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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  May 25, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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past the train crossing. enreek's a suv was back up in traffic, its front end apparently on the tracks when the crossing gates lowered. >> there were cars on the track. >> reporter: little la mcgee told us she was stopped in nearly the same spot just two hours earlier. >> honestly, before this crash even i just had that feeling like this is bad you know you really have to be on your toes to not get caught on the tracks. >> reporter: xorgd sto san low and toe police pg&e had a permit and a city inspector had signed off on the ew tilts traj management plan. >> we do send inspect rz out on a daily basis to make sure that those permits are in full compliance and yesterday the property signage for the traffic management plan were properly posted. >> reporter: pg&e offered condolences to the family and issued this statement, quote, while the incident is currently under investigation by local authorities, at this point this incident doesn't appear to be directly related to any pg&e work in the area. in san leandro, laura anthony,
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abc 7 news. major update tonight. the man who police say set fire to the house with his own son in inside is in custody. the 53-year-old shoemake turned himself in to richmond police this morning. police had been looking for shoemake since sunday's fatal fire. he said he set the blaze deliberately rattle during a fight with his girlfriend. shoemake's 5-year-old son deleon died in the fire taj tragically. a 13-year-old boy suffered minor burns and his mother suffered major burns. a contractor wushging on dismantling the old bay bridge discovered a torso nears by. abc 7 news was at west oakland as officers investigated. they say the headless will torso of a young male was likely in the water for at least a month, and he may have died an accidental death. hard to say ha it point. caltrans says the discovery will not interrupt work on bringing down the old bay bridge. the nation's laurgor elf
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school bus company has settled a lawsuit after two employees accused it of putting the lives of san francisco school kids in danger. first student agreed to pay $11.5 million and only use buses in excellent mechanical condition. the lawsuit accused first student of using buses with failing brakes and worn tires. company had 300 safety violations over a nine-month mere yod. san francisco unified says it has increased safety reporting standards for school buses since. businesses at a south bay strip mall are trying to figure out what to do next after a massive huge fire swept through a shopping center early this morning. the flames broke out around 3:00 this morning in the front of the rancho shopping center in santa clara. the inferno worked its way back through one small business after another, destroying at least eight of them. >> pretty bad. i mean, a lot of people like me are almost 12 stours and we're talking about five, six employees, that's about 60 employees going to end up losing
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with no job at least. i don't know how long. >> so how did this thing start? they're still not sure but fire crews are investigating bl the flames began at an indian restaurant. we have new information for you tonight about the third suspect in the murder of a millbrae man. keen green's body was found earlier this month. he had been missing for two weeks. abc 7 news reporter vic lee is live in burlingame with new information on one of the accused killers. vic, also an important document that's turning into evidence in the case. >> reporter: well, first of all this is where the third suspect lived on truz dale avenue in this apartment building in burlg dpaim gail. now, he may be a little known figure in this evolving murder mystery, but he is literally a big, big man with foreign ties and an interesting line of work. this is the third murder suspect olivier adele la arrested last friday at his apartment in burlingame. the day before tiffany li and
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her boyfriend were taken in by a s.w.a.t. team at her hillsborough mansion. prosecutors have not said what his alleged connection is to the murder of keith green. he's ace mystery man, big and buffed seen here with his wife. adele la also goes by the name of olivier breaden stein. on facebook he says he's the new parents of a baby boy. he's a mixed martial arts fighter. he's had some success in the ring. adelea works outs of a 24-hour fitness club in millbrae. people here did not want to go on camera but said he was nice and friendly. he listed himself as a limo operator. his business office turns out to be this p.o. box in san bruno with mail still inside. his bio says he's from the ivory coast and served with the french foreign legion. the other two suspects, li and buy yacht, were in a relationship. green's former attorney told abc 7 news green and li broke up last year. >> it all began with keith
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discovering that tiffany had an affair with his friend kavy, that he caught them. >> reporter: abc 7 news has obtained this document, a mutual separation agreement that li had asked green to sign in october. she offered him $4,000 a month, plus a lump sum of $20,000 and a range rover in return she wanted green to move out of the mansion which her wealthy chinese mother had baurt her and resolve any financial claims he might have had. a source says li got angry when he refused to sign. green went missing in april. his body was found two weeks ago in sonoma county with a bullet wound in the neck. vic lee, abc 7 news. antioch police are investigating a deadly shooting this morning. police responded to a report of a shooting near crater peak way and black diamond drive. it was about 10:30 this morning. our media partner the bay area news group reports that it appears two people were taken into custody the victim is identified only as a 21-year-old
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male from richmond. san francisco district attorney george gascon is being fined by the state ethics commission. according to reports gascon illegally solicited donations from city applies at a campaign fund raiser he's been ordered to pay $4 thoushgsz to staff members were also cited. the ethics commission chairman paul renney says began koes had attended ethics training and should have known that soliciting donations from city employees is illegal. no comment from the d.a.'s office. governor brown is getting a pratt plea from help for five east bay mayors following yet another highway shooting. there have been 28 shootings since november on three east bay freeways. abc 7 news reporter lyanne melendez is live in richmond with more on what the mayors are asking for. lay anne? >>. >> reporter: you know, richmond is one of five east bay cities ready to sign this letter and send it to governor brown. now, tomorrow all five mayors will meet at 8:00 in the morning
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at el cerritos city hall to sign it. last night's shooting on interstate 80 in hercules was a reality check for the mayor of the city dan ra marrow. >> the area is in a crisis. this is a public safety issue right now. >> reporter: one man was shot and taken to the hospital a second car had its window shattered by a stray bull eliminate. that prompted romero to write a letter to governor brown asking for more cameras. the mayors of pinole, richmond, san pablo and el cerrito will also sign that letter. >> the cameras that we have on interstate 80 i'd like to have those cameras have the ability to record. currently they just live monitor. the other thing would be be is to have all the on-ramps and off-ramps have cameras so we have the ability to capture the license plates. >> reporter: wrees echbtly a mother of four was fate alley shot on highway 4 in pittsburg. the city council there voted to spend $100,000 to buy cameras along that section of the highway. >> first it was at night but now i'm afraid anytime.
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so i really think we need to do something about it. >> it's getting hectic, you know. people got families they've got to get home to, you noef. who knows what it's about where it's from. >> reporter: romero and law enforcement are sure gangs are responsible for these shootings. >> apparently the gang members are sharter nan we think they are and they've guided sto tyke their shooting onto the freeway because there's no shot locator. there's no way of anybody documenting what's happening. >> reporter: the mayors say it would be up to the state to come up with the funding for this project. in hercules, lyanne melendez. a lot more to get to for you this evening. comp up, a car goes up in flaimdz and police say what happened is a lesson for all of us. how uborrer is getting crash test dummies in the bask seat. plus the hopd weekend that has trooflers on alert and the tsa being read the riot act. >> this crisis didn't just come out of nowhere.
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and one win away from the stanley cup finals, we're live in san jose where the excitement runneth over.
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>> announcer: loss altos, palo alto and all the bay area, this is abc 7 news. okay, while we stress about how things are going for the warriors, tonight the san jose sharks are just one win away from advancing to the stanley cup finals. this would be a franchise first. abdz 7 news reporter chris nguyen is live at the s.a.p. center with the excitement building up to tonight's huge game. chris, this is fabulous. >> reporter: and dan the fans have waited a very long time for this moment. if you take a look behind me, we're live in front of the s.a.p. center where fans have gathered in front of the shaishg tink far pregame festivities all of them hoping the sharks can clinch a spot in the finals tonight. it's hock did i night in san jose, and sharks fans can't get
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enough of it. >> give blood. we want a stanley cup in san jose. >> reporter: sue hoerts of the xbaud fainding themselves in unchartered territory. >> i'm ready. i'm ready. i've been out here about 23 years i've seen the good, the bad and the ugly. >> reporter: never before has their team come this close to the stanley cup finals. >> the whole team is thinking i think on the ice they're really passing well and playing well and i think the energy is going to be tonight in the tank is going to be phenomenal to push them through. >> reporter: just just one win away, a phrase that's been on the min of many and the opportunity to make history certainly isn't lost. >> nothing is going to be easy tonight and you're going to have to earn it and it's going to take a good group effort. so we'll try to establish that early. >> reporter: earlier today at the sharks practice facility, the players took to the ice one more time before tonight giem he knowing a win would neen as much to them as it would for san jose. >> giving a fresh breath into the hockey community around here, and you see the excitement. you see people stopping you in
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the community saying good luck, rooting for you, and it's a number thing to be a part of. >> reporter: just down the street from the shark tank shark themed cupcakes and cakes have been selling like crazy at whole foods. >> before sharks games, you look down the sidewalk, you see people walk up in groups and families coming in, people coming just off work trying to run. they come and burak a quick bite. >> reporter: a community coming together to cheer on their team. >> i think we're going to do it. so i'm -- i can't even express how exciting it is. >> reporter: savoring a spirited run that fans hope will lead to a championship. in san jose, chris nguyen, abc 7 news. now the warriors are back home in the bay area and hoping to get back on track after last night's blowout loss in oklahoma city. the thunder lead the western conference finals 3-1 so we're in a really tough spot. but the warriors do have home court advantage for tomorrow night's game five at oracle arena. a car in vacaville went up in flames and police say it serves as a warning for us all. monday night a 10-year-old girl is in the car when she set one
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toothpick on fire with a lighter. the girl's mother was inside. police say if it weren't for some quick thinking neighbors with fire distinguishes it could have been much morse. police say as the drought continues and we head into tumor parents need to teach their kids about playing with fire. well, the rise of car services like uber and lyft appears to have be having an affect on crash test dummies. transportation officials say they will begin using crash test dummies in the back seat during safety tests on new models. so far these tests only measure safety for drivers and front seat passengers. that's led to improved seat belts and the use of airbags but back seat safety has lagged. the change comes as more people use ride sharing services and of course if sit in the back. >> a great thing to do obviously. >> well, with record numbers of travelers flying this memorial day weekend airlines and the tsa are trying to spoed up those long security lines. >> oh, yeah. we've been warning you "7 on your side's" michael finy is here to tell us what to expect. michael? >> what you need to do is hope for the best awe expect the
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worst. >> airline security lines are already gridlocked. on friday more than 2 million travelers will pour into u.s. airports kicking off what is said to be be a record summer travel season. it could make for unbearable delays. however, today the tsa chief told congress the agency is taking action. >> we are tracking projected volume, staffing and lane availability actual wait times which will allow us to address critical concerns in real-time. >> tsa is launching a command center to shift officers where they are needed most. the agency says it will also add 768 new screeners by next month. airlines are kicking in millions of dollars for extra staff at checkpoints. still they say be ready for delays. you've likely seen it driving or walking past a space reserved for the hand cal of. driver the parked vehicle often doesn't appear disabled. today california lawmakers called for an audit of dmv's
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issuance of those permits. that's estimated tens of thousands of are in possession of drivers in perfectly good health or the permits belong to drivers who have died but are still being you'ded by sewer iefrs. the dmv says not all handicaps are noticeable and cautions against making any conclusions. there is currently one handicap placard for every 9 drivers in california. walmart is doing away with in store price matching at 500 of its locations. in the past, if you brought in a competitor's ad walmart would match it. starting june 9th that policy is over at some of its stores. now the company has about 5100 locations in the united states so 500 only represents about 10% of its stores. the giant retailer won't say which one of its location will be affected. in place of price matching the company is promising long term roll backs on its pricing. crowdfunding for real estate investors it is the newest way to get in on the bay area's
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booming real estate market. but should you? tonight at 11:00 on abc 7 news, i look at the pros and cons of real estate investing online. >> thanks, michael. well, this weekend a car will not be able to park at the welcome center at golden gate bridge or at vista point on the marin side. taxis and ride services will only be allowed to drop off passengers at vista point. the closure runs from 11:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. starting this friday and continuing through monday. this is part of the ongoing effort to ease traffic congestion during peak hours. on the subject of parking a massive sinkhole swamped dozens of parked cars in italy this morning. look at this. it all happened around the arno river, a popular tourist destination. water supplied to the area was shut down. a leaking water pipe underneath the road is thought to have caused this problem. and it is a problem indeed. what a mess. >> a surreal picture. all right, we have a lovely picture shlgs a very mild outside right enough.
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>> gorgeous, nice weather continues. meteorologist sandhya patel is here where the forecast. >> dan and kristen, it's really pleasant out here no doubt about it mild inland mid to upper 70s and as i look behind me we do have some low clouds to the north i see the buildup to the south just some sun and clouds mixing in let me show you live doppler 7 hd. we do have some thunderstorms that developed just north of the lake county area and they've been drifting southward. those showers just near knoxville and pardon dough as you'll notice there. they'll continue to remain in that vicinity. that's going to be the best chance of seeing any activity tonight until the sun goes down. in the sierra it's been thunderstorms and snow showers believe it or not so it is not uncommon to see some snow in may although we haven't seen much in the way of accumulation there. gusts to 31 miles an hour at sfo right now 32 in fairfield so pretty breezy around the bay area and heers's a live look from our emeryville camera the shaky camera proves to you that it is breezy.
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fin in san francisco right now 63 km oakland 67 sap jose a mild 71 degree reading there in morgan hill and nothing but sunshine in san jose where the temperatures right now are around the rest of the bay area in the mid 70s around santa rosa napa 69 degrees 66 in livermore. and here is a live look from our abc 7 news exploratorium camera at pier 15. you're going to be seeing more of the blue skies that you're look at there. pot swri drizzle is possible early tomorrow morning, warming trend begins tomorrow and much warmer days are in store for your holiday weekend. when you get going tomorrow, if you're taking the ferry across the bay, you'll see some clouds around. low to mid-50s across the bay area, clear to the north clouds to the south and maybe a little bit of drizzle very spotty in nature. now take a look at what's going to happen tomorrow morning 7:00 the clouds are around the fog. thenlt fog will start to pile away as we head into the noontime hour. clear skies for most other areas fog will be completely gonnell as a north wind kibs in and we'll see just one patch
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lingering near pass ka dare row. should be a sunny afternoon and a clear evening for most of you. highs for your thursday will look like this. 75 in the south bay and san jose 68 santa cruz 74 gilroy sant claur ra on the peninsula palo alto mountain view low 70s around along with redwood 60, 68 in san ho 98 toshgs fin in dally city, downtown san francisco mid 60s and you will see the sun in the north bay with occasional high clouds upper 70s napa sanlt rosa 72 in san rafael east bay 68 berkeley 69 oakland pleasant day inland not too hot 77 concord, 76 in livermore. take a look at what's going to happen this weekend. zoo we'saturday we're go being bump you up. coast lionel still comfort a.m. sunday the temperatures may slip a few degrees but still suby and for your memorial day plans it a's go toingette to get hot inland. let's just say it will feel like summer inland as it should appropriately so, 90 inland, 60s 70s around along the coast. accuweather sep-day forecast, a milder afternoon tomorrow,
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temperatures will come up a few more degrees for the end of the workweek going into the weekend, the long holiday weekend mid-60s coast. really quite pleasant. doesn't cool down until about wednesday as you'll notice. kristen and dan? a little bit of something for everyone so it's not going to be hot everywhere. we'll have mild to warm conditions. >> you'll be the most popular woman out there. >> let's hope because i haven't been so far. >> both of you guys are. we'd like to thank abc 7 news viewer jason for this gorgeous picture of the sun floating above the rocks in san mateo. isn't that fabulous? thanks a lot, jason. share your pictures with us. we're going to show it on air or on our website abc 7 >> that's really nice. i wonder na's the san mateo coast it's nice. up next, on the brink are we on the verge of the next mass extinction? then at 5:30 on "world news with david muir" -- >> kristen, dan, the tornado warnings an watches across much the country in the next 48 hours. also, the four hours of terror.
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the shooting rampage on an american highway one car igniting. police losing the gunman for hours. we're on the scene right here after abc 7 news. >> david, thanks a lot. p it is a great year for graduates. new at 6, michael funny on the excellent job prospects spore the classes of 2016. plus, a viet lal a important skill that every graduate needs. you'll get that information at 6 and a lot
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of. >> you know, many species are disappearing around youous at an alarming rate. >> a growing number of scientists including one in the bay area believe we're heading toward the next major mass distinction period right now. >> abc 7 news anchor ama daetz has the story. >> reporter: these animals are gone they no longer exist. they're extinct. >> we're witnessing a faster pace of extinction than we have seen since the dinosaurs went extinct. >> reporter: cal professor
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anthony bar no, sir ki and stanford professor paul ehrlich believe the earth's sixth mass distinction is already under way. >> a mass distinction is when about 3 out of 4 familiar species go extinct in a very short amount of time. >> reporter: the two teamed up with some of the top scientists in the world to write this paper in the journal of science advances. it's findings are alarming. using the most conservative assumptions, they found the average rate of vertebrate species lost over the past century is 114% higher than what they expected. >> about half of the wildlife of the planet has disappeared in the last 50 years or so. >> reporter: the last mass extinction was 65 million years ago. it killed off the dinosaurs, ridding the planet of up to 96% of its species. most extinctions happen over tens of thousands of years. this one is different. >> it's not happening over a few tens of thousands even a few
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thousands of years. it's happening over a few decades to a couple of centuries. >> reporter: it's happening around the world to animals big and small and the experts say you don't have to look any further than our own state to see what's happening. the california grizzly bear on the state's flag is already extinct. state's official tree reptile and amphibian are all threatened with extinction. the scientists blame human beings. >> as far as we know, this is the first time that a single species has been responsible for a mass extinction. >> reporter: population growth, industrialization, deforestation and climate change are all factors. scientists say there are still things we can do to turn the situation around. they point to the successful reinduction of american bison brought back from near extinction. >> the good news is most of what we want to save is out there to be saved. the bad news is if we don't step up our efforts to save those species, they're going to be gone and that's what's going to bring on the mass extinction.
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>> reporter: ama daetz, abc 7 news. >> that's really eye-opening. >> a lot to think about. still ahead, the meet and greet before the big announcement. >> this oakland teenager has
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. >>. >> i'm ama daetz in the abc 7 newsroom. coming up new at 6, affordable housing a contradiction of terms in san francisco. tonight the staggering amount of money you need to earn to afford an apartment. also -- >> you walk in and they get to taste the cuisine and also to learn about the pepper. >> sheryl jennings reports on the spice of life in vietnam now finding its way into california kitchens. and what the san francisco opera is now letting people do for the very first time. that's all coming up on abc 7
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news at 6. >> thanks ama. see you then. well, an oakland student got a big surprise this morning at school. >> we're talking big. abc 7 news was at lionel wilson college pred as pg&e surprised jorge lopez with a major scholarship. >> $20,000 a year for up to five years. jorge is one of ten students to get the scholarship around the state. >> his teachers say he has shoeb an extraordinary commitment to his education since a young age. >> taking community college courses since the ninth grade, attending a bunch of extracurricular activities outside of the school on my own doing research. >> that money will come in handy. or jorge is attending stanford to study computer science. he wants to design software for driverless cars. way to go. >> that is a real growth industry. they need him. >> absolutely. >> "world news tonight with david muir" is coming up next. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm dan ashley.
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for all of us, we appreciate your time. hope to see you again at 6. >> bye-bye. as we come on the air tonight, the tornado watch just issued. and authorities say the next 48 hours will be dangerous. the tornado ripping this home apart. at least 30 reported twisters across several states. from texas to minnesota, and the big change in the east. the rampage on an american highway. four hours of terror. the gunman targeting multiple drivers, one car igniting. we're on the scene at this hour. the race for the white house. and the fights breaking out at a trump event. >> go home to mommy. >> late today, authorities sending in heavy security. and the scathing new report on hillary clinton and her e-mail. the alarming moment on this flight. the passenger at the cockpit door, and what she said. and the flight crew credited with staying calm. and the american city plunging into darkness today.


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