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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  May 20, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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>> announcer: live from the kgo-tv broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. good afternoon, answer thank you for joining us today. i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm larry biel. lockdown at the white house. it has been lifted after a secret service agent shot a man at a security checkpoint. now, earlier a mad dash to safety for people on white house grounds. abc news reporter kenneth moaten has the latest. >> reporter: shots fired near the white house. >> it was a moment of pure chaos. we were all scared. >> reporter: secret service agents were spotted running across the north lawn with their guns out. snipers were on the roof of the executive mansionnd and the entire grounds put on lockdown after uniformed officers say a man approached the fence with a gun. an agent fired one shot, hitting the man. >> i saw him with a large shirt.
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then i turned because it was on my phone. i turned and then i hear the gunshot. >> reporter: it happened around 3:00 p.m. just outside the eisenhower executive office building which was filled with staffers. outside, tourists and others walking on the sidewalks ran for cover. >> police came and started shouting like, get out, get out! and we starting getting out. >> reporter: president obama was not in the oval office at the time of the shooting. he was miles away golfing at joint base andrews. vice president joe biden was inside the white house complex but secure. the suspect was rushed to the hospital with gunshot wounds but no one else was injured during the intense and scary incident at this point, no word on a motive or identity of the gunman. the president is aware of the shooting and the lockdown at the white house has been lifted. abc news, washington. developing news in san francisco. the acting police chief made his first public address today saying reform is a top priority. >> abc 7 news was in chinatown when chief tony chaplain and the
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mayor ed lee walked through the housing development. chaplain says he'll come up with a strategic plan to move the department forward. here are his two main immediate goals ff's the body camera rollout so that we have another set of eyes on the officer-involved shootings we've been discussing. the other thing is, our use of force policy. i think that's one of the biggest changes in the san francisco police department, in almost 30 years. >> chaplain is a 26-year department veteran. he's led the homicide and gang units and rose up through the ranks. this year he became the deputy chief. >> the shake-up came just after a 27-year-old african-american woman was shot and killed by an officer yesterday in the bay view district. abc 7 news reporter melanie woodrow has the latest into the investigation into the shooting. >> reporter: well, we've met people that have been coming by the scene where that shooting happened. they've been coming by this growing memorial saying they want to learn more about the woman who was shot and killed.
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beyond what police say she was driving a stolen car. a growing memorial where sfpd shot a woman yesterday. two officers were conducting a stolen vehicle recovery operation in the bay view district when they say a driver fled. she hit a parked truck and moved the vehicle in a back and forth motion. sfpd says one officer fired one shot. the woman died at the hospital. >> i'm grieving. >> reporter: alyse says she attended a vigil last night. >> i just felt the need to come back and pay respects. i'm a mother. >> reporter: she wonder if the victim was, too. >> i'm thinking of her family and the trauma. >> reporter: graffiti nearby says say her name. yesterday was national say her name day, a day meant to uplift stories often unheard. >> we never really learn about the victims, and that's what's important, actually who they were as people and their families. >> reporter: the officers
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involved are on administrative leave as an investigation into the fate al shooting continues. in san francisco, melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. >> and stay with abc 7 news for the very latest on the police chief's resignation. you can get the latest on our abc 7 news app. download it for free and enable the push alerts to get updates on breaking news as it happens. well, if you were outside today, you definitely felt the strong wind. >> for sure. abc 7 news was along san francisco's embarcadero today. you can see the flags on the ferry building and the trees swaying in the wind. >> and strong winds caused problems for construction today on venus, which will be the tallest sculpture in san francisco. crews couldn't use a crane to put the head on the 92-foot statue as planned. this is a live look from our tahoe camera. >> wow. >> look at the snow out there. it has been snowing there today. >> abc 7 news weather anchor spencer christian from his lofty perch high above us with the accuweather update. >> holding on for dear life t.
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is still blustery. i'll show you the know in the sierra later. first let's talk about the winds. live doppler 7 hd gusty across the bay area, under partly cloudy skies here's the picture at sfo, live view right now of blustery conditions there where there are delays on arrivals up to 90 minutes right now. here is a look at some of our peak wind gusts so far. altamont 65 miles an hour sfo 56 miles per hour mt. tam 52 miles per hour livermore and oakland 33 to 38-mile-per-hour gusts and currently gusts over 30 miles per hour at fairfield. at sfo 30 at novato and near 30 miles per hour in many other locations. and it's cooler than it was at this hour yesterday. here is the 24 hour temperature change. over 10 degrees cooler in some spots. let me give you a little forecast animation show you showers coming our way starting 7:00. overnight, we'll see pockets of scattered showers viping by 7:00 tomorrow morning they'll be scattered across much of the bay area, focus will be mainly on
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the north bay, east and south bay. by midday a little drying in the central part of the bay area but showers will not be over by 6:00 tomorrow evening. there may be some lingering into saturday. i'll give you a look at -- into sunday, rather. i'll give you a look at how long the showers might last and how long this blustery pattern will last as well. larry and ama? >> thank you, spencer. well, there's bad news for the drought in the west. lake mead, the nation's largest reservoir, has dropped to its lowest level since the 1930s. the lake near las vegas is expected to drop even more this summer. officials will monitor the lake level. a shortage could lead to water cutbacks in arizona and nevada. flames erupted today at seal beach pier in orange county destroying what used to be a restaurant. haror bore patrol boats attacked the flames with a water cannon. most of the empty structure was destroyed and the roof collapsed. the restaurant old ruby's diner has been closed since 2013. no injuries reported today. investigators looking into the
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cause. there was a dangerous act of vandalism on google's campus. someone threw two incendiary devices in a building overnight. >> matt keller has the at the details. >> reporter: a google maps pin marks the spot where two incendiary devices were found just before 11:00 p.m. last night at the google west campus building 2 on sew laud dough drive. mountain view firefighters say they arrived and put out a small fire. >> verier superficial, singing to the building and then also to a google earth demo car. the car was never on fire or anything. >> reporter: police taped off the area, using their flash flights to look for evidence. investigators found the two incendiary devices, this is google so likely some type of camera was on in the area. so far, no arrests have been made. >> after the fire was put out, there were two incendiary devices found that had been sent subsequently for testing for dna and sufficient. it's still an active investigation. we're looking into what happened. >> reporter: we did hear back from a google spokesperson.
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she told me they are aware of the vandalism and security is looking into it. in mountain view, abc 7 news. in san francisco, three schools were put on lockdown today after somebody called in a bomb threat to george washington high school. it was a half day because of finals so george washington students stayed in their classrooms until 12 oost 30. adults escorted them to temporary muni bus stops and walked others to a safe zone. nearby lafayette elementary and presidio middle schools also stayed on lockdown until the school day ended just as a precaution. police said they were able to contact the person who made the threat. >> we are thankful that he is speaking with us, allowing us to negotiate, find out more information as well as hopefully track where he is. >> police didn't say if ne know who the suspect is. more than 3,000 students were affected. there is some life being breathed into san jose's japantown neighborhood. >> today community members came out to celebrate the grand opening of a new low income apartment complex for seniors. abc 7 news reporter chris nguyen
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has more. >> reporter: san jose's gentleman upontown may be small, but for those who call it home there's some reason to celebrate. on north similarth street, the grand opening of the japantown senior parpts. some members of the japanese-american community helped welcome new resident totz neighborhood ff's very important that we maintain the quality of this town and for the enjoyment of everybody regardless of what culture or heritage they come from. >> reporter: the housing project took nearly eight years to finish at a cost of more than $27 million, a 75-unit community made possible by the low income housing tax credit. residents say they're honored to live in a neighborhood with so much history. >> when i'm out and about, i can't wait to come home. i think about this nest, you know, as, wow, i get to go here. >> reporter: the new building is not too far away from two of the area's most iconic attractions,
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the japanese-american museum and buddhist temple. this marks the 126th anniversary of japantown, just one of three that remain across the country. many hope that japantown will survive for years to come. >> the history, the culture, traditi tradition. my kids learned it all from coming to japantown. >> reporter: preserving the past while looking forward to the future. >> we are a jewel, and we are proud of japantown. >> reporter: in japantown, chris nguyen, abc 7 news. still ahead on abc 7 news at 4, the search for clues into the disappearance of that egyptair flight out of paris. and the first major update to food labels in years. how it will help take the guesswork out of dieting. and a reprieve for the george lucas museum in san francisco. perhaps the big names throwing their support behind the idea. and taking a live look at the maze on this friday, it is slow going in all directions. on the right hand side you're trying to peel off and westbound
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into san francisco bay bridge, you're 80 east on the lower portion of your screen, and it is thick right now. stay with us. we'll be back
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>> announcer: loss altos, petaluma and all the bay area, this is abc 7 news. nutrition fact labels on food packages are getting a long-awaited makeover. first lady michelle obama unveiled the changes today as part of her let's move campaign against child obesity. under the new guidelines chalryes will be listed in bigger bolder text with a new line for added sugars. serving sizes will be updated to
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make them more realistic so a small bag of chips doesn't count as multiple servings. the fda proposed the update years ago. it's the first update since 1994. school placement has been an ongoing problem in the san francisco unified school district. >> there's really no such thing as neighborhood schools in the city. one family found that out the hard way. >> lyanne melendez is live outside the district with the story. >> reporter: you know, we heard dozens and dozens of these placement stories in san francisco. unfortunately in this case, you have one brother attending one school and his twin brothers assigned to another. it happens every year to hundreds of san francisco families. they are not assigned to their neighborhood school and end up at another location. >> of course we want all the brothers to be together. they're very close. >> reporter: britney o'sullivan's case is even more complicated. one of her children already
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contains dianne feinstein elementary in the sunset district, only about five blocks away. but her twins richard and john were assigned to a school three miles from their home, even though siblings are usually given priority. >> not only did you not put my kids in, you put them in another school that starts at the same time. i can't possibly be there. >> reporter: since the 1990s, san francisco has adopted an admissions formula that allows kids in different neighborhoods to attend some of the top performing schools in the city. that has brought more diversity to the schools and the district says a better academic outcome for some of the underserved students. the superintendent says parents shouldn't give up. >> i would encourage any parent that doesn't get an assignment that they would like or they would like to try to change an a assignment to contact our enrollment office, epc, and to come in and speak with a counselor and to lay out what the circumstances are. >> reporter: but o'sullivan has already gone down to the district to fill out the waive pool forms. >> they told me there isn't an
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alternative, that i had to put their names into the lottery of placement for the next round. >> reporter: a decision may come late in the summer or at the beginning. school year. mean bhiel while, the family is considering moving out of san francisco. lian lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. >> we learned about this story through a viewer e-mail. tell us what's happening where you live by e-mailing us. there was a plot twist today in the saga over the future of george lucas' museum. >> bay area leaders now waging a new battle to try to lure the "star wars" director back leer to bid his museum. >> kristen sze is here with more. >> ama and larry, local movers and smaik hes took out this full-page ad in the "san francisco chronicle" today urging george lucas to build his museum on treasure island. the splashy ad was signed by die nan feinstein and three former mayors. they want the lucas museum to be the star attraction on a redeveloped treasure island.
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the directionor originally wanted to build his museum of "star wars" memorabilia in the presid presidio, but the trust rejected the project. lucas then move td to chicago, his wife's hometown. but it's now on hold there due to a federal lawsuit by people who don't want it along lake michigan. and that has the san francisco lobby quoting princess lea. hope is not lost today t. is found. >> treasure island is wide open for the kind of development that could incorporate this particular facility and give it a sense of place so that people recognize that treasure island is a place worth going to and an important part of san francisco. >> reporter: treasure island may be under developed now, but the city plans to spend millions in the next 15 years to create housing for 25,000 people. lucas' team will meet formally with san francisco officials next week about the museum. the city believes the force is strong with this one. larry? >> kristen, thank you. on the heels of recent controversy, a facebook may be
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changing the way it chooses and identifies trending topics. according to, facebook could look to include more conservative sites in aytes algorithm after it was -- founder mark zuckerberg is reportedly committed to ensuring that the site is a platform where everybody has a voice. >> college commencement speakers can be pretty pricey. sheryl sandberg wasn't paid to speak during a commencement address at uc berkeley last weekend but that's not the case for others. public universities were asked to provide costs associated with grand wais speakers. it found the university of houston paid matthew mcconaughey paid $166,000 last year including airfare. katie couric paid $110,000 to speak at the university of oklahoma in 2006. and the university of georgia swent $22,000 to charter a flight for amy robach last year. spencer christian will speak for free right now about the
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weekend weather. >> i choose not to, but i think i have to. >> i think so. >> let's take a look at the blustery weather on this mainly sunny to partly cloudy day. here's a look at live doppler 7 hd. i already hit the button a little bit so we'll move over to look at thunderstorms just north of sacramento. powerful storms with lightning strikes numerous from san francisco to roseville to lincoln all the way up to grass valley. you'll notice snow over at blue canyon there. yes, it's snowing in the sierra. in fact, a winter weather advisory is in effect forethe western slopes of the sierra until 11:00 p.m. tonight. it's windy, 3 to 6 inches of snow expected above 6,000 feet. be on the lookout for chain controls and travel delays. here is the view from mt. tam looking down onto the bay under partly cloudy skies. it's 58 degrees right now in san francisco and windy just about everywhere. oakland 63. 61 at mt. view and san jose morgan hill 72. and notice the shaky camera up in the east buy hills looking out over the bay. it's 66 degrees right now at
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santa rosa napa 64, 61 novato, 67 at fairfield, 62 at concord, 60 at livermore, much cooler than average all around the bay area. this is the view from our rooftop camera here at abdz 7. we'll see gusty winds continuing but diminishing tonight. a chance of showers through tomorrow and perhaps into sunday and these cool days will continue into next weck. here is our storm impact scale. we've ranked storms coming our way 1 to 5. the approaching system ranks 1, a light storm on the storm impact scale. possible showers through saturday left areas will receive less than a tenth of an inch and a slide chance of thunder. forecast animation tonight, going into tomorrow area s scattered showers developing. they seem to taper off a little bit tomorrow night but it won't be over because we'll see spotty or isolated showers lingering into sunday. and our forecast animation indicates rainfall totals will be less than a tenth of an inch
4:21 pm
in some areas but isolated spots could get three-tenths of an inch. lows in the 50s and tomorrow's highs mid to upper 50s at the coast and 60s inland and around the bay. our accuweather seven-day forecast looks like this. we'll see mainly dry conditions to be getting on monday, continuing through next week. but notice how long it takes tore fps to claim back up to average range. it will be late next week, thursday or friday, before our overall region sees high temperatures at the average level for this time of year. so we're in a cool and unspringlike pattern. larry and ama? >> thank you, spencer. up next, the hot new luxury car from aston martin and the italian designer that the carmaker teamed up with to create this cool concept car. in honor of asian american heritage month, we're using our instagram feed to remember the people making a difference where you live. this weekend, a hands-on art
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demonstration where you can learn how to make mother of pearl lacquer ware. you can learn more on our abc 7 news bay area instagram fe
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sports news. the san jose sharks are two wins away from playing in their first ever stanley cup finals. they took a 2-1 lead with a victory last night. goalie martin jones report recorded his second straight shutout. game four is tomorrow and there's an early start time to remind you about. 4:15 at the tank, the s.a.p. center. steph curry practiced fully with the warriors today just a couple of days after taking had
4:25 pm
nasty spill where he suffered a bump on his right elbow. the warriors won this game over okc 118-91 to tie the best of seven series at 1-1. steph says the elbow really isn't painful. it's more like uncomfortable. he does have full range of motion so he can shoot the ball freely and easily. the warriors don't play again until sunday so steph has some time for that to heal up. warriors head to oklahoma city for games three and four sunday and tuesday and game five will be back at oracle on thursday night. the warriors will open up pop-up team store? san francisco tomorrow. it will be stocked full of jerseys and other team apparel. steph curry jerseys were the most popular in the league this year. this is video from a pop-up store from last year during the finals run. >> luxury meets even more luxury in the latest concept car from aston martin. check this thing out. it's the -- aston martin turned to italian design house zagato to come up with a stunning car.
4:26 pm
their fifth collaboration. the british carmaker describes the car as being a sleek curvy exterior with a wing in back and distinctive round taillights. it's aexpected to make the ro d rounds at auto shows worldwide. i'm guessing slightly out of my price range. abc 7 news at 4 continues. the mystery over what caused the disappearance of that egyptair flight continues today. what authorities have learn ed. chaos in the courtroom. the former uber driver accused much of killing six people dragged out of a michigan courtr
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>> announcer: live from the kgo-tv broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. here are the headlines now as we approach 4:30. san francisco's new acting police chief laid out his plans for the department today during his first news conference as the chief. tony chaplain said his priority going forward is reform within the department. abc 7 news reporter vic lee was in chinatown covering the new chief. alcohol coming up, vic will join us live. also at 5, a civil rights pioneer is getting the purple museum legacy award tonight in san jose. abc 7 news reporter david louie
4:30 pm
spoke with ruby bridges who found herself at the center of a 1960s desegregation movement when she had to be escorted to an all-white school as a 6-year-old in new orleans. this animation shows the final moments as egyptair flight 804 dropped in altitude and then vanished from its radar early on thursday. search crews have recovered debris in the mediterranean sea. now a french navy patrol boat is on its way to help the search for the plane's black box. abc news reporter marci gonzalez is in paris with the latest. >> reporter: search plans scouring the mediterranean sea looking for more wreckage after egyptian officials say suitcases, seats and human remains were found believed to be from egyptair flight 804. investigators hoping it could all lead to the plane's black boxes. >> right now we've found some debris which will help narrow down the search area so they can put the microphones in the water. they'll be listening for the little metallic ping.
4:31 pm
>> reporter: investigators are trying to figure out what caused the plane traveling early thursday morning from piers to cairo he to drop from radar at 37,000 feet with no distress call. greek officials say its radar shows the jet turning left, then strangely to the right before vanishing. >> it is a tragedy, and by knowing the reason we would be able to know how we would react. >> reporter: egyptian officials admit terrorism ais more likely than a technical problem, but every possibility is being considered. investigators looking into the backgrounds of all 66 people on board, including the captains. european security officials saying they found no one on the plane had any known links to terrorism. investigators are also reviewing the jet's stops before this flight, including one in tunisia just hours earlier. >> they're going to make a very serious examination and series of interviews with anybody who had any type of exposure to this aircraft.
4:32 pm
>> reporter: and charles de gaulle airport where this flight originated has some of the most strict security measures in the world so now officials here are going through surveillance footage to see if they can pinpoint any sort of security lapses. marci gonzalez, abc news, paris. there was a brief court appearance today by the leading suspect in the paris terror attacks. salah abdeslam had nothing to say to prosecutors when he appeared in court. authorities hoped he would shed light on the islamic state's group strategies in europe and whether there are any other suspects in the direct role to the paris attack. the assault on november 12th of last year killed 130 people. a truly wild court appearance today involving the michigan man accused of killing six people and winding two others in between picking up fares for uber. deputies dragged jason dalton out of the courtroom today after several loud outbursts and a strange reference to people with, quote, black bags. his outburst caused one survivor
4:33 pm
testifying at the time to break down in tears. a judge must decide if there's probable cause to send dalton to trial on charges of murder and attempted murder for the shootings on february 20th. drug kingpin el chapo guzman is coming to the united states. mexico's foreign relations department approved the extradition of the convicted drug lord. the u.s. government has guaranteed that el chapo will not receive the death penalty. officials say he will fas federal charges in both texas and california. donald trump received a big boost today from the national rifle association. and some tough attacks were made against democratic rival hillary clint clinton. here's the latest on the race for president. >> reporter: donald trump back on the trail at the national rifle association convention in kentucky. the republican got a big show of support from the crowd and an endorsement from the nra. >> i will not let you down. >> reporter: the nra critical of president obama's trying to get his conservative base to rally
4:34 pm
around trump to defeat hillary clinton who is expected to clinch the democratic nomination. >> crooked hillary clinton is the most anti-gun, anti-second amendment candidate ever to run for office. >> reporter: the war of words between trump and clinton is intensifying. former president bill clinton on the trail in sioux falls, south dakota, came to his wife's defense. >> we have to believe in the end that what we have in common matters even more. if you believe that, then you want to build bridges, not walls. >> reporter: trump was up early friday morning an a twitter attack against clinton after she said this on cnn. >> and i have concluded he is not qualified to be president of the united states. >> reporter: clinton continues to hit trump on his refusal to release his tax returns. documents from the -- commission show in 1978 and in 1979 the last time the real estate mogul's taxes were made public he paid zero federal income tax.
4:35 pm
trump took advantage of tax loopholes. today democratic lawmakers and drug reform supporters in washington blasted trump's speech at the nra calling his future gun policies unpredictable. kenneth moaten, abc news, washington. monday is the deadline to register to vote in next month's primary, also the deadline to change your party affiliation. you can request a vote by mail ballot through the end of the month. the primary is june 7th in california. president obama is turning up the heat on congress to pass legislation to fight the zika virus. he met with top public health officials today amid reports that 279 pregnant women from the u.s. and its territories have shown signs of infection. >> this is smething that solvable. it is not something that we have to panic about. but it is something that we have to take seriously. and if we make a modest investment on the front end, then this is going to be a problem that we don't have to deal with on the back end.
4:36 pm
>> the house and senate have advanced bills to fight the virus. meanwhile, fear of the zika virus is forcing usa swimming to move a preolympic training camp out of puerto rico. there are no plans to bail on the summer games in brazil. the camp will be held now in atlanta. it is official now. mr. obama signed a bill into law today allowing the ashes of female world war ii pilots to be placed at arlington national cemetery. they were considered civilians during the war but since 1977 had been granted veteran status. that was until laust year. a new law was spurred on by a petition drive led by a walnut creek woman whose grandmother wasp. still to come at 4, a new look at mars from the hubble telescope. the close-up vud and what you can see this weekend. i'm milk al finney "ask finney" is just ahead. i'm still taking your questions on twitter or facebook. i'll answer your questions here live a little later. i'm spencer christian.
4:37 pm
this is the view from mt. tam looking out over the bay on a partly cloudy, windy day. clouds are going to get thicker and showers are on their way. i'll
4:38 pm
4:39 pm
nasa's hubble telescope has revealed a new close-up view of mars. it was taken when the planet was 50 million miles away from earth. >> and we can see the desert there in the middle. we see some bedrock, the darker colors. we see the northern and the southern polar ice caps.
4:40 pm
and then on the right-hand side, that sort of wispy blue feature is actually cloud cover near an extinct volume kacano on the su of mars. we're seeing seasons change on mars like they do on earth. >> the image was taken days before the mars opposition which happens on sunday. that's when the sun and mars will be on exact opposite sides of earth when the sun is setting, mars will be rising. check this out. european space agency astronaut tim peake shared this time lapse video of lightning on earth. peake is on the international space station. he posted this to his twitter account. he shared these stunning photos just hours ago. that's the pad goen area ice field. all in a day's work in spails. i don't know what's more impressive, those pictures or the fact that you can tweet from outer space. >> i know. equally impressive. >> you cannot get away from social media even in outer space. >> no, you certainly can't. hey, if you haven't noticed,
4:41 pm
we're actually working from a different area today. we're in the newsroom because our new set is being constructed in the studio bf we'll be here for a little while. it is quite cozy. >> is it is. an intimate news gathering. >> there was no room for spencer christian, though. >> no. he's still outside. >> up here in the blustery condition sz not exactly cozy, but it's interesting. let's take a look at live doppler 7 hd. you can see that we have mainly sunny skies xs there' snow in the seer wra. they have thunderstorms rumbling north of sacramento. we have active and unsettled weather going on around the state. and that will continue tomorrow. notice the wide area of showers across the northern two-thirds of the state tomorrow. snow will continue to mix in with some rain over the sierra. southern california will be a little bit catcher. here in the bay area tomorrow, it will be cool and showery with a high temperature ranging only from 50s near the bay to mainly mid to upper 60s around the bay, 50s on the coast rather, mid to up 60s around the bay and inland. both baseball teams are at home, a's taking on the yankees at
4:42 pm
1:05 tomorrow afternoon. it will be partly included cloudy with a chance of showers at that hour, about 62 degrees. a little later in the afternoon, the giants take on the chicago cubs, at&t parktion the game time is 4:15. there's also a chance of showers here in san francisco for the giants game. temperature about 60 degrees at the start of the game, dropping into the 50s. we've got both teams at home tonight and through the weekend. and conditions are unsettled, not exactly your ideal baseball weather. or larry and ama? >> thank you. giants/cubs, great series. still ahead here on abc 7 news at 4, the backlash after a blogger says the secret to a happy marriage is staying hot for her husband. i'm "7 on your side's" michael finney. as we close in on primary tuesday, what can you do if you receive t
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>> announcer: cupertino. conco concord. wine country. and all the bay area. this is abc 7 news. a blogger is getting a lot of heat for saying the key to a successful marriage is staying hot for your husband. >> her essay is getting a lot of reaction and backlash. abc news reporter kayna whitworth sat down with the newly wood.
4:46 pm
>> reporter: amanda warren published the article "staying hot for my husband is essential for a successful marriage". >> i said, i vow to stay hot for you and to keep trying to look and feel my best for you. >> reporter: penning a blog just weeks after saying "i do". >> i want to give him the gift of having the best possible wife. part of that is looking good. >> reporter: the backlash swift. one woman saying the article made some women feel their looks make them unworthy of long-term love. >> i hate to say that it's different for men and women, but in my house, in my relationship, it is. >> reporter: do you think that other men should try and stay hot for their partners? >> if that makes them happier and that makes them better partners, then of course they should. >> reporter: others twe questioning the newlywed's qualifications. one commenting, come back when you've been married a few years.
4:47 pm
some people are saying they think you're a wee bit early to be dishing out marriage advice. >> this is what works for my own marriage. >> i think i'll feel the same way in 40 years. >> reporter: but relationship expert dr. jessica car bean know says lauren's views are problematic. >> no one gets a divorce and cites attractiveness as the reason. people talk about finances and communication. so i found the article to be really out of touch when what millennials today desire in relationships. >> i feel being your best self is essential for a successful marriage. >> reporter: kayna whitworth, abc news, los angeles. we're hot for finney now. "ask finney," "7 on your side's" michael finney answering questions. we always are, but especially now. i'm eye democrat and received a republican ballot. how do i correct can this in time to vote? >> whoo, i've got to tell you you're asking just in the nick of time u. only have until the
4:48 pm
end of the business day on monday, that's the deadline to register or register as whatever political party member you want to be. so contact your county's voter office immediately, first thing, on monday morning. then you'll be fine. >> anna a. from san leandro -- our landlord sent us a letter saying we must drive the car we park in our assigned parking lot daily. we have more than one car. is that legal? >> it's odd, that's for sure. if you're in the middle of a lease, they can't change the rules on you. they gave you the situation and you're living with it so they can't change that. if you're not in a lease and you're going month to month and they have to give you a 30 days' notice, then they can do it. there's no rules against how they can come up with rules for the property that they rent out. however, if it's a rent-controlled unit, then they might have to give you a reduction so you should take it to your rent control board. >> and aubrey c. from
4:49 pm
brentwood -- is a consumer required to provide a driver's license to completely purchase? is this a law that address thz practice? >> yeah it's april odd law. they're allowed to ask to see your license. there's absolutely no prohibition against that. but they're not allowed to write anything down. so they can take a look at it, make sure it's you, but that's it. they're not allowed to write down the license number, where you live, any personal information. allowed to ask for it, not allowed to write it down. >> michael, thank you. a frozen food recall that began in april has expanded to millions of packages of fruits and vegetables. authorities say the listeria-linked illnesses are connected to products that were shipped to local stores as far back as two years ago. they were shipped to costco, safe way and target stores among others and all from the washington state plant. there's a stark warning about antibiotics. >> the organic industry just set a new sales record. here's jane king with the wellness report. if nothing is done to curb the overuse of antibiotics in humans and livestock, those
4:50 pm
super bugs could eventually kill 1100 people every hour. now, this is according to a final report on antimicrobial resistance from uk economist jim o'neil who produced this and previous research at the request of uk prime minister david cameron. now, the issue is people growing resistance to antibiotics. the report calls for different ant buy ott ibs to be made by drug companies to prevent that disaster from hatching. well, the organic industry is booming according to the results of a recent survey kuktd by the organic trade association. the industry set new records last year with organic product sales hitting a new benchmark of just over $43 billion, up 11% from 2014. the ota says nearly 5% of all food sold in the u.s. and 13 pr of all produce sold is organic. adopting a healthy lifestyle could prevent a huge number of cancer cases and possibly save tens of thousands of lives in the u.s. according to a study in the journal of the american medical association. the harvard and massachusetts general hospital researchers
4:51 pm
considered healthy lifestyle to include moderate or no drinking, a low bmi, weekly physical activity, and either never having smoked or currently not being a smoker. from the nasdaq, i'm jane king. here's to your health. another milestone for lee vise. today the san francisco company is marking the anniversary the date its legendary blue jeans were patent ptd. this is how they looked way back in 1873. levi strauss began his company in 1853 just months after he became an american citizen and moved to san francisco. you can check out the story and pictures on facebook and on our twitter feed at abc 7 news bay area. >> amazing success story after all those years. access 7 news at 4 continues. up next with the long lines at airports across the nation causing chaos, a lot of people are trying to cut. what they're doing to get ahead of the pack. right now dan is here with a look at what's coming up on abc 7 news at 5. coming up, changes for the oakland police department. what it is seeing for the first
4:52 pm
time since 2010. plus -- >> charles lindbergh climbed aboard the spirit of st. louis. >> he made history. now a bay area man is is following in his footsteps. those stories and a lot more when kristen and i see you for abc 7 news at pfeiffe5.
4:53 pm
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tonight, beyond the tank at 8:00, shark tank at 9:00, 20/20 at 10:00, join us at 11:00, the
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search for three prisoners who escaped from alcatraz. a new lead has investigators looking in a different direction. i-team investigator dan noyce tracked down a witness. the exclusive at 11:00. airport traffic is increasing here in the bay area and all around the country as you know, causing long lines at tsa security checkpoints but there is a way around the long lines at least for those who can afford it. abc 7 news reporter laura anthony has the details. >> reporter: the long lines at tsa checkpoints throughout the country have pushed many travelers to the web to sign up for tsa precheck. even if it means forking over some extra money. >> been to chicago lately? >> no, vi not. >> heard the story about it today. >> i haven't had the opportunity to sleep in the airport in a long time, and i don't want that. >> reporter: according to the tsa, the number of applications for tsa precheck has doubled
4:57 pm
this month from 8,000 to 16,000 per day. right now it takes about two weeks for applicants to get their coveted known traveler number. but the tsa warns it can take up to 30 days. those who have applied say it's worth the $85 for five years. >> it was wonderful. it saved a lot of time, makes things a lot easier. >> reporter: meantime, oakland international will bring in extra contract workers next month to help move things along at the tsa checkpoints. >> if those things will do things like devest tur support, meaning reminding people to take off their shoes, put laptops in the bins. >> reporter: sfo already uses contract security while san jose international asks the tsa to add its own staff. to cut down on wait times that have been as long as two hours. in oakland, laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4. i'm lara biel. abc 7 news at 5 begins right now with dan and kristen.
4:58 pm
the mission has to go on. the department has to move forward. >> san francisco's new police chief wastes no time. he is already outlining his top two priorities. a south bay neighborhood on the brink now has a reason to celebrate. a massive fire in southern california, an icon goes up in flames. one firefighter is hurt. also, how a california solar farm just torched itself. and levi's and google are teaming up to help city cyclists. i'm sandhya patel. blustery today. i'll let you know when we trade the winds for showers. your weekend forecast coming up. >> announcer: live from the kgo-tv broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. winds take down a tree and a power line in san mateo. you can see the problem right here as we go close up. and the power is still out right now. >> in fairfield, a wind-driven grass fire is burning two homes and forcing evacuations right now on santa barbara way. we have a crew heading to that
4:59 pm
scene. >> and that same wind is causing its share of problems at sfo. this is a live look at the airport. it is clear, but you know arriving flights have been delayed an average of about an hour and a half today. good evening, i'm kristen sze. >> and i'm dan ashley. interesting day in terms of the weather. let's get right to abc 7 news meteorologist sandhya patel. >> dan and kristen, it is still windy out here right now. there's a chifl in the air. trees and flags are blowing. let me show you live doppler 7 hd. and we'll talk about what is ahead. right now we're just seeing a few clouds, but that is all going to change. as you take a look at the winds gusting to 32 at fairfield right now near that fire, 32 at sfo, 36 novato, still pretty gusty. and as you look at the forecast animation, tonight at 7:00 p.m., it's still going to be breezy to windy, 20 to 25 miles an hour winds. the winds will actually decrease, going into your saturday morning, so they will ease up. but we will replace the wind for this system here that is producing thunderstorms to the north of us, northeast of us,
5:00 pm
and snow in the sierra. this will bring us the potential for some showers that could impact your weekend plans. i'll have the hour-by-hour time line coming up. kristen? >> sandhya, thank you. it may be late may with ski season long over, but the snow is coming down hard tonight in the sierra. you can see the near whiteout conditions at i-80 and castle peak just a few minutes ago. chain restrictions are currently in effect on i-80. be sure to carry emergency supplies if you're headed to the sierra tonight. san francisco's new police chief held his first news conference today, one day after getting the job. he went to chinatown to a housing development where a recent rape has residents understandably worried. vic lee is live in chinatown with the story. vic? >> reporter: well, the new chief answered a lot of questions at his first news conference. he said he had held a meeting with his command staff this morning to discuss expectations, to tell them what to expect going forward.


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