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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  May 24, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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we have called into theved for more information. can you follow us on twitter@abc7newsbayarea. >> today, three people arrested in the murder of a millbrae man are due in court a case that centers around a bit are break breakup. matt is in redwood city where the suspects are being held in jail. matt? >> yes, the three are charged with murder of a young father in the bay area. his body was found may 11 in sonoma county. it was not in good shape. and being it was outdoors we needed dental records to confirm the identity. >> we lend the body of 27 year old keith green was found with a single wound to the neck in a field. he was last seen alive april 28 when he went to the millbrae pancake house to mean the ex and mother of his two young kids. she was arrested on saturday morning when a swat team broke
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through the steel gates and arrested her cuff boyfriend, kaveh bayat and the day before arrested another woman in burlingame. green and li were a loving couple but went through a bit are breakup. >> it began with keith discover ing that give any had an affair with his friend, kaveh bayat and he caught him. >> the green's former attorney in a case said he worry about green's safety and. ed green in the fall when li accused him of stealing the range recovery and gave the information to the d.a. when he her grown was missing. all three suspects are schedule in court today at 1:30. >> breaking overnight: human remains retrieved from crash site of egyptaair 804 suggest an explosion.
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that is according to an egyptian forensic official who examineed remains at the site. a second official said yesterday it is too early to know in the paragraph was caused by an explosive device or something else. >> 66 people died on thursday when the jet crashed between paris and cairo. >> there is a manhunt for an arsonist who killed his five-year-old son in a house fire. they are searching for 53-year-old darrylone shuemake, sr. who started the fire over the weekend that killed his little boy. he acted alone dousing the bedroom with accelerant while the boy and his mother were sleeping. the mother has severe burns. neighbor tried to save boy but they were unable. there was a heated argument a few weeks ago outside of the home. >> he turn violent. we want justice. >> we want to take him into custody and get him off the
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streets. >> the mother remain hospitals. her teen son survived with minor moneys. you are asked to call fess if you have information of shuemake 's' whereabout. >> give yourself extra time today across the bay bridge another section of old bridge is coming down slowly lowering the span starting this morning. you are looking at time-lapse video from last month when caltran removed a different span lowered to a barge and taken to the port. the bicycle path on the new span is going to be closed during the removal. >> muni is cracking down on drivers abuseing break time. we mean bus drivers who are leashing their bus with passengers on board to get a snack. janet is here to explain how muni is addressing this. >> we are talking about 702 breaks which can be taken during a personal necessity but
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according to the examiner the committee is in they are take too metro airport of needs breaks. an operator took a 20-minute break to go to mcdonald's while passengers waited on bus. video was pulled to confirm this. drivers are not allowed to take lunch break because they are paid to work through them. videos could be an invasion of an operators' privacy. the transportation age believes a very small fraction of drivers are tale abuing the policy and most drivers are using the breaks responsibly. a list is being compiled of those who take too many breaks and may need to crackdown to avoid impact on the riders and the muni system. >> the alameda county sheriff is opening an internal affairs investigation connected to a woman at the center of an oakland police scandal over a
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dispatcher's daughter. the east bay times said the sheriff is trying to determine in any of the deputies corned with the woman on pace back before she turned 18. fore oakland officers have been placed on leave during an investigation into sexual misconduct while underage and two officers have resigned. >> t.s.a. fired the head of security. the house oversite committee conducted a hearing on the age's operations early this more questioning why kelly hogan got $90,000 if bonuses while so many of us were in the long security lines. the t.s.a. has announced several changes to the management to focus on leadership and screening operations. >> bill clinton continues the california campaign police on of before his wife. he be in the bay area today and tomorrow for two private fundraisers much the former president will attend an event in fremont at 11:45 this morning. and tomorrow, bill clinton will be add another fundraiser in atherton. tickets start at $500 and
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tomorrow supporters have to fork $1,000. >> ly wife is saying who to another debate with bernie sanders, would agreed to a debate on fox news in california before the june 7 primary. hillary clinton's california pan said sheen whats it focus on the general election. as she does that, bernie sanders is not going down without a fight. the vermont senator said that the democratic national convention in philadelphia could be messy as he pushes the party to adopt his progressive agenda. bernie sanders said it is imperative he performs well in the cam primary which is in two weeks. >> on respect side tim trump is going after the clinton familiar digging up bill clinton's indiscretions posting a video with him smoking a cigar and audio of women who raised accusations of sexual misconduct against the former president. this is just the latest example of trump using allegations against bill clinton to attack hillary clinton. >> you can stay on top of all of
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the late breaking developments in the race for the white house with the news app, by enabling push alerts. >> a pit bull that charged at a police officer will be likely put down. a man called sunday after the same pit bull nearly attack him earlier. the officer was taking the man's tape the dog charged at him. the officer shot at the ground to scare the dog which was taken to the animal services. the owner said it broke free from the chain in the your. >> says are searching for two armed robber in san francisco. they forked the victims to the home at 27th avenue around 10:00 p.m. last night and held them up for a wallet. a victim has a minor injury. police say the robbers got away in a mercedes s.u.v. >> starting with temperatures in san francisco. we are looking at and feeling mainly mid-50srom 53 to 56 a
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warm spot at ferry building at 56. 56 in richmond, walnut creek and, also, pittsburg, and we have san leandro and union city and pleasanton at 57, and santa clara at 54 and petaluma and american canyon vouch and walnut creek is mid-50 degree temperature and mostly cloudy sky. watch out for grass pollen and u.v. index, still high although the clouds are more numerous. san rafael, mostly cloudy and 50 degrees, a slight chance of a shower today it fades tomorrow. and the warming trend is on thursday. now, a look at today's rain and the summer-like holiday weekend in the seven-day forecast. sue? >> the golden gate bridge is fog free and traffic is moving nicely. very light conditions. we are waiting for the zipper truck to give you four lanes southbound. now there are three lanes. three and three. great looking morning with green sensors, all good in the
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roadways. we have a car fire fully enguffed according to the c.h.p. it is eastbound 580 at seminary and yellow means traffic is slowing beyond the scene the hopefully fire will be out there quickly and put fire out. and be on the way. the latest "variety," is out and on the cover is yahoo c.e.o. >> paying to use a public park? a new reservation land for one of san francisco's most popular ou
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to learn about glaucoma and macular degeneration.
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>> santa rosa berkeley, san jose , and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> federal investigators will be on the scene today of a deadly plane crash in hawaii. five people died when a sky diving tour plane crashed on the island of hawaii. two sky dive instructors and a pilot and two jumpers were on the plane. it started a two acre brushfire. two hours after that deadly crash, another crash, a single engine plane went down off the island with the folks now swimming from the wreckage to the rescuers. in this case they only had minor scrapes. >> we will show you a magazine cover that is sure to cause controversy. look at this: this is hitting
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stands today and you can clearly see marissa mayer carrying a wooden "why," on the shoulder reading "the end is nye," a clear reference to the crucifixtion and the end of her job. during the four years at helm of yahoo revenues have declined and hundreds of jobs are cut and they are entertaining my intermediate bids. what is reaction to the magazine cover? use #abc7now get up. >> san francisco's new acting police chief called a community meeting in the bayview district the area where police shot and killed a woman last week. many are upset because the meeting was invitation only. katie marzullo was there. >> the community activist wanted to know why wasn't the entire bayview community allowed to attend? [ inaudible ] the acting police chief tony
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chaplin explains. >> i want to get a message out without all of the noise in the back ground. >> the message is the san francisco police department is moving failure with new policies to prevent deadly officer-involved shootings. >> we we will role out faster or advise training so we let officers know what acceptable and what is not acceptable. >> on thursday a sergeant shot and killed 29-year-old jessica williams the second deadly police shooting in three months. williams was driving a stolen car when shot and investigators are working to determine in she drove toward the officer. >> we are still waiting independent action reconstruction before we release further information on vehicle movement. >> reaction was positive as the community leaders look forward to change. >> i am hopeful. our new police chief has a new vision >> the chief is landing for more meeting.
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>> civilian police have a new system to request public records to main train transparency. the media and public can request documents and information and records on the system. it will also help track and process requests more ever efficiently. we posted a link on >> delores park now takes reservations. the city is getting push become after testing a program that charged for space at the public park. a to month pilot program will allow people to reserve sections of delores park for a fee ranging from $33 to $260 of the the fee depends on the size of the group, good for seven hours. city is renewing a program that existed before the renovation. a petition has more than 4,000 signatures and the supervisors have tweeted opposition saying city is not forally and it issue
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not be for rent either. it is a popular park that is usually seen as a free treasure. >> isn't that the point? >> we see what happens. shark fever is on verge of a major epidemic. >> top night san jose has a chance to advance to the stanley cup finals for the first time in 19 chinese history! last night the sharks bet blues in st. louis 6-3. they took a 3-2 lead in the series. the victory will be them a win away from clinching. the series shifts back to s.a.p. center for game six tomorrow at 6:00 p.m. >> now the dubs...draymond green will lay in game four of western conference finals tonight in oklahoma city. year, the leg fines him $25,000 because of that: kicking steven adams' ground but he was not suspended.
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golden state trails 2-in the series. tip-off is 6:00 p.m. with thursday's game coming back to oracle arena. >> you we will get to meteorologist mike nicco. mike? >> ing, everyone. live doppler hd showing the freezes are out had and they are aggressive at sfo can oakland and half moon bay and double digits from 12-15. picking up a hilt bit this afternoon. like yesterday. at sfo: cloudy. i expect delays this morning for arrivals. that usually happens around 6:00 . now, below average temperatures today, a stray hour is possible, isolated temperature, and holiday is trending warm, summer like. >> we will look at what will happen, a few 70s in santa rosa, fairfield, conquer, morgan hill, everyone else in the
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mid-to-upper 60s until you get to half moon bay at 61 degrees much tonight, we will have temperatures like this morning upper 40s to mid-50 where a sprinkle or two around and our best chan this morning during the commute is higher elevation, and a sprinkle or light shower across the south bay, south of dumbarton bridge as we head into the afternoon, it will be in the santa cruz mountains, diabolo range and up and around lake county and, also, mendocino county is where we have a chance of a spray shower. my seven-day forecast is 60s at the coast, upper 70s to upper 80s this holiday weekend. sue? >> good morning, everyone, a shot and a look at bay bridge toll plaza and very light conditions if you have to be out at 4:48, we will have light traffic. green is good. we are see slow traffic from the livermore into tracy area otherwise we have reports that the accident in napa is the intersection of southbound 29 at highway 12 blocking the intersection one car in the
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middle of the road. avoid this if you can we will get a tow truck on the scene soon. we will look at the road work in a few minutes. >> attention amazon shoppers, a generous discountry refund they get rid of. >> on the list of must take selfies for a last venturists: the length some will go to, to get the perfect picture of the painted lady. >> sports authority is throwing in the towel. they may start going out of business sales as soon as this friday. all 463 stores close by the end of august. sporting good retailers are hurt by online competition. >> toyota is adding another 1.million vehicles to the airbag recall some 10 years old of the same problem as with other airbags made by takata: they can explode when they inflate. in your car is included toyota will notify you by mail. >> the countdown is on to memorial day weekend.
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travelers will respond an estimated $12 billion up 1% from last year. the airports be busy with 38 million american traveling this year the most since 2005. a big reason is that pass is a floor cheaper than last year. that is for me, it was heart-wrenching. bea: it takes a toll on everyone. i mean, it's a depressing disease to watch unfold before your eyes. you just don't see -- the person's soul is, like, gone.
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lisa: this disease just ravages a family. it changes your life. the magnitude of it is indescribable. art: now is the moment. if we work together, we can stop this epidemic. grace: contact brightfocus and learn more.
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the abc7 news app, on the go, on your schedule. news that lives where you live. >> imagine running into this after you get 50 work.
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a bear. that happened to folks in pasadena. neighbors spotted the little oe running through several yards while people were walking their dogs. no attacks were reported. police lost track of the bear. they are continuing to keep andre out. >> can you imagine see that? >> and it is still out there. >> amazon users, you by have just lost an easy way to save cash. according to a website the company has quietly ended their price protection policy for all products except for tvs. this means you can no longer request a refund in the price is something you boy drops in seven days. amazon insists it was never the policy to price match in the first place and customer service agents use their discretioned in the past. >> california state university trustees will consider a contract agreement to avoid a system-wide faculty strike. the contract costs $200 million over three years.
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salaries go up for 23,000 educators across 23 campuses by july of 2017. the first pay increase is 5% on june 30. another 2% on july 1. in approved the full board will vote on it tomorrow. >> today is the day for tradition putting piedmont high school on the map: a popular bird calling contest. this is too much. everything is wonderful. >> it is not 5:00 a.m. hook the at kids. they are so committed. that is last year's winner. they are judged on poise and deliverance and being authenticated. >> the contest is known. around the nation. past winners have appear on johnny carson and david letter
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man started by a school science teacher. obviously we need to get tickets early next year. >> they owned it. >> speaking of owning it, who is the hottest team in major league baseball? 1-0 again. 58 at 7:15 and dropping to 55 and breezy at at&t park. around state you will notice across the mountains and higher elevations we have a benefit chance of showers and thunderstorms and snow from lake tahoe at 48 to yosemite at 63. if you are head up north for the holiday weekend it will be warm, mid-90s friday and saturday and low 90s sunday and monday in santa rosa. >> a look at the traffic map for tuesday morning, you can see it is slowing from the tracy area, with speeds of 30 or 35 miles per hour, still, only 35-minute
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drive into dublin/pleasanton. the tube is closed for maintenance so out fruitvale to get to the other sides of the lagoon. highway one, the ramp to southbound 280 is closed until 9:00 this morning with road work so use caution. there is a detour in place and northbound 101 at sir francis drake on the right lane and right shoulder is there until 7:00 this morning. we will look at the highway 4 commute and drive times in a few minutes. >> lyft could allow you to reserve a pickup 24 hours in advance with a toast with the employees before launching it. riders can cancel or modify the reservation up to 30 minutes before the requested time. this would be a first for the ondemand ride industry. neither uber and lyft currently offer reservations other than car pool options. >> san francisco's iconic alamo square is closed for renovation but tourists found a way to get
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beyond the fence. the photographer, a partner at hoodline nuclear this -- hoodline took this picture. visitors come because of the picture in the opening credit of the tv show "full house." >> they are good, but the renovation will include removal of trees, replacement of the irrigation system. the park department said the hole in the fence is fix asked anyone entering construction zone could be credited. >> even if you are singing. >> bring down the old bay bridge piece by piece. a big demolition is getting underway. >> george zimmerman finally explain his reason for selling the gun used to kill trayvon martin and what it has to do with the presidential candidate.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. it is 5:00 a.m. get up. i am reggie aqui.


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