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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  May 19, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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>> announcer: live from the kgo-tv broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. an officer shoots and ki kills a woman in san francisco amid calls for reform in the city's police department. good afternoon, everyone. i'm larry biel. >> i'm ama daetz. the 27-year-old woman was shot in san francisco's bay view district near shafter and el meyer street. it happen as police were investigating a stolen car. vic lee is live with the latest on this developing story. vic? >> reporter: ama, the shooting happened right behind me on that street as you say called elvira. there are still a lot of questions tonight. for one thing, police aren't saying whether the woman had a gun or if she used her car as a weapon to ram officers who were
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chasing her. and we don't know why that officer, the sergeant, fired his weapon. so many, many up answ81 answere questions, but one thing is for sure. this was the last thing police chief greg suhr wanted to hear. >> this is exactly the thing that we're trying with all of our reforms and everything else to avoid. >> reporter: police chief greg suhr speaking to reporters just after the officer-involved shooting. it happened just before 10:00 this morning on elvira and industrial street near the 280 interchange. police were on an operation looking for stolen cars when they found one parked with a 27-year-old woman inside. >> one occupant in the car, a black female. the female did not comply originally with the investigation, drove off. >> reporter: the car crashed into a parked truck. suhr says the vehicle never went beyond 100 feet of where it was
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first parked on elmira street. this as two officers chased the car. >> apparently the vehicle was going from forward to reverse according to the witness at the scene. there was a back and forth with the vehicles, with the officers moving about. at some point in this engagement, one officer, a sergeant, fired one shot striking the suspect. >> reporter: the woman was transported to san francisco general hospital where she later died. suhr says federal agents from the -- were also on the scene. at the request of the mayor, the agency is reviewing the department's use of force, training and practices. this after a series of controversial shootings involve willi ing officers. vic lee, abc 7 news. >> today's shooting has renewed calls for chief greg suhr to resign. coming up on abc 7 news at 5, we'll have reaction and the round-the-clock protest set to begin tonight. searchers have still not found any confirmed debris from
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egyptair flight 804. it crashed into the mediterranean heading from paris to cairo. >> 66 people were on board. here's the latest. >> reporter: technical malfunction or an act of terrorism? >> the ability of having a different action or having a terror attack is higher than the possibility of having a technical problem. >> reporter: 66 souls mostly egyptians, no americans, were on the paris to cairo flight. the airbus was flying at 37,000 feet and a half hour from landing before it vanished from radar. aviation experts say early indications point to a bomb on board. >> if it is a -- in the cargo bay, that's a dirty baggage handler or someone with access. >> reporter: prumt imgop nominee tweeted, looks like yet another terrorist attack. when will we get tough, smart and vigilant? democratic front-runner hillary clinton responded on cnn. >> once again shine a's bright
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light on what we face. >> reporter: the white house says the tsa has been working with foreign airports and has made important security enhapsmentes for u.s.-bound flights. >> flights bound for the united states from charles de gaulle have screening that may not have been applied in this situation. >> reporter: at this point, the whiets house says the u.s. is offering assistance but is not part of the investigation. president obama is also getting updates from his national security team. kenneth moaten, abc news, washington. >> the crash is on the minds of travelers heading to paris today from san francisco international airport. >> it's something you always have to be concerned about, but this is a risk you have to take as a traveler. for that to impede in terms of traveling i think is not a good thing. >> i'm not a nervous traveler. i travel a lot. how do i feel about did? i feel sorry for the people who lost their lives. >> security has not been heightened at sfo since the crash, but in france a special intelligence team will begin
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patrolling the main airport this paris next month. egyptair has had some serious incidents in its 40 years of operation. back in march a -- in october 1999, a flight from l.a.x. crashed off nantucket and 217 people died. investigators say the crash was deliberately caused by one of the crew members. >> stay with abc 7 news for continuing coverage of egyptair flight 804. get updates the moment they happen by downloading our app. developing news out of oklahoma city where a truck tore through a highway overpass. police say the truck driver was hauling some heavy equipment that was just too tall for the bridge. the force of the crash ripped the road on that bridge apart causing it to collapse onto the highway below. the highway is closed as crews clean up a big mess, but thankfully nobody was hurt. turning to our weather, let's take a live look outside
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from our east bay hills outside. looks like cloudy. >> a bit gloomy. windier, glommier. spencer is indoors. >> too cool for me out there. we have gathering clouds around the bay area, strong gusts and it's much cooler than yesterday. here is a look at our current wind gusts, 30 miles per hour at sfo, 31 at half moon bay, throughout the bay area. 24 hour temperature change is significant, dramatic in fact. it is 24 degrees cooler right now in antioch than it was at this hour yesterday, 23 degrees cooler in livermore, 23 in concord and virtually every location in the bay area is significantly cooler than yesterday because of those strong coastal breezes, nost just coastal breezes. they're flow fwloeing across the bay area. 7:00 p.m., we notice an increase in clouds by early tomorrow, possibly drizzle for the early morning commute. most of the precipitation that wrings the bay area tomorrow
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will remain outside the bay area. showers are heading our way, but i'll show you when to expect them in just a few minutes. antioch police are recalling out foul play in the dmsh a canal next to the antioch community park. took police about 45 minutes to recover it because of some rough conditions. investigators say the description of the body matches a missing person report they have on file. b.a.r.t. service in the east bay is back to normal this afternoon after a woman was struck by a train in hayward this morning. this happened just after 10:00 between the hayward and south hayward stations. sky7 hd was overhead. b.a.r.t. service was stopped between the two stations for about 30 minutes. the woman was taken to the hospital. students in two peninsula cities are stunned as they learn that a teacher in south san francisco has been arrested. >> ken control is accused of sexually assaulting a student when he used to teach at a school in millbrae. matt keller has the details.
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>> reporter: had ththis is defi not a normal day. parents and students are processing the news one of the teachers, 58-year-old ken creole, is charged with 14 counts related to the alleged sexual assault in a student in it 2008-2009 in mills high school in millbrae. police arrested him yesterday on west borough's campus. >> i have kids. >> very concerned regardless if he's one of your teachers. i'm concerned about what happened. >> reporter: prosecutors say crow el was the band director at mills high school in 2008 when he started on inappropriate relationship with a 16-year-old student. she went to police last summer, six years after the alleged relationship ended in 2009. >> that's more typical than you might imagine. sometimes people need to become an adult to realize that the conduct really was wrong in a fundamental way. >> reporter: crow el resigned from mills high school in the
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summer of 2008, but the d.a.'s office says the relationship continued through the next year with many of the encounters happening at his home in bur burlinga burlingame. he he was placed on administrative leave from westboro middle school and are cooperating with police. >> one of the benefits of the media learning about this is that it does provide an opportunity for other individuals who might have been victimized to learn of it and come forward. >> reporter: crow el's first court appearance is scheduled june 12121st. police are searching for a man suspected of kidnapping a 15-year-old girl early today. alex quinones is accused of violenting attacking the 15-year-old said to be his girlfriend at his parents' house in stockton. police say the 22-year-old forced her into a car and drove off triggering an amber alert. the car was found in stockton. the 15-year-old was found a short time later at an a.m./ p.m. convenience store. a hazmat scare forced the
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evacuation of a mail room in a kaiser medical ochs in antioch in office. somebody found suspicious white powder in an envelope in the mail room. an onsight test came back negative for anything harmful. and in sports news, the sharks hope to take command in game three tonight in the western conference finals against the st. louis bluz. they held a light workout. game time tonight at 6:00 in the shark tank. the warriors getting a much deserved day off after a convincing victory last night in game two of their western conference final series against the oklahoma city thunder. steph curry was brilliant leading the war yrz to a 118-98 trouncing of the thunder. he has a huge knot on his elbow. that series now heads to oklahoma city for games three and four. game three sunday and them four next tuesday. game five will be back at oracle next thursday may 26th.
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still ahead here on abc 7 news at 4, back to business as usual? there's relief from at least one bay area water district which is getting rid of mandatory restrictions. plus, a white house visit for four bay area scientists. the special honor they received today. and new at 4:30, a runaway win on jeopardy for popular comedian louis c.k. and even a bigger win for a bay area charity. >> it's 4:11. let's check the traffic in the east bay. interstate 680 in walnut creek, northbound is the traffic heading in our direction, heavier than it is normally at this hour. right side southbound moving nicely. back with more on
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long time "60 minutes" correspondent morally safer has died just four days into retyrement. safer had been a veteran reporter with nbc news when he joined 60 minutes two years after it debuted. no word on his cause of death. cbs news says safer's retirement was timed because of his poor health. morley safer was 84. professional golfer phil mickelson has agreed to forfeit nearly $1 million that the securities and exchanged commission said he earned in an illegal insider scheme. mickelson received the information about a company named dean foods from a gam blur named william walters. he received tips from the company's former director. walters and davis were indicted today. turning to california's drought, the state water resources control board lifted mandatory cutbacks leaving it up to water districts.
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>> one district has made changes. wayne freedman joins us live from pleasant hill. wayne? >> reporter: the contra costa county water district made no delay about it at all. last night they lifted restrictions and they lifted surcharges, which will have a direct impact at least we thought in a neighborhood like this. but the results might surprise you. green wood court in pleasant hill a patch work of green lawns, brown lawns, lawns that no longer exist and in raul's yard a lawn in limbo. >> in between, blah. >> reporter: so says the man he cannot remember the last time he watered. >> it looks worst in back actually. >> reporter: now relief from the contra costa county water district which has eliminated mandatory restrictions and returned to an honor system for users save for a few binding rules. >> when you're washing your car outside, you want to make sure you have a shutoff nozzle on the hose. instead of washing down your driveway that you would use a broom instead. >> reporter: talk about changing
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habits. residents in dublin have been ahead of the curve. they conserved so much water their district relaxed most restrictions last march. dublin gives away waste water to residents from this treatment plant it charges $10 a truck load for industrial use they took 8 million gallons today, no stigma. >> well, they see something that they can do their part to help in the drought and they can also keep a few bucks in their wallet. >> reporter: meantime back on greenwood court don't look for the brown lawns to turn green anytime soon the drought it appears has changed us. >> i guess honestly i'd rather save the water there's other uses for it. >> reporter: there's plenty of water now. >> we'll have a drought again very soon, i assume. >> reporter: you've been trained. >> is that a bad thing? >> reporter: in pleasant hill, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. bikes are now coming to the rescue of stranded cars in san francisco. abc 7 news was along the embarcadero as the aaa bikes began patrolling the area.
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the cyclists will help drivers with a flat tire and dead battery or when they lock their keys in their car. aaa says 60% of the service calls along the embasrcadero ar for minor problems that don't require a tow truck. today president obama acknowledged top minds. >> four bay area scientists were among them. kristen sze is here to introduce us to our local winners. >> ama and larry, if you're keeping score, two from stanford and two from uc berkeley. president obama today handed out the national medals of science and national medals of tech and innovation to 17 all stars of the science world. the president says these roll models deserve a white house celebration. >> immersing young people in science, math, engineering, that's what's going to carry the american spirit of innovation through the 21st century and beyo beyond. >> that's dr. paul of uc
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berkeley take being the als ice bucket challenge. his work goes toward a biomedicine that could help cure diseases. dr. hu is a uc berkeley professor who specializes in semiconductor technology. dr. stanley falco of stanford studies how bacteria causes disease and dr. ban dura is famed for his experiment which shows children copying adults' violent behavior. >> exposure to aggressive modeling increased attraction to guns, even though it was never modeled. >> at today's ceremony, president obama also announced a new initiative using the hash tag science rocks. he's seeking kids science advisers. if your child has an idea for the white house, go to our website for a link. >> thank you, kristen. last week it was all about mercury. now mars gets its turn in the spotlight. sunday morning mars earth and the sun will line up perfectly in the sky. this once every two years event is called mars opposition.
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that's because mars and the sun will be on opposite sides of the earth. sky watchers can enjoy a brighter seemingly bigger mars into the month of june. >> wow. incredible. >> yes. also incredible, we have spencer in with us today. >> did spencer write that for you? >> he may have. >> i decided to come in and work with the grown-ups today. i said, no, i like our station better. >> oh! good shot. here is a look at live doppler 7 hd on this glorious day we're having indoors. we have partly cloudy skies it's breezy and cool certainly compared with yesterday. check out the sky over sfo and current temperature readings are 62 in san francisco oakland 65 mountain view 67, 70 in san jose, 57 at half moon bay. this is the view from our abc 7 exploratorium camera at pier 15 looking out over the bay. up north at santa rosa, 77, napa
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75, 72 at novato, 68 at livermore. here's the view from our east bay hills camera looking at variable clouds over the bay and these are our forecast features, drizzle is possible for the morning commute, spotty drizzle, not widespread. there's a chance of showers on saturday. we'll have a cooler pattern right on through the weekend into early next week. winds are disgusty right now and will remain so for a while. here is our wind gust animation starting at 7:00 p.m. at which point we may see 50-mile-per-hour gusts, during the overnight hours it will remain quite gusty but winds will taper off significantly tomorrow by afternoon tomorrow we'll be looking at breezy conditions but not powerful gusts. here's our animation forecast for overnight conditions, increasing clouds, maybe some spotty early morning drizzle which could be be a problem for the early morning commute. and low temperatures overnight will drop into the low 50s for the most part. now let's look ahead to tomorrow's highs, not very high at all of in fact it will be
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breezy near the coast and bay and cooler than today in some locations with highs wrainging from only upper 50s at the coast to mid-60s around the bay and upper 60s inland. here is our storm impact scale with which we rank each storm numerically 1 for light up to 5 which is severe. this system that's bringing us the chance of showers on saturday ranks 1 on the storm impact scale a storm of light intensity. so let's take a look at the animation starting at 5:00 tomorrow morning. we'll see increasing clouds throughout the day, breezy and cool conditions and maybe some spotty drizzle once again. but any significant showers that develop tomorrow will be just on the outskirts of the bay area. but as we get into saturday we'll see a better chance of some scattered showers developing by the early morning hours and perhaps some steadier showers later in the day but tapering off mid-afternoon and we expect rainfall totals to generally be below 0.15 inch. it th is not a big rain event.
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here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. by wednesday or thursday, we'll see high temperatures back into the average range but we're not looking at any significant warm-up. >> thank you so much, spencer. 15 years after the first ever apple store opens a brand-new apple store is opening up at one iconic san francisco location. we will give you a look inside. and here's a look at what's ahead tonight on abc 7. at 8:00 it's the seasonal finally of graz anatomy followed by the catch at 9 and don't miss abc 7 news at 11:00. here's a look at the finale of the catch. >> how about you guys? are you married? >> no. >> you see? why can't we do that, make the commitment to each other without the circus and the politics? >> i know. how long have you been together? >> well, we're -- >> 15 years. >> shut up. >> wow. >> that's amazing. >> let me explain. >> i'm not going to lie.
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it hasn't been easy. >> how do you do did? >> what's your secret? >> commitment. >> open relationship. >> open relationship. why can't straight people have that? >> well, we have hit a bit of a road block. we're trying to write our vows right now and it just feels disingenuous. >> yeah. because you have to promise forever, and i can't promise that. >> i really can't. >> i know. >> you can't promise that, no. what you can promise is that you will grow tired of each other. >> wow. >> you will have enough air with your personal trainer. who knows? we just don't know. >> we don't.
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apple is celebrating the 15th anniversary of its retail stores by showing off one in union square rmt abc news was at the new apple store where the
4:26 pm
tech giant unveiled all the new features. two gigantic sliding glass doors are there that will draw the outside in. the genius bar has been replaced by a genius grove where customers can wait for their support appointments under trees. meanwhile, the ceo of a key supplier for amend's next iphone may have let details about the new device slip in a recent viernt interview. the iphone 7 it says will feature curved glasses on the front and back of the device. analysts say the new iphone could have an edge to edge display and embedded home button. the iphone 7 is expected to be unveiled later this year. uber is fest t testing a self-driving car. uber says it's outfitted a ford fusion hybrid with radar and -- it's testing the car on public streets in pittsburgh, pennsylvania, because it has a wide variety of weather and road types aixt trained driver remains the behind the wheel for
4:27 pm
now. t abc 7 news at 4 continues. a high risk sex offender moves into the neighborhood. >> he's here. it's not a secret. >> coming up the group that opened the home to him and the nervous neighbors. mraus, the race for the white house takes a nastier turn if that's probable. we'll see you what the candidates are saying. vatican takes on business leaders. what the pope says is a sin
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>> announcer: live from the kgo-tv broadcast center, this is ab abc 7 news. here are the headlines at 4:30. authorities are still searching for clues in the crash of an egyptair flight into the mediterranean sea. flight 804 disappeared from radar on its route from paris to cairo last night. crews are still searching for my wreckage of the plane. 66 people were on board. none was an american. no official word yet on what brought that plane down. san francisco police shot and killed a woman they were trying to arrest in the bay view district this morning. abc 7 news reporter vic lee tweeted that the woman was in a stolen car when police shot her. abc 7 news reporter david louie getting a tour of some new affordable hoemts in san jose for people who used to be homeless. coming up at 5, he'll tell us about support for a possible tax that could help pay for more homes like these in the city.
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happening now in fairfield, police are warning parents about a neighbor with a criminal past, high risk sex offender juarez demeet russ just get out of prison. laura anthony is live on north texas street where he moved in not far from families with children. >> reporter: hi, larry. this park is actually about a half mile away from juarez's new home. a high school is even cloers. but it's the people who live just over the back fence who are most concerned. >> yeah, he's here. i mean, it's not a secret. >> reporter: high risk sex offender did demetrius juarez has a new home in fairfield, this time in a residential neighborhood. a christian 12-step program according to this man who told us he accepted juarez when no one else would. >> nobody wants him pretty much. so that's why i took him in. parole officer knows about it. everything is fine. he just wants to do the rest of his time as peaceful as
4:32 pm
possible. you know what i mean? that's why he came to a christian home. >> reporter: the 79-year-old juarez was recently released from state prison in san luis obispo after convictions in 1977 and 1996 for lewd acts with a child. >> that's the house there that's pretty in proximity to where my kids play. >> reporter: brianna sam and her young children live just over the fence from juarez's new home. fairfield police put out a press release but as sam told us, she received no direct notice that juarez would be living so close. >> we like to take walks around here. there's a park. my son's school is within walking distance. it would just be nice to knee maybe he wasn't so close to vicinity of children, families and activities. >> reporter: juarez must wear gps ankle bracelet and free as told us he and others will be monitoring the high risk offender 24/7. in fairfield, laura anthony, abc 7 news. a jury today found a colorado movie theater isn't liable for the 2012 shooting
4:33 pm
that left 12 people dead in aurora. the jury concluded cinemark, the snaigs's third largest movie theater chain, couldn't have prevented james holmes' meticulously planned attack. several survivors and families of the dead had sued saying the theater lacked armed guards. the theater argued guards weren't needed because there wasn't a history of serious violence. france's lawmakers today approved a two-month extension of the state of emergency that was declared after last november's deadly attacks in paris. the measures aimed at covering the european championship soccer tournament as well as the upcoming tour de france. the state of emergency expands police powers to put people under house arrest and allows authorities to forbid people in vehicles at specific times and places. the race for the white house has taken an even nastier turn and a new poll shows how the democratic candidates would stack up against the presumptive gop nominee in november. here's abc news reporter kenneth moaten. >> reporter: presumptive gop nominee in an interview with
4:34 pm
sean hannity on fox news listed the naimz of women who brought allegations against bill clinton. >> in one case it's about exposure and in another case it's about groping and fondling and touching against a woman ales will. >> and rape. >> and rape. >> massive settlements. >> reporter: the clinton campaign responded saying trump attacked because he felt wounded after a week of still refusing to release his taxes and likening oakland and ferguson to the dangers in iraq, of course he wants to change the subject. this week new general election matchup polls have been up and down. in a quinnipiac university poll today both sanders and clinton lead trump by several points. the civil war within the democratic party continues. >> we are in until the last ballot is passed. >> reporter: sanders' angry supporters have some democratic party leaders worrying their summer convention in philadelphia could turn violent. vice president joe biden chimed in wednesday during his trip to
4:35 pm
ohio. >> let bernie run the race. i'm confident that bernie will be supportive if hillary wins. there's no fundmental split or anything in the democratic party. >> reporter: the vice president also weighed in on his potential replacement saying ohio senator sharrod brown would be a great choice. kenneth moaten, abc news, washington. monday is the deadline to register to vote in next month's primary. that's also the deadline to change your party affiliation. you can request a vote by mail ballot through the end of the month. california's primary is june 7th. pope francis says employers who exploit their workers for their own profit are sinning. he calls it modern-day slavery. those who xmroit workers are no different than those who enslaved africans and sold them in the americans. still to come, a dramatic rescue, a whale was tangled up in fishing line but is now safe.
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(inhales cigarette) if you're looking for something fun to do this weekend we have you covered. >> yes. abc 7 news anchor reggie aqui with some ideas for you. >> our friends at hood line are always on the cutting edge of making us fat. i mean, keeping us informed about the latest and greatest in
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san francisco eats. let's start with dessert. until now, the honey cream concept was only in asia. it just opened its first u.s. location here in san francisco. you're looking at honey creme's cotton candy soft serve. did you see that? he poured espresso on top of it. their most popular flavor has a chunk of really honeycomb sitting right on top of the soft serve. what's that like? find out for yourself in the inner sunset on irvinging. if you're looking for culture this weekend, you'll want to head to china town friday night. i know you've been there before. but you've probably not been there for this reason. art. the chinese culture center is holding its second chinatown night out. as you can see, basically a night where you crawl through galleries that you likely never knew existed. that is happening from 4:00 to 7:00. finally, an event that isn't happening yet at a location that i actually can't reveal. intrigued? this is the speak easy. you can see actors who are dressed up in period costume, an immersive theater experience. you the audience walk through a
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prohibition ear area nightclub and dress up in the cocktail attire and watch vignettes unfold throughout you. the location is kept secret until the niest the show. speak easy doesn't show until august. it sold out before so hood line will show you how to buy tickets in advance. go to our website and we'll link you to the info. whatever you do, hope you have fun where you live. how would you like the chance to live in the eiffel tower? the rental company home away is taking over part of the first floor of the landmark next month. it's part of a promotion involving the uefa euro 2016 soccer tournament. winners will be able to invite up to five guests to enter the contest you have to tell home away what you would do fountain eiffel tower apartment was yours for awe night. breaking news right know. a news conference just getting under way at city hall with hey mayor ed lee. he just finished up a meeting
4:41 pm
with chief greg suhr. >> tension between our law enforcement and communities of color have simmered for too many years and that has come into full view. and though the facts are still emerging we know that this morning a young woman of color was killed in an officer-involved shooting in the bay view district. the community is grieving, and i join them in that grief. these officer-involved shootings, justified or not, have forced our city to open its eyes to questions of when and how police use lethal force. for the last many months, every day i've asked myself, is the path to reform best advanced by current department's leadership? and because my goal has been and
4:42 pm
remains that real reform and the restoration of trust has to be our priority, i have previously expressed confidence in chief suhr because i know he agrees with and understands the need for reform. he has demonstrated his commitment to instilling these reforms into the whole department from the command staff to the cadet. but following this morning's officer-involved shooting and my meeting with chief suhr this afternoon, today i have arrived at a different conclusion to the question of how best to move forward. and for me, this has never been about personalities or politics. it's been about performance. because in my three decades of public service i've learned how important it is to measure progress along the way. greg suhr is a dedicated public
4:43 pm
servant who has given more than three decades of his life to the bay view and to this city. the progress that we've made has been meaningful but it hasn't been fast enough, not for me and not for greg. and that's why i have asked chief suhr for his resignation. and in the best interest of the city that he loves so much he tendered his resignation early today despite the political rhetoric of the past few weeks, i have nothing but profund admiration for greg. he's a true public servant and he'll always have respect from me. i've known him for years, and he's a man of great character. he's taken his job seriously. he's loyal. he's smart. and he understands that a police officer is more than a public safety enforcer.
4:44 pm
a police officer is peace of mind and a social worker. greg has been a model san franciscan and a great man. to take greg's place, i'm naming tony chaplain to my left as acting chief of police. tony has served in the police department for 26 years. he has an established record of commitment to the city's diverse communities, having served in mission and tearville stations in the gang task force and running the homicide division. tony has most recently helped establish our new professional standards and principle policing bureau, the arm of the department that focused on accountability and transparency. the men and women of the san francisco police department put themselves in harm's way literally every day. we owe it to them to restore the
4:45 pm
community's trust in their department in their work. and as we embark on a new chapter for the police, we aim to restore this trust. with some of the reforms under way might have clarified today's incident, we need to turn these plans into action. i will hold the acting chief and the department to a high standard of urgency to implement the reforms we've already announced in the past several months. and we will keep pressing forward with new accountability measures and stronger oversight over police use of force. to the citizens of san francisco, we must push forward harder than ever to reform the police department, to restore trust with every community while keeping our city safe.
4:46 pm
and in this solemn moment, we have to, we must put aside politics and begin to heal the city. thank you. [ indiscernible question ] the commission and i will be working together on that. [ indiscernible question ] >> huge news this afternoon here. live on abc 7 news at 4, as you just witnessed, san francisco mayor ed lee calling for and receiving the resignation of police chief greg suhr. this morning's shooting in the bay view of a woman that police were pursuing apparently the final straw. ama, you could see this coming because the pressure has been mounting with every single incident. >> certainly has. the protest, the hunger strike. >> the frisco five. >> now mayor ed lee has named tony chaplain the acting chief after suhr's resignation. he says he has 26 years of experience. going forward, he says they need to make a change. they need to have reforms and
4:47 pm
get the situation moving forward in a more positive light, given the circumstances. >> several times during his news conference the mayor mentioned the words "restore the trust" and clearly for many people in san francisco, the trust has been lost. and this is an issue that we see nationwide, how police use force, when they use it, when communities feel they've overstepped their grounds. and in san francisco we've seen a number of these shootings and apparently enough is enough and the chief is no longer the chief. >> and there was a question about whether this means there will now be a national search for a new chief. and the mayor said he'd be working with the commission as they move forward and try to restore that trust. >> we'll continue following this story. of course always updating it on twitter 24/7 at abc 7
4:48 pm
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if you missed it just a few minutes ago, recapping the breaking news. san francisco police chief greg suhr has just resigned at the request of mayor ed lee. this following yet another officer-involved shooting a fate al shooting that took place this morning in the bay view district. as of this moment, tony chaplain a 26-year veteran of the san
4:51 pm
francisco police force will take over as chief. we'll have reaction and more at 5. we want to get to some consumer news. bad marks on your credit report can ruin chances of getting a loan, even a job. >> now a u.s. lawmaker wants to make it easier to clean up your record. "7 on injure side's "michael finney says this will be good news. >> this huge. it appears that congress is lining up on this one. it is set to make your credit report more consumerer friendly. the bill would reduce the time a negative mark dropping from seven to four years. it would require removal of old debts with 45 days of their discharge and delinquencies caused by predatory lending wouldn't go on your report at all. you may wonder if you're really getting the internet feed you're paying for. now netflix wants to help you find out. the company that relies on you being being able to download movies has a website where you can check the speed for free. it's called
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when you go to the site, it automatically measures inr internet speed on the computer you're using. it tells you how many meg abits are downloading per second. if the speed is slow, netflix has complained to the carrier. tonight at 11, dash cams are a hot accessory for cars. have you ever thought about buying one? this guy did and, well, not that guy. another guy got out of a traffic ticket. that guy there, he kept from being scammed he says because of a dash cam. we'll tell you all about it tonight at 11:00. an amazing report. wait until you see this. >> thank you, michael. abc 7 news at 4 continues. a big night on "jeopardy" for louie c.k. >> oh, boy, it was in the gulf. >> yes. >> well, it started out a little rough, but the comedian came out on top. just ahead, hthis was also a bi win for a bay area charity. here's kristen. larry and ama, of course we'll have more on the breaking
4:53 pm
news, the resignation of san francisco police chief greg suhr in the wake of a fatal police-involved shooting this morning. also, who is the acting new chief? also coming up, the bay area housing crisis. how much would you pay to solve it? plus, the government warning about how your public pool could be a health hazard. and -- ♪ the fun way to make music. find out w
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4:56 pm
last night on jeopardy, a popular comedian helped shine spotlight on a little known women's issue. >> chris nguyen has more on the silicon valley connection. >> let's play jeopardy. >> reporter: if you watched jeopar jeopardy, you saw comedian louie c.k. outsmart the competition winning $50,000 for a charity. >> what was fis? >> all of these people are watching jeopardy that haven't heard of -- i'm here to play for the charity.
4:57 pm
>> reporter: she says the comedian wanted to get involved in an issue where women were under nerserved aixt friend of friend made the connection. >> awareness is the first step. that's what louie helping us with. oftening hearts and minds. our job is to get the wallets open to help more women. >> reporter: fist la is often found in poor countries and africa and asia. the injury renders women incontinent. last year the foundation raised nearly $8 million resulting in 5 million life changing surgeries. eighth grader roland jose has volunteered in the office since he was 10. his mom had a tough time giving birth but was saved by doctors. >> it's really a huge influence on me. that's why i keep on coming back. because i am reminded of what happened and i want to help more and more people. >> reporter: grant says volunteers like jose and c.k. make all the difference. >> in places where you don't have the pen pads, don't have hot running water, change of clothes, that injury can be
4:58 pm
devastating not just physically but emotionally often makes her an outcast. >> reporter: spreading the word to anyone who will listen. in san jose, chris nguyen, abc 7 news. >> thank you for joining us today. >> abc 7 news at 5 begins right now. one officer fired one round. >> and that one bullet killed a woman in san francisco. and now it has cost the job of san francisco's police chief. opening up the nozzle. the new temptation now that the -- is lifting restrictions on water. plus -- >> they just can't earn to afford our rent. >> the bay area's impossible housing market. one county may tax its homeowners to start a building boom. and the word "help" spelled out in duct tape. it may have just saved a life. >> announcer: abc 7 news starts right now with live breaking news. good evening. i'm kristen sze. >> and i'm dan ashley.
4:59 pm
san francisco's embattled police chief is out. we watched the mayor make the announcement live just a few minutes ago. >> the move comes after another fatal police shooting in the bay view district of san francisco. >> melanie woodrow has been following this story all day and is live now at city hall with the very latest on this. melanie? >> reporter: absolutely. well, the mayor has said this was the final shot for him this morning's fatal shooting of another woman in the bay view area. we have some video to show you of that shooting. earlier today, mayor lee told reporters that he holds the chief responsible for everything that officers do, especially when those circumstances involve an officer-involved shooting. he has said he would be asking lots of questions, especially what protocol was in place and whether or not that protocol was followed. however, this afternoon, he asked for chief suhr's resignation and here is what the mayor had to say. >> today i have arrived at a different conclusion to the
5:00 pm
question of how best to move forward. and for me, this has never been about personalities or politics. it's been about performance. because in my three decades of public service, i've learned how important it is to measure progress along the way. greg suhr is a dedicated public servant who's given more than three decades of his life to the bay view and to this city. the progress that we've made has been meaningful, but it hasn't been fast enough, not for me and not for greg. that's why i have ask chief sur for his resignation. >> reporter: four san francisco supervisors had also been calling for chief suhr to resign. we were also expecting to see members of both the frisco five and their supporters here on the steps of city hall this evening. they had planned to hold a


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