. my gosh. my gosh. whoa. she ran across the street and smacked straight into a cab running to her mom on other side of the street. official say the these-year-old only had minor injuries. she will be okay. >> hard to see that. the cab driver checked on girl and most importantly she is okay >> my gosh. now, askfinney, i'm on a limited income, which carrier would you recommend in i am only look for
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the cable tv option. michael? >> yes, big carriers like at&t and comcast have came only options, prices start around $20-$30 a in. you could consider getting an antenna and pay nothing. channel 7 and other local stations are on air for free. hope this helps. >> glad michael said that, i don't know how many say i can't much you, why have cable. airwaves of beaming to your home. for free. >> in you have a question record it and head to slash >> if you love gaming and roller coaster, a thrill ride based on a video game series opens in santa clara at from america.
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the first visitors were welcomed to the newest ride. it has the largest and highest resolution 3-d scene with visitors say they wear 3-d glasses and the ride prompts your sense of smell. >> i want to go on it. >> love to. >> a san francisco apartment complex willing to give you reduced rent if you give up a habit. facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg comes far toes first with going representative over accusations that facebook is playing favorites in your news feed. >> we have new details of the death of a high school student in alameda how the coup is helping students deal with the tragedy. >> and tracking the sea breeze and fog pushing across the golden gate bridge and you can see what it does to the democrat in san francisco and oakland, 13 and 14 degrees cooler and i will let you know when the relate us cool and the
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. heartbreak in alameda after the sudden death of a football
6:30 am
player. >> facebook is defending allegations they play favorites in the news feed with a meeting between zuckerberg and conservatives. >> bernie sanders in the area. and when he will cigarette all of the supports that could influence the commute. all the camera shows you are in for a cool down starting today. mike? good morning, everyone. big changes. i am tracking them along the cost with live doppler 7 hd. 1,000 foot marine layer is developing and it is a thousand feet deep so it will not make it inland east bay so you will still be in the upper 80's to low 90s and the cost is low 60s. i have the microclimate coming up next. >> that makes for limited visibility across the golden gate bridge so heads up. we have an accident on the sunol grade. the good news, it is out of the lanes on the right hand
6:31 am
shoulder. the slow traffic from dublin/pleasanton is ten minutes to get from dublin through leften to highway 84. we will look at san mateo bridge in a bit. >> developing news, in the east bay, students at alameda high school are mourning the loss of a fellow student would died yesterday during football practice. amy hollyfield is at encinal high school with what she has learned. >> school is about to start and counselors will help the students get through the day. the student was 15-year-old who is from oakland. the principal at encinal high school sent a message to the parents saying a student had died after football practice. she described it as a "medical emergency," and said the staff tried to save him, gave him medical attention and called 9-1-1. they have not said in the hot temperatures played a role in
6:32 am
his death. we expect to learn more today. we are told a spokesman will be here making a statement. i feel sorry for his family and end froms. >> new details to the newsroom of a triple shooting in pittsburg. the police just confirmed that one of their officers was involved. and did shoot someone. that person and two others went to the host after an incident at a home on kingsly drive. it is an officer involved shooting to the district attorney will conduct their own investigation. >> one of the 219 young school girls snatched by boko haram has been found alive. the soldiers found the 19 year old wandering through a forest last night. she was traumaized and pregnant. otherwise, she was fine. she has been reunited with the family. the teen and 275 others were
6:33 am
kidnapped by extremists who stormed the school in 2014 and dozen managed to escape. >> anarch hit ecuador this morning striking at 12:57 nothing out power, sent people run into the streets and the president of ecuador said this are no reports of damage or deaths but it hit near where a 7.8 earthquake hit a month ago. that killed 650 people and left thousands more injured. >> fires say the cooler weather make the job easier. it was quite hot. they were fatigued. there was a house fire where there were two crews, one taking a break while others works the firefighter. >> heavy specific is rising from a wildfire that break out with crews keeping an eye on the fire
6:34 am
overnight, and it burned 169 acres but now is 80% contained burning near the thunder valley casino report destroying several cars and damaged vehicles and equipment at a business. high temperatures and strong winds fan the flames with no word on the spark. >> oakland fires are looking for wildfire hazards in the oakland hills to see in the property owners have cleared the having station away from the homes and buildings. though recommend clearing 30' of defensible space around director house. violators can face fans starting at $300 for dangerous conditions on the property. >> the family of a pice millbrae man said that his body has been found. keith grown disappeared three weeks ago and the next day a hiker found his cell phone at golden gate park. family and friends who is the up the facebook page poped that the body was found. they provided in other details. >> democrats in vallejo are
6:35 am
ready to feel the burn at waterfront park where senator bernie sanders will hold the rally the up to 18,000 people are expected and officials warn this is not enough parking. aand bernie sanders hold a valley in san jose before vallejo, starting at 1:00 p.m. he is focusing a lot of attention on california with our primary three weeks ago. >> now, last night, hillary clinton claim add very narrow victory in kentucky, look at that, edging out bernie sanders by less than half a percent and now all preseens are reporting winning 29 delegates two more than bernie sanders. >> bernie sanders has won in oregon getting 53% of the vest with hillary clinton receiving 45%. on republican side, donald trump won facing no competition. >> facebook c.e.o. zuckerberg
6:36 am
meeting with a dozen conservative media figures to discuss recent debate of possible bias in social media "trending topics," timeline. janet? >> zuckerberg will meet with 15 conservative leaders today at a silicon valley headquarters which is damage control after being accuseed of suppressing right wing stories. facebook denied the allegation. zuckerberg posted that he wants to have a direct conversation on what the contain stands for and how the platform can stay open. glen beck will appear, and he has been vocal, and donald trump advisor barry bennett and fox news' dana perino. >> would you pay for a faster commute? many commuters say they will pay
6:37 am
higher taxes to speed up the journeys. the silicon valley heard group said 69% of likely voters support paying higher sales tax to improve road and transit. our media partner reports half cent sales tax of the last 30 years would complete bart extension interest downtown san jose and, expanding caltrain service. >> a first-of-its-kind move to car free living in san francisco, developers of the we massive apartment complex are teaming up with uber to give out $100 a month credit to residents to use for uber or other bay area transit. uber has agreed to charge a maximum $5 fare on one way shared ride between the apartments and the muni stations and will double the amount of units saying the move to a car-free lifestyle is more environmentally friendly but allows room for more apartments. california water officials will
6:38 am
decide whether to drop a mandate requiring us to drop the use by 25% with a vote on whether to allow local water districts to set their own targets. however, they are expected to make the water saving measures we have to face as permanent including hosing off sidewalks and washing cars that do not have shut off nozzle. >> inland east bay, 55 in san ramon, our warm spot, and look at pittsburg, 69 degrees. running the air conditioning during the overnight hour. mountain view is 62, and san jose 63, and 56 in san francisco, and napa is 55 and walnut creek shows the sunshine already and talk about our air quality high u.v. index and grass pollen is high, again, today. look, drink it in, we probably will not see this tomorrow.
6:39 am
the clouds are coming back and over the golden gate bridge. 60s at the coast, 70s to 80s an the bay and 80s to find inland. the heat is eating but inland east bay. look what happens tomorrow, 15 degrees cooler and cooler on friday and breezy both days with a chance of showers on the weekend forecast. >> heading out from bart, 6:39 we have 52 trains, no delays, all ace trains are on time out of the stockton and caltrain is not reporting problems up and down the peninsula. we have areas of slow traffic, green good, red means very, very slow, and we will look at san jose drive, 101 from highway 85 to 237 it is 30 minutes and we are seeing slow traffic on 87, at 20-minute drive from highway 85 to 101.
6:40 am
we will look at north bay commute and check with the bay bridge in a few minutes. >> two fishermen captured a wild scene off the coast and sharing it with us. the video is showing two orcas attacking a gray whale calf off the coast. the two say it happened in 100' of water and they believe this beached whale may be the one that was attacked that has washed back out to sea. >> if you look for work, join us for a job fair in concord, with a hire event held at clayton road from noon to 4:00 p.m. with employers looking to hire are there along with employment experts with free resume result stations. >> there is a strong message by san jose city leaders against the north carolina transgender law. >> the cot of the morning commute is going up whether you use planes, trains, or
6:41 am
automobile. >> here is "good morning america" at 7:00 and what is coming up. >> the race to the white house with donald trump sit down with we megyn kelly going head to head since the explosive moment at going debate attacking hillary clinton and bill clinton
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♪ ♪ ♪ don't you just love it ♪ ♪
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>> you could be one of more than four million workers eligible forker time. the obama administration will issue new rules when workers can earn overtime the many existing rules date back 80 years. right now companies can deny overtime pay to workers would make more than $23000 a year. that will double to more than $47,000 a area. >> lawmakers want to force employers to give workers fair warning of the hours, with the reliable scheduling act require employers to give hourly workers a week advance notice of the uncoming schedule that will help workers in college and retail, and taking care of children, and holding a second job. >> and there is law that could
6:45 am
forbid doing business in north carolina and mississippi over lgbt laws that are offensive. they voted for the ban yesterday and they want did overturn the raw that requires people to use a restroom that matches their birth gender. >> there is discrimination. we are not stand for it. we will stand with those that are being discriminated against. >> we have fought had a san jose city council that is being so supportive of the lgbt community. >> san jose policy takes effect next month. >> and now, a study shows that using your car title to get a loan comes with pitfalls because it is elaborate. it was found that one in five people who take part of the loans end up losing their car to the banks and four of the five
6:46 am
get renewed on the day they are due so that puts purrers in a cycle debt, the typical loan is $700 and the annual interest is around 300%. now, a lot of us are talking about google with an north bound way to protect the pedestrians from the self-driving cars: glue. they received a patent for come pound that secures a victim to the hood after a crash. it is like giant fly paper anything it is safer to stay on the hood opposed to being catapulted into a busy intersection. >> what do you think of this idea? share your comments on social using # getup. let us know what you think. >> google conference is under underway. will they be talking about sticky glue? you never know. jane king has more from the
6:47 am
nasdaq. >> what a unique solution! creative! >> we are mixed. we started lower across the board but it is clawing our way backs to mixed with the dow down 50 and nasdaq is positive, were by six points. as you mention google has the biggest event of the year with trends of the moment including chat box and reality and artificial intelligence. google could release the latest version of droid and is in mountain view, streamed live on the web site. americans are facing higher costs to get wherever we need to go: lane, air and sea. the cost travel by because, train, subway and ferry rose by% and a year ago the costs were falling at 3% rate so the price
6:48 am
of airline tickets creeping back up. all the united states backlog is so bad that every man and woman and child would need to eat an extra three pounds of cheese to work through it because of the strong dollar and expanded dairy production for the crisis. the dairy farmers are expected to produce record milk which will be sold to cheese makers. all more cheese to go to that wouldn't in napa and sonoma valley. >> a grilled cheese...that surgeons great. >> anything. >> anything at this point. >> we have seen the adorable and cringe worthy videos that parents take, and she explode online that we share. aparents embarrassing kids is nothing new but now social media picks it up a in which with kids pushing for social media boundary for parents asking mom and dad to stop documenting
6:49 am
everything they do. neutral respect is the key here. >> would i want this posted of myself? how would i feel in my parents povertied this about me? >> do not post anything without asking, and, remember, while the foe coe could be hilarious new, the internet never forgets. that is idea kids are on snapchat. because their parents are not. but for sue hall. who is on snap cat. >> because her son is on snapchat. >> exactly. >> what are you going to do for the wedding, all the embarrass things? >> i put this together and it is two different messages one from the golden gate bridge and one from before showing the fog and the breeze blowing in and bringing us dramatic californiaing trend and the
6:50 am
winds are not registering on live doppler hd. they will. this afternoon. here is a closeup look at the fog that is rolling across, we will look for varying visibility at the golden gate bridge and cross wind at 12 miles per hour. cooler at coast and bay and inland is still hot with the only area positive yesterday, breezy and more cooling tomorrow, and friday, and our best chance of showers is saturday after a slight chance on friday. now, the cloud cover is developing along the coast this morning, and by noon, it is pretty much entrenched with 60s, 70s be 80s and 90s for the rest of us. we will start in the south bay and we will make it 781 in milpitas and 83 in san jose. and the peninsula, 80s until san mateo and millbrae back in the 70s, with mid-60s along the coast, and nearly 70 in downtown, and that is being generous, probably more like 68. san rafael is 79 and low-to-mid 80s elsewhere across the north bay and along the east bay more shrine, richmond is 72 and everyone else in the
6:51 am
mid-to-upper 40's and fremont is 80 and inland, temperatures 85 from send to antioch at 92, and poll challenges of thunderstorms with a quarter-inch of rain and small hail, friday, and better chance on saturday with the storm-impact scale. sue? >> i don't, at the richmond san rafael bridge traffic is stacked up to pay cash. in the left hand cash paying lanes otherwise fast track is not really moving that fast here on the right hand lane. you are backed up to the richmond parkway exit headed over to marin county, and it is slow and go, making the turn at the macarthur maze toward the bay bridge with the early accident clears and from the macarthur maze to san francisco, it is 17 minutes and in your travels take you upper part of the east shore freeway from hercules it is 35en 45 minute drive getting to the temperature toll plaza and we
6:52 am
will look at our traffic maps, we are looking good from the central valley through livermore and an early accident southbound in the sunol grade is cleared but you have 30-minute delay from dublin/pleasanton toward 84. new, become with a look at the backup and the temperature toll in a few members. >> happening today, the national park service is reopening yosemite across the sierra which is closed in the fall the parks is wants could be icy patches in the morning. camp ground and commercial services will be closed, a little while longer. >> if you commute through oakland, officers will be in full force looking for drivers and bicyclists would break traffic laws. that is because they say that bicycle fatalities are rising across the state. now more people are using bicycles do get to and from. in oakland alone there have been 600 enjoys and fatal collisions
6:53 am
involving bicycle riders in three years. stay tuned.
6:54 am
>> if you are just join us or out the door, here are seven things you need to know. we have confirmed the identity of the him high school student who decided after football conditioning in alameda yesterday. he is 15-year-old pilito
6:55 am
oakland, and grief counselors or on campus. >> a pittsburg officer shot someone last night at a home. two others were also shot the police officer was not injuried. >> thousands expected to turn out for two rallies of bernie sanders in the bay area, the first at 1:00 p.m. at the county fair grounds in san jose. the second is at 7:30 in vallejo at the waterfront park. >> amazing "endeavour" in southern california, nasa's only remaining fuel tank has arrived. it will make the 12 make trip on city streets to the science center. all the cooling begins with the biggest drop in san francisco from 82 to 68. the warmest temperatures on the peninsula at 84, and east bay 80 and north bay 86 and, still, hot, at 92. >> following your hump day commute i hoped to show you the toll plaza but the sun is
6:56 am
shining. metering lights were on, and there is 17 meant delay to the metering lights better news on the sunol with the accident cleared. >> the warriors look testify an unthe finals in game two against oakland oakland city. the thunder featured in game one but the game is at 6:00. see through 25 minutes.
6:57 am
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good morning, america. nearly a foot of rain drowns the south overnight. multiple rescues as cars are overtaken by water and tornadoes touch down. now warnings more severe weather is on the way for millions. donald trump goes head-to-head with megyn kelly calling a truce on their twitter war. >> bimbo? >> well, that was a retweet. yeah. did i say that? >> many times. >> ooh. okay. excuse me. >> as he launches a new attack on hillary clinton, the democratic front-runner fighting back and trying to stop bernie sanders as he racks up another win overnight. oh. >> a massive blast in new york sparks a travel nightmare. a fireball below the train track, smoke swamps the cars above. thousands of commuters stranded right now. new bombshell revelations


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