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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  May 25, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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>> what
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kgo-broadcast center. a north bay manhunt. police are searching for three attackers who shot and stabbed two people in a quiet novato neighborhood and it may involve high school students. >> police found one of the victims at the end of fairway drive. >> that's where cornell bernard is live. cornell? >> the novato school superintendent just confirmed that the students from novato high school were involved in today's shooting tragedy. as a result classes are canceled tomorrow at novato high school to allow students, parents and teachers to grive. grieve. one young man is dead. there was a scary day in this
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neighborhood. >> sky 7hd was over the full scale manhunt. they were wanted for murder. >> the reality 1 we are a crime where -- the reality is we p we have a crime where somebody was killed. >> the victim found shot and stabbed on an open space hiking trail a mile from the end of fairway drive. another young man found wounded, but alive. nearby. >> we don't know what the reasoning was. was it a chance encounter. >> the search for the suspects was extensive. they were told to stay in their homes and keep their doors locked. >> they were told to shelter in place because of the shooting and they mentioned the location and it was close to home. >> what did you think of that? >> i was shocked. i was really shocked. >> just waiting for the details to find out what went
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down. >> after hours of searching the danger passed. >> there is no further threat to the community. it is our true belief that those responsible took place here and fled the area. >> back live and we were just told the victim's body will remain on the hiking trail until sunrise tomorrow when it is safe to remove it. to reiterate novato high school classes will be canceled tomorrow to allow the school community to grieve. abc7 news. >> thank you very much. breaking news, a search is on in vallejo for a missing teenager who disappeared under missing circumstances. the 15-year-old was last seen about 7:00 this morning on the pedestrian over crossing. the deputies are also looking for this man, fernando castro. witnesses say he was dragging a bleeding pinson. they report hearing one
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gunshot. >> our deputies responded to that location and did not find any suspects, but located an area of blood and a cell phone. >> the cell phone belongs to pson. anyone who may have information on the incident should contact the sheriff's office immediately. >> a woman whose car was hit by a stray bullet says she is terrified tonight. the east bay mayors from hercules, san pablo signed a letter to governor brown calling for more cameras to track the east bay freeway shootings. the latest was last night when two cars were shot on hercules. we spoke with the woman whose car was het and she is too frightened to speak to us on camera or show her face. >> my mental state was i can't believe my car just got hit by a bullet. i can't believe it is now lodged in the roof in the roof of my car. >> they believe gangs are behind the shootings.
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there have been shootings on three east bay freeways. >> let's turn your attention to the race for president. we are less than two weeks away from the june 7th primary. >> and all three major candidates are vying for votes here on the west coast. >> katie is in atherton where clinton held a fundraiser. >> hillary clinton is leaving a family oriented fundraiser in atherton. tickets ranged from $500 to $2700. >> i thought it was cool to meet a really big role model to me. >> bernie sanders and the republican donald trump were also in california. sanders told supporters in riverside county that he can beat trump. trump held a rally in anaheim and police rs aed at least five protesters.
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they waited for trump outside jimmy kimmle studios after his appearance on the show and r&b singer the weekend and rapper belly canceled because of trump. >> we will have a country and people coming into the country legally we will have strong borders. right now people are coming right through. >> during a speech earlier in the day it was -- he was in salinas. >> he is talking about deporting more than one half of the 2.4 million farm workers who helped feed our country. >> hillary clinton has events in san jose and san francisco on thursday and there are reports she will air tv ads on friday. in atherton, abc7 news. >> to give you an idea how close the democratic primary in california is and the
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public policy institute shows clinton ladying sanders by -- leading sanders by two points. that's within the margin of error. a former employee is accused of stealing more than a million dollars from a school in mill valley. the board of trustees say they sent a letter to employees saying they diverted the school funds into a personal bank account. they reached an agreement with the former em plo iy to pay -- employee to pay the money back. the bart board will vote on whether or not to instill hand straps on the bart trains. the transit would spend $312,000 on these straps. that's $8 per strap by the way. the new straps would bring the number from about 30 per car to 80. history at the shark tank tonight. for the first time in the team's history they are headed to the stanley cup finals.
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>> we are headed to the stanley cup final! >> unbelievable. the sharks won game six against the saint louis blues and they are now western conference champions. >> abc7 news reporter lilian kim picks it up at the shark tank. hi, lilian. >> shark fans have finally been rewarded and what better way to celebrate than here at home? >> this is our year. this is our year. 25 years. >> years of frustration culminating in a historic night. for the first time in franchise history the sharks are going to the stanley cup finals. fans say they had a hunch this would be the night. >> there is so much energy and there is no way we couldn't lose tonight. >> they stuck to superstition and kept a safe distance from the cup. touching it would bring bad luck. afterwards they acknowledge making history, but are focused ahead. >> the fans here have waited so long, 25 years and we have waited 18 years or so. it is a great feeling.
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it is fun and the fans were great. we realize there are more out there and that's what we are gonna turn our attention to. >> the sharks play either the tampa bay lightning or the pittsburgh penguins in the finals. for the fans it means four more games to cheer on their beloved team with a chant they have never been able to shout out until now. tickets go on sale on thursday at 1:00 p.m. in san jose, lilian kim, abc7 news of the. dick's sporting good wasted no time putting the western conference champion shirts on sale. abc news was at the store earlier this evening. this was just a few minutes after the sharks won. you can bet a lot more people will be purchasing these shirts tomorrow. >> that will be a hot item for sure. ?ai still ahead, a hollywood trespass. a man who went where he shouldn't have. >> and the newest way to get into the bay area's booming housing market. 7 on your side's michael
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finney looks at the pros and cons of investing on-line. >> and the buzz behind buzzy. the jeopardy contestant dividing fans of a the popular game show. >> i am sandhya patel. signs of summer ahead. your holiday weekend forecast coming up. >> first a look at "jimmy kimmel live" at 11:00. jimmy? >> thanks, dan and ama. a visit from donald trump will be fan it is fantastic. >> do what you do when -- do what i do when i am out there and you will be winners --
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gatos and all the bay area, this is abc7 news.
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>> a man climbed up the iconic hollywood sign this evening waiving the banner "i'm back." los angeles police took the man into custody. "variety" reports say he is a youtube star seeking attention. he will face the minimum of a $1,000 fine. the hollywood sign and its 45-foot letters are closed to the public. >> in other words you can't do that. they made it legal to set up crowd funding in real estate and that sparked a land rush. >> before you jump in there are things to think about. michael finney joins us now with more. michael? >> one industry review website estimates more than 100 real estate crowd funding sites are being operated. should you get involved? >> it looks like a tv show where a house was bought x fixed and sold at profit. it seems like a national obsession. >> i watch that too.
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>> is that what got you interested in this? >> amy chang hesitates. it goes for beyond viewing. she is using platforms like reality >> this is the first time i have ever done any investments in real estates like this. he is showing me a house he flipped in san jose with help from reality share. >> they just moved in this week and they are happy. >> he says he finds more than just money for a deal. >> it gives me an proper opportunity to steb a long-term long-term -- to establish a long-term relationship. >> sounds gad for both side. but with so many real estate platforms out there, it begs the question, what is the catch? >> the platforms have been around for three years or less. there is no meaningful and
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historic track record behind it. >> they point out who can invest in these deals? we are talking a million dollars in net worth and you can demonstrate to participate in this. >> if you meet the threshold you can invest much less. mark master son is the director of investment. >> we are betting each and every sponsor is running background checks and doing all of the diligence up front. they know when they are looking at a platform it has been through a process that the opportunities they are looking at. >> which brings us back to amy. you really have to do your research. she has lost money on some deals and made money on others. >> is this like on-line dating? >> you can say it is on-line dating or real estate crowd funding.
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you have to find the right match. not every match is a good reinvestment. >> amy says it is high risk and high reward. 10% returns are not uncommon. investors can be heard. it is investor beware. there are no guarantees and investments are not fdic insured. >> thanks, michael. excellent. let's turn to weather. >> sandhya patel has the weather. >> as we get closer to the memorial day weekend we do have warmth in store. let's show you live doppler 7hd and you notice we will have the fog around and parts of the east bay and the san francisco peninsula and low cloudiness as well. the temperatures are in the 50s. brentwood is holding on to 61 degrees. here is a look at the gusty conditions that are still going. winds are coming off the west -- are coming out of the west
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and gusting to 31 miles an hour and that's what is making it feel so chilly. they are blowing in the wind and this is going to relax as we head toward the next couple days. that will allow the temperatures to actually rise. spotty drizzle is possible early tomorrow morning. the warning trend continues tomorrow afternoon and a warmer pattern is setting up for your holiday weekend. from pier15 it is a beautiful view and looking out toward the bay lights. your 12-hour planner tomorrow morning foggy areas at 7:00 a.m. in the 50s and you will want to grab a jacket or sweater at noontime. it is sunshine and the temperatures are rising in the upper 50s to the low 70s. mild to warm at 4:00 p.m. it is sunny, clear and breezy as we head toward the evening hours. still mild around the bay and inland. tomorrow morning when you get going there are a few areas of drizzle. don't be surprised if you have to turn on your wipers briefly. most areas in the north bay
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will be clear, but it is san francisco eastward and south bay looking at the low clouds and fog. look what will happen in the hour by hour forecast. you can see the gray skies for parts of the bay area. 8:00 a.m. the fog is still there. as we head toward noontime, most of the bay area is seeing sunshine except parts of the coastline. as we head toward the afternoon and the evening, things will completely clear out. one patch of fog may linger. here are your highs for your thursday. 75 in san jose and los gatos and gilroy. 73 sunnyvale and 68 in santa cruz. low 70s from redwood city to menlo park. 61 in half moon bay and the sun will be shining in downtown san francisco and mid60s. daly city 59 degrees and north bay a few high clouds and sun. 72 in san rafael. napa, calistoga and 69 oakland. 71 for you in union city and 72 fremont.
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inland is running closer to average. that's all about to change. 76 in livermore and 77 in concord. enjoy the 70s. they will be going up quite a bit into the 90s for the weekend. saturday you are looking at the 90s along the coast. 60s, 70s, sunday the temperatures may slip a little bit. on monday, memorial day they rebound. low to mid-nineties. temperatures are comfortable at the coastline. here is a look at the forecast. a little warmer tomorrow. the warming trend carries us into friday. and then it is a summer-like spread. we are looking at 60s to 90. get ready to break out the shorts and the sunscreen. ama and dan? >> i thank you, sandhya. >> till ahead at 11:00, the new jeopardy star that is dividing fans and sparking a
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contestant does not come without controversy. he won his eighth straight show pushing his earnings to near $150,000. monday night he answered final jeopardy with see you tomorrow, trebek and wagered zero dollars. many have taken to twitter and some are complimenting him and others think he is agents -- a little too over confident. you can see what he does on "jeopardy" on abc7. see what buzzy does tomorrow. >> we saw what the sharks did tonight. >> and it was great. >> buzzy has an edge to him. i'll be back tomorrow. so will the sharks. the 25-year wait is over. next stop, the stanley cup finals. >> on the go on your schedule. news that lives wher
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you by riverwalk casino. >> good evening. they were chanting stanley! stanley! stanley and for the tiers time they are bound for the stanley cup finals. game six of the western conference finals against st. louis. early in the first period on the breakaway and he will miss here. joe pavel ski gathers the puck and will not be denied. the 13th goal of the post season to lead all scores and it is 1-0 men in teal. the second period and burns with the shot. ward with the redirect and barely got the stick on it. you need a hot goalie in the playoffs.
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jones has been terrific throughout the post season. third period and to ward for the second goal of the game. sharks are cruising. and it is 4-0 as the sharks win it to advance to their first stanley cup finals in the franchise's 25-year history. they will face the winner of the penguins' lightning series. >> it is a great night for those guys. i also told the group as great of a night as this is if you don't win the next round it is still not a great summer. >> it is a pretty cool feeling obviously it is the first time here. it was neat to get this home -- it is neat to get this done here at home. we waited 18 years or so. it is a great feeling and we truly believe we have a deep team. >> steph curry and the warriors would love to follow the sharks' path and make it
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to their finals. it is an uphill climb. heading into a must win game five and a report indicating he is only at 70%. reaction from steve kerr. >> nobody said anything about steph being 70%. our training staff, relatives, friends, sources with believe of our team's thinking, nobody has told me he is 70%. uh -- apparently they told the media, but they didn't tell me. >> the giants were going for a sweep of the padres, but we begin with pain. brandon belt sprains his ankle. that looked bad, but x rays were meeting tiff. crawford with a drive off the base of the wall and it scores matt duffy and that is your ballgame. giants win it 4-3. they win 13 of the last 14. an a's fan in seattle sporting the elephant hat. a nice look. chris davis, here it comes and there it goes.
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his 13th of the year. that's your lone a's highlight. he hit two bombs and nelson cruz and robinson cano homered as they romp13-3. abc7 sports with more. i thought it made it more dramatic. >> abc7 news continues now on-line and on twitter and facebook and on all your mobile devices. >> our next newscast
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we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. jay i'm ama daetz. thank you for joining us.
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on "jiml ve," donald trump. "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, donald trump, lie witness news, plus music from gregory porter. and now, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: welcome. welcome, everybody. thank you. thank you for coming. thank you for watching.


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