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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  May 24, 2016 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> right now another section of the old bay h bay bridge eastern span is coming down. sky 7 shows the massive engineering job that began to remove the third of five trusses. i am reggie aqui. >> i am kristen sze. bicyclists and pedestrians are being affected although the drivers are feeling the effect now. we have a surprise discovery that was made this morning. amy hollyfield? >> yes, kristen, the bicycle path is closed. that is for safety. it is not just bikers and pedestrians they are trying to
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protect while they do this work. there is wildlife that is not getting the message that it is time to move on. >> it is trash to us but others call it "home." as caltran workers to take out another part of bay bridge they made a precious discovery. >> discovered four eggs that is significant from the point that we work closely with the international bird rescue and we have regular monitor going on for the birds that are nesting. >> bird rescue group is incubating theers and gin nine others found. they are trying to discourage the birds from nesting in the old bay bridge and using cloth to try and block them but some tenacious birds got through. >> we are very careful in our operation in terms of discovery of any wildlife that is protected. >> today c.i.a.s remove -- crews
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remove a truss. this is a time-lapse from from the last truss that came down setting aside two days for the work and they are getting better at it each time. >> it is very much going according to plan. we expect the wet will cooperate. in it does, there is certain possibility, probability, even, that the operation will not take a full two days. >> a look at the old bridge as we speak. they will have their eyes open looking for eggs. know have not found any in a few years so it was quite a discovery. the property is moving at a good pay but will not be entirely gone until 2018. >> developing news right now, san francisco homicide investigators are working the scene after a body was recovered in golden gate park this morning. this is a picture at the area of albert lake. can you see all of the police
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presence. a man was found in the water. both police and the fire responded to the early morning call. investigators are trying to find how the body ended up in the water. they expect to release more details this afternoon. >> san francisco police are also investigating a homicide in the city's south market district. officers say a man was shot early this morning at 6th. he died at hospital. there is no information on a possible suspect or motive. >> a 15-year old boy is hospitalized after police say he tried to get them to shoot him. santa rosa police say the teen was armed with this handgun and they responded to a call last night at the park. he pointed it at officers and was trying to provoke them to open fire. he was shot in the foot but not seriously hurt and is undergoing a psychiatric evaluation. >> now is a good time to download our app because we are monitoring changing weather conditions where you can track live doppler hd to follow
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showers as they move in. a threat of rain always makes for a dicey travel day as we look at our sfo camera with a chance of showers in the neighborhood. still dry, mike? [ inaudible ] >> mainly clouds are opening up and the extra sunshine is adding energy to the atmosphere. we will look at live doppler hd, you can see it is quiet right now, put it into motion over the last couple of hours with most of the activity has been in the sierra where we went from brown to white overnight because of the snow. most of the activity is staying in the sierra but in the higher elevation around the santa clara valley to tracy and the north bay we have our best chance of a shower even a scattered thunderstorm is possible that could have small hail and brief heavy rain. most us are missing out on it and it will be mostly cloudy and below average. if you are in those areas and the sky is dark or you hear something in the distance and you think of thunder, come
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inside. until it passes. >> an alert citizen helped six people including two children escape a burning home this morning. it happened in san jose on powell avenue near avenue "b" after seeing smoke coming from the roof at 2:30 and banged on the door to wake everyone up. the firefighters say that it is a good thing. >> i was -- it was all difference in the world. they were asleep. a few more minutes and we could have had some serious injuries. >> the roof partly collapsed in the fire. the red cross is hoping the family will find temporary housing. >> this morning there is a manhunt for an arsonist. not just ambassador arsonist. this is personally. the man killed his own five-year-old son. janet has more on story. authorities are following up on leads right now but they are asking everyone to watch out for darrylone shuemake, sr. accuses of setting his house on fire on
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sunday morning. his son, five-year-old, died in the fire. neighbors reported he was trapped in the master bedroom. police say that shuemake senior acted alone while the family slept. before the fire the couple got into an argument. a neighbor said that shuemake called the son "mentally disturbed." the mother of the victim made it out along with her 13-year-old son. she is, however, still hospitalized, for severe burns. witnesses describe the tense situation. >> she said, please, please, my baby is in here. please, please, please, get my baby out. she said dial 9-1-1 and i went in panic mode. >> her son tried to get to the little boy but it was too late. police are urging you to give them a call if you know where shuemake could be. >> three people suspected of
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murdering a millbrae man are scheduled to appear in court this afternoon. tiffany li, kaveh bayat and adella face murder over the death of keith green miss for two weeks best body was found in sonoma county. he had two children with li and they had a bit are breakup. we have learned that green was killed with a single gunshot wound to the neck. >> after less than a week on the job, some people are upset with san francisco's new acting police chief after he held an invitation-only in the bayview. that is where a sergeant shot and killed a 29-year-old jessica. with on thursday. the chief said he is trying to get message out to the community without "noise in the background." reaction to the new chief has been mostly positive as country leaders look forward to containing. >> i am hopeful. our new police chief has a new vision on that. >> something we will rule out fast are is our procedural
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justice training and our advisory training so that we let officers know what is accepted and what is not acceptable. >> the chief is planning to hold more meetings to involve residents. >> imagine you are on a bus and the driver leaves the wheel in the middle of the trip to get fast food! muni is cracking down on these break time abuses. some drivers are taking excessive breaks. one operator nuclear a 20-minute break to go to mcdonald's while the passengers were wait on the bus. muni said drivers do not get lunch breaks because they are already paid to work through them. muni now is come piling a list of drivers who take too many breaks hoping to avoid delays. >> a jet is on runway at l.a.x. and what tipped off investigators to a possible problem. >> facebook eats its words after pulling this photo from an ad and why the sole media giant is apologizing. >> and "variety," has yahoo
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c.e.o. marissa mayer with a controversy brewing. >> hook at that: winter white blankets lake tahoe. a beautiful picture of snow! meteorologist mike nicco has the action weather
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>> in san francisco, parents and students are protesting after a wealth liked teacher was removed from the classroom. >> keep miss kyle.
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keep miss kyle. keep miss kyle. >> supporters are the teacher rallied upset saying first grade teacher was let go because she spoke out against a policy that allows students with behavioral needs to stay in class and offers alternatives to suspension. >> they haven given black eyes, shoved, been threatened. it is not okay. the kids have a right to a safe classroom and the answer is not to fire the teacher. >> we checked with the school district and miss kyle is still employed and not been fired. >> new this morning, bill cosby will stand trial in pennsylvania on charge of molesting a woman while she was impaired. it is the only criminal case against the cold an who faces dozens of allegations facing up to ten years in prison in convicted. he is due in court for arraignment on july 20th. >> a magazine is getting exactly what it post likely wanted:
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attention. for a controversial cover. here it is, yahoo embattleed c.e.o. depicted at jesus christ "no resolution wrecks in sight." matt? >> good morning, yahoo is for sale and marissa mayer is on the hotseat but with this cover on "variety," it could bring the yahoo c.e.o. some sympathy from the masses. the cover came out the day before the story in an obvious attempt to stir up interest in the piece on marissa mayer. before a we are was read the reaction to the illustration of the yahoo c.e.o. carrying a "why," shaped cross and "the end is near," grew passionate responses. one blogs and, what was variety thinking with this marissa mayer as jesus christ cover? with another writer calling it "exercise in poor taste." >> responses here in the south bay were mixed. >> it is blasting a woman who is
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in power who is a strong person, a c.e.o. of yahoo and minimalizing her. >> they know they are in for this and putting themselves out there. it doesn't bother me >> they released the arm at 9:00 a.m. today time "yahoo false prophet how marissa mayer failed to turn her company around." the cover got a lot of attention but the words are more of the same criticisms she has faced identify her four year tenure. people calmed marissa mayer out of her depth, with no understanding of the media business, and losing the search and display battle with silicon valley heavyweights google and facebook. yahoo did not issue a response but as for the cover, a experience -- a spoke person said that is their burden to bear. no matter what they write, she could get the last laugh in they are sold, she stands to make $55
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million. >> facebook is apologizing for another controversy. this one involving a plus-sized model whose photo was banned from the site. the woman is 5' 5" and size 22. the site does not approve the ad initially saying it depicked body parts in an undesirable matter and violated health and fitness policy. but facebook apologized and changed their stance and said it complies with the guidelines. >> when pigs fly. a new twist in a town with video to prove it, a run away pig that will steal your heart. >> now, what will happen as far as the forecast, more of us will need the sunglasses and the umbrella but a chance of a shower rests in forecast through tomorrow, and i will have an update on the warm weather for the holiday weekend.
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>> factor fiction, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, the doctor is in with a new real of
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>> daly city, dublin, los gatos, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> videoing news right new in southern california, the f.b.i. investigating a possible threat to that plane at l.a.x. after arriving from houston at 8:45 this morning. it is an american eagle. passengers have been taken off
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the plane and the airline said the threat was not credible. officers and dogs swept the jet out of caution. >> the warriors are back in action looking to even the series in the when conference finals. they will have the help of draymond green who avoid suspension after a controversial kick against an oklahoma player in game three. that game turned into a blow out loss and put the thunder up 2-1 over the dubs with kick off at 6:00 p.m.ful the series shifts back to oracle arena on thursday. >> shark fever sweeping the south bay after the win on the road in st. louis the men have a chance to advance to the stanley cup finals for the first time in franchise history they can clinch the when conference finals tomorrow in game six at s.a.p. center. >> we hope for a couple of ws but the one we are focusing on is "wet." >> yes, wet and then warm. all the sun is out in san
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francisco and our temperatures are all over the face from 58 in san francisco to 64 in san jose and concord and even 68 right new in mountain view with 65 in santa rosa the you can seat cloud cover hanging around and you can see the curl in the clouds the area of low pressure or the energy associated with the storm as the coldest and most unstable part of this storm is sitting on top of us right now which is why we will see a few showers pop up this afternoon and even a scattered thunderstorm is possibleful the winds are going to be with us all day around 10-15 miles per hour. here is a look at our golden gate cam remarks not much fog. it has left us. it will be back. less sunshine, below average, stray shower today, isolate the shower tomorrow and it is over alonging forward to warm weather as we kick off the summer season this holiday weekend. today, 61 in san francisco, mid-to-upper 60s around the bay and upper 60 to low 70s in our inland neighborhood and in you are going to be out and about the sun is going to be
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high, again, as is the grass pollen. that can get you. at game tonight, it is torture, one-run games the last two games. but we are the hottest team the giants in baseball right now. 58 at 7:00, and were dropping to 55 so cooler-than-average for at&t standards. tonight is like this morning upper 40s to mid-50s a sprinkle here and there. most of us will not be wet tomorrow on the commute. who could get wet in the afternoon? focus in the north bay, and on either side of santa clara veal you can see the green. the yellows and oranging across the north bay and we have the best chance of a thunderstorm. when we lose the daytime heating we lose the energy and that is why at 7:00 tomorrow o, you can see the flashes of light green which is the drizzle a light shower and tomorrow it is mainly in the north by where we have a best chance of a shower with no lightning and thunder or hail associated with it. look at the rainfall amounts the darkest friend is cross the north bay and everyone else is
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.01" in at all. the pattern will change with high pressure on thursday, and warming back to average and it take over with fog in the morning and sunshine in the afternoon, and mid-60s along the coast, mid-to-upper 70s around the bay and mid-to-upper 80s inland as we hold through the holiday weekend. yes, you need sunglasses more than you need the umbrellas the rest afternoon. >> i am excited abut the weekend. >> new to the most important meal of the day: breakfast. or is it in the "new york times" story is trend right now about breakfast pointing to evidence that skipping the morning meal may not be so bad use thing. a professor of pediatrics at indiana university school of medicine is behind this op-ed say in you are hungry, go ahead, but don't feel bad if you would rather skip breakfast. our health correspondent agrees. >> this concept that your body needs to eat as son as you are vertical because it is in a fast...that is a myth. the body doesn't enter a fasting
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body until you have been without food for, like, 36 or more hours. your liver is always supplying glucose into the blood stream. >> she said if you kip breakfast it is important to have a healthy lunch. >> who is missing their pet pig? that is what folks in a montana neighborhood were asking after spotting that little guy on the run, the story of hamlet the big
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and its specific reversal treatment. >> coming up at 4:00, park for rent, the growing anger over a new reservation system at a popular san francisco park and at 5:00, insect repel an to keep you safe, seven-day forecast finds which offer limit protection and which are the best for you and your family. >> you have her saying when pigs fly but what about western they run in this fellow was caught run down the sidewalk in montana during a recent hailstorm. he escaped from the crate during the down pour. rick posted this videoen facebook saying he was squealing all the way home. we her hamlet was returned to his rightful owner and is "just fine e all the legs kill me... >> he was motivated to feed or not to feed. that is the question.
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>> thanks for watching. "who wants to be a millionaire," is next. >> something is foul in the state of...excuse me!
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>> one player, three lifelines, 14 questions. the battle for $1 million starts right now on "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] [dramatic music] ♪ hey, everybody. i'm chris harrison. welcome to the show. are you guys ready to play "millionaire" today? [cheers and applause] all right. fired up. our first contestant doesn't just want to win the million; he needs to. he says desperate times call for desperate measures, so here he is today. from the east village of new york city, please welcome zach handler. [cheers and applause] hey, zach. >> great to meet you, chris. >> how you doing? welcome to "millionaire." >> thank you so much. >> you need this, huh? >> i do! i do. >> how bad is it, brother? >> oh, brother, it's bad. yeah, i need it. i need the money. >> what's your situation right now? >> so this is my situation.


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