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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  May 25, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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it is very flammable. there is an add jason business behind the mall they have kept the flames from. there are no residences in the area, but firefighters are not conditioned about -- are not concerned about residences. we will follow the fire out here in santa clara and we will let you know what started the fire, we will try to talk to a chief here so can get information on what started the fire. obviously it is devastating. businesses will not be in business today or for a very, very long time. we have seen people coming to the scene obviously very devastated on what took place at their brings this morning and early morning fire. the hope is that no one was inside any of the businesses when this took place. firefighters have not gone inside.
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we have only seem them fighting the names from the outside. it look like they have the upper hand now. flames are still coming off the building, but mostly white smoke, rather than black smoke, that is good news, because that is meaning there is nothing more burning. back to the studio. >> unbelievable. >> now, straight to meteorologist mike nicco for a check of the weather. are we dealing with wind through the area right now? >> thankfully, the winds are fairly light less than ten miles per hour. at least the environmental winds. the fire is so hot it is probably creating its own wind locally and blow the smoke to the east. if you live in the eastern part of santa clara valley you will be dealing with to heavy smoke for the next couple of hours. it will be trapped in the clouds. drizzle could keep it in the lower levels. it will not vent into the upper
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part of the atmosphere. the air quality could be poor in that area the next couple of hours to the east. that is how the winds are blowing. at mineta san jose international airport you can see the winds are thick around santa clara, up to ten miles per hour. the forecast shows drizzle out there. but, notice, in pockets of rain. here is a look from 87 near the shark tank and you can see the free is moving right there. again the environmental winds are not too gusty. 50 to 55 is the temperature, and 58-70 at noon, and 58 at the coast and the last chance of a stray shower. >> at san mateo bridge we have a look outside with traffic showing nicely right now and we saw a bit of caltran work on the right-hand side but traffic seems to be moving at the limit across the span and toward the foster city side of things. we do have road work that will get to in a couple of minutes
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but san jose at 101880, northbound, we do not is delays. we will check with the road work in a few minute. >> i-80 is back open after another freeway shooting. one person was shot. it looks like another car was hit by a stray bullet. amy hollyfield is in hercules. amy? >> yes, reggie, if you went to bed wondering about the status of the freeway? it is open. we are looking at it from a safe distance. the lanes were closed and did not open until 1:00 this morning. shooting happened at 9:15 last note. a man was shot in the leg. he was driving a red vehicle. he had a passenger with him. the passenger was not hurt. it appears a second car was involved. it was hit by a bullet. that was silver. it does not appear it was an
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intended target. no one was hurt in that car. it happened in hercules west of highway 4 on interstate 80. suspect vehicle is described as a black chevrolet el campo many with tinted windows and no arrests have been made part of a growing problem in the bay area with two dozen freeway shooting in the bay area since november. this is the 7th on this stretch of highway. >> thank you, and a crazy shooting spree in phoenix, arizona and the gunman is in custody. it started at 8:30. 9-1-1 calls came in of someone shooting a machine gun-style weapon at cars on a highway. the officers responded. two of their cars were hit. one slowedded in flames. the suspect took off toward the casino, carjacked a driver and crashed in a ditch. police caught up with him. two people were injured in crime spree and several cars were
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damaged. authorities plan to release the suspect's name later today. >> on the peninsula, the fire department investigating reports of a possible propane tank explosion after a home was surrounded at 11:30 last night. witnesses say a person was taken to the hospital. there is no word on the injuries. firefighters found the propane tank in the driveway and rendered it safe before allow people in the house. >> heightened vision lens at a railroad crossing where an amtrak train hit and killed a summer and her three-year-old daughter. this is the aftermath. vannessa henriquez was only 30. her three-year-old daughter, drove into the washington avenue crossing. police say that the mother, vannessa henriquez, may have been trapped. >> the s.u.v. was stopped in traffic between the rail arms right on top of the tracks. >> i have two kids.
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it is hurting my heart... >> vannessa henriquez was on the way to pick up her son who has autism when crash happened. the family members remember her as a hard-working mom. >> updated investigation of san francisco's controversial sanctuary city law is in the hands of the mayor giving the sheriff more three s way in notifying immigration when suspects are charged with violent crimes. in convicted of a violent crime in seven years or in they have had serious felonies in the past give years or three separate felonies in the same time period. the new rules are the result of extensive negotiations between city leaders and the sheriff. it heads to the mayor for approval. >> now the white house race. abc is confirming house speaker paul ryan will endorse presumptive nominee donald trump with a briefing scheduled on the house republican agenda today in washington, dc. you may recall that the two membership early this month in
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washington, dc met for 45 minutes and ryan said he was "committed to working together," after expressing hesitancy about endorsing trim -- trump. >> pretty rowdy outside donald trump rally in new mexico last night. crowds overturned trash cans and threw things at pass outside the albuquerque convention center. inside, donald trump addressed the supporters and celebrated the win in the washington state primary. the win helped him get close are to claiming the republican party nomination officially and now only 44 delegates shy. >> on the democratic side, hillary clinton will be in the bay area today, attending events in atherton and san jose. tomorrow, she will hold another event in the south bay. last night, hillary clinton won the primary in washington state but the vote meant nothing because bernie sanders claims the delegates at the caucus in february. she is 78 delegates shy of the democratic nomination for
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president. >> the american people understand we are great as a nation because of our diversity. >> bernie sanders take aim at donald trump as he continues the campaign swing through southern california. bernie sanders said americans will not support someone who insults our nation's minorities. bernie sanders is back in riverside county today and ventura tomorrow. >> we are waking up to temperatures a degree or two warmer than yesterday. we will start in san francisco, where we have around 53 to 55, and brisbane and belmont and young city, the warm spots at 57. pittsburg and walnut creek and pleasanton 56, and palo alto and saratoga at 55 and american canyon and pacifica at 52. kite subjecting could be breezy. injury that. sailing? fair. a smile -- small craft advisory.
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walking the dog is brighter this afternoon. we have drizzle. an area experiencing it is golden gate bridge right now. the closer you are to the coast or if you drive through the higher elevations secretary to get drizzle through 8:00. temperatures today are in the mid-60s to mid-70s from san francisco to inland neighborhoods and notice tomorrow 80s start to pop up and become more dominant in the forecast through friday. i will have the holiday weekend forecast looking warm. sue? >> taking a look at matt keller who has been covering santa clara with road closures in the area to avoid, the fire is near the lawrence expressway. avoid the area. you can not felt through with the fire crews. we have an accident in dublin/pleasanton westbound 580 at 680 southbound and the did news is it off right hand shoulder and i am not seeing delays through dublin and a ranch closure, south 101 ranch to eastbound 380, that is closed for road work until 6:00 am this
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morning. plenty more road work to cover next few minutes. stay tuned. >> the huge fire in san francisco raises questions of the city's smoke alarm laws. the tougher enforcement city leaders will consider today. >> move over tesla, a rival is closer to setting up shot right here. >> back now to the fire we are monitoring in santa clara, four alarm fire destroying businesses at
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and screening finds polyps, so they can be removed, before they even turn into cancer. if you're over 50, get screened for colorectal cancer. screening saves lives. >> we are tracking breaking news of a four-alarm fire that break out in santa clara. el camino real not far from lawrence expressway starting around 3:00 a.m., a lot less intense than earlier at 15-20 members ago. fires are getting a handle on it. but several businesses have been destroyed. we continue to follow this and matt is on the scene. avoid this area through the morning. you can see it is quite a mess. avoid el camino real near the lawrence expressway. >> san francisco fire commission will pick up a proposed ordinance to change the city policy on fire safety after massive fires in the mission
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that have displaced dozens of residents. the ordinance requires building own ares do provide written notice of smoke alarm requirements to tenants and would be required to file an annual statement of compliance, the commission meets at 5:00 tomorrow. >> san francisco's reversal. i were not happy when you hurt about reserving patches of brass for a praise at a park. the parks department was trying to renew a long-standing policy but many of us had never heard of it and did not want it. the department has continued to issue permits for picnic tables. >> the bees that terrorized an east bay neighborhood were just honey bees. the beekeepers thought they were africanized killer bees. they killed two dogs and stung several people on hitchcock road. most of the bees were captured or killed after the weekend attack. >> a rival to tesla could set up shop. los angeles based company wants to the an auto factory in
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vallejo. they are eyeing the former naval base with a goal to build the next generation of electric vehicles. all the sharks have a morning skate knowing they have a shot at franchise history a win away from advancing to the stanley cup finals to the first time ever clinching it tonight at the s.a.p. center. it would be amazing to do it at home. they beat the blue on mop night in game five and lead the series 3-2. there is a street rally at 3:00 p.m. and puck drops at 6:00. >> the margin of error is razor thin for the warriors after getting blown out again in oklahoma city. the defending champions are on the brink of elimination after losing last night 118-94 in game four of the finals. they lost back-to-back games for the first time all season. the thunder lead the best of
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seven series 3-1. game five is tomorrow night at oracle arena. >> hundreds of disappointed fares watched the game at the alameda theater and still believe in the dubs and they can come back and win the series. before the game this was hope for a different win in oakland: save oakland sports in an effort to keep the warriors from moving to san francisco. >> we want everyone to see the fan base of the city that has supported them since 1972 through all down seasons is right here in oakland. all the warriors announced in january the move to san francisco has been delayed until 2019 because of litigation by people who open pose the new arena in mission bay. >> mcmcis tracking -- meteorologist mike nicco is traffic accidenting the winds. >> it is less than ten miles per hour so the winds surrounding the fire is what i am talking about but in the fire it could be fast are winds as the air is
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rising quickly drawing in air at a fast rate to feed the fire. it could be gusty locally but the winds will push the smoke off to the east so be careful if you are east of santa clara in the valley. it is probably going to bank up against the hills because we do have a pretty stout cloud deck. it is letting go of drizzle but the next three hours not much going on. you can see the cloud cover and a degree or two warmer but as we head in the afternoon we have sunshine and clouds and the last chance for a shower and below average. clouds and patchy drizzle to start tomorrow and sunny and above average as we head into the weekend. today we have low 60, mid-to-upper 60s around the bay and low-to-mid 70s inland and tomorrow the temperatures are mid-40s to mid-50s. now, watch around cloverdale and head over to sacramento, just hike year, that is beginning to be our best area for scattered
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shower and thunderstorm leak we saw yesterday and as we head to the evening, that fades away. my seven-day forecast shows 60s at the coast and we will try to reach the 80s around the bay and inland over the holiday. sigh? >> we will check with the bay bridge toll plaza, no metering lights so far and traffic is looking good into san francisco, very light, maybe one or two cars on the left hand cash-paying lanes but no delays which is great news. back to santa clara the fire is raging on el name real near the lawrence express way so that area is closed. avoid the area. i am seeing red sensors in the area. matt colder is on scene with more on the fire. westbound 580 southbound 680, an accident on the shoulder. we have slow traffic from the central valley. ramp closures southbound 101 to eastbound 380, in the lanes for the next few minutes and
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carquinez bridge, both directions, we have road work. now, back to the central valley commute out of tracy. >> welcome news this morning in you enjoy brewing your own coffee. >> the break you will get at grocery store with breaking news unfolding in the south bay, this massive fire burning in santa clara, several businesses have been lost, and update now is ahead. >> imagine waking up to this: a tense encounter of a very wild kind. but, first, the money report. >> good morning, topping america's money, no more empty nest. >> for the first time on record, staying with mom and dad is the most common living arrangement for people between the age of 18-33. >> millennials are concentrating more on school and years. >> despite that new government data said the housing market is strong. that is giving a past to stocks. >> rallies this morning in asia and europe and, year, wall street has the best day since
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early march the biggest gains were tech stock and home builders and new delicacies on menu at olive garden including spaghetti pie, meatballs deep dish only available through july, two new olive garden bread stick sandwiches have been
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>> back to the breaking news in santa clara, it has gone to five alarms. several businesses have been lost. this started at 3:00 a.m. crews are starting to get an upper hand. can you see the facade of the indian restaurant collapsing. this is a strip mall on el camino real east of the lawrence expressway. the area is closed. people are being asked to stay out of the area. we will track it for you. >> now if you like to camp you will want to so what is happening. can you imagine, being in the tent and this is your view? do you see what it is? it is no little kitty, a couple of lions, licking water off of the tenth with a downpour and they decided in would be their water bowl. the lions completely ignored the camper who was video taping this and somehow remained calm and quiet during the moment. she said the experience was "a
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privilege," and i would say a riff to be alive. >> big cats to dogs today is the deadline for people to come up with a proposal to limit dog areas in the going going recreational area limiting off league dogs to seven spots include crissy field and ocean beach. the national park service said this is to protect wildlife and make the park more enjoyable foreign. a decision is expected later this year. >> two young bay area spelling wizards are could beating at the national spelling bee. a 14-year-old, varsha, is a student in san ramon. and 12-year-old from san jose we at a medal school, both representing the bay area, the competition in maryland. the finals are tomorrow, and they are broadcast on espn.
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>> maybe some of you are fans of the spelling bee but i am a fan of this: another fetter added to the cap in the top spot at the popular bird calling contest at piedmont high school. their winning beer call mimics the blow tarmagen. i like the outfit! >> they just owned it. that was from. how about our giants winning again, a more comfortable margin at 8-2. warming up to c.e.o. grab the sunglasses. the sun will dance with the clouds you will be burned quickly. the rest of the state, high elevations with a lot rain, and
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very, very high and no elevation in lake tahoe and yosemite around los angeles and san diego in the mid-to-upper 60s with a chance of showers. we will look what will happen, the hourly planner in san jose temperatures are going to warm into the low 70s by 3:00 and by the time the winds pick up this afternoon, the fire should be out and again they blowing to the east, all the smoke is heading into the eastern part of santa clara county. >> whoever look at the east shore freeway with a shot and skit looking good, with traffic moving mine from golden gate field into san francisco, you are looking at 15 meant drive over all and the traffic map is looking good. here is the one exception, early morning commuters looking at speeds of 30s, tweets, and back to the limits up and offer the altamont pass at 40 minutes from tracy to dublin/pleasanton. we will have the el camino road closures due to the fire in the next report. >> what is better than a hot cup
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of joe in the morning? a less expensive cup of joe with the costs of some package coffee going down, folgers and dunkin' donuts plan to cut prices by an average of 6%. this is not including the pods, however, with falling coffee mean prices are the reason for the rice drop. >> next time you fire up google maps for directions there could be more ads which highlights businesses along the court. if you like coffee, maybe you will be tempted with an offer from a local coffee shop along way. google said they will evaluate this before rolling it out to everyone. we follow the breaking news from santa clara where the fire has been upgraded to five alarms. firefighters are this defensive mode. next at 5:00 a.m., the complication fire crews are running into as they battle the flames.
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>> police officers are opening fire on a mentally ill man with new information we are lending about the
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abc7 news starts with breaking news. >> in the so the bay, this is what crews have been facing as they try to get a handle on a ferocious fire. >> and now to matt keller on scene at el camino real. what are you learning, matt? >> offer the last 15 minutes, it seems like the firefighters have a handle on this fire. in santa clara. the strip mall shows an indian restaurant at end of thet


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