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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  May 24, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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businessman in china. >> this is a fabulous wealth and murder. the defendants were represented by lawyers who said they needed more time to review the case. some friends of the victim appeared in court but they did not want to talk to >> the mother and brother of the murder suspect tiffany lee attended the arraignment but left without saying a word. the three suspects appeared in court, charged with killing green, lee's former boyfriend
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and father of her children. >> allegation a firearm was used by one party involved. >> abc7 news learn that had green died from a bullet wound to the neck. his body was discovered dumped on a small road. green disappeared april 29th. he went to the pancake house, reportedly to meet lee to settle child custody issues. sources tell abc7 news tiffany lee is the daughter of a rich, powerful family in china, living in in mansion, her mother bought in hillsborough. saturday morning a s.w.a.t. team converged on the home and broke through the gates and aested lee and her current boyfriend. green and lee had a split when she began affair with bayat. business records show him as the
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president of american healing. but a address showed no company. the other was tiffany's home. as to the custody of the children, lee's attorney says it's in the air. >> the question now is whether their mother will come home. vic lee, abc7 news. new at 6:00 police say they have a killer in custody in a homicide case out of concord. investigators say eric lamar nelson surrendered in nevada today. now, to developing news where a mom and child died after their car was hit by a train in san leandro about 1:30 today. david louie is live on the scene with new information tonight.
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david? >> reporter: the wreckage has been cleared awill youing amtrak to resume service. many of those who saw the wreckage were sickened because a child was involved. the amtrak train with 39 passengers was northbound from san jose to sacramento. it crashed into a dark suv with a woman and young child inside. the suv was caught on the track was no way to escape. >> it appears the vehicle was trapped in traffic, stuck there prior to the arms going down, and unable to get off the tracks safely before impact. >> this is all that is left after both passengers were removed. first responders described the child as approximately three years old, investigators are checking the crossing arms. the speed of the train hasn't been determined. amtrak says maximum is 79 miles
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per hour. 244 people were killed last year in rail crossing accidents. this is the second amtrak related fatality in two days. yesterday, a pedestrian was struck and killed on davis street. >> what i get from them is a blank stair. and i get that because of the fact they're fathers. because of the fact that people in that vehicle are the age of their family members. >> responders will be offered counselling to deal with what they encountered. police say they'll be looking for video to see if anyone recorded the accident, unclear to how much time there was. passengers aboard the train were transferred to a bus to continue the journey. santa rosa police say a shooting of a 15-year-old boy last night appeared to be an attempted suicide by cop. police say an officer shot the boy in the foot last night.
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investigators say this was the weapon the teenager was carrying. it's an air soft pellet gun. they say he phoned in a report of a man with a gun in the park. he's now undergoing evaluation. >> officer who's shot a mentally ill man in palo alto have been leared of wrong doing. >> drop the knife. >> video shows william charging the officers with a knife on christmas night. we're not showing the moment because it's disturbing. the da says he likely created a fate emergency so get shot by the officers. police drained a lake to search for evidence related to a man's death. a body was found floating this morning. police are treating it as a
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suspicious death. >> investigators say a gardener spotted a man's body face down in a lake. homicide detective day looking for evidence. >> looks like there may have been more evidence. >> investigators would not say what. they drained the lake and searched for more clues. >> it's odd it was in the front of the park. >> they showed me a picture of an older gentleman. said he's a person when had been found this morning and asked if we'd seen him. i hadn't.
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just sad situation. several restaurants say officers were nearby their businesses as well. in san francisco, abc7 news. tonight palo alto police are on the lookout for two burglars who kicked in a front door with someone home at the time. investigators released this sketch of one suspect and say thursday the homeowner heard a loud bang and found two men inside of her home and screamed. they both took off, running. tonight the search continues for a man suspected of setting a house on fire. a blaze killed his 5-year-old son. abc7 news reporter wayne freedman is live outside with new information on the suspect. wayne? >> reporter: our source had court records back to 1987 showing petitions and restraining orders for
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harassment and domestic violence. outside of the home, the fire occurred, a memorial growing slowly but steadily. it's a small memorial to a 5-year-old boy. bright colors, in front of a burned house. no way to make the pain go away. >> it's going to keep getting bigger. he was precious. >> he loved basketball and his neighbs. he died in this fire that badly burned his mother and older half brother. police blame his father for setting the blaze intentionally during a fight. neighbors say it wasn't the first time they'd quarrelled. >> they were pushing each other. she was telling him get out, get away, leave, leave. >> he remains at large and according to police, dangerous, police say he used an accelerant. this afternoon, a neighbor tried to save the victims beginning
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with the mother who remains hospitalized. >> i hosed her off and had a hose on. and i called and i got in as far as i could. almost past the kitchen but that is it. i had to start backing up. >> it leaves us with this. a memorial and a fatal fire scene. the manhunt for an unpopular suspect continues. >> he needs to turn himself in or kill himself. >> mental health advocates are trying to fight the stigma associated with mental illness. people shared stories of the struggles early intervention could help keep it from spiralling out of
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control. >> we theed to apply these approaches so we get in early. and we help people on the onset. >> californians approved an initiative that raised $13 billion for mental health programs. however, an oversite report said it's unclear if they have been effective. >> the only state holding a primary is washington and only on the republican side. democrats held a caucus in march. today, bernie sanders told supporters his campaign is about challenging greed. sanders hemmed a rally today in riverside and tonight, the senator campaigns in san bern besh. hillary clinton is also in southern california in the city of commerce as well as riverside and south los angeles. tomorrow she'll campaign in salinas. she'll visit san jose on
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thursday. former president bill clinton spent the day in the bay area, abc7 news was in fremont. the price started at $1,000. a uc berkeley professor is a long time friend of the clintons and served as labor secretary but he isn't supporting hillary clinton in the election. he is backing bernie sanders instead. and today, he explained why. >> it's never an easy decision. i feel fondly toward hillary clinton. i've known her since she's 19 years old. i think she'd make a great president for the system we now have but it doesn't function well. i endorse bernie sanders because i think he's the best candidate to change the system into the system that we need. >> anyone who wants to vote by mail but register by 5:00 p.m. next tuesday. voters will go to polls in california again on june 7th.
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>> tonight, a bay area city took a step for creating internet that is faster and keeper for everyone. >> and. >> that is ridiculous. >> coming up, power of the crowds. a system san francisco scrap that had would have charged people for a spot in the park. today was a bit cloudy and cool but will be a memorable memorial day. i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up next. >> people spend this much for a bottle of wine. for $250 you have a leg. >> tonight, our journey beyond the headlines with cheryl jennings how bay area philanthropists are making a life changing difference for people in vietnam.
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we're just getting word the san francisco board of supervisors passed a proposal that clarifies the city's sanctuary ordinance if a detainee has been convicted of a violent crime. it passed despite fears from immigrants' rights groups. the city of san jose is closer to securing the highly sought after google fiber service. council members approved a fiber line construction plan that would bring blazing fast speeds
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to much of the city. chris? it took two years to get to this point. city leaders giving it a green light. it's an encouraging sign considering google has yet officially name san jose as a fiber city. >> it took forever. i think fiber would speed up the process. >> this evening, the city council approved google's application to install fiber cables across the city. this would allow people to down load. >> we want everything at the snap of our fingers and it makes sense for down loading speeds.
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>> others say it's necessary. >> we don't want other countries to be ahead of us. we want to be a leader. san francisco will be the first city to have the service. assuming all goes as planned, san jose would be a handful of cities across america with city-wide fiber service joining places in provo and kansas city and says it forces companies to ramp up their game. >> they'll have to compete and bring updata rate and lower the price in san jose, kri nguyen, abc7 news. >> turning to business watch.
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go pro just announced a deal with red bull that involves cross promotion and content the dow jumped 213 points. >> twitter announced attaching pictures and listing names using the@sign will no longer count towards the 140 limit. we tweet a lot here. >> everything counts. >> yes. >> is our weather change something. >> #spencer chrischin. >> it is changing but doesn't feel that way
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we've got patches of clouds and showers. and so looking west, it's 58 degrees in mountain view and morgan hill. 57 in half moon bay this, is the view in downtown san francisco. 67 in fairfield and this is a view of the golden gate. shower chances diminish overnight. we're below average tomorrow, a warmer pattern thursday and throughout the holiday weekend and we're going to have a warm up coming our way. at 11:00 we'll see pockets of
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moisture throughout the bay area which may, may produce enough sprink sprinkles moisture low to mid-50s. taking a look at highs tomorrow, partly cloudy skies and scattered showers in the higher terrain. highs from low 60s on the coast to low 70s inland. saturday, upper 70s around the bay. the same pattern sunday and also, a nice warm day and low 60s on the coast. here is the accu-weather forecast. another cool day, a sharp one, and by friday, we'll see highs into low 80s inland.
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and next monday, and tuesday, highs approaching 90 inland. >> that is nice. >> thank you, spencer. >> coming up next, what is behind the door that could make motherhood more
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americans seem to be kicking the smoking habit.
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the cdc is reporting the largest one year decline in 30 years, the rate fell to 15% last year. >> that that is encouraging. >> legislation has been introduced to allow working moms to continue breast feeding after returning to work. >> for now, this effort only applies to moms who work makes it easy owe for moms to keep breast feeding after returning to work. and allow employees to use normal paid breaks to pump and request unpaid break times, legislation calls for more rooms like this one.
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it's a converted room with installation posters for new moms. a far cry from using bathroom stalls. >> you're set, there is noise, and it's difficult for milk to come out. when you're latched and you feel comfortable, the milk flows more easily. >> women account for 40% of the full-time work force and 66% of the part time force. according to a report from 2013, only breast feed six months after giving birth. she hopes to inspire the private sector to follow suit. >> how much it would have cost to make sure you had a place to picnic. and... >> keeping your eyes on the
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road. >> they didn't have a human foot to give them balance. >> headlines to see how bay area
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>> your own patch of grass just seems like we're nickel and diming our city. >> after a big backlash, the recreations and parks department cancelled a park reservation policy. >> people worried they'd have to pay for a spot in a grass in a popular park. >> this is a scene mission district. so when a sign asked people to go online to reserve a spot, the
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reaction was fast and furious. just since monday a petition gathered more than 13,000 signatures an counting. the supervisor introduced a resolution today. >> reserving a patch of grass for $30 to $250 seeps like they're nickel and diming our city. >> rec and parks say it's only about 5% of the park. it has been in place for decades throughout the city. >> come, enjoy your parks. we're trying to be mindful of larger groups. >> because of the backlash and after consulting with scott weiner, the reservation system has been suspended. >> sometimes you can barely see
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the grass. >> in san francisco, abc7 news. >> some developing news, california department of food and agriculture found bees were not africanized but european honey bees. the bees killed two dogs and stung several >> this is video today, where he visited a dreamplex for start up entrepreneurs. >> the president gave a speech about the importance of human
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rights. >> and what a story now. >> there are thousands of amputees in vietnam team is making new classic legs for amputees. they want to join the country's economic boom. big cities are filled with images of a dynamic economy. thousands filled a busy street. 10 million people, 5 million
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scooters racing to their next destination. in rural areas rusty bicycles may be the only way to get around. amputees are farmers working with roots the pea-- of roots. two philanthropists wanted to see the program so they paid to fly to vietnam. and this leader partnership with the founder. >> we are 5,000 prosthetic legs now. >> they'd hobl just to cultivate food. >> the doctor born in vietnam is helping the amputees. >> the designer of
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prosthetics. >> the group helped fund programs like this the pride. >> this gentleman had a hoof, a horse hoof as a leg. >> prosthetics can cost thousands of dollars. and are free to farmers. >> people spend this much for a bottle of wine. for $250 you have a leg. just brought tears to my eyes. >> many fields still have explosives left over from
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the money is used to hire companies like the advisory group. so they can help farmers plant. the donors have satisfaction of helping the team prevent injuries to more >> the women were happy to remove a land mine and enable farmers to get new limbs. >> these people have new legs and can work in the fields again. they've given us inspiration to raise more money that we can provide the legs. just $250.
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>> the first major pepper harvest from farmers is now being marketed in california. the founder presented pepper to aides of president obama. tomorrow, you're going to see how investors can get involved. >> thank you cheryl. >> well, a lot of new technology has a common thread. it's visual. >> next, the device that let's you go eyes free. plus... >> with the zika virus spreading there is a product you should avoid. the mosquito
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a magazine is getting what it wanted. attention for a controversial cover. this is a drawing of marisa mier. the article about meyer's criticism during her time at yahoo. a spokesperson told abc7, quote, running that cover illustration is variety's own, illustrate's
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variety's own burden to bare. >> texting and driving is illegal in california but plenty of people admit to reading messages or reading facebook behind the wheel. a local start up is using technology originally for the blind. >> mary is in the minority. >> do you use a smart phone in the car? >> i try not to. sometimes, i do. >> how do you do? >> carefully. >> you have probably seen it. >> they're swerving. most of the time, you taek a glimpse. >> this aims to change that. it's called 06. >> it lowers a bayer for people to stop using mobile applications. >> they realized there is another market for the product for anyone who uses a phone and
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driving a car. everything forced by touch and sound. >> you get a like. >> react. >> with an app it turns stuff you love to read into radio stations. >> makers say it's more natural than trying to have a conversation with siri. >> you shouldn't be interacting with the family. >> that something you're open to? >> hell, yeah. >> messages. two unread. >> in san francisco, abc7 news. >> that is wild.
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>> yes. >> one bite of a house plant can kill a dog but there is no warning. >> next, michael finney
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caltrans found eggs. the international rescue group is now incubating the eggs. >> we're pleased that the birds were not harmed and eggs, particularly were not harmed and protected and process was fully engaged. >> today's crews began removing the third track of five that need to come down. >> dog owners may not be aware of a plant that could kill your pet. >> you heard chocolate, poinsettias can make your dog sick. also a segoe palm.
6:46 pm
one bite can kill your dog. >> we never knew what happened to walter. >> this couple lost their bulldog but didn't know why until their new dog got sick after chewing on a segoe the spread of the zika virus, many are looking to protect against mosquito bites but there is one repellent you should avoid. viatek do not repel bugs. the company was blaming that mint oil creates a five foot shield against mosquitos. the fcc says don't count on it. mosquitos still enter five feet zone and bite. they agreed to pay a $300,000 fine and stop selling the wrist
6:47 pm
bands. toyota recalled 1.6 million more cars with front seat air bags made by takada of japan. they may explode and send shrapnel flying through a car. the defect is blamed in 10 deaths. owners will be notified by mail. >> what a mess. >> yes. >> thank you very much. >> well, today's weather brought us clouds and rain in areas. >> yes. gary shared this shot at heelsberg today. >> and we do have isolated showers today. and the chance of more is
6:48 pm
diminishing now. we have areas of active weather on the perimeter. in the sierra a mix of showers and here in the bay area, dry day, highs low 60s on the coast to low 70s inland and an indicator of high temperatures a big warm up and high temperatures mid to upper 80s. nice warm weather for memorial day and beach weather. >> back against the wall. >> yes. larry? >> a lot of nerves now.
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game four is starting to look like the same movie over and over again. sports is coming up next.
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good evening, the worst game of the series warriors and thunder in a virtual must win game. russell west brook with a turn over here and 5-0 run for and suddenly it's an 11 point lead and draymond green turns things over. and you're thinking no. this is a disaster. steph curry would help stop the bleeding and hits
6:53 pm
clay thompson taking it to the glass and late second quarter warriors trail 44-40. looked like another blowout. no other sharks team has put on 11 games. and a chance to clinch it home. last game did not go so well. so close and can. >> they've come this far and had this opportunity it's huge. and and it's a hard trophy to
6:54 pm
win. and a hard lead to advance as far as now. just to show them now that it's rare air you're breathing. these guys recognize that and want to take advantage of that. >> game six, lightning two games to first. matt murray out of position here the penn's challenge, no goal. later in the first phil kesel knocks it out of the air. some football news raiders began organized activities today. ota, some teammates get work in
6:55 pm
together. he knows what a super bowl championship team looks like. >> there a bunch of guys are hungry to get to the next step. we've seen a blueprint to win the and. >> the french open, serina williams, first set, charging the net here. and also a great start. this match lasted only 42 minutes. and in straight sets, 6, 4, 1,
6:56 pm
and 1. >> thank you so much. >> join us tonight at 9:00. coming up a convenience store break in. the thieves didn't take the cash. what they were after, at 9:00. >> just released video shows police officers open owing fire on a mentally ill man. at 11:00 the new information we're learning tonight about the weapon he was carrying. >> here is the line up for you tonight. >> that is this edition of abc7 news. we appreciate your time. from the entire team have a great evening.
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at the end of yesterday's program, he, uh, revealed, obviously, that he's watched a lot of these "saturday night live" takeoffs of our "jeopardy!" show. and, uh, particularly the abuse i have to take from sean connery on that program. [ laughter ] let's see what happens today with brian and victor as his challengers. they look like they're pretty much ready for battle. let's go to work. here come the categories. starting off with... followed by... each correct response beginning with that letter. we deal with... and finally... buzzy. let's do awesome sauce for $200, please. buzzy. what is soy sauce? right. awesome sauce, $400.


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