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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  May 25, 2016 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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to get under control. abc 7 news reporter was the first tv news crew on the scene this morning. is that what is left of the r rancho shop. >> reporter: this has been a long day. firefighters are still putting water onto the building.
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now they are picking up their hoses and putting them away. firefighters are not going anywhere. they will have to keep aen eye on it for the rest of the day. a five-alarm fire is a rare event in santa clara. early this morning near lawrence expressway, firefighters needed all the resources they could get. we were the first news crew on the scene and captured much of the destruction. firefighters initially went into the building just before 3:00 a.m. the fire had moved into the attic and was spreading. they got out just in time. >> we're risk our lives to save someone inside. we evaluate the risk. we determine it's time to back out and goes into defensive exterior fire fight here.
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>> reporter: they were destroyed. businesses are more than just buildings. they're people. >> it's devastating for all the business owners here. >> reporter: the fire started inside the indian restaurant. right now it's too hot for fire marshals to go in and start looking for the cause of this fire.
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firefighters using a drone over the fire this morning to get a better view of the damage and possibly get a look at evidence they can't see from the ground. a volunteer firefighter launched that drone this morning. they can see it live on the display. officials try to figure out the cause of the origin of this fire. >> he was so early to arrive firefighters wanted to see his video. if you want to watch it for yourself there's a lot of great video. head to our abc 7 news facebook page. we have posted it there. northern california family is desperate for answers right now. man and his little girl were last seen in antioch.
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that was three days ago. janet has the search. >> reporter: the family is scared and confused. sacramento and antioch police are trying to figure out where dad and his baby could be. they left at 11:00 p.m. sunday night. they were on the way home to sacramento but never made it. now the mom is asking what happens. she said it's unlike him to go completely silent. no one has been able to reach him by phone or via social media. >> he protects my baby. he protects the kids. he will never ever like let nobody do anything to my kids. he won't. even the kids that's not his. >> reporter: he was driving his silver ford taurus with california license plate. she said he also takes highway 160 to get home and is pleading with law enforcement to check
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the toll bridge records to see if he even passed through. the family fears he may have been tired and could have driven into the sacramento river. >> it's been three days. it's like i can't take no more days. police have been looking for him at his last home address in town and no one was home. >> we're hoping for the best. thank you. we're tracking the chance of light showers as we head into the afternoon. clouds and fog hanging around the golden gate bridge. today is our last chance for rain before things clear up and we get what should be a warm holiday weekend. >> definitely feel like summer for most of us this holiday weekend. we have one more chance of a stray shower. let's take a look. i've put the clouds on there. you can see how cloudy it is.
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that's limiting the sun's effectiveness. the clouds are going to open up. we have our best chance of a shower and isolated chance of a thunderstorm. i think beau of those are less than what we saw yesterday. looks like we'll need the sunglasses more than anything. grab a coat. we're already going to be in the 50s by 8:00. chp is investigating another freeway shooting in the east bay. this one happened around 9:15 last night on eastbound interstate 80. one man was shot in the leg and taken to hospital. he was driving a red car that had bullet holes. a second silver car appeared to have had a window shattered. the suspect drove off in a vehicle described as a black chevy with tinted windows. this is at least the car of highway 80 in the last 11 months. it's been the subject of months of protests and even took
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down san francisco's police chief. today you get a chance to tell about the use of force. >> reporter: there's a summit going on behind me in the city's library. organizers call the police department use of force policy antiquated. they brought in people across the country to examine it and discuss it. they started with music and poetry but brought in keynote spoker, author melissa harri harris-perry to start the conversation. >> black lives matter is a explanation and set of questions. black lives matter, period and also a question, do black lives matter.
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>> reporter: this year's strikes a cord because of the focus on the police department use of force policy. >> we've had three shootings in san francisco in the last six months. all people of color. what we're going to show today is the shootings were preventible but you need to have both change in policy as well as practice. >> i'm hoping change is heading our way, but if not, the people will have to come to the street and make a change. >> reporter: these aren't the policy changers in this room. they think their voice and others can influence change. >> write a letter or take an interest. it's very important people become engaged in the criminal
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justice system if they want to see change. >> reporter: the police commission has been debating the policy and will resume next month. changing the department's policy for use of force is his first priority. others say it will lead to larger classes. district officials say parents can opt out by picking kids up before lunchtime. the video that sent social media buzzing captured the attention of tesla maybe saw it. how this happened and the reaction this morning. it's the controversy that will not go away. hillary clinton's e-mail. new trouble for the
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police in houston released this footage. they're asking for help finding his killer. the video captures the boy's journey home from school moments before he have stabbed to death.
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they saw the boy struggling with someone who ran off. the boy's family says he wasn't carrying a laptop or cell phone. we don't know why this happened. to the race for the white house now. abc news has confirmed that house speaker paul ryan will endorse donald trump. it's unclear when that endorsement will happen but ryan does have a briefing scheduled on the house republican agenda later today in washington. committed to working together after he expressed some hesitancy about endorsing trump. this violence that erupted last night. crowds threw barricades, overturned trash cans and throw things at police outside the albuquerque convention center.
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>> we're great as a nation. bernie sanders taking aim at donald trump there. americans won't support someone who insults our nation's minority. sanders is back in river side county today. hillary clinton violated the government e-mail policy. that's the word from the state department early this morning. be review came after revolutions on the server. clinton is campaigning in the
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bay area today. they are responding to a video causing a bit of a social media frenzy this morning. check this out. it appears to show a man sleeping or driving or at least sitting back. the electric car maker says this is not what the self-driving auto pilot technology is intended for. it's designed to give drivers more confidence behind the wheel. it still requires drivers to be alert and ready to take control at any time. tesla is using the opportunity to remind drivers to be safe and responsible. that's really disturbing and this is really funny. chewbacca mom is back here in the bay area. the local stop she made to becoming a viral sensation. we'll have one more stop on this. it's been hitting the north bay more than the rest of us. that will be the case this afternoon. if you have plans this holiday weekend, you'll want to check out my warm forecast, coming up. tonight at 11:00, crowd fund fundsing for real estate investors is the newest way to
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get in on the real estate market. should you do it? we look at the pros and cons of
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happening now. meeting to discuss the installation of license plate readers at every one of their parking lots. the cameras would help them crack down on crime. the cameras are installed at oakland's station but not turned
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on yet. remember chewbacca mom who wears that funny mask and goes that's such a funny chewbacca. she was treated to a special tour of facebook campus. >> there she is. facebook mark zuckerberg posted these. you obviously see who she is there with. a fully costumed chewbacca. by the way, that viral facebook live video that earned her this attention has been seen more than 144 million times since it went up thursday. that makes it the most watched facebook live ever. >> ever. we love it. you'll want to put that away after today.
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you can see the stubbornness it's exhibiting right now. a little more sunshine in antioch. here is a look at your visible satellite. we're starting to see clearing especially across the south bay and along the senoma county coast. the winds will pick up. we have small craft advisory for the bay water and into the delta community. be careful. the ferry ride may be a little choppy. you can see still pretty gray over san francisco. we'll have sun and clouds. cloud tonight. a little bit of drizzle especially near the coast and the east bay hills. it's going to turn sunny and become warmer than average away from the coast. san francisco, 62. the rest of us in the mid to
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upper 60s around the bay. some low to mid-70s inland. everything else is pretty low. looking at the gray at&t park. we have drizzle this morning. i don't think it's going to happen during the game. 59 at 12:45, the first pitch. 63 for the hottest team in baseball. you can see some of the clearing taking place across the north bay. let's take a look at future radar and focus up on the north.
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we'll stay in mid-60s at the coast. in fact, warmth will hold well into next week. we kick off summer this weekend. it's going to feel like it in many areas. >> looking forward to it. the san jose sharks have a chance of making franchise history. >> the mean in teal just one win away from advancing to the stanley cup finals for the first time ever. they're on their home ice. hopefully that brings good luck. fans encouraged to take part in a street rally. that happens at 3:00. the puck drops at 6:00. >> the warriors are back home in the bay area. they lead the western conference finals three games to one. the warriors have home court advantage for tomorrow's night game 5. we're betting on it. we always want to see how you are supporting the warriors. snap a pic, share it. this morning we're going
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behind the scenes of the exploriturium. >> next, the story behind this very cool creation and how you can be part of this experience.
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upgrading your smart phone is as easy as i ranging lego blocks. that story is at 5:00. if you can dream it, you can do it. >> a butch artist is following walt's advice. take a look. he stopped by this morning to demonstrate one of his amazing . a total of eight will be on display. >> it's made of pvc tubing. some are powered by the wind. others are hand on. all you have to do is stop by. the strand beast will be there until september 5th. >> it was his dream and he made it happen. >> from all of us here at abc 7
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news, thank you for joining us. >> our next newscast is at 4:00 p.m. here is a live look outside. definitely clouds and fog moving in. >> just in preparation for our beautiful weekend. #
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