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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  May 23, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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we will get through the monday together. meteorologist mike nicco? >> good morning, guys. it is chilly. tens are in the 50s. we look at our radar over the next three hours, no need to worry about wet weather. the clouds are not going to give up. here is what is going on in san jose. it is quiet in the shark tank. 47-54 is the range. in the 50 at coast, and mid-to-upper 60s for the rest the neighbors. if we see a shower it is across lake mendocino and sonoma counties today. >> good morning, from the traffic center, we are looking at a solid stream of headlights beyond golden gate field to the macarthur maze, and 30 minutes from highway 4 area at hercules to the toll plaza. we do have showing here with a
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car that hit a deer blocking the left lane. you can see traffic is stacking. there is a delay. >> developing news, today investigators are back on the scene of a firefighter in vallejo two people are hurt and a five-year-old boy is dead. neighbors tried to rescue him after his mother ran out beened and screaming for help. amy hollyfield is at the scene. >> natasha here is something we don't usually see they have assigned police officers to watch over this scene to recollect it. they are so protective they put crime take up so cars cannot get through the street. they are hooking into whether this how was set on fire by someone. it went up in flames yesterday morning's 10:00 on stella street. a five-year-old boy died. neighbor say his mother trade to save him and screamed for help when she could not get to him.
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>> everything was popping out. fire hit me and i am trying to keep the back of my head from catching fire. i did not want did see him difficult. >> the mother was taken to the hospital with second- and third-degree buns. her teen son made it out okay. police are now involved trying to figure in this is a case of arson. we are toll investigators are expected to be here later this morning. >> a sad story. police say an ex-girlfriend killed a missing millbrae man. this morning we though two others are also in custody in connection with the death. keith green was last soon alive in april. authorities found his body this month. police arrested his, girlfriend, tiffany li during a saturday morning raid at a hillsborough mansion. she is charged with murder. her current boyfriend, kaveh bayat is in jail on the sail charges am third person in custody has not been named.
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green has two children with li and they remain with her parent. >> police are looking are for thieves who made off with guns from a gun store. the store was hit early yesterday. police believe the thieves use a heavy object like a car to smash the front of the store grabbing guns and other rot and took off. >> a new report said few we people in san francisco are getting traffic tickets. more or getting pulled over for driving dangerously. police have issued 7,600 fewer traffic sigh days so far this year compared to last year and roughly 2,000 more sigh days for the five most dangerous driving behaviors. that includes speeding, run red lights, failing to yield to pedestrians and failing to yield to make a last or u-turn and running stop signs. >> the accused killer of a young washington, dc, intern is
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pointing the finger at a former congressman. the suspect was sentenced to 60 years in prison and he face as new trial in the fall. now, the tons claim that former california congressman condit alleged affair with her could have been the intent for her murder. they say he had a powerful motive to kill or coverup the circumstances of her death. >> on "good morning america," find out how her parents feel about claims. >> a former cia contractors who fought off terrorists in benghazi is in the bay area. his book was turned from a book into a movie this year. we were in san rafael last night where he spoke to marin county republicans about what happened in the critical moments before chris stevens and three other americans lost their lives. he saidly team was told to stand down outside the american consulate in libya and he believes in they were dispatched right away some of the machines, including the ambassador, would
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still be alive. >> he should not have died. he was last out to dry. he was a guy a patriot. and the benghazi people loved him. >> house committee investigating the benghazi attack said it will release the report before the democratic and g.o.p. conventions in july. >> an abc exclusive, tom brady appealing the four game suspension imposed by the nfl. the attorneys say that they will file their appeal with the second united states circuit court appeals today. today is the last day for the san mateo native to appeal and last month a court rules he had to serve a four game suspension for the use of underinflated footballs to were.of 2015. the lawyers asked the court of appeals to rehear the case and toss out suspension. >> state senator jerry hill will urge passage of a deal keep convicted drunk drivers off the road requiring ignition
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interlocks to be installed on cars belonging to all convicted drunk drivers in california. the bill must be passed by the senate appropriations committee by friday in order to be property before the full senate. >> san jose fixture has closed their doors for good. we were at cambrian bowl in the plaza as people enjoyed a night of bowling. 55-year-old bowling alley is shut down because of a rent increase, because the own cory not ard to stay open. it is not known what will move into the space. all the city council will improve a plan to install fiber cables, the mercury news reported that it is the final step in launching the lightning fast internet service in the south bay. last week the city leaders andingly released a three year land to start trenching streets in nearly every neighborhood to install fiber cables. construction could begin by this summer. >> we have good news for fans of a major music festival, bottle rock is here to stay in napa.
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according to the chronicle, latitude 38 entertainment secure add ten year project of the expo that opens up the possibility of keeping the three day concert running through 2026. 100,000 people are expected to turn out tore the festival that kick off in four days for memorial day weekend. >> they are really popular devices used to track our steps. in are conditions that it may not be as accurate as we thought. >> some c.h.p. officer fine themselves if a slow speed pursuit on the pay area highway and what it took to get the disneyland resort diamond celebration. it's been 60 years in the making.
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>> we are back and on the roof. look at the gorgeous sunrise can you catch it with all of the beautiful pictures on my twitter page. now, inland east bay, in the higher elevations, mid-to-upper 40s and the rest of us from 50 in danville to brented with at 55 and low-to-mid 50s elsewhere but los gatos and napa and santa rosa upper 40s. everything is great today walking the dog hiking keyaging and not too breezy just cooler-than-average here is a picture this morning, get used to the manipulate 60s for temperatures. a slight chance of a shower.
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more on timing coming up. now, the commute. >> sue? >> a couple of hot spots in the 6:11. the san mateo bridge, the tail limited headed westbound to san mateo for 18 minutes across the span from 880 to we. green is good. red obviously is slow. and that is what we are looking at coming here with a deer in the lane that was hit the 10 minutes delay from highway 4, to get beyond the scene, and we will look at the central veal commute up and over the -- central valley commute up and over the altamont pass. >> c.h.p. officers say this could be slow of the pursuit. ever. look. they posted this video of of a real wild goose place, they were baby geese trying to cross the freeway. it caused quit a traffic jam. officers finally managed to grab
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>> novato, oakland, sunnyvale, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> happen today, iraqi government for thes are going military operations to retake a city in afghanistan, an area 40 miles west of baghdad under isis control for two years. >> a afghan leaders say the death of this leader in a united states drone strike could mark a turning point after a drone strike was fired on mansour's car in southwest pakistan. the top commander in afghanistan said high was an obstacle to peace and this is a major blow to insurgent forces. >> berkeley police are investigating a campus robbery that happened on saturday morning at 12:15. the victim is 32 years old. he was not hurt but two suspects demand the man's backpack and
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ran off it with it and seen running through the south part of the campus. >> a san francisco company has the top prize for a competition called "skyn," that man tores -- monitors alcohol level. you can monitor your own to see in it is safe or doctors can use this to justly measure a patient's drinking history and customize a treatment land. they are seeking regulatory approval. it hopes to have skyn on the market by the end of the year. >> now you can find a thousand emojis on your phone and 70 more are coming out. we will reveal the little known group engineers who get to decide which emojis cop out next and, also, we will tell you how you can have a say tonight at 11:00. >> for some reason i cannot get enough of to video, when i see this texas woman wearing the
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chewbacca mask i laugh. [ laughter ] >> call me a simpleton but it make my day. >> her laugh is infectious. >> she bought the mask at kohl's a product give for herself and now is a gift to the intent. it is breaking reports on internet the most watched live video all times, chewbacca is on "good morning america" today. >> we cannot get enough. why? all the world as a whole is in need of a good laugh, someone to list our -- lift our spirits. >> i have you laughing about it. >> she is revealing the best
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part of the experience coming up on "good morning america" at 7:00 try here. this is something that grows on me. my first thought i was confused and now, it is very funny. >> she is our her rove the week because she is bringing a smile to everyone. it almost matches the sunrise behind mike nicco in greatness. >> are comparing the two. >> good morning, everyone, it is a gorgeous morning up here on the roof and it is chilly and i am tracking the showers with live doppler hd, companily around mendocino and toward lake county and sliding across the northern part of the sonoma as we head throughout the afternoon hours. shear at look at, broken cloud d.c. but no approval delays on the monday morning. highs are short of average and partly sunny with a stray shower today, tomorrow, and wednesday. we are looked into the unsettled pattern and a warmer holiday weekend is coming at us. away from the coast. the coast is 59 at half moon bay
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and san francisco is 62, and the prosecute of us are 63 to 68 and antioch is out there by themselves at 71, and tonight upper 40s to mid-50s with a sprinkle possible. our forecast moving forward nothing through none and from noon to 5:00 you can see the radar returns around clear lake and maybe .1" by 9:00 they are gone. here is my seven-day forecast you can see the temperatures do not move until thursday we warm back to average and 60 at coast and 70's around the bay and 80s inland through the holiday weekend. sue? how is the morning? >> tough in some spots. that is the way it is. however, this morning, we have a deer down, in the last lane, and it is now near hilltop. a solid ten-minute backup to highway 4 for the 80 westbound east shore commute. northbound 680, near willow pass
6:20 am
left lane is blocked with an accident and slow traffic on 242 out of concord. and that is slow this morning. very slow traffic on the sunol grade for 25 americans and slow out of the central valley and you are looking at an hour from tracy to dublin/pleasanton. we will look at the south bay drive and check with bay bridge next report. >> thank you. coit tower, let's get in formation. perfect alignment of the moon we experienced over the weekend, and our news viewer william l.a.x. scared this saying there are a lot of photographers out to catch that precise moment. he got it. he got it. william lamb got it. >> you want to hear what michael 15 any has on hiring a contractor and the amount money you should hand over upfront. >> millions of people suffer mini strokes each year and where
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>> the abc7 news app on go on your schedule news that lives where you live. >> an amaze solar powered
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airplane flight around the world that stopped in the bay area now is in dayton, he. the solar impulse 2 landed on saturday after take off from oklahoma that will eventsally end you back in the middle east where it started in march of last area. it is aiming to get to new york in the next couple of weeks. it will cross the atlantic, the huge press release, the last big leg of the worldwide trip. >> in health news, a new study said that take as written is one of best then can you do at suffering a mini stroke and could prevent a full blown stroke. researchers say taking aspirin immediately after a mini stroke get werely reduces the risk of a major stroke by up to 80%. >> before you strap on the fitbit it mate now be so accurate as we think. the rate monitors on two models, can be off by up to 20 beats,
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and the more intense the exercise the greater the margin of we report. the company called this buy was and baseless. >> and now; this a california law about a downpayment when you do a home remodeling? "7 on your side" has your 18. >> scott, thanks for asking that question. this is important. a contractor cannot ask for a downpayment of more than 10% or $1,000 whichever is less. in they ask for more than that, it is a huge red flag. be careful. >> now, there is one exception, several large companies like home depot and lowe's have bought performance bond so the state allows them to ask for money upfront but generally $1,000 or 10%. >> good do know if you have a question, record it on the smartphone or tablet or share it
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on social using # #askfunnyandyoucouldseethe questi onearnedrighthere. >> ought biggest charity event ever hell in the bay area. the church danville kick off the annual volunteer day, helping feed the homeless, cook for first responders, cleaning, providing services are for battered womens and helped folks in danville, oakland oakland, brentwood and san ramon. they had so much support they ran out of volunteering opportunities. what a best case certain air yes for that group. >> good for folks. next a major deadline for anyone hoping to vote next month in the primary. what you need to know. >> is your computer listening do your every move? a new warning of the footprint and how to recollect your privacy. >> did you like the cool weather this weekendst i have more coming up in the seven-day
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forecast and 4-11
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> rise and shine.
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it is monday. i am natasha zouves. >> i am regular. >> she said "monday," with enthusiasm. >> seize the day. >> mike is on the roof. cooler temperatures? >> absolutely. temperatures in the mid-40s to mid-50s. a beautiful sunrise. we have multi layers of clouds. they are trying to let go of the sprinkles in solano county and light showers possible in mendocino, lake and northern sonoma. the day planner shows the cool weather spill over interest today with temperatures hanging in the upper 50s at the coast and mid-60s around the bay and barely 70 onland. sue? >> we look at the bay bridge metering lights are on an hour ago and traffic now is stacking up. it is a delay behind the toll plaza. we will look at that in a second. first of all we are updating an accident in concord area, and it is northbound 680 before willow pass and you can see there is
6:31 am
slow traffic approaching, southbound 242 from highway 4 is jammed. westbound 24 to westbound 580 an accident blocking the lanes and that is not good. backup is all the way to 24 on 580 for the 20 minutes delay to the toll plaza. we will look at mass transit options in a few minutes. >> update on the breaking news we are tracking from antioch right now. a woman actually escaped this house on fire burning on pecan street and she got help from the antic police. she was trap on the roof of the story. can you see the flames in the witnesses. officers placed garbage cans on the garage door and she used them to climb out. >> deadline day to register to vote in the california primary can which is a big problem according to bernie sanders supporters now suing to public the deadline become. our reporter is in san jose this
6:32 am
morning. map? >> good morning, if you have consider ballot and it is all filled out drop it off at the santa clara county vote are registrar's office. if you have not regular stored to vote, you need to do it today. we are already registering and voting in huge numbers, political data, a company that provides voter information to candidates said so far more than 1.5 million new people have registered since january 1. the registration numbers are near what cam saw in the past two general legislations. you can give the credit to facebook. the mercury news said nearly 200,000 more in california regular stored to the solve net working site on monday and tuesday when the company put a voter registration button on the feeds. today is the last day to register and before bernie sanders supporter are try to get it extended and the form lawsuit alleging widespread confusion over the california presidential try mar rules has been piled to extend the voter registration beyond the deadline until the
6:33 am
actual primary less on june 7. several different rallies and vote are registration evens are being held across the bay area today and in santa cruz county with more information at >> alameda county will hold a special midnight madness voter registration drive in oakland running from 5:00 to midnight at the courthouse, with the california primary june 7, two weeks from tomorrow. hillary clinton is fighting for the latino vote in california. bill clinton is campaigning for his wife through the stay today in fresno with the cofounder of the united familiar worries. voter registration among young hispanics but they are leaning to bernie sanders. >> bernie sanders is cam paying in the state at two rallies in son california. treasure has been growing for sanders to exit the race but he said he had a good chance to win
6:34 am
the democratic nomination. he said he would implement a jobs program to lower unemployment and help fix america's bridges, roads and water systems. he is counting on a record-setting turn out in our primary. >> on the republican side, donald trump is expecting to meet today with tennessee senator bob corker, the meeting will take place at trump tower in new york city with speculation that corker is in the running to possibly be donald trump's develop, the 63-year-old is chair of the senate foreign relations committee and is a key figure in policy negotiations with the obama administration. >> this morning, friends of a murdered man are feeling for their safety although the accused killers are behind bars. keith green was missing in april and his body was found this month. this morning, tiffany wilson has the interview with the friend you will only see here. >> a saturday morning ride rummed in the arrest of keith
6:35 am
friend's form girlfriend and her current boyfriend. we are waiting for authorities to release the name of a third person arrested in this case. tiffany li is charged with conspiracy and murder and is in instead. her current boyfriend, kaveh bayat, is on jail on the same charges. different any and keith green shared two children together. he met her to meet with custody details. a friend spoke with us but only if we concealed their identity. they are afraid because different any is from a wealthy and powerful family that could retaliate although she is in jail. >> this is in question she could have been part of this? >> in. they made several threats to keith throughout the custody battle. both on tiffany and the boyfriend calling and threatening keith green. >> this morning, his two children remain with her parents at the home that was raided by
6:36 am
deputy over the weekend. >> investigators willing back at whom today after a terrible fire, a five-year-old boy died and his mother is severely hurt. investigators are try to determine in the fire was intentionally set. we the fire on stella was first recorded before 10:00 a.m. the neighbor tried to rescue the boy after hearing screams from the mother who suffered second- and third-degree buns and a teen son has minor burns. the house a totalless. >> warm weather may it difficult tore firefighters to put out the two alarm husband fire. it started last night before 8:00 when food last on the stove started the fire. half of house burned, but no one was hurt. >> firefighters in monterey county area are hop to have a wildfire contained by loan today. the 400,000 acre fire broke out at 3:30 yesterday afternoon. this is southeast of soledad. no one has been hurt.
6:37 am
no homes were threatened but concerning issue is that pg&e lines could catch fire. >> san francisco police are has been for four men involved in a brutal attack on the trail that is popular for hiking and bicycles. around midnight on sunday, a suspect knocked a man 50 of his motorcycle, punched him, and kicked him, and then stole all of his stuff. victim ran to the san bruno bart station and called police. the men were last seen running to south maple avenue. >> new detail on the death of prince. he may have been dead for hours before his body was found. a source confirms that the singer was likely dead for at least six hours inside the elevator at his estate before he was discovered. employees say here requirely used elevator and liked to take the stairs and used it because he was not feeling well. the cause of death is not
6:38 am
announced. toxicology results are expected any day now. >> new this morning, president obama is lifting ban on the sale of military equipment to vietnam. the ban has been in place for 50 areas. he made the announcement this morning in hanoi while on the trip to the country. the president said he hopes the move will normalize relatives between the two countries. he announced the peace corps is coming to vietnam for the first time. >> we take new steps to give our young people the skill they need to succeed and i am pleased for the first time, the peace corps will come to vietnam. >> our peace corps volunteers will focus on teaching english, the friendship our people close will bring us closer together for decades to come. >> president obama witnessed the signing of a record $11.3 billion deal between boeing and local airline. >> now, in the south by, after we take a look at how gorgeous it is outside this morning, the sun is up, and although there is
6:39 am
a lot cloud cover you will need the sunglasses more than the umbrella. temperatures in the mid-to-upper 40s through the south bay, and mountain view is right around 50 to 51 and same in lafayette at 49, san francisco, then, at 53 and alameda is 55 and san pablo is 53. that is heavenly picture from sutro tower this morning, and we will have high amounts of grass pollen and u.v. index today even with the cloud cover. from mount tamalpais you can see the low clouds are hanging around and some of high clouds. today, tomorrow, and wednesday, get used to it with a stray shower possible and isolated thunder but that is mainly across the north bay way up into sonoma and lake and mendocino county. the lack sunshine means we will not see much in the way of a thunderstorm. we will have warmer weeks ago next forecast, and sue? >> yes, mike, good morning, everyone, happy monday, we off to a peed an start, but good for bart riders with 57 trains all on time this morning, and ace
6:40 am
train one has arrived in san jose already, and ace train 3 and 5 are on time. a couple of cancellations for golden gate bridge, southbound, four, and a departure of the 24, and i tweeted those out so you can find out the exact canceled departure times of those two runs. elsewhere, we will look outside, we have green through the city and red, obviously, it means slow traffic, and we will take a look at problems in the upper east shore freeway with a deer down in the left lane near hilltop the car that hit it is on right hand shoulder and we are seeing slow traffic back from highway 4. we will look at an accident in oakland slowing the commute in a few minutes. >> today the n.b.a. will review a fly plant foul commit -- a flagrant foul committed by draymond green. you have seen this? green kicked thunder center adams in the grin area in the
6:41 am
first half of the blowout lost in oklahoma city, saying it was an "accident." the anybody can suspend green for game four or fine him. all the thunder crushed the warriors taking a 2-1 lead. >> game four is tomorrow at 6:00 p.m. in observation southeast, and the series shifts back to oracle arena for game 5 on thursday night. game six, in necessary, would be back on the thunder's home court on saturday night. >> tonight, many sharks fans are downtown san jose for a watch airport, and the sharks will try to rebound from saturday's game four loss to the blues at s.a.p. center and their western conference finals series. it stands at two each and game five is at 5:00 p.m. in st. louis. >> san francisco's acting police chief is extending an olive branch with the vow chaplin is making to the community. >> and a mark at a bay area and the location i don't surprise
6:42 am
you. >> here is what is coming up on "good morning america" at 7:00. acoming up next on "good morning america," the mystery of egyptair, an egyptian submarine is joining crews on the search for wreck average and the crucial black boxes that could reveal what caused the plane to go down. we are
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>> san rafael, south bay, pleasanton and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> a baltimore judge is expected to issue a verdict for one of six police officers charged in the death of freddie gray. 25-year-old black man died of spinal injuries after being shackled in the back of a police van without a seatbelt a year ago. >> protesters say the officer nero arrested grand jury freddie gray without probable cause. the attorneys argue that he did not arrest freddie gray and it is the driver pass responsibility to secure detainees in van. >> san francisco's acting police chief is promising to work with the community to help regain the trust of the people. >> i am taking steps to reach across the table to everyone to folks that were protesting, to the folks that have always supported the lived and to thing fors who are in the middle. the olive branch has to be continued and i am doing that. >> we were at the third baptist
6:46 am
church when the chief spoke at an naacp meeting yesterday and told the congregation he has two goals: reforming the department's use of force and, two, roll out body cameras. chaplin replaced police chief suhr would resigned last week after the lay of the deadly police shooting. >> if you plan on hitting the a.t.m. you do need to know about a new way crabs are trying to steal your money. it is a new type of malware discovered in the atms across the united states. unlike the commonly known skimming devices that snap on to the front of an a.t.m. and steal the data this is now town the entire a.t.m. into a skiing device. the thieves hack the a.t.m. remotely like they would a computer and steal your money. highway do you recollect yourself? unfortunately speakers say right now you cannot. the malware sin visible to customs and sometimes the bank. >> not contact reassuring. >> investors will keep a close eye on a mega merger. here is the money report with
6:47 am
jane king. >> good morning, the big story today is bear or buyer, paying a 62 billion offer to buy monday montana -- monsanto, to be purchased by bayer. the markets are mixed and the dow such 5 and s&p down a traction and the nasdaq up a bit. american airlines is so fed up with security line they are putting up their own money to tackle the problem with t.s.a. saying lines are grow because they are short of screeners because of budget cuts so american is spend $4 million for contract workers who can reduce wait time by doing non-screen, functions such as management of lines so the t.s.a. officers can focus on screening and security and get memorial on the flight.
6:48 am
>> our computers could be tracking us through digital finger bridges, coming out of prescription ton university saying it is not checking sound play recorded on a machine but harvest the audio signature of the individual machine and using that as an way to traffic your use. it is not widespread so the vast majority of privacy protecting apps are not designed to do anything about it. >> southern california based brewery is expanding to napa valley and opening a tap room, a restaurant, and a small brewery in a napa landmark the 1877, 10,000 square feet building offering views of the nap what river and downtown. i am jane king. >> thank you, describe, the morning after one of biggest nights, the music awards with the performances the best part, fallly, if you did not see it, here is a performance co-workers will talk about.
6:49 am
singing, hanging upside down, on fire, pink is amazing. >> did you see stefani and make sheldon putting their love on display? >> it wasn't great. >> come on. >> the dress was incredible. >> britney opened with the biggest hits. >> most on social media thought it was amazing. ♪ do you >> as for ma den...not getting same feedback of writ -- britney. she sang "nothing compares," which prince wrote. stevie wonder joined her for "purple rain."
6:50 am
was she set up for failure, since it was announced company thought she should not do the tribute alone and others thought a black artist should replace her or be part of it and the weekend won eight awards and dead indicated his award to prince so prince was a theme. >> right now we have a traffic alert, sue, what is happening with caltrain? >> it is a fatality, a commuter alert, both directions, now, the over crossing is where this train actually hit the pedestrian and that is between menlo park and burlingame, so, both directions are affected but it was northbound train. confirmed fatality. the whole system of vein is now major delays. elsewhere, we have an accident that was in oakland and it has been cleared out of the lanes and that is better news, westbound 24 to westbound 580 and we are seeing a delay behind
6:51 am
the bay bridge and back to 580, for a solid 17 minutes, and the delay is toward the toll plaza and when you are beyond the tolls green is looking good. but you are to make it through the delay at the toll plaza at 55 minutes from highway 4 in the to toll plaza. mike? >> yes, good morning, everyone. chilly downtown san francisco. people are running along the embarcadero with less clothing and it makes me want to jog because it is chilly. we have sprinkles in solano and that is main area if we see a stray sure and outside chance of a thunderstorm today, tomorrow, and possibly on wednesday. the exploritorium show it is not too rough on water less than ten miles per hour and taking a ferry ride there morning and with the multi layers of clouds you will need the sunglasses and haze short of average with a stray shower through wednesday and it will be warmer-than-average away from the beaches for the holiday
6:52 am
weekend as we kick off summer. 59 at half moon bay, and san francisco is 62, and the rest of us are 63 to 68, and maybe get to 69 in san jose and fairfield and antioch at 71. as far as the lows, upper 40s to mid-50s under clouds with a sprinkle possible, and at the game this evening, dress warmly. temperatures are in the mid-50s by the end of the game at at&t park and padres take off the giants. back to average on thursday and warmer-than-average on friday, saturday, and sunday away from the coast. >> we back with seven things you need to know before you go. >> take us with you if you you are headed out the door for break
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>> now, breaking overnight, in antioch a woman is safe after escaped from a house fire after the officers scanned garbage cans so she could climb down the roof from the home. ainvestigators are back to determine if arson is to blame for a fire that killed a five-year-old boy yesterday. firefighters say the house is a total loss. >> three people are in custody this morning, accused of murdering keith green, a miss man from millbrae, police arrested his ex girlfriend the mother of his two children and her current boyfriend.
6:55 am
>> today is the last day to register to vote ahead of the june 7 primary in two weeks. details on where to register is on our website. >> the fall feeling in the forecast continues, and we will look at what will happen this afternoon. it will be partly sunny. temperatures are ranging from 62 in san francisco to inland east bay the outliar at 71. a fatality with a caltrain at burlingame overcrossing bus bridge now in place with major delays. >> seven, toyota and segue are offering wheelchair users a new freedom to climb the stairs and can lit users to stand face-to-face eye level with others. toyota is pledging $1 billion for the project. >> we continue now on-line and on twitter and facebook and all mobile devices.
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we will see you in 25 minutes.
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good morning, america. 30 twisters reported across the heartland. hail and rain pound the south. >> daddy, let's go! >> tornadoes spark fires turning homes into rubble. now millions on high alert. from texas to minnesota. the severe weather warnings. dead heat. the new abc news poll showing donald trump and hillary clinton neck and neck in the race for the white house, as former president bill clinton goes on the attack and bernie sanders refuses to drop out. the mom being called the queen of the internet for this -- [ laughter ] >> shattering records, making more than 100 million people laugh along with her. [ laughter ] >> now, look who's on her way to times square. >> i'm going to be on "good morning america." [ laughter ]


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