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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  May 23, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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where you can drop off the ballot and another that says "drop ballot here." of course the vote sign is not big enough and they need an extra one. a lot of people are register asking a lot of people have already voted in big numbers. a company that provides voter information to candidates and consultants said 1.5 million new people have registered since january 1. the registration numbers are nearing what california saw the past two general losses. can you give a last credit to facebook, with 200,000 more california voters registered last monday and tuesday when the company put a voter registration button on news feeds. while today is the last day to register to vote bernie sanders supporters are trying to get the deadline extended. the "los angeles times" reports that a federal lawsuit alleging
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widespread confusion over california's presidential primary rules have been filed trying to extend voter registration past the deadline so the actual primary election day of june 7. several different rallies and voter registration of veterans are held across the bay area. check out for more information on that. >> alameda will hold a special midnight madness vote are registration drive tonight from 5:00 to midnight at the course house on 13th street. california primary is june 7, in two weeks. >> hillary clinton is fighting for the latino vote in california. bill clinton is campaigning for hour throughout the day in fresno with the co-founder of the united farm workers. voter registration among hispanics is up but they are leaning more toward board of directors bernie sanders. click click is helping to change that in the central valley. >> bernie sanders is campaigning
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in the state at two rallies in southern california. for week the pressure has grown to exit the presidential race but he said he still has a good chance to win the democratic nomination. he would implement a jobs program to lower unemployment and help next america's water systems and bridges and helping on a record-setting turn out next month. on respect side donald trump is expected to meet with tennessee senator bob corker at trump tower in new york city. this is speculation he is in the running new to possibly be a v.p. running mate. the 63-year-old has become a key figure in policy negotiations with the obama administration. >> this morning, friends of a murdered man are fearing for their safety although the accused killers are behind bars. keith green was missing in april and his body was found early this month. this morning, we have the interview with his friends you will see only here.
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tiffany? >> a welcome raid at a peninsula mansion resulted in the arrest of his former girlfriend and her current boyfriend. the sheriff confirms that a third opinion is in custody but they have not released their name. tiffany li is in san mateo county sheriff's custody charged with conspiracy and murder. her current boyfriend is in jail on the same charges. the two shared two children together and he was last seen alive at a pancake house and was supposed to meet tiffany to discuss custody details but never return. a friend of keith's spoke with abc7 and would only speak? we concealed their identity. they were afraid because they say she is from a very wealthy and powerful family that could retaliate even though she is in jail. >> any question she could have been part of this? >> in. several threats to keith throughout the whole battle both from tiffany and the boyfriend
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threatening. >> the two children were with tiffany li's parents at the hoax raid by deputy over the weekend. >> thank you. the c.h.p. is trying to determine in there has been idea another shooting on an east bay freeway. they responded to a call of shots fire westbound 580 near richmond. they are not sure in anyone was hurt because they did not fine the victim or suspect. there have been a string of shootings over the past six months and some tied to gang activity. >> investigators are back at a home after a terrible fire. a five-year-old boy died and his mother is she variously hurt can they are try to determine in it was intentionally set. the fire was first reported before 10:00 a.m. yesterday. neighbors attempted to rescue the little boy after hearing screams from his mother. she suffered second- and third-degree burns. a teen son suffered minor buns.
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firefighters say the home is a total loss. >> warm weather made it difficult for firefighters in martinez to put out the two alarm house fire. it started before 8:00 with investigators believing food last on the stove started the fire. half of the house burned. >> firefighters in monterey county are hopping to have a wailed fire contained by noon. 4,000 acre fire broke out yesterday at 3:30. no one has been hurt. no homes are threatened. officials are concerned that pg&e power lines could start fire causing major power loss. a fire now is 20% contained. >> south san francisco police are looking for four men involved in a brutal attack on the trail a popular place for hiking and bicycling. at midnight on sunday the suspects knocked a man off of his bicycle, punched him, kicked him, and stole all of his stuff. the victim ran to the san bruno
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bart station where the victim called police. the men were last seen running toward south maple avenue. >> president obama is calling the ban on the sale military -- lifting the pan on military equipment to vietnam after 50 years. the president said he hopes the move will help normalize relations between the two. he announced the peace corps is coming to vietnam for the first time. >> we are taking steps to give our young people the knowledge and skills they need to succeed and i an pleased that for the first time the peace corps will come to vietnam. our peace corps volunteers will focus on teaching english and the friendship our people forged will bring us closer together for decades to come. >> president obama also witnessed the signing of a record $11.3 billion deal between boeing and local airlines. >> you can get a look at land for california's high-speed rail protect. and how it could impact where you live. many are concerned the 51 miles
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of track will affect the flow traffic. tonight you can give your input at a meeting at 5:00 p.m. >> coming up on 4:37. in san francisco, you can check out the temperatures running anywhere from west portal at 51 to ocean beach right here and crissy field and bayview at 54 degrees. moving out and temperatures are the same in not four degrees warmer than this time yesterday. he'llsburg and palo alto and safer together and santa clara in the mid-to-upper 40s and the rest of us in the low-to-mid 50s. you can see the sea breeze blowing in right new and it will be another cooler than average day with tree pollen and moderate grass pollen and the u.v. index is high. from mount tamalpais you can see how clean the air is right new, and we will see clouds gather as we have a slight chance a stray shower today, tomorrow, and to a lesser extent on wednesday when the temperatures are well below average with warm wear weather.
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that is coming up in the seven-day forecast. sue? >> in walnut creek now, with a look at 680 southbound, traffic is slowing nice lion north main to highway 24 with no problems here through the san ramon valley it is looking great. our traffic map is great we have slow traffic from tracy but it is typical. we will check on the road work. we go through the tube closed until 5:00 a.m. for another 20 minutes. can you take park. also, highway 13, northbound, from highway 580 to 24 you will find the lanes are closed. back with a look at 9 bay bridge commute. >> san francisco's acting police chief extended an onlyive breach with a vow chaplin is making to the community. >> national anthem mixup lands the padres in hot
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>> san rafael, south bay, pleasanton and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> a baltimore judge is expected to issue a verdict today for one of the six police officers charged in the death of freddie gray. 25-year-old black man died of spinal a injuries after being shackled in the back of a police van without a seatbelt. the officer nero arrested him without probable cause and was negligent in not buckling him.
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>> the attorneys say it was the driver's responsibility to secure the detainees in the van. >> san francisco's anxiousing police chief is promising to work with the community to help regain the trust of the people. >> i am taking steps to talk to the folks protesting and those that have already supported the police department and the folks somewhere in middle reaching across the table because i think the olive branch has to be extended and i am doing that. >> we were at third baptist church when the chief chaplin spoke yesterday at the meeting telling the congregation he has two goals, reforming the department's "use-of-force" policy and rule out body cameras. he replaced police chief suhr who resigned after the city's latest deadly police shooting. >> today a submarine is going to dive deep into the mediterranean looking for the black boxes from flight 804 key information as the mystery of what brought down the plane remains.
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>> our reporter has the latest from washington. >> good morning, search crews have been coming the mediterranean sea for any sign of egyptaair 804 since it disappeared on tuesday. the backup is on the way, officials say a so far ship is expected to help in the search today. >> united states navy pilots on the job over the mediterranean sea. >> today we are going out to help with the search-and-rescue efforts. >> using state-of-the-art sensors, debris was found including a shoe, hand bag, and tatter seats. >> the egypt army deepened the search. >> an egyptian submarine now being deployed to the area where officials believe the plane want down. the submarine can dive 10,000' below the surface and the navigators hope to fine the airbus black boxes. during the final minutes of the flight, multiple smoke sensors going off and it could indicate
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that this was error or terrorism. the u.s. government is trying to find out would had access to the plane during the last 24-48 hours before it disappeared. >> thank you. new details today on the deaths of prince, the music ledge end may have been dead for hours before the body was found. a source confirmed that the singer was likely dead for six hours inside the elevator at the estate before he was discovered. employees say prince rarely used the elevator, decide to take the stairs custody and used it because he was unwell. the cause of death is fought announced and toxicology results are expected today. >> the san diego gay men's chorus want an investigation into an embarrassing incident. ♪ by the dawn's early light >> can hear the problem the
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group was scheduled to perform the national anthem before the home game on saturday but they went on the fooled to sing but rather than their voices being heard, a recording of a. with's singing was broadcast on the p.a. system account chorus said no attempt was made to stop the recording and they want to know in it was intentional. the team apologized and punished the person responsible for playing the recorded track. >> the nba will review a flagrant foul from draymond green to decide in further discipline is necessary kicking a thunder center in the groin area in the first half of the game three blow out loss in oklahoma city, the dubs all star said the kick was accidental. the n.b.a. has the option of deciding to suspend green for game four or to fine him. the thunder crushed the warriors 133-105 taking a 2-1 seriously. >> and the series goes back to
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oracle arena on thursday, and in necessary game six is on home court on saturday. >> shark fans are in downtown san jose for a watch party trying to rebound from the game four 4 loss at the final series. it starts a two game play. >> mike has the weather. >> good morning, everyone, you do not need the umbrella but there is a stray shower possible today and you can see the next three hours the best chance to our north and right over the ocean so we will look at what it looks like from the east bay hills camera, it is breezy and it will be in spotsed to like yesterday, and hear are the he light -- the highlights with below average highs and stray showers and warmer and brighter and dry weekend is on the way. here is the temperature 71 in antioch you are thes exception and most us around 63 to 68 and 59 in half moon bay to 62 in san
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francisco. and for our lows upper 40s to mid-50s with a sprinkle around or two. we will look at what is happening, our best chance of seeing anything is mainly up across the for the bay as we hold into afternoon hours you can see around lake and mendocino counties and that is it, when we get to 7:00 or 8:00, we lose the heating and the rainfall amounts are sporadic, with almost nothing. my seven-day forecast shows temperatures are going to remain well below average until at least thursday and we will get back to average and this weekend it is warmer-than-average away from the coast. sue? >> good morning, everyone. we are looking at light conditions across the bay bridge with no metering lights on this morning, and i will tell you in the eastbound direction they are pushing a stall off at treasure island so i am not seeing tremendous slowing there but be aware if you are headed out of the city eastbound. the road work that is out there, green on the roads is good. that manns everyone is at the
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limit. 880 both directions through fremont are not expensing slow traffic but they did have lanes blocked off for road work this and we will look at the central valley coming out of tracy with slow traffic up and over the altamont pass and as you can see the speeds pick up nicely the we will look at the south bay commute in a few. >> discovering the mysteries of the sea, coming up the changes a special ship is finding off the bay area coast because of el nino. >> if you hit the a.t.m. new malware that could give the bad guy all of your cash but, first, america's minute. >> topping america's minute, another interest rate hike could be just days away. >> wall street is waiting to see what the federal reserve will do over the weekend, a top official said the economy is close to showing the conditions needed for a rate hike in june. the rate hike means credit card rates go up. >> angry birds ruled knocking "can't mc," identity of -- out
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of first place bringing in $39 million in sales. "sore -- and clearing the heap laugh try on the new map in the car. it has become contagious closing in on 135 million views. she will be on "good morning america" later this morning. that is ameri
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>> the abc7 news app on the go on your schedule. >> fingers crossed, crews can put the finishing town on san francisco's tallest structure. workers were supposed to hoist the head on a 92' venus sculpture but the strong winds stopped the plans the sculpture is the centerpiece of a large public art collection loathed in the courtyard of trinity place apartment complex at market and 8th. this is what it will look like when completed, it is shorter than the statue of liberty. >> in southern california the c.h.p. said the mechanical specialist will inspect a shuttle to determine the cause of a crash that sent 26 to the hospital. six are considered serious. the bus hit a car and flipped on its side on highway 330 year afternoon. the church members say the brakes appeared it go out coming
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bam from a church retreat. >> police are warning neighbors about a coyote that trapped two hike others yesterday morning. they said the coyote approached them and their dogs in a menacing way. the officers arrived and managed to chase the coyote away without hurt it. >> 160,000 baby sal mop were released from the harbor at half moon bay. they were raised in a hatchery and trucked to the bay area. the salmon had wires embedded in their snout to be identified later. they are among 35 million salmon being released into the rivers and the ocean to ensure their survival. >> and the long journey ahead. >> if you are hit the a.t.m. there is a new way crabs are trying to steal your money with a new malware considered across the united states. unlike the commonly known skimming devices that attach to the front of the a.t.m. and steal the data it turns the
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whole a.t.m. into a skimming device, they hack it remotely like any computer and steal your money. how do you recollect your self? you can't. experts say. it is invisible to customers and sometimes even the bank. >> that is not reassuring. >> find a penny pick it up and you will have good luck all day, it is "lucky penny day." yes. when you are out today keep an cry for a penny because, would knows, it could change your life. >> it can't hurt. >> you could get a glare off of it as the sun is in between the clouds. we will look at the warming continued i talk about with the average high in san jose at 76 degrees. we will not get there until thursday but we will flirt with 80s friday and saturday and sunday. today, at at&t park, we will have padres here at 57 dropping to 55 under partly sunny skies.
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grab a hoodie. we have thunderstorms are possible in lake tahoe and yosemite but a few showers around san diego and los angeles add mid-60s to 70. >> 101 at 880 the overcrossing and looking great, the headlights headed northbound direction and 880 freeway is looking great with no delays traveling to the north from san jose. green is good. on the road sensors. not too much slow traffic. but out of tracy in the central valley it is typical. done here and we along at the mass transit openings this a few minutes. >> mosquitoes carrying the zika virus are expected in the united states in the next month. the mosquitoes that trance mate zika virus are striped 80, officials are bracing to prevent a widespread outbreak of the virus that is believed linked to
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birth defects. more than 500 members already have zika virus but all the cases are travel-related cases and now the mosquito soap is apporaching people would have never left the united states will start contracting the disease. >> seven people are dead after a volcano in western indonesia erupted blasting clouds of ash two miles into the sky. the victims on saturday were working in an area declared unsafe because of the proximity to the volcano. it has been dormant for four centuries before reviving in 2010, killing two people. an eruption in 2014, killed 16. >> a research ship in the ocean off the bay area is back new from the latest voyage. we were along the embarcadero in san francisco for essential show of the ship. the group got back from nine days on the ocean counting sea birds, marine mammals and the fish they eat.
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they do this several times a year to hook for changes in the objection dean sonoma and san mateo county. they are seeing a marked difference. >> there are interesting and different things with the warm water conditions we have had the last couple of years. >> the killer whale was spotted and an endangered hawaiian bird. >> he was there when the benghazi attack occurred and tells why the state department failed the diplomats, according to a former klay agent. >> fewer traffic citations in san francisco and why it may not be good. stay tuned.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> coming up on 5:00, i am natasha zouves. >> i am reggie aqui. >> welcome to monday. it is happening. mike? >> beings, everyone. you may not need the umbrella but in the north bay you can see we are tracking a few showers around mendocino and headed over to lake built. most us wake up under clouds. we will see the clouds increasing today.


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