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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  May 20, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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we had a second fatality. this was a motorcycle or motor scooter in windsor near airport. that has also been cleared. we are looking better. we started off busy. we did have a high wind advisory and a couple of other citizens. this just coming in, northbound 880 near the embarkdero. a busy friday morning. it is not quiet. pike? >> the winds at sfo and half moon bay and oakland at more than 20 miles per hour. the rest of us are in double digits. a breezy morning. sutro tower shows low clouds developing and wake up with clouds at 45 to 52 and through the day planner, cloudy and breezy and not so fast as yesterday but breezy. 56 and 66 at noon and a narrow
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spread at 4:00, 56 to 58, grab a coat if you are heading out. a chance of a scattered showers and better chance next. >> san francisco could launch a sent for a new police department by today. former police chief suhr resigned at the request of mayor lee after a shooting where officers killed a black woman in the bayview district. despite previous fighter for police chief suhr there is too much tax between law enforcement and communities of color. >> police chief suhr is a dead indicated public servant who has given three decades of life to the bayview district and to the city. the progress we have made has been meaningful. it hasn't been fast enough for me or for greg. all the man who was over the mayor's shoulder is deputy chef tony chaplin named acting police chief, a lieutenant with the department for 26 years.
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>> when the resignation was made public a group of people gathered at city hall said he was step down as a result their constant voice of protest. >> it is a victory. small victory. people's voices have been heard and we are hold them accountable. all the core run spirit of the san francisco police department has been smashed by the power of the people. >> the frisco 5 who went on a hunger strike say they have won the battle but the war is not over. they still calling for the resignation of mayor lee. >> the police officers association said his tenure of chief will go down as the most successful. the association stood by him as calls for resignation grew. we will havened coverage of the sure's resignation and the impact on city with update a
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they happen. >> the egypt military found the first debris from egypt justice department 8045 with debris found in the medicine train sea. here is more. >> general egypt and remain add forces confirm personal belongings of passengers have been spotted among the debris of egyptair 804, 180 mile off the alexandria coast. official say 20 minutes of the pilot's last contact with the control tower the plane vanished from radar. the spokesman was emphatic that extremism in france could be to blame. >> the possibility of having a terror take is higher than the possibility of a technical difficulty. >> the terror connection has yet to be officially confirmed, few answers for those glenning the 66 people on board.
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this man changed flight at last minute. >> it was planned to be flying with them but because of a delay of a meeting for me i have survived. thank god. >> before paris the jet laner stopped in two terror hot spots with concern of an need job. >> they are concerned ofville whose have been radicalized joining terrorist organizations and are working in the airport themselves. >> united states intelligence officials are looking into the backgrounds of all those on the flight. >> breaking overnight in the south bay, police and firefighters have rushed to a google campus after a street view car incident. matt is in mountain view with the airlines.
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>> good morning, we are here at the google west campus. not a lot of activity now but last note there was a scene. mountain view police and fire were called. they arrived and set up a crime scene. the google security was already here and the tape was set up around a google maps car and they putting their flab lights on, committing it out, officers were checking the area around the vehicle with no word on what they found. we reached out to it mountain view lived and fire department and have yet to hear back we talked to google security and asked in something took place but they have no comment. >> we still waiting to find out identity of the person hit and killed by an amtrak train in contra costa county after 5:30 last night. the officials call the person a trespasser. there are no injuries reported among the passengers on the rain that were transferred to another
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train. service was restored an hour later. >> parents will have a rally to have legislation that gives them more time with their kids and pays them for it giving three daze of paid time off to attend of veterans they of on ten have to choose between work and their kids' plays or concerts. children with an involved parent did better in school and are better behaved in class starting at 11:30 on highland avenue. >> california's drought persists the a water you are asked to save will depend on where you live. this is as several water agencies say they have plenty of water and many will become away from requiring their customers to reduce their use. the sacramento beltway reports that a wet winter in northern california play add big role in changing water consequence vision -- conservation policy. >> remember yesterday we had gusts on the peninsula with a couple of yellows spiking between 25 and 35 miles per hour with airport weather warning? we do not have that today but
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gust could reach 25 miles per hour through the day. now, 49 in danville, and everyone else is in the low-to-mid fit untillism at 49. 50 right new in shay he and napa and san francisco and santa rosa at 51. hayward is 53. mountain view is 54. look how clean the air is this morning. it will be full of tree, weed, and grass pollen with moderate u.v. index. at the golden gate bridge we have had gusts around 20 miles per hour. down to 16 right new. the three day forecast shows we are looking at a better chance of showers as we head into tomorrow. we will have a light chance across the north bay. a better chance tomorrow. sunday is clearing out. sue? >> we have high wind advisory out there. it is affecting most of our
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braces including the benicia bridge. we have better news, two separate fatal accidents we started off friday morning, clear, out of lanes. i am happy to report that. investigation is with respected up. a lack as mike was saying, look how clear it is, beautiful morning with the sun starting to lighten the sky a little bit and no delays at the toll plaza and no metering lights are on. a couple of problem spots, oakland, northbound 880 before embarcadero you can see the slow traffic building at 10 minutes delay. two lane are blocked with an accident before the embarcardero, and we have an accident on the concord on-ramp to southbound 242 a tow truck is on scene and it is being cleared. we will look at the bay bridge again and the north bay commute in a few minutes. >> creatures to stay away from to avoid salmonella. >> whoopi is going into business in the bay area aiming at women
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vet recommended flea and tick killer.
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>> novato, oakland, sunnyvale, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> and wanting to suppose details of a former congressman's sex life as they try to clear a man for killing a politician's form lovers after vanishing in washington, dc again years ago. former central valley congressman condit had an affair and he was considered a suspect in the federal intern's disappearance, another man was convicted of killing levy and he
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face as new lawyer. won of the ex mistresses could be questioned. >> a sweeping number of gun control measures will strengthen california's already strict gun laws and the minorities will outlaw assault rifles with detachable magazines that hold more than ten rounds. the senate passed a bill requiring background checks for people who boy ammunition. those who buy stolen guns could be charged with a physical any and now moving to the assembly for consideration. >> they could be cute but people are getting sick, turtles, federals say between january of 2015 and april of this year there have been four separate multistate out breaks of salmonella southeasterned with touching turtles smaller than 4 44" with 123 people getting sick it is expected to continue for the next several months because people are unaware of the risk. >> researchers say we can do our part to prevent half of all
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cancer deaths in the united states. a study zeros in on the answer and it has to do with our lifestyle. certains calculated up to 60% of new cancer cases can be prevented by improving your daily habits including four things: no smocking, no drinking or dragging in moderation, keeping healthy exercise, and healthy wheat. >> whoopi is marketing medical marijuana to help women suffering from men industrial discomfort. the products come from a company called whoopi and m it a baseed in san francisco and products include marijuana used bath salts and body ball. -- balm. >> good morning, everyone, we will look at live doppler hd. you can see the clouds are pushing to the south with more developing through the day. one or to could drop showers
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across the north bay. in san jose near the shark tank our highs are cooler again today and breezes are as fast. technology is the best chance and a dry and prettier sunday is on way. today, most of us are in the mid-to-upper 60s but the coast and san francisco upper 60s -- 50s to low 60. tonight, you should see some friend with patchy fog and drizzle. our storm-impact scale shows it will be light, again. less than quarter-inch of rain and slight chance of thunder today and tomorrow. hour by hour at 7:00 in the morning you can see the clearing taking place and as the upper low sinks toward us it is the north bay inland that has the best chance of seeing showers and thunderstorms. in the sierra you run into heavy
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snow. through the late afternoon we will have a chance of scattered showers and thunder and lightning and small hail. the rainfall totals, less than .1". that is what the forecast model is showing. tomorrow is cool of the day, 50s and 60s. 60 at the coast and low 70s for the rest of the us on monday and tuesday. warmer weather on wednesday and thursday. >> we will check the chain controls to see in there are any in effect. >> this is golden gate field shows into san francisco, a nice ride and busy. it is still moving at the limit. no delays into the city and san rafael is from beyond the north gate mall at 22 minutes from novato into san francisco. green is good on the traffic map and i am seeing traffic from the central valley and tracy. hoping for friday "lite" with a
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busy morning, two fails and both clear, now, northbound 880 best embarcardero in oakland. i am looking at a delay with two lanes blocked and pert news in concord at 242 the ranch at 242 from concord avenue is clear. we will be back with the updates >> the search for three prisoners who escaped from alcatraz is unsolved and now a new lead has investigators looking in a different direction. we tracked down an eyewitness who could be key to coating the clues with the report tonight at 11:00. >> a look of a man missing in the sierra for four days. this video is released of michael and his emotional reunion. the 23-year-old and his dog were camping on sunday and he did not return home on monday as landed.
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a helicopter pilot and the crew spotted him in the cherry point area and he flagged them down and they lowered a basket to carry him and the dog." he was grateful. >> i a thankful. they save my life. >> he used duct tape to spell out "help," on a rock above his camp site. he was hungry. he went for the hospital, but neither he or the dog had any serious injury. >> spelling out "help," has worked multiple times for lost people in the past year. >> in the tech bytes google has new ways do keep in touch with friends and family. there is smart rely so you can respond without typing. >> and a video calling out for wi-fi networks to be launched this summer. >> facebook has a new live map
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with access to public streaming video that now is only available for desktop. >> the first self driving car is hitting the roads in pittsburg, gathering mapping data as uber rival has team up with g.m. on their own self driving cars. >> and now they are taking offer -- over the world. >> spacex has launched a spy satellite. it will launch in march from cape canavaral, florida, and it operates the five stat lights, and a spokesman said that spacex could expert additional missions in the future. all of the missions are, of course, "classified." >> palo alto is extending the invitation to make a racket outside of city hall.
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it is peaceful. the exhibit has been installed in the king plaza so you can push the panels and sound the chimes with at work. the creators wanted something that could be pressed on by self people at once and walk away with a smile. >> seven things you need to know including details that surface offer night on the egyptair jet. >>
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this is our promise. farmers of fairlife, we start with delicious, creamy, real milk that's then ultra filtered so fairlife has more protein and and only half the sugar. and never any artificial growth hormones. at fairlife, we believe in better. or if you're young or old.are if you run everyday, no matter who you are a heart attack can happen without warning. if you've had a heart attack, a bayer aspirin regimen can help prevent another one. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. bayer aspirin. >> here's the seven things you need to know before you go. one is dead in a violent collision between a car and a motorcycle on the bay bridge.
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it happened west of treasure island. all lanes were reopened half an hour ago. >> two, we are following friday morning commute with high winds. the golden gate bridge is one of few that is not having a high wind advisory. we have an oakland accident 8980 to be updated in a few. >> searchers is found one body part and luggage from doomed general egypt and it is expected that terrorist may have downed the jet laner in the mediterranean sea. >> i am traffic accidenting a chance of rain. it is light. at only 20% but 60% of us will see rain and showers and thunder we will look at that but stay with us. >> police chief suhr is out and san francisco leaders are calling for are a nationwide search. 26-year veteran chaplin is named
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acting chief. >> gap will close 75 of the old navy and banana republic stores. the "washington post" reports that most of the closures take place overseas including all of the old navy stars in japan. >> an entrepreneur in south africa claims he has created the most popular coffee idea on instagram. a million photos of the # #coffeeinacone. have been posted. >> the golden gate field announced they are donating ease ment of prime waterfront property to the east bay park district to allow easy access to the san francisco bay trail. golden gate field is located on the perioder of berkeley and albany. >> the future is not now it is this second. uber is testing a self driving car outfitting a ford fusion with try car and scanners and testing the car in pittsburg --
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pittsburgh, pennsylvania, because of a wide variety of weather. a trained driver is behind the wheel. for now. it is impressive technology. >> a report could have you think twice of jumping into to pool during the summer vacation. a centers for disease control finds 80% of public pools in 2013 had one health or safety violation. 12% resulted in an immediate closure and 20% of kitty pools were closed, because of inequality safety equipment and improper concentration of disinfectant. >> at the airport when you juggle everything in the security line and all change, it items out it adds up. the t.s.a. said that travelers would use united states airports forgot more than $750,000 in
5:25 am
spare change. that money goes right to the t.s.a. which airports collected the most? l.a.x. is first follow by miami and new york's john f. kennedy and then sfo rate here. traveler left $39,000. >> i thought it would go to charity but... >> a full 90 minutes is ahead including controversy on capitol hill that had lawmakers screaming at each other over some legislation.
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abc7 news begins with breaking news. the breaking news is a major discovery with egyptair 804. the military said they found a body part and items that belong to passengers on the doomed jetliner.
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the armed forces found debris floating from the aircraft in the mediterranean sea. this is 180 miles north of the egyptian coast. now a look at local weather and traffic. we will start with meteorologist mike nicco. >> we will take a look at our cameras gusts up to 50 miles per hour and the clouds are taking over so had could be a slight chance of drizzle this morning. our best chance of showers is over the north bay. and the northwest part of sonoma as the clouds bounce into to higher elevations that could let go of the moisture. we have another chance in the day planner headed from noon to the afternoon hours and that is going to be across the north bay. waking up, up to give degrees cooler this morning and upper 40 to mid-50s and hanging out in the mid-50 at the coast and low-to-mid 50s bay inland. sue? >> we started off busy with a couple of fatal accidents. those are now fortunately
5:29 am
cleared out of the lanes and no delays there. one was on the bay bridge in the eastbound direction and the other in the santa rosa windsor area and both are gone. they had to shut down the freeway northbound 880 before embarcadero with an accident that has been reopened, flee lanes, but, still, 20 minutes of a delay from oakland coliseum to downtown oakland. i promised i would check on the chain requirements are in lake tahoe: there is nothing. we will follow that. it could snow up there. we will look at the mass trend it options in a few. >> the c.h.p. is warning if you take a bridge to work it will be high winds today. we are monitoring airports because sfo has had to divert a number of flights because of conditions. amy hollyfield? >> it is windy. the duty manager said they are monitoring it. last night they diverted 18
5:30 am
flights to oakland or to san jose because of the win. they say they had guff up to 50 miles per hour. hurricane at this picture of the scaffolding that fell in san francisco. the wind is most likely to blame. no ones with hurt. at the airport, at sfo, flights are fine. necessity should know soon from the f.a.a. in they will order change this morning. passengers say they are keeping an eye on it. >> i don't have any problems this morning, i have flown many flights and the wind does not better me but if they cancel or delay my flight i will have a problem. >> this morning, here is a list of bridges with the high wind advisory in place, the pass is on list. keep this in mind heading out this morning to get to work or get the kids off to school: you are dealing with the wind, both
5:31 am
hands on the wheel. small craft advisory is in place for the waters, as well, if you take the for -- ferry, it will be high wind advisory. >> thank you. police chief suhr is out this morning. today will the first day acting chief tony chaplin is in charge of the san francisco police department. there is a public for a nationwide seven for the next chief. tiffany is there with what is next. >> the mayor lee stressed the response of reforming the lived and restoring trust when he tapped tony chaplin as acting chief, a 26-year veteran of the san francisco police department. he is a former lieutenant in homicide. he has expertise in dealing with gangs. he received a silver medal of valor in 2012 and has addressed community-oriented blessing
5:32 am
including accountability. the resume is impressive but the supervisor wants the search for a new chief to extend nationwide >> let the best person come from whether it is the department inside or outside the department, i want a reformer, someone committed to containing the culture of the department, changing the policy on use of force. >> the san francisco lived has looked out their ranks for a new chief in the past most recently in i twine when gascon was recruited. former chief suhr was appointed internally. >> police chief suhr was the 42nd mess chef in 2011 when gas cone became the district attorney. he was born and raised in san francisco and graduated from a local high school and was the
5:33 am
highest paid police chief in the nation making more than $320,000 a year. >> and police are hook for stolen vehicle in the bayview district when they came up on a 27-year-old woman near the interchange at 10:00 a.m. yesterday, she tried to drive away and an officer fired once hitting her. she crashed into the parked truck and died at san francisco general hospital. the woman has not been identified. we will have continuing come of the resignation and the impact on city. you can enable push alert toss have updates as they happen. >> before police chief suhr was asked to redesign mayor lee announced plans to beep up the department ok'g two more police academy classes, expecting to graduate 41 officers. and 1,800 sworn officers are on
5:34 am
street can they want to build the force to 1,970. police released photos of a man wanted for attempted murder in fairfield, seen here. the 38-year-old is acussed of firing several shot at a woman through her front door on may 18. he was expected into jail but he returned the next day and started shooting. a man and woman were arrested in connection to the shooting but they are looking for crump. >> there was a crash involving a stolen car in san francisco. driver ran a red light and hit another car at calgary, the driver in the stolen car died. to others were critically injured and a third took off on movement the driver who was hit suffered a minor head injury. >> hundreds of thousands plan to spoke to san francisco for pride celebration and lawsuit is trying to block some events after a shooting at the plaza in
5:35 am
2013 that erupted during a fight. three people were wounded. two of the victims are suing pride celebration organizers for having inadequate security for the festival. it is important to know the suit does not seek to halt the san francisco's annual pride parade. >> the clash on capitol hill lawmaker repeatedly shouting "shame," after a proposal to protect lgbt workers failed over a spending bill to fund military projects a one sentence proposal was added at last minute to protect lgbt workers from being fired. several republicans suddenly switched their vote and the proposal fail by one vote. democrats accuse house g.o.p. leaders of twisting arrests to change votes. >> in the north bay our coldest temperature resides around our neighbors including petaluma at 46, and calistoga and low 50s in a last other neighbors. that is what we are sighing.
5:36 am
lafayette is 49. newark and redwood city at 52. cupertino and san jose at 54. san jose shows the hourly temperature, remember the average high is 75. we are start off at 8:00 at 57. by noon we are only 62 degrees topping out at 66 at 3:00, and fall back into the 50s by 8:00. we need a coat on both helps. small craft advisory so be careful today. cool all day if you walk the dog and kite surfing in you are advanced you will like the breeze. from the exploritorium we are in the low-to-mid 60s and chance of showers and storms and thunderstorm tomorrow and staying in the 60s with more sunshine from 70s on sunday. now the hour-by-hour forecast next. sue? >> yes, we will look at the windy conditions this morning, and we do have high wind advisory in affect for the bay bridge, altamont pass and the
5:37 am
benicia bridge. grab on extra tightly this morning if you will. the mass transit shows 4 to bart tables on time and ace train one and three on time from stockton. and the commute up and down the peninsula is great. we have an accident in oakland, northbound 880 near the embarcadero and we will update that in the next too minutes. >> if you are newly registered voter you are not alone there are 850,000 new voters in california. that is double the pre-primary registration of 2012 with 48% of the new voters registered democrats and 17% as republicans and overwhelmingly are young 37 are under age 25 and 64% 35 or younger and 29% of the new voters are latino. >> monday is the dead lane to register to vote and the deadline to change part affiliation. can you request a vote by mail ballot through the end of month. the california primary is june
5:38 am
7. all the worse chase another n.b.a. championship, the teams' lease will top the meeting with the team president in a closed session. warriors will move to a new arena in the mission bay but there is unfinished business like who pays the $16 million owe the for improving oracle arena? >> a new team that san francisco is launching to fight growing blighted in the estimate. >> a local veteran who fought in iraq is asking for one thing and
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>> the abc7 news app, on the go, on your schedule. >> quick action by fires kept a grass fire east altamont pass from spreading, a big-rig sparked the fire. our viewer took this photo. the fire burned 20 acres before firefighters got it out. >> san francisco city lowers hope you notice less liter and graffiti because of fix it teams, springfieldsing 40 employees from 60 agencies tackling quality of life issues like abandoned cars and potholes and dirty streets. call to 311 will alert
5:42 am
conditions you want to see fixed. >> after spending 2 1/2 months apart, a soldier from san mateo has his best front back with a joyful reunion at sfo between ken and his dog, oliver. the two met in iraq in february. he was volunteering with kurdish forts fighting isis. the rescue dog served as a morale booster. ken wanted to make sure his buddy spent his life happy, healthy and safe. >> he is a friend. we don't leave friends behind. >> animal welfare group heard about oliver and worked to make this happen. >> in you are a sharks fan, is your voice sore? you will have a chance to rest today before you get back to cheering him to victory tomorrow, when the sharks host the st. louis blues for the
5:43 am
final. last night was game three and sharks goalie did not allow a goal for the second game in a row a team record for playoffs. they won 3-0. >> the final piece will be put in place further tallest structure and the crews will hoist the head on to the 92' sculpture the centerpiece of a large public art collection and it is located in the courtyard of the trinity place apartment complex at market and 8th street. here is what it will look lick when it is continue. she need as head. this is a tall statue, a little shorter than statue of liberty. the art is titled once upon a time. >> you did not know they picked such a windy day to install it. >> that is true. pad for her hair...
5:44 am
>> sorry, guys, i did not hear what you said. >> we are up here on the roof. thought we would look and feel what it is like to be outside. it is chilly. we will look at the graphics and show you win, running at 24 at sfo and half moon bay is 20 and 21 in oakland and san jose at 14, and northwest so 15 and fairfield is 17. 101 and 880, the clouds are developing. we are going to have partly cloudy day with breezes we and not so fast as yesterday but bringing in the caller weather, drizzle to showers and it will be dry and bright and warmer on sunday as the freezes taper. upper 50 to low 60s and tonight is chilly and upper 40s to low 50s. moving forward, in the computer would move failure, a storm-impact scale which ranks
5:45 am
the storms from "1" light to "5" severe and this is light with slight chance of thunder and hail. today is the best chance with a green dot across the north bay and the slides rotating into the central valley the you can see more green at 8:00 in the morning which is the drizzle and showers are developing and moving east through the mid-morning to late afternoon. rainfall shows less than .15" for not of us. some of us will not get any. it is not a game changer. do not cancel your plans. in a shower rolls over, go inside and wait it out and resume your activity. tomorrow is cooler, upper 50s and sunday we are warmer and then back to average on thursday. >> it is clear. the bay bridge toll plaza shows 5:32, guess what? the metering lights were turned
5:46 am
on. not a bad delay about 10 minutes we have a couple of places of slow traffic with tracy and oakland area and we will check this accident cleared from the slaves northbound 880 best embarcardero and slow traffic probably still out there, looking back now to the 8:00 see medium you are looking at 15-20-minute delay northbound to oakland. now we have a new accident 680 before highway 24 and it is partly blocking a lane and a car fire with a solo spinout. we are not seeing slow traffic but we will check back in a few minutes. >> role golfer make
5:47 am
receive tips from a director on stocks and the two directors were indicted. >> treasure is pointing on governor brown and state lawmakers to fix the california roads with construction workers and state business leaders calling for spending $6 billion over five years on roths to repair or replace the streets and highways. california roads are among the worst in the country and it is time for state leaders to take action. >> we are not saying we are the smartest people in the room. we are saying, please, come support room. right now both sides are sitting in the corner and the governor is in the middle and no one is doing anything. >> the coalition is calling for approval of it will cent gas tax that is phased in over these years. >> a newlywed blogger is creating a marriage controversy saying the secret to a long union is in your looks. >> but facebook meets the controversy over claim of bias head on and the change they are
5:48 am
making that users rely on. >> relief for
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♪ i got the discounts that you need ♪ ♪ safe driver ♪ accident-free ♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪
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>> daily, los gatos, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> apple fans, we have a lot of news. there is a grand opening of the new apple store in san francisco's young square tomorrow but we have a sneak look right now. apple said it is designed to be inviting sow spend more time, and more money with a 42' sliding glass door. they are real trees inside. what used to be called the genius bar is now called the "genius grove." not everything is new there is a 47-year-old restored fountain from san francisco sculpture.
5:51 am
apple said the look will set the tone for future stores. it opens tomorrow. c.e.o. of a key supplier for the next iphone my have leaked details slip in a recent interview. the iphone 7 will feature a glass casing with curved glass on robert and back. the new iphone could have edge to knowledge display and embedded information. >> now, facebook could be looking to include more conservative sites with a decision after the big controversy over facebook's alleged bias toward liberal content. facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg is committed to ensuring the site is a platform where all voices are heard. >> back marks on a credit report can ruin your chance to get a job or a loan and now a
5:52 am
lawmakers wants it easier to clean up your record. it can reduce the time a negative mark stays on the report from seven to four years requiring removal of old days 45 days of discharge and delinquencies would not go on the report at all because of predatory lending. >> a new help for migraines, because green lights reduces the intensity. light sensitivity usually causes the migraines. the national of light can trigger a migraine but friend light was found to reduce the intensity of pay by 20% of%. >> a policy is now a permanent ban so you cannot pack e-cigarettes inside of a checked bag on airplane flights. can you stale e-cigarettes on board but rules prohibit you from smocking them or charging them inside of the cabin.
5:53 am
they often contain batteries and experts are bothered a small smart could ignite the batteries and flames. >> if you want your morning latte what about a member of the giants creating that drink? this is from a previous stint as a barista and lopez and bernard span will serve at peet's one on chestnut and span will work the ferry builting location at noon. >> you know the elastic rings that hold a six-pack together they can be dangerous for many life. a south florida brewery has come up with a gold star idea. the animals and fish, all munching because it is ed ill, rather than killing animals, it can feed them and it is made from beer birods that otherwise would be trash 100% biodegrade
5:54 am
average. >> why does this set hurricane so different? if you are a regular viewer you know this is our newsroom and we usually are on is the downstairs. >> things are changing we are getting a new set and we could not be so excited. for now you will see us here and our co-workers producers and writerers and editors. meteorologist mike nicco is on the room. >> i thought you banished we here because you were tired of me. >> you have a beautiful background. >> i do. let me get out of way. for the coliseum, fireworks today. 6:35 first pitch 59 degrees. later, over in san francisco at at&t park 58 at 7:15 dropping to 55. around the state today, we
5:55 am
seeing scattered showers and thunderstorm from modesto north to the high country at mid-to-upper 60s around san diego and los angeles and a few showers in the high country. in the sierra if you are headed that way starting right now, through 11:00 this evening we have winter weather advisory and possibly 9" with more rain, snow, and thunder tomorrow and mostly cloudy on sunday. be careful. sue? >> we, mike, we do not have any chain requirements for lake tahoe but we will follow that. i thought we would lack at our drive times, it is moderate, >>trace: is fly minutes, and antioch to concord westbound 4, continue memberships and san rafael to the city is a necessary drive. hopefully we will keep it friday mellow. early accident in northbound 880 better news. it is cleared.
5:56 am
a little residual that willen clearing. northbound 680 before highway 4 on right shoulder that is cleared and fire crews could be blocking a lane. >> last back i was all about mercury and new it is mars' town, on sunday, mars and earth and the sun will line up every two years this event is called mars opposition because mars and the sun are on opposite sides of the earth so you can enjoy a brighter and bigger mars into next month. >> a high enbicycle is recalled because of a serious risk to drivers, railing 1,400 road bicycles from june 2015 until march of this year, with the seat possibly breaking off. there have been 11 reports so far but no one has been hurt. we posted a fill list affected bicycles and the information you need for repair.
5:57 am
>> the maker fair is expected to attract continues of thousands and creative types, at san mateo events center. the event encourages innovation and advance manufacturing in the nation. there are interesting cars. you can see innovation in tech and foods and arts and craft. >> high winds are causing serious problem in the south bay. >> hundred of
5:58 am
5:59 am
breaking news in mountain view with winds causing serious problems. >> and matt keller has that report. matt? >> we are next to maryland drive you can see the police department has the road blocked.
6:00 am
you do not mess around with power lines. the firefighters came in an hour ago and you can see the wire down. it is a long wire. it citizens for quite a ways. pg&e arrived ten minutes ago. pg&e map shows one customer without service. winds are obviously an issue. it is breezy. borderline windy. but, still, no official word on what brought the branch down that brought down the wires. firefighters are working on it. >> the winds have caused problems for the commute. sue? yes, we have high wind advisory for the bay bridge and over the altamont pass, and san mateo bridge and the benicia big and grab on tighter, i know the leaves and branches are blown all over the roads. heads up, golden gate bridge is not affected by the winter weather advisory and a nice drive b


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