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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  May 23, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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>> all of us we appreciate your tonight, several breaking r stories. the severe weather outbreak. 30 reported tornadoes already. tonight, millions bracing for more. the fire ignited. >> daddy, let's go! >> and the new watches just issued. also breaking at this hour, the deadly plane crash. the plane barely visible in the water. and the other scare. there is late word of an emergency landing. a bird strike. the passenger jet from denver to california. not guilty. a police officer cleared tonight on all charges related to the death of freddie gray. additional police now sent into baltimore. a dead heat tonight. the new abc news poll. donald trump and hillary clinton, neck and neck, as trump now unleashes his most personal attack yet against the former president. is the clinton camp ready for this? and the controversial arrest. the family on vacation, the mother allowing her son to drive
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the golf cart. and soon, she is under arrest. good evening. and we begin with what could be a very dangerous night ahead. new tornado watches just up across several states at this hour. it comes after more than 30 reported tornadoes over the last 48 hours, and tonight, this time-lapse of a super cell in western kansas, spawning twisters there. lightning in the middle of the storm sparking this fire in texas. and now, our weather team warning that this unsteady weather pattern could last several days across much of the country. abc's clayton sandell with the pictures tonight, and where they're most concerned at this hour. >> reporter: tonight, they're watching for tornadoes in texas, already pummeled by a storm system stretching across the plains. winds gusting to 60 miles per hour overnight, blasting through grand forks, north dakota, snapping trees and sending trampolines bouncing into houses. >> it was very fast.
5:32 pm
it was like, 10, maybe 15 minutes. >> reporter: in valentine, nebraska, flash floods put part of the town under water sunday. lightning sparking this fire in texas. across the texas panhandle, parts of south dakota and kansas on sunday -- >> you can hear the roar. >> reporter: -- at least 30 reported tornadoes. >> daddy! let's go! please! >> reporter: near big spring, texas, abraham gonzales, his daughter and wife -- >> look. it's fixing to connect. >> there it is. >> reporter: -- took shelter under a highway bridge. >> yes, we're watching this tornado, it's right here in front of us. >> well, not much i can do now. the tornado just took the roof off the house. >> reporter: blake thomas crawled into his closet just before a tornado did this to his home. >> i'm just glad to be here, that's all. that's all i'm really concerned with. >> reporter: david, this severe weather pattern sticks around all week. tonight, already, there are tornado watches in parts of texas, oklahoma and kansas. tomorrow, this system shifts north. winds, hail and possibly more
5:33 pm
tornadoes as far north as nebraska and iowa. david? >> all right, we're tracking this through "gma" in the morning. clayton, thank you. we turn now to breaking developments involving two plane crashes in hawaii. one of them, deadly. a small plane carrying skydivers crashing on the island of kauai. five adults onboard. the pilot, two instructors and two jumpers. four of them pronounced dead at the scene. one more transported to the hospital, where he died. the ntsb is now involved tonight. meantime, in oahu, a small plane carrying two passengers crashed 30 yards offshore. this video coming in now, showing two people actually swimming to the beach. lifeguards helping them to shore. no injuries reported in that crash. and all of this comes as we get word of an emergency landing after a bird strike today. a passenger jet turning back to the denver airport, just after takeoff. bird strikes, of course, are a dangerous risk to flights. you'll remember the miracle landing on the hudson, right here in new york. that plane losing both engines
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in bird strikes. tonight, abc's kayna whitworth on this newest flight, turning around after birds flew right into the right engine. >> reporter: tonight, a terrifying emergency landing playing out just moments after takeoff. the virgin america flight taking off just before noon, headed from denver to san francisco. 122 passengers and five crew onboard. the pilot radioing for help, declaring an emergency. the airbus 320 suffering a bird strike, according to denver international airport. >> redwood 865, you know where the bird strike was? >> we're assuming it's the right engine. >> reporter: you can see the flight path here. they were in the air less than 20 minutes, landing back on a neighboring runway without incident. virgin america saying in a statement, "the safety of the passengers and crew was never in question." but it's a very real fear in the air. birds striking planes. just weeks ago, a bird denting the front of this dallas-bound american airlines flight, forcing it to return to seattle. and that landing on the hudson
5:35 pm
river in new york city in 2009. david, tonight, thankfully, no injuries, but bird strikes are a major concern. and according to the faa, they cause more than $300 million in damage every year. david? >> kayna whitworth tonight. kayna, thank you. we turn to baltimore next, this evening, a city on edge after a police officer was found not guilty in the arrest of freddie gray. officer edward nero was on bicycle patrol last april when he was called to assist in gray's arrest, helping to put him in the van. where gray suffered a fatal spinal cord injury. officer nero leaving court, cleared of the charges today. his acquittal is the first decision in the case, after an earlier trial of one of those officers ended in a hung jury. tonight, there is now extra security on the streets of baltimore, amid the debate over whether justice has been served. abc's david kerley is in baltimore. >> reporter: the 30-year-old police officer entered court, facing up to ten years in prison for assault. tonight, he is the first officer
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cleared. cleared of four charges. officer edward nero was on bicycle patrol the morning that freddie gray was arrested. that's him, holding gray as he is handcuffed before being put in a police van. nero wasn't in the van, which made several stops. during one stop, gray's legs were shackled and he was placed unrestrained on the floor the van. at some point, his spine was severed. a week later, freddie gray died, sparking those angry, damaging riots. it was a different scene today, baltimore largely quiet. >> police don't go to jail like we do. >> reporter: with additional police officers brought in from surrounding communities. the prosecution tried to prove that even as an assisting officer, nero didn't have probable cause to arrest gray. a conviction could have set a precedent. >> had he been found guilty of these crimes, officers across the country would have felt that they could not arrest people, that they could not do their jobs. >> reporter: this is the second setback for the prosecution, which charged six officers.
5:37 pm
the first case ended in a mistrial with a hung jury. the family's lawyer doesn't believe today's acquittal will affect the other cases. how is the family doing? >> they're taking it with grace and they understand how the process works. they understand that there's a level of unpredictability in criminal cases. >> reporter: the next trial, which starts in just two weeks, involves the van driver, and the most serious charge in the freddie gray case, a charge of murder. david? >> david kerley live in baltimore for us. david, thank you. we turn next this monday evening to the race for the white house. and tonight, a new abc news poll showing this is a dead heat. our new poll showing donald trump with a two-point lead over hillary clinton, that's within the margin of error. trump now bearing down with his most personal attack yet on former president bill clinton, and you will hear it here tonight. hillary clinton late today fighting back with fighting words of her own about something else. abc's tom llamas on the campaign
5:38 pm
trail for us again tonight. >> reporter: tonight, new polls show donald trump with momentum, catching up to hillary clinton. the race now a dead heat. and that momentum not stopping trump from digging up former president bill clinton's past sex scandals. >> i was very nervous. >> reporter: even using the voice of monica lewinsky. the trump campaign posting this video with an image of clinton smoking a cigar and audio of other women who raised accusations about sexual misconduct against the former president. the trump video then ending with this. hillary clinton laughing, with the words, "here we go again?" tonight, the clinton campaign saying that type of tactic won't work with voters. and just last week, hillary said this when pressed about decades-old accusations against her husband resurfacing. >> do you ever feel compelled to defend your honor, the honor of your husband? >> no. >> with statements that he's making that go to the core of the relationship? >> no. not at all.
5:39 pm
i know that that's exactly what he is fishing for and, you know, i'm not going to be responding. >> reporter: today in detroit, clinton launching her own attack against trump, describing him as an empty suit dangerous for america. >> he could bankrupt america like he's bankrupted his companies. i mean, ask yourself -- how can anybody lose money running a casino? really. >> reporter: and bill clinton putting the pressure on trump to release those tax returns. >> her opponent, who never tires of telling us how much richer he is than the rest of us, won't release his tax returns. >> and tom llamas with us live tonight. and tom, there was something else in that abc news poll that showed 1 in 5 bernie sanders supporters plan to vote right now for donald trump over hillary clinton? the clinton camp has got to be concerned about that. >> reporter: david, with such a tight race, that is not a good sign for the clinton campaign. and senator bernie sanders won't give up.
5:40 pm
just moments ago, again demanding that hillary clinton debate him before the california primary. david? >> tom llamas with us live here in new york. tom, thank you. we turn overseas tonight, and to new clues in the mystery of egypt air flight 804, what could have been the final words from the pilot to air traffic controllers, and the debris from the plane that's already been found. our matt gutman, in the region, flying over the sea, where they are looking for more debris now. and tonight, what that smoke detected in the plane might reveal about what brought it down. here's matt gutman. >> reporter: with egyptian ships netting the grim remains of flight 804 on the surface of the sea -- that slashed purse, battered seats, a warped shoe -- tonight, this french ship began trolling the seabed for answers. dragging a listening device on a 4,000-foot long cable to pick up the pings of the black boxes. those flight recorders will be key to helping explain what happened between the time the pilot's chipper exchange with the control tower --
5:41 pm
>> thank you so much. good day, good night. >> reporter: -- and the dire messages from the onboard computer. warning of smoke and possibly fire in areas where the electronics that fly the jet are housed. overnight, we asked the aviation minister about the search. how big is the search area right now? >> it's around 60 something kilometers. >> reporter: that's 5,000 square miles, bigger than hawaii's big island. the minister telling me today, the fuselage is also far away from being found. david, it's critical to find out whether it was mechanical error or terrorism that brought down that plane, because the airbus a-320 is one of the world's workhorses, with a flight taking off or landing every two seconds. david? >> matt gutman tonight. matt, thank you. next, to president obama's historic visit to vietnam. for so long, a bitter enemy of america. the president with smiles and a handshake for the vietnamese president, amid a new move between the two countries. and there was this unexpected moment today, dinner with american celebrity chef anthony bourdain.
5:42 pm
abc's bob woodruff tonight with how that meal came together, and word of a new arm's deal and the sale of american planes now to vietnam. >> reporter: outside the noodle shop, the presidential limo, the beast, sat conspicuously. while inside, the president dined casually, sitting on those blue plastic stools with a beer in hand. celebrity chef anthony bourdain shooting for his tv series, praising the president's chopstick skills before picking up the $6 tab for the leader of the free world. it was a low-key end to an historic day, with the u.s. lifting that decades-old arms embargo on vietnam, sending a message to china about its expansion efforts. >> the united states and vietnam are united in our support for a regional order, including in the south china sea. >> reporter: david, the president's trip has also brought very good news to american giant boeing, which signed an $11 billion order today to deliver 100 jetliners to vietnam. david? >> bob woodruff overseas for us
5:43 pm
tonight. bob, thank you. back here at home now, and to a controversy at the veteran's administration today. its chief comparing care and the lines at the v.a. hospitals to lines at the amusement park. bob mcdonald is charged with improving the scandal-plagued agency, including veterans experiencing long wait times for appointments. some say, they're even dying before getting treatment. today, mcdonald was asked about those wait times, and here is his answer. >> days to an appointment is really not what we should be measuring. when you go to disney, do they measure the number of hours you wait in line, you know, what's important? what's important is, what's your satisfaction with the experience? >> mcdonald says wait times have improved, but a report from a watchdog group tonight says vets enrolling for the first time can still wait months to be seen. there is reaction to this story and we'll stay on it. there are breaking developments tonight involving comedian bill cosby and sexual assault allegations he's facing. cosby will be back in court tomorrow in pennsylvania after
5:44 pm
an 11th hour effort to halt the case. that effort failed. tonight, abc's linsey davis on what could come as early as tomorrow. >> reporter: tonight, bill cosby is preparing to go back to court. this, after his hail mary attempt to delay was denied. tomorrow, for the first time in years, the embattled comedian may be confronted face-to-face by one of his accusers, andrea constand. a judge will decide if there is enough evidence to put cosby on trial for sexual assault allegations, stemming from a 2004 encounter with the former temple university employee at his home in pennsylvania. prosecutors are likely to introduce evidence that allege cosby gave constand three blue pills and wine, which they say made her unable to consent to sexual contact. cosby, however, has maintained all along that the encounter was consensual. a 2005 deposition for the constand case reveals a cavalier cosby. when asked a graphic question about a sexual encounter with
5:45 pm
another woman, a young model, and the manner in which she pleased him, the comedian answered, "bingo." this case, brought last december, was an 11th hour decision by the prosecutor's office, just days before the statute of limitations was set to run out. david? >> and linsey will be reporting in on this tomorrow. thank you. there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this monday. the controversial arrest of a mom after what she allowed her son to do while on a family vacation. that mother allowing her son to drive the golf cart, and soon, she is in handcuffs. that video now raising questions tonight. the report coming up. there are also new details coming in at this hour after a machete attack at a park outside new york city. what we've learned. and it was peter jennings who made the big announcement years ago, introducing america's first surviving septuplets. well, you're about to see them again tonight. what they have just accomplished all these years later. it is america strong. ♪ the sun'll come out tomorrow... ♪
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next tonight, to the mother who was arrested while on a family vacation, after allowing her 11-year-old son to drive a golf cart. authorities say there are strict rules against it, but was the arrest of the mother warranted? here's abc's ryan smith. >> what is this guy doing? >> placing her under arrest is what he's doing. >> reporter: when julie mall was stopped by police on posh bald head island, she told "the charlotte observer" this was the last thing she expected. >> and then he pushes me down into the ground, puts his knee on my back. >> reporter: why? she let her underage son drive a golf cart. her husband recording the mother of two handcuffed. and later jailed in leg irons. police charging her with resisting arrest and child abuse. and tonight, the video raising new questions about the limits of police conduct during arrests. the idyllic island off the coast of north carolina, accessible only by boat, and the only way to get around? by golf cart. the arresting officer claiming
5:49 pm
the malls were "intoxicated, uncooperative and obstinate." the charges eventually dropped, but for julie mall, the incident won't soon be forgotten. >> now i just have the memory of being shoved to the ground by some guy for reasons i cannot even fathom. >> reporter: ryan smith, abc news, new york. >> a lot of reaction to this and you can let us know on our facebook page. in the meantime, when we come back tonight, the new lawsuit against a popular fitness device, fitbit. is it registering your heartbeat correctly during your walks, your workouts? also, the details coming in after a machete attack at a park outside new york city. police on the scene at this hour. and tom brady, the superstar quarterback, headed back to court. we'll be right back. if you have postmenopausal osteoporosis and a high risk for fracture... i can tell you prolia® is proven to help protect bones from fracture. but the real proof? my doctor said prolia® helped my bones get stronger. are your bones getting stronger
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to the index, and a stabbing attack in a park outside new york city. at least three teenagers injured. attacked by four other teens, armed with a machete and knives at hempstead lake state park. at least one of the teens seriously hurt, they're telling us tonight. police now searching the park for suspects. tom brady is back in the news tonight. the patriots quarterback taking his fight over deflategate to the court of appeals for a second time now, hoping to erase his four-game suspension. brady adding a high-powered attorney, theodore olson, who argued a dozen cases before the supreme court, including bush versus gore. and a lawsuit tonight against fitbit. the suit says the popular device that tracks your heart rate is not as accurate as it claims. lawyers commissioning a study, testing dozens of people wearing fitbits. researchers claim the devices missed up to 20 beats a minute. the company calls the study, quote, biased and baseless. when we come back on a monday night, what peter jennings reported in a special report all those years ago, and what those septuplets have accomplished tonight.
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want more proof? ask your rheumatologist about humira. what's your body of proof? finally tonight, america strong. the mccaughey septuplets then and now. >> this is a special report. >> reporter: peter jennings, breaking the news. >> there has been a substantial increase in the population of carlisle, iowa. >> reporter: america witnessing the historic nature of what just had happened. >> kenneth, nathaniel -- >> reporter: born in 1997, they were the world's first set of septuplets to survive. >> all healthy. >> reporter: some spending weeks, others months in intensive care, getting stronger. and months later, americans would watch the homecoming. >> the mccaughey seven. >> reporter: mom and dad
5:58 pm
carrying one baby at a time, and just look at them lined up. and when the final baby came home -- >> everybody's home, everybody's happy. >> reporter: the real journey would begin. and tonight, 17 years later, the mckoh septuplets today. >> hi, my name is nathan mccaughey. >> i'm joel mccaughey. >> i'm alexis mccaughey. >> i'm kelsey mccaughey. >> i'm brandon mccaughey. >> my name is natalie. >> i'm kenny mccaughey. >> just like having seven best friends. >> reporter: seven best friends who all graduated from high school this weekend. >> nathan roy mccaughey. >> reporter: each name followed by another diploma for a mccaughey. in that group, seven brothers and sisters america first celebrated all those years ago. congrats to the mccaugheys tonight, and good luck to ginger zee later. i hope to see you tomorrow. good night.
5:59 pm
>>. new at 6:00, tomorrow's big step in demolishing the old bay bridge. it could be the end of the line for the old school land lines. and... a gas fire fight, what we did to reignite the >> to allow us to grow together, to ride together. >> norcal was clinton country once before. the former president asking for help for his wife. good evening, thanks for joining us. hillary clinton's campaign announced they will not debate rival bernie sanders, sanders camp saying they're disappointed but not surprised. >> we do have team coverage on
6:00 pm
the countdown, including a lawsuit just filed over voter registration. let's begin with laura anthony, live in stockton. laura? >> reporter: clinton spoke to a packed house. the campaign moved past bernie sanders and is focused on putting hillary clinton in the white house. >> i ask you to do for hillary what california did for me then. >> reporter: former president clinton swept through the central valley, taking swipes at her presumptive republican rival, donald trump. >> do you really think he's going to be a force to raise people's income? we've got to do this together. and the would be first gentleman launched into vigorous promotion of his wife's policies.


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