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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  May 24, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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>> i'm dan ashley. we appreciate your time. see you again in half an ho tonight, the bill cosby bombshell. the judge says the first criminal trial will now move forward. the accuser says he told her to drink wine and take herbal medication before the alleged assault. his defense attorney shouting in court. the threats onboard today. two passenger jets, one of them escorted by f-16s, s.w.a.t. teams racing onboard, when the plane lands. breaking news. the deadly collision with an amtrak train. we have late details coming in. the tornado watch in effect as we come on tonight. seven reported tornadoes already. storms from texas to minnesota. and the big change coming for the memorial day weekend. the race for 2016. hillary clinton fights back tonight, after donald trump's attacks against her husband. and this evening, new reports the clinton team has reached out to dallas mavericks owner and
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reality star mark cuban. what cuban told us late today. and the urgent manhunt right now, after a little boy is captured on surveillance. an american city and the plea for help. good evening. and we begin tonight with that decision from a judge in pennsylvania. bill cosby, once nicknamed america's dad, will now face his first criminal trial for alleged sexual assault. cosby was escorted into the courtroom today, surrounded by cameras, police and in the crowd, some of his supporters. his defense team arguing, sometimes shouting, that the evidence is not there. abc's linsey davis was in the courtroom. >> reporter: bill cosby greeted fans, waving, but walking into court today not knowing if the first criminal trial against him would proceed. guided into the courtroom, where a pennsylvania district judge then ordered the embattled comedian to stand trial on charges of sexual assault.
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andrea constand, the woman at the heart of the case, who alleges cosby sexually assaulted her at his pennsylvania home back in 2004, was not present in court today. instead, portions of her statements to pennsylvania detectives from 2005 were read in court, alleging cosby told her to drink wine and take herbal medication before the alleged assault. during the three and a half hour hearing, at times the defense even shouted and pointed out multiple inconsistencies from the former temple university employee's statements. saying when constand was given the chance to review her statements, she had "lots of crossouts." on one occasion, she told detectives, "we laid down on the bed together" and later revised it to say, "we relaxed close to each other." the defense also questioned why she carried on a seemingly friendly relationship with cosby after the alleged sought, even asking him for tickets to one of his comedy shows, and introducing him to her family and bringing him a gift.
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>> there was no evidence of a crime here. and if the inconsistencies that plagued this investigation from the beginning continue to plague it now, this case should end immediately. >> reporter: the defense argued that at no time did constand ever say no or tell cosby to stop. the prosecution argues the pills rendered her unable to consent. everything was bury and dizzy, she says, and her legs felt "like jelly." >> it was intoxicating to her, and she was unable to consent. you know, that's the -- that's the crime. >> and linsey davis joins us live tonight. linsey, the defense team saying there a moment ago, the case should end immediately. the judge disagreeing today. so, what does cosby ultimately face, potentially, and could some of the other women be called to testify? >> reporter: yes, david. the prosecution will likely fight very hard to get the testimony from some of those other accusers included in this case. but it likely would only be admissible if they're able to prove that he had a very specific method of operating. if he's found guilty, he faces up to ten years in prison. david? >> linsey davis, who has been covering this case from the start. thank you, linsey. we turn next tonight to some
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harrowing moments for passengers onboard two separate planes today taking off from houston, when authorities say threats were made. one plane was in the air, and then suddenly escorted by f-16s. there were s.w.a.t. teams waiting at l.a.x. airport, first approaching the plane there, guns drawn, and then sweeping onto the plane, checking each passenger. abc's kayna whitworth is at l.a.x. tonight. >> reporter: the tense scene playing out on the tarmac. s.w.a.t. teams, those guns trained on the plane. passengers watching from onboard. >> we saw, like, just a bunch of cars surrounding the plane and the flashing lights and everything like that. >> reporter: two f-16s were scrambled to escort the american eagle flight after the threat was made. after checking under the plane, s.w.a.t. teams board. >> we're going to put you guys all out in a minute. >> reporter: passengers taking videos as the search is carried out. >> when you see everybody coming in with guns and all sorts of stuff, that's really scary. >> reporter: after searching the plane, each passenger cleared by bomb-sniffing dogs.
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>> i had to put my hands on the wall, but everything else had to put their hands, like, on their chair. >> reporter: another threat from houston. a delta flight, bound for atlanta, delayed because of a similar threat. >> this is scary. >> reporter: tonight, passengers on the los angeles flight telling abc news the officers kept it orderly and eventually both threats were found to be not credible. david, tonight, the fbi is investigating to find out who is responsible. the penalty for making a terrorist threat is up to 20 years in prison. david? >> kayna whitworth in los angeles. we are also following pictures coming in now from california outside san francisco. a deadly collision between an suv and an amtrak train. afterward, the front of the suv was crushed there under the train. the train traveling up to a quarter of a mile, pushing the car down the tracks before coming to a halt. a woman and her child were killed in the crash. police say the suv got caught between the crossing arms in heavy traffic.
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it's the second fatal amtrak crash in that city in two days. we turn tonight to the millions of americans getting ready to travel for the memorial day weekend, amid outrage at the tsa over growing lines. tonight, the head of security for the tsa has been removed. it comes after images like this one at chicago's o'hare, security delays causing thousands of passengers to simply miss their flights. tonight, abc's david kerley on the sweeping move, but will it be enough? and what should passengers now expect? >> reporter: those excruciating waits claimed a casualty at tsa. tonight -- >> my experience covers many areas of tsa and airline operations. >> reporter: -- tsa's security director has been removed. kelly hoggan was in charge when tsa screeners failed 95% of the undercover tests last year, and that same year, he still received $90,000 in bonuses. does a management shakeup change the lines? >> i don't believe, and i think tsa has actually said this, that it's going to change the lines this summer. >> reporter: the first big test
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this memorial day weekend. more officers have been sent to trouble spots, such as chicago, where passengers who missed flights ended up on cots. o'hare has seen significant improvement. >> i arrived very early and it's really not bad at all. >> reporter: tsa is also launching a command center, to coordinate with airlines and deploy more officers and dog units to specific airports, if a surge of travelers is expected. those actions may not be enough to calm congress. the tsa administrator, set to testify tomorrow, and, david, he's expected to be grilled again. >> david kerley at reagan national for us. thanks, david. there are new tornado watches up at this hour. these images just coming in now from scott city, kansas. take a look. the latest tornado touching down there. more than a half dozen twisters in just the last 24 hours. severe storms, in fact, from texas all the way up to minnesota. tonight, the region where they're most concerned, that includes denver, and the big change coming to the east for the memorial day weekend. abc's clayton sandell now in
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colorado. >> reporter: tonight, hail is pounding colorado. oklahoma residents are on alert. >> this could produce a large tornado. we are seeing rain curtains rapidly move in. >> reporter: already this week, more than three dozen tornadoes reported in six states. severe hail near amarillo sending this family racing for cover. near frisco, texas, lightning scorching at least three homes, filling bill stovall's kitchen with smoke. >> i heard just an extremely loud explosion, it sounded like a power transformer exploding. >> reporter: in plainville, kansas, lightning ignited an oil tank fire. >> never have we fought a fire in a hailstorm. >> reporter: and at this minneapolis stadium, lightning struck a bad chord, with 35,000 beyonce fans forced to evacuate. >> please hold onto your tickets and your wristbands. >> reporter: the show went on about an hour late. and david, you can see some of these giant ominous clouds towering over us here in colorado.
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right now, the entire northeastern quarter of the state is under a tornado watch through the evening. david? >> all right, on the watch tonight. clayton, thank you. let's get right to rob, with the new watches up as we're on tonight. >> reporter: yeah, david. things are really starting to pop right now. we have three pockets of severe weather that we're concerned about. three watches. one severe weather watch across oklahoma. that one in northeast colorado and then, the larger tornado watch, which runs from west kansas all the way to the texas panhandle until midnight tonight. and of course as it goes dark, that's when things become more dangerous. tomorrow, similar areas, but thursday, friday, a much more potent system, getting into more populated areas. dallas, oklahoma city. even up through kansas city, as well. in response to that, david, look at the heat. look at the temperatures for the eastern third of the country. near 90 in atlanta, raleigh, d.c., even new york city. and that might take you right through the weekend. and instant summer. >> all right. tracking the tornadoes, though, in the meantime tonight. rob, thanks. back here at home in this country, to the young man who allegedly walked into that south carolina bible study, and then killing nine. tonight, the justice department has just announced it will seek the death penalty against dylann roof.
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a federal grand jury indicting roof on federal hate crime charges. attorney general loretta lynch said today the, quote, nature of the crime and its resulting harm, compelled the decision. we turn now to the race for the white house tonight. hillary clinton greeting supporters today, and on the attack tonight, questioning donald trump's business record. using audio of him once saying he hopes the housing collapse happens. as trump now doubles down on his personal attacks on former president bill clinton. and this evening, new reporting on another reality star, dallas mavericks owner mark cuban. has the clinton team reached out to him? here's abc's cecilia vega. >> reporter: hillary clinton tonight rolling out a new strategy in her fight against donald trump. using his own words on the housing collapse against him. >> i sort of hope that happens because then people like me would go in and buy. if there is a bubble burst, as they call it, you know, you could make a lot of money. >> reporter: and today, painting the billionaire businessman as dangerous for the economy.
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>> we're not going to let him bankrupt america. and he has experience in bankruptcy. >> reporter: and turning up the heat on trump not releasing his taxes. >> everybody else has had to turn over their tax returns who has been the nominee. we're going to keep asking, you know? that's right. let's see what you got there. >> reporter: trump going a different route. his latest attack digging up bill clinton's past sex scandals. >> i was very nervous. >> reporter: in this campaign video, the voice of monica lewinsky, and accusations about sexual misconduct against the former president. what a difference eight years makes. >> they tried to impeach him, which was nonsense. >> reporter: but the next big political battle right here in california. and ahead of the primary here, this is clinton's turnout. about 500 people. three times that today for bernie sanders. the vermont senator now facing
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growing questions about whether staying in the race is hurting the party. on "the view," sanders confronted with that "snl" skit poking fun at his refusal to drop out. >> senator sanders, i'm sorry. but the night is over. >> no, no, it's not over. >> reporter: sanders not backing down. >> no, i don't think i'm harming the democratic party. i think i'm invigorating american democracy. >> and cecilia vega with us live tonight. hillary clinton has said in recent days, cecilia, that she'd consider a successful businessperson to join her on the ticket. and now reports that mark cuban, the owner of the dallas mavericks and a reality show star himself, has received calls from clinton's camp? what is he saying about that tonight? >> reporter: david, cuban says those calls came in recently from the clinton campaign. they asked to schedule a meeting. this came after he publicly said that he would be willing to consider being her vice president, but david, so far, cuban says no specific talk of a v.p. slot just yet. >> all right, stay tuned. cecilia vega, live in california, thank you.
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we turn now to a terror arrest here in new york city. the arrest of a young american in the bronx, accused of supporting isis. 22-year-old sajmir alimehmeti is in custody tonight, accused of helping an undercover agent who he thought was an isis supporter. investigators releasing images of his transformation. they accuse him of previously trying to travel to syria to fight with isis, allegedly stopped in the uk. and overseas tonight, there are new reports of a military operation around the city of raqqah, syria, the self-proclaimed capital of the isis state. kurdish forces and allies launching the ground assault today with u.s. air strike support. isis took over the city two years ago. back here now, and the white house warning that mosquitos infected with zika will be here in the u.s. within weeks. and tonight, a new report from consumer reports that reveals that not all mosquito sprays are equal. abc's gio benitez with the results tonight. >> reporter: maria lora is 37 weeks pregnant, and tonight, she's one of the millions with fears about zika. she's already staying indoors as
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much as possible. >> i don't even go to the park. >> reporter: with the warning that mosquitoes carrying zika will be in the u.s. in just weeks, the question -- which repellants last the longest? tonight, consumer reports with answers, testing both natural and chemical bug sprays. 5 out of 6 natural brands lasted no more than 90 minutes, including popular brands like burt's bees and all terrain. is that concerning for you, that here you are, as a mother, you're trying to get away from zika? >> oh, for sure. >> reporter: in a statement, all terrain says independent testing shows their product is 100% effective for two hours. burt's bees says it doesn't claim to protect against the zika mosquito. the test shows one natural spray protected for seven hours. repel lemon eucalyptus. and most of the brands with chemicals, effective for five to eight hours. so, gynecologist dr. jennifer wu says, don't dump deet. >> there's a very small amount of deet in the commercially available mosquito repellant. >> reporter: and david, the doctor says, you don't necessarily need to spray all of
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your skin. you can also spray your clothing. david? >> all right, great advice tonight. gio, thank you. and there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this tuesday. the urgent manhunt right now, after a little boy is captured on surveillance. the haunting images in an american city and the plea for help at this hour. the frightening moments and brad pitt racing in, spotting trouble in the crowd, and you'll see the pictures coming up here. and then, imagine this. you're camping. you wake up and you see this. those are two thirsty lions licking water off the side of the tent. yes. thirsty lions. you're stuck inside. what do you do? we'll be right back. ience with usaa is awesome. homers insurance life insurance automobile insurance i spent 20 years active duty they still refer to me as "gunnery sergeant" when i call being a usaa member because of my service in the military to pass that on to my kids something that makes me happy my name is roger zapata and i'm a usaa member for life.
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>> reporter: houston police tonight are begging the street to help them find the murderer who stabbed and killed josue flores, seen here wearing a green backpack, walking home from an afterschool science club meeting at marshall middle school. >> the murderer is still loose at this point. >> reporter: police want families to take a good look at this video from a home security system. in the pictures, the 11-year-old is just two blocks from where he was attacked in broad daylight last tuesday. witnesses say they heard loud screaming and saw the boy struggling with someone who ran off. here's his green backpack. paramedics left it behind as they tried to save the boy's life. >> whoever did this needs to pay. >> pretty sure parents are going to be more afraid now, you know, because the guy's still out there. >> reporter: police are looking for a tall black suspect who was wearing a black shirt, black pants and had a green jacket thrown over his shoulder. the boy's family says he wasn't carrying a laptop or cell phone, nothing anyone would want to steal. tonight, well wishers are raising money to help cover today's funeral expenses. david? >> just awful. all right, steve osunsami, thank you. when we come back here
5:49 pm
tonight, the famous nfl star turned actor. what we're just learning about his death, five years later. also, look at this. the dramatic explosion caught on camera. firefighters watching this line of fire and smoke, and then the explosion. more on that coming up. and then, those campers, getting the shock of their lives, waking up to this. thirsty lions, licking the water off the outside of their tent. back in a moment. set of teeth . it's really different. see? it's flexible... ...and it has a chewy, porous texture, full of little tiny air pockets that gives dogs' teeth a clean scrub all the way down to the gum line. it even cleans those hard-to-reach teeth in the back of the mouth. now i don't think max really cares about the name. max! dentalife! but you might want to. (vo) introducing dentalife. for life. i'vand i'm doing just fine. allergies. claritin provides 24-hour relief
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it's easy to love your laxative when that lax loves your body back. only miralax hydrates, eases and softens to unblock naturally, so you have peace of mind from start to finish. love your laxative. miralax. to the index of other news to the index of other news tonight. the underground explosion in st. petersburg, florida. firefighters studying the line of smoke coming up through the sidewalk here, and look at this. an underground transformer exploding. unbelievable, shooting flames and a manhole cover into the air. witnesses say they could feel the ground rumbling before the explosion.
5:53 pm
no injuries in the blast. news tonight about former football star bubba smith. researchers now revealing he has the brain disease cte when he died back in 2011. after football, he went into acting, best known for "police academy." smith played ten seasons in the nfl. brad pitt to the rescue. first, waving to a crowd of excited fans in spain, then rushing over after spotting a little girl getting crushed against a fence. pitt and a security guard pulling her out of the crowd to safety. he stayed with her until he was sure she was okay. and then, what a way to wake up. campers discovering a pair of thirsty lions licking rainwater off their tent in botswana. they managed to stay calm as they waited for the lions to leave. they then posted the video, calling it a, quote, very special moment. we might use some other words. when we come back here tonight, the beatles. and tonight, paul mccartney revealing something all these years later. the new interview, in a moment. crowd sounds ]
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finally tonight here, a new and revealing interview. paul mccartney, on what it was like for him after the beatles broke up. and who it was who kept him going. >> one, two, three, four. ♪ help ♪ i need somebody ♪ help >> reporter: the beatles and their music defining a generation. ♪ close your eyes ♪ and i'll kiss you >> reporter: the screams following them everywhere. but when they were no longer together, behind the scenes, tremendous pain for paul mccartney. >> it was depressing. and not knowing whether i was going to continue in music. that was kind of depressing. ♪ and when the night is cloudy ♪ there is still a light that
5:58 pm
shines on me ♪ >> reporter: "let it be" was their last album. ♪ shine until tomorrow ♪ let it be you were breaking from your lifelong friends, and even -- we used to liken it to, like, the army, when you've been army buddies for a few years and now you weren't going to see them again. >> reporter: he reveals he began to drink, but knew he had to stop. >> i took to the bevvies. you know, it was great at first, and then after awhile, it was -- >> reporter: his late wife, linda, got him through. >> linda sort of said, you know, you just -- you got to get it together and we got to do something. ♪ maybe i'm amazed at the way you love me all the time ♪ i wanted to go back. you had to hold your nerve. but then, you do in life. >> a very candid paul mccartney. thanks for watching here on a tuesday night. i'm david muir. we'll see you here tomorrow. good night. tonight we're live as federal investigators try to
5:59 pm
figure out what led to a train crash that killed a mother and toddler. >> i would say bernie sanders understands. >> at 6:00 why a former clinton cabinet member who has known hillary clinton since she was a teenager says he's backing bernie sanders. >> the discuffry during the latest step of the bay bridge demolition. >> what is not to blame for a swarm of concord thieves going on the attack. >> that is going to go to court. we don't know the answer to that. >> few answers after the acourt appearance of three people charged with the murder of a millbrae man. >> one suspect is the of a the daughter of a wealthy
6:00 pm
businessman in china. >> this is a fabulous wealth and murder. the defendants were represented by lawyers who said they needed more time to review the case. some friends of the victim appeared in court but they did not want to talk to >> the mother and brother of the murder suspect tiffany lee attended the arraignment but left without saying a word. the three suspects appeared in court, charged with killing green,


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