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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  May 25, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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abc7 news starts with breaking news. >> in the so the bay, this is what crews have been facing as they try to get a handle on a ferocious fire. >> and now to matt keller on scene at el camino real. what are you learning, matt? >> offer the last 15 minutes, it seems like the firefighters have a handle on this fire. in santa clara. the strip mall shows an indian restaurant at end of the strip
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mall. it appears most of the flames are out. there is sometime an october flow. the main focus is the corner you can see they have a ladder and a hose that is still drop ping water at this shopping center. there are several businesses. i looked on google maps that included an indian restaurant, a bakery, a jewelry store. what was saveed were several other businesses. that includes a dance studio, a pizza parlor, and a dentist office. firefighters say that was big. that was their goal to try to save some of the businesses. the battle is going on as several firefighters are on the corner where the burned businesses and the saved businesses are trying to make sure the flames do not spread. the flames were huge this morning. i just learned from the fire chief that this is a five-alarm fire. they had help from the city of sunnyvale and santa clara county firefighters. they are here battling the
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flames although the intensity has backed off over the last 15 minutes. many of the flames have been put out on the scene. no residence is in danger. here is the fire chief talking about watt firefighters saw when they arrived. >> the first thing, we want inside and we thought we could get to the start of the fire but it was well advance asked we had to pull the units out and fight it from the outside. >> i asked, i wanted to make sure, they did not think someone was inside, maybe someone who started the fire or someone was inside who happened to be working, there was bakery and they have early hours but he did not believe so. though go inside to help someone and rescue and they checked first for this and they do not believe anyone was inside, no firefighters were sent inside, when they pulled them out they surrounded and drown the flames.
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in a defensive posture, common for huge fires like this. they are going to be here on scene making sure the flames are put out with a fire marshal here, and they will try to determine what started the fire this morning before 3:00 this morning. they have been out here for more than two weeks and fatigue is an officer and that is why they called for five alarms to make sure they can get the firefighters switched scout we have another ladder truck with more water put on above the indian restaurant that burned. there are other buildings they do not want the plames to video to and they kept that from happening which is the if news in santa clara. back to the studio. >> it is easier to counsel -- count the businesses that have been saved rather than the businesses destroyed a tough morning. >> and meteorologist mike nicco how are the winds playing out there in the south bay this morning? >> the winds are not much of an
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issue. at least surrounding the fire. they are less than ten miles per hour and blowing off toward the east and that is where the smoke is going. my biggest concern is that it will not mix into the atmosphere machine because we did have a cloud deck, a many layer this only, and we do have drizzle that will keep the air heavy and keep the snow lower down to the ground. you can see the wind at mineta san jose international airport at six miles per hour. other areas around santa clara running at 6-8 miles per hour. we will talk about or forecast heading through with the drizzle in the morning, and that will dry up after about 8:00, and then you will see the temperatures stay in the 50s at the coast and money 50s around the bay and low-to-mid 70s inland. we have a stray chance of a sure up in the north by for the afternoon hours. sue? >> from the north bay, the golden gate bridge where mike has said we have drizzle going on, and you have four lanes in the southbound direction, and zip are truck has moved the
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barrier for the commute this morning, and two lanes in the northbound direction. in santa clara, the fire that matt has been reporting on the el camino real, it is right near the lauren express way. the road closures according to santa clara 3-d -- police department are in this area is avoid the area. they are in the midst of a raining fire and crews have the roads blocked so a detour is in place. we will look at the south bay drive in a few minutes. sue? >> what happened to an east bay father and his little girl? they left antioch for sacramento but never made it. the frantic family is trying to video the word on social media. janet is here with the search. >> the family is in distress waiting for any good news of the where abilities of the 23-year-old would left antioch on sunday with his one-year-old daughter and last seen at 11:00
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headed for sacramento. the family members say it is unlike jackson to not answer his phone or respond ton social media. he was seen driving this four door silver sedan. family fear he could have crashed into the delta off of highway 160 where they have been focusing the search. the police ask if you have any information to give them a call. >> the c.h.p. investigating another freeway shooting in the east bay. this happened at 9:15 on eastbound interstate 80 before highway 4 in hercules and all lanes are finally back open and a man was shot in the leg and evening thatten to the hospital. he was driving a red car with bullet hole on the driver side. a second silver car appears to have had the window shattered by stray bullet and no one was hurt in that car. the suspect vehicle is described as a black chevrolet el camino with tinted windows. it is at least the 7th car shooting on the freeway in the
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area in less than a year. >> santa clara county district attorney has released new video showing palo alto police officers opening fire on a mental il last man, and investigators say the shooting was justify because the man came at them with a weapon. our reporter has the details of the investigation. >> put down the knife. drop it. >> a it took 19 seconds before the palo alto police shot the suspect on christmas night. the 31-year-old who suffered from schizophrenia called police from the group home claiming a violent person was on the loose. when police arrived they found him in the street waving a din increase knife. >> step out. >> the staffers told police it was a but are my. >> just because someone is holing something that looks like a knife but when they know it is just a butter knife...that is not a situation where they get to kilt person.
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>> the d.a. said and i quote, "the fact that the knife used by the suspect was a dinner wear knife does not make the situation less threatening for the officers or their actions less justified. the knife used could be used to inflict a fatal wound or serious injury." investigators concluded that he wanted it die at the hands of police. >> this person had a disability so though need a different response. social justice advocates wonder in more could have been done to deescalate the situation. people in the neighborhood are glad it is over. >> it has not made me feel any less safe or concerned. >> next month, his mother will file a u.s. suit against the officers. >> george lucas wants, george lube was gets in the north bay he can now upgrade one of his five ranches in the county. more than 60,000 square feet of office space at big rock ranch
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will be converted into lodging. the board supervisors unanimously aranked the, span last night calling him an "exceptional land own we are a stellar track record e. >> now starting off in the east bay, our early commuters are getting off at 66 in livermore and dublin and walnut creek and pleasant hill and a lot of mid-to-upper 50s and the same thing elsewhere until pacifica at 52 degrees with san jose at 57 and oakland and hayward at 58, and 55 in novato. and low clouds and patchy drizzle expect delays so we will have high u.v. index as the clouds and the sun will play tag throughout the afternoon. here is a look at san rafael 55 degrees under clouds, and it will be an area where we could see drizzle heading to the golden gate bridge. my three day forecast, notice the 60s are going to stay at the coast, and they will miss
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out on the bulk of warming that begins tomorrow with 70s and then 70s and 80s on friday with the rest of the holiday welcome forecast next. how is the commute? >> in san jose, the sharks are back at tank tonight and we have good traffic on 87 beyond the s.a.p. center. but you can expect big delays around 87 and julian near the shark tank later today. now, to santa clara where abc7 is reporting on this fire on the el camino real which is closed in this area is avoid the area. if you can. obviously it will be kite some time until that is reopened and road work northbound sir francis northbound 101 is out there until 7:00, which is the reverse commute. southbound is looking good. we will look at the mass transit ons in a couple of minutes. >> the winner is...on "dancing
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with the stars". can down to the wire. >> concern of the zika virus running high and now the government is telling you to stay away from the popular mosquito repellant wristbands. >> we monitor breaking news in santa clara, a look at this five-alarm fire burning with several businesses destroyed. the reporter
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>> we are watching a picture from santa clara, a strip mall has been on fire for hours near el camino real starting at 3:00 a.m. can you see several businesses are now lost. all the picture shows a restaurant closest to us is the indian stunt. you can see hot spots are player ing. now a map shows where to avoid. el camino real is where this is centered. a larger area is shut down. you are asked to stay out of the area. fur familiar with the strip mall, the indian restaurant is there, and matt keller has been on scene for hours. we check with him in 15 minutes with the latest information. >> a san francisco homeowner made a disturbing discovery after remodeling her richmond district home, a coffin with an unidentified girl believed to have been dead for 145 years.
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you can see photos of the coffin which first reported the story found may 11. the whom was above the old cemetery with beds supposed to have been moved in 1920 but they missed some. they donateed money for reburying of the girl who has been name "miranda." >> the spread of the zika virus a lot of people are looking for ways to protect against mosquito bites but avoid one repellant, the wrist beens do not 5 president not zone and the company was chapped with decentive advertise asking agreed to pay $300,000 fine and agreed to top stepping the wrist bans. >> i have used them before and
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they did not work for me. >> "dancing with the stars" is over and the winner is nyle dimarco. >> he hopes the victory makes a difference for deaf community. george? >> now he has won "dancing with the stars" the deaf millions nyle dimarco will put energy into the nyle dimarco foundation. >> i focus on that and, really, focus on changing lives for deaf people. >> nyle dimarco is writeing a twicers that he hopes to act in. second place finisher, paige is running to get back in. >> ginger zee is expand her work lead beyond being a meteorologist for "good morning america" and i am voicing on one anything, and working on a book
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with a storm chasing young lady. >> "dancing with the stars" set is ton apart but it will be put together for season 23 in september. in los angeles for abc7 news. >> thank you. >> now, the weather: i am most interested in what is happening this holiday weekend. ayou are looking forward to it. >> always. i am sure meteorologist mike nicco has information for us. >> looking forward to a warm weekend but we will talk about the drizzle in the 50s and no organized areas of rain, yesterday, the thunderstorms faded with the sun and the energy that the sun provided but the sun and the energy come back today and so will our last chance of a thunderstorm. here is a look from mount a.t.m. camera from the mount tam camera , and you can see patchy drizzle and stray shower and a thunderstorm is possible this afternoon across the north bay. as we head to tonight, the clouds return as with the
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drizzle tomorrow in the commute. the weekend highs are going to hit warm levels. today, the tens are getting close, and not quite there yet with a lot of low-to-mid 70s inland and mid-to-upper 60s around the bay and upper 50s to 60s at coast and it will be a lot like this morning, with clouds except the north bay and you will be in the mid-to-upper 40s and the rest of us in the low-to-mid 50s. at 5:00 this morning, not much going on, through 9:00, and the drizzle will dry up at 8:00, and you can see around lakeport, clear lake, a chance of a shower and a thunderstorm through 7:00. my seven-day forecast shows temperatures are back to average and high pressure is rolling in, and it brings us 70s to farly 80 and mid-to-upper 80s inland. enjoy the warm weekend. sigh? >> 39 bart trends are there in the service, all are on schedule this morning, a great way to go and ace train one left on time from stockton and we do have a
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golden gate bus cancellation 72x from santa rosa,:15 departure is canceled. the rogue 72, not the express, the regular 72 is the alternate, it leaves at 6:44. there you go. apologize for delays we are re-tweet them if you want to follow-the golden gate bus cancellation. tail lights are headed to the southbound direction beyond the north gate man and the scientific center at 22 minutes from novato across the golden gate bridge into san francisco. we look at the busy drive times this morning the hump day morning in a few minutes. >> what is going on with the dumpling restaurant in santa clara, people are actually selling their reservations that is how popular it is and the restaurant wants it to stop. the newly opened dumb link restaurant is so popular it was forced to take reservations and that backed up. so some people are selling their
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reservations on-line. and the vaunt does not like it and they will now require to have a valid i.d. that matches i don't reservation name to claim the reservations. >> how good are the dumb links? >> lime changing. >> twitter is relaxing the 140 character limit. >> twitter is relaxing the 140 character rule. photos, individual jazz -- videos will not country to the limit with changes in the coming months. >> the smart watch company has a new product: a small button shaped device part fitness tracker, part streaming music player containing two smart buttons which can be programmed to do everything from order an uber car to turn on your house lits. >> google will not give specific numbers but it admits they performed trillions of searches a area and four years ago they gave the number at 1.2 trillion and now trillions implied two trillion a year or 4 million a
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minute. that is a lot of certains. >> a lot. do the path. >> crowd funding for real estate investors the newest way to get in on the pamming real estate market. should you? seven fence looks at woulds and cons of real estate investing. >> google is closer to bringing have fast fiber the friend late to install cable infrastructure for google fibers to allow customers that transmit data so an h.d. movie could be downloaded in less than a minute that speed could have a broader bit impact. >> we want to be the leader in innovation and be the leader in technology. >> makes sense in all goes at
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land san jose would become only one of a handful of cities across the country with city-wide google fiber. joins places like kansas city and austin. >> and breaking news in santa clara, fires getting the upper hand on a five-alarm fire with pictures showing the battle is far from over. >> thieves did not take the cash at a
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of bad breath germs% for a 100% fresh mouth. with breath so fresh, it's no wonder listerine® users feel ready enough to be in a magician's act. kill 99% of bad breath germs. feel 100% in life. bring out the bold™ >> number one, look at these flames: breaking news from santa clara, crews are still working to put out a strip mall fire near el camino real.
5:25 am
several businesses have been lost. people are asked to stay away. >> two, good news, the winds are fairly light in the south bay. theying blowing to the east at five to eight miles per hour. in the afternoon well after the fire should be contained they will be around 15-20 miles per hour. the clouds are blowing faster and that is because the fire on a local scale is creating the wind as it feeds itself. watch out in the eastern part of santa clara valley you will have the dense smoke and poor air quality. >> three, this fire is causing road closures and it is on the el camino near lawrence expressway so the el camino real is closed between flora vista and nobilli, avoid the scene. >> the c.h.p. is still looking for the person would shot a man along i-80 just before highway four. the victim was shot in the leg and taken to the hospital.
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>> antioch family is anxiously searching a stretch of highway 160 looking for signs of this man, 23-year-old kyler jackson and his young daughter. >> police in anaheim are hoping to avoid this violence in albuquerque outside a donald trump rally last night. protesters assaulted police. and presumptive nominee nominee will speak tonight in southern california. >> walk your dog to keep the doctor away. that is true for older americans, research shows that senior whose walk their dogs are more healthy and feel less isolated. >> police are looking for thieves stealing lot city scratchers a white van in front of the store at 3:00 in the morning, and a man pulls out a rod and smashes the window. when inside, they want straight for the scratchers and tie up the a.t.m. with a rope and pull it out the front door. the owner said they got $7,000
5:27 am
were of scratchers in a minute and a half. we have a full 90 minutes of news including the big endorsement donald trump will receive. >> we are staying on the brake news in santa clara and a huge fire that destroyed a shopping center with firefighters working to put out the flames. matt will have an update for
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>> abc7 starts right now with breaking news. >> a fierce fire is breaking out in santa clara with huge flames pouring from the businesses along busy el scam many real, so powerful crews had to call in extra resources to several surrounding cities. matt keller has been there on the scene. what are you seeing? >> so much we destruction at the strip mall at the shopping center. this is in korea town, part of
5:30 am
santa clara you can see they are still putting water on the building and there are some flames in the corner where the building was saved and the building was destroyed. it is "l" shaped so they saved half the mall. an india restaurant, a bakery and a jewelry store in this section all destroyed with the five alarm fire. firefighters are starting to make a lost ground in the last hour. you can see they have pest of the flames out. you can see a lot of smoke coming out off of the building as they pit water on to the smoldererring portions of the building in santa clara. i was able to talk with someone would works at sushi restaurant that was saved. he said his owner was here last night. listen in. >> the owner was there. [ inaudible ]
5:31 am
>> he said --. [ inaudible ] >> we are having difficulty with the audio. >> nows over to meteorologist mike nicco. we understand, mike, that winds are playing a bit of a role. >> a little bit. the environmental winds, the winds outside of the fire that create its own wind is very light about 6-10 miles per hour blowing from the east-northeast blowing smoke over mineta san jose international airport and probably over downtown and headed to milpitas and alum rock. you can see it is only six miles per hour. it is starting to point to the northeast. because we do have a a cloud deck president of the smoke is going to stay down in the lower level. we have drizzle. it could keep some of the
5:32 am
particulates in the lower legal. we will watch the air quality in san jose. now, what will happen as far as the rest of us at the golden gate bridge an area are we have drizzle. 50-55. mild again. warmer than yesterday. as we need through the day look for sunshine and isolated chance of a thunderstorm. sue? in the bay bridge we have 7:27 when the metering heights are turned on and traffic is stacking to the overcrossing and, still, february minutes from golden gate field to san francisco. we will track that. we have an accident coming from the central valley offer altamont pass westbound 580 before north flynn very slow traffic the left lane is blocked with the accident and you will see slowing from 205 up and over creating havoc for the commute from the central valley. c.h.p. is justify getting word of an accident in hayward on 880 and we will check on that next
5:33 am
report. >> to remind you, if you use our news app we have been sending alerts all morning and we will send you an alert when el camino real is open which you can download for free. >> i-80 finally is back open after another freeway shooting. one person was shot. another car hit by a stray bullet. amy hollyfield is in hercules. amy? >> yes, i checked with the c.h.p. and no arrests were made overnight so they are still looking for this guy. they say that the gunman shot a man in the leg drive on interrogate 80 and the victim was driving a red car when it happened at 9:30 last night. he had a passenger who was not hurt. a stray bullet him a second car, a silver vehicle of the no one in the car was hurt. this happened in hercules on interrogate eighth near highway 4th 7th shooting on this stretch of highway. there 10 been more than 20
5:34 am
freeway shootings in the bay area since november. the suspect vehicle last night is described as a "black chevrolets el camino with tinted windows." if you saw anything, give a call. >> the gunman behind a crazy shooting spree in arizona is now in custody. this started at 8:30 last note. 9-1-1 calls starting coming in about someone shooting a machine gun-style weapon at cars on a highway. officers responded by two their cars were hit. one exploded in names. the suspect took off to a casino and carjack add driver and it crashed into a ditch and that is when the police caught up with him. two were injured. several cars were damaged. authorities plan to release the suspect's name later today. >> on the peninsula, the fire department investigated reports of a possible propane tank explosion in san mateo, firefighters surrounded a him on
5:35 am
south norfolk street at 11:30 last night, and witnesses say one person was taken to the hospital with no word on injuries. fires found the propane tank in the drive s way and later allowed people back in the house. >> an amtrak rain hit and killed a mother and her three-year-old daughter. this is the aftermath of the crash. vannessa henriquez, only 30, and her three-year-old dare, sadie drove into the crossing. police say that she may have gotten trapped. >> it appears the s.u.v. was stopped in traffic between those rail arms right on ton of the tracks. >> i have two kids. it is hurting my heart. >> vannessa henriquez was on way to pick up her son who has autism. family members remember her as a hard-working mom. >> updated version of san
5:36 am
francisco's controversial sanctuary city law is in the hands of the mayor. this will give the sheriff more leeway in notifying immigration when suspects are charged with a violent crime. it included in they are convicted of a violent crime in seven years or in they have had serious felonies in the past five years. >> also, in they have had three separate felonies in the same time period. the new rules are the result of extensive negotiations between city leaders and the sheriff. it heads to the mayor for approval >> the race for the white house, we are confirming house speaker paul ryan will endorse presumptive nominee donald trump. it is unclear when the endorsement will happen but he has a briefing scheduled on the house of representatives republican agenda later today in washington. the two menerly through month met for 45 minutes in washington, dc, and ryan said he was "committed to work together," after expressing hesitancy on endorsement.
5:37 am
>> trump may have paul ryan's supporter but now the support these folks. violence outside a donald trump rally in new mexico with crowds overturning barricade, and threw debris at police. inside, donald trump dressed the supporters and celebrated the win in the work state primary which helped him get closer to claiming the republican nomination, now just 44 delegates shy. >> on d sigh, hick shake in the bay area today attending we veterans in at ton and san jose. tomorrow, she will hold another event in the south bay. last night, hillary clinton wonry marry in washington state, but it minute nothing because bernie sanders claim the state degrees at the caucus in february. hillary clinton is 78 degrees shy of clinch the democratic nomination for president. >> the american people understand we are from as a
5:38 am
nation because of our diversity. >> that is bernie sanders taking aim at donald trump as he continued the campaign swing through southern california. he said americans will not support someone would insults our nation's minorities and bernie sanders will be back in riverside county today and ventura tomorrow. >> in san jose 101 and 880, east of our fire. i checked the air quality. over all the south bay is fine. the fine particulate matter is not moving into anything that would be unhealthy but the closer you are to the fire the more you may have issues. now, a look at what is going on with temperature on the peninsula, 54 in woodside and appeal is veteran. most of us in the mid-to-upper 50s and los gatos at 47. oakland is at 58. san francisco and mill valley at 54. the activity lander today, breezy this afternoon, and you can get out there and do skate serving and maybe too breezy for
5:39 am
sailing with small craft advisory so be an expert kite surfer. dog walking, it will be bright so grab the sunglasses. we have partly sunny conditions today, 60s and 70s, notice, 60, 70s, and 80s tomorrow and more 70s and 80s for friday. the weekend is still looking pretty warm. city shower is possible today. and that is it. more on forecast coming up. >> a look at the say yes bridge right now, and traffic is looking good from hayward to foster city looking at 17 minutes. on the hayward side of things, we have an accident on 880 from the southbound direction a mile's the 92 interchange. lanes are blocked southbound before highway 92 and i have been looking at seven minute backup from the scene toward the 23 entrepreneur. just have a heads up. the fire is happen on the el camino real but matt keller has been following this fire so they
5:40 am
have shut down the el campo mean between flora vista and nob ill a shut most of the morning and detours are in place. this accident, in fact, there are several incidents, westbound 580 before north flynn. it is jammed all the way back to tracy and you are looking at already one-hour delays from tracy up and over the altamont pass, intoism and into dublin/pleasanton. another river commute from the central valley for you early morning commuters and we will check back on this and more in a few minutes. all the 49ers are the first team to speak out again the controversial north carolina transgender bathroom law. it requires people to use the restroom that corns with their gender. the 49ers called it discriminatory with no place in our country. he donated $75,000 to north carolina lgbt rights group. >> we have potentially good news for partner time workers in the south bay the city council is
5:41 am
requesting a study on issues surrounding an opportunity to work initiative. a community coalition wants to am the city code by giving qualified part time employees additional hours in they become available before an employer can hire new workers. the staff will make a report and present it to the city council on june 21. >> happening today, crews are expected to finish lowering the 500' long truss on the old span of the bay bridge. workers recovered four bird eggs offer the weekend, and a bird rescue group is incubating the eggs, the birds been disoccasionalled from nesting in the old bridge. the truss weighs 25 tons and slowly being lowered to a barge and taken to a port to be disassembled. >> tesla is getting competition, with a new arrival to the electric car company closer to setting up shop. >> we have breaking news from santa clara firefighters are getting a handle on the five-alarm fire that destroyed a were
5:42 am
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>> now the breaking news, a five alarm fire in santa clara. it break out at a strip mall east of lawns express way at 3:00 a.m. this is what it looked like when the crews got there. right now, they have gotten upper hand on the fire. el camino is closed between flora vista and nobilli.
5:45 am
back to matt keller on the scene in a few minute. >> and there is an ordinance to change the policy on fire safety after a string of massive fires in the mission that displaced dozens of residents requiring building owners do bring written notice of smoke alarm requirements to denants and would be required to file an annual statement compliance. the commission meets at 5:00 tonight. >> san francisco's rec and parks make as reversal. many of you were not happy when you heard of people being able to reserve patches of grandson. for a price. the parks -- was trying to renew a longstanding policy. many of you never head of it and did not want this to help at delores park. forms will continued to be issued. >> remember a swarm of bees that terrorized the neighbor? they were regular honeybees.
5:46 am
it was thought they were africanized kill are bees. they killed two dogs and stung several people at concord. most of the beltways were captured or killed after the weekend attack. >> a rival to tesla could be setting up shop close to the competition. los angeles based we wanted to build an automobile factory in vallejo eyeing the former mare island naval base with the goal to build the next generation of look frisk vehicles. >> this morning the sharks will hold a morning skate knowing they have a shot at franchise history. san jose a win away from the stanley cup finals ever. the sharks pee the blue on monday in game file of the western once final and lead the best of seven series 3-2. fans are nobodied to take part at the rally at the arena at 3:00 p.m. and the puck drops at 6:00.
5:47 am
all the margin of error is razor thin for the warriors right now after they got gallon owe. defending champions are sirteing on the brink of elimination after losing last night 118-94 in game four of the western conference finals. the dubs lost become to back games for the first time all season and thunder lead the best of seven series 3-1 with game five tomorrow at oracle arena aback on home turf and i know at the love you were disappointed. they were watching the game at the alameda theater and they say they still believe they can come back and when the series. this was help for a different kind of win in oakland, save oakland sports hosted a rally in an effort to keep the worse from moving to san francisco >> we want them to see the real fan base of city that support them since 1972 through all the down seasons, is right here in oakland. all the warriors announced the
5:48 am
move to san francisco has been delayed until 2019 because of litigation by people who have opposed the new arena the >> now a look at weather. mike? >> yes, everyone. having trouble getting awake? step identified to the damp and cool air and it will slap the sleepiness out of you. we have drizzle but no organize area of rain. the delays will be announced at sfo in 10-continue members. sun and clouds. you need the sunglasses again. last chance of shower is cross the north by. we drizzle again. and we will be sunny. and above average. headed to the holiday weekend. coolest along the coast, 61 at half moon bay and 64 to 70 around the bay shoreline can the 70s to 74 inland. tonight, upper 40s in the energy bay and inland east bay valley and rest of us in low-to-mid 50s and not so much cloud cover with the before
5:49 am
chance of drizzle on the coast. glue 9:00, it is quiet. the drizzle is drying by 8:00, and northern sonoma and northern snap pa county we could have a stray hour and thunderstorm like yesterday. any are caught on that, maybe . .1" butment of us are dry. high pressure take over and tomorrow, the coast will stay close to average and the rest us are hitting the 80s for the most part as we head through holiday weekend and it could be warmest on memorial day on monday. sigh? a look outside at the san jose highway 87, the headlights are headed in the northbound direction, good looking receipt now for the commute, and this is right by the sap there is, shark tank, and i am saying this will be looking a whole lot different when the sharks start the really i re-game at 3:00, and game at 6:00, is, make sure you take extra care and give your sell plenty of time if you are headed
5:50 am
to tank or past the tank on the sidestreets this afternoon. hayward accident southbound 888, before 92, i am seeing ten-minute delay behind the scene toward 238 and two separate citizens on the westbound 580 commute. just miserable dome mute. it is slowing down to a crawl. tow truck is trying to get on scene of the it is stopped in traffic. there you go. an hour new to get from tracy to dublin/pleasanton. we will follow this and more golden gate bridge cancellations next report. if you have sports short gift cards spend them now. right now. >> imagine waking up to thissen but are camping: a tense encounter. how did the woman stay calm? >> we are monitoring breaking news unfolding right now in the south bay, a massive fire burn ing in santa clara where several businesses los
5:51 am
5:52 am
5:53 am
>> in is a picture from santa clara, fires are trying to get ahold of the fire that went to five alarms this morning. we have active flames. a lot of smoke. on el camino real near lawrence expressway. cruise are getting a better handle on it but several businesses are completely lost. >> it started three hours ago and you can see there are still big flames. el camino is closed between flora vista and nobilli and business owners are just showing up. we will have a report in a few
5:54 am
minute. >> now, do you see what is on the scene? imagine being in a tent and a couple of lions approach. a woman camping in africa captured this video of two lions licking water east tent after a downpour. the lions completely ignored the catch are who somehow was videotaping the whole thing. she said the experience was "a riff," and i will say it is a privilege they were not hungry. >> two young bay area spelling wizards are competing at the scripps national spelling bee. one student from san ramon, and a grateful-year-old student from san jose. both students are going to be presented at the competition in maryland with the preliminaries starting today and finals are tomorrow and they are broadcast on espn.
5:55 am
>> i know how to spell c- >> it will be over when the time the hottest team in baseball takes the field. 61 at 12:45 to 63 at 3:35. we will have clouds daning but the u.v. index is high. headed north and wrapping around the sierra down to the mountains around los angeles and san diego , bottle rockets in napa and the temperatures in the mid-to-upper 80s from friday influence monday. sue? >> yes, stevie wonder is a headliner. not so fun for commuters, with bart a from way to go. 54 trains on time and we have a miserable commute this morning on 588, so, ace train 1 and 3 on time. you can avoid the 580 mess with
5:56 am
several golden gate bus cancellations that i retreated for you to find your departure time with buses at 10-15 minutes apart. multiple route four cancellations. check my twitter feed for the specifics with a motorcycle down in the tunnel and the fire in the closures in the south bay. >>,time you fire up google map for directions you could been countering a few more ads. google is testing if you app for those interests in highlighted businesses along a travel route the you could see a coffee shop coming up and they could give you an offer. google said they will evaluate this before rolling it out for everyone. >> it is okay. okay. okay. there you go. come on buddy. get out of there. >> what? for room at this inn forbears.
5:57 am
that little guy was trying to get into some fish sticks one three black bears caught looking through the northern california home. the sheriff show you, provided this video, and they helped we get the bears away. >> amazing video. breaking news with a human fire that is burning in santa clara and matt is there. >> i am in santa clara report on the scene and i just spoke with the fire chief. he told me his land to get the fire contained in the we next 20 minutes. i spoke with a business owner. she explain what she is going through. >> thank you. george lucas is getting approval for a major expanse to the bay area pr
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
abc7 news begins with breaking news. >> the breaking news we are tracking in santa clara this morning: a huge fire has destroyed a shopping center. the flames shooting into the air as we watched. parts of the building come right down. >> this is happening on el camino real close to the lawrence expressway. matt has been there all morning long. what is the latest? >> it has been more than three hours since the fire was called in. now you can see the progress firefighters are making. probably ten minutes ago i spoke with the fire chief. he said they moved the fire truck to this side of the building because they needed pore ladder support. the goal is to get the flames out in this corner. then they will consider the fire contained. hoping it will take place in the next 15 minutes. there are firefighters on the roof. they have a lot of water going on to the roof, and they trying to keep this fire from


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