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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  May 19, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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we appreciate your time. see you again at 6. >> bye-bye. breaking news tonight. what we have just learned about the crash of flight 804. the passenger plane vanishing from radar. the two signals picked up on radar right before it disappeared. and tonight, inside the investigation. was it terror? brian ross on the reported plots to get bombs onto planes, in laptops, even in a soda can. and this evening, heightened security at american airports. what this means for millions of american travelers. donald trump unloading his most personal attack yet against bill clinton. and tonight, hillary clinton responds, and she says trump is not qualified to be president. the officer charged after a brutal confrontation with a female driver. he said he pulled her over for a missed turn signal. what does the surveillance show? the overpass collapse in a major american city.
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and, we remember a sunday night giant -- morley safer. good evening. we begin tonight with the breaking developments in the mystery of egyptair flight 804. the jet vanishing after taking off from paris. headed for cairo. the main question, was it terror that brought it down? the major clues, 66 passengers and crew onboard, 3 of them children. new images of the intense search for debris coming in. authorities said it made a sharp 90-degree left turn. then spinning 360 degrees to the right. then plunging 37,000 feet into the sea. tonight, families in cairo grieving. david kerley takes us step by step through the final moments of this flight. >> reporter: just in tonight these scenes -- the scouring of the surface of the mediterranean
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sea looking for any sign of the egyptair flight 804. a u.s. military aircraft aiding in the search. and early suggestions that debris was discovered, tonight discounted by greek search crews. this is the jetliner which fell out of the sky with no distress call. the late night flight boarded 56 passengers and 10 crew members, including 3 air marshals, taking off from paris' charles de gaulle airport at 11:09. near the end of the four-hour flight, at 2:30 a.m., the pilots check in with air traffic control. all is fine as the jet enters egyptian airspace at 37,000 feet, cruising altitude. 16 minutes later, the airbus a-320 just drops off radar screens. the greek defense minister says his country's radar shows the plane erratically turning left, then making a full circle to the right, possibly suggesting the jet was falling out of the sky. at 2:50, the last attempt to contact egyptair 804. no response.
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egyptian officials begrudgingly admitting the most likely cause of the crash is terror. >> the possibility of having a different action, of having a terror attack is higher than the possibility of having a technical problem. >> reporter: the jetliner had flown to trouble spots before paris. on tuesday, it was in eritrea and to tunisia yesterday before making the paris to cairo flight. tom haueter is a crash investigator. >> if it turns out this was a bomb, yes, you have to look at the whole security for all the flights. where did the aircraft come from, what kind of bomb was it. >> reporter: hours after the jet disappeared, relatives gathered at airports. learning the grim news that no one survived. amidst the grief, relief for this man who at the last moment changed his flight or he too would have been on flight 804. "i had knots in my stomach and i have had ever since then. i am really lucky." where this jet went down is some
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of the deepest water in the mediterranean. more than 6,000 feet. that means the recovery of wreckage or black boxes will have to be done with remotely controlled vehicles. david? >> david kerley, thanks to you. let's get to retired colonel steve ganyard. always great to have you with us. there were reports the flight hooked to the left 90 degrees, then turned 360 degrees in the other direction. but you're not convinced it was intact at that point. >> we have not seen the greek radar data. we do have the data the airplane itself was transmitting. straight and level one minute and the next, it was gone. >> what do you think the radar was picking up? >> one idea is, the radar was seeing the pieces of the airplane as it hit the water. >> the pieces going in at 360-degree fashion. and how big of a deal is it that there was no distress call?
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>> that suggests something catastrophic happened, and perhaps it was a bomb. >> colonel, thank you. if this was a terror attack, the obvious question is, what brought down the plane? we have learned the u.s. government at this hour is doing an intensive background investigation of the pilots and crew on the plane. we have reported before on the new plots to bring bombs onboard. isis claiming it placed a bomb inside a soda can. a laptop bomb blowing a hole inside a somali flight. brian ross is about to show you the video when two airport workers handed off a laptop bomb in that case. >> reporter: security officials say few airports in the world have better security than charles de gaulle in paris. but tonight, investigators are screening surveillance video there, fearful a massive failure either in screening luggage or screening airport employees may have allowed a bomb to be hidden on the egyptair jet.
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abc's alex marquardt is there. >> reporter: after last year's paris attacks, security was beefed up. and concerns grew over the tens of thousands of workers. more than 70 of the so-called "red badges" that give access to secure areas were revoked or not renewed because of fears of radicalization. >> reporter: al qaeda and isis have a long track record of targeting airplanes and airports, including the russian jet brought down over egypt last year. isis claimed explosives hidden in this soda can were responsible, and officials say it was an airport worker who smuggled it onboard. and now u.s. officials are warning that al qaeda-connected terrorists have come up with a new hard-to-detect bomb hidden in laptop computers. a laptop bomb blew a hole in this jet, killing the suspected terrorist, after takeoff from somalia in february. surveillance video caught the moment when, again, two airport workers handed the laptop bomb
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to the terrorist, just before he boarded the plane. >> if you can mold the explosive so that it just looks like another part of the laptop, it's very difficult for a screener who is only using x-ray to detect that explosive material. >> reporter: and just last weekend, officials in somalia discovered seven more laptops being constructed as bombs, thwarting what they say was a much larger plot. >> and brian, so far, no group has claimed responsibility for this? >> that's right. neither isis nor al qaeda has been shy about claiming responsibility before. we haven't heard from them. the working assumption is that this was likely an act of terror. >> brian, thank you. and all of this comes as we've been reporting in this country on lines three hours long even before this. flights missed, the tsa under fire already. now, comes word of heightened security at american airports. mary bruce on what this could mean for millions. >> reporter: the question
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tonight, is flying about to become even more difficult? >> one on the right, one on the left, please. >> reporter: as millions of americans get set to travel over memorial day weekend. you're here three hours before your flight, just in case? >> yes. >> reporter: the tsa is under fire for those epic lines. waits up to three hours. but tonight, passengers are more forgiving. >> you know you have to wait in line for a while. >> just try not to get frustrated and upset. know people are doing their jobs. >> i'd much rather they are careful and do the necessary checks than something happens. >> reporter: and tonight, some individual airports like los angeles international are stepping up their police presence in response to egyptair. but the tsa says their screening is not changing. they were already operating with tightened security following that embarrassing breakdown last year. when screeners who were tested by undercover agents failed to detect mock explosives, weapons or other banned items 95% of the time. >> mary is with us live from newark airport.
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mary, what should we tell people planning on traveling in the coming weeks? the lines are here to stay? >> reporter: bottom line, the lines aren't going anywhere. the tsa has implemented new screening measures after the failed tests, but they're also dealing with more travelers and fewer agents. one thing you can do, sign up for the precheck, but for now, all you can do is wait. >> mary, thank you. we turn now to major new developments in the race for the white house. hillary clinton and donald trump both reacting to the news of the crash of flight 804. but both had plenty more to say about the race itself. clinton for the first time saying trump is not qualified to be president. clinton responding to trump's harshest personal attack yet on former president bill clinton. donald trump standing by his words. tom llamas on the campaign trail again tonight. >> reporter: tonight, donald trump proving nothing is
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off-limits. dramatically intensifying his attacks on former president bill clinton's history with women. >> i looked at the "new york times." are they going to interview juanita broderick? are they going to interview paula jones? are they going to interview kathleen willey? in one case, it's about exposure. in another case, it's about groping and fondling and touching against a woman's will. >> and rape. >> and rape. >> reporter: the rape accusation is decades-old and discredited. today, hillary clinton asked about trump's personal attacks. >> do you ever feel compelled to defend your honor, the honor of your husband? >> no. >> with statements he's making that go to the core of the relationship? >> no. not at all. i know that that's exactly what he is fishing for and, you know, i'm not going to be responding. >> reporter: clinton now saying plain and clear, trump is not fit for the white house. >> if you go through many of his irresponsible, reckless, dangerous comments, it's not just somebody saying something off the cuff. this is a pattern, a pattern going on now for months.
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he is not qualified to be president of the united states. >> reporter: and in a show of force against senator bernie sanders, who's fighting on against the odds, clinton today declaring that race is over. >> so, you get into the general election. if you're the nominee for your party -- >> i will be the nominee for my party, chris. that's already done, in effect. there's no way i won't be. >> bernie sanders doesn't see it that way. tom, hillary clinton talked today about her own supporters eight years ago, some saying they wouldn't support then-candidate barack obama? >> reporter: there's some concern hbernie sanders supporters wouldn't support hillary clinton in the election. back in 2008, 40% of clinton supporters said they wouldn't vote for obama. and we all know how that ended. >> tom, thank you. we move on to other news, oklahoma, where lawmakers have passed a new bill criminalizing abortion. the legislature approving the measure, making it a felony. anyone found to have performed an abortion could face up to
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three years in prison and lose their license to practice medicine. the governor has not decided if she will sign the bill. and from baltimore tonight, the new development in the freddie gray case. prosecutors saying officer edward nero handcuffed gray, and recklessly put him into the police van with no restraints. gray died after his spine was nearly severed. we do have a passing to note tonight. a journalism legend, morley safer. a story teller, known to millions. his colleagues at "60 minutes" celebrated his career and retirement just this past sunday. >> who are you? >> who are you? >> ben. >> i'm morley. >> morley safer? >> yes, himself. >> reporter: he was a staple of sunday night television in america, for more than four decades on that program.
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even longer on cbs news. he made a name for himself early on. >> they're bringing the wounded man through any minute now. >> reporter: reporting from vietnam in 1965 for cbs. >> we seem to be pinned down by snipers. >> reporter: and for safer, it was all about the words. >> from the dawn of his career to its twilight, morley safer was above all, a writer. a brilliant writer. >> i've led a charmed life, as a reporter, as an individual. a lot of it is blood, sweat, and tears, and a lot of it is pure unadulterated luck. and i've been a very lucky guy. >> reporter: remembering the lighter moments. the muppets. >> can i ask you a question, please? >> yes. >> is your wife here? >> no, she's not. >> great. >> she could be very, very aggressive. >> i thought he was a good interviewer. >> but very sexy at the same time. >> reporter: meryl streep. >> no one has ever asked an actor, you're playing a strong-minded man.
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we assume that men are strong-minded. >> reporter: dolly parton. >> you want me to sing, or just whoop it out for you? >> just whoop it out for me. >> how would you like to be remembered in terms of your work? >> i think a pretty solid body of work that emphasized the words. it's not literature. but it can be very classy journalism. >> morley safer recently revealed, after all of the years, he didn't really like to be on television. our thoughts are with our colleagues at cbs tonight. in the meantime, much more ahead on "world news tonight" this thursday. the highway overpass, crashing down late today. what authorities are saying caused this moment on the roads. and the scuba diver stranded. when he came up, the boat was gone. suddenly, two sharks start to circle him. how this ends. and the brutal confrontation between a police officer and a
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they work fast and don't taste chalky. mmmm. incredible. looks tasty. you don't have heartburn. new alka-seltzer heartburn relief gummies. enjoy the relief. next tonight, a pennsylvania police officer is facing charges after a woman used her phone to capture video of the officer, and a confrontation when it turned violent. the officer said the driver failed to use her turn signal. tonight, the surveillance video, and the argument over what it shows. here's linsey davis. >> reporter: watch as this car uses a turn signal to park. but pennsylvania police officer jesus santiago-dejesus pulls the car over, saying the driver failed to use a turn signal. he then says the woman behind the wheel doesn't have a driver's license. >> you're driving and you don't have a valid driver's license. >> reporter: the woman then tells him she's recording it all on her phone. >> i'm using my phone to record him because this is my proof that i'm right. this is my proof. >> reporter: video shows the
5:48 pm
officer grabs the phone, throw it, then punch the woman. while two officers wrestle her on the cement to handcuff her, she says she hit her head on a pipe and needed staples in her head. she then spent three days in jail, charged with assault and resisting arrest. those charges now dropped. >> this interaction between police and citizen was escalated by the police behavior. >> reporter: today santiago-dejesus turned himself in and faces criminal charges. including oppression and evidence tampering. the officer's attorney says his client was hit first. as for that turn signal, he says just because it was visible from the front doesn't mean the officer saw it from behind. david? >> linsey, thank you. when we come back, your money, the pentagon paying the nfl to celebrate america's troops. should the nfl really charge for that? and tonight, the overpass collapse. and the scuba driver, stranded. the boat gone when he came up. he suddenly found himself surrounded by sharks. how this ends, coming up.
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if you've gone to extremes to escapetry clarispray.ergies. new, from the makers of claritin. with the #1 prescribed ingredient. and nothing is more effective at relieving your sneezing, runny nose and nasal congestion. return to the world with clarispray. to the "index" of other news. and a bridge collapse under investigation in oklahoma city. officials say a tractor-trailer crashed into the base of the bridge, causing part of the overpass to collapse onto the highway below. no injuries were reported. all lanes shut on the highway now. paid patriotism in the nfl, the nfl charged the pentagon and the american taxpayer to celebrate american troops. roger goodell acknowledging teams were paid large promotional fees by the pentagon. more than $700,000 in taxpayer money, for what were billed as purely patriotic displays. the nfl now returning the money. abc news first reported on the
5:53 pm
contracts in november, also in several professional sports leagues as well. a golf star in the deep rough tonight, facing insider trading allegations. the s.e.c. alleging that golfer phil mickelson, nicknamed lefty, made nearly $1 million using inside information about a dairy stock deal. mickelson's attorney saying in a statement the golfer has reached an agreement with the s.e.c. and will now repay the money. and to the close encounter one scuba diver will never forget. nor will we. off the coast of florida, his boat had drifted miles away. he blew a whistle to signal for help. when he went back under, two sharks circling him. clearly not alone. another boat picking him up, and he was later reunited with his family. the smile returning to his face a little sooner than it would for the rest of us. when we come back, "america strong." a little boy that soldiered through one incredible fight. and who showed up at his door.
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for rapid relief of tough pain. look for advil film-coated in the white box! relief doesn't get any faster than this. advil. "america strong" tonight. a 13-year-old that could teach us all a lesson about perseverance and the power of family. we team up with wcvb in boston for one triumphant battle. just look at who showed up at his door. they marched into this boston neighborhood. and up washington street in dorchester. >> that's the way we do it here now. >> reporter: and watching from his porch on lynville terrace, 13-year-old christian lopez. christian fought stage four cancer and won. now in remission.
5:58 pm
>> present arms. >> reporter: the army soldiers saluting christian. and his aunt at the front of the pack. >> we just wanted to thank chris for fighting one of the biggest battles ever in life. >> reporter: his aunt, a retired army master sergeant, overcome. >> chris, i salute you. you're a true, true soldier. >> reporter: that 13-year-old soldier who fought off the cancer, then given his own uniform. >> on behalf of the united states army we present you a pair of acus, which is an army combat uniform. >> reporter: christian was grateful. >> i really appreciate you guys coming out and doing this for me. >> reporter: tonight, his mother sending us this image of a boy smiling after one valiant fight. he had his last scan a few days ago. his mom telling us today, no sign of the cancer. we salute christian. i'm david muir. we'll see you tomorrow. good night. san francisco police chief resigns after another deadly
5:59 pm
ofofficer involved shooting. we have live team coverage on how it happened and the department's new direction. >> the difference this facebook reminder made to voter registrati registration. a new refrigerator did everything but keep food cold. why the consumer was stuck with it anyway. >> we must put aside politics and begin to heal the city. >> the breaking point for san francisco's police chief after officers shot and killed a woman today. good evening, thanks for joining us, i'm ama daetz. >> mayor ed lee asked for greg suhr's resignation, and got it. the interim chief is tony
6:00 pm
chaplain. >> let's begin at san francisco city hall. katie? >> reporter: i was inside when mayor ed lee explained he bhet police chief greg suhr following the fatal shooting of a black woman by a police sergeant. the mayor said he asked the police chief to resign and that is what the police chief did. chief suhr has been with the san francisco police department 33 years, elected in 2011. the mayor said the city has been shaken and divided over tension between law enforcement and communities of color. he says the police department has been moving forward reform in terms of the use of force policy, things are not moving quickly enough and new leadership was needed. the mayor said the chief has been a dedicated public servant. >> despite political rhetoric, i have nothing but pro


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