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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  May 23, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> coming up on 5:00, i am natasha zouves. >> i am reggie aqui. >> welcome to monday. it is happening. mike? >> beings, everyone. you may not need the umbrella but in the north bay you can see we are tracking a few showers around mendocino and headed over to lake built. most us wake up under clouds. we will see the clouds increasing today. temperature is 47 to 54 and the
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day planner headed to noon is 56 to 66 and at 4:00, 56 and a few 70s inland but they will be the exception. we will look at the showers coming up. sue? >> starting off monday morning pretty will with no serious problems. we will check with the mass transit, 34 bart trains are on time and ace train one last stockton on time headed into vasco and caltrain up and down the peninsula not a problem when they are rolling it is a great way do go. we watch the zipper truck move from three to four lanes in the southbound commute and two lanes northbound through marin county with 20-25 minutes from highway 37 in novato to san francisco. we will come back and look at the bay bridge in a few minutes. >> developing news investigators are back on the scene of a fire today in vallejo, two people are hurt in a five-year-old boy is dead. neighbors tried to rescue him after the mother ran out, burned, screening for help. amy hollyfield is at the scene.
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amy? >> yes, this is unusual, look behind me, there are two officers who have been assigned to watch over this house. and protect the scene. they will not let us on that side of the street. no one is allowed near the house. here is what it looked live after the fire was put out. this happened at 9:50 yesterday morning on stella street. a file-year-old boy died inside the home despite attempts to save him. >> cooled the woman off, and asked where the baby was and started to go in...i could only get halfway through the living room. >> the mother was taken to the hospital with second- and third-degree burns. a teen son got out okay. >> police say investigators will rob be here around 8:00 this morning looking into whether this fire was set on purpose.
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>> a sad story. >> police say an ex-girlfriend killed a missing millbrae man. this morning we know that two others were in custody in connection with the getting. keith green was last seen alive in april. authorities in sonoma found his body usually this month. police arrested green's ex-girlfriend, tiffany li during a saturday morning raid at a hillsborough mansion. she is charged with conspiracy and murder. her current boyfriend, kaveh bayat is on jail on charges. a third person is not nameed. green had two childrens with li. they are with her parents. >> smash and grab thieves made off with firearms at a gun store yesterday. police believe that theives used a heavy object like a car to smash the front the store. they grabbed guns and other property and took off. >> new reports say fewer people in san francisco are getting traffic tickets.
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more people are getting pulled over for driving dangerously according to the "san francisco examiner" 7,600 fewer citations have been issued compared to last year and 2,000 more for the tight most dangerous driving behaviors including speeding, running red lights, failing to yield to pedestrians at crosswalks, and failing to yield while making a left or u turn and running stop signs. >> a former c.i.a. contractor who helped fight off terrorists in benghazi is in the bay area. his story was turned from a back to a movie this year. lilian kim was in san rafael speaking to republicans about what happened in the critical moments right before chris stovens and three other americans lost their lives. >> i was a ranger. >> he is one of the few who knows what happened in enif gaza four years ago. he spoke to the marine g.o.p.
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lincoln reagan dinner in san rafael. >> the state department failed us. that is not a political statement. that is a fact. >> his stories with told in the back "13 hours," can was later turned into a movie released this year. he was among a group of former special ops soldiers hired by the c.i.a. to provide security in benghazi, libya, the group that defied orders to stand down when the consulate was unterrorist attack, on september 11, 2012. >> you want to get down to the exact words, wait five minutes into it stand down we were told to 15 minutes later, another wait, 25 minutes into it and that last is when we decideed to make a team decision and said we need to go. >> he has no idea why his team was told to stand down. he believes they were dispatched from the beginning some of the americans including ambassador stevens who be alive. >> he should not have died. he was history out to dry. he was a guy a patriot and
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benghazi people loved him. >> at house committee investigating the benghazi attack said it will release the report before the democratic and g.o.p. conventions in july. as for the author, it will reach the masses when "13 hours," is released on dvd next month. >> an abc exclusive, tom brady, is aping the four game suspension imposed bit nfl with the tons saying they will file their appeal with the second united states circuit court of appeals today. today is the last day for the san mateo native to appeal the deflate-gate ruling. last in a court ruleed that he must serve a four game suspension for use of underinflated footballs in january of 2013. the lawyers asked the second court of appeals to rehear the case and talk about the suspension. >> today in secret oh, state senator jerry hill will join mothers against drunk driving members to urge pass average of a bill that keeps convicted
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drunk drivers off the road. the legislation would require ignition interlock to be installed on the cars belonging to all convicted drunk drivers in california. the bill must be passed by the senate appropriations committee by friday. >> tomorrow the san jose city council will approve the google construction plan to install fiber cables across the city. it is the final step in launching the lightning fast internet service in the south bay. last week, city leaders and google released a these year land to start trenching streets in every neighborhood to install fiber cables. construction could begin bird this summer. >> we will start along the east bay, good morning, with tell running from 51 in berkeley and a lot of us around 55 to 56 and inland, castro valley, 52 and orinda is 49. we will check out the other neighborhoods in the 48 at napa and santa rosa and nevada at 50, san francisco 53, mountain vie and leften at 52, and san jose
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at 51. and the activity lander today, everyone is good whether it is walking the dog, cool to comfortable, and not too breezy if you are kayaking. here is a look at walnut creek you can see how clean the air is this morning, 60s to nearly 70 today, tomorrow and wednesday. a lot of cloud cover out this and once to a while you will see a cloud letting go of a sure. i will show you exact where i think it will happen today coming up with a big warming trend in the weekend forecast. sue? >> hard to believe it is memorial day weekend coming up already. time is fly. the bay bridge toll plaza shows the right-hand side cash-paying lanes are set, and maybe stay to the left if you are paying cash, but though metering lights and green is good with slow traffic out of tracy and the central valley. we will look at that commute in a few minutes. we have reports coming into the dublin/pleasanton area, westbound 580, a car is off to the right hand shoulder so be
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aware. i am not seeing too much slow traffic making your way westbound on 580, again, though, we will check back with the commute from tracy and the central valley in the next report. guys? >> millions of people suffer mini strokes and there is one thing to do to make a difference. >> c.h.p. officers fine themselves in a slow speed pursuit on a bay area highway. what it took to get the wander
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,. >> fremont, palo alto, north bay, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> happening today a risky -- iraqi government forces are retakeing part of iraq from the isis an area 40 miles west of baghdad that has been under isis control for two years. >> the debt 6 a taliban leader could mark a turning point after mansour's vehicle was hit this weekend. the top command are said he was an obstacle to peace and the death is a major blow to insurgent forces. >> labels of budweisers will be substituted with the word "america." beer cans and bought olds will have united states icons like the statute of lynnty and phrases from the pledge of allegiance and lyrics from "america the beautiful," and
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"star spangled banner." >> taking aspirin is the best thing you can do after suffering a mini stroke and could prevent a full blown stroke. researchers in england said taking aspirin immediately after a mini stroke significantly reduces the risk of a major strong by up to 80%. >> the biggest single day in a charity event ever was right here in the bay area. >> the community presbyterian church of danville kicked off the inaugural day with a thousand volunteers mobilizing and helped feed the homeless, cooked for first responders, and cleaned and provided services for battered women and the list goes on. it helped people in danville and oakland and pittsburg and richmond and san ramon. the event draw so much support that organizers ran out of volunteer opportunities and that is what you want to have. >> >> absolutely. and hopefully some of people. come back and make difference.
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>> lovely to hear. now, mike? >> happy monday. so far, getting owe the door is good because you do not have to deal with wet weather and met of it is stay to the north or the west through the morning commute. we will check owe the beautiful picture from our exploritorium camera at pier 15, normally we look at sun for the beautiful images we cap tour and i put on at twitter with the sun putting up a high bar. highs are falling short of average with partly sunny skies and tray showers today and tomorrow and wednesday and a warmer holiday weekend is on tap. we will look at the temperatures today, along the cost upper 50s to 62 in san francisco, and 63 to 69 for the rest of us, and antioch is the outlier at 71. the best radar is around lake and hen dough send county in the afternoon and tonight there could be a sprinkle with most of us dry and upper 40s to mid-50s. the radar shows nothing going on
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through the lunch hour. as we head to 1:00, it starts to develop northern part of sonoma county, and mendocino and lake counties, heading off to the east as we head to the evening and falling apart. now, what will happen in the seven-day forecast, we are caught under a stray shower you could get a small amount of rain with a slight chance after thunderstorm each day. it is so flat i kept it out the forecast. what you will notice it is cooler than average until thursday and we are back to average and average to warmer over the weekend away from the coast. >> a look at the east shore freeway. traffic is solid stream of headlights. it is moving fairly nicely from golden gate field to the to which the scene beyond university avenue to emeryville and powell street making the curve berkeley curve to the toll plaza it is 15 members. that is all the way in to san francisco. looking good.
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green is good. we have slow traffic from the central valley. we will look at the early accident on the shoulder and that is not causing any slow traffic. right here you can see from 205 at tracy up and over the altamont pass you are looking at 45 minutes into livermore where we have the speeds picking up. it is looking good into dublin/pleasanton. so far. we will look at the drive type -- times next report. >> watch this video. >> officers say this could be the slowest pursuit. ever. this is a real wild goose chase on i-80 in berkeley. these are baby geese trying to cross the freeway this weekend and it caused quite a traffic jam. stores finally managed to get the geese and they got them safely back into the bay. >> who could forget the sow particular powered airplane fly
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around the world that stopped here. it has made it to dayton, ohio, lasting on saturday after take off from oklahoma city. it will end in the middle east where it began in march of last area. solar impulse two is aiming to get to new york in the next couple of weeks' it crosses the atlantic. that is the big leg of the trip. the last big leg. >> nasa's first mission to gather samples from an asteroid will launch in september arriving at kennedy space center in florida. it will be placed on a massive turn table to test the spin balance avalanching in spot, then it will travel 200 million miles. scientists hope to learn how the earth formed and are they pieces of ice left over from hundreds
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of millions of years ago. here is tech bytes. >> closer to a modular phone, google has a working prototype for a smartphone with interchangeable parts you can update just the outdated part or give it special features for a special event. say the stare climbing wheelchair has not been available for a while because it was too expensive by toyota is helping the original developer create a more affordable version with no word on how much it will cost. >> twitter loved the billboard music awards on abc. the show trended all night. britney's big performance of the greatest hits was topped with twitter users and pink's crazy performance was popular, and we have a lot more from the ceremony later. those are the tech bytes. >> pink for longer live on the ground. she is amazing.
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aemojis started as a handful of yellow faces and now there are a thousand on the phone and 70 more are coming out next month. >> i need more. >> we will reveal the little known group of engineers who get to decide which emojis come out next. we will show you how you can have a say in this. >> a san francisco company has earned the top prize in a federal competition for wearable biosensor devices. backtrack device is a wristband that monitors your alcohol level. this is the video of the device. doctors can use the information to accurately measure a drinking history and customize treatment plans. it is seeking regulatory approval and hopes to have it on the market by the end the year. >> this year's fair is called a huge success, and we were at the event center this weekend for the festival a celebration of innovation, creativity and resourcefulness. look at the robots.
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>> are they dancing? >> robot body rolls. >> they are doing the run man. very popular. >> the event showcases what can be made and sharing what you learn with hundreds of thousands of people. [laughter] >> this is so much makes me laugh and i is soon it continue times now. the video has made a texas woman a viral sensation. her joy over her new mask we has received more than 128 million views in three days. with that fame comes perks. at a kohl's store they sure surprised her with maps and toys for the kids. she amonged that she bought her mask at kohl's so that is the connection and she received the compliment from the actor would
5:21 am
played the figure, and it is called "wonderful video." we will hear from the woman on "good morning america" at 7:00. >> seven things you need to know >> also, madonna pays tribute to prince at billboard music rewards. >> the rabie was not so pleased on social media. >> a rescue at sea
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vote, today is the last day to do so ahead of the calgon 7 primary. for detail on where to register we have information on >> four, we have clouds but most of the shoulder are to the north. we will focus on our temperatures which are anywhere from 4-11 degrees below average kicking off summer this weekend and i do have waller weather in the seven-day forecast. >> we are following your monday morning commute in the traffic center with a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, c.h.p. said this is some sort of hazard there and you can see a bit of a stack up on the right hand lane so we will check back and see in they can give us further details in a few minutes. >> still no sign of the black box from egyptaair 804 with teams recovering parts of the wreckage and passenger's personal belongings. though do not know what brought down the flight with 66 people. >> the nab will review this play
5:25 am
by the warriors' draymond green where he kicked a thunder player in the groin resulting in a foul yesterday in the game and it could lead to green sitting out game four tomorrow night. >> two climbers from india are missing on mount everest with the search after three climbers died in less than a week on the tallest mountain. one fell, two died from altitude sickness of it is something that can affectesten the most experienced climbers. >> a climber can develop at duty sickness anywhere, and colon suddenly with in warning. >> more than 250 people have died trying to climb the mountain. a mountain guide from lake tahoe and his friend are climbing ever of the right now documenting the entire experience on snap chap. >> nine people are safe after a terrify hot air balloon trip that landed in the water off the coast of australia after running low on fuel. a boat came to the ballooners'
5:26 am
rescue. the basket descended on to the boat and allowed the passenger off. one by one. no one was hurt. >> we have another full 90 minutes of news including a major announcement of president obama overnight on our future with vietnam. >> bill clinton comes to california and where the former president will campaign and the power
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning, coming up on 5:30. i am regular. >> a it is monday. >> we will get you through it. it is the 23rd and meteorologist mike nicco is bring us a chance of a shower. right? a little bit of a chance. the last whole week of may you can see along the mendocino coast sliding into northern sonoma and possibly lake county.
5:29 am
the rest of us are darting inside and outside of the clouds you can see from mount tamalpais and start off in the low-to-mid 60s so cool this morning. as we head through the day we will stay in the mid-to-upper 50s at the coast. more on the timetables coming up. >> we that at san rafael and the drive subbeyond the for the gate mall looking from and from novato into the city, it is 25 minutes, not bad at automatic. over all the general map is green, and we have slow traffic from the central valley, fairly typical, and a car fire near san jose and southbound 880 near the alameda, we will check back and see in they have that out in the next report. >> we are tracking breaking news from the east bay right now, firefighters are dealing with a house fire in antioch. it break out on pecan street. everyone made it out because of a police officer would rescued a woman. we are receiving more details
5:30 am
and bring you the update when we get new information from firefighter on the scene. >> today the deadline to register to vote in california's primary and that is a big problem. according to some bernie sanders supporters who now are suing to push the deadline back. matt? >> more than two weeks to turn in your ballots at one of the stays at the registrar of voteers in santa clara county or other drop off locations throughout the bay area. but you have only until today to resolution step to vote that could change in bernie sanders get that are wear l is widespread confusion over the presidential primary rules has been filed. they are trying to extend voter regular station beyond today's deadline until the primary election on june 7. the judge has yet to make a rule on that. a lot of votes are on the line and political data, a company that provides voter information
5:31 am
said that so far more than 1.5 million new people have registered to vote since january 1 and the register is what has been seen in california the past two john theres with credit to facebook for the surge and the mercury news said 200,000 more in california registered through the social networking site last monday and tuesday and the company put a voter registration button on news feeds, several different rallies and vote are registration events are held across the bay area today and in santa cruz county with more information at >> alameda county will held a special midnight madness vote are registration drive tonight in oakland. it runs from 5:00 to midnight at courthouse at 13th treat. the california primary is june 7, two weeks from tomorrow. hillary clinton is fighting for the latino vote in california. bill clinton is campaigning for hillary clinton through the day in fresno with an event with the co-founder united farm workers.
5:32 am
registration among hispanics is up but they lean to bernie sanders and bill clinton is hoping to change that today. >> bernie sanders campaigning in the state today and will be at two rallies in southern california. for weeks pressure has been grow on bernie sanders to exiting the race. he said that he still has a good chance to win the democratic nomination. bernie sanders would implement a jobs program to lower unemployment and help fix america's roads, bridges and water systems and is counting on a record-setting turnout in the primary. on the republican side, trouble trump is expected to meet today with tennessee senator bob corker today at trump tower in new york city, and there is speculation that corker is in the running to possibly be trim trillion's vice president pick. the 63-year-old is chairman of senate foreign relations committee and has become a key figure in policy discussions with obama administration. >> friends of a murdered man are
5:33 am
fearing for their safety after keith green was missing in april. his body was fund this month. we have an interview with his friend you will see only hear. >> this only we wait for the san mateo sheriff to release the name of a third person arrested in the case. over the weekend, a raid of this peninsula man resulted in the arrest of keith green's follow girlfriend and her current boyfriend. tiffany li is in custody charged with murder. the current boyfriend, kaveh bayat is in jail on the same charges. we know that the two shared children together. he was to meet with tiffany to discuss custody details but never round. a friend of keith's spoke with abc7 and they would only talk if we concealed their identity. they are afraid because she is from a very wealthy and power will family that could retaliate even though she is in jail.
5:34 am
>> i was relieved when they got caught. a little bit of peace of behind and we can move forward rather than wondering. >> this morning, the two children remain with tiffany li's parents at the home raided by deputies over the weekend. in the newsroom for abc7 news. >> the c.h.p. is trying to determine in there has been yet another shooting on an east bay freeway. they responded to a "shots fires," call last night near richmond and they are are not sure in anyone was actually hurt because they did not fine the victim or a suspect. there have been roughly two dozen shootings on east bay freeways over the last six months, several of them were fatal. police say most of the shootings have been tied to gang activity. >> investigators will be back at a home today after a terrible fire a five year old boy is custody and his mother is severely hurt. investigators are trying to determine in the fire was set intentionally. the fire on stellas with first
5:35 am
reported before 10:00 a.m. and neighbors tried to rescue the little boy after hearing screams from his mother. she had second- and third-degree bumps and a teen son had minor burns. firefighters say the home is a totalless. >> warm weather made it difficult for fires to put out a two alarm house fire. this started before 8:00 on shell avenue. investigator say food left on the stove started the fire. half of the house burned. no one was hurt. >> firefighters in monterey county are hoping to have the wildfire under control by noon today. the 4,000 acre fire broke out at 3:30 yesterday southeast of soledad. no one has been hurt. officials are worried. pg&e power lines could catch fire. the fire now is 20% contained. >> not much green left on our hills. we will talk about temperatures on the peninsula, 49 in redwood city and menlo park at 45 and
5:36 am
woodside is 44, and everyone else around 51 to 54 degrees. we have 44 in los gatos. napa and santa rosa at 48. oakland is 56, san francisco is 53. you can see we are going to have a very move morning unfolding because of the clouds. if you capture it #abc7now . tree pollen is moderate. weeds, low. grass is high. mold spores are low. u.v. index is high. from our east bay hills camera, you can see the low clouds, high clouds and sunshine, trying to develop right there as we head through the three day trust, the temperatures are barely 60 at coast and mid-60s around the bay and barely 70 inland. that is well below average. we have a big warming trend and, still, slight chance of a shower all three days with all of that in the seven-day forecast. sue? >> the bay bridge starting to fill in and we have some sort of a hazard on the right hand lane
5:37 am
which is jammed as part of left-hand side not so bad yet but the metering lights will be turned on with emergency crews going by on the right-hand side and we are committing with the bridge to see what is happening there, but, so far we have not gotten any details. it looks like i would venture to bet metering lights have just been urned it on. we have green good with slow traffic from the central valley, and we will look at a car fire in san jose and now it is out but still the car is out there southbound 880 near the alameda and westbound 580 a couple cars got into it on the right hand shoulder and i am seeing slow traffic now approaching the interchange. the central valley, already, it is a long drive. >> south san francisco police are looking for four men involved in a brutal attack on the popular hiking and bicycling
5:38 am
trail. on midnight, the suspects knocked east man from his bicycle and punched him and kick him and took his belongings. he ran to the bart station and called police. the men were seen running to south maple avenue. >> now the lands for the high-speed rail roth that could affect you with plans showing the 51 miles of track from san jose to san francisco will affect the flow of traffic when emergency vehicles have to cross the track. at meet tonight you can give your input at 5 o'clock p.m. at ucfs mission bay. >> president obama is lifting the ban on the sale of military equipment in vietnam in place for some 50 years now, and he made the announcement this morning while on three day trip to the country. the president said he hopes the move will normalize relations between the two countries. he announced that the peace corps is coming to vietnam for the first time. >> we are taking the steps to governor our wrong people the education and skills they need to succeed and i am pleased that for the first time the peace
5:39 am
corps will come to vietnam. the peace corps volunteers will focus on teaching english and the friendship our people forged will bring us closer for decades. >> president obama witnessed the signing of a record $11.3 with deal between boeing and local airline. >> san francisco's acting police chief extended an olive breach with a vow that tony chaplin is making. >> a national anthem make medium lands the padres in hot water and they are
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>> walnut creek, burlingame, campbell and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> seven people are dead after a volume carry in western indonesia erupted. on saturday, the victims were work on their farms in an area declared unsafe because of the nearest to the mountain. the volume carry was still spewing ash. it was dormant for four centuries before reviving and killing to people in 2010. >> a baltimore judge will issue a verdict tore one of six police officers charged in the death of freddie gray. 25-year-old black man died of spinal injuries after being shackled in the back after police plan vow a seatbelt a year ago. the prosecutors say the officer nero arrested freddie gray
5:43 am
without probable cause and was negligent not buckling him but the torn say he did not arrest freddie gray and it is the driver pass responsibility to secure the detainees in the van. >> san francisco's acting police chief is promising to work with the community to help regain the trust of the people. >> i am taking steps to reach across the table everyone, to folks that were protesterring and to the folks that are supportive the police department and the folks in the middle. i am reach across the tail because the olive branch has to continued. i am doing that. >> we were at third baptist church when the chief chaplin spoke yesterday at a meeting. he told the congregation he has two goals. the reforming the department's "use-of-force" policy and rolling out body camera replacing police chief suhr after the latest deadly police shooting. new details in the death of prince, he may have been dead for hours before body was found. a source confirms that he was
5:44 am
likely dead for at least six hours inside of elevator before he was discovered. police say that he wearily used the veal airport at the minute home using stairs and only ewing it because he did not feel well. the cause of death not announced, and the toxicology results are expected. >> san diego gay men's chorus wants an investigation into what they call "embarrassing indepartment." ♪ can't you see ♪ by the dawn's early light >> can you hear what is wrong? the group is scheduled to perform the national anthem before the pod dries home game on saturday and they ran on the field to sing but he did not hear themselves but a recording of a only broadcast over the park p.a. system. the chorus said no attempt was made to stop the recording and now they window to know in this was intentional.
5:45 am
the team apologize and said they punished the person responsible. >> today, there is a review of a foul committed by draymond green to decide in further discipline is necessary after kicking thunder center in the groin in the first half last night of the blow out loss in oklahoma city. the dubs star said it was an accident and the nab has the option of decided whether to suspend him or fine him. the thunder crush the warriors 133-105 takeing a 2-1 series lead. game four is tomorrow in oklahoma city and then shifts back to oracle arena for game five on thursday night, and game six would be back on none decembers home turf saturday night. many shark fans are in downtown san jose for a watch part. the sharks will try to rebound from the game fourless to the blues at western conference final series which is at two
5:46 am
gales each. it starts at 5:00 p.m. in st. louis. >> is there if weather for the san jose watch party? meteorologist mike nicco could is the answer. it will be cool. we will look at live doppler hd, and you want to look at beautiful scenery, but we only have limited amount of time and live doppler hd is going to show you we have a chance of sprinkles and we will watchman dough send lake. heading to the south bay near the shark thank you can see it is mostly clear with a few passing clouds. the next three days will have the sun and clouds dancing with a stray shower or two and a warmer, brighter, holiday weekend coming up. all the high temperatures today are 59 at half moon bay and everyone else is 63 to 68 and san jose is 69 and antioch is around 71 degrees and the hold out is in the 70s. tonight, a sprinkle or two and
5:47 am
upper 40s to mid-50s today, not much during the only commute and until lunch and right after lunch, northern snow may, mendocino and lake, that is where you have the best chance of a stray shower or thunderstorm possible but the best chan of that is actually going to be up in the sierra. by 9:00, it is gone and it leaves behind absolutely nothing. maybe .1" around clear lake as you could get heavier shower up this. my seven-day forecast shows temperatures are pretty much the same today, tomorrow, wednesday we will start to get back to a after morning clouds and high clouds in the afternoon, and thursday, and morning clouds and high cloud on friday and that is warmer air around the bay and i land, 70s and 80s, and we well day in the 60s so it will be cool at the coast headed through the holiday weekend. now, have a good morning and here is a look at traffic. sue? we go outside right now and we look at the drive times, look at this, westbound tracy to
5:48 am
dublin, slow traffic all morning and welcome back to work on monday. just about 55 minutes now out of tracy into dublin, and antioch highway 4 is looking good and san rafael into san francisco is 20 minutes, which is moderate, bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights are on but we thought we had a stalled big-rig on right hand side, in the right lanes stacked up, but this delay is going to build as the sun comes up and a beautiful pink skyline. we will look and see bat drive times are for the south by and another couple of problems near the alameda on 880. >> did you see the bill board music awards right here? all of your friends and all your non-friends are going to be talking about it. >> or co-worries. >> people are responds to britney.
5:49 am
she get probably the best positive reaction to i saw on social media. you can see people said she looked great and i thought celine was fantastic and received an award from her son, r.c. not that i am a big fan, but he -- she lost her husband and her brother in the same week and britney doing the greatest hip -- hits at the top the show. great night for britney and celine. as for month danny? you decide. >> that is not an easy song, on top of a purple thrown, she kicked off a rinse -- prince version of a song he wrote. >> and later, since madonna's
5:50 am
performance was announced it was met with heavy criticism some feel she should not do the tribute alone and others said an african american artist should be involved as well or instead and the weekend won eight awards and dedicated his win to prince for being his inspiration. all the b.u.t. awards more on that on facebook and twitter, shady. >> major development in a biggest murder cases in america, attorneys again pointing the finger at former congressman gary condit. >> a warning if you are hitting an a.t.m. today, the newly discovered malware that could
5:51 am
5:52 am
5:53 am
>> fingers crossed crews can put the finishing touch on san francisco's tallest statue. workers were supposed to hoist head on the 92' sculpture last week with strong winds nixing that. the sculpture is the centerpiece of a public arts collection in the courtyard of an apartment complex at market and 8th. this is what the culture will look like when it is completed, shorter than the statute use of liberty. >> statue of liberty. >> this 10 coyote that trapped two hike are yesterday morning. a coyote approached them and their dogs in a menacing way and they could not scare it off. officers arrived and chased the coyote without hurt it. >> if you hit the a.t.m. soon, you should aware of a new way that crooks are trying to steal your money. a new type of malware is
5:54 am
discovered in atms across the united states. it is not like the skimming devices that attached to the front the a.t.m. but this turns the entire a.t.m. and a skim device. thieves hack into it remotely like they would any computer and steal all of your money. how can you recollect yourself? speakers say as of right now, the malware is invisible to customers and often times the bank, as well. >> find a penny, pick it up, all day long. you may have good luck on "lucky penny day." yes, that is an actual day. keep an cry out for a penny face up because it could change your luck. >> our good luck charm is meteorologist mike nicco this morning. gorgeous behind you. look at him! >> i was taking a picture of this beautiful sunrise this morning so look for it at meteorologist mike nicco coming up we will get to the grabs, half moon bay for the holiday
5:55 am
weekend in the low-to-mid 60s with a lot of cloud cover. if you are going to the game, padres in town take on the giants and resolutiony temperature in the upper 50s falling into the mid-50s from 7:15 to 10:15. upper 60s to low 70s around san diego and los angeles and scattered showers and thunderstorms 52 in lake tahoe and 65 in yosemite and our best chance of showers around chico and eureka. >> we have thick conditions in san jose. we will look at 87 beyond the s.a.p. center, the allian off-ramp and you can see it is light conditions for the commute and we go across town at 280 but the 17/880 overcrossing a ties drive from downtown san jose interest cupertino you are looking at eight minutes, so, smooth sailing, we have the opposite, an accident on westbound 80 and we will have
5:56 am
details on that when we come back. >> in southern california the c.h.p. said a mechanical specialist will look at a church bus to determine the cause of a crash that superintendent 27 to the hospital, six with serious injuries. it hit is car and flipped on its side on highway 330 yesterday. the church members say it appears the brakes went out. >> mosquitoes carrying the zika virus are expected to come to the united states in the next month. mosquitoes that transmit zika virus is believed link to birth defects. 500 americans already have the zika virus. all of days are travel-related cases. the mosquito season is approaching and those would have never last the united states will be contracting the disease. >> 160,000 baby salmon will be
5:57 am
are leased into the bay raised in a hatchery near lodi. the sal opinion have wires embeded in their snout show we so they can be identified later that are being released to try to ensure their survival. a warning before you put on your fitness tracker, it may not be as accurate as you think. investigators returning to the scene of a deadly vallejo house fire today
5:58 am
5:59 am
live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> okay as you get up, it is kind of cool. you may want do add layers. this is a look at gorgeous sun raise from mount tam camera. a nice way to start the day. just a little bit brrrr.
6:00 am
>> it is monday, may 23. we will get through the monday together. meteorologist mike nicco? >> good morning, guys. it is chilly. tens are in the 50s. we look at our radar over the next three hours, no need to worry about wet weather. the clouds are not going to give up. here is what is going on in san jose. it is quiet in the shark tank. 47-54 is the range. in the 50 at coast, and mid-to-upper 60s for the rest the neighbors. if we see a shower it is across lake mendocino and sonoma counties today. >> good morning, from the traffic center, we are looking at a solid stream of headlights beyond golden gate field to the macarthur maze, and 30 minutes from highway 4 area at hercules to the toll plaza. we do have


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