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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  May 23, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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know better sleep. only at a sleep number store. live from the kgo-tv broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. now at 11:00, a 5-year-old boy killed in a tragic house fire. tonight police say there is a manhunt for an arsonist. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. a search is on for 53-year-old police say started the fire that killed his own son. 5-year-old daleon. >> cornell bernard is live at vallejo police headquarters with new information. >> reporter: the child's mother remains in the hospital with severe burns. tonight her family is speaking out. neighbors are talking about an argument they saw just weeks ago. the charred remains of a house fire, grim reminder of a tragedy which claimed the life of a 5-year-old boy who loved basketball. >> he was joking.
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you know. i want to be steph curry! he was just adorable. >> reporter: the little boy died in the fire on sunday. police say the fire set by his own fire, 53-year-old daralon shoemake now on the run. >> it appears he murdered a 5-year-old child that makes him pretty dangerous. >> reporter: police say he acted alone, using a accelerant to start the fire which severely burned the child's mother, mickey seal flood. >> we want justice out of all this, find him. >> we want to take him into custody and get limb off the street, to do so safely. >> i would have to look to another county to find work. >> reporter: this was shoemake in 2008 when abc 7 news interviewed him about jobs in solano county. while a motive for the crime is unclear, neighbors report seeing a heated argument the couple had weeks ago outside their home. >> he was calling her horrible names. pushing her around. and the little boy was standing there. >> reporter: others say shoemake's son was the light of
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his life. >> he loved that kid like there's no tomorrow. >> reporter: call police if you have information on his whereabouts. tonight loved ones remembered a man who died two years ago during a traffic stop in hayward. abc 7 news was outside city hall as they called for justice in the death of james nate greer. during a dui stop in 2014, officers tased greer three times and held him on the ground for six minutes. he died an hour later. the family wants the county to change a rule that the d.a. only investigates a death when police fire their weapons. new at 11:00, san francisco's new acting police chief called a community meeting in the bay view district tonight four days after a woman was shot and killed there. abc 7 news reporter katie marzullo was at the meeting and joins us with what tony chaplain had to say. >> reporter: the meeting by invitation only which was the only point of contention for one of the dozens of people in attendance. a community activist wanted to
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know why wasn't the entire bay view community allowed to attend? >> the conversation that we're having right now -- >> reporter: acting police chief tony chaplain explains. >> i'm trying to get a message out to talk to people without all the noise in the background. >> reporter: his message, that the san francisco police department is moving forward with new policies to prevent deadly officer-involved shootings. >> one of the things we're going to roll out faster is our procedural justice training and our implicit buyers training, explicit buyers training, so we let officers know what's acceptable, what's not acceptable. >> reporter: last thursday a sergeant shot and killed 29-year-old jessica williams, the is second deadly police shooting in three months. police say williams was driving a stolen car when she was shot. investigators are working to determine if she drove toward officers. >> we are still waiting independent accident reconstruction before we release further information. >> reporter: reaction to the new chief was mostly positive as
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community leaders look forward to change. >> i'm hopeful in that i think that our new police chief has a new vision on that. >> reporter: the chief is planning more meetings. in san francisco, katie marzullo, abc 7 news. breaking news in san francisco in the sunset district. right now police are searching for two armed robbers. about an hour ago they followed the victims to their home at 27th avenue and noriega street and held them up for their wallet. one victim has a minor injury. police say the robbers got away in a her said dees suv. two santa clara jail guards are under arrest for beating an inmate. as abc 7 news reporter lilliian kim explains their arrests might never have happened had it not been for the tragic death of another inmate at the same jail. >> it's not a matter of victory. >> reporter: for ruben garcia the arrest of two santa clara county jail guards he says beat him isn't so much victory as it weather center responsibility. >> we all got to be responsible at one time or another.
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you know, that's all i want is for them to say, yes, we beat him. >> reporter: deputies philip sendaroi and tuan le face charges, eight months after three deputies at the same jail were charged with the beating death of inmate michael tyree. >> this is basically a sea change that when these kinds of complaints come forward that they are seriously considered and when appropriate action is taking. i'm gratified to see it. >> reporter: no amount of action will change garcia's condition. he says because of the beating he'll never have full use of his jaw, held together with titanium plates. >> numbing higher up, all my bottom teeth are loose because they killed a nerve in there. >> reporter: the santa clara county correctional peace officers association says while they condemn any and all criminal behavior, they ask everyone not to prejudge and the deputies are entitled to their day in court.
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three people suspected of murdering a missing millbrae man are expected in court tomorrow. today investigators released the mugshots of tiffany lee, her current boyfriend cause bayat, and olivier adela. keith green was missing two weeks before his body was found in sonoma county. lee had two children with green bud they had gone through a bitter breakup. heartbreak in hawaii. five people were killed when a sky-diving tour plane crashed on the island of kauai. conditions were clear so investigators aren't sure what went wrong. the crash started a two-acre brush fire. two hours after the deadly crash, another single-engine plane went down off the island of oahu. two on board had only scrapes from their seat belts. they swam from the wreckage toward rescuers. moving now to your voice, your vote. bill clinton went on a campaign blitz in california today on
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behalf of his wife. >> he made stops in fresno and stopped before holding a rally at sacramento state university where he tried to convince voters that hillary clinton is not part of the establishment. >> she is by light years the best qualified person to be president as a change agent. as a change agent. >> the former president then attended a fund-raiser at the sacramento home of former state treasurer phil angelitis. hillary clinton's camp announced she will not debate bernie sanders here in california before the state's june 7th primary. sanders has agreed to do the debate on fox news. clinton's campaign wants to focus on the general election. they began as little yellow faces. now you can find more than 1,000 emoji characters on your phone. >> 70 more are coming out next month. still ahead, michael finney reveals the little-known group of engineers that decides. plus how you can have a voice on what emoji comes out next.
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paying to use the public's parks? the new plan facing backlash tonight. the san jose sharks are just one win away from the stanley cup finals. rick kwon will have full highlights. your morning commute begins with cloudy skies. i'll let you know when and where a few showers may develop coming up. first though here's a look at what's coming up on "jimmy kimmel live" after abc news at 11:00. >> here's what's happening tonight. michael keaton's in the --
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the yellow smiley faces on your phone, now you can choose from more than 1,000 emoji characters. >> 70 new characters are coming out next month. who gets to decide which ones? >> 7 on your side's michael finney is here with the interesting answer. >> i hadn't heard this information before. emoji characters come in variety of skin tones and google has talked about adding representations of women in the workplace. a san francisco group says everyone should have a voice in deciding the future of the emoji. you can have a voice. >> one owe moenlg gee says a lot of stuff. >> they make you happy. >> they've taken the world by storm. >> reporter: the tiny characters spice up text messages. some say they're more than silly cartoons. >> emoji is a global visual language that is evolving right now. >> reporter: writer jennifer lee and designer lu wanted a voice
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in that evolution. it started with a simple text message about -- >> my friend wanted to send an image of a dumpling as an emoji and there wasn't one. >> reporter: her iphone had emojis for pizza, hamburgers, dancing girls. but no chinese food. >> if there's no dumpling emoji, whatever system in place has failed. >> reporter: who decides which emojis get on our phones? >> they're highly defined and regulated by an organization called the unipic consortium. >> reporter: a little-known tribunal adopt all keyboard characters worldwide. emojis are a tiny part. their popularity brought the obscure group out of the shadows. >> we were taken a bit surprised by how quickly it developed. >> reporter: president mark dave vase met us at san jose's fairmont hotel. he laughs to see his group called shadowy overlords of emoji.
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yet they do control the little glyphs. >> the discussion should be more open. >> reporter: 11 engineers pay $18,000 a year for a voting membership on the consortium. most represent tech giants like goog fell, apple, microsoft. davis insists it's not exclusive. >> anyone can propose an emoenlg jet stream. >> reporter: yes, anyone. so jennifer and yu fought for their dumpling. they raised money on kick start tore buy a seat. in the end they didn't need it. >> the power is in everybody's hands. >> reporter: yi designed the dumpling, jennifer wrote the proposal, and the consortium gave its blessing. their dumpling will appear on your phones next year. so will their chinese takeout box and a fortune cookie. not everyone gets their wish. >> it's a shame that redhead seems to be the only natural hair color that's not included. >> reporter: emma kelly's group
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ginger parrot petitioned to include a red-headed emoji. others demanded a giraffe, lobster, and leprechaun. >> we expect the people that are proposing emoji to make a case for it. is it going to be used a lot? >> reporter: 70 new characters made the cut and are coming out next month. you'll see rolling on the floor laughing, fist bump, and the avocado. >> they had a runner, that would be nice. >> reporter: folks we talked to had their own ideas. >> emoji with a tractor. >> a guy with a helmet. then you can create your own team. >> i would really like one that went something like this. >> reporter: jennifer and yi formed emoji-nation, whose motto for the people, by the people. they hope you'll submit your own proposal. i posted a link to the application and criteria and a list of the new emoji characters coming out next month. find that at under "7 on your side."
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getting a good spot to relax on the grass at dolores park is going to cost you. a permit guarantees an uncrowded spot. the fee runs between $33 and $260. plus a $200 security deposit. it's a pilot project but the recreation and park department said it's just renewing a program that existed before the park's recent renovation. there is an online petition against the plan with more than 4,000 signatures. supervisor jane kim tweeted her opposition saying the city's not for sale and it shouldn't be for rent either. it was a nice start to our week on this monday -- lovely. meteorologist sandy patel is here with the forecast. >> we're going to continue to see the cooler than average conditions. so if you like today, next two days you're going to enjoy. let me show you the east bay hills camera from earlier this evening as the sun was getting
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ready to set. we saw quite a bit of cloud cover rolling in. the marine layer developed. and that is really what's taken over. you can see it right there across the bay area. so tonight just about everyone dealing with cloudy skies as you'll see here on live doppler 7 hd. this is how your morning will begin with the cloud cover. let's check out what the temperatures look like. they're comfortable. they're in the 50s. and most areas that were in the 60s have dropped out of the 60s. we do have a pretty good delta breeze out there. exploratorium camera at pier 15, overcast skies. isolated showers are possible tomorrow. remaining cooler than normal really for a few more days. a warmer pattern is setting up for the end of the work week. so take a look at our timeline tonight. 11:00 p.m., we have the cloud cover. we go into tomorrow morning. and you will notice just a little blip of green there at 5:00 a.m. that's your isolated shower possibility right around fremont. it could pop up just about everywhere.
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upper 40s to mid 50s. it is going to be cool. you'll need to dress in layers. as you take a look at what's going to happen for the rest of your day, that isolated shower will be long gone. we could see a few more developing around 8:00 a.m. once again it's just a slight chance so it's not definitive. you may see drizzle or a sprinkle. this is where we're expecting showers to really develop around lake and mendocino counties, just like today, but once again they have the potential for a thunderstorm or two going into the afternoon and evening hours. as far as your highs for your tuesday, they're going to remain below average for this time of year. 72 in antioch. 71 fairfield, concord. 70 livermore. 69 san jose. 66 oakland. san francisco 63. napa, santa rosa low 70s. 66 in san rafael. today's highs are a good 2 to 4 degrees below normal. we're going to go the other direction by the weekend. so there's going to be a warmer weekend. saturday you'll notice 60s coastside. 80s, maybe 90 saturday.
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sunday, 80s inland, 60s coastside. memorial day, fantastic weather for any outdoor activities you do have. take a look at your accuweather seven-day forecast. we bring in that slight chance of a shower or two for tuesday. remaining cooler than average. wednesday upper 50s to low 70s. not much change in the temperature department. notice by thursday we'll start to go a little bit milder. warming really gets under way on friday when you'll feel it. low 60s to mid 80s. we continue with the mid 60s to mid 80s range until sunday when we'll be near 90 if not sitting 90 degrees. memorial day looks fantastic. a million-dollar listing and then some. >> still ahead on abc 7 news at 11:00, the east bay mansion now
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a newly built mansion in the east bay is perfect for the billionaire animal lover. the alamo home is on the market for $39 million. it has a bedroom, 16 bathrooms, a movie theater and features an aviary for birds, a dog park, and a doggy spa. "the wall street journal" reports owner david dufffield will give all proceeds from the sale to an animal welfare charity. >> that's not a house, that's a resort hotel, wow. >> it is. great news from the sharks tonight. >> yep, let get to rick kwon. >> exciting time for bay area sports. there was a crazy finish at at&t park. how about those sharks. one more win, the stanley cup final will find its
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sharks were in st. louis for game five of the western conference final. after getting beat at home on saturday, 6-3, san jose returned the favor. things got chippy early on. brendan dylan, get that stick out of there. take a look at this goal. brower knocks it out. on the power-play, joe ward finds the net. you'll see on the replay he also gets the puck in midair. st. louis led 3-2 late in the second, joe thornton finds joe pavelski in the slot, 3-3 after two. in the third, it's brett burns with the shot. pavelski redirects the puck for his second goal. make it 4-3 san jose. a pair of empty netters made the final 6-3. the sharks can earn their first trip to the stanley cup final with a win at home on wednesday.
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>> i think we're reminding them we're not there yet. there's a lot of heavy lifting left. we know the team on the other side there. you know they're not going away. you know, we've been close before and let teams off the mat. so it's a great opportunity for us but there's a lot of work left to do here before we can start thinking about that. for the second straight game the giants offense struggled but once again they found a way to win. let's go to at&t park where this fan had reason to smile. johnny cueto turned in another strong start shutting out the padres on two hits. he struck out six. cueto went the distance to improve his record to 7-1. the game's only run came in the ninth with two outs. hunter pence bloops one into right and it falls in front of matt kemp. brandon belt scores from first to give the giants a 1-0 victory. san francisco's now won 11 of its last 12. the a's were at seattle. this fan goes for a foul ball with his beer and the woman next
11:30 pm
to him not too happy. bases-loaded jam in the second, he allowed no runs over eight innings. oakland broke it up on with four runs in the eighth. danny valencia's bases-loaded double. the big blow. the a's blank the mariners 5-0. hill improves to 7-3. dub nation let out a sigh of relief when the nba ruled draymond green will not be suspended for kicking thunder center steven adams in the groin. as you've probably seen dozens of times green was going up for a shot in the second quarter yesterday when he wound up kicking adams down under. at the time, draymond was given a drawing manned one foul. that has been upgraded to a flagrant two. if he gets one more he will be automatically suspended for one game. in the eastern conference finals, drake cheering on his raptors against the caves. up by two, derozan gets a second chance. this time it goes.
11:31 pm
kyle lowry scored a game high 35 points. raptors even the series 105-99 victory. game five is wednesday in cleveland. this sports report brought to you by river rock casino. tomorrow game four between warriors and oklahoma city. i think whoever wins this game will probably take the spire series. >> abc 7 news continues online, on twitter, on facebook, on all your mobile devices with our abc 7 news
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that's our report. we appreciate your time. >> for all of us, thank you for tonight, johnny depth, pink, and the premier of the baby bachelor et, and now in person, here's jimmy kimmel. ♪ >> jimmy: thank you. thank you. thank you everybody. welcome. i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thanks for


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