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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  May 19, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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chaplain. >> let's begin at san francisco city hall. katie? >> reporter: i was inside when mayor ed lee explained he bhet police chief greg suhr following the fatal shooting of a black woman by a police sergeant. the mayor said he asked the police chief to resign and that is what the police chief did. chief suhr has been with the san francisco police department 33 years, elected in 2011. the mayor said the city has been shaken and divided over tension between law enforcement and communities of color. he says the police department has been moving forward reform in terms of the use of force policy, things are not moving quickly enough and new leadership was needed. the mayor said the chief has been a dedicated public servant. >> despite political rhetoric, i have nothing but pro found
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admiration for greg. he's a true public servant and will have respect from me. >> standing next to the mayor, deputy chief tony chaplain, the mayor named him acting chief. chaplain has been with the san francisco police department 26 years, working in homicide, gang task force and helped establish the principles standards policing bureau. he was awarded a, the mayor says he will push the department and new acting chief to implement the reforms that are already in progress. in san francisco, abc7 news. >> katie, thank you. >> the resignation comes out of the shooting today. vic lee is here to tell us what
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happened. >> reporter: the shooting happened over there. there are unanswered questions. did the woman have a gun? was she using a car to ram officers? why did the officer, the sergeant, resort to lethal force? this afternoon, a group showed up to the scene of the shooting declining an interview, but say they're almost certain it was the family member. >> this is what we're trying to do. >> just after the officer involved shooting. police are on an operation, looking for stolen cars. they found one parked with a
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27-year-old woman inside. >> one occupant in the car. a black female. the female did not comply with the investigation and drove off. >> the car crashed into a parked truck. suhr says the vehicle never went 100 feet of where it was first parked. two officers chased the car. >> apparently the vehicle was going from forward to reverse, according to the witness, above the scene. there was a back and forth with the vehicles, with the officers moving about. and at some point in this sergeant fired a shot, striking the suspect. suhr says federal agents were on the scene. at the request of the mayor, the agency is reviewing the department's use of force, training and practices.
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this, after a series of controversial shootings involving officers. vic lee, abc7 news. >> protestors have been calling for the chief to resign for months. ever since san francisco police shot and killed mario woods in december. officers say the 26-year-old lunged at them with a knife. the video raised questions about what happened. the u.s. justice department is reviewing the use of force training and practices. a 24 hour protest calling for suhr to be fired was scheduled to begin this evening. abc7 is live there with what people are saying about the mayor's decision today, melanie? >> reporter: you can see protestors are gathered now just over my shoulder. they have planned to come here as you said, to hold that 24 hour vigil. that 24-hour vigil is in response this morning's fatal shooting.
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they received word of the resignation prior to getting here, and many still gathering here tonight, but celebrating the resignation in the crowd are supporters of the hunger strikers as well as members of the frisco five, the five individuals on that 17 day hunger strike, calling for chief suhr's firing or resignation in retaliation to these officer-involved shootings. also tonight one of the older members of the frisco five, her name is christina. she was referred to as mother during that hunger strike. this is what she had to say in reaction to the resignation just a short time ago. >> it was the power of the people who did it. no supervisors. the power of the people. the love we have for our people. this is our victory. all of us. not just the frisco five. no. everybody. everybody that has been fighting
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for this. we're happy for that. >> four san francisco supervisors were calling for the resignation and tonight are reacting, several of them thanking chief suhr and saying this is the time for the city to come together and begin to heal. live in san francisco, abc7 news. mayor ed lee appointed greg suhr as the department's 42 police chief in 2011 when george gascone became district attorney. suhr is a 33 year veteran of the police force, he graduated from usf. his last year was been rocked with controversies from racial and homophobic text messaging scandal to three fatal police shootings within the past six months. our coverage of the resignation and impact on the city continues throughout the newscast. you can get updates as they happen on your mobile device at
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the abc7 news app. in fremont, police say a man died after he broke into an apartment being fumigatefumigat. the man was on the ground when officers arrived. he was taken to the hospital where he died. a high-risk sex offender moved from a motel into a residential neighborhood in fairfield. some neighbors aren't happy about it. the 79-year-old lives on cement hill road. that is where laura anthony is live for us tonight. laura? >> reporter: the new home is not far from a park where the school behind it. that is not the issue for the families that live virtually yards away. >> he's here. i mean, it's no secret. >> david runs a recovery program in this house and told us the client is a man nobody else would take in.
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high-risk sex offender juarez. >> nobody wants him. that is why i took him in. the parole officer knows about it. everything is fine. he just wants to be doing his time as peaceful as possible. do you know what i mean? that is why he came to a christian home. >> the 79-year-old was released from state prison in san luis obispo after convictions for lewd acts with a child. there is a high school just three tenths of a mile away, but the people just over the back fence are most concerned about their new neighbor. >> that house there is where mike is. >> rihanna and her children live over the back fence from juarez' new home. she says she received no direct notice he'd be living so close. >> we'd like to take walks to the park. and it would just make them know that maybe he wasn't so close in
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the vicinity of children and activities. >> we don't like it. we don't have kids, but i still don't like it. >> juarez's new neighbors know where he is. according to megan's law website, there are 158 registered sex offenders in fairfield. 38 with unknown aaddresses. in fairfield, abc7 news. a hazmat scare led to the e evacuation. a worker found suspicious looking powder and called authorities. kaiser permanente tells abc7 news no patient visits were disrupted in the hospital building. last month, the average single family home sold for $1.3 million in santa clara county. so it makes sense there is effort to build more affordable housing. abc7 news reporter david louie is live in a new complex that could be a model for homeless
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and low income housing. david? >> reporter: often times, affordable housing is created by mixing rate units with market rate apartments. this is all affordable housing with units set aside for the formerly homeless. the apartments have solar hot water and energy efficient appliances. some have high ceilings. but the rent is less than half of a one bedroom apartment in san jose. this is affordable housing built by mid 10 housing. santa clara county is thinking about approving a bond measure to build more complexes like donner lofts. >> this could give us an opportunity to look at low income, very low income populations. people that are the fabric of the community. >> a survey by the silicon valley leadership group says 65%
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would approve such a measure, it could cost $84 a year. the region is more in need of aferdable housing such as veterans, disabled, seniors and low income workers. 20 of the 101 units have been set aside. >> we want them integrated into the community. stabilize their lives and get back in the work force if possible. so we want them to be housed with working households as well. >> reporter: over 1500 applications were requested. the residents who are single have to earn no more than $40,000. county staff is crunching numbers to determine how many might be build from the bond revenue. in san jose, david louie, abc7 news. there is more still to come on abc7 news at 6:00. saving lives and stopping the sex trade. the san francisco training program putting nurses on the
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front lines in the fight against human trafficking. the lasting impact of the california drought. how much water restrictions have changed our habits. but first... >> i was starting to write fistula as a jeopardy. >> drawing attention to a li
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san francisco schools are ready to invest millions in the arts. school district announced the creation of a new arts center and has plans to move to a new location. abc7 news is live where that would be. leanne? >> this came as a surprise to many. some had given up on the idea this would be an art center. that changed and this morning, the announcement of who would lead that endeavor. proponents talked about having an art center. >> i am going to be the man that makes this happen. >> the next stage of the art center development at 1:35. >> 57,000 children are going to be touched.
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>> the plan consists of an art institute. in addition, the high school will move to this location. $300 million will come from three previous bonds. >> part of it is going to be through a capitol campaign. harris once districted the school of the arts before given that name. then, he left to head the oakland school of the arts. now, he returns to san francisco. >> this is fantastic now closer to becoming a reality. in san francisco, abc7 news.
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>> facebook gets credit for a boost in voter registration. monday, a reminder about voting started showing up. the day, nearly 150,000 people registered to vote. it's the second highest total since the state started offering online registration. monday is the deadline to register to vote in the primary. that is also the deadline to change your party affiliation. you can request the night. >> abc7 news reporter tells us more about this silicon valley connection. >> reporter: on one of the most popular game shows, attention was brought to a condition that affects a million people around the world. >> i was starting to write fistula.
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>> he outsmarted the competition, winning $50,000 for the fistula foundation in san jose. >> awareness is the first step. our job is to get wallets open to help more women. >> the ceo says the comedian wanted to get involved in an issue. a friend of a friend made the connection and they've been working to educate others. fisula is a childbirth jury called by prolonged labor, found in poor countrie countries. >> if you won't have multiple changes of clothes it could be devastating and makes her an out cast in her community. >> this 8th grader volunteered in the office since he was 10. his mom was saved by doctors. >> it's really a huge influence on me. that is why i come back. i'm reminded of what happened.
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and want to help people. the organization's website crashed because there was so much traffic. >> people are watching "jeopardy" that never heard of fisula. they're like what is the charity? >> spreading the word to anyone who will listen. abc7 news. >> fantastic. >> funny and very thoughtful and well meaning. >> absolutely. time to change on the weather. breezy out there today. >> spencer is tracking changes. >> some gusty winds and temperatures in the 980s. you can see partly cloudy skies and bright areas out there now. here is the view at the golden gate bridge. it's partly to mostly cloudy.
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55 in half moon bay. and 66 in concord, 61 in livermore, looking out over san francisco and these are the features, drizzle is possible, so there is a slight chance of showers and a cooler pattern throughout the weekend and into next week. we'll start at 7:00, at which point we'll see gusts up to 50 miles per hour. notice it will remain gusty but winds will diminish into daytime hours tomorrow.
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overnight, low temperatures in the low 50s, cooler conditions in the north bay valleys. and perhaps in mountain view, 49 degrees. this is mountain view. breezy conditions near the coast and around the bay. highs from upper 50s at the coast to mid-50s around the bay and upper 60s inland. here is the storm impact scale. to rank storms from one which is a light storm to five, the system approaching us, bringing us showers on saturday see spotty drizzle but most of the day, a chance of showers is very remote. however, overnight into saturday, there is a greater
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chance of showers. they'll be scattered saturday. there will be wet spots tapering off by afternoon and totals be the coolest period will be saturday, highs into the 60s around the bay. and milder by a couple degrees on sunday. and just a gradual increase of temperatures into next week. no sharp increases in temperatures. >> people lined up to preorder the new tesla 3.
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tesla plan to produce cars leads tonight's business watch. the company and it's ceo, elon musk man to fund more production. tesla received 7300 free orders. tesla hopes to deliver the model three next year. >> the state water resources control board listed mandatory
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cut backs. the water district listed restrictions and surcharges last night. that is welcome news for people who live on greenwood court. residents. state the letting districts to decide how much to conserve. >> as you may have heard a plane took off from paris last night and never arrived at it's destination. >> the update, and... >> fighting human trafficking. one patient at a time. the critical role one emergency room hopes to play. >> we continue to track today's breaking news. resignation of the police chief, next, what it means for the chance to rebuild trust i
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you're looking at the new acting chief of the san francisco police department. tony chaplain named just hours after the latest
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officer-involved shooting. >> ask chief suhr for resignation and in the interest of the city that he loved so much, >> we must work harder than ever to restore trust with every community, keeping our city safe. >> the mayor appointed greg suhr as the department's 42 police keef in 2011. when then police chief george gascone became district attorney. in a statement, supervisor said i knew him when i was a child
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and he was he was working the beat. >> acting police chief has been with sfpd for 26 years, working in homicide and gang task force and helped establish professional standards and principled policing bureau. in 2012 he was awarded the medal of valor. and we sent out a breaking news alert. be the first to know by down loading the abc7 news app. >> 66 people in a plane took off from paris last night and disappeared on the way to cairo. possibilities include the worst case scenario. >> right now, you can't rule out terrorism. >> the vice president of egyptair says no debris or
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wreckage has been found. >> the search continues for any sign of the flight that was secured. kristin. >> you know lax is the first airport to step up security in the wake of the disappearance of egypt air. 66 people were on board officials are saying. >> you analyze this situation for a possibility of having. >> schilling's words echoing around as investigators look for answers in the disappearance of the flight that vanished from radar after entering egyptian air space. >> the u.s. military reached out to offer our support. a navy aircraft has joined the search and u.s. intelligence is talking with its french and
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egyptian counter parts. they haven't found any passenger names. the flight left after 11:00 p.m. wednesday, headed for cairo and everything appeared normal until greek officials say they lost contract before the plane appeared to plummet thousands of feet, then disappeared. >> it's too early to say what may have caused this disaster. >> officials say the working theory is an act of terror, officials say the plane passed a sweep before taking off from paris. egypt air maintained it has good security. >> international organization. kristin zee, abc7 news. >> earlier today we spoke with eric swalwell. >> that airliner is very fit to
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spectacularly fall out of the sky would be unusual. and to fall to the ground. our enemies still, their number one target is to bring down an airline. >> the crash is on the minds of travellers heading to paris today from san francisco international airport. >> i don't want to be a deterrent. still one of the most-beautiful countries to go to. i haven't been in over 30 years. it's something i'm looking forward to. >> i feel sorry for the people that lost their lives and their families. >> travellers in france will see special security. right now a fund-raiser is happening to help solve a growing problem and despicable
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crime. talking about human trafficking. one of the leaders in the fight was a victim, and is training others to recognize those who need help. >> i was lured away from home by a man i met at my local shopping mall when i was 14. >> holly gibbs had dreams of being a star. the man promised to take her in hollywood. >> i was forced into prostitution in atlantic city, new jersey. >> it lasted two days before she was arrested and given help. many are not so lucky. >> had they been identified and connected with the right resources and approached in the right way, maybe they won't have been trafficked for 10 years. >> gibs is leading a training victim. the victims often end up in emergency rooms. >> if a person is taking control, not allowing the victim to answer the questions, looking for bruising, maybe afraid to say things.
6:36 pm
>> hospital staff are learning those signs and how to offer help. >> the person need to ask questions on the way to x ray. >> it's one of three parts of the new philanthropy program. they're all serious problems patients may not admit to readily. >> these aren't going to surface. >> student athletes often aren't ready to reveal injuries but there may be nothing like the shame felt by trafficking victims. >> i didn't think i'm a victim of a crime, i thought i'm stupid. i can't believe i fell for this. >> that is why dignity health is raising money. >> help make sure they have access to housing, job training and other, larger needs beyond the walls of the hospital. >> it starts with knowing what to look for. >> if it's one person, we've done a good job.
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a refrigerator has job to do, to keep food cold. next, michael finney got this fridge fixed. >> why a tow truck when a bike will do the job? this is a way to help
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what do you do if your refrigerator doesn't work out of the box? >> a man says he lost count. still, he couldn't get it fixed. >> yikes. yikes. well, most extended warranties will replace a faulty appliance, but only after four repairs for the same problem. this summer says he kept calling but still, couldn't get his new fridge. >> there was one flaw. >> it would never really get cold. >> he says the temperature wouldn't drop below 45 degrees. >> this started happening from the time we got the refrigerator. >> sour cream, cottage cheese.
6:41 pm
meat. would go black. and we'd throw it away. >> he says they found nothing wrong. >> they'd open and look inside, and go "looks okay to me". >> he pointed out readings were near 50 degrees. it was difficult to ignore. larry got tired of waiting for technicians to come out and not fix it. whirl pool came through with a brand new refrigerator. we encourage consumers to contact us directly. >> i'm glad i don't have to call anyone anymore. and the refrigerator works. >> he says it guarantees him a
6:42 pm
new alliance if he needed repairs but in this case, the technicians never made a repair so he couldn't make a claim. to see my reports go to and select 7 on your side. >> new at 6:00 how big the gap is
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. triple a is replacing it's tow trucks with bicycles. these workers will help driver was a flat tire, dead car battery or locked out of cars. >> 60% of the calls in this corridor require only a light service. they don't need to be towed. we get them back on the road.
6:46 pm
>> the bikes will patrol on weekdays covering to south of the ferry building. if it pans out, triple a will roll out similar patrols in other parts of san francisco. >> interesting. >> fed up construction workers and business leaders rallied at the state capitol, demanding the governor and lawmakers fix the state's dilapidated roads. over five years to fix roads, streets, and highways. they say conditions are among the worst in the country and time is overdue for state leaders to act on a long list of deferred maintenance. >> we're not saying we're the smartest people in the room. we're saying come into the room. because right now, both sides are sitting in the corner and the governor is in the middle. no one is doing anything. >> it is unclear if calls will translate into action.
6:47 pm
>> a newly released pew survey finds only 15% of americans have ever used such a service and twice that number have never even heard of the idea. the likely users of on demand are young college graduates with a high income living in an urban area. there is no substantial difference among men versus women. this data is part of the pew research center's first comprehensive study of this on demand economy. >> temperatures cool off. we have another day. >> looking at the view captured in this shot. share your pictures and you can just see them on tv. >> let's go back to spencer christian. >> okay. so skies are getting cloudier. you can see here, we still have bright spots out there. tomorrow, an interesting weather
6:48 pm
picture. across the state there will be snow in the higher elevations over the sierra tomorrow. and a mixture of rain and snow showers. looking for highs into the 70s, here in the bay area, from only upper 50s to mid-60s around the bay and mid and upper inland. and here is the weekend planner. friday, saturday, and sunday, mostly cloudy and dry. here is the accu-weather forecast. we have showers coming our way saturday morning and we don't have large rainfall totals but we'll dry out sunday, next week, temperatures gradually climbing up over to more average levels. >> that is a change. >> it is a change. a nice one. >> thank you. >> larry beil is here new. >> yes.
6:49 pm
all eyes on warriors. >> and sharks as well. >> yes. >> both teams in the western conference finals. warriors back on track so what is he thinking as he
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good evening. the sharks got what they needed in st. louis. and tonight, the series shifting to the tank of the sharks only lost once so far and really cool scene in san jose. look at that. ready for playoff hockey. blues came out aggressive. martin jones was peppered with a bunch of shots. late first period, sharks do, oh, gripping and
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late word that tim lincecum will join the los angeles angels of anaheim tomorrow. this is an inventive-laid yeen deal would be worth up to $4 million. angels don't play this year but around the time timmy could be called up if he pitches well. the shot of the night belonged to andre iguodala. the ball going to get tipped. iguodala flies to the hoop. and he says he didn't see the shot go in. >> i was trying to land.
6:54 pm
so i didn't see the shot. i saw the ball down the net. i didn't know how that went in. you >> during regular season, i went straight through. >> with the series tied at a game apiece, steph curry blew it open with 15 points in two minutes. he's getting wide open looks coming up the screen or fast break. he had time to line it up. there, again, no defender. that is fatal for the thunder. they now have pressure to defend their home court. >> you're going on the road in the playoffs, motto is go win a game. they did that. now, it's up to us. so you know, game three will be important.
6:55 pm
it's not end all, be all. it's a game we want to win. >> we want to go there and try to win them both. it had been fun and we've got to be ready. >> game three is going to be huge. roger federer ending his record of appearing in 65 grand slam tournaments. think about that run. he posted he still is not 100% and had a knee operation this year and dealing with back problems. stage five of the amgen tour going from lodi to south lake tahoe.
6:56 pm
teep trial tomorrow in folsom and santa rosa saturday. it's good to be a leader. abc7 sports brought to you by orchard supply hardware. >> thank you. >> join us tonight at 9:00 details on the resignation of san francisco police chief greg suhr and mofrs are reacting to the sudden change. >> at 11:00 dash cams are hot new accessories for cars. michael finney explains what you need to know. >> here is a look at what is ahead tonight on abc7. at 8:00 it's the season finale of grey's anatomy and abc7 news at 11:00. >> that is going to do it. >> we appreciate your time. we'll see you at 9:00 and 11:00.
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