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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  May 20, 2016 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> you have felt it? strong wind is pelting the bay area. can you see the trees on highway we swaying in the wind. the drivers are gripping their steering wheel. thanks for joining us. i am reggie aqui. >> i am kristen sze. here is a casualty of the high wind, a massive tree branch goal in san mateo take down a power line. the san francisco international airport has been impacted with a high wind warning. travelers should expect a one-hour delay. >> now the late nest your neighborhood from meteorologist mike nicco. what can we expect? >> gusty conditions.
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you can see the winds are blowing and the white caps on the bay you can see the weather wanting until 5:00, not so long as it went yesterday and the gusts can be 40 miles per hour. yesterday we had up to 50 miles per hour. can you see we are around 22 and as slow as 14 miles per hour picking up in the afternoon and, then, when it is dark we will taper do 15-25. overfight they will come. it will be calm when we wake up but they will come back tomorrow. they will not be so fast as today. watch out the next few hours until 5:00 and grip the steering wheels with both hands. >> this morning, strong winds brought down a power line in mountain view. we were there as the firefighters secured the area while pg&e worked on a fix. the wind cracked a branch which took the line down when it felt
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row joyce and regret as san francisco deals with the impact the resignation of the police chief suhr. powerful voices are saying the making made a big mistake pushing out the chief. we are in san francisco. >> good morning. it looks as in police chief suhr is in seclusion. the resignation is all talk this morning both here at city hall and beyond. >> police chief suhr could be out as chief but some community leaders are still coming out in support. including amos brown. the people who called for the resignation of the chief did not learn... [ inaudible ] after that chief was let go? there were other killings.
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>> san francisco supervisors also spoke out for police chief suhr this morning. >> he has done a good job under difficult circumstances. i personally, do not agree with the decision to ask him to resign. all the mayor called for the reading nation when an officer shot and killed a black william in a stolen car in bayview. she was unarmed. it was the third fatal shooting in six months. >> progress is meaningful but not fast enough. >> protesters celebrated >> the corrupt spirit of the san francisco police department has been smashed by the power of the people >> the pair appointed deputy chief tony chaplin acting chief which amos brown supports >> the mayor should be applaud
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in appointing him. >> chaplin said finalizing the new "use-of-force" policy is the top priority. but some think police chief suhr was on the right path but now looking forward it is time to rally around the new leadership. >> i will work closely with the mayor acting chief and the commission to make sure we move the department in the direction for reform. >> naacp chief said part of moving forward starts this weekend with chaplin peeking at third baptist church on sunday at 3:00. >> here is more on tony chaplin, the 26-year veteran has led the homicide and gang unit and this year he became deputy chief a new bureau reto deal with community policing. in 2012 he receive add silver medal of valor. >> we are waiting more detail on
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why a police sergeant thought it necessary to shoot the driver. we are still waiting to learn the victim's name. the vigil was held in her honor. all police have said is she was 27. police say the woman drove away from them before the officers could talk to her. they say she never even made it more than 100' from where the car was parked. >> we have kept you up to date on the twists and turns with the police chief suhr story. you can download it for free. >> we have breaking news from san francisco, george washington high school is under a shelter in place because of a suspicious person in the richmond district near 30th avenue. san francisco police department say that streets near the school are shut down. stick with us for more and follow us on twitter@abc7newsbayarea. >> a dangerous act of vandallively on google campus has police look for a criminal throwing two devices at a building overnight.
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our reporter is at the scene with the details. matt? >> this type of crime is not common here on google's campus, in fact, i spoke to a montana view spokesman who does not recall this happening here recently. >> a google map pin marks the spot where two devices were found before 11:00 at the google west campus building. firefighters say this they arrived and put out a small fire >> superficial, and the car was never on fire or anything. >> they used flashlights and looked for evidence, but investigators found the two incendiary question vices. it is likely a camera which was on the area but no arrests have been made. >> after the fire was put out this were two incendiary devices found sent to a laboratory for testing for darn. we are looking into what
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happened. it is active investigation. >> we did hear from a google spokesman and she said they are aware of vandalism. security is look into it. >> thank you. now to the crash of egyptaair 804. we do not know how it claim down. we do is a much better idea of where. two cases, passenger seats and, yes, human remains, have been spotted floating in the mediterranean. our reporter is here now with the latest developments. >> egyptian officials said debris was spotted 180 miles north of alexandria, egypt, file miles south where it disappears from radar a very deep part of the mediterranean so it will complicate efforts to retrieve the critical flight recorders. egyptair reports egyptian military and marine forces discovered human remains and personal belongings floating in the mediterranean adding to the nightmare for families left
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behind. [ inaudible ] >> official say 66 people on the flight from paris to cairo died. a satellite picked up potential oil slick near where the flight disappeared from radar. description forces continue to scan the sea. the question is, what caused flight 804 to drop from the sky? aviation expert from abc said antiwill come from the black box. >> we have found the debris and that will narrow the search to put the microphones in the water listening to the mostal pinger and we have 30 days to fine the black boxes. >> egyptair released names and photographs of the cockpit crew, the pilot and co-pilots with recent boyfriend now part of the investigation. >> today, the remain employees at the airport in paris are
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combing through the surveillance video and reviewing the prior stops in two trouble spots. >> in this is a bomb, you have to look at the whole security for all flights, where the aircraft comes from? what kind of bomb was it? >> a bomb is operating theory, no group has claimed responsible and officials have not found anyone on board with ties to terrorism. today, the administrator hinted changes could be coming to security when we learn more about egyptaair 804. >> thank you. a massive fire on a california pier engulfs a restaurant you may recognize, the must see video is next. >> taking the guess work out of planning your diet.
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>> developing news flames rip through a former restaurant on southern california's pier, with harbor patrol boats attacking the flames with water cannon. most of the structure is destroyed. the restaurant has been closed since 2013. no injuries have been reported. investigators are looking for a cause. >> after recent controversy facebook could be changing how they choose and identify trending topics.
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facebook could be looking to include more conservative sites in the computing, with some say they are bias to liberal content. zuckerberg is ensuring it is a platform where everyone has a voice. >> a frozen food recall that began in april has expanded to millions of packages of fruits and vegetables shipped to local stores as far back as two years ago. the products were shipped to costco, safe way, and target, among others, and officials say this is part of the continuing effort to stop the spread of listeria bacteria. the products came from a washington state plant. >> you could notice new labels on floor favorite snack telling you how many calories you are awrought to eat requiring calories to be displayed prominently. the food industry has two years to comply. the idea here is to make consumers make more informed food decisions. >> seeing calories affects my
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decision. >> i don't know in i am excited or dreading it. >> right. this weekend is coming up around the corner and we are helping you plan some family fun. a sneak peek of the events where you live. >> before you make the outside plans i have the first signs of thunderstorms to the north. i tell you where they are traveling and what they will do when they get there today and tomorrow. tone, the search for three prisoners who escaped from alcatraz is unsolved mystery and a new lead has investigators looking in a different direction. i-team investigator track down an eye witness who could be
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>> fremont, palo alto, north bay, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> hundreds of thousands who flock to san francisco for the pride celebration could be disappointed did you the event next month. that is because to new lawsuits aim to block part of the party from taking place. the suits were filed by to people who were injured in a shooting at the 2013 event at the civic center plaza. they are seeking an injunction for the celebration at at the plaza. it does not seek to hall the parade. a spokesman expects the suit to be dismissed and the celebration to go on as scheduled. >> tomorrow we have a look, now, of the new flag ship apple store in san francisco. it is set to on at union square at 10:00 a.m. designed to be inviting and make shoppers want
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to spend more time this and probably more money. there are trees, that is all part of what used to be call the genius bar and it is now called the genius grove, setting the tone for future stores opening tomorrow. i an sure it will be packed. >> we see how the weather is for the opening. could there be some showers? >> there will be more so tomorrow than today. now, at look at sunrise from this morning, it was absolutely beautiful from the exploritorium camera the air is much cleaner today, and more dry right now than it was this time yesterday. however, the temperatures are the big story right now. we are up to heaven degrees cooler with most us in the mid-50s to mid-60s falling short of average today. here is our first thunderstorm, it is up heading away from chico and sliding over to blue canyon. quote have thunder snow in the sierra. but the low is sliding down with
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the counter-clockwise flow the showers and storms will clip the north bay especially napa and solano county. the winds are gusting up to 35 miles per hour on mount tamalpais. they were faster this morning. that means the atmosphere is overturning. some of the faster winds now are coming to the surface. partly cloudy and cool breezes today. drizzle showers more likely tomorrow. and dry and prettier and calmer on sunday. today, the temperatures are 64 to 69 but the coast into san francisco is 59 to 61 there. chilly again tonight. upper 40s. to, say, low 50s and a look at how the event will unfold, by talking about our storm-impact scale we have been rating the storms from "1" light to "5" severe from now until may and this is light, also, less than .15" with thunder possible and small hail. through the afternoon, can you focus up to the north and see the storms rotating from northwest to southeast and when we lose the heating, we lose most of the strong storms and there is still an isolated chance of a shower in the higher
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elevation in the evening and overnight through tomorrow morning while lower elevations could have drizzle. as we head through the mid-morning, to the late afternoon hours, can you see the showers, and thunderstorms developing by 8:00, they are pretty much gone. as far as the rainfall amounts you can see and areas getting none and not of us less than .15". it is fireworks at the cove and the giants are back so dress for temperatures in the 50s and breezy conditions. it will be chilly. we have snow up in the sierra until 11:00 tonight so you may have to take the changes if you going that way. tomorrow, coolest, at fits and 60s and we warm into the 60s degree range at the coast and upper 60s to low 70s by sunday for the rest of us. guess what? we have perfect pet today. here are a couple of pets. how about these guys, don't they look like fun? these two dogs are both three months old chihuahua mixes
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living now at east bay spca but they would love a home with your family but these pups are sisters and they love to run around and lay we should note they have scaly skin it is not -- it is a condition not contagious to humans but they are perfectly lovable and if you would like to adopt these two puppies call the east bay spca at 510-563-4604. hopefully you can fine them a nice home. kristen? >> too cute. what about the third one? hopefully they get great homes. if you are looking for something fun to do this week we have you covered. reggie is here with ideas. >> hour friends at hoodline are on the cutting edge of making us fat, i mean keeping us unformed about the latest and greatest in san francisco eats. first, dessert, until how the honey cream concept was only in asia. it just opened its first united states location right here in san francisco. so you are hooking at honey
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cream cotton candy soft serve pouring express so on top. the popular has real honey keep right on top. what is that like? find out yourself in the inner sunset. if you are look for culture, you will want to head to chinatown on friday night, i know you have been to chinatown before but not for this republican: art. the chinese culture center is holding the second chinatown night out. you can see basically a night where you crawl through the gradualries you likely never knew existed. that is happening from 4-7:00. finally, an event that is not happening yet at location that i cannot reveal. intrigued? this is the speak easy, actors are dressed in period cost time an immersive theater expense, you, the audience, walk through a prohibition era nightclub and dress up in the cocktail attire and watch the stories unfold all an you. the location is kept scent. until the night of the show. speak easy does not starting in
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august but it sold out the last time so hoodline will show you how to buy tickets in advance and get in on the fun. whatever you do, have fun where you live. i am reggie aqui for abc7 news. >> great ideas. the fog in san francisco is so famous that it has its own twitter account. now, there is even a beverage. next, the new bay area drink being
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>> coming up at 4:00, with lock lines at airports across the nation and a bleak summer forecast for longer wait as lost people are trying to get a jump on the line. the effort to cut the lines before you even buy your ticket. and, charles lindbergh climbed on the spirit of st. louis. >> link bird making history now a bay area man is following in his footsteps and that story is on abc7 at 5 o'clock. >> san francisco's carl the fog is famous but would you drink carl? >> drink it? >> a distillery is rowing limited vodka made with san francisco fog called fogpoint. the video shows how the process works, the screwed is made of up 60% water in an effort to
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conserve they have harvested enough fog for the water content of 2,400 bottles. how does it taste? >> the fog offers a delicate flavor, 125 bucks a bottle if you want did try it. >> that is a san francisco rice! have a great day.
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>> what do you get when you combine amazing contestants, mind-blowing questions, and ridiculous amounts of money? "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] [dramatic music] ♪ hey, everybody. i'm chris harrison. welcome to the show. you guys ready to play "millionaire" today? [cheers and applause] all right, we got a good game going. our returning contestant is an opera singer who's decided to do something out of character for his 60th birthday. the more money he wins, the more likely his wife will be to let him do it. from camp hill, pennsylvania, please welcome back ty walker. [cheers and applause] hi, ty. >> hi, chris. >> how you doing? >> good. good. [applause] >> so last you were with us, we learned that you want to get some sleeves. tattoo sleeves. >> yeah, not the sleeves i'm wearing now. >> right, right. no, actually you'll be sleeveless for the rest of your life 'cause you want to show off


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