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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  May 18, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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. good afternoon. thank you for joining us today. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm dan ashley. >> reporter: i'm larry biel live at oracle arena as we get set for game two between the warriors and thunder, a virtual must-win for golden state. we'll have a live report coming up. we begin with the race for the white house. democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders brought his campaign to california today. >> he progressed supporters at the fairgrounds. he criticized the rich, the media and even his own party leaders. >> when you have billionaires supporting billionaires, that's not democracy. that is oligarchy.
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>> he didn't name opponent hillary clinton in his speech but went after presumptive republican nominee donald trump several times. bernie sanders will have another event in vallejo tonight. a bernie sanders rally is just getting under way in san francisco. >> wayne freedman is live along the embarcadero. >> reporter: good afternoon. we're told it's a bernie sanders rally. we have not yet confirmed it is a bernie sanders rally. take a look, justin herman plaza, a scheduled rally by a group of hotel and restaurant workers who want the right to organize. we are told it but we have not confirmed that bernie sanders is going to show up today. he has about six hours to kill. he's going to show up and march with some of these folks, but we have not gotten a confirmation nor seen any sign of secret service people which would be a precursor of a bernie sanders
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visit. but it's in the air. it's what they're uk talking about. a lot of people are here with year bernie sanders signs. it will add star power to this rally. live in san francisco, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. a hillary and bill clinton will be back in the bay area next week for fund raisers. libby schaaf is defending her city after donald trump dissed oakland in an interview with the "new york times" magazine. trump was asked by the error reporter if he had ever been to iraq. he answered no. then he was asked what is the most dangerous place in the world he's been to. trump replied, there are places in america that are among the most dangerous in the world. you go to places like oakland or ferguson, the crime numbers are worse. seriously. this morning mayor schaaf sent this tweet, let me be clear regarding the "new york times" story, the most dangerous place in america is donald trump's
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mouth. a group of conservative leaders gather at facebook's headquarters to meet with mark zuckerberg. >> it comes after accusations that the. >> david louie is live in menlo park with new information. david? >> reporter: dan and ama, ceo zucker bjerke himself decided to host the meeting at 2:30 this afternoon. on the agenda to listen and to explain to people how facebook chooses stories for its trending section. the participants were told in advance that the meeting was off the report. facebook says it has a policy of neutrality as a platform for people and perspectives from across the political spectrum. but last week the tech site gizmodo reported that a former employee said conservative stories were omitted from the trending list. the outcry prompted mark zuckerberg to invite a number of
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conservatives to explain how it determines what's featured. are the decisions made by humans or an algorithm. washington examiner columnist and abc news contributor is on the invitation list. >> they want to make sure they're on a fair shot. i think the conversation is about what's the role in data versus the role in people curating content and how does human judgment decide. >> reporter: others invited include glenn beck and a representative from the donald trump campaign. political analyst melinda jackson says facebook needs to live up to journalistic standards even on a social media platform. >> facebook i think has tried to maintain a neutral down the middle approach. that's now been called into question. i think this will be a significant turning point perhaps about whether they affirm that neutrality. >> reporter: facebook made travel arrangements and paid expenses for everyone invited
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presumably. facebook kept media off its profrt and did not respond to our questions. david louie, abc 7 news. >> remember you can get election updates by downloading the abc 7 news app and enabling push alerts. now to developing news. the body of keith green who had been missing since april has been found. >> the body was found in sonoma county near geyserville. >> vic lee is live with the new details. >> reporter: ama, we now have some answers, but they raise even more questions. the body of keith green was found in sonoma county, and it was found by sheriff's deputies. but they kept it quiet as they launched a homicide investigation. they've released very few details, but here's sal zune know. >> this case has taken a turn and is being investigated as a homicide. >> reporter: this after keith green's body was found in sonoma
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county. friends and family have been wallpapering millbrae with posters of the missing 27-year-old hoping for leads. he had last been seen april 28th at the millbrae pancake house. green had been staying with family friend angela dunn the last six months. she told abc 7 news he was going to meet an ex-girlfriend to work out a custody problem. >> i gave him a hug and said, be true to yourself and be strong. >> reporter: she reported him missing the day after he vanished. the day after that, his cell phone was found in golden gate park. on may 11th, smoem na county sheriff's deputies found a body in a field off highway 101 near geyserville. >> he was identified through dental records and as far as it being a homicide there was evidence that was located on this person. >> reporter: that's all authorities will say about the investigation. meantime, green's family and friends released a statement on facebook thanking everyone for their immense support, warm thoughts and continued prayers.
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and that they would remember green as a great father, son, brother, and dear friend. investigators say they have no suspects or persons of interest. but adding that they have lots of leads in the murder case. vic lee, abc 7 news. there are new revelations from san francisco police regarding the case of a missing 2-year-old girl. investigators maintain that ar phenomen yawn na fitz is alive and in the area. her mother nicole fitz was found murdered in mcclairen park. at the time of her disappearance, investigators say ariana was being cared for by a couple in oakland. that couple is refusing to talk to police. nicole worked at best buy, the store today offered a $10,000 reward to help find aur yawn na. authorities are working to identify the body of a man found floating in a pond in san jose. a white van was discovered partially submerged about 7:30 after someone flagged down an officer. they reported seeing a van drive
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through a fence. a robber forced his way into a berkeley man's home this morning to use a restroom. happened on 7th street. the robber pointed a gun and took the man's phone and keys and said he needed to use the restroom. joseph skyler was arrested in the victim's vehicle.
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larry biel is live inside oracle
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arena. hi, larry. rnchs how you doing, dan? the warriors you're right absolutely positively need this game after the shocking result the other night when they lost 108-102 to okc. want to set the scene, everybody is out warming up early. we've got draymond green to my left here, harrison barns on the far side of the court. anderson warming up on the right baseline. one of the things that steph kerr has talked about repeatedly this season is the warriors having what he calls appropriate fear of their opponents. i'm not sure the warriors had it against the rockets or blazers and may not have had it after one half against okc as we watch harrison barns go through the two-ball dribble there. in the thunder game on monday they were up by 13 the warriors cruising and then they just crumbled in the second half. absolutely just ran out of gas not so much you but unable to execute in the fourth quarter. i think the warriors learned a
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lesson here. they have to be weary of the thunder. russell westbrook said, we can't relax. happy teams lose. and so the warriors certainly were unhappy with the result the other night. i think we'll see appropriate fear this evening and we'll see who's happy at the end of game two. dan? ama? back to you. >> thank you, larry. >> tip-off is at 6:00 tonight. the series shifts to oak city for games three and four sunday and next tuesday. game five would be back at oracle thursday may 26th. still ahead on abc 7 news at 4, turning the tables on parents. how kids are laying down the social media laws now. new at 4:30, it is gearing up to be a rough summer for krafl everies. there are already long lines at airports all across the country and now it could end up being a record breaking summer for travel. and tens of thousands of salmon are now making a home right here in the bay area. the effort to rebuild the salmon population. let's go outside as the evening commute gets under way. you're looking live at the san
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>> announcer: this is abc 7 news. a black bear will be returned to the wild after roaming a southern california neighborhood today and forcing two schools into lockdown mode. a homeowner spotted the young black bear in the backyard of her rancho cucamonga home this morning. she told authorities she found her dogs fighting with it before it darted off into a wooded area and climbed a tree. fish and wildlife officials
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helped tranquilize and the bear from the naibtd. it ae's >> are you excited it's a boy? >> i'm not. >> reporter: parents embarrassing their kids is certainly nothing new. now there's social media to kick it up a notch. amy smith and her 19-year-old son jake have been navigating the rocky online waters for years. >> it's kind of like we were all at this social media party. >> we crashed the party. >> right. they get older and say, i don't want to be partying with my parents. >> reporter: like most young people, jake says he loves social media. >> i love getting that little notification. i don't want to get on and it's there. >> reporter: it turns out jake and many in his generation do
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have a limit but not for themselves. a new study found that kids are increasingly pushing for social media boundary forz their parents and asking mom and dad to hold off on posting about them. >> they kind of want to figure out who they want to portray themselves as. parents going it for them, it makes it hard for them to cultivate their own i'd 50s. >> reporter: robbie fox is a parenting expert who says mutual respect is the key. >> what would i want this posted about myself? how would i feel if my parents posted this about me however many years ago? >> reporter: her tips, set guidelines on what can be posted. don't post anything without asking. and remember, while that photo of your child may be hilarious to you right now, the internet is forever. amy and her son jake say keeping open lines of communication over the years has made for smooth sailing. karen travers, abc news. things are heating up at oracle arena.
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>> larry biel is live with the latest. >> reporter: want to bring you the story of a behind-the-scenes participant in this series, in fact, he's been here for many years in good times and bad. they call him the warriors hype man. his name is franco finn. he's always bringing 110% whatever happens op s on the co. laura anthony has his story outside oracle arena. hi, laura. >> reporter: that's right, larry. opposing teams know this is the loudest arena in the nba and indeed we talked with the man who helped whip up that hysteria. he told us it hasn't always been an easy job. >> here it is! >> reporter: he's known as hype man. but his name is franco finn. and warriors fans inside oracle arena are well aware of what he brings to every home game. >> fourth quarter or whenever is a hot time-out or when we have
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to get people kind of juiced up during a particular play, that's where the hype man really comes in because you have to get that energy up, players can feel it. >> reporter: as spontaneous as it seems there's a lot of behind-the-scenes planning to what finn does for gaefr im. but the key is to keep it real. >> that's right, dub nation. >> reporter: finn became hype man 13 years ago when there was still a mascot named thunder and a team that didn't always perform on the court. >> it's an easy job now because everyone is going crazy. they love the team. but imagine the years when we weren't playing so well. that's when our experience and the show within the show as we like to call it is when we had to really step up. >> reporter: but this team, this time, is different. at oracle arena, laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> reporter: we've seen franco out here for many, many years. it was a tough job when this team was winning 20 games per season. i got to give a shout-out to his
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partner, the young woman that works next to franco finn, ruby lopez, alongside the last few years. between the two of them, they whip a crowd of 19,000 fans into a frenzy every single night. look for more of that, hopefully it will be a positive vibe tonight as the warriors try to bounce back in game two against ekc. we'll be back a little bit later on. we're going to talk about the blown call at the end of game one. a lot of warriors fans are frustrated by that and an interesting proposal by the warriors team president to try to fix things going forward. for now, live at oracle, larry biel, abc 7 news. >> thank you, larry. let's go back outside and talk about this absolutely gorgeous but pretty warm weather. >> a stunning day. we're cooling down in some spots right now, though. as the weather cools down, we're hoping the warriors will heat up. here is a look at live doppler 7 hd on this mainly sunny and still warm inland day. but there's cooling along the
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coast and around the bay. here is the view at the golden gate bridge. here are our forecast features. it will be breezy and even cooler tomorrow. further cooling will continue into the weekend and there's a chance of showers on saturday. here is a look at our forecast animation starting at 10:00 p.m. we'll see some areas of low clouds that will hang around for a while as we get into the overnight early morning hours. mainly a few areas of spotty drizzle will develop for the morning commute. then we get winds sweeping those clouds away after early morning lows reach into the mid-50s for the most part. it will be a pretty mild overnight period. but check out the wind gusts. this is what will sweep away the clouds and continue the coastal cooling. we'll start the wind gust animation at 5:00 a.m., already having gusts ranging 34 to 44 miles per hour along the coast. throughout the day, much of the day, we'll see a coastal wind gusting 32 to about 43, 44 miles per hour. but notice how much calmer the winds will be inland and around
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the bay, those coastal winds will bring us the continued cooling that we expect right into the weekend. highs tomorrow will range from near 60 at the coast to upper 60s around the bay and upper 70s to low 80s inland. here's our storm impact scale which we've used throughout the winter and now the spring to rank every storm from 1 to 5. the approaching system that will bring us our next rainfall ranks number 1, a storm of light intensity, showers possible on saturday, most areas receiving less than a tenth of an inch of rain and there's a slight chance of thunder. here's the forecast animation for that. starting 5:00 friday morning, we might see some spotty drizzle before the main event arrives on saturday. then overnight friday into saturday we'll see a wider range of areas of showers developing, mainly light showers and they'll be pretty widely scattered early in the day. but they may continue throughout the day and become better organized. a little heavier in some spots. but again, we don't expect this system to produce a lot of rainfall. so by 5:00 saturday afternoon we
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are projecting most locations will receive anywhere from about two or three pattern continues into early next week with not much warming, high temperatures will range only from about 60 at the coast to low and mid-70s inland going into early next week. dan and ama? >> all right, thank you spencer. coming up next, a record-breaking price for a diamond. look at this beauty. how much did this rare blue diamond go for? we'll have the answer. and in honor ofati -- we're celebrating the people who have made a difference where you live. today we remember the hardworking employees of the chine chinese telephone exchange founded in 1901 in san francisco's china town. the operators had to know all the languages and dialects spoken by chinatown r
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east bay job seekers got a chance to talk to potential employers. we were at the center concord for today's hire event. we're glad to be associated with this effort. among the companies looking to hire were sears winsor health care, secure tis and the san jose police democrat. the next job fair is june 22nd in san francisco. bay area residents didn't have to go far to find a good job. a new survey by hiring website glass door ranks san jose as the best city for jobs in the country. san jose ranks number one for hiring opportunities, job satisfaction, and work/life balance. san francisco ranks second, seattle rounds out the top three. if you're already independently wealthy, how about a $31 million diamond? that's what this rare pink diamond went for at auction. the 15.38 carat stone is the
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most expensive fancy vivid pink diamond ever to sell at auction. the name of the buyer hasn't been released. a new record was also set today for the most expensive diamond ever sold. the blue oppenheimer diamond sold for $51 million today in switzerland. >> at those prices, diamonds are not just a girl's best friend. abc 7 news at 4 continues. a nightmare for commuters in new york. the fiery blast that led to long dmrais today. plus, tired of long lines at the airport? it's only going to get worse. the troubling summer forecast. also, the tragic death of a bay area teenager and
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>> announcer: live, this is abc 7 news. taking a look at your headlines now at 4:30, senator bernie sanders is in the bay area right now. a few hours ago he addressed a large crowd in san jose and sky7 hd is live right now over a pro-sanders march. this is by restaurant aund hotel union workers. you can see them walking there after their rally that was at justin herman plaza. they're now marching to 101 california where we believe senator sanders will be waiter to them. this is a live shot. sometimes it goes in and out. our partners at hood line report the democratic presidential hopeful is scheduled to give a speech at 101 california street any minute now.
4:30 pm
we've just learned police are stopping traffic at that location. we are keeping an eye on this. an abc 7 news reporter chris nguyen interviews sanders before his san jose rally. hear what the senator told chris at 5. it's a big day for google. they kicked off a three-day conference this morning. jonathan bloom is there and will have more at 6 on all of the company's exciting announcements. an east bay high school is in mourning this afternoon. 15-year-old giovanni polido passed away yesterday after football conditioning. eric thomas is live outside the high school in alameda with more on the impact this is having there. eric? >> reporter: well, actually, we're outside of christ episcopal church in alameda. at 5:00 there will be a program for young people here. some of those young people will be from the high school, and nobody will be surprised if they want to talk about the sudden and shocking death of that
4:31 pm
15-year-old freshman football player. the football team will have the next few days to concentrate on their fallen teammate and celebrate his life rather than worry about practice. >> practice is canceled for the rest of this week. >> reporter: gio was my friend. i talked to him at school sometimes it's just weird to think he's gone. >> reporter: 15-year-old gee vaughn any collapsed and died yesterday as players were finishing spring conditioning drills. the coroner's office is trying to determine the cause of death. meantime, school officials try to make sure that students and staff were cared for. >> so we immediately called grief counselors and psychologists to come to the site today, early this morning, and they are available to talk to students and to staff who might be having trouble with this. >> reporter: yesterday was warm in alameda with highs in the mid-80s. no one know physician that factored into the death but sports doctors say heat related injuries are common this time of year. >> we see a lot of kids who haven't done a lot of conditioning, going from no
4:32 pm
activity to high intense activity. they may not have the conditioning yet wnchts school officials are launching their own investigation into what happened and will check into whether protocols were followed. meantime, teammates will try to cope. >> i just think that we should all just appreciate what we have and just thank god that we're here and just send our prayers to gio. >> reporter: in alameda, eric thomas, abc 7 news. two powerful earthquakes hit the coast of ecuador today sending residents running out of their homes. the first quake registered as a magnitude 6.7 a second magnitude 6.8. both struck northwest of the capital city quito. these one person was killed and 85 injured. the country was devastated by schaech.8 quake on april 16th, more than 600 died. the nation's second busiest commuter line is back up and
4:33 pm
running. look at that. a massive fire triggered explosions last night inside a garden center beneath the elevated train tracks on the metro north line near the east harlem section. it stopped service in and out of grand central station leaving thousands stranded. fire crews were very concerned about the flammable materials inside. >> it there was propane in there, also some of the bolts popped out of the steel that gave the impression of explosions. >> this is an example of a bolt that popped. it's obvious that there was a certain amount of shifting in the steel. >> the blaze was so intense it bent steel and damaged the steel support beams requiring engineers and inspectors to work through the night. the tsa is now adding extra screeners to try to alleviate that massive airport security line people are experiencing all over the country. but it was another day of long lines at chicago's o'hare airport, this comes on the same day a summer air travel forecast
4:34 pm
report expects a record setting number of passengers. here's abc news reporter elizabeth hur. >> reporter: if you thought the lines at airports were unbearable now -- >> it's ridiculous. they need more. >> reporter: -- brace yourself for the situation to get even uglier. >> definitely frustrating. you know, it takes a while to travel anyway. >> reporter: according to travel experts, passengers this summer will be one for the record books with 231 million expected to fly, surpassing the record set last year with 222 million. that's 95,000 more passengers every day. >> it's all the news about people sleeping in cots. >> reporter: that was at chicago's o'hare where thousands of travelers had to come up with plan b after missing their flights. >> you know if i did my job this bad, i wouldn't have to resign. they'd resign me. >> i do apologize to the people who found themselves stranded in chicago. i don't know what the cause of that was. >> reporter: part of the
4:35 pm
problem? less screeners and more passengers. since 2013, the tsa lost 5,000 agents but passenger volume is up more than 8%. and while the tsa promises to fix the problem, chicago is getting some immediate help, including 100 part-time screeners rushed to full-time by this weekend and 250 more agents added by august. and there are some steps you can take to try to get around these long lines. one option is downloading the tsa app on your phone and checking on those wait times before leaving for the airport. another is signing up for the tsa precheck program. but remember, that will cost you $85. elizabeth hur, abc news new york. nasa's last remaining external fuel tank has arrived in southern california awaiting a move into its permanent home. this 66,000 pound external fuel tank arrived in marine area del rey on a barge this morning from new orleans the 15-story tank was never used on a space mission. it will be permanently displayed at the california science center
4:36 pm
in los angeles next to the space shuttle endeavor. still to come here on abc 7 news at 4, the fall isn't keeping this woman down. the record this 100-year-old runner has set. i'm michael finney. "ask finney" is just ahead. i'm still taking questions on twitter and facebook. just post them with the hash tag ask finney. i'll answer your questions here live a little later. >> reporter: i'm larry biel live at oracle arena. we continue to count down to game two between the warriors and thunder. steph curry will be out in a few minutes to do his warm-up. i'm spencer christian. we see haziness over the bay, but it's mainly suchy. a cooldown is on the way. i'll have the accuweather forecast coming up in just a
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hi. is the internet still out? yes! i have nothing. come on! work together. work together. work together. do you got anything? i don't have anything. no i don't have anything. please come back internet.
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i love you. i love you so much. just come back. please. please. he's streaming a cat video. (family laughs) and the whole party is looking... can i take a look? mitch come on! get high speed internet from at&t with 99.9% reliability for just $30 a month. keep calm, your internet's on. washington, d.c., is the fittest city in the united states for a third straight year. d.c.'s low smoking rate pushed its ranking to the top once again in the report conducted. the report is based on several health behaviors and environmental factors in a city it is followed closely by the minneapolis-st. paul area and denver. san francisco finished fifth, san jose 11th, indianapolis came in dead last. a retired teacher returned to her old school in south carolina to teach the students there and others an important life lesson.
4:40 pm
they're cheering her on. family friends and students chanted 100-year-old ella may colbert's name as she walked onto the track at chesney middle school. check that out. she came to break the world record for the fastest 100 meter dash for anyone over 100, but you saw there her first attempt didn't go so well. she tripped and fell. >> i think i started off too fast. maybe i should have jumped up and down or something before i got started. >> that could happen to anyone, though. as she's done her whole life, elma may got back up and tried again and mailed it. she covered 100 meters in 46.8 seconds shattering the current record of 1 minute 16 seconds. she's waiting for the guinness world of records to confirm the record. >> that was heart to watch, she hit hard. let ace talk about the weekend weather. midweek, i guess.
4:41 pm
>> we're always looking ahead. >> i'm still laughing at i should have jumped up and down before i started. she's awesome. the weather is awesome, too. here's doppler 7 hd, sunny skies across the bay area. cooling has begun, toasty inland, though. tomorrow looking at state wide conditions, highs in the low to mid-80s at chico and san francisco under sunny skies, 90 at fresno. mild down south in l.a., a high of 74, hot in palm springs, a high of 98. here in the bay area, highs tomorrow ranging from about 60 at the coast where it will be breezy tomorrow to upper 60s around the bay, upper 70s to around 80 inland. let's look at our high temperature trend over the next seven days using santa rosa as our indicator for the general pattern we'll see in the bay area. notice highs right around the average level, dropping sharply friday, saturday and sunday but bouncing back up near average monday, tuesday, wednesday. most locations will see that kind of pattern over the next seven days and our rain chances once again using santa rosa as our indicator, zero tomorrow,
4:42 pm
about 10% friday, 30or% chance on saturday when we do expect some showers and the rest of the forecast period near zero chance of rain. >> thank you, spencer. still ahead on abc 7 news at 4, magic mushrooms to the rescue. what researchers say they just might help cure. >> reporter: larry biel live at oracle arena. the man of the hour is warming up right now, steph curry getting set for game two between the war yoorz and okc. we'll talk about what happened at the end of game one, the missed call and a remedy that might fix it going forward. that's coming up. i'm 7 on your side's milk al finney. how old is too old when it comes to a kid's meal? i'll have
4:43 pm
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4:45 pm
of. live over a pro-sanders rally at 101 california in san francisco, man in the blue shirt is mr. sanders. let's listen in. all right, sorry. he is speaking to his supporters. he just got into town and is holding a rally. as you can see, it's pretty well attended as you look from sky7 hd. he's going to be there for a few minutes before moving on.
4:46 pm
he held a fiery rally earlier today. these are live pictures from sky7 hd. bernie sanders speaking to supporters in san francisco. >> he'll be in vallejo later tonight. game two of the western conference finals will get under way in just over an hour. >> abc 7 news sports director larry biel is live at oracle arena where the warriors are getting ready. we need them to pull this off, larry. >> reporter: yeah, they absolutely have to win this game tonight, no question. with so many questions coming in, do the warriors stay with their small ball approach? how do they stop okc? what happened in the second half of game one? how do you prevent that from recurring? but one item of business that we want to clear up from the end of game one was i heard a lot of fans after game one saying, oh, we were robbed. that was a bad call at the end the game. we'll show it to you. clearly it was a bad call. the refs missed it. russell westbrook traveled with 15 seconds left. it should have been warriors ball. they were down three, who know physician they would have gotten a three off or how it would have turned out. the question to steve kerr was,
4:47 pm
did you feel vindicated when the nba admitted the officials blew that call? >> yes! yes. yes, that's awesome. no. i don't like to practice. i appreciate the nba trying to be transparent, but it's unfair to the officials. i feel like it throws them under the bus. they have an impossible job. they really do. >> reporter: i'm not sure i would have been able to laugh at that like steve did, but i'm joined by mike shumann. warriors president rick welts has a proposal to follow what the nfl does and give the coaches one challenge per game. clearly the warriors would have loved to have that. >> reporter: no question. they could have tied the game had they got the call reversed, only down three at that point. you know the warriors can make a three. klay thompson told me, though, two games ago they make bad calls like we make bad shots. you have to understand it, move forward. it won't change. steve kerr just said in his
4:48 pm
press conference, we just have to be better with the basketball in the second half. it will be interesting to see how they come out tonight. >> reporter: they were un-warrior like in the second half. they better be warrior-like in the full 48 minutes tonight. >> reporter: they lead the league in assists. they weren't moving the ball around. they had seven turnovers, steph alone in the second half. i guarantee they'll clean that up for tonight. >> reporter: lots more coming up on abc 7 news at 5 as we preview game two of this series. for mike shumann, larry biel live at oracle arena. dan? ama? >> thanks, shu thanks so much. we want to see your warriors fan photos and your video. when you post them to social media, use the hash tag dubs on 7 and we'll feature them on air and online. it's time now for "ask finney." michael finney is here answering questions. michael, the post office said they delivered a package to my house, but i never got it. there is insurance on, it but they refuse to honor it.
4:49 pm
what can i do? >> oh, brother. i've got to tell you it's not so easy as i didn't get it so pay me for it. you've seen all the video we've shown you where thieves come up to the front door and take the package. so you really have going have to do a little detective work, stay on top of this. what you do is you start by calling customer service at your local post office and say, hey, i never got this, where do we go from here? and so everybody starts backtracking. then if there is a signature, did they get the signature? if you finally do not get any satisfaction, i.e., know what happened to the pack age or get your money or both, contact me and we'll see what we can do. >> can restaurants really enforce an age limit on a kid's meal? >> that's a great question. >> yeah, it is. >> absolutely they can. there's absolutely no regulations around a kid's meal. we had a company one time that was a foreign company that set up a restaurant here, and they had a height limit.
4:50 pm
we told them, you know, here that's really not fair. you can't measure an age by height. so they got rid of it. i know. there was a tall kid that was cut out. you can't do that. so they quit for us, but any other rules they can pretty much do anything. >> i received a $400 gift certificate for a pricey hotel on smoem na. we had a $32 balance left but i told them we wouldn't return and wanted cash. they said no. do i have any recourse? >> nope, not at all. the law is really clear on this. you can't get cash back unless it's under $10. so what you should have done is had a nicer room service meal to get it under $10. under $10 by california law they have to give you cash back. >> really? >> yeah. more than that, they don't have to. as we move on, a controversial way to treat depression. and the most stressful age forparents.
4:51 pm
>> treating depression is a major challenge since among the millions affected worldwide only 1 in 5 tends to respond well to ant depressants. now there's new albeit controversial approach be considered by scientists at the imperial college of london. they report on the encouraging results of a small group of people treated with magic mushrooms. they have a chemical that can cause hallucinations. in their study, they found hope that the mushrooms can treat people who have been previously unable to break the grip of depression, although they stress much more study is needed. new research shows moms may be most stressed when their kids are in middle school. the "wall street journal" says it may be because the turbulence that hits sixth through eighth graders often begins with the onset of puberty bringing physical changes and mood swings. also, many students transfer from close-knit elementary to larger middle school and friends could be separated and classes are often tracked by ability and teach ez are more demanding. all of that contributing to the stress. from the nasdaq, i'm jane king.
4:52 pm
here's to your health. abc 7 news at 4 continues. up next, tens of thousands of baby salmon swimming downstream sort of. the project bringing the young fish to the bay area. and coming up on abc 7 news at 5, just released video of city hall protests. why san francisco police want you to see this. plus, 100 million linkedin users could be at risk the the new concern over an old hack. and a hollywood act
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tonight on abc 7, the middle airs at 8:00 followed by the goldbergs, modern family and blackish. after that comes nashville and that of course is followed by abc 7 news at 11:00. a helping hand for mother nature from lodi to pillar point today some chinook salmon finger links got the ride of a lifetime. >> wayne freedman has that story. >> reporter: call it a modern twist on an ancient passage,
4:56 pm
waiting for the salmon to can come downstream. except at on this day they were stuck in traffic. ta on board the first of some 500,000 fish. >> i'm a fisherman and i want to make sure i've got some fish to fish for out there. >> reporter: oh, they'll get fish all right. but there's more to this than the mere act of putting fingerlings in the water. for a fleet already hit hard this year by the crab season and by the salmon season, this is an act of hope. >> it's a three-year hope. three years from now these fish will be upsized to be caught by us. >> reporter: the thchinook will spend five days in the pen acclimating to the water. then away they go, with luck 4 out of every 100 will return. if that sounds like a low number, consider the context. >> but you have to keep in mind that in 2003 the coleman
4:57 pm
hatchery released 12 million fish. 0.05% of those fish survived to be adults. that shows the hazards of fish coming down the river. >> reporter: hazards these chinook managed to avoid but five days from now and from then on they are on their own. >> what we were wondering about, they go back upstream to spawn. we wonder if they'll come back to look for the hatchery. >> reporter: maybe that's the difference between hitching a ride and hatching one. from pillar point, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. this cat is making a run at going viral. ozzie got lost at o'hare and finally got back to his carrier and his flight. >> oh, watch your step at the end. you know they tell you. >> it's tricky on those escalator pz. we do want to thank you for joining us for abc 7 news at 4. that will do it for this
4:58 pm
edition. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm dan ashley. abc 7 news at 5 begins right now. i think she's still in the bay area and i think she's still alive. >> the search for a missing 2-year-old picks up steam. the new push to find this little girl. also ahead, sex scandal at the oakland police department. there is a new twist tonight. plus -- >> with your support, we're going to take the entire west coast. >> bernie sanders makes his first bay area campaign swing. his surprise visit moments ago. i'm abc 7 news meteorologist sandhya patel. our natural ac has started the cooling process. i'll let you know when it will reach inland areas coming up. >> announcer: live from the kgo-tv broadcast center, this is 7 news. good evening, thank you for joining us. i'm ama daetz in for kristen sze. >> i'm dan ashley. police in san francisco are releasing you new information on the case of a missing 2-year-old whose mother was found dead at a city park the investigators now have identified several persons
4:59 pm
of interest. abc 7 news reporter lianyanne melendez is in the newsroom with the latest on the case. >> dan, the headline this afternoon is that 2-year-old ariana fitz is believed to be alive and possibly still in the bay area. investigators now think the key to solving this mystery may live with a couple in oakland. the child's mother nicole fitz was found murdered april 9th at san francisco's mclaren park. at the time of her disappearance, investigators say ariana was not with her but being cared for by a couple in oakland and by a woman in emeryville. apparently nicole was trying to get her life back together. according to the investigation, the mother had argued with the couple and was struggling to get her child back from them. the couple cooperated with investigators early on but now are refusing to talk to police. >> we then attempted to re-interview those individuals and have them come back in to clarify information and provide
5:00 pm
additional information into the investigation, and since that time they've refused to come back. i think she's still in the bay area, and i think she's still alive. >> police say they were the last to see the mother nicole fitz alive. while police have searched three homes, they haven't found anything that implicates them. the fbi has been brought in to help. now, nicole worked for best buy. the chain store is now offering a $10,000 reward for any information in the case. in the newsroom, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. well, we've learned today two oakland police officers caught up in a sexual misconduct investigation have resigned. they were among four placed on leave. the department wouldn't release the names of the officers, and what it calls an effort not to compromise the ongoing investigation. claims of sexual misconduct involving oakland police surfaced after the suicide of an officer last year. he left a note with officers' names. > p


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