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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  May 24, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. it is 5:00 a.m. get up. i am reggie aqui. >> i am natasha zouves.
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it is tuesday. a day closer to friday. for the weekend. now a look at weather and traffic. mike? >> it beats monday. the next three hours, we have data that shows the policy of showers offshore and across the south bay around dumbarton with a better chance headed into the afternoon. sunshine in the forecast. not so much as yesterday but enough to make the air giving us a sure at 4:00. we start off at 47-54 and hang out in the mid-to-upper 50s at the coast and mid-50s to nearly 70 inland. sue? >> up and at it in the central valley the earliest commuters with slow from tracy and over the altamont pass for 25-35 minute into dublin/pleasanton. car fire eastbound 580 at seminary, and was fully enguffed and now it is on the right shoulder, with sensors showing green but not a lost slow
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traffic. we will look at the road work still to be picked up in a few inifs. >> another section of the original bay bridge is coming down this morning. we on treasure island with what some of you will see on way to work. >> the best view is at abc7. check out this. watch this. much more fun to see. this is what it will look like, but slower. this is a sped up version, a time lapsed video of the last time they did this. it takes about two days. they are lowering and hauling away a 504' truss that weighs 25 tons. it is called "complicated." in the name of safety, they land to shut down the bicycle and pedestrian path. heads up for that. this is the third of five trusses they have to remove start at 6:30 with sky 7 overhead to show a great view.
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tune in if you can to see the work. they will be on the job until 8:00 tonight with the same hours again tomorrow. >> happening today, three people suspected of murdering a missing millbrae man are scheduled to appear in court. verdict investigators released mug shop of tiffany li and her current boyfriend, kaveh bayat and another who face murder and conspiracy charges. coat green was missing for two weeks before the body was found in sonoma county. we lended that he had a single gunshot wound to the neck. li had two children with friend but they want through a bitter breakup. all the san francisco board of supervisors will vote on a proposal to update the sanctuary law. the supervisor is calling it "due process for all," restricting city police from returning over undocumented immigrants unless the person has
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been convict of a violent felony in the last seven years. the city got a lot of criticism for releaseing lopez sanchez, man acussed of killing a bay area woman, kate steinle, at pier 14 in delay. he has been deported five time before the shooting. >> to santa clara county jail guards are under arrest for beating an inmate. the arrests may never have happened in it were not for the tragic death of another inmate at the same jail. >> for ruben the arrest of two santa county jail guards would bet him is not a victory but about responsibility. >> all i want so for them to be charged. >> deputies than le and phillip abecendario face charges of assault under color of authoritate months after three deputies were charged with the beating debt of an inmate
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michael tyree. >> this is a sea change. when the complaints come forward now they are seriously considered and when appropriate action is taken. i am gratified to see it. no amount of action will change garcia, because of betting he will never have full use of the jaw held together now with plates. >> i control, and trillion when i speak. all my bottom team are loose because they killed a nerve. >> the president elect of the santa clara county correctional peace officers association condemn any and all criminal behavior they ask everyone not to prejudge and the deputies are entitled to their day in court. >> the c.h.p. confirmed there is another shooting on the east bay freeway and the search is on. a photo was released similar to the suspect's gray 2005 volvo
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with license plate on your scene. investigators say two drivers got into a fight in emeryville on sunday. they get to the exit on experts 580 in richmond a driver fired on the other, no one was hurt. the shooting suspect drove away but not before crashing into a signpost. that tore off the front butcher license late and gave c.h.p. evidence. all the biggest wildfire so far this season in monterey county is 50% contained. the flames have blackened 4,000 acres near the city of soledad abut they are not threatening homes. there is concern they could damage pg&e power lines and cause major outages. 200 firefighters are now battling the flames. >> president obama wrapped up a three day visit to vietnam with an action-packed schedule. he is scheduled to meet with embassy personnel and families in ho chi minh and discuss united states and vietnam relations at the national convention center. he will tour the jade pagoda, a
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revered temple and will speak focussen entrepreneurship and opportunity for the vietnamese people. tomorrow, he travels to japan for the g7 summit. >> governor brown is weighing in on the race to replace senator boxer. the governor is expected to give kamala harris a best, leading a field of 34 candidates including democratic congresswoman sanchez >> a san francisco political powerhouse is become home this morning after a grand welcome featuring mayor lee and lieutenant governor. he was in china to have a kidney transplant. before leaving she helped to rebuild the chinese hospital and has been behind the scenes influence in several mayoral administrations. now that she is back to focus on the key town public housing
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project. >> mostly clouds in the north bay we start with your temperatures that are cool compared to the rest of us a lot mid-to-upper 40s from petaluma at 46. 49 in santa rosa. warmer in tiburon at 52. vallejo is 56. around the rest of our neighbors, lafayette and san carlos at 5 a. brentwood, san ramon, newark and redwood city at 56 degrees. today, no real worries if you are out jogging, and cool this morning and comfortable, and breezy tomorrow to do sailing and walking the dog. no worries. san jose near the shark tank you could possibly wrap it up tomorrow. we will wrap up a chance of a stray shower tomorrow and you can see the we remain a friend on thursday with the rest of that warm holiday weekend forecast in an hour-by-hour look at the rain today. sue? >> a couple of incidents to
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watch out for on the commute. we have an accident in the napa area at the intersection of 29 and highway 12. a couple of cars in the middle of the freeway or the roadway. we have a road work section the ramp to northbound 680. that is closed until 6:00 this morning. there is a detour in place there. be aair. and we do not have slowing beyond the scene. as reallied -- programmed highway 4 is looking good into pittsburg and concord at 20 minutes. that is at the limit. in the westbound direction. we will come back and look at the bay bridge toll plaza to see what is up this in a few minutes. >> a hot day you see a dog locked in a car what a state lawmakers say you should be able to do? >> a medical break through that puts us a closer to
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los altos, petaluma, antioch, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. george zimmerman said the ropes for selling the gun used to kill trayvon martin are simple. >> whatever i can thing of to ensure that hillary clinton does not become the leader of the great of the nation on earth i will sell everything and anything i own to ensure, to attempt to ensure they can no longer hurt men and women of law enforcement. all the trial he was acquitted
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gave him vent to "think clearly under treasure." >> in i walk by a car with dog inside and it is ament difficult, would you want to help save it? a new bill in california would allow passerbys to smash the car window for get to the pet out before it is too late. right now, you are not supposed to do that but call authorities. the american veterinarian association said parking in shade or, crag weapons is not prevent the interior from reaching dangerous temperature. lawmaker will introduce the right to rescue act during a rally in sacramento. >> researchers believe they found evidence that flame retarans could increase thyroid problems in women and the risk could be significantly higher among post menopausal women. many household likes like furniture contain the row towardant. blood tests were conducted on women and those with the highest consequence stations were pore likely to have a thyroid problem compared to those with lower concentrations of the chemical.
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>> a medical breakthrough, researchers have identified a gene that could help protect against melanoma the most deadly form of skin cancer. the so-called gene is resistant to ultraviolet rayation. the higher legal of again the greater chance you avoid of get the skin cancer. scientists hope to have a drug that can ward off skin cancer. rates have doubled in the united states over three decades for mel navy. the photograph of the jeer is under way and entries are stunning. one of them features san francisco. >> no surprise. all the most beautifulcy in the country. >> joe murphy was in alameda and lucky enough to have the camera and the weather was just right. >> another city shot, in bangkok, thailand, the night market. >> a zebra in a field of flowers. >> that will be tough to beat in
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serengeti national park. >> a sunset in washington state, a gorgeous, photographers have physical may 127. >> it would be tough. would not want to be the judge. >> machine machine has againous sun tryies and sunset. >> we put them on twitter. we will have a few brakes and on live doppler hd you can see our cloud deck is thicker, more widespread and still not dropping much, but as we head through the morning hours a chance of a sprinkle here and there around the south bay and our higher elevations of the santa cruz mountains. a look from the exploritorium, gorgeous, and a look at what will happen today, and moving failure, less sunshine, below average today, and we have stray shower today, isolated chance tomorrow and locking pretty warm, feeling like summer this weekend. 61 at half moon bay.
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63 in san francisco. 69 in san jose. antioch is 72. fairfield and concord and santa rosa at 71 degrees. headed to tonight coot cool night in santa rosa and the rest us in the low-to-mid 50s isolated height shower is possible. at 5 o'clock this morning you can see cloud deck dominant and look where the green develops during the morning commute from san mateo bridge south. as we hold into the afternoon and evening it will be the santa cruz mountains and diabolo range and across the lake and mendocino and northern sonoma. the rain showers will be light if you get anything, less than .02" of rain. we are below average tomorrow, and back to am on thursday and upper 60s and upper 70s and upper 80's toward sunday this weekend. sue? how is the commute? >> no problems at the bay bridge.
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metering lights are not on. you can see slowing nicely through the toll plaza. into san francisco. from golden gate field to the city 15-minute drive. it pays to get up and out early. but for the central valley commute, it is slow. up toward the altamont pass. that is typical. the car fire eastbound 580 at seminary in the oakland area fire is out but there are crews on scene. use caution. in the eastbound direction. road work in the laps northbound 101, the right lane and right shoulder until 7:00 this morning and that is the reverse commute. >> firefighters say they are amazed man suffer only scratches after he was trapped on the tracks under a moving bart train. we were at embarcadero station in san francisco. crews were able to pull the man to safety yesterday. firefighters say he fell off the
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platform and was able to tuck himself into a safe spot on the tracks at six cars pass over him. service from the station to the east bay was stopped for an hour and a half. >> the house of representatives will vote on a bill to toughen the regulation of industrial chemicals called the toxic substances control act. senator boxer opposed early versions of the bill until she improved it saying final version is better than occur rent law. the epa would be required to conduct safety reviews for all chemicals and current item on the shelfs and give states 18 months to regulate chemicals on their own. more information of the chemicals would be available to the public which has been kept confidential. >> this is another recall underway right now linked to listeria contamination. the company is recalling six variety of trail mix, with in illnesses report. there has been a recall of sun flower seeds which could be in
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the product. >> facebook has new changes to the most popular feature. >> in tech bytes a revamp at facebook saying they found conservative views were not sue resolutioned on the trending topics feature but changes will be made. facebook will no longer use external news websites to assess the response of a story. the editors get more training. >> snapchat started as a way to send pictures and t that disappear in ten seconds now has story selling videos. the founder famously turn down $4 billion for company and we just listened it is now value at $20 billion. >> for move. >> ride sharing service lyft is letting some schedule ahead time with pickups scheduled up to 24 hours in advance and tested in san francisco and is expanded from this. those the tech bytes. >> straight ahead the seven things you need to know and the
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>> if you are about to go out the door here are seven thing you need to know: win, they suspects accuseed killing a missing millbrae man aspeared in court today. tiffany lism, her boyfriend, kaveh bayat, and another man accused of killing keith green and dumping the body in sonoma county. a manhunt is underway for 53-year-old darrylone shuemake, sr. for setting a husband fire that killed his five-year-old son, injured the boy's mother and the teen son.
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>> draymond green will play tonight against the thunder in game four. it is ruled that he will not be suspended for kicking adams in the groin. tin off is 6:00 p.m. >> if you drive across the bay bridge this morning give yourself extra time. caltran will lower another section of the span starting at 6:30 this morning. >> 5, check out the temperatures today, still running at 3-8 degrees below average with a stray shower possible. we will get rid of both of those as we look to the warm holiday weekend in the seven-day forecast. >> sick, we are looking at an easy commute this morning, a couple of hot spots, no metering lights at the bay bridge and a streaming shot headed on the east shore freeway for the macarthur maze and not a bad drive at all at 15 minutes into san francisco. >> seven, you have her the say ing, when pigs like, what
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about when pigs run, that give caught run down the street during a hailstorm in montana after escaping from the crate but hamlet will return to his owner and he is fine. abuckle up. that is the advice of local police agencies taking part in the national "click it or ticket" campaign. police and c.h.p. will look out for drivers and passengers not waivering a seatbelt. violations could be fined $162. >> more and more coffeehouses are looking for coffee on ice with a 20% increase in iced coffee sales some report that ice coffee sales are surpassing the hot coffee. analysts say because of this you can expect more ice coffee on the menu in future. >> who is it? paige? ginger or someone else?
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>> tonight is "dancing with the stars" finale. right here. mixed martial artist and her partner are leading the pack, with the competition just too close to call. couple are separated by only two points for the judges, and despite injuries to her pelvis, ginger sde came in second. only one is allowed to take home the trophy and we will find out tonight at 9:00 on "dancing with the stars" who is the winner. >> in niles doesn't win, life has no meaning. >> a new york waitress got a big surprise when pick up the choke get $80 tip on a $20 bill with a special note "life is short, a friend of mine died last night please enjoy a night with
5:26 am
someone you love." she was almost brought to tears by the gesture. >> you never know what other people are going through in their personal life is, be patient. be kind. hopefully good karma will come to you. >> she plans on spending money in the spirit in which i was given and will take her friends and boyfriend out for drinks the she has not had a chance to thank the customer in person but said when customers comes back she gets very best of service. >> back with a full 90 minutes of news including muni drivers accused of taking too many break s that could leave passengers stranded. >> a decision could put bill
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mmm. baclet's instabrag.d. honey, jalapeño boom boom, h-how is there no bacon emoji? denny's new honey jalapeño bacon, part of the red white and bacon menu. denny's. welcome to america's diner. live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> coming up on 5:30. i am natasha zouves.
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>> i am reggie aqui. it is may 24. you will have to provide director own sunshine. that is what meteorologist mike nicco is saying. mike? >> just because you have been far away the last couple of months. >> but i still know where you are. >> good morning be everyone, here is a lack at radar. it is quiet. but we have a lot of cloud cover. we will see sunshine fremont but not such as yesterday. grab the sunglasses. the day planner shows we are starting in the 50s. we will stay in 50s at coast and mid-60s at the bay and 70s inland. a stray shower is possible today with a look at that ahead. sue? >> so far so good but not bad at all this morning. we don't have major stalls or accidents. san jose beyond the s.a.p. center it is going to be busy tomorrow night when the sharks are back at home in the tank but right now it is looking great in the northbound and southbound direction.
5:30 am
slow traffic out of tracy is tropical with speeds of 15-20 miles per hour and it picks up firstly and in napa we have an accident in the roadway southbound 29 at highway 12 i am seeing slow traffic approaching 29 from high 12. >> we are tracking breaking news from the south bay. san jose fires are on the scene of the house fire on palo alto avenue near avenue "b" but because of an alert neighbor 2011 got out. the passerby saw smoke coming out and banged on the door to wake everyone up. thank goodness the person did that, a few more minutes and they may have been hurt when the roof come listened. the red cross is on the scene. >> from san francisco, police are investigating a homicide in the south of market district. this happened at 6th early
5:31 am
this morning. there were reports a knife was used. we have calls into the lived for more information stick with abc for updates and follow us on twitter@abc7newsbayarea. >> three people arrested in the murder of a millbrae man due in court, that centers around a bit are breakup. the suspects are held in jail in redwood city. >> the three accused of the young father's murder of scheduled to be in court today at 1:30 at the case pins to a bit are breakup. >> it started with keith discovering that different any had an affair with his friend, kaveh bayat, and he caught them. >> that is an attorney who in the fall represented keith green in a case against his ex and mother of the two young children, tiffany li who falsely accused green of stealing the range rover he was worried about
5:32 am
his klein's safety and gave the information to the d.a. when he heard keith green was missing when he went to the millbrae pancake house to meet li and learned the boat was fund with a single gunshot wound to the neck in field off highway we oh on may 11. >> the bow was not in for shape and being it was outdoors we need dental records to confirm the identity. >> li was arrested saturday morning when a swat team converge on the mansion in held embryo and arrested li and her current boyfriend, kaveh bayat. the day before they arrested another man at an apartment in burlingame. detectives are still processing evidence and are looking for the not -- motive. >> human remains obligated from the crash site of egypt yep egypt suggest an explosion brought the plane down. that is curing to an egyptian
5:33 am
forensic official who examined the remains. a second forensic official said yesterday that it is too early to know in the paragraph was caused by an explosive device or something else. 66 die on thursday when the jet crashed between paris and egypt. >> an intense manhunt for an arsonist who killed his own five-year-old son in a house fire. they are searching for 53-year-old issue -- darrylone shuemake, sr. who start add fire that killed his legal boy. shuemake acted alone dousing a bedroom with axle rap while shuemake and the american were sleeping. mother has severe burns much neighbors tried to save him but he died. a mettive is not clear neighbors report seeing a heated argument the couple had just weeks ago outside the home. >> we want justice. >> we want to take him into custody and get him off the streets. >> the child's mother remains in the hospital.
5:34 am
her teen son survived with minor buns. you are asked to call police if you have information about issue's whereabouts. >> remember "you deserve a break today," don't do it wall you are driving a butt load of passengers in san francisco. muni is track down on drivers abusing break time. janet explains this. >> we talking about a special break that muni drivers can take when they have a personal necessity but the question is are drivers taking too many of breaks. it is reported in an instance an report operator took a 20 meant break to go to mcdonald's and passengers waited on bus. video was pulled and the agency new said that the drivers are not allowed to take lunch break because they are paid to work through them. the union representative said that pulling video of operator taking breaks could be an invasion privacy. only a small traction is
5:35 am
believed to be abyssing the policy. the agency now is compiling a list of drivers who take too many breaks and hopes of avoiding delays to the muni system that would impact passengers. >> the alameda county sheriff is opening an internal affairs investigation related to am with the at center of a sex scandal, an oakland pass dispatcher's daughter. the sheriff is lying to determine in any of the deputies corned with the woman on facebook before she turned 18. four oakland officers have been placed on leave during the investigation. two of the officers have since resigned. >> the t.s.a. fired the head of security. the house of representatives oversight committeed conducted a hearing this month on agency operations and questioned why kelly hogan got $90,000 in bonuses when the security heinz did not improve? t.s.a. announced several changes to management to focus on
5:36 am
leadership and screening. >> bill clinton continues the california campaign police in the bay area today and tomorrow for two private fund rayers. the former president will attend an event in fremont at 11:45 and tomorrow will be at another fundraiser in atherton, with tickets starting at $500. tomorrow, the supporters have fork out $1,000 a ticket. >> hillary clinton is saying "no," to another debate with bernie sanders who agreed did a debit on fox news here in california before the june 7 primary. her campaign said that they want to focus on general election so as she does that, bernie sanders is not going down without a fight. the vermont senator said the d national conference in philadelphia this morning could be "messy," as he looks for adoption of his progressive agenda. bernie sanders said it is imperative he does well in the california primary which and to weeks from today. >> on republican side, donald
5:37 am
trump is going after the clinton family, and is digging up bill clinton's past indiscretions with a video of bill clinton smoking a cigar and ought yes of women who were raising accusations of sexual misconduct. this is just latest example of trump using alleges against bill clinton to attack hillary clinton. >> 5:37 on tuesday. we will start on the peninsula and talk about your temperatures, they are milder than yesterday, with 40s and now most of us around 52 to 55 degrees, san bruno is 56, the warm spot, and 57 in mountain view, and hayward and concord and 56 in san ramon, livermore, fremont, san jose, 3589, and to the north it is coolest in mill valley, 46, in san francisco, and oakland is 57, notice it is mostly cloudy with sprinkles possible, with high grass pollen, and u.v. index you could be unwithed with less sunshine than yesterday, keeping an eye on sfo, you can see the cloud deck we are going do have
5:38 am
delays, and should be another 20 minutes. the in, three days show changes on the way. today, it will be cooler-than-average, and same tomorrow, and scattered showers today and isolated chance tomorrow and warming trend starting on thursday with upper 70s hitting inland, 72 around the bay, and 60s at the coast and that is the beginning of a summer feel to the holiday forecast coinciding pretty well. that is next. >> 41 bart train on schedule this morning, and take advantage of that if you would like and mass transit is looking good, and ace train all running on time out of the central valley and no problems with v.t.a. and no problems with any mass transit. slowing from tracy for 40 members into the dublin/pleasanton area westbound 580, and the rank is still closed northbound highway one for southbound 280, it is closed until five o'clock this morning, so for another 20 machines or so, and this is road work in the lanes north 101 around sir
5:39 am
francis drake the highway overpass right lane and the shoulder affected here and it is in the reverse commute direction in the lanes now, until 7:00 this morning. we will look at the busy drive times for tuesday in the next report. >> thank you, sue, a pit bull that charged at a police officer will most likely be put down. according to the press democrat, a man called money sunday yesterday after the same pit bug nearly attacked him earlier. as the officer was taking man's fame the dog charged at officer. the officer shot at at the ground and the dog was capture asked taken to animal services. the owner claims the dog break free from the chain. >> police are looking for two armed robbers, after will inning victim to a home at 27th avenue around 10:00 p.m. and held them up for a wallet the one victim has minor injuries. police say the robbers got away in a more said s.u.v.
5:40 am
>> the first criminal case against bill cosby is starting, due in court in pennsylvania for a key hearing in the criminal assault case much the hearing will determine in prosecutors have enough evidence to send cosby to trial. the 78-year-old comic accused of drugging and molesting federal temple university employee in 2004. in convicted, cosby facing up to 10 years in prison. >> more people are kicking their smoking habits, with the rate of smocking falling to 15% last year, the biggest one year decline in more than 20 years. experts say the mounting impact of antismoking ad, taxes, and bans are playing a role. >> nfl hall of famer is making a play to keep the raiders in oakland leading investors exploring ways to get a new stadium for the team. the group is a long way from getting a deal.
5:41 am
we reached out to the raiders but they have "no common." owner committed to moving to las vegas in officials meet their requirements. >> on the cover of "variety," is yahoo c.e.o. which will get a lot of attention. >> paying toize a public park? the new reservation plan for one of san francisco's most top particular outdoor
5:42 am
5:43 am
5:44 am
santa clara, san francisco, east bay, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. federal investigators are on scene of a deadly plan crash in hawaii, five people died when a sky diving tour plane crashed on the island yesterday. two sky dive instructers and two jumpers and the pilot were on the plane. it started a two acre brushfire. two hours after that deadly crash, another single engine plane went down off the island of oahu and these are the survivors of plane, swimming to their rescuers. they only had minor scrapes. >> a magazine cover is sure to cause controversy this morning. look at this: "variety magazine," hits stands today and you can see depiction of marissa mayer showing a wooden "why,"
5:45 am
with the caption "the end is nye," a clear reference to the crucifixtion. during her four years revenue have declined and hundreds of jobs have been cut. the company now is entertaining buyout bids. what did you thing of the cover? share your thoughts on #abc7now get up. >> only on job a week and some are upset with the new san francisco acting police chief holding an invitation-only meeting in bayview where a sergeant kill the 29-year-old jessica william on thursday. the chief chaplin is trying to get message to the community without "noise in the background." reaction to the new chief has been mostly positive as community leaders look forward to change. >> i am hopeful. our new police chief has a new vision. >> what will roll out is our procedural justice season and
5:46 am
advisory trains so we let officers know what is acceptable and what is not acceptable. all the chief is holding four meet evening that involved more residents. >> san francisco police have a new system to request public reports an effort to maintain tran parent. official say it will help contract and resolution requests more ever efficiently. we have posted a link on >> we know at the of you love delores park. would you still love it in it took reservations? all the city is getting push book after a program charges for space. the pilot program will allow people to reserve sessions of delores park and that comes with a fee from $33 to $2630. the fee depend on how big the group is. the reservation good for seven hours. the city said they are simply renewing a program that existed before they did the renovation at the park, and online petition
5:47 am
again the plan already has more than 4,000 signatures and supervisor tweeted her opposition saying the city is not for sale and it should not be forrent, either. >> sharks fever on verge of becoming a major epidemic in the south bay. >> tomorrow, san jose has a chance to advance to the stanley cup finals for the first time in franchise history, last night sharks beat the blues in st. louis, 6-3 in game 5. they took 3-2 lead in series. now they are a win away from the title. the puck drops tomorrow at 6:00 people. >> draymond green will play in game four of the finals tonight in oklahoma city. yesterday he was fined $25,000 for a kick to adams' groin. he was not suspended. the worse will try to rebound from the blow out loss on sunday and avoid using two consecutive
5:48 am
gains the first time in season. goes goes trail -- golden state warriors trails 2-1. thursday they are become at oracle arena were. >> we are experiencing may grave, is that right, meteorologist mike nicco? >> absolutely the we have the hottest team in major league baseball playing at home tonight. the may gray and behind me sprinkles and a light shower are possible this morning and live doppler hd shows it is quiet right now so we will head through and talk about our forecast and look at san rafael where it is mostly cloudy and 55. looking south on 101, below average and temperatures today and tomorrow and stray shower isolate the tomorrow. if you like the warmth back in time for holiday weekend. temperatures today have more 70s, morgan hill and livermore and antioch and concord and fairfield, santa rosa, cloverdale, the rest us at 63 to 69. 61 at half moon bay a cool spot of the tonight, spotty showers are possible mainly cloudy and
5:49 am
upper 40s to mid-50s. our future radar returns shows south of san mateo bridge, that is where we are looking at the best chance and into the east bay hills, and i can see a spring will now. by noon we have higher elevation in the north bay and south bay and eat bay for best chance of shower and isolated thunderstorm. you get caught unthat maybe .1" rain. on thursday, it is trending pack to normal with more sunshine and 60s at coast and upper 70s to upper 80s an the bay and inland for the holiday weekend. sue? metering hits were turned on 20 minute ago at the bay bridge and now it is stacked up and sold out at the bay bridge toll plaza but, still, minor delays beyond the overcrossing, from golden gate field to the city we are still looking at a 15 meant drive time and that will be gaining as we move closer to the head of the commute out of tracy we have been super close all
5:50 am
morning and we feign throughout is an accident westbound near north flynn and we are grin down to nearly stopped speeds for a two hour drive time from tracy westbound 580 to the dublin/pleasanton area. there is unfortunately not a from am not. give yourself plenty of time this morning if you are out of the central valley. now, another incident coming up in a few minutes. >> at 6:00, the plus-sized advertisement banned from facebook and they are apologizing. >> the generous discount refund of amazon is quietly they being removed. >> must-take selfies for a lot of san francisco tourists, the lengths
5:51 am
5:52 am
5:53 am
>> imagine getting home from work and running into this: a bear. neighbors spotted the bear running through several yards. no attacks were reported. the bear was not aggressive. officials lost track of bear so he is still out there. they are continuing to keep an eye out. >> a it looks hike a nice neighborhood. i cannot blame him. >> amazon users, sorry to bum you out you may have lost a way to save cash. the company is quietly ending their price protection policy to all products but for tvs so refund in the price is something you bought drops in seven days. amazon insists it was never the policy to price match and that customer service agents use
5:54 am
their discretion. >> today, california state university trustees will consider a contract agreement to avoid a faculty strike that would cost $200 million over three years. salaries go up for 23,000 educators across 23 campuses by july of 2017. the first pay increase of 5% started june 30. another 2% on july 1st. in the contract is approved, the full board will vote on it tomorrow. >> now, a high school got on the map nationally because of a popular bird-calling contest. it is amazing. >> what about commitment. >> that was winner last year mimicking the pacific loon. they are rated oppose and deliver ran. tickets are sold out. it is the 51st year for
5:55 am
contest. here is why: past winners have appeared on johnny carson, david letterman and the turkey is getting hive this morning. the contest was started by a school science teacher. >> meteorologist mike nicco can you do the best bird impression? >> i will try a crow impression a is hovering around early in the morning. now, we have the hottest team in major league baseball, 91 in the last ten games and another win last night down to 56 with the temperatures getting colder and the giants play poeter. around the state, a lot of high elevation showers and thunderstorms, as well, and thunder snow around lake tahoe and yosemite and mid-to-upper 60s in san diego and los angeles. they want the warm sun shine. antioch, friday and saturday, it will be the warmest ones at 84
5:56 am
degrees and low 80s headed through the holiday into monday. >> not a bad ride if you travel from hayward to foster city on the san mateo bridge, you are look at 20-minute so smooth sailing glue the toll plaza and the flat section and up the high-rise over toward the san mateo and 101 area and here is what is going on we have an accident in the left lane bore two of the tunnel for continue meant delay getting through the tunnel and extra slow out of tracy this morning, with an accident near north flynn with the right lane blocked and you are looking at two hours from tracy to dublin/pleasanton. i am sorry about that much of it is not good. obviously. we will have an update on this and more in the next report. >> san francisco's iconic alamo square is closed for rennovation but tourists found a way to get beyond the chain link fence to take selfies.
5:57 am
a photographer from hoodline took the video, and three people go through the gaping hole in the fence. many visitors come because the picture appears in the opening credits of "full house." ♪ everywhere you look a lot of fans, the park department said the home in the fence has been fixed. and anyone entering the construction zone can expect to be cited potentially feigned. not worth it. >> any at 6:00, reason you hey want to consider reducing the hours at work each day and the cam state university system launching an investigation into san francisco's state's hiring practices with a serious accusation made against the school. >> you may notice something different when you cross the bay bridge the work is about to get underw
5:58 am
5:59 am
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> almost 6:00 a.m. and glad you are awake with us. >> welcome to tuesday. may 24. this could be the brightest thing you will see this morning, but mike has been delivering pretty shots from the roof. >> mostly cloudy with a few patches of sunshine but not so much as year. good morning, everyone, we will look at live doppler hd, i have the next three hours of future radar returns and you can see best chance is in the high country and over the ocean, we could get a sprinkle or two in our neighborhood, but, nothing big, san mateo bridge is an area that could get wet, and you can see it is dry. 47-54 is the temperature range through 7:00. we will stay in the mid-to-upper 50s at the coast and upper 60s and a few low 70s an the bay and inland. sue? >> good morning, if you are just now waking up you have issues to deal with on the tuesday morning commute. first, we will go to the central valley where we have the


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