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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  May 24, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> almost 6:00 a.m. and glad you are awake with us. >> welcome to tuesday. may 24. this could be the brightest thing you will see this morning, but mike has been delivering pretty shots from the roof. >> mostly cloudy with a few patches of sunshine but not so much as year. good morning, everyone, we will look at live doppler hd, i have the next three hours of future radar returns and you can see best chance is in the high country and over the ocean, we could get a sprinkle or two in our neighborhood, but, nothing big, san mateo bridge is an area that could get wet, and you can see it is dry. 47-54 is the temperature range through 7:00. we will stay in the mid-to-upper 50s at the coast and upper 60s and a few low 70s an the bay and inland. sue? >> good morning, if you are just now waking up you have issues to deal with on the tuesday morning commute. first, we will go to the central valley where we have the tunnel
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where we have an accident, bore number two, in the last lane, and traffic now is stacking up to orinda and looking at 15 minute delay to get beyond the scene and in san jose southbound 85 before highway 87 an accident in the center divide here just reported and out of the central valley, this is where we start the with have slow traffic this morning because of an accident north flynn in the left lane. we have traffic inching to a crawl stop-and-go traffic for two hours with not a great alternate for you unfortunately. more ahead. >> soot section of the original bay bridge is about to come down this morning. our reporter, amy hollyfield, is on treasure island. it should be happening shortly? >> yes, good morning, they are about to get started. look at the old bridge. that view is about to change. they are going to take another part of it away today, and they
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going to be started in a few minutes. from new they will remove truss and ask you do not look while drive over the bridge. here is a better view, a time lanced version of what they will do, the third truss they are removing. today will be more of same because they have done it before, no concerns on the process. they will start at 6:30 and they will work all day to schedule and aman said they could finish today. she said there will be not much to see until mid-morning and the progress is slow so do not look while driving it is fought worth it. you will not see much and it is not safe. keep the process safe they will close the bicycle path today on the bridge. we will have sky 7 h.d. for a good view. can you watch this as we stream
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it on abc7 i amy hollyfield from treasure island. >> today, three people suspected of murder of a missing millbrae man are scheduled to appear in court. yesterday investigators released the mug shop of tiffany li and her current boyfriend, kaveh bayat and a third man all facing murder chances. keith green was missing for two weekend before the body was found in sonoma county two weeks ago. we learned that he had a single gunshot wound to the neck. the two what two children but they had a bitter breakup. all the san francisco board is scheduled to vote on a proposal to update the sanctuary law. the supervisor is calling the bill "due process for all," restricting city police from turn over undocumented immigrants to the feds unless the person has been convicted of a violent felony in the last seven years. the city came under a lot of
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scrutiny for releasing francisco sanchez for shooting kate steinle at pier 14 in july. he had been deported five time before the shooting. >> two jail guards are under arrest for beat an inmate. the deputies, phillip abecendario and than le surrendered and now face charges of assault under "color of authority." the main mate garcia said the two guards pete him. the arrest is eight months after three deputies at the same jail were charged with the beating death of inmate michael tyree. [ inaudible ] i want them to say "we beat him." that is all. >> president elect of the santa clara county police officer association say while they condemn any and all criminal behavior they ask people not to prejudge. >> c.h.p. is confirms that there has been yet another shooting on an east bay freeway and the search is on for the suspect.
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the c.h.p. released a photo of a vehicle similar to the suspect's gray 2005 volvo. investigator say two drivers got into a fight in emeryville on sunday night and they got to the exit on interstate 580 one driver opened fire on the other driver and no one was hurt. shooting suspect drove away but not before crashing into the signpost at freeway. that tore off the front bumper, license late and all giving c.h.p. a piece of evidence. eight biggest wildfire is far is 50% karened in monterey. it blackened 4,000 acres near the city of soledad aand the flames are not threatening any homes. there is concern they could damage pg&e power lines. 200 fires are now battling the flames. >> president obamas wrapped up a throw day visit to vietnam with quite the schedule: he will meet with embassy personnel, and families in ho chi minh city and
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will discuss united states vietnam recommendations at the national convention center, and he will tour the conveyed pagoda, and expected to speak at an event on entrepreneurship and opportunity for the vietnamese people. tomorrow he goes to japan for the g-7 summit. >> governor brown is finally weighing in on race to replace california senator boxer. he is endorsing attorney general a.t.m. that -- become home this morning after a grand welcome featuring mayor lee and lt. governor. rose pak has has been in china o have a kidney translaboratory she helped rebuild the chinese
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hospital and has been a behind the scenes influence. now she is back pak will focus on a housing project. >> and now, there will be unlimited rides for the summer >> an investigation is underway after san francisco state was accused of racial bias in hiring practices. >> an apologize from facebook after this photo was pulled, the surprising reason em
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>> most of us are warmer this morning than yesterday and we start in the so the bay up to seven degrees warmer than this time yesterday. from los gatos at 48, to 53 in santa clara and san jose and mountain view and 57 degrees. we are in the low-to-mid 50s everywhere but bodega bay upper 40s. now the activity planner today, cool to comfortable for jogging and walking the dog and sailing is breezy tomorrow, especially around the san pablo day if you look for that. in san jose at 101 and 880 you can see the cloud cover, temperatures are below average today and tomorrow with a scattered to stray shower and thursday the chance is over and you can see warming into the
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80s already with pore of that coming up in the seven-day outlook. sue? >> 49 bart trains are on time. at your service. no delays. huge delays out of the central valley on 580. i recommend taking the ace train. we have an accident at north flynn blocking the lanes and giving you two hour drive time from tracy to dublin/pleasanton. take an ace train out of the central valley if you can. v.t.a. and no other mass transit delays this morning, better news at the funnel an early accident in the westbound left bore has been cleared, and more number two is off to the right shoulder so traffic is improving through orinda. >> facebook is apologizeing after banning a photo. >> it fees pleasure-sized model 4' 5 rich and size 22 with in
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apologizes. her photo was used initially the cite did not approve the ad claiming it depicted body parts and undesirable manner and violated their health and fitness advertising policy which i was not aware of. the group appealed the rejection and facebook apologized saying the photo does, in fact, comply. >> it is a hot day. you can see a dog locked in a car. what did you do? >> what you should be table do according to a lawmaker. >> medical break through that puts us a step closer every ingredient is the main ingredient. the new green goddess cobb with avocado, bacon, freshly made dressing, tomato...
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so come to the place where summer dazzles. los altos, antioch, petaluma, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> today the family of a seven month old baby girl born with half a heart will take her off of life support. she was born with a syndrome and is at children's hospital. the family said that duke university denies them a transplant yesterday. doctor say the baby's bow -- would reject a heart. >> there is evidence that flame retardant could increase thyroid problem in women and higher among post menopausal women. many household items have the
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retardant. it can my grit out of furniture and accumulate in your body. researchers conducted blood tests on a group of women and they found those with the highest flame retardant concentrations were more likely to have a thyroid problem. >> a medical breakthrough: researchers have identified a gene that could protect us again melanoma the most deadly skin cancer. the sunscreen gene resists u.v. radiation so higher the level of the gene the greater the chance you avoid getting skin cancer. scientists are studying this and hope to create a job that can ward off skin cancer. mel knoll rates have doubled in the united states over the past three decades. >> george zimmerman said the reasons for selling the gun used to kill trayvon martin are simple. >> anything i can thing of to ensure that hillary clinton does not become the leader of the great of the nation on earth i will sole everything and figure i own to ensure or attempt to
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ensure they can no longer hurt men and women of law enforcement >> the trial three years ago hes with acquitted and that gave him "strength to think clearly under treasure." >> california state university is launch a review of hiring practices following allegations of racial bias and crimination. specifically the school is accused of inequity funding ethnic studies and hiring minority staff after the department and students complained of budget cuts. the review is the first independent exam that will last for several counties. >> if you walk by a car and there is a dog inside, i is ament difficult, would you want to help save it? a bill in california allow people walking by to smash the car window to get the pet out's it is too late. you are supposed to call police and let then handle it. the american veterinarian association said that parking in the shade or cracking windows doesn't prevent the car interior
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from reaching dangerous temperatures. today law makers introduce the right to rescue act during a rally. >> you heard when pigs my but what about when they run? this fellow was caught running down the street in montana caught in a hailstorm and he wanted to get out. >> can you blame him? >> he escaped from the crate. love him. no worries though, hamlet was returned to his owner and we toll he doing just fine. >> a it looks like he sped up he was so fast. >> >> and his stock exchange action is close to to -- and his stomah is close to the sidewalk. >> i want to number that neighbor. >> now to the roof and meteorologist mike nicco. it is a great i day but it is a lovely almost purple background you have in front of you or in back of you. >> it is beautiful. in doubt. if you like the clouds and sunshine. i wanted to start up in the sierra, watching the remain
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camera knowing we had a good chance of snow and it was mainly brown but look at all of snow this fell yesterday and more today were they have thunder snow in the sierras. here is a look at live doppler hd. it is quiet. so far have not needed to use an umbrella. if you come across them, let me know be we would like to let everyone else know. it is possible with the low cloud deck. sfo with the low clouds, no delays. resolution sunshine, below average, today and tomorrow. stray shower today. isolated shower tomorrow. it feels like summer this weekend. as far as temperatures today, 61 at half moon bay, to 72 in antioch, and most of us in the mid-to-upper 60s and tonight is another cooler one, upper 40s to mid-50s like this morning with a few dots of green is a few sprinkles are possible. radar is showing across the south bay the higher elevates of
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peninsula in the santa cruz move towns, and east bay hills, and sprinkles this morning and we will look at those two areas across the north bay, with scattered showers this afternoon our best chance of a thunderstorm stepping is around mendocino and lake and northern sonoma and napa. temperatures are instead difficult tomorrow and back to average on thursday with more sunshine and grab the glasses and the sunscreen, you will need them, but for the coast, where we are in the 60s. the rest of us in the 70s and 80s. >> the east shore freeway from golden gate field through berkeley to the macarthur maze a solid stream of traffic is moving nicely so from golden gate field to the city we are looking at 25 meant drive time. the metering lights are on at the bay bridge, and we will check outside, we have better news, accident is clear out of lanes and the traffic is recovering and you are look at ten meant drive time from orinda through the tunnel and they have issued a sig-alert, and highway 1 because traffic signals are
6:21 am
malfinancing, so traffic is stopped up and the pacifica hisd asked the c.h.p. for a sig-alert and they got one. we have the accident north palestinian up and offer the altamont pass, westbound a 88, extremely slow out of the we central valley the drive time now is 130 minutes, so two hours and continue members. ace train is the best alternate. they are run on time. >> thank you. san francisco is awesome any time but this shot in the moon light, really it makes us look fantastic. our viewer, it "dawned on me," shared this photo looking at the van skyline under the golden gate bridge. >> most of us have bought or received a gift card, but, do you know there are rules when you can be charged sales tax on
6:22 am
the cars? >> should we all be working few irhours? say yes. what new research is revealing ab
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>> now, time to ask michael finney. i purchased a gift charge and was charged sales tax when i redeemed the card will i be charged tax again on the merchandise. is it let? >> here are the answers. >> that is a great question. you should never be charged sales tax when you bay a gift card. it illegal. call the store and demand a refund. you will pay tax when you use the card. that is how it is set up. >> if you have a question for michael finney record it on your smart phone you could see your question earned right here. >> our producer, noah, a hard worker put this story? a study from sweeden suggesting that shorter work weeks not only better for your health but for your productivity. the results show that by knocking often hours of work
6:26 am
each week employers can increase productivity and creativity while reducing sick calls and absenteeism. after working sex hour days workers felt better after only one week. >> all of that makes sense and we should implement immediately. i am told we have to do this instead. >> sky 7 is now over the old portion of the bay bridge and what you can expect to see as crews work to bring that portion down. >> is breakfast really the most important meal of the day? if you research may surprise you and make you rethink what you are about to put in your mouth. >> pancakes. >> good morning, everyone, look at gray for the may morning, it is going to give up sprinkles and a scattered shower but the big story is how much cooler-than-average it will keep us which will last another day or two and a big warming trend for the
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> what now, sky 7 is over the old eastern span of the bay bridge. work is getting underway to lower the third, 504 truss span. >> you could notice all of the work going on during the morning
6:30 am
commute the each truss weighs more than 25 tons. it is quite a process to lower. today is the second phase in a three listen part process to take apart the old span. give yourself extra time. >> watch it here, not when you are drying by. >> absolutely. >> we have a great advantage agency point. i am natasha zouves. >> i am regular regular. it is tuesday, may 24. now we will get you out the door with a check of the forecast. >> good morning, everyone, speaking of good advantage agency point, nice looking and i can see into oakland the air is clean and so far, maybe a sprinkle in the higher elevations but live doppler hd is showing the need for an umbrella is less than way will need the sunglasses for. we will see sunshine but not so much as year andannounced arrival delays under an hour and temperatures are in the low-to-mid 50s as we head through day staying in the 50s and mid-60s to low 50's bay
6:31 am
and inland neighborhoods. sue? 5:29. the magic number for the metering lights so an hour ago, now you are look at 25 minute from golden gate field on 80 through the backup at the bay bridge toll plaza and interest san francisco. in santa rosa we have an accident northbound 101 on the by centennial exit with a car on side on the off ramp. it is not blocking the freeway lane so citadel commute from the central valley, and an accident at north flynn. expect over two hours' drive time. >> that is a lot. breaking news from san francisco, police are investigating a homicide in the south market district. this happened at 6th early this morning. new information said a man was shot. he died at at the hospital.
6:32 am
>> three people arrested in the murder of a missing millbrae man will appear in court the one of suspects is the mother of his two children. the reporter is in redwood city where the suspects are being held. >> yes, the court appearance is scheduled to court at 1:30 today for the three charges with man's murder as the case pointed to a bitter breakup. it began with keith green discovering that give any had an affair with his friend, kaveh bayat and he caught them. >> that is the attorney who represented keith green in case against the ex and the mother who fallly acussed green of stealing her range recovery. he was worried about green's safety and gave the information to the d.a. when he heard that green was missing when green went to a pancake house to meet
6:33 am
li. abc7 learned that his body was found in a field off 101 on may 11 with a gunshot to the neck >> the body was not in good shape. we needed dental records because it was outdoors, to confirm the identity. >> li was arrested on saturday morning when a stock team converged on the mansion and arrested almost i and the current boyfriend, kaveh bayat. the day before they arrested adehla in burlingame. they are still process, evidence and looking for the motive. >> police are searching for two arms robbers in san francisco's sunset district and investigators followed the victims to their home at 27th avenue and noriaga and held them up for a wallet. they got away in a mercedes
6:34 am
s.u.v. >> an alert neighbor is being credited with helping six people including two children escape a burning home this morning. it happened at a house on avenue "b", the good thing. athey were asleep. a few more minutes and we could have had serious injuries. >> and the roof partly collapse add few minutes later in the fire. the red cross is helping the familiar new find temporary housing. >> this is a manhunt for an arsonist who killed his own five-year-old son in a house fire searching for 53-year-old darrylone shuemake, sr. with the picture on the scene. police say he started the fire over the weekend and it killed his little boy. he acted alone dousing the room
6:35 am
with axle v.a. while the boy and mother were sleeping. the neighbors tried to save the boy but he died. a motive is still unclear but neighbors report seeing a heated argument the couple just had a few weeks ago outside the home. >> he town on us and we want justice. >> we want to take him into custody and get him off the street and to do so safely. >> the child's mother is still in the hospital and her teen son survived with minor buns. call police if you have any information of where the suspect is. the alameda sheriff is open an internal affairs investigation connected to the woman at the center of an oakland scandal centering around a dispatcher's daughter, according to the east bay times the sheriff is trying to determine in any of the deputies corresponded with the woman on facebook before show was 18. four oakland officers have been placed on leave during an investigation into sexual misconduct while the woman was underage.
6:36 am
two of the officers have resigned. >> you could remember the slogan "you deserve a break today," but maybe not while you are driving a bus full of passengers through the streets of san francisco. muni is cracking down on the drivers abusing break. janet? >> yes, breaks are allow for drivers at the end of the line but some drivers are taking excessive breaks. in one instance an operator tock a 20-minute break to go to mcdonald's while the passengers waited on bus. video was confirmed that it happened. drivers do not get lunch break because they are paid to work through them and now a list is being compiled of drivers would take too man breaks. the union representative for drivers said that pulling video of operators during the breaks could be an invasion of their
6:37 am
privacy. transportation officials believe it is a small fraction of drivers would were abusing the policy. >> bill clinton continuing the police on bay of hillary clinton and is in the barrier today and temperature for two private fundraisers and will tap an event in fremont at 11:45 this morning and tomorrow pick become will be at another fundraiser in at ton. tickets start at $500 and tomorrow, the supporters have to fork out a thousand dollars a ticket. >> hillary clinton is saying "no," to another debate with bernie sanders who agreed did a debate before the june primary and hillary clinton said she warned to focus on the election and bernie sanders is not going down without a fight. the vermont senator said the democratic national conference in philadelphia could be "messy," as he pushes the party to adopt the aggressive agenda
6:38 am
saying it is imperative he perform well in california primary in two weeks. >> donald trump is going after the clinton family and digging up bill clinton's past indiscretions if a new ad posting this video with an image of bill clinton smoking a cigar and audio of women who raised accusations of sexual misconduct against the president. >> you can stay on the late breaking developments in the race for the white house with the news app by downloading it for free and were able the push alerts. >> temperatures inland east bay, your neighborhood is one to four degree warmer because of the cloud cover and in the mid-50s from antioch at 53 to conquer at vern and we will look at the rest of our neighbor, mid-to-upper 50s until the no bay where we have the least amount of cloud cover at than patch and santa rosa, and san francisco is 54 and mild in oakland at 58 and concord and
6:39 am
hayward at 57. the golden gate bridge shows no fog to contend with this morning, and grass pollen is the major major problem for allergies, and today is going to be a lot like yesterday, so will tomorrow, in the fact that temperatures are going to be below average. now, starting on thursday, we will have the chance of a shower fade away and the warming begins. wait until you see how warm it will be this holiday weekend coming up next. sue? looking at busy drive times this tuesday morning. check it out from the central valley tracy to dublin, an hour and 43 minutes with an early citizen at north flynn that has gummed things up. i would take ace rain if you can on this tuesday morning starting to recover so we will follow that. antioch to concord under 30 minutes and westbound 4 in san rafael to the city looking good, and speaking of the tort by, the
6:40 am
richmond-san rafael bridge is 15 minutes toward san rafael from the east bay and we do have an issue in pacifica with a sig-alert because of traffic signals that are malfunding at highway one, a main route through pacifica so they have asked for a sig-alert with delays at the intersection so give yourself plenty of time. we will look at the bay bridge backup and the early accident in santa rosa to check on the status of that in a few minutes. >> a big heads up leave time for the commute, another section of the we old bay bridge at 504' section, not like the imlotions, it takes many hours. it will be a two-day operation from 6:30 in the morning until 8:00 p.m. at night both today and tomorrow. you can watch it here and on live stream. do it rather than use drive by.
6:41 am
>> after less than a week on the job some are already upset with san francisco's new acting police chief after he held an invitation only meeting in the bayview where a sergeant shot and killed jessica williams on thursday, and chief tony chaplin is trying to get the message to the community without "noise in the background." he is getting mostly positive procedural justice training and advisory training so we let officers know what is acceptable and what is not acceptable. >> he plans to hold more meetings to involve residents. >> paying to use a public park? a plan for one of san francisco's most popular it door spots already getting backlash. all the latest "variety," has
6:42 am
yahoo c.e.o. on the cover get a lot of attention, but, first, what is coming up on "good morning america" at 7:00. >> good morning. coming up next, breaking overnight, officials say that remains recovered from egyptaair 804 could indicate an explosion on
6:43 am
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>> sky 7 is over the old eastern span of the bay bridge this morning, and as you head across the bridge for commute you could notice a new phase of work to dismantle the bridge. amy hollyfield is explaining what is happening now. amy? yes, reggie, here is a view from treasure island. look at the old bridge. the view is about to change. they will take away a section of it today. they started the work minutes ago. they will be here all day. it is a slow process. there will not be much to see. no need to rubber neck because we have this better version to show you right now, a time lap version of what they will be doing today. this is the third time they remove a truss. this is hoyt looked last time they have to lower the truss on a barge and haul it away weighing 25 tons. here is the vie from sky 7 right new, we have been watching as workers climb up to the truss to start work of month ago it,
6:46 am
caltrain said it and a tough process and they will close the bicycle path working all day today and the plan is to work tomorrow but they could be able to finish the work today. this will not be a lot to see until mid-morning and even then, the progress is slow. do not try to watch it while driving. you can watch a live stream of it at >> a magazine cover is sure to cause controversy this morning look at this. the issue of "variety," hits the stands you can see it features depiction of yahoo c.e.o. marissa mayer with a wooden "y," a reverend to the crucifixtion. revenues have declined over the
6:47 am
four years and hundreds of jobs cut and the company is now entertaining myout bids. what did you thing of the cover? share your thoughts on social has been abc7 get up. >> there is a theme. we talk about muni breaks and some drivers misusing them and was five area workers say they are not get enough bathroom breaks. jane? >> good morning, everyone. off to the races on wall street, a surprise rally, with the dow up 167 points and s&p and nasdaq, also, very strong. the trader is asking, what is behind this and he said it was tough yesterday and everyone is coming into the market today. no specific reason but we are in the green. so far. contract workers who stop at cafeteria at intel are restricted from going to the bathroom except during the meals or a 10-minute break and the staff do not tale work for intel
6:48 am
but for a north carolina-based dining services concern that runs employee dining centers. the workers filed a formal complaint with the california division of occupational safety. >> american are so committed to their smart phones and tablets we use nearly a trillion giga bytes last year, which is double what we used just the year before. we use more data intensive services like netflix and youtube which is half the spent traffic at a peek hour. >> and iced drink sales are increasing by 20% and coffee makers are making a public forgetting more of the high-end lower calorie and less sugary cold prays and lattes on the shelves of wal-mart, kroger, and costco.
6:49 am
disney collector, disney dollars are no longer on sale. therapy popular and it was fun but they disconditioned them last saturday. the disney dollars can still be used the at park, and disney said the gift cars made them obsolete and they are being snapped up by collectors. i have one. disney is the parent companies of abc7. >> new the most important meal of the day: breakfast. or is it? >> a "new york times" story of breakfast is trending huge because it points to evidence that skipping the mole may not be so bad as we all thought. our medical contributor said having breakfast should be an individual choice. all the concept that your body
6:50 am
needs to east as soon as you are vertical because you are in a fast is a myth. >> it was gospel. that is an individual preference. it is what works for you. >> mine blown. if you have to skip breakfast you need a healthy lunch. she will have other nutritional advise here on "good morning america" at 7:00. >> i am hungry. mike? >> yes, glad my son is not up because i fight with him to eat breakfast because i thought you get better grades if you eat breakfast...good morning, everyone. check this out. i want to take you to lake tahoe where we when from brown to white overnight. the camera shows fresh blanket and more on the way today. even thunder snow is possible. we have breezy spots this morning at half moon bay and sfo and oakland and concord and fair, from 10-20 miles per hour. and expect this to continue. a look at what was supposed to
6:51 am
be mount tamalpais and you can see the sun is breaking free of the clouds and you will need the sunglasses even if we do not sea so much sunshine. cooler-than-average with a stray shower to isolated chance tomorrow and that is it. for the seven-day forecast. we will have 70 today, cloverdale, santa rosa, napa, fairfield, concord, morgan hill, everyone else in the sick and if you go to the game, it is torture but we are the hottest team in baseball. another one hundred run game, i hope not dropping down to 56 at at&t. slows similar to this morning with the same cloud cover and a few sprinkles and upper 40s to mid-50s. through the day, the higher elevation, whether it is the santa cruz mountain, dab me or the north bay mountains we will see a shower and maybe isolated thunderstorm around cloverdale and clear lake. my seven-day outlook shows steady pattern through tomorrow, with temperatures not changing and warmer as high pressure is moving in on thursday, and it is
6:52 am
full on warmth ambassador from the coast for the holiday weekend upper 70s to upper 80s. >> we have a beautiful shot of san rafael, southbound 101 beyond lucas valley road. north of the town is an accident blocking lane two so traffic is slow. beyond the scene of the accident. it is the second lane from the left. in santa rosa we had an early accident by centennial as the car flipped on the off-ramp so it is not blocking the road and the orange representing fog so it is fog in the north by for the drive this or, a horrendous drive from the central valley with an early accident at north flynn and we are starting to refer a little bit but last check it was still under two hours from tracy to dublin/pleasanton. not a did we to go. if you can take the train that is the way to go. >> delores park now takes
6:53 am
reservation and the city is getting push back for challenging for space at the park. they said the pilot program will allow people to reserve sections of a park for a fee ranging from $33-260. it is good for 15 hours. the city said they are renewing a program that existed before for the park resolution
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>> these are the seven things you need to know, happening right now, a look at sky 7 over the old bay bridge, moms ago the crews lowered one of the spans. the process could take up to wrote days and can you watch it on our streaming on the free abc 67 news app. >> these three suspects expected to make their first court appear an in redwood city today accused of killing missing millbrae man keith green and dumping the body. >> manhunt is underway for 53-year-old darrylone shuemake, sr. accuses of setting a how fire that kill his five-year-old son and injured the mother and the ton. >> draymond green will play again the thunder in game four. the n.b.a. ruled he will not be suspended for kicking adams in game three but will be fined $25,000. tip-off is 6:00 p.m. >> temperatures below average with a sunny sky and stray
6:56 am
shower possible. >> we have backup at the bay bridge where an hour drive from highway on 80 and terrible traffic out of tracy westbound 580. >> seven, would you stop at $4 billion? well, the founder of snapchat did when facebook tried to bay him out and guess what, the value now is at $20 billion! >> i would have taken the $4 billion i have to admit but what is the different from ensure? see you this 25 minutes.
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good morning, america. breaking news as we come on the air, an investigator now says evidence from egyptair 804 points to an explosion. and the new questions about the plane's final movements before it disappeared. the urgent search for answers. we are live in cairo with the latest. overnight, six reported tornadoes tear through four states. winds over 80 miles an hour. hail and torrential rain creating travel nightmares. now, more severe weather on the way for millions and a blast of heat about to hit the east. temperatures as high as 90 degrees ahead. donald trump unleashes a scathing attack on bill clinton launching a new ad about the former president's problems with women. >> you know, they're dirty players and they have been dirty players historically and i have to fight back the way i have to fight back. >> while hillary clinton lashes out at trump warning the billionaire could bankrupt


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