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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  May 23, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> in reality it was about ten to 15 minutes. >> reporter: the next day he said in a civil suit that the deputy apologized but showed no remorse. >> i said look what you did to me. look at my face. he goes it is what it is, welcome to my dorm. >> reporter: the attack happened in the main jail one month before three deputies were charged with beating a man to deeth in his cell. garcia's attorney reacts to today's arrest. >> they're under the microscope so those problems you have with power and any institution like a sheriff's department are still going to come back but i think lessons will be learned. >> reporter: in san jose. the correctional deputy was back on the job today. the sheriff's department says the inmate punched the deputy several times in the face
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yesterday. the inmate will be charged with a felony for assaulting a deputy. what began as a tragic fire that killed a 5-year-old boy yesterday has become an arson investigation and a manhunt. we're live with this developing story. wayne. >> reporter: go of. we have a boy dead and a mother and half brother burned and a short time ago the police held a press conference and showed us a photograph of the man they believe is responsible and they say he is at large and he's dangerous. here is the lieutenant. >> it appears he murdered a 5-year-old child. >> reporter: he's a 53-year-old who used an accelerant to start this fire yesterday morning. it burned fast and hot and despite the efforts of neighbors it killed the 5-year-old boy who police believe to be the suspect's own son. >> it took place in the master
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bedroom of the residence. >> reporter: the mother remains hospitalized. her friend and former neighbor came back to the street this morning and remembered the dead little boy. >> he was a beautiful boy. he had the greatest spirit. >> reporter: neighbors had nothing positive to say about the suspect however. >> she just had a boyfriend move in and ever since then that's when things started going bad. >> to have somebody burn a child, a family, just a family alone, what is this world coming to. >> reporter: it's come to a manhunt following a tragic fatal fire that appears to have also turned possibly sinister. >> our focus is locating him and locating him in a manner in which he's taken in custody safely and no one else is injured. flames gutted a home in the north bay. no one was home this morning when flames ripped through the house.
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firefighters were able to rescue two dogs from the home. they say flames badly damaged all three floors of the house. that's about 2,800 square feet. the cause is under investigation. flames shot out of a window early this morning on sigh press street. the fire was intense. a woman was trapped on the roof of the second story home. she was able to escape thanks to police officers. >> the pd put these garbage up towards the garage door and were able to tell the lady to climb down on to the garbage can and assist her off the roof. >> the woman is expected to be okay. a vigil is being held at this hour for a man who died in police custody. two years ago today james greer was pulled over and ultimately tased three times. the entire thing captured by police body cameras. we are live in hayward
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hall. >> reporter: family and friends wearing shirts that say justice for james nate greer. he was 46 years old and everyone says he doesn't deserve to die. two years ago she lost her best friend. she and her ex-husband were always close. >> it's hard to believe that he's not here anymore. we still wait for him to walk through the front door. >> reporter: in may of 2014 he was stopped by police for driving erratically. in this video he's seen cooperating with officers as greer is given a so briety test. he tells police he has a stomach hernia and knee injury. then he takes a few steps back from police. that's when officers pulled him down. >> don't be walking away. >> wait, wait, wait. >> what are you guys doing to me. >> reporter: police were unable to handcuff him.
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according to the police report greer was tased three times and restrained. policed him on the ground for six minutes when officers notice td something was wrong. greer died at the hospital an hour later. the medical kpemer determined he died from exerting himself while under the influence of pcp. >> you see so many officers gathered around doing nothing to help him. it makes me question their training or empathy. >> reporter: in court documents the district attorney concluded police used reasonable force. the family has since sued the police department and the city. both the city and police declined to talk to us today because of pending litigation. abc 7 news. firefights say they're amazed that a man suffered only scratches after he was trapped on the tracks of a bart train. crews were able to pull the man
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to safety. firefighters say he fell off the platform and was able to kind of tuck himself into a space along the tracks as about six cars passed over him. service from the station to the east bay was stopped for about an hour and a half until around noon. five people on a sky diving tour died today in hawaii when their plane crashed. the single engine plane went down at about 12:30 this afternoon. a pilot and two instructors and jumpers were on the plane. it was a clear day so they don't believe weather was a factor. world news will have more about this crash coming up at 5:30. a bird strike cut short a flight today from denver to san francisco. flight 865 made an emergency landing minutes after take off at about noon today. no word of any damage to the aircraft and no one on board was hurt. there were more than 1 50 bird
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strikes reported. warriors star will not be suspended for a controversial kick during the game last night. green will be fined. >> reporter: good news for the warriors, he will not be suspended his foul was up graded to flagrant two and he will be find $25,000 and he will be available for game four tomorrow night. let's see it one more time so we can bury this situation. he has been banging the entire series and as you can see steven was sent to the ground when he took the kick to the groin and he pleaded with everybody it was not intentional. so i think everybody feels like this was the right choice by the nba. now steph curry this morning we asked him if he is available for game four what do you think he's
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going to come out and do. >> nothing that happened last night is going to effect game four except light a fire probably so he's a very smart guy and he has a great eye for the game and this matters to him a lot to have an cuba account on t impact on the game so he'll find a way. >> reporter: the warriors have been one of the best teams on the court the past two years. they lead the league in community service off the court. we have a great story that happened right here in oklahoma city with who else, green. >> we had to surprise the little guy. >> reporter: green is one of the most giving players on and off the court. over the holidays he chose the douglas family as part of his season of giving program and showed up at their home to hand out gifts to the father and his two children after they lost their mother to gun violence. >> i know what struggle is like
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so like i said to have a good day. you would be surprised how far that goes. >> reporter: it gets better for this family. warriors partner along with the doves offered the family a free flight on a private jet, lodging and 5 on $0 in spending money and tickets to game three. not bad for the kids first ever plane ride. >> it means a lot because without green and jay we wouldn't be able to get out here like i don't know when i would be able to come to oklahoma. >> reporter: he has become like a big brother to the shy honor student who loves basketball. >> he's a great guy to be around. he's very nice and down to heart. >> reporter: what are your friends at school saying. >> they're like oh my god are you serious you're going to a warriors game in oklahoma. >> reporter: ronny works multiple jobs to make ends meet
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and can't believe their good fortune. >> it's a dream come true for me and my family. we're here in oklahoma city. >> reporter: he has three new fans from oakland. >> he's a good person. even without doing this. >> it's amazing. going to the state warriors you all are part of my family now man forever. >> reporter: the douglas family did not get the result they were hoping for but this meant so much more than a basketball game. reporting in oklahoma city, abc 7 news. keep your sweater handy. cooler than normal conditions will continue and we may see a slight possibility of showers. it's like the '90s all over again. bill clinton on the campaign trail. will the star power transfer to his wife. malware is at atms across
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the country. going where uber has not gone before. how a little school yard soccer turned into a
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late word on the campaign trail. the clinton campaign announced moments ago that it's declining fox news investigation to participate in a debate here in california. the announcement comes as former president bill clinton is here for his wife. we're live where the former president spoke to an excited group of supporters. >> reporter: that's right. bill clinton spoke for about 30 minutes here. he did not use notes. he asked primary voters here to give hillary the same thing they
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gave him 24 years ago, that is big momentum. at the mid point of his one day sweep through the central valley former president bill clinton received a rock star reception at the center in stockton. >> i ask you to do for hillary what california do for me then. send her into the convention with a win. unite the democratic party. >> reporter: the would be first gentleman launched into a promotion of his wife's policies. >> she has the best ideas to allow us to grow and rise together. >> reporter: clinton talk about bernie sanders but did aim at presumptive republican nominee donald trump without mentioning his name. >> her opponent who never tires telling us how much richer he is than the rest of us won't release his tax returns. >> reporter: clinton supporters
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lined up early to get in the venue. >> it's time we break barriers and put a woman in office. loved obama but it's time for a woman to be leading us. >> reporter: few here worry that bill's past mistakes will hurt her. >> i think if you buy into trump and the whole republican they're going to say that it's a liability, his past, but i don't see it as such. >> reporter: bill clinton left with big applause and hand shakes and photographs, a career campaigner clearly in his element. abc 7 news. bernie sanders is on the campaign trail again at southern california today. sanders scheduled two rallies. this one in east los angeles. the other is scheduled for santa monica this eving. meanwhile the democratic party announced it will give bernie sanders a permanent say in
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writing the platform this year. many hope it will ease tension between sanders and party leaders when sanders was accused of supporting hillary clinton. >> you can stay on top of breaking developments with the news app. download it for free and enable push alert. lift may soon allow you to schedule a pick up with at least 24 hours notice. the company is testing the schedule to ride feature with employees in san francisco. riders can cancel or modify their reservation up to 30 minutes before the requested time. normally you have five minutes from the time you request a car before you're assessed a fee. thieves have found a new way to rip you off at the atm. michael finney is here and we understand this rip off is practically undetectable. >> reporter: it's a new take on the scam. thieves used to attach physical card readers to atms and steal
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your information that way. now a security company has discovered thooefs are hacking into the machines and adding malware. they found this means of skimming is virtual and invisible to customers and bank employees. we've warned you for a long time to avoid atms that look sketchy, that warning stands but it's not fool proof. i'll take a mocha on ice. it's something they're hearing more and more. in the fourth quarter starbucks reported an increase in iced coffee sales of 20%. some iced coffee sales are passing hot coffee sales. there's one candidate out there who hasn't won a single vote but already is fulfilling his biggest campaign promise. jimmy kim el announced his
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presidency this month. he campaigned on lengthy receipts. he hit a nerve with voters and cvs the company is listening. they went on live with a big announcement saying it was moving to digit al paperless receipts for anyone who wanted one. >> this is thanks to you jimmy kimle. this is all thanks to you vice president kimmel. >> reporter: like any good politician he promptly declared victory. you can watch him at 11:30 right here. they began as little yellow faces and now you can find more than 1,000 emojis characters on your phone. i'll show you the engineers that get to pick which ones you get
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to use and how you can have a voice in which one comes out next. that's tonight at 11:00 right here. >> that's fun. there's so many it's hard to know which one to use. >> i'm giving him the thumbs up. speaking of smiley face what nice beautiful weather we are enjoying as we start another week. exactly. we have the forecast. it's really cooler than normal for this time of year inland but temperatures in the low to mid 70s is pleasant. behind me you will see more clouds than sun. for a couple of more days we'll continue to see below normal temperatures. we'll show you what's been going on. it's been active just east of mount hamilton. we saw thunderstorms developing and somebody said i'm in the valley and i can see those thunderstorms. obviously they're not in the bay area. they were heading towards the patterson area.
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between clorvdale we're seeing a slight chance of sprinkles. over the pass i know it's may 23rd but we're seeing snow and snow showers will remain part of the forecast for tuesday especially if you are traveling over there or in the tahoe area. snow levels 7,500 to 8,000 feet. mid 60s around oakland. cloudy skies in san jose right now. temperatures in the low 70s to napa. they're on different levels as you'll notice here. unsettled pattern through tomorrow and isolated showers are possible and warmer days will begin on friday. look at what's going to happen tonight. the clouds are already gathering. they'll continue and then
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tomorrow morning i think this model is overdoing it a little bit but there will be the potential for a shower or two perhaps a little drizzle for your morning commute. bottom line is you may need the wipers. tomorrows in the low 40s to 50s. there's a disturbance over us and that will continue is why we're going to keep this in the forecast. 5:00 a.m. tomorrow you'll notice that by 8:00 a.m. a few spotty returns could be just sprinkles in the east bay around the peninsula and then really the best opportunity is in the afternoon over the lake areas, the mountains when the sun takes place could see some showers and thunder up in that area so keep that in mind. highs for tuesday low 60s to 70s much like today. the best chance for seeing any showers or thunder will be around the county areas. 63 san francisco, 66 oakland.
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70 in livermore. look at the temperature trend for the weekend. it's a big change. warmer weekend, saturday we'll be seeing the 80s and maybe 90s inland. sunday it will be warm as well. about the same as saturday. memorial day is looking pleasant for any of you firing up the grills. a look at the seven day forecast, slight chance of a shower or two especially tomorrow and then we're going to go with the continuation of the below average conditions for wednesday. temperatures do come up on thursday. it's a milder pattern. warmer by the end of the work week heading into the long holiday weekend and that's when we'll see the mid to upper 80s inland. memorial day is looking pleasant. >> thanks so much. a former 49er be known as a man who helped keep the raiders in oakland? that story next. is it the end of the line for land lines. a fight under way to keep phone companies from hanging up on
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governor jerry brown is looking to influence the race for u.s. senator two weeks before the primary. today brown endorsed the attorney general. it could give her a boost with independents. she's leading a field of 34 candidates that included a democratic congresswoman and a republican. today is the deadline to register to vote. a bernie sanders supporter painted this big sign on a truck showing the e-mail address. it's registertovote a group that includes a hall of famer is making a bid to get a new stadium built for the raiders in oakland. the executive director says he met with him and members of his group last week.
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similar meetings have taken place in recent weeks with officials as well. we reached out to raiders officials today but they had no comment. last month he says he's committed to moving the team to las vegas if officials would commit to building a domed stadium for the team. play ball took on a different meaning today for a giant's ball player. giant's matt duffy was at the school to celebrate the end of a fitness challenge. over the past six weeks the kids did exercises like jumping jacks and peush ups. he says he got the message to stay active early on. >> i was always outside as a kid. i didn't have a cell phone. i had some video games but my dad would kick me outside and say have fun with the kids in the neighborhood. >> the hard work paid off wt. the students that completed the
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challenge will get a free pair of shoes. some unbelievable pictures to share. the spectacular images of that every traveler would have been proud to have taken.
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one man's gripe with voter registration deadline and why he's going to court to get it end standard. >> it's overwhelming to raise money that you think is for a good cause and see the cause firsthand. >> bay area women travel to vietnam to check on the efforts to help farmers reclaim their land from the remnants of war. 7 on your side turns up the heat on a furnace company that installed a fireplace insert that didn't work. all that and more coming up at 6:00. >> thanks. a lot of people are going to the facebook page of the oakland highway patrol. >> they want to see the video of
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a real wild goose chase on i-80. >> these were not felonus foul. it caused a traffic jam. officers got them back into the bay but it's gotten a lot of attention. from one cool image to another. the entries this this year's travel photographer of the year. we're talking about the national geographic and one features san francisco. >> look at this picture taken by joe muffy. he says he was lucky enough to have his camera and the weather was perfect. >> amazing. another city shot in thailand. >> this zeb raw is in a field of flowers. >> here is a cool sunset at the park in washington state. photographers have until may 27th to enter the competition. >> that is stunning. >> love it. i like the zebra.
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>> all of us we appreciate your tonight, several breaking r stories. the severe weather outbreak. 30 reported tornadoes already. tonight, millions bracing for more. the fire ignited. >> daddy, let's go! >> and the new watches just issued. also breaking at this hour, the deadly plane crash. the plane barely visible in the water. and the other scare. there is late word of an emergency landing. a bird strike. the passenger jet from denver to california. not guilty. a police officer cleared tonight on all charges related to the death of freddie gray. additional police now sent into baltimore. a dead heat tonight. the new abc news poll. donald trump and hillary clinton, neck and neck, as trump now unleashes his most personal attack yet against the former president. is the clinton camp ready for this? and the controversial arrest. the family on vacation, the mother allow


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