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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  May 20, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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neighborhood dealing with a crisis.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> a wind-driven fire in the east bay. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. it started along santa barbara way. tonight crews are still on the scene. >> leslie brinkly is on the scene as well with developing details. >> it is still dark here and there is no electricity in the neighborhood. fire crews are patrolling for flying embers by some of the houses that were destroyed. police are protecting the neighborhood from vandal. it was fuelled by the grueling winds. >> with the wind it could have been worse. crews will stay in this cul-de-sac all night to make sure embers don't reignite and
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blow to other house rekindling a frightening fast fire. it roared to life at 3:45 from what fairfield police say was a homeless encampment along the hiking trail. it went through the grass to a redwood fence. >> i grabbed the house and i am trying to put it out. neighbors said they could see the flames. >> i have seen it travel from tree to tree and then it caused the house to go up. >> these are the trees that passed the flame like a torch toward the house. within minutes another house was on fire. three structures severely damaged. many rescued pets and belongings. >> it was pretty chaotic. lots of smoke and flames and getting people out.
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>> police evacuated and the fire was under control in under an hour. smoke and fear still linger in the neighborhood. abc7 news. >> 25 people are out of their homes tonight after a two-alarm fire at an apartment complex. it strted around 2:00 on shoreview court. no one was hurt. investigators are not sure how the fire started. new video shows the tree that came crashing down on two power polls knocking out power. they had to chop up the large elm on poplar avenue. a factor here. let's give alive look from the abc7 roof camera. gusty winds continue this evening. you can notice the flag along the embarcadero. let's go to sandhya patel on live doppler 7hd. >> the winds were how long and they have dropped off
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considerably. 18 miles an hour at oakland and 12 miles an hour at sfo and obviously the delays that happened were due to the wind earlier today. live doppler 7hd is showing you the cloud cover. here is the system we are watching. this is the system that brought up to 13 inches of snow at king veil that is unusual. this is the same system that could bring us showers into the weekend. how this storm ranks on the storm impact scale. let's take you to the camera. they are facing long lines and delays because of the wind we are talking about. >> sergio is live at sfo with the situation there and the other wind-related problems across the bay area. sergio? >> plenty of problems at sfo all day long. this evening there was a ground delay program running. some flights were running between 30 minutes and90 minutes behind schedule.
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friday night flights were canceled. >> are you delayed? >> we are very delayed. >> he left at least an hour behind schedule. wind gust pushed the air traffic controllers to delay flights from taking off and 44 flights were canceled. jonathon joyce decided to watch the planes in assisted of of waiting in the terminal. the flight was set to go at 10 ooment 45 and 11 -- at 10:45 and 11:45 now. >> this tree branch snapped and knocked out power to one home. in san francisco, the southbound lane of the great highway was closed because of sand dunes blowing on to the asphalt. the beach was mostly baron. the wind has chased anyone from the beach. >> when you see the sand
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kicking up, i like that, but nobody else does. >> they say the wind was good, but not consistant. it was just enough to get around. >> the guys can go in with the lower winds. we prefer the 20 miles an hour. >> he was among the dozens taking advantage of the gusts. abc7 news. a snowstorm in the sierra has made driving dangerous. cal trans shutdown i-80 in placer county because of spinouts and crashes. that's what you are looking at and this is a look at our tahoe cam. look at all of this precipitation. the spring weather is expected to return on sunday. keep track of the weather where you live with the abc7 news app. download it and enable for push alerts. the police chief laid out his
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plans for the department. abc7 news was in town for the first news conference as chief. his priority is reform in the department. his top two goals is changing the use of force policy and the roll out of body cameras. >> so that we have another said of eyes on the officer involved shootings we have been discussing. >> he will do a top to bottom assessment of the department and meet with the mayor to discuss his strategic plan for reform. new details on the woman shot and killed by san francisco police yesterday. >> the medical examiner identified her as jessica williams and said she was 29 years old. a memorial is growing in the bay view district. that's where a police officer shot her yesterday. police say she rammed a stolen car into a truck and tried to get away. she died at the hospital. the officers involved are on leave as an investigation into the shooting continues. new at 11:00, bart has
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agreed to pay a woman $1.3 million in a lawsuit accusing officers of excessive force. officers arrested megan sheahan on suspicion of public into be location at the bart station. they took her tr jail where bart officers are seen slamming her head into the ground. the fall broke bones in sheahan's face. santa clara county leaders took a stand against reported immigration raids that would target women and children. woiters reported a -- roiters reported -- reauters had plans where they were previously denied. the r5euds will begin in late may and last a month. they have a large number of immigrants and want to protect them. >> it will not fix the immigration system. women and children are coming
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here illegally because they are fleeing violence. it is not like they are coming to take advantage of resources and services. >> a spokeswoman would neither confirm nor deny this report. abc is 7 news at 11:00 continues. they are rushed to the tech giant and used the jaws of life. tonight it was caught on camera. >> it was one of the great histories. three prisoners escaped and were never found. now an eyewitness is coming forward to the eye team's dan noyes. >> and a bear on the run, but not in the wild. th one was
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bat toes and all of the bay area. >> a group of visitors at facebook won't be liking this. 12 people were stuck in an elevator there today. the president of duray and company pr shared this video of the jaws of life forcing the elevator doors open after an hour and a half. it happened in facebook building 20 in menlo park. they thanked firefighters and called it a facebook visit she will never forget. >> no doubt about that. the longest manhunt in u.s. history and one of the most fascinating, the search for three men who escaped from alcatraz 54 years ago. >> the eye team's dan noyes has been digging into a tantalizing lead and has the first important with an eyewitness. >> reporter: ama and dan, some theng the escapees drowned in the bay, but there is no evidence to prove that. now a new lead points in a
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different direction. a death bed connection. a story of betrayal and murder that could help this mystery. >> it is one. greatest mysteries of the 20th century. >> reporter: escape from the federal prison on alcatraz was supposed to be in impossible. in june of 1962 convicted robbers morris, england and his brother clarence posed fake heads in their beds and squeezed through holes chiseled in the concrete and inflated life vests and a raft made from prison raincoats. >> they made it to the water and were never seen or heard from again. >> that was months of labor without being caught. i have to give them credit. >> the lone federal law men hunting the convicts is michael dyke. >> they were able to do what nobody else could do which is get off the island if they lived. >> reporter: this photo taken in 1975 proves the brother made it to freedom. made it to brazil. >> the photograph came from a
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childhood friend. >> reporter: one author studied alcatraz for 30 years. >> he claimed later on that he actually had met up with them and seen them randomly in a bar in brazil. >> reporter: an expert analyzed the photo for the family and said it is most likely a photo of the brothers. the feds say while their expert does not believe it is them, they continue to investigate that lead. now they are on the trail of another lead. >> i got to read this thing called a death bed confession. >> a dying man dictated it to his nurse. he described his role in the escape plot, how he and an accomplice pulled the convicts out of the water and into a boat waiting in the bay. >> i was out on the marina greens. >> retired san francisco police inspector may be the one man who can connect the dots. the off duty cop was gazing out at the bay from marina green and saw something that didn't look right. >> a big white boat and all of the lights were off and the motor was off and it was just
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sitting there. >> he says he didn't see anybody on the boat, but after a few minutes. >> a spotlight or a big flashlight flashed into the water. >> really? like they were searching? >> he didn't learn about the escape until the next day. he filed a report and spent day answering fbi agentses' questions. >> you think they were on there? >> i think they were on the boat, yeah. >> he hasn't read the death bed confession, but if it is true it validates his suspicions about the boat 54 years ago. >> i know he saw something that was not right that night. >> the manhunt won't end until morris and the england brothers are arrested determined to be dead or turn 99 years old. until then -- >> there is no closure. there is no way to say what really happened. >> for every piece of evidence that would suggest these guys died, there is another piece of evidence that is equally as strong that makes it so that they survived. >> the death bed confession
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said they were taken by boat north to the seattle area, but there the escapees were betrayed by their two accomplice. they say the convicts were murdered for their money and buried near a highway and their bodies have yet to be found. dan and ama? >> a great mystery. >> definitely. thank you, dan. a rare sight in vacaville today. this driver spotted a black bear running through this neighborhood west of downtown. >> he recorded it scampering through a yard and hoping a fence to escape. he came out of the nearby green spice looking for food. there is no great danger to the public, but do not approach them. >> leave them alone. the weekend is upon us. >> meteorologist sandhya patel is checking on our weather. sandhya? >> and it has been changing all this week, dan and ama. interesting weather week today. we went from the rainy conditions that are coming, but -- sorry we went from the heat to the chill to now the rainy conditions we are expecting.
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live doppler 7hd is showing you the clouds that are moving in. we did see the snow in the sierra nevada. it has tapered and the winter weather advisory has been expired. it is no longer in affect. take a look at this time lapse camera. we saw the snow showers and at one point it was coming down so heavily they had to shutdown part of 80. the snow accumulated over a foot at some locations above 5500 feet. now it is okay to see an inch or two in may, but to see this kind of snow is really not that normal for this time of year. temperatures are in the 50s across the entire bay area. as you notice from our sfo camera the clouds are gathering. it is not as windy as it was. it is still breezy in spots. chance of showers for tomorrow. we are looking at below average conditions as far as temperatures into next week. bringing the storm impact scale, as you know we were rating storms one to five.
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one is a light system and five is a severe storm. most of the storms during the winter and spring have been one's and two's. the current system we are watching is a one. possibility of showers tomorrow and most areas will get less than .15 of an inch and there is a slight chance of thunder accompanying this system. here is your hour by hour time line. tonight we are seeing the clouds at 11:00 p.m., brut -- but we go into the morning hours and we may see a few showers developing. light and scattered in nature. notice at 10:00 a.m. as well. it is not going to be a widespread rain event. if you have activities you need to do get out and about. i wouldn't change your plans, just make sure you have your um bream law han -- umbrella handy. you notice around 2:00 p.m. the showers shift to the east. we will keep an isolated shower to 11:00 p.m. on saturday night. and then the second half of your weekend is fine. as far as rainfall totals
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anywhere from a few hundredths of an inch to about 1500ths, 1600ths at the most. typically we get . sick 0 to -- .60 to three quarters of an inch. we are closer to june, but it is not unheard it. scattered showers when you get going tomorrow morning and then tomorrow afternoon we will keep it on the cooler side of normal. today's high temperatures will drop and 58 in half moon bay and 60 in san francisco. definitely one of those days where you need to keep a sweater handy. santa rosa and 65 antioch and 63 livermore and 65 san jose. the accu-weather of the is, one on the impact scale, dry on sunday and milder and then the temperatures will remain in the 50s to 70s range until we get to the middle and latter part of the week. warmer by then. ama and dan? >> that will be
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bay area fog can now drink it. they have just released five point vodka. they have collected enough water vapor. >> the fog has a delicate flavor. the cost is $125 a bottle. >> that's to pay for the water vapor chaserses. an interesting job description. >> hi, larry. what do you have? >> 60% water. the gentes lost in the fog tonight against one of the best pitchers in baseball who
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had some help from his friends. it comes at a
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in game one of the series with the best team in baseball. the cubs came to down with a record of 28 and 11 and with their ace on the mound he called him a monster out there. the first batter of the game blasted the triple. he turns on the jets and makes the catch. but he crashes head first into the wall i was worried about his neck he would leave with torso and abdominal injury. r.b.i single and 1-0 cubbies. he has clout. a three-run homer and five-run second and jake peavy's second shortest outing of the year.
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the giants fall 8 to 1 ending an eight-game winning streak. he broke his left thumb and he is out four to six weeks. what has happened to sonny gray? and carlos beltran.t there. i love the cocoa, but he miss plays the ball. a two-run double. three and a third innings and allowed five runs on six hits. his e.r.a is up and over 10. eight strikeouts from six innings as the yankees win it 8-3. when steph curry goes into the trainer's room what do you think they look at first? his ankle, knee or elbow? it is the steph curry variety of pack. steph injured his elbow diving into the stand and going for a loose ball. the mvp says the elbow it
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>> i need that picture. that is something to remember. he took that moment to document it. it was a picture of me and draymon and he was taking in the moment. >> the sharks will host the bluess in game four and their series is tomorrow afternoon. st. louis is switching goalies m alan is no push over. he posted six shutouts this year. who ever is in goal the shark have a sear retes lead and they have to stay aggressive. >> i think our first game was the worst of the three. we know they are going to want to regroup and play a great game for us. it will be a great challenge. >> abc7 sports is brought to you by riverwalk casino. don't forget that that game
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live -- >> a hazmat scare lead to a scare in the mailroom. >> the abc7 news team covers your neighborhood. >> san jose. >> burlingame. >> highway 4 in pittsburgh. >> your story. >> you have questions and we have answers. >> i am glad 7 on your side is here. you do a lot of good work for people. >> choose the news where you live. >> choose the team that works for you. >> live in pleasant hill. abc7 news. >> that's it for our report.
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we appreciate your time. >> right now on gym mooy "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight, bryan cranston. from "roots," anika noni rose. and music from joanna newsom. and now, here's jimmy kimmel! [ applause ] >> jimmy: thank you for watching. thanks to all of you for coming. it's very nice.


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