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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  May 25, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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abc7 news begins with breaking news. >> the breaking news we are tracking in santa clara this morning: a huge fire has destroyed a shopping center. the flames shooting into the air as we watched. parts of the building come right down. >> this is happening on el camino real close to the lawrence expressway. matt has been there all morning long. what is the latest? >> it has been more than three hours since the fire was called in. now you can see the progress firefighters are making. probably ten minutes ago i spoke with the fire chief. he said they moved the fire truck to this side of the building because they needed pore ladder support. the goal is to get the flames out in this corner. then they will consider the fire contained. hoping it will take place in the next 15 minutes. there are firefighters on the roof. they have a lot of water going on to the roof, and they trying to keep this fire from spreading
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to the strip mall and keeping the flames away from that section of strip mall. here is video, you can see how huge the flames were, a five alarm fire, they had help from sunnyvale and they had help from the county, as well, at the scene. fires say it was too dangerous to go inside. they pulled out. much 6 the facade came down. fires were concerned about people inside but they made the determination that no one was inside. they were defensive in the attack of the fire. i spoke with a business owner of a dance studio on the corner. their business is okay. but she obviously is devastated about what took place. >> my heart sunk when i saw the fire. obviously it is devastating for all of the business owners most of them have been here for quite some time. it is shocking to come and see the place pushing.
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they are doing their boast to try to keep it to a contained wing of the building and i help they will be able to stop it before it burns and my building. several businesses clearly destroyed, a hair salon, a bakery, an indian strength. the fire chief believes it started on the border between the restaurant and the bakery. so they have a fire marshal that will be here on scene to determine how this fire started. they are hoping in the next 15 minutes they will have the fire contained. i still see flames in the building with a last smoke cocking off the building but not the dark black smoke we have been seeing which is if news because it is just steam from the water being put on the building. the hope is in the next 15 minutes when you see me next at 6:30 i will see a fire that is
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officially contained. obviously it is very devastate and a lot work for fires and, obviously, a lost rehab needs to go in here today and it will take months and maybe even years to rebuild here. the business owners are devastated. we will bring you the update in another what hour. the breaking news is impacting the weather and traffic. >> we will go over to meteorologist mike nicco who has been telling us how the winds have been affecting the fair fight going on for hours. and the air quality, along with the winds, the air quality is still fine in the south bay, but they are away from the immediate fire so watch out for particulate matter and health issues winds are blow weeing to the east blowing across san jose we san jose and across downtown where mostly you have the worst air quality. the rest of us are cloudy and
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drizzly in the mid-to-upper 50s and partly sunny this afternoon, with stray shower across the north bay. we are looking at the fire coverage for the traffic impact and that is el camino real which is closed with crews on the scene. avoid the area. detours are in place. we have an early motorcycle down in the tunnel which is cleared. everyone is okay. that is great news. big problems out of value valley. that ahead. >> what happened to an east bay father and his little girl? they left an take for sacramento but never made it. the family is spreading the world on social media. and janet is here with the search. >> the family is in distress waiting for any good news of the where abilities of the 23 -year-old kyleor jackson would
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left last seen with his daughter. it is unlike jackson not to answer the phone or not respond on social media he was driving a four door silver sedan. familiar fears he could have crashed in the delta off of 160 are they have been focusing the search. antioch are on the case in the investigation and are asking if you have any information to give them a call. developing news the c.h.p. investigating another freeway shooting in the east bay, at 9:15 on eastbound interstate 80 in hercules. a hand was shot in the leg and evening thatten to the hospital and he was driving a red car with bullet hole on the driver side. a second silver car appears to have had the when shattered by stray bullets the no one was hurt in the car. the c.h.p. said the suspect vehicle had tinted windows, an el camino, the second car-to-car
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shooting on highway four in less than a year. >> and an investigation of a shooting death of a man in palo alto found in evidence that police did anything wrong. the santa clara district attorney released this video. a man charge at officers. he suffered from schizophrenia. he was shot to death. he created a fake emergency to commit suicide by attacking the officer. he had attempted suicide twice before shooting. >> investigators are trying to establish the identity of a man found dead in san francisco's golden gate park yesterday. a gardner found the body of an older man floating ace down in albert lake. this may have been a struggle and this is treated as a "homicide," they drained the lake to look for evidence and questioned business owners about the identity of the victim. >> and the animal care center will be requested to become a no
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kill shoal step with a release rate of 87% of those that leave alive. in order to be considered no kill shoal step, it needs to be 90% rating, and in order to good that they need a bigger budget and that is what he plans to formally request today. >> judicial lucas wants, george lucas gets in the north bay. he got the green light to up grade one of the five ranches in marin county, and our media partner reports that 60,000 square feet of office space will be converted into lodging units. the board unanimously approved the, expansion last night. we track the breaking news out of the santa clara where fires are now getting a handle on the huge fire that destroy as shopping center. >> a big
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>> breaking news, crews are getting the upper hand on what was a five alarm fire. this is the scene at el camino real. can you see the windows on the right side of the scene have visible flames. several businesses are completely lost. people are asked to stay out of
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area. the fire chief told matt keller in they keep it contained to with it is it could be knock down shortly. >> good morning, it is breezy with cud cover and mild conditions. the east bay, we start with your numbers, heading into the hills, orinda is 53 and everyone else is 56 do 57 and that is our temperature everywhere from 53 to 57 degrees and pacifica is cooler at 52, and san rafael, you could run and drizzle heading down into the golden gate bridge and grass pollen is high, u.v. index is high, and those are the main threats today. as we look at 101 and 80 that is east of the smoke not looking too bad. temperatures are back to average tomorrow and warmer-than-average on friday with a weekend forecast coming up next. >> good morning, everyone, we have an accident at the toll plaza toll and it is partly blocking the slow lane and traffic is stacking up. the metering lights are turned on at 5:27 the main republican
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for the backup and we have only 22 members from golden gate field to san francisco. it is fairly moderate. and the bridge folks are good about getting the areas cleared rapidly. problems from the central valley, not one but two separate accidents before grand line, very slow, to a crawl and we are looking at an hour and 40 minutes from tracy and up and over the passments to dublin/pleasanton and ace train, the great alternate. we will come back and look at the accident on 880 coming up. >> a shocking discovery for a family during a remodel and what they found under their garage floor. >> we track breaking news from santa clara with more on the santa clara with more on the huge fire and how it in a good, clean salad, santa clara with more on the huge fire and how it every ingredient is the main ingredient. the new green goddess cobb with avocado, bacon, freshly made dressing, tomato... and chicken. at panera. food as it should be.
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>> a san francisco homeowner made ambassador unusual discovery after remodeling her home: a coffin. with a window on the coffin. you could see inside a girl with long monday hair holding a red rose. she has been dead for 145 years. these are photographs of the coffin. the home was above the old cemetery. bodies were supposed to have been moved in 1920 but it appears they missed some. the couple have donate money for the reburying of the girl who
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has been given the name "miranda," with the reburying happening away from the home the all the google is a step closer to bringing have fast internet to a community in its own backyard with the san jose giving the green light to install the infrastructure allowing tens to transfer data up to a thousand mega bit as second. that means you could download an h.d. movie in less than a minute! residents say the internet speed could have a broader business impact. >> we want to be leader in innovation around the world and in technology. the cities across america will join austin and kansas city the >> crowdfunding for real seat investors a way to get in on the booming real estate market.
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should you? michael finney looks at the woulds and cons of real estate investing. >> mike nicco said it is cool and this is drizzle? >> right here. >> feeling a little bit out here so the frizz factor is high with flight arrival delays an hour and three minutes is what they are averaging in sfo. because of the low cloud deck no organized areas of rain so slickness, not really, but use the windshields once or twice. correct wreck is cloudy and drizzle headed into the east bay hills this morning, with a stray shower later this afternoon across the north bay square feet like we had yesterday. just like yesterday. a slight chance of lightning and less than yesterday. clouds running tonight as will the drizzle and the weekend is fill of sunshine and warmer weather. as far as today, below average even with the 70s show up inland neighbor of the north bay
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and east bay and south bay. low 60s along the coast. tonight, clearing up north of the 40s and the rest us in the low-to-mid 50s and chance of drizzle along the coast. from 7:00 to 9:00, the drizzle will start to fade and you can see the clouds opening and the sunshine will bring enough energy to the party, just lake yesterday, for showers and scattered thunderstorms developing across the not bay and notice from action to 7:00 they fade arrest, like the sunset. >> high pressure is coming back and so the the we high temperatures get ready for 80s everywhere for the holiday weekend. sue? sounds great. perfect for memorial barbecue. and westbound 80, we have an accident partly blocking a lane of traffic. you can see the traffic is slowing back to highway 4 for continue meant delays behind the scenes and northbound 101 mere
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store road a car reported on its side and right now i am not see too much slow traffic according to the sensors but that will be developing in they do not get it out of the lanes and road work is still in the lanes northbound reverse commute 101 near sir francis break. big fire in santa clara we have been following all morning and we will check on the road closures and detours in a few minutes. >> our viewers are showing their warriors ride and keeping the faith. this shows the tribune tower in oakland and it is just gorgeous. to share your pictures, post them on social media #abc7now . follow that lead. it was an awesome video. >> ipads can do many things and even turned a school principal into a rapper.
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[ inaudible ] >> whoa! >> throw those note cards down. we were in richmond at the elementary school the aren't pal wrapped about a new grant that will give each student an apple ipad and apple software and support and teachers can createvillized learning pads. they can take the ipads home without worrying about an internet connection coming with a cellar -- cell plan. >> florida fishermen was robbed, a shark is to blame. the fisherman was in the process of reeling in a large tarpin and the shark snatched it. but it missed the mark and freed the tarpin and the tarpin said "this is the lucky day." >> they must be friends. >> if you have parking tickets you do not ifly have to shell
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out the cash. >> if you have sports authority gift card we know when they will be deactivateed. >> breaking news from santa clara, what the five alarm fire looked like early today and we show you what it
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david krejcí -- the abc7 news app, on the go, on your schedule. >> news that lives without live. >> a five alarm fire in santa clara and we are overhead you can see the white smoke and still flames inside of the building. we can see what matt keller has been telling us, the "l" shaped building and the goal was to keep the fire contained, just one section of the "l" shape and they have been successful. thoughed to get it out in next few minutes and many businesses have been destroyed w video been watching the owners of the businesses showing up and they can not believe what they seeing. we will monitor this influence the morning. >> now, if you have a gift card
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for sports authority you have a molest to use it. sports authority will stop accepting the cars june 26 as part of the plan to liquidate and close all of the 4630 stores across country. they filed a bankruptcy this year and just this month would found out they would love with sales starting tomorrow. >> time to ask finney, i have san francisco packing ticket over two years old is there a way around the person amounts? >> that is bad news. no. not really. there is not a way around. that does not noon you done have an objection. can you pay at once or set autopsy payment plan or can you do community service. depend on the amount penalties, the transportation agency has very specific hours and timelines for completion of the country service. you can fine the, on the van
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municipal transportation agency when. good luck. >> in you have a question for michael finney record it on the smartphone and head to or you can post it on social. >> breaking news in santa clara an effort to put out a huge fire at a shopping center. matt is there. >> yes, i just spoke with the fire chief. he gave me some news that means containment is not going to come for a lot longer than expected. i will tell you about that in a leave -- live report. >> another highway shooting. police are still searching for a suspect as the morning h morning commute is underway. >> we track the winds in the south bay and they are blowing to the east and the air quality is decreasing. i have the latest on that account warming trend coming in
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♪ get down, get down. abc7 news begins with breaking news. >> we are tracking breaking news in santa clara, a shopping center devastate by a huge fire. the flames devouring several businesses this morning.
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crews are still on the scene. >> now to a picture from sky 7 h.d. over the scene right now on el camino real firefighters are on top of the building and trying to put it out from all angles the we have been watching this for hours, 3 1/2 hours sin this started. our reporter is on the ground. this should have been out. what is the problem? >> i spoke with the fire chief. he told me that they were hoping for containment by 6:30. that has contained. he said the expected containment is 7:30. he said that corner building where they are putting water on has extra fuel inside so they are running interest an issue with a lot of stuff inside the building that is burning they did not specific. they are having to put more water on it and you can see how much water they are put on because all of the smoke is coming off off the building. i want our photographtory come
6:31 am
to the sign and let you know what businesses are here. there are several different types of businesses, this is strip mall with a boutique, a right cake bakery, they have music and video, jeweler, hair so land, indian -- hair salon, and a dance studio. the huge flames destroyed much of the strip mall. they were able to save half the strip mall in the "l" shaped strip mall firefighters made a stand where the "l" takes place. there is a dance studio on the corner and we spoke with the owner of the dance studio and what she faces as she said how the future looks. >> i was told there is a lot smock damage and i don't know, water damage, so we will not be able to look for quite some type so we well see how it
6:32 am
goes. >> at the of uncertainty for business owners. some of them are obviously going to rebuilt, others could be dealing with smoke damage. others may not have damage at all. firefighters are expected to be out here on the scene all day long. >> they continue to try for containment. hoping for that to come. they believe it started over the indian restaurant where the indian restaurant and another salon is. they believe that is the origin of fire that took place we were told by someone would works at the sushi restaurant an owner of the restaurant was here early this morning and they were having a business meeting and having drinks and they came out they saw smoke, smelled the fire and they called the fire department at 2:50 this morning. of course, firefighters can be here all day on the scene and we will be here keeping you updated all morning. >> quick question. i saw what i thought was a drop
6:33 am
flying over the everyone if building. are the firefighters using that? >> that drone is use by the fire department to get a look at the origin above the indian restaurant. it gives them obviously a birds' view and the fire marshal is use that to get a better view of the damage and see evidence this would not see from the ground. >> we are glad the firefighters are safe. this is something to put out. >> we are monitoring pictures of sky 7 and seeing large flames, a lot of black smoke, a lot of work to be done. meteorologist mike nicco has been talking about this when you have large flames as we saw not last few hours it can create its own wind. >> mike? did we have mike? >> hi. >> ly mike, we said earlier when you have large flames it can create its own wind. >> that is a great observation. the air heats rapidly, it rises
6:34 am
rapidly and the air is drawn into it and it feeds the fire. it is a self-fulfilling roughcy. as far the winds they are light environmentally but they are blowing off to the east and you can see from sky 7 the smoke cloud is moving off to the east and air quality overall is declining in the south bay but, still, healthy on a john level but on a local level you can hear mt.s with saying, yes, the smoke is overtake them and making it difficult to breathe. management lag behind of two hours and we are looking at the 4:00 reading saying we are declining. now, a look at the exploritorium camera at pier 15 on the water it is 10--- miles per hour wind. 50-55 with drizzle and by 12:00, brakes in the cloud cover hanging in the upper 50s and
6:35 am
upper 60s to low 70's for the rest us, and, remember a stray shower, last chance we will have one in the north by today. sue? we have had several issues in the south bay plagued with problems first the closure of the fire on the we el camino real which is closed at flora vista so you cannot get through the area. you saw the firefighters on scene. avoid the area. and northbound 880 we have two lanes blocked and stack up to 280 so another problem on 101. we check that when we come back. we will send another news app as soon as el campo man is open free from the phone app store by enabling push alerts. from the east bay, i 80 is back
6:36 am
open after another freeway shooting. one person shot. another person hit by a stray bullet. if you window to bed wondering whether the freeway would be open for the commute, it has re-opened so we are down here looking from a safe distance. they opened all of lanes at 1:00 this morning. the shooting happened at 9:15 last night. the man was driving a car and the gunfire came from a black chevrolet el camino with tinted windows and a silver car was also hit by a stray bullet and we have seen the shootings before but we have not seen an unintended target hit before. this appears to be a first. investigator said in the past many in not all of the highway shootings have been targeted and gang activity. we no one was hurt in the silver car. this happened in hercules on interstate 80 near highway 4.
6:37 am
no arrests have been made. officers are asking witnesses to please come forward and tell them what you saw, what you know. the c.h.p. said the agency is working hard to try and put a stop to the shootings and there have been now more than 20 on bay area highways since november. >> thank you. the gunman behind a crazy shooting spree near phoenix, arizona is in custody. it started at 8:30 last night when 9-1-1 calls started will coming in of someone shotting a machine gun-style weapon at cars on a highway. officers when out and one of their cars was hit and exploded in flames. the suspect took off, and he carjacked a driver there and then finally crashed into a ditch. that is where the police caught up with him. two people were injured in the crime spree and several cars were damaged. authorities plan to release the suspect's name later today. >> on the peninsula, the fire department investigating reports
6:38 am
of a possible propane tank explosion in san mateo with firefighters surrounding a him on south norfolk street last night of the one more was taken to the hospital. there is no word on the injuries. firefighters found the propane tank in the driveway. they rendered the tank safe before allowing people back spot house. heightened vision lens at a san drove rarely road crossing where an amtrak train hit and skilled a summer and her daughter. sky 7 shows the aftermath of the crash. vannessa henriquez was just 30, and her three-year-old daughter, driving in the washington avenue crossing yesterday, and she may have been trapped. the s.u.v. was searched in traffic on top of the tracks. >> i have two kids. it hurts my heart. >> such a loss.
6:39 am
vannessa henriquez was on way to pick up her son who has autism. family members remember her as a hard working mom. >> the race for the white house, abc has confirmed house speaker paul ryan will endorse presumptive nominee presidential nominee donald trump. not clear when the endorsement will happen but he has a briefing scheduled later today in washington, dc. you may recall the two met this month inned withed for 45 minutes and ryan el americaned saying he was "exited to working together insurance after expressing hesitancy of endorsing donald trump. >> violence outside a donald trump rally in new mexico. crowds overturned the barricades and trash cans and throwing other items at police officers our the albuquerque convention center. inside donald trump addressed the supporters and celebrated the win in the washington state provide marry which helped him
6:40 am
get closer to claim the official republican party nomination and thousand is only 44 delegates shy. aon democratic side, hillary clinton is in the bay area today attending ever develops in at ton and san jose, and will hold another event in the bay winning the primary in washington state, and that means nothing, though, because hillary clinton claimed the delegates at the caucus in february. she is only 78 delegates shy of clinching the democratic nomination for president. the american people understand we are great as a nation because of our diversity. abortion bernie sanders taking aim at donald trump as he continued the campaign swing through southern california. he said american americans do not want someone who insults minorities. he will be in riverside county today and ventura tomorrow. aoff to a cloudy start with drizzle, and temperatures are
6:41 am
mild to most areas, but it feels cooler. now, in the south bay, temperatures are running 54 to 57 degrees until you get to los gatos. most of us are in the mid-to-upper 50 range until you get to calistoga at 51 and same in bodega bay and in san francisco, 54 and alameda is 55, watch out for the breezes if you kite subor sail and small craft advisory this afternoon. walking the dog, you will need the such glasses this afternoon. there is a look at the sun, to get above 2,000 feet and we well hit mid-60s to mid-70s from san francisco inland and 70s and 80s tomorrow and more so on friday. i will let you know in it will last through the weekend. sue? >> we are looking at busy hump day morning to start off the when. we have sr. thens from the livermore valley or out of the value valley, it is crawling. we have lane number two still blocked westbound 580 before
6:42 am
north flynn and i checked the drive time from tracy over the altamont pass, through livermore, into dublin/pleasanton, it is over two hours. so if you can take the we ace train that is a good way to get around the problems in the south bay a car on side, northbound 101, slowing new for 20 minutes. northbound, toward that scene and the alameda northbound 880 we have several lanes blocked with multi-vehicle citizen and slow traffic back to 280 for 108 it 20 minute backup. sky 7 is over the breaking news in santa clara and you can see the scorched businesses firefighters working to get fresh flames out several businesses already lost and they have a drone up to help in the file. we will have an update next. >> east bay father and his one-year-old daughter are missing. the san francisco sick search afte
6:43 am
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>> i update the breaking news, our reporter had to move locations because there is so much smoke coming from the five alarm fire. we are relying on our pictures from sky 7. >> and santa clara's korea town with new giant flames at el camino real shut down and you are asked to avoid it.
6:46 am
the fire chief said crew could have the fire fully contained by 7:30 this morning, an hour later than originally expected because this is a lot more debris, and more fuel inside of one of the stores. the firefighters need to make sure they get all of the flames out and it does not continue to spread. we will keep track. >> we will continue to look at this. get out of dodge. the massive tornadoes ripped through the area last night, and two people were hurt, dozens of hopes were damaged, and more severe storms are expected as the national weather service prepared to conduct damage survey. with tornado warnings in colorado and the texas panhandle. what happened to an east bay father and his little girl? they left antioch for sacramento and never made it and now the family is trying to spread the word on social media. our reporter is live with the search. >> can you imagine the family is
6:47 am
scared. and confused. they are looking for any answers. 23-year-old jackson left antioch on sunday with his one-year-old daughter. they were last seen at 11:00 when they were headed for sacramento. family members say it sun like jackson not to answer the phone or not respond on social media he was driving a four door silver sedan and the family fears he could have crashed into the delta off highway 160. that is where the search is focused. if you have information give a call. >> a study shows those of us in california are making quit a bit more than the rest of the nation . have you seen our rain, jane? >> i feel your pain. you are getting more than new york. anyway, we have got a positive day here today. so in you are in the stock market that will help pay the rent. can we have two big days if a
6:48 am
row up? the dow is up after a town point game yesterday and oil, also, is approaching $50 a barrel. what do people earn in california? a study said the median income is $630,400 which is the 15th high ever. they used census data and maryland had the highest income at $74,000 for the maryland residents and mississippi was the lowest. toyota investing number better and offering leases to uber drivers who can cover their payments with what they earn. previously general motors invested in lyft and now uber has their big auto partner. when you look at dresses to get some wherein on google maps you can see an ad for a business that is in your area with the promotion appearing first only for a small group of people while they test them for user
6:49 am
interest. >> a provide value to tesla motors could set up shop with house an launching a bill to build an auto factory in vallejo which is cry the former mare island naval base with the goal of build the next generation of electric vehicles. >> a six-month-old florida girl has protecten the record for youngest waterskier. it looks like that squirrel on the skis. >> she is taking to the water hike it is no big deal at only six positives skiing 684.4 feet beating the old record and one handed for a brief moment. she has a bright future. >> what is happening?
6:50 am
now a check with meteorologist mike nicco, cold and damp. what did we have to look forward to? >> more of that through 8:00 and then transitioning to dry weather and the clouds will open up for sunshine on so take the sunglasses, another chance of a spray shower and the heat is on. we will look at live doppler hd and it is looking dry with no organized area of rain although we do have patchy fog and arrival delays in sfo at an hour. sun and clouds. the last chance for shower is across the north bay. the clouds and drizzle run for the commute tomorrow and then it is total sunshine and's average warmth. today, we will go with the warmest temperatures low-to-mid 70s inland and 65 to accident an the the -- to 70s around the bay. tonight, cloudy in the north bay so you see 40s clouds and drizzle and low-to-mid 50s. now, moving failure with our radar returns, notice nothing
6:51 am
through the noon hour and we will focus on lake mendocino, northern sonoma with showers developing. i don't think we will have as good a chance of see lightning and hearing thunder and feeling the small hail. the atmosphere is not so primed. by 9:00 it is again. then tomorrow back to average and stay close to average at the cost low-to-mid 60s and flirting with the 80s an the bay and upper 80s inland through the holiday weekend. sue? >> metering lights on the bay bridge and the magic time was 5:27. traffic is stacked up now on to 80 the worst apporach from hercules to san francisco you are looking at 45 minute. 580 is backed to highway 24 and 880, not a bad >> approach but in the maze it slows down for 15 minutes delay
6:52 am
with early accident on right hand shoulder at north pan pedro road so you see the brake light southbound out of this area for 30-minute drive from san rafael to san francisco and the golden gate bridge has drizzle and fog. brother -- problems in the south bay, a car on side is cleared and out of the lanes. and alameda northbound 880 before the alameda, multi-cars are on the right hand shoulder and you are still looking at 20 minutes for a backup northern 80 . more next report. >> it is okay. this you go. there you go. come on, buddy. you have to get out of which. >> get out of there. law is no written forbears. that little guy was trying to get into the fish sticks one of
6:53 am
flee black bears caught rum -- rummaging through this home. the man jut pushed them away and everything is fine. >> and a big fire in santa clara with crews trying to put out the flames
6:54 am
6:55 am
>> the seven things you need to know: sky 7 is above the breaking news in santa clara crews are still putting a lot of water on the strip mall fire. the area is shut down and the five alarm fire destroyed several brings. full containment is expected at 7:30. >> fires are flying drone over the fire to get a better view of damage and possibly get a look at any evidence they cannot see from the ground. investigators hope the drone can help pinpoint the exact spot. >> overall air quality is declined from good do moderate and locally bad, right around that fire for the next hour. winds are blowing to the east and that is where some second blowing. >> a tough drive to the still veal this morning, and also, an accident northbound 880 before the alameda which has been cleared. the damage remains. >> c.h.p. is still looking for the person would shot a man
6:56 am
along i-80 before highway four at hercules the victim was shot in the leg and in the hospital. >> antioch family anxiously searching highway 160 looking for designs of jackson and his daughter would disappeared on sunday night. >> the "shaq vs." a chance to advance the franchise first stanley cup finals tonight taking on st. louis at 6:00 at s.a.p. center. we barely got all of the news in and we will be back in 25 minutes.
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good morning, america. breaking overnight, 26 reported tornadoes tear through 5 states. >> oh, my god. >> winds 140 miles an hour ripping apart homes, debris flying through the air. now, even a stronger storm system is on the way. texas to minnesota on alert right now. also overnight, violent riots break out at a donald trump rally in new mexico. protesters outside storm barricades. police use pepper spray and smoke grenades to get crowds under control and protesters inside are dragged away. >> i said get out of here and he ran out. >> as trump gets ready to land his biggest endorsement yet this morning. breaking news, a highway shooter going on a rampage targeting random cars and drivers shooting at least two people. the manhunt and the suspect in custody this morning. ♪ shut up and dance with me


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