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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  May 26, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> 5:00 a.m., time to get up. >> i am regular. >> i am natasha zouves. >> it is friday eve meaning memorial day weekend is around the corner. >> good morning, everyone, we will start with drizzle. the last chance of get anything to fall from the clouds as they
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are out this evening. you can see on live doppler hd, no areas, really, of rain but the golden gate bridge has drizzle. 12-hour day planner, 46 to 56 hanging in the upper sit at coast and hitting the 70s elsewhere. i have 80s and 90s coming up in the holiday weekend forecast. sue? >> it was hopping last night at s.a.p. center the shark tanks and 87 did not look like this. however, right new, it is looking great through san jose in the northbound direction. we have a problem in the fremont area with an overturned vehicle blocking the two left lanes the southbound 880 it is enough that not a lot of slowing but expect problems there. throughout the rest of the commute. we will follow it in the next report. >> novato high school is closed today. one student is dead. murdered with a gun and a knife. another is hurt. our reporter, amy hollyfield, is tracking the manhunt in a quiet
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neighborhood. amy? >> the sheriff assigned a deputy here to much with over the crime scene and protect it. soft gays will look today as they try and figure out who did this and why. it was scary for people living here in novato. not only were they told that one person had been shot dead. and another was shot and stabbed, but survived, but they were told to "shelter in place," while the officers looked for the killers from 5:30 when the attacks happened to 9:00 last night when authorities decided they had covered the area. >> the original information we got is that he described the suspects that were involved in the assault as being three hispanic males with no further information given. >> the second victim is in serious condition.
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officers have not made any arrests and have nature said the motive. novato high school will be closed today because of the students involved. there will be counselors on tuesday when classes start. the principal said in a note to keep an cry on their kids as they process what has happened. >> disturbing. >> remember when california matters in the primary and it did not when trump bake the presumptive nominee? now it matters with bernie sanders and hillary clinton. matt? >> hillary clinton supporters have made their mark here at parkside hall next to the technical museum in downtown san jose. because she is here it shows how important california voters for the democrat in the primary election. hillary clinton and bernie sanders are in california
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looking for votes. clinton was fundraising last night in atherton and then campaigning in salinas. she would like to focus on the general election the d rival is not conceding. bernie sanders had supporter the at heraldly. i am leaning to bernie sanders, actually, because i am young and he appeals to people who want to college and have debt. >> i thought it was cool to meet a big role model. >> bernie sanders was in southern california yesterday. he stopped in the bay area recently and said he will try for every vote and delegate and head to the democrat convention with as much momentum at possible. hillary clinton's event starts at 1:00 and then to another we vent in san francisco. >> to give you of an idea of how
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close the democratic primary in california is, look at this poll. of the public policy institute of california shows hillary clinton is leading bernie sanders by only two percentage points and donald trump's presence in an time brought out supporters and protesters. five people were arrested. donald trump appeared on jimmy kimmel where he responded to bernie sanders' ask they debate. >> yes i am. how much will he bend? >> you would do it for a price? >> yes if i debated him we would have such high ratings and i should give, take that money and give it to a worthy charity. okay? >> so in it is done for charity? >> in it goes to charity i would love to. >> interesting. >> donald trump is in north dakota speaking at an oil recommendation. law enforcement said they will
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devote a large portion of officers for security. >> at mayors of five east bay cities meeting to work together to crackdown on the string of freeway shootings that have terrified the drivers. the leaders of hercules, pinole, richmond, san pablo are calling on governor brown to fund installing cameras on interrogate 80 where many of shootings have taken place. they will sign a letter to the governor asking for money. there have been 28 shootings just since november on five freeways. >> antioch mother is anxiously pleading for your help to find her missing baby and the young girl's father not seen since sunday night. she spent all of tuesday passing out flyers to ride ares and bicyclist in the delta and asking people to find the pair. the two last antioch on the way home to sacramento but they never made it there. she said she has called the
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police but said investigators have been too slow to act. >> how could you tell me to wait for a helpless baby, my baby, my baby? she is only one. >> jackson was riding his silver taurus with a california license plate. >> heads up if you see smoke in dublin, do not be alarmed, alameda fire department will conduct a controlled burn at 8:00 a.m. part of a training exercise involving 100 acres, that will increase the defensible space for people in the area, and it should be continue by 3:00 this afternoon. >> there could be an uphill climb but warriors take on oklahoma city back at oracle arena on the brink of elimination. the dubs are down 3-1 in the playoffs and need to win the next three straight to get to the finals.
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mvp steph curry has struggled and a report indicates he is laying at only 70% and the warriors roach dismisses the record with tim off at 6:00. >> dubs nation is the time to show your warriors pride, we a lot of videos and we want to see more. use # dubson7. you may see it on air or online. >> mostly sunny sky at 6:00, and hopefully you will be in by then with temperatures in the mid-60s and 58 by the time we get the win. oakland is 57. same in alameda. we have temperatures mainly in the money 50s along the east bay shore and cat tremendous valley is 52. the other neighborhoods show santa rosa, novato, 48, los gatos at 45. and everyone else is right around mid-to-upper 50s. sfo is 56. under clouds. arrival delays and i will let you know when that happens.
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u.v. index is high. it will be the biggest challenge outside today. the forecast for saturday is 65 at half moon bay, and san francisco is 71, and oakland is 76, and 80s and 90s heading inland and it could pull back a couple of degrees on sunday and back to 70s and 80s and 90s are more widespread napa and san jose possible toasting for the holiday. >> sue? >> 280 in san jose hold the in the northbound direction with the headlights to cupertino at 17/880 overcrossing a nice drive on that part of san jose. we get a flurry of activity so we will do this, issuing a sig-alert c.h.p. southbound 880 we with an overturned car. debris is in the lane. the accident is near the new park mall. southbound 280 before 10th an accident on the center divide and right hand shoulder so not
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blocking a lane. we got reports of another accident left lane debris to all lanes northbound 101 before woodside so busy commute so far, we will check back with all of this next report. >> next, a hollywood trespass, a man who went where he should not have again. >> taking the become seat, uber and lyft could
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>> novato, oakland, sunnyvale, and all the bay area, this is
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abc7 news. all the man police say set fire to a embed room while his little boy slept inside is in custody this morning. 53-year-old darrylone shuemake, sr. turned himself in to police yesterday morning. police were searching for him since sunday's deadly fire. neighbor tried to save him five-year-old son from the fire. he did not survivor. the boy's mother had severe burns and is still in critical condition in the hospital. a 13-year-old boy also survived with minor burns. >> california highway patrol officer was airlifted to the hospital after she was hit by a car last night. the driver did not stop. the crash happened north of pacific coast highway at 9:30 as the officer was outside her cruiser. she recovering at ucla medical center and the driver was later apprehended by other officers. >> the navy is looking at a possible discrepancy of the number of awards to chris kyle who wrote "american sniper,"
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saying he received two silver stars and five bronze, but documents show he earned one silver and three bronze, and killed in 2013 by a marine veteran at a texas shooting range. >> united nations said airstrikes have killed 50 civilians in northern syria in aleppo. a rescue has volunteers in was less than 24 hours after airstrikes in another city wounded several kids. >> canadian study shows doctors are prescribing antidepress amendments from everything mutt just depression, issuing them for anxiety, migraines and insomnia, which the drugs are not approveed. the use has increased in the
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united states 400% since 2008. researchers say only 55% of anti depress an prescriptions were to actually treating depression. >> the rise of services such as unhave an affect on crash test demies and they will use the dummies in the back seat during safety tests on new models. so far the tests only measure safety for drives and the front seat passengers. back seat safety has lagged. the change comes as more people use the ride service and it is in the back. >> now sue has an update. >> good morning, we have an alert in the fremont area it is showing reports of an accident as well and this is southbound, with a car overturned two left lanes, they have issued a sig-alert, and you can expect this drive to be not so good this morning in the southbound
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direction. again it looks hike two separate accidents. southbound 280 before 10th center divide and right shoulder northbound, 101, after marsh, we have report of an accident and next to that we have an accident near woodside road, as well. this is road work here in the lanes and that will be picked up shortly so near the carquinez bridge. mike? >> thank you. we are starting to see the signs of high pressure taking over and our winds show calmer than yesterday but for concord and taylor at 16 and 17. we are seeing compression of the marine layer check out rainbow of colors above that from mount tamalpais. the come resolutioned marine layer means you cannot hold so much moisture so we have drizzle watch out for that. as we head into the afternoon, brighter and calmer and warmer today and a huge summer spread
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developing tomorrow all the way through the holiday monday, 60 at the coast and 90s inland, and this is going to be the beginning of an extended period of dry weather possibly a couple of week before we have anything more than drizzle in the morning. that is not unusual. today, the temperatures hit 88 in fairfield, antioch, santa rosa, mid-to-upper 70s through the inland neighborhood, and upper 60 to low 70s for the bay and low-to-mid 60s from half moon bay and san francisco and richmond and, tonight, we a hot of clearing and it will be cooler than this morning, mid-40s to mid-50s. here is my seven-day forecast, check out the 90s tomorrow or start on saturday, sunday, monday, and tuesday inland while we neither with 80 at bay we have free air conditioning at coast mid-60s. guys? >> the state ethics commission is fining the district attorney for soliciting donations from
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city employees. he has been ordered to pay $4,000. two staff members cited here. the ethics commission chairman said he attended ethic raining and should have known soliciting donations from city employees is not legal. no comment. >> a newborn infant is safe because of california's safe surrender law. firefighters in san bruno say the baby was surrendered at the station yesterday. the child was taken to the hospital to be checked out. california law allows anyone with legal custody to turn over an infant to a first station or hospital 72 hours of birth no questions asked. >> the second year in a row, female ceo's earned more than male ceo's and received bigger raises, with very few large companies run by women so take that into account. gender parity at the top is skewed. the medium pay was $18 million up anyone% from last year and for men $10.5 million and only
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16 of the 341 ceo's in the study are female. >> good news if you use at&t preaid plan you now have more data to use. >> a change to the at&t prepaid plan. customers with go zone get an extra gig starting tomorrow. >> microsoft could be getting ready to unville a couple of new gaming devices. reports indicate they are working on an xbox streaming and x box tv to help gamers play on more devices around the house were each is expected to sell for $150. or less. >> hoping to reduce work-related burn out. france has the right to disconnect amendment, so it is now illegal for companies with more than 50 employees to send work related e-mails during weekends and holiday allow people to make the most of their
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time off. this will cost you $1,000. i don't almost you do it. this man chimes the hollywood sign last night waving a banner saying "i'm back." back from what? would are you? the police took the man into custody and he is a youtube prankster and the hollywood sign and the 45 foot letters are officially closed to the public. that is a way to be in the had lines. >> how many apps do you have? the terms and conditions of the apps are app-surd. >> there was a read-a-thon in norway that took 32 hours to get through a small sprint of popular apps how many on agency they have in norway.
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>> it involved pages and pages and pages. >> we need to cop down all of the legalness, because people are signing away their rights and do not realize it because who takes the time to read this? >> big surprise for an oakland student that has a lot to smile about ♪ i got the discounts that you need ♪ ♪ safe driver
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♪ accident-free ♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ (whispers rocket) so you don't have to stop., tylenol® 8hr arthritis pain has two layers of pain relief. the first is fast. the second lasts all day. we give you your day back. what you do with it is up to you. tylenol®. >> here is what you need start day. >> we have a sig-alert in fremont. i was tweeted a picture of this car on the side. there are five cars involved. it is a sig-alert southbound 880
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and right in the same area, as well, we have another accident at thornton north of that. two separate accidents on 880 through fremont. not looking good. >> two, the body of a murdered novato high school student is removed from a hiking trail after sunrise. student was shot and stabbed to death near st. andrews drive and another student was also attacked but survived. officers are looking for three males. >> they this is urgent, because there is a search going underway in vallejo for a missing teen, witnesses say a man dragging a 15-year old named pearl pinson pleading and screaming for help from a 780 overpass. the phone was found at the scene. >> four, five east bay mayors are meeting to ask governor brown for cameras along interrogate 80 after strings of shooting that have terrified the drivers. there have been 30 shootings on five freeways since november.
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>> jetblue passengers complaining of long lines because of problems with the airline check in computers and jetblue said they are checking in passengers manually. >> temperatures rebound at 3-6 degrees compared to yesterday. minor warming trend today. but nothing like the 80s and 90s we will have this holiday weekend. updated seven-day forecast is ahead. >> students in east palo alto will soon have access to arts education programs at their school. the white house is adding two cools to the arts initiative which uses art education to improve struggling schools. ahomeownership is more profitable for single men than for single women. 2.1 president homes were analyzed, and those own by men were valued at 10% higher. and the homed own by men appreciated $10,000 more during their ownership. there is a bigger gap the longer the home was owned.
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the gender gap in home values is likely a reflection of the gender gap in income. >> in deck a student has a boost preparing for college. pg&e surprised a student with a major scholarship: $20,000 a area for up for five years. he is one of ten students to get the scholarship, after showing extraordinary commitment to the education since an early age. >> taking community college courses since the 9th grade and attend a bunch of extracurricular activities outside of the home and doing research. >> he is studying computer science. and he wants to design software for driverless cars. >> way to go, jorge. >> and now, buddy won the 8th
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time in "jeopardy," answering final "jeopardy," with oh see you tomorrow, and some compliment him and others thing he is a little too over overconfident. >> can you see what he does tonight right here. look, it is his progressive, can't he write whatever he wants? >> i like those glasses. >> we have a full 90 minutes of news including an effort to reduce those in california what access disabled parking plaque. >> a land
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> coming up on 5:30. mad you here. i am natasha zouves. >> i am reggie aqui. it is thursday, may 26. now, sue has an update on a
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traffic alert. sue? >> yes, sig-alert in fremont. good morning, everyone. hate to bring you this news for thursday morning commute: we have two separate accidents. southbound 880 overturned vehicle and a sig-alert is howed. and before that, thornton, we have another accident blocking the left lane. a nasty commute southboundedly fremont. expect delays. we are looking at solid 20 minutes from highway 84. northbound 101 after marsh we have an accident in the lanes with debris. you are seeing slow traffic for 15 minutes. back to the scene. it is wasted time but unfortunately they will get the tow truck there soon. >> drizzle is the story. good morning, everyone. it will hang around until 9:00 and we are going to quickly see sunshine. i will show you the may gray. it is on top of us from mount tamalpais. by noon, total sunshine. by 4:00, a cloud or two.
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temperatures are back to average. nearly 60 at coast. this evening, get ready for 50s and 60s. >> developing news in the north bay, novato high school has canceled classes to today. after a horrific crime. one of the students was killed. another was injured after an attack by three men who are still on the run. amy hollyfield is where this has happened. amy? >> yes, this is a police presence here. at the crime scene. 12 hours after the attack happened. a deputy is protecting the scene. investigators will look for evidence today trying to figure would shot two people in novato, and why? one of the victims died at the scene. the other is in serious condition. he has been shot and stabbed. he told the officers that flee machine attacked them. it happened in a hiking area in novato. officers put out a
5:32 am
shelter-in-place order until 9:00 last night while they searched the area. >> there is no further threat to the community. it is our true belief those who were responsible for what took place have fled. >> officers have not said the motive behind the attack, but said it appears isolated to the people involve and this is no producter impact to the public. novato will be closed because of the students involved and they will have counselors available on tuesday when the classes resume, for anyone who needs to talk about what happened. >> happening today a plea from five east bay mayors asking governor blob for help with the string of highway shootings, and our reporter is here live. >> good morning, the mayors of hercules, pinole say the shootings have reaches --
5:33 am
reached a crisis level and are asking governor brown for money. the mayors would like current cameras to record the traffic rather than just monitoring it. they want funding to install cameras to photograph license lights on exit and on-ramps that could have helped with tuesday night's shooting on interrogate 80 in hercules, a man was shot and taken to the hospital. a second car had the witnesses shattered by a stray bullet and the driver of that vehicle spoke to abc over the phone. >> i cannot believe my car was hit by a bullet. i cannot believe it lodged in the roof of the car. that is close. it could have hit me. my dog. >> since november, c.h.p. said there have been 28 shootings on five highways. four people were killed, and telephone people have gotten hurt. law enforcement said the shootings are gang-related shootings and are bumping up patrols over memorial day weekend. >> developing news an urgent
5:34 am
sent of vallejo for a missing teen with several people say they saw a man dragging her as she was pleading and screaming. the 15-year-old pearl pinson was seen at 7:00 a.m. on a pedestrian overcrossing along interrogate 780. deputies are looking for this man, 19-year-old fernando castro. witnesses reported hearing shots fired in the area at 7:00 a.m. dopetyed found blood and the girl's cell phone. shear another look at the missing 15-year-old, her hair is dyed green and last seen wearing a black hoodie and leggings. call the sheriff with information. >> in politics, hillary clinton will be in san jose and san francisco this afternoon continuing the bay area visit with two stops, campaigning in agent done and stockton. she ignores questions over the mail after the step found her set up while she was secretary of state. [ federal standards. today she will be at an
5:35 am
organizing event in san jose at 1:30 p.m. after that she has a rally in san francisco at 4:30. >> her rival will concentrate on southern and central california intoing in riverside county yesterday. today bernie sanders will stop in bakersfield and fresno and is expected to attract big crowds who favor him because of his promise of making public colleges and universities tuition free. >> up trump broughtly can pain to -- brought his campaign to southern california where protesters throwing water bottles. later, trump appeared on jimmy kimmel and spoke of the transgender bathroom issue. >> do you personally support it? >> what i support is let the states decide. they will do what hopefully is right. law is the right thing? >> i don't know yet. honestly, i don't know. it is a very...
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>> donald trump headed to north dakota to speak at an oil conference, police in the capital city will devote a quarter of the force to security for the event. >> business owners in santa clara strip mall will rebuild and reopen after the devastate fire. we were first on the scene at the shopping center on el camino real with flames shooting high in the area. investigators are trying to determine in an indian restaurant is the source of the five alarm fire. witnesses saw smoke coming from the kitchen. eight businesses were destroyed. the others suffered heavy smoke and water damage. >> shark fans can do something they have never done before: buy stanley cup playoff tickets for their team. >> with that, history is made. we that is the sharks thank last night when they defeated the blues in game six of the western conference finals. for the first time, the sharks are headed to the stanley cup
5:37 am
finals. eight was fun, exciting, great. pans were great. we realize there is more out there and that is what we are going to turn our attention to. >> the season ticket holders get first dibs at 10:00 a.m. with sales starting at 1:00 people, the first playoff on monday. sharks play either tampa bay or penguins. >> sue, any progress with the sig-alert? >> not yet. we have added insult to enjoy with three separate accidents now in the fremont area. first, that is the sig-alert southbound, an overturned vehicle blocking the two left lanes. the second is near thornton and that is blocking the left lane. a third one now, allegedly in the area according to c.h.p. southbound 880 near 84 and they confirm that there are three separate citizens. give yourself plenty of extra
5:38 am
time this morning. >> there is drizzle so watch out for that. on the peninsula, the temperatures are 49 in woodside. and appeal at 52. san bruno is 56. clearing in mill valley and santa rosa at 48. los gatos at 45. calmer water make kayaking easier today. it will be dry this afternoon if you are on the bicycle or walking the dog watch out for drizzle. san rafael is learned 51 degrees with drizzle. temperatures in the mid-circuit to 80 and 70s and 80s and 90s friday, saturday, and i will let you know in it continues sunday and monday. >> associated press investigation into 31 airports found sfo has the highest number of security intrusions for those going around fences and over gates something that the airport is despiting. since the start of 2004 there
5:39 am
have been 41 intrusions at sfo and they say there were at least three last year including an instance where a woman walked on to the tarmac. an airport experience disputes the numbers say no instance was considered a security breach. since spring sfo has installed new light asking cameras. the investigation found intruders preached united states airports once every ten days. >> bart will consider giving you something to hold on to looking at installing 35,000 new hand straps. they will bring the number from 30 a car to 80 a car. it will cost $312,000. the straps are easier to reach rather than using the overhead bars. some have come laned they do not have enough to hold on to, on packed trains. >> the federal court will decide whether to dismiss a lawsuit against the palo alto mobile home park which was approved to for sale but the owner was told to paid $8 million in relocation
5:40 am
pays for the 67 displaced families and he is suing the difficulting a the $8 million is "staggering," financial demand. >> taking the pulse of california voter and what new poll reveals about support for two controversial initiative on the november ballot. >> violence at a packed t.i. concert caught on video,
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♪ they go ooh ooh. ♪ hey! ♪ they go oh-ooh-ooooh. ♪ sitting, watching, waiting, wishing. ♪ ♪ i tell you one thing, you never knew it. ♪ ♪ at the back of the bus ♪ there is so much to give, so dream big. ♪ ♪ yeah. ♪ and when they screaming get out, get out. ♪ ♪ all i wanna hear is get down, get down. ♪ ♪ yeah. ♪ and when they screaming get out, get out. ♪ ♪ all i wanna hear is get down, get down. ♪ ♪ get down, get down.
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walnut creek, burlingame, campbell and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> look at the chaos after a shooting at a concert by t.i. in manhattan. police say a gunman opened fire in a victim green room as two other performers were on stage. four were hut. one man died. this is no motive. no arrests. the rapper was not injured. >> parents are finding out about a theft of $1 president from a mill valley k-8 school. an employees embezzled $1 million between 2008 and 2015. officials sent a letter to the parents on tuesday telling them of theft. officials say the former worker has agreed to pay back the money. >> people in california want to legalize recreational marijuana and stick it to the rich for taxes. the poll in california finds that 60% of likely voters support making recreational
5:44 am
marijuana legal. and 67% would raise taxes on tobacco products for health care and increase taxes for those who earn more than $250,000 each year. >> president obama will make history when he visits hiroshima the site where the united states dropped an atomic bomb during world war ii and planned a tree with the japanese prime minister. it was tense between the two after the prime minister publicly reprimanded president obama for murder commit bid a federal united states marine. the president extended his condolences. >> we are appalled by any violent crime that may have occurred or been carried out by any united states personnel or united states contractors. we consider it inexcusable.
5:45 am
>> 32-year-old kenneth franklin is suspected of stabbing and track eling a 20-year-old woman in okinawa. >> check out the new home for the first family, they will move in, in january after the president leaves office. the value of the we home is $6 million. obamas are not buying but renting at $22,000 a in. they land to stay in washington, dc, until sasha finishes high school. >> 11 states are suing the obama administration over school bathrooms challenging a directive from the public of education to allow transgender students to use the bath rome that matches the gender identity. the lawsuit claims that the order is unconstitutional. >> in november voters get a say on the initiative aimed at overturning the law thatten behalves plastic grocery bags. the industry is funding a second proposal now asking you if you see in the collection should go
5:46 am
into an environmental fund but supporters is they is pitting environmentalists against groceries. >> really? all of our problems in california? this is a good piece of legislation. two measures now will thwart the debts which are deceptive. >> right now grocery stores get to keep the ten cents they charge for paper magazine. >> california lawmakers calling for an audit on disabled packing placards with one for every nine drivers in the state. it is estimated tens of those of us are driving in perfect health but still santa cruz placards. some belong to drivers would have died but have not been given become. not all disabilities are noticeable, and we caution you against making quick conclusions. >> if you are visiting the golden gate bridge over the memorial day weekend cars are not allowed to part at the we welcome center at golden gate bridge or at vista point. taxis and ride share can only
5:47 am
drop off passengers at vista point tomorrow through monday part of an effort to ease all of traffic congestion during peak hours. >> if you go through fremont account east bay, good hung this morning. the last time we checked with sue we learned there are three crashes. >> at one point three separate accidents. we still have the overturn blocking two lanes with a sig-alert but the better news is the accident at thornton is cleared and the c.h.p. has closed this insurance continue at 84 so we had three but look at the solid line of red, and you are looking at a massive backup to 92 for just under an hour to get from hayward to fremont and the original good alternate would be bart. which is really no other side surface street but bart is the guy one. right lane is blockeds partly blocked, and southbound 280's
5:48 am
10th in san jose with an accident and northbound boy i would the right lane is blocked and remark is stopped to 84 on the or side of the bay. so it is starting out rough this "good morning washington." pike? >> good morning, everyone, as far as weather we are starting off damp and cool with more areas of drizzle. the next three hours you will see drizzle up until about 9:00 on live doppler hd. you can see a green dot but mostly it is going to be just cool and you can see the clouds from the roof camera and notice the trees are not moving and it will be calmer as we transition from drizzle to mostly sunny. the holiday weekend is lacking like summer and warmth will linger. now, our clouds and how quickly they are fading by noon all of us are seeing mostly sunny conditions and coast will see more sunshine and you will get into the 60 while the rest of us are in the 70s and 80s and we will start at the coast into
5:49 am
san francisco and richmond with low-to-mid 60s and the rest of the bay upper 60s to low 70s and moving inland we have mid-to-upper 70s andlying 80 cloverdale santa rosa and fairfield and antioch. tonight, cooler than this morning and not is many clouds and mid-40s in the deepest valleys to mid-50 for the rest of us. my seven-day forecast shows 60 at coast and 80s inland tomorrow, and 60s stay at the coast tomorrow and 90 inland all the way through tuesday. we have new detail on what we are sending for on google, the top search in california will likely surprise you. >> power of venting could save your marriage and possible your life. >> digital tattletales the driving secrets your car could be rev
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the abc7 news app, on the go, on your schedule. news that lives where you live. dix sporting goods wasting no time to get sharks merchandise out, now they are the champions. we are this daly city a few minutes after the sharks won. they were ready. and more people will be lining up for the gear today. >> airlines are spending big bucks to move passengers through the long t.s.a. security lines at airports an the nation. according to bloomberg, american, delta and united are each spending $4 million to hire extra workers at hub airports helping with moving the bins through the x-ray machines, 231 million passengers are expected tofully during the summer season
5:53 am
and it kick off this weekend. i love sweet cereal but listen up: 30% of american say they are not just overweight they are oh -- obese. in men anyone it was only 19%. according to the centers for disease control obesity rate was highest among middle age adults and black people. the survey found good news: more people reported having health insurance. cigarette smoking is at the lowest level in 20 years. >> the key to a happy marriage, is found by uc berkeley republicaners avoiding anger and stonewalling makes you live longer and makes your relationship last longer. shutting down emotionally can harm your muscles and bones. not all nagging is bad in a marriage, or what i call gentle persistent reminder. a way's nagging slows the onset
5:54 am
of diabetes in her husband. >> fascinating. how do you avoid anger? >> easy to say. >> there are a lot of angry people in fremont with an overturned vehicle and five cars are involved southbound 880 and there is a tow truck coming to the scene with two separate citizens in the backup back do knot for 55 minute drive just from hayward interest fremont. yikes. i checked mission boulevard and that is a surface treat is looking good as an alternate or hop on bart is a good idea right lane is blocked, southbound 280 in san jose before 10th with an accident and northbound 101 right lane continues to be blocked, as well. mike? >> not bad with the dampness in the air and the drizzle from time to time.
5:55 am
and that is what you need to prepare for. where will you be at 6:00 this evening? at oracle arena it will be sunny and 65 and mostly clear at 59 when we have the first of three wins in a row. in you are around the state today look for scattered showers and storms across the sierra, and lake tahoe is 59, and yosemite is 71. getting warmer at 68 in san diego and los angeles the 73. in lynch, at holiday weekend, you may want to fine a pool or shade with temperatures hanging out in the upper 80s to low 90s. >> looking forward to the pool. after more then a thousand public comments, local and national park officials are carefully crafting a new dog leash policy at the golden gate park area. the plan would only allow dogs off leave at the rodeo beep. right now dogs can room at five
5:56 am
sites. the issue has bitterly divided dog owners. >> not to creep you out before you get into the car but your vehicle could be leaking your personal information. that data is so detailed that it is identifiable as a finger print. smart devices that plug into the commute such as insurer provided gadgets they can be hacked into and used against you. for example, insurance companies could use the information to punish drivers would loan cars to teenagers or identify a driver who violated traffic cars or caused a traffic. >> a middle schooler is now move on to represent the bay area in the scripps national spelling bee this week. he is from san jose middle school and qualified for the finals during an intense preliminary round yesterday in order order spelled a word that means someone who is petulan
5:57 am
testimony with the finals broadcast on espn. that is our sister network. >> now, at 6:00, an investigation into the foods our kids are eating at school and when direct is demanding to know where lunch items are coming from. >> canvassing california, a plea to voters with evens today at the bay area that could impact you. >> in the north bay police are sending for three people accused of attacking two novato high school students with classes
5:58 am
5:59 am
live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> 6:00 a.m. on friday evening. i am natasha zouves. >> it is thursday, 8:126. now, what is happening with traffic and weather around the area and we will start with meteorologist mike nicco on the roof. >> good morning, reggie and
6:00 am
natasha. it is chilly. and damp. no need for umbrella. we do not have organized areas of wet weather. this is patchy drizzle but i did not need the windshield wipers. 46 to 56 is how you need to dress. the may gray goes away, let the sunshine bring us back to average. upper 70s inland. this is just the beginning of a little mini heat wave hitting during the weekend. >> we have a sig-alert in affect in the fremont area. we had three separate accidents in fremont, and better news is we still have one, an overturn, car on the side total of five vehicles involved in the accident. southbound, a long stream of red and you backed up to highway 92 at 55 minutes from highway 92 in hayward to the fremont area. you can take mission


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