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described by about 3 years old. rescue victims were able to extract one victim but not the other. traffic is often heavy in the area. police say drivers occasionally find themselves caught on the tracks when distracted and don't wait for trachk to clear before trasing. the bells lights and arms appeared to be functioning after the collision. nochbt 39 paechkz and crew members on the train were injured. they were transferred on to buses to continue their journey. this accident was especially difficult for responding police officers and firefighters. it was the second fatal amtrak accident in two days. a passenger was struck and killed at davis street in san low and droe yesterday. >> what i get from a lot of them is a blank stare. i get that because of the fact they are fathers. i get that because of the fact people in that vehicle are the age of their family members. >> reporter: first responders will have access to koujsors to deal with the tragedy. in san leandro, david louie, abc 7 news. on the peninsula, a woman
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from a wealthy and prominent family went to court today to hear the murder charges against her. tiffany li along with her boyfriend and another alleged accomplice are all facing murder and conspiracy charges. their alleged victim missing for two weeks before his body was finally found early earlier month. vic lee is live in redwood city with what happened in court. vic in. >> reporter: well, dan, first ever all, cameras were not allowed in the courtroom. but the three defendants appeared in orange jumpsuits. they were all represented by lawyers. the session was brief. there were no surprises. the lawyers says they needed more time to review the case so the judge continued the arraignment until next month. now, some of the friends of the victim appeared in court, but they did not want to talk outside. tiffany li's family members also came. the mother and brother of murder suspect tiffany li attended the
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arraignment but left without saying a word. the three suspects appeared in court charged with killing keith green, li's former boyfriend and father of her two children. the murder charge is enhanced with a special allegation. >> the allegation that a firearm was used in the commission of the offense by one of the parties involved. >> reporter: abc 7 news learned earlier that green died from a single bullet wound to the neck. his body was discovered two weeks ago dumped on a small road in sonoma county. green disappeared april 29th, the day he went to the pancake house in millbrae reportedly to meet li to settle child custody issues. sources who know the family tell abc 7 news tiff any li is the daughter of a rich and powerful family in china. she he lives in this mansion which her mother bought in affluent hillsborough. early saturday morning a sheriff's s.w.a.t. team converged on the home, broke through the steel gates and
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arrested li and her current boyfriend. adele la was arrested the day before in burlingame. green and li had an acrimonious xmrit when she began an affair. as to the custody of the two young children, li's attorney says it's still up in the air. >> as to what's going to happen with that, that's going to go to court and we don't know an answer to that. >> reporter: they no longer have a father. the question is whether their mother will ever come home. vic lee, abc 7 news. the investigation into the shooting death of a man in palo alto last year has found no evidence that police did anything wrong. the santa clara district attorney released video of the incident showing the man charging at officers with a knife. >> drop the knife! >> we're not showing you video of the stull shooting because it may be too disturbing for some people. here is the audio, though. you can hear how many shots were fired. the man shot to death was
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william raff. the d.a. believes he created a fake emergency by attempting suicide by oofrts. palo alto police released this statement. we voluntary tremendous sympathy for the family and william's friends and loved ones. we also are mindful of the lasting effect this incident has had on our personnel and any witnesses. investigators are trying to establish the identity of a man found dead in san francisco's golden gate park this morning. a gardener found the body much an older man floating facedown in alvord lake around 7:00 a.m. police say there may have been a struggle and they are treating this death as a homicide. they drained the lake to search for evidence and questioned local business owners about the victim's identity. in sa loun know county, the hunt continues for the man police say killed his own 5-year-old son by committing arson. dare alone shoe make sr. is accused of setting his vallejo house on fire sunday morning. his son died. abc 7 news reporter wayne
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freedman is live outside the home with new information on the suspect. wayne? >> reporter: good afternoon, kristen. they have not found mr. hueshake yet. outsoodi itside the home. we looked into court records dating back to 2007 and they reveal a pattern of domestic issues. they show multiple petitions and straining orders against shoe make for harassment and for domestic violence. meantime, in front of the house, this growing memorial. the sky, the balloons,s colors, the toys are all upbeat and happy. but not the scene. the memorial in front of this scene on stella street cannot wipe away the pain of what happen happened here. >> this is how much he was loved. and there's more love to come. >> reporter: 5-year-old shoehake died in a fire sunday one that also left his mother and brother badly burned. vallejo police burn the boy's
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father 53-year-old shoemake for setting the blaze intentionally during a fight with his girlfriend. neighbors say it wasn't their first fight. >> they were pushing each other around out here, and she was just telling him to get out, get out, get away from here, leave, leave. >> reporter: shoemake sr. remains at large and according to la varejao police daipg russian. police say it settling the fire he used an xlefrnt which may explain why the fire burned so hot and so fast. this afternoon neighbor jeff ames told us entering the house and trying to save the victims beginning with the mother mickey seal flood who remains hospitalized. >> i had the hose on and i crawled -- i got on my belly and went as far as i could, about little past -- almost past the kitchen into the hallway, but that was it. >> reporter: which leaves us with this, a memorial at a fire scene growing larger by the day while a manhunt continues. caltrans started removing another section of the old bay bridge today.
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crews are lowering the 504-foot truss onto a barge and hauling it away. this is the vantage point from the bike path which is still closed torrent. here is a look at the -- work is expected to wrap up tomorrow. crews made an unexpected discovery just before they got started. they found four ka mornt eggs, the international bird rescue group is incubating them now. you know, the warriors have played a total of 95 games this season, and they have not lost back-to-back games thus far. >> it's critical that pattern does not end tonight. abc 7 news sports anchor mike shumann is live in oklahoma city. >> reporter: well, this is probably the biggest game in warriors playoff history, game four down 2-1. and of course at full speed draymond green will play. he did not get suspended. however if he gets one more flagrant foul he will be. but the warriors are coming off their worst loss this season. and it was a beat-down.
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the thunder just handled them handily. but the warriors are 12-0 after losses this year and 3-0 in the playoffs. they haven't lost back-to-back games all season but the 28-point win by the thunder's second of largest defeat this season, durant and westbrook both had over 30 points and 62 points in the paint. well, a little too much. we asked steve kerr if he thinks his team is ready for game four. >> i think we'll be focused. i think we'll play a much more intelligent game. i think we know what we're up against, obviously a very good team and talented team that took us apart last game. >> the biggest game is the one in front of you. that's how we see things. we've got 48 minutes to make it a three-game series, reclaim home court advantage, all things considered, if we're able to do that, we're in pretty good position. i think we're ready for the
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moment. >> reporter: all right, okc smells blood in the water. i'm going to go on record saying whoever wins game four is going to win this series. reporting live if oklahoma city, mike shumann, abc 7 news. dan, kristen? >> hopefully, that will be us. mike, thank you. the san jose sharks are closer to making history of their own after last night's win on the road in st. louis. the sharks have a chan to advance to the stanley cup finals for the first time in franchise history. they can clinch the western conference finals tomorrow night in game six at s.a.p. center. and check out the nightly games we're being treated to this week. with both our warriors and sharks in their conference finals, the sharks could wrap up this round tomorrow night but the warriors now need to keep playing until at least saturday to win their series. still ahead on abc 7 news at 5, democrats have their eyes on california. the bay area stops bill clinton made today to campaign for his wife and the new message bernie sanders has for voters before california's primary.
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plus -- >> these kids have a right to a safe classroom. >> parents and students stand up for a teacher who acted against district policy. insect repellents. which ones are safe? "7 on your side's" michael finney finds out. and later, the interesting new policy a bay area restaurant put in place to stop people from selling their reservations. >> a
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. >>. >> in the race for president, the clintons are laser focused on california with bill clinton making stops in the bay area on behalf of his wife. abc 7 news baz in the financial district as former president bill clinton wrapped up a fund raiser for hillary. >> he kept it to the issues. he did not get personal and he didn't talk about donald trump himself a whole lot. >> he also attended a fund-raising lunch in fremont. hillary clinton comes to california tomorrow with stops
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scheduled in sleen nas and atherton and san jose on thursday. what choice do californians have in this election? the biggest one of all. you have the power. >> you'll see this political ad only in california. this bernie sanders ad will hit the air beginning tomorrow. his campaign is spending $1.5 million on airtime. in it, sanders explains how california has, quote, the power to choose a new direction for the democratic party. california's primary is just two weeks from today on june 7th. and voter registration bl our primary has really soared. the secretary of state released numbers today showing nearly 195,000 people registered to vote online yesterday, total registration online has now passed 1.8 million people just this year. most of those registering online are younger californians between the ages of 17 and 25. they accounted for 42% of the registrations and updates to registration yesterday. parents and teachers in san
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francisco held a demonstration this morning to support an elementary school teacher who spoke up against district policy. the policy states teachers should keep students in the classroom even if they're unruly or disruptive. abc 7 news education reporter lyanne melendez has more on this very controversial case. >> keep miss kill! >> reporter: parents and teachers were outraged when a beloved teacher was asked by the principal not to return. it all started with a first grader at monroe elementary. >> students have been choked. they've been slapped. they've been given death threats almost daily. >> reporter: but parents are not blaming the student. instead, they are supporting the teacher who they say didn't get the needed resources from the school district to deal with this student. >> and to me she did a fantastic job dealinging with this difficult situation. >> reporter: in 2014, san francisco unified adopted the safe and supportive schools policy, which says teachers must use every tool to avoid expelling or sending a student to the principal's office.
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even the teachers union supports the policy. >> the policy is something we believe in, that kids should be in school. >> reporter: but parents tell us the teacher erica kill complained to the principal and was then asked to leave. >> so the fact that the teacher was let go is absolutely passing the blame. it is not solving the violence issue. >> reporter: san francisco unified said there are resources available, includingion 01 student aides, destructional coaches and behavior specialists. members of the school board could vote to bring her back. >> so in this particular case, which i'm not fully familiar with, certainly the school board could rescind the decision. >> reporter: but board president matt haney admits that has never happened under his leadership. in the meantime, parents and teachers vow to continue protesting until the teacher is 00 loued back. in san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. today the san francisco board of supervisors are set to vote on a proposal that would
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clarify the city's sanctuary protections. the ordinance would only let law enforcement notify immigration authorities if a detainee is charged with a violent crime and has been convicted of a violent crime within the last seven years. sheriff vicki hennessey wants more discretion than that to report detainees. immigrants rights groups fear that could lead to deportation raids. >> when i.c.e. is in a community, they don't respect local policies and by allowing them into our community, it does put our greater community at risk. >> the board has been negotiating with the sheriff to get her to follow the supervisors' vote. the 49ers have become the first nfl team to speak out against the controversial north carolina transgender bathroom law. it requires people to use the restroom that corresponds with their gender at birth. today niners ceo called the law discriminatory and says it has no place in the country. york also donated $75,000 to a north carolina lgbt rights
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group. officials involved in the effort to build awe new stadium for raiders in oakland says momentum is building. they say an investment group led by ronnie lott is lining up additional meetings with local politicians. reports say lott's group of predominantly african-american investors would provide funding to help build the stadium in exchange for an ownership share of the team. today raiders owner mark davis said he has not given up on staying in oakland but strongly voiced support for a possible move to las vegas if officials there approve a new stadium. hate to break it to you, but several natural insect repellents offer little protection against mosquitoes that carry dangerous viruses. >> a lot of people continue the all-natural route on this, but "7 on your side's" michael finney partnered exclusively with "consumer reports" and michael this is important as we hit summertime. >> this year more than ever. the zika virus has spread to more than 40 countries in the western hemisphere. other diseases including lyme
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and west nile are already common throughout the country. consume irreports has advice on the best insect repel antsz to stay safe. the zika outbreak continues to dominate the news and with no vaccine nor the virus and no drug to treem the infections, it has become devastatingly clear that avoiding mosquito bites is essential. "consumer reports" says zika isn't the only insect-borne threat this summer. >> the west nile and other viruses are also spretd by mosquitoes and tick-borne illnesses are becoming more common. >> "consumer reports" has tested insect repel ants and say think don't ole a all provide the same protection. they looked at 16 with a range of active ingreents. for their effectiveness at repelling bites from the 80s mosquito that can carry zika and the -- known to spread west nile virus. the lab also tested the repellents against deer ticks
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which can carry lyme and other diseases. while choosing a natural or plant oil based insect repellent instead of one containing deet might seem look a good idea, "consumer reports" found otherwise. >> the exception? repel 30% lemon eucalyptus. it was able to war offer 80s mosquitoes for seven hours. hoers that did well in "consumer reports" tests, sawyer 20% and benz 30% deet tick and insect wilderness formula. when used properly, most of these products with are safe for children and all are safe for women who are pregnant or breast-feeding. in the response to "consumer reports" concerns about natural insect repellent, the national products association a trade group says some plant oils do work and some people want alternatives to deet. >> very good. all right, michael. thanks a lot. what did you think of the
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weather today? >> absolutely stunning. loved every moment of it. >> let's see how much more we'll be getting. >> well, since dan loves it so much, dan and kristen, tomorrow we'll give you one more day of this. the cloud cover is heavy, temperatures running below where they need to be, an then we'll repeat that again tomorrow. but there will be changes later on this week, hopefully you both enjoy the changes. here is live doppler 7 hd. and we have been tracking some thunderstorms around hoff land. those are since died down, but we are seeing a few radar returns around the mendocino county area, also around ukiah taking you down to street level old river road highway 101, some light showers right now. that's where they'll remain for the remainder of the evening. from our lake tahoe camera, it has been raining up there but they have also seen snow. a few snowflakes just a short time ago from that camera earlier. this morning they also had some snow it's great to see the snow on the ground. low 60s san francisco oakland in the upper 60s from san jose to
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morgan hill 57 degrees in half moon bay a little brighter in santa cruz although not so popular the beach. 70 degrees in santa rosa and fairfield 67 in napa 65 degrees in livermore. socked in the golan gate bridge and this is what we're going to be seeing more of. shower chances will diminish overnight tonight. still below average for tomorrow and we're looking at a warmer pattern just in time for your holiday weekend. here is a look at what's going to happen tonight. temperatures will start off in the upper 40s to mid 50s, similar to today so you will need to bundle up when you get going. for the morning commute. here is a look at the rest of your day. the morning starts out with some spotty sprinkles or drizzle. then we head into the afternoon and the same areas around lake and mendocino counties that had the showers and thunderstorms today will repeat it again tomorrow. then the disturbance that is overhead will push on out and we'll see a shift in our
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pattern. tomorrow afternoon, 72 degrees in antioch and fairfield and santa rosa our warmest spots, 61 in half moon bay, 62 san francisco 65 oakland 66 in san rafael san jose up to 69 degrees. here is where you're good to notice the difference, saturday it's going to warm up. low 60s coast side to the upper 80s inland. sunday will do this all over again, a mild to warm arrive, and memorial day looks fantastic for any outdoor activities you have planned. a lk at the accuweather seven-day forecast, below normal high temperatures again tomorrow, low 60s to low 70s. temperatures do inch up slightly on thursday and you'll notice bright and sunny for your friday. we get the 80s back into the forecast. the weekend mid to upper 80s right on through memorial day, low to mid-60s along the coastline. temperatures will remain in the mild to warm range for your tuesday, back to work back to school for many of you. some of you graduations are coming up. and the weather does look fantastic. but i think we have to keep dan
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happy. do you agree, kristen? >> uh-huh. >> one more day of this cooler than normal weather, dan. >> keep it coming. it's nice. thanks, san yeah. from cool to hot, we are going to talk up next about free hot dogs. the new effort to protect pets left in hot cars and the people who rescue people. and as michael just noted a few moments ago, zika concerns running very high. but no you at 6 from 7 an your side's michael finney why the government is telling you to stay away from mosquito repelling wr
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a new push is under way to protect pets in california. law make others and animal activists held a rally at the state capitol it build support for the right to rescue act. it would allow people to smash windows to break animals out of hot cars. the rescuer then has to wait with the animal until police arrive. the bill's supporters are confident people will use their best judgment. pf i hoch the general public understand that's we're not out
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there to create a license for people to break windows. this is really a tool so you can help save the life of an animal. >> under the bill, people must first determine the vehicle is locked and try to contact police. well, next time you go to woods you may have to get a parking permit. the national park service and marin county have agreed to a deal to establish a preferential parking program. the cornerstone ever the agreement is a reservation system for visitors arriving in vehicles including commercial buses. you'll have to pay for this permit. marin county is also looking to restrict parking along muir woods road which can be pretty jammed as you know. the board of supervisors scheduled a hearing for june 7th to consider amending the county code to implement these changes. it's a no-no. a world renuned dumb plunge restaurant in santa clara wants to stop people from selling their reservations. the newly opened restaurant in valley fair mall is so popular it was forced to make reservations that was booked up
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almost immediately. some entrepreneurial people started selling cough ated spots online but the restaurant doesn't like the idea one bit. it will now require a valid i.d. that matches the reservation name in order to claim the reservation. >> it's like u2 is playing there the way people line in there to get in there. i know a certain someone who has a reservation. when are we going? >> i will bring you back some dumplings if you can't make it. >> stay with us. technology and rap. ♪ rise to the top knowing nothing going to stop us know all about us ♪ p connecting an east bay elementary school t
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>> i'm ama daetz in the abc 7 newsroom. coming up is the is aix, an update on the swarm of bees that killed two dogs in the east bay. what tests reveal. mrs. s -- >> they didn't even have the dignity of a human foot to give them balance. >> sheryl jennings goes beyond the headlines with a look at how
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bay area generosity is helping to heal vietnam one person at a time. and keep your eyes on the road. tonight the new device that allows you to go eyes-free. that's all coming up in a half hour on abc 7 news at 6. you know, ipads can do many things, right? >> yeah. today they even turned a school principal into a rapper. ♪ rise to the top know all about us ♪ >> abc 7 news was in richmond as steej elementary principal rapped about a new grant that will give each student an apple ipad. >> the student will get software and tech support. teachers will be able to create individualized learning plans. >> and students will be able to take ipads home in the future without worrying about an internet connection the ipads come with cellular service. >> anything that helps kids learn. >> "world news tonight with david muir" is coming up next.
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>> i'm dan ashley. we appreciate your time. see you again in half an ho tonight, the bill cosby bombshell. the judge says the first criminal trial will now move forward. the accuser says he told her to drink wine and take herbal medication before the alleged assault. his defense attorney shouting in court. the threats onboard today. two passenger jets, one of them escorted by f-16s, s.w.a.t. teams racing onboard, when the plane lands. breaking news. the deadly collision with an amtrak train. we have late details coming in. the tornado watch in effect as we come on tonight. seven reported tornadoes already. storms from texas to minnesota. and the big change coming for the memorial day weekend. the race for 2016. hillary clinton fights back tonight, after donald trump's attacks against her husband. and this evening, new reports the clinton team has reached out to dallas mavericks owner and


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