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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  May 26, 2016 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning, america. breaking overnight, massive panic at a packed concert. a thousand stampede for the exit. >> confirmed shots fired. confirmed people shot. >> after a shooter kills at least one, injures three other, the hunt for the killer right now. hillary clinton defending herself against a new report about her e-mails. >> it's not an issue that is going to affect either the campaign or my presidency. >> as donald trump continues to put on the pressure. >> she's as crooked as they come. >> and why he's now saying he wants to debate bernie sanders. bombshell breakup. johnny depp's wife files for divorce just weeks after their apology video to australia. >> i'm truly sorry pistol and boo were not declared. protecting australia is important. >> did the bizarre battle over their dogs put pressure on the
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couple? who will get custody? new details this morning. ♪ go big meet the whiz kids getting a big buzz at the spelling bee. >> s-c-a-t-e, inviscate. >> that is correct. >> the first grader making history and the competitor overcoming great odds. which little one is about to take home the biggest prize of all? ♪ go big or go home we do say good morning, america. what about that adorable 6-year-old stealing the show and our hearts there at the spelling bee? oh, walking up to the mike that's a little too tall for him. >> what he said too. >> he was great. i know what that feels like but 6 years old. 6. we have two big headlines in the race for the white house today as well. hillary clinton is drawing some stark criticism to her own state department over those e-mails and donald trump with a debate
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challenge on "jimmy kimmel live" and a big protest on wednesday. we'll have more in a moment. a deadly shooting at a concert here in new york city. at least one person killed. three injured. abc's diane macedo is outside irving plaza where the shooting took place. good morning, diane. >> reporter: good morning, robin. those shots were fired around 10:15 last night. there actually were metal detectors in place for concertgoers but this happened in a vip area and it was just feet away from where t.i. was getting ready to take the stage. overnight panic at a new york city concert. you could see concertgoers scrambling for safety. >> it sounded like a shot. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: this after a shooter burst into a vip green room killing one and injuring three others. featured act t.i. was just about to take the stage. ♪ all night and you could have whatever you want ♪ >> the popular star was in one
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of those third floor green rooms right near the shooting. >> they have two people shot upstairs. >> reporter: the three injured including one woman shot in the leg are all in area hospitals. the motive for the shootings is unclear but police are looking for clues about possible suspects. >> detectives are still interviewing potential witnesses, canvassing for video that could help us identify people that were there that witnessed the scene. >> reporter: about a thousand were attending this concert. a popular concert venue in lower manhattan. witnesses say the fight broke out near the stage then five minutes later shots fired. t.i. was scheduled to perform another concert. that show was cancelled, and they have issued a statement saying the safety of their guests is of utmost importance. still an active investigation as police try to figure out who is responsible for turning this concert into a crime scene. george. >> okay, thank you very much. the race for the white house now and new clashes at a donald trump rally wednesday as his contest with hillary clinton heats up. abc's tom llamas is on the trail
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in los angeles, good morning, tom. >> reporter: george, good morning to you. more than a dozen arrests in these latest demonstrations, the trump rallies turning into magnets for protesters who want to stop trump as the candidate is now shaking up the entertainment world. >> please welcome donald trump. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: overnight, donald trump bringing politics to hollywood. telling jimmy kimmel he'd be open to debating senator bernie sanders. >> if i debated him, we would have such high ratings. toward a charity, i would love to do that. >> reporter: sanders tweeting game on and that he's looking forward to debating trump. but musical guest the weekend and belly canceling their performances not wanting to share the stage with trump. a bit of showbiz drama in the middle of what's becoming a wild west coast trip. >> donald trump has to go. >> reporter: in anaheim anti-trump protesters clashing with police. officers in riot gear getting in
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between demonstrators and trump supporters. scenes like this one here. >> that's him. >> reporter: have police at trump's california stops gearing up for possible chaos. disruptions also inside his events. >> get him out. out, out, out, out. don't hurt him. i say that for the television cameras. >> reporter: where trump's trying to keep the pressure on hillary clinton. >> she's got bad judgment. she's got horribly bad judgment and that was stated by none other than crazy bernie. >> reporter: the presumptive gop nominee trying to make the case he's the candidate for female voters. >> bring some of them up. >> meeting with a woman's group and then bringing the women up on stage. >> they're women that love trump. i'm telling you women do like me. i'm telling you. >> reporter: but hillary clinton not convinced questioning trump's reputation with women suggesting he's sexist. >> i don't know whether it makes him feel good to insult people.
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he makes a habit of insulting women. >> reporter: clinton painting trump's campaign as one big greedy ego trip. >> i think we have to keep reminding him this is not a reality tv show. >> reporter: and we've gotten a look into the trump playbook. the campaign accidentally e-mailed a political reporter instead of a republican rnc researcher. the trump team asking for information on the clinton real estate scandal known as whitewater. >> thank you. now to that new report about hillary clinton's e-mails. the inspector general attack her use of a private e-mail server while she was secretary of state and this morning clinton is responding. abc's cecilia vega has the latest. she's with the clinton campaign there in california. good morning, cecilia. >> reporter: robin, good morning to you. this certainly does not come at a good time for hillary clinton as she struggles with those trust and favorability numbers trying to lock up this primary fight here in california and head into a general election. the report, 83 pages slamming
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hillary clinton for breaking state department e-mail rules. overnight her first response to the report telling univision her e-mails won't be an issue. >> it's the same story and it's not an issue that is going to affect either the campaign or my presidency. >> reporter: despite her confidence investigators say the former secretary of state never requested or obtained permission to conduct government business on her private server. even though they say she had an obligation to do so. and this, clinton has repeatedly promised to cooperate with the fbi investigation into those e-mails. >> i made it clear i'm more than ready to talk to anybody any time. i'm happy to answer any questions that anybody might have. >> any time you want to talk to me, here i am. >> reporter: but according to the inspector general clinton and her close aide huma abedin refused to talk to state department investigators and another revelation, clinton has said her private server was never hacked, but the report claims there was an attempted
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hack citing multiple staffers who sounded alarms, one instructing the team not to e-mail clinton anything sensitive. and about those 55,000 pages of e-mails clinton handed over to investigators, that was apparently incomplete. the report says she failed to include e-mails from her first few months on the job. this morning the clinton campaign pointing to other findings that show another secretary of state used a private e-mail account too. the clinton spokesman tweeting her personal e-mail use was not unique at state department and clinton's likely republican opponent wasted no time going after her. >> she's as crooked as they come. the inspector general's report, not good. >> reporter: yeah, this new report is certainly giving her critics fresh ammunition. now while clinton would not cooperate with the state department investigation she says she is cooperating with the fbi investigation into these e-mails, george. campaign officials tell me no date for that interview has been set yet. >> okay, cecilia, thanks very much. let's talk about it more
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with jon karl and, jon, this is a tough report from the inspector general calls many of secretary clinton's explanations into question and as cecilia points out the fbi investigation still looming. >> reporter: george this affecting her campaign. this story broke 452 days ago. it is a major reason why you see in many polls 60% of voters or more say they do not think she's horns and trust worthy. it makes clear she violated policy at the time. the big question is what happens with that fbi investigation. the clinton campaign fully expects that she will be asked to come in for questioning. they say they welcome that because it will mean that investigation is finally getting dwra drawn to a close. meanwhile, jon, president obama at his press conference talking about donald trump again saying world leaders he's talked to are surprised by the rise of donald trump and not sure how seriously
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to take him. let's look. >> they're rattled by him. and for good reason. because a lot of the proposals that he's made display either ignorance of world affairs or a cavalier attitude or an interest in getting tweets and headlines. >> pretty clear, jon, the president won't hold back at all on taking on trump. >> reporter: when the president launches a missile from japan he is eager to take on trump. as soon as the nomination wraps up for the democrats i expect you'll see a lot more of obama on the campaign trail. that extreme weather, 12 reported tornados from oklahoma to minnesota in the last 24 hours. this massive twister reportedly half a mile wide tearing through abilene, kansas, and look who is standing by there. rob is in kansas with the latest.
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good morning rob. >> reporter: good morning, robin. it was supposed to be a relatively quiet day, but look at this. tremendous tree damage, some roof damage to that brick home pretty sturdy but this side home built out of brick and cinder block walls completely blown out. the supercell that popped up late afternoon dropped a tornado on the ground that was huge and on the ground for a terrifying amount of time. overnight, tornadoes taking aim at kansas for a second day. >> it's completely destroyed. >> reporter: officials describing this massive tornado ripping across the state as catastrophic. >> houses have been leveled. >> reporter: estimated to be a half a mile wide and tracking on the ground for nearly 90 minutes. >> absolute monster tornado about to cross i-70. >> reporter: cars pulling off the road as this enormous funnel approaches. >> so close. that's a barn sitting in the road, folks. >> reporter: up to 20 homes damaged or completely destroyed.
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as the tornado went across the region. lightning igniting the sky. >> monster wedge tornado. >> reporter: more than 100 first responders working throughout the night checking homes for those who may be hurt. watch this extraordinary video. a camera left recording in the path of a wedge tornado. winds picking it up and whipping it around within the vortex as the violent tornado passes over. and after nightfall in oklahoma, lightning strikes revealing another funnel on the horizon. those search teams still working this morning. the recovery and cleanup efforts today will be shrouded by the angst of likely more severe weather, robin, this afternoon. >> we're going to talk about that, rob. thank you. we turn to ginger with more on where the severe weather is headed and as rob alluded to, even more threats today. >> exactly. it's happening this morning even, robin. some severe thunderstorms in parts of wisconsin, western
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illinois down into missouri, some strong storms this morning. that will blow through and then we'll see a revamp of all of this, the trough digging in deep and the severe potential especially for parts of nebraska, kansas and then right here along the dry line down in parts of texas. large hail is one of the main threats but tornadoes, big today. the possibility especially from kearney to hastings, omaha, topeka, elevated today and wanted to show you, look at this video. it goes from the green grass to where you can see specifically how that tornado scoured the land. this happens often in tornadoes but we don't get to see that dichotomy too often where it looks like a lawn mower went through, blender of a tornado and that's what happened. the debris and all that wind. quickly a look at the risk. tomorrow it doesn't end so right in the heart of this severe weather season and it's going nowhere. i'll have much more coming up. >> great to have you back at the map. >> me too. to the tsa chief on capitol hill facing tough questions about those long airport lines
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and details the changes the agency is already making and david kerley has the latest from regan national airport. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, george. this morning as airports and american airlines on the hill, 70,000 passengers have missed flights because of long lines. they follow the top man from the tsa who is in the hot seat. those long lines leading to pointed questions from congress still being asked this morning. >> administrator, the american people are angry and frustrated as we head into the busiest travel season of the year, starting this memorial day weekend. >> asking passengers to arrive three hours before a domestic departure is unacceptable. >> reporter: the tsa administrator says the lines, missed flights, can be traced back to more of us flying, new security measures and not enough screeners. >> 768 we're hiring should be on board by june 15th. >> reporter: and other changes, he says, are shortening the lines. >> we're already seeing a dramatic improvement. >> reporter: after two hours in front of members of congress the
7:15 am
tsa administrator didn't want to stop when i asked. a couple of words, admiral or not? neffenger received praise from delta air lines for green-lighting this conveyer belt cutting red tape. delta paid for this test project. passengers walk up to an open slot, put their belongings in a bin and push it on to a separate belt. no waiting for the person in front of you to empty their pockets. >> bags continue to flow through so the line never stops. >> reporter: tsa says if that system works in atlanta they'll roll it out across the country as quickly as possible. george, sign me up for that one. >> looks pretty slick. thanks very much. amy, you have more trouble at the airports. >> that's right. there is some alarming information about how many times people get past airport security fences and reach the tarmac. we learned overnight intruders breach perimeter gates about once every ten days. the a.p. found hundreds of breaches over the past 12 year, dozens of those went unreported
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by airports, airport officials dispute the findings saying some incidents were not security breaches. well researchers have found an alarming link between the great recession and cancer. they found that after the 2008 financial crisis, cancer deaths spiked more than 260,000 people died of cancer in wealthy countries without universal health care. the main reason people who were unemployed could not afford the proper care. well, in seattle they are still trying to figure out what caused a power outage that left 60% of downtown in the dark. people were trapped in elevators, traffic, as you might imagine came to a halt at intersections, even the power company itself lost electricity. well, finally we know the french make the absolute most of their leisure time so you would think 35-hour workweeks and six weeks of vacation would be enough. no. it is now illegal for companies with more than 50 employees to send work-related e-mails on weekends and holidays. it is part of the newly enacted
7:17 am
right to disconnect amendment which hopes to reduce burnout in the workplace. i'll volunteer for a transport to our paris bureau. >> we'll be right behind you. >> oui, oui. >> that would fly here. speaking of not working, take a look. reports this morning president obama will trade the white house in for this one after he leaves office, check that out. stunning, nine bedrooms, 8 1/2 baths. it is valued at more than $5 million. the four-story brick home is reportedly owned by former clinton white house press secretary joe lockhart. it features a marble foyer, gated courtyard. formal gardens and a wine cellar. obama would be the first president to remain in d.c. since woodrow wilson. that's 96 years ago. the obamas want to stay in the capital until their baby girl, sasha, completes high school and i just learned from george that this is in kalorama near all the
7:18 am
embassies so not a bad neighborhood. >> you love doing real estate. >> i do. >> everything like that. >> all right, lara, thank you very much. an official welcome back to our ginger zee. [ cheers and applause ] brought the sunshine back with you. >> i brought california weather. hot and humid stuff stick around. that comes with air quality problems. from atlanta to new jersey, new york city, look at the temp, mid to upper 80s, close to 90 for new york. worcester, 85 for a high today.
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>> hello, i am meteorologist mike nicco with the bay area accweather forecast. it is gray now but sunny this afternoon. calmer and warmer. a huge summer spread developing tomorrow through the holiday monday. and the continued pattern you need the umbrella for the shade not for the wet weather. low-to-mid 60s half moon bay and san francisco and richmond and low 70s around the bay, upper 70s to low 80s inland. tonight the temperatures are falling into the 40s and 50s with less cloud cover, check out the 90s >> so a lot of people are asking am i going to start dancing while i do weather? >> yes. >> only when i'm really excited about the heat. yes, i am. >> yay. >> 10. >> 10. >> my body is like i thought we were done. >> oh. >> so wonderful, wonderful to have you back home. >> it was surreal it happened and i'm so happy to be back.
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now that's satisfaction. good morning. i am reggie aqui with the abc morning news. they plan to remove the body from a hiking trail this morning. the student was shot and killed near st. andrews drive. another student also shot and stabbed, but that student survived. now they're looking for three
7:25 am
male suspects. good morning everyone. south bound 80 three lanes blocked near the valley. i am seeing the traffic there if you have people traveling a heads up there. another problem for 880 and it's not been a good day. this is in hayward around 992. apparently one lane is blocked here as well.
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7:27 am
and good morning from the roof where it's still cloudy. some patch drizzle. let's see the temperatures and clearing in land and all of us in the mid-to upper 50s. here is the day planner and warmer temperatures and back to
7:28 am
average with near 60s at the coast and we could see a few 80s in land today and look at the 90s starting saturday and tuesday and 80 around the bay. >> got it mike. as the battle against zika grows. we
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we welcome you back to "gma." look at that massive twister that tore through kansas overnight. at least a dozen tornadoes reported in three states. this morning, warnings that more severe weather is on the way. also right now, police looking into those terrifying moments at a concert in new york overnight. the shooter opened fire killing at least one person, injuring three others. the hunt for the shooter under way right now. hillary clinton facing a scathing report about her e-mail. she's accused of break state department rules as secretary of state. this morning she's saying the accusations will not affect the campaign or her presidency if she wins. also coming up how do you spell adorable? well, i'm going to show you. we have the spelling bee competitors getting big buzz. a 6-year-old stealing our hearts becoming the first first grader ever to compete. his little voice so sweet and he's so smart. we have much more on the final
7:31 am
round kicking off this morning? wait till you hear at the very end what he said, absolutely, even more so adorable. thanks, amy. first in this half hour we want to get to that blockbuster revelation by tech billionaire peter theil admitting he is behind the campaign against gawker. including the monster lawsuit by hulk hogan. rebecca jarvis is here with new details. good morning, rebecca. >> reporter: hi, robin. good morning. billionaire peter theil who made his fortune creating paypal, one of the first investors in facebook is speaking out sharing details about why he spent millions of dollars financing hulk hogan's winning case against gawker media. silicon valley billionaire peter theil revealing to "the new york times" overnight why he shelled out about $10 million for the courtroom takedown of gawker by hogan whose real name is terry bollea, after gawker published the 2007 article outing theil as gay he said i saw gawker pioneer
7:32 am
a unique and incredibly damaging way of getting attention by bullying people even when there was no connection with the public interest. he put a plan in place of secretly funding cases in hopes of crippling the website. the paypal founder saying it's less about revenge and more about specific deterrence. explaining why he decided to help, they usually attack less prominent, far less wealthy people that simply can't defend themselves, even someone like terry bollea who is a millionaire and famous and a successful person didn't quite have the resources to do this alone. >> well, they picked the wrong guy this time. >> reporter: hogan spoke about his invasion of privacy lawsuit and huge win with linzie janis in march. >> i knew we were doing what was right and even if we would have lost, it would have been good because everybody would have known what gawker was all about. because i exposed them and what they do and how they look at the world which to me is very very scary. >> reporter: overnight a florida
7:33 am
judge denying gawker's request for a retrial as it fights to reverse that $140 million reward for hogan in a statement nick denton the gawker founder who was personally named in the hogan suit told "the new york times," just because peter theil is a silicon valley billionaire his opinion does not trump our millions of readers. robin. >> rebecca, thank you. we turn to abc news chief legal analyst dan abrams, you talked about this some time ago. we didn't know who the person was. >> yeah. >> this is something we'll see more of, do you think? >> i don't think we'll see a lot of it meaning you're talking about someone who is so rich going after an independent publisher, right, so those are the key factors here. that is sort of unprecedented. meaning you got these businesses that invest in lawsuits, right. they're basically betting on the outcome. they're saying i'm going to bet x amount of dollars because i think the verdict will be that much more. this is totally different because this is personal. he's doing this because he wants to bring gawker down. on the one hand there's nothing wrong or illegal with that, per se, yet on the other hand, i
7:34 am
will tell you as someone who owns a series of websites, it's scary to have this idea that someone could be determined to bring you down. >> but as rebecca said in her report, this in some ways levels the playing field. a lot of people want to bring a suit and have -- and it didn't affect the outcome. i mean the fact that he paid for his legal fees didn't affect the outcome of it. >> it didn't affect the jury's verdict, per se, but if the report is true, it did impact some of their legal strategy. meaning their legal strategy to remove one of the counts against gawker so their insurance company wouldn't defend them, right? that's actually changing the legal strategy based on the fact that they've got someone who is bankrolling the whole thing so it doesn't really matter how much money they're going to get out of it as long as they inflict enough pain on gawker. >> that's something different. >> that is one way it did impact the legal strategy here. fascinating, fascinating case. >> still in the appeals process. >> oh, the appeals process could
7:35 am
cost millions and millions of dollars. >> the fact we now know about theil is not going to -- >> not going to change the outcome but it will make us think about it. >> all right, dan, thank you. >> thanks. we move on to new reports about johnny depp and amber heard calling it quits after 15 months of marriage, the two, of course, made headlines for their battle with australia over their dogs and abc's david wright has the latest on this new trouble. >> reporter: this morning the hollywood couple who fought so hard to save their yorkshire terriers pistol and boo. >> australia is a wonderful island with a treasure trove of unique plants, animals and people. >> it has to be protected. >> reporter: johnny depp and amber heard are now splitting up. citing irreconcilable differences. >> want a little bet. >> reporter: the two met on the set of "the rum diary" back in 2009 eloping in 2012. >> there were rumors basically from the day that they got married that they were getting
7:36 am
divorced. >> reporter: now the big question who will get custody of the dogs? >> i understand everything. except that wig. >> reporter: the couple famously got into trouble last year for smuggling the dogs into australia where depp was busy filming the latest installment of "pirates of the caribbean." >> take his dogs back to california or we're going to have to euthanize them. >> reporter: the two ended up issuing a grudging apology as part of a plea deal. >> i am truly sorry that pistol and boo were not declared. protecting australia is important. >> declare everything when you enter australia. >> reporter: then this past week depp couldn't let sleeping dogs lie poking fun at the australian official on "jimmy kimmel." >> he looks somehow like inbred with a tomato. >> referring to johnny depp's hannibal lecter. i'm inside his head. >> reporter: the rumor is the battle over the dogs put pressure on the couple. >> that's a pretty intense thing to happen just a couple of
7:37 am
months into your marriage like, yeah, it was about bringing their dogs into the country, but she could have gone to jail. >> reporter: dogs are now safe but the couple is finished. for "good morning america," david wright, abc news, new york. >> there's so much we could say but we're not. coming up the battle against the zika virus. which products don't live up to their promises? experts will weigh in for you this morning. a parenting alert about children being blackmailed online. the fbi warning it's on the rise. we'll tell you how you can take action this will morning. action this will morning. e said we'd take a look at our retirement plan today. not now! i'm cleaning the oven! yeah, i'm cleaning the gutters! washing the dog! washing the cat! well i'm learning snapchamp! chat. chat! changing the oil... (vo) it's surprising what people would rather do than deal with retirement. pressure-washing the... roses. aerating the lawn! (vo) but with nationwide it's no big deal. okay, your retirement plan is all set. nationwide? awesome. nice neighborhood. ♪ nationwide is on your side
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try it at walmart's low prices. >> back now with the battle against the zika virus. the makers of genetically modified mosquitoes pitching their plan to congress as new questions are raised about the products that claim to protect you. abc's gio benitez is here with more and good morning, gio. >> reporter: lara, good morning to you. talking about mosquitos that would not be able to produce offspring. that's the key. limiting that spread. but this morning serious questions about whether it'll
7:42 am
work. this morning, a red hot debate over what to do about zika as mosquito season kicks into high gear. congress now hearing a new approach on how to battle the bug. genetically modified mosquitoes, a company testifying wednesday claiming they can reduce the bug population by 90% in urban areas. releasing modified male mosquitoes that don't bite to breed with females producing offspring that die after hatching. killing off the next generation of mosquitoes before they ever have a chance to bite. the company says their mosquitoes won't hurt humans. >> it's no more or less capable of doing anything else than a normal mosquito. there is no difference. >> reporter: some worry it can backfire. >> we don't want to be lab rats. >> concerned americans desperately looking for products to fight the bug. but just this week the federal trade commission taking one to task. the marketer of mosquito shield bands agreeing to fork over $300,000 after the ftc said the
7:43 am
company peddled the band without the science to know if it truly prevents bites. the company firing back saying, it has data showing it works but that it never claimed to protect against all mosquitoes and that it did not take advantage of consumer concerns for the zika virus. now new this morning "consumer reports" releasing its latest test on mosquito repellent clothing. in its test they say they found that the shirts do help protect against mosquitoes but they aren't entirely mosquito-proof. >> neither brand of shirt worked as well after it had been washed 25 times. >> reporter: the companies in the test don't claim you should only use their shirts, l.l. bean telling abc news overnight our no-fly zone garments give folks yet another effective choice for batting biting insects and insect-borne diseases. insect shield saying it is an inexpensive and automatic way to protect against the zika virus.
7:44 am
they're already being used in the cayman islands to protect against zika virus. the fda looking at the proposed test in the florida keys. to release the modified mosquitos. >> clearly not everyone is happy about it but it may move forward. >> good to know all the different products out there. >> writing them down. >> use them all. use them together. >> i don't know. somebody you remind us of. who is it? >> is there -- oh, there it is. >> oh, my gosh. >> to see the mosquitoes. that's what it is. >> thanks, gio. coming up, everybody, the 6-year-old making history and making us smile at the spelling bee. stay with us. renews from within... plumping surface cells for a dramatic transformation without the need for fillers. your concert tee might show your age...your skin never will.
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all right, as you said earlier this is adorable. the kid's getting big buzz. a 6-year-old making history as the first first grader ever in the competition. showing everyone what it means to be a good sport, as well. linsey davis has more. >> reporter: just to spell it all out for you. >> a-n -- >> reporter: as of this morning 45 participants remain in the scripps national spelling bee. whittled down from 284.
7:49 am
among the bees who entered the competition this year the first first grader. >> hi to all and hello, dr. bailey. >> hello, akash. you ready? >> yeah. >> inviscate. >> i-n-v-i-s-c-a-t-e, inviscate. >> that is correct. [ cheers and applause ] >> just check out this 6-year-old's practice video. >> e-o-s-i-s. pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovo lcanoconiosis. >> and 11-year-old neil maes was born deaf. thanks to the technology of cochlear implants he is able to do this. >> n-i-d-e. >> reporter: but sometimes it's possible for even the best bees to get stung. >> bacteriolytic.
7:50 am
>> neil and akash are both out of the running to be the spelling bee champion. >> thank you, dr. bailey. >> reporter: akash will be remembered for redefining the word, sportsmanship. >> good luck to all my fellow spellers and thank you and bye. i hope i'll come back soon. [ cheers and applause ] >> love him. akash stole countless hearts yesterday. we look forward to his return next year. as for tonight's winner the odds are 1-2 that he or she will come from a public school. and there's a 50/50 chance it could be a girl or a boy. last year was actually twins. they had a girl and boy so it was both. here i thought the kids today their spelling was limited to just lol or omg. >> yeah. >> i can't even pronounce half these words let alone spell them. >> such a good sport. >> he was just so great, especially akash. >> and the spelling bee finals kicks off today at 10:00 p.m. on esph2 and continues on espn at 8:00 p.m. >> it does. we got a big "deals & steals" coming up. it's thursday.
7:51 am
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back here on "gma" flooded with beautiful double rainbow pictures, dayton, nevada. the location for this. the dark sky in the background so vibrant and more storms scattered in nature. snow for pikes peak. your local weather right after this.
7:55 am
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now from abc 7 news. good morning. i am reggie aqui let's get a quick check of the forecast. >> the cloud is starting to the open and the temperatures is cool and the warming trend starts today. let's look at the current conditions and 60s in concord and the rest of us in 50s. upper 50s and 60s around the bay and then a low 60 around the coast. it's going to feel like summer this holiday weekend. okay. a look at the drive times and then look at this. only 30 minutes and that's excellent. highway four going up a little built to concord and just under 40 minutes. just about 20 minutes to the city and then in the centrally and that's been cleared off and
7:57 am
then slow traffic. a growing internet crime and that's where the victims and often children and that's more to know and come canning up next. it's always on the news app and join you may be too tired to walk back to your hotel. that's why we have public transportation. ♪
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. and new nightmare for teresa guidice. has the real housewife really paid back the $13 million she owes creditors? a federal judge re-opening her bankruptcy case just months after she's out of prison. her lawyers firing back this morning. parenting alert. are your kids being blackmailed online? the scary ways they could be duped into giving over explicit images. the fbi warning that so-called sextortion is on the rise. how to recognize the signs and take action this morning. ♪ go big or go home ♪ go go and battle of the brains, are you ready for the toughest trivia ever? we're taking the 500-question challenge and so can you. play along this morning. ♪ go big or go home
8:01 am
♪ welcome to my house get ready to laugh. adam sandler and david spade are both here live as we say -- >> good morning, america. david. >> yeah, me too. ♪ adam and david, magic together, yes, they are. good morning, america. happy friday eve here in times square. adam sandler, david spade are here. teaming up again for a big, new comedy that we'll talk to them about. >> can't wait to see that. also this morning, getting ready for summer with tory johnson, "deals & steals," everything is under 20 bucks. and, lara, tomorrow first big summer movie, "x-men: apocalypse." >> absolutely, not just big, it's going to be huge. jennifer lawrence is back on the big screen with the new superhero film. why she says the stakes are higher than ever with this one. our big interview with the cast coming up. >> looking forward to that. amy is making her way over to the desk. she's got the morning rundown.
8:02 am
>> i do, indeed. good morning, everyone. the big story, panic overnight inside a packed concert. one person was killed. three others wounded in a shooting just before the rapper t.i. took the stage in new york. bullets flying in a third floor vip area. a manhunt is now on for the killer, and there were metal detectors in use at the venue so that investigation continues. now to politics. donald trump is officially the republican nominee for president. he has reached that magic number to clinch the nomination put over the top by a small number of the party's unbound delegates who said they would support him at the convention. again, donald trump has clinched the gop nomination for president meanwhile hillary clinton is on the defensive after a blistering report stemming from her e-mail controversy. overnight clinton insisting the issue will not affect her campaign or presidency. the report by the state department's inspector general
8:03 am
found that clinton broke government rules with her use of private e-mail server and ignored clear directives. the u.s. women's soccer team will be in a chicago courtroom later this morning. this is their latest step in their fight for wage equality. the women say despite generating millions more in revenue than the men's team, they earned significantly less. they want the same salaries and bonuses as the men. take a look as a brave 7-year-old boy stands up to armed robbers at a video game store in maryland. look at that. you see the suspect was trying to grab the boy, and he threw punches at the suspect's stomach. no one was injured and those suspects are still on the loose. and we're getting a new look this morning at prince william and duchess kate. the new photos were recently revealed showing the royal couple in the gardens at kensington palace. they were taken back in march by one of the couple's favorite photographers chris jelf. and finally, a spectacle at san francisco's recently renovated museum of modern art. a couple of teens were not terribly impressed by some of the more modern pieces, so they
8:04 am
decided to create one of their own by just putting a pair of glasses on the floor. then they just waited to see what would happen. well, within moments crowds were swarming around apparently admiring the museum's latest acquisition snapping pictures of the masterpiece to share with other art lovers thus creating a spectacle with their spectacles. >> oh. >> you like that? >> yes. >> for $500,000 it can be yours. >> but i've always wondered about that with art. i thought, is it just me or am i not getting it? >> minimalism. that's what it is. >> thank you. >> or a prank. >> over to lara with the "morning menu." >> here's what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." first up a new legal nightmare for real housewife teresa guidice just months after leaving prison. we'll get into that. then a parenting alert about children being blackmailed online. warning, it is on the rise and we're going to tell you what you can do about it. thank you. and these guys, adam sandler, david spade with us live, lots of laughs, no
8:05 am
pressure. no pressure. another movie to talk about. all coming up live in times square with a great crowd. >> thank you. >> stay with us. >> we did it! >> we did it. >> we did it, everyone. >> we did it, everyone. big memorial day savings happening right now at lowe's. like up to $40 off all paint and primer and select stains, sealants and resurfacers via rebate. plus get select perennials, 3 for only $10. hurry in today to make your home happy at lowe's.
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♪ crazy foolish stupid ♪ party going wild fist pumping music ♪ >> his hit music video "wild ones." so excited he's going to be performing tomorrow. you can vote on what you want to hear. go to our twitter account right now. "wild ones" is in the lead. >> "my house." >> i know. i like that one. what is the one he just -- >> i love it. >> i love it. >> i'm not going to sing it, i promise. >> so excited. cannot wait for that. we move on to new legal drama for "real housewives of
8:10 am
new jersey" teresa guidice. a federal judge re-opening her bankruptcy case just months after she finished serving a prison sentence. well, this morning there are questions now about whether she's actually paid back the $13 million she owes creditors. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: she's the real housewife known for flipping tables. and famously serving 11 1/2 months in federal prison after pleading guilty to bankruptcy fraud. since her december release, teresa guidice has been back in the spotlight plugging her new book and gearing up for her return to bravo's "the real housewives of new jersey." >> i was dreaming about this for the past 11 1/2 months. i'm going to make sure that nothing like this ever happens again. >> reporter: but this morning a reality check for the reality star. a federal judge re-opening her case hoping to find out if the approximately $13 million she and her husband joe owe creditors is being paid back. >> this judge wants to make sure at the end of the day everyone that is owed money gets their money.
8:11 am
>> reporter: her lawyer telling abc news she's already satisfied nearly all of the 29 parties involved in the lawsuit except for five. three she has a payment plan for and twol others she's currently disputing. adding fuel to the fire, a potential $5 million up for grabs if she wins an ongoing lawsuit against her former lawyer, james kridel, who has appeared twice on the bravo series. >> if you settle it, it will be a lot sooner. >> reporter: the lawsuit filed in 20 14 alleges kridel was grossly negligent having the reality star unknowingly signing under oath inaccurate schedules and statements of financial affairs. something that was on her mind when i spoke with her in february. >> before you sign something make sure you completely understand it and read everything. >> she feels that she got burned. she simply did not go out to scheme the system. >> reporter: kridel calling those allegations absurd telling abc news, we didn't commit any crimes. she did. if she wins, the court will determine how much of that money goes to her and how much will go towards paying off those creditors.
8:12 am
it's not over yet. >> no, it isn't. doesn't seem to be. we're going to move on our series what your kids don't want you to know and a parenting alert about kids and teens exploited online. t.j. holmes here with the story of one young woman who has the courage to speak out. >> george, parents need to hear this. one photo is all it takes. a stranger online convinces your child to send one explicit photo and then uses it to blackmail the child into sending more and more explicit photos. this is the new form of sexual assault and sexual harassment and overwhelmingly our children are the targets. >> i just wanted to be alone. i felt horrible. >> reporter: the pain is still fresh for bethany burtlow and her mom alana. >> i'm watching my child just melt and break. as a parent you want to fix it. you can't fix this. >> reporter: when bethany was in high school, she says she was a victim of sexual exploitation. >> i got a text that said, i
8:13 am
have some photos of you. if you don't do what i say, you're going to regret it. >> reporter: for three years, bethany says she received threatening text messages from an anonymous number. someone claimed to have explicit photos of her and demanded she send more. scared, she sent pictures hoping the harassment would stop but she says it didn't. >> oh, send me this. oh, send me that. if you don't do this, you're going to hate the consequences. >> reporter: what bethany describes is called sextortion, and according to the fbi it's a growing internet crime where victims, often children, are coerced into providing sexually explicit images or videos that are then used as blackmail. >> the perpetrator is trying to normalize his or her behavior towards the victim. so suggesting that everybody sends nudes and, therefore, it's okay for the victim to do so, and that's a process that can take place over weeks, months, even years in some instances. >> reporter: bethany stopped
8:14 am
sending photos and then the unthinkable. she says the explicit photos were e-mailed to her family and fronds -- friends, even posted on x-rated websites. >> i was getting nominations for homecoming queen, and i had friends inquire, and once everything went out, i had no friends. >> reporter: police say bethany was actually tormented by a fellow student at her high school. the suspect, chris hirtzel, is now in jail facing six felonies including distribution of child pornography. hirtzel has not yet entered a plea. >> when a parent allows a child to go online unsupervised, it's basically dropping their child on one of the most dangerous corners in the city. >> reporter: as for bethany, her biggest piece of advice, speak out. >> tell their parents. they're not going to be mad at you. they'll want to help you. whatever you do, don't send those pictures because they can come back and haunt you. >> important there. don't be afraid to tell your parents. t.j. is back along with callahan walsh from the national center
8:15 am
for missing & exploited children, and, cal, let me begin with you. the problem is growing and the justice department reached out to you to make a psa to warn parents. lots and lots of victims out there. >> yeah. we've been tracking sextortion cases since late 2013 and we've had over 1,700 reports to the cybertip line. the majority are females, are young girls, and the average age is about 15 years old. >> and, t.j., once these photos get out there, what can be done? >> not a whole lot unless they go up on an actual website, one of these revenge porn websites, maybe police can get it down. but most of the time they're being passed along person to person and you can't track those down. a reminder, don't ever send an explicit photo of yourself even if it's that boyfriend or girlfriend that you're currently in love. with a bad breakup, that young lady had a breakup with a boyfriend she sent a picture to. bad breakup and then he sends it out. >> if you do, don't be afraid to
8:16 am
talk to your parents, but, cal, what about if people don't -- the kids don't come forward, what kind of warning signs can parents look for? >> we've talked to many parents and some of the things they've seen and it does vary from case to case, but some of the things they've seen is a withdrawal from social interaction and social situations and a decrease in energy levels as well. we had one victim, she was required to send over 60 images a night to her predator. >> 60 images a night. >> 60 images a night. so if they're staying up late at night in the bedroom, you could see that affect them in the morning. it does vary from case to case. >> if parents do discover this is happening to their kids, the kids come forward, what can they do? >> they need to report it, either to the cybertip line at the national center for missing & exploited children and to their local authority, as well. although sometimes with local police, they don't have the resources or the expertise that the national center does but all important to report it. >> and how do they contact you guys? >>, cybertip line. >> cal, t.j., thanks very much. important stuff here. >> let's go outside to ginger. >> and we've got a birthday.
8:17 am
happy birthday, evan. but where is evan? where is evan? >> in dallas. >> you had to pick a kid. congratulations, by the way, graduated college. evan, your mom cares about you too. all right, let's check that forecast which we have to all care about because the severe weather threat is high today for some large hail, especially parts of nebraska. southwestern iowa. look at the tornado risk the highest. nebraska and kansas, topeka, you're in it. the heavy rain that comes along with it, yeah, pockets all the way through arkansas and up through missouri. >> hello, i am meteorologist mike nicco with the bay area accweather forecast. it is gray now but sunny this afternoon. calmer and warmer. a huge summer spread developing tomorrow through the holiday monday. and the continued pattern you need the umbrella for the shade not for the wet weather. low-to-mid 60s half moon bay and san francisco and richmond and low 70s around the bay,
8:18 am
upper 70s to low 80s inland. tonight the temperatures are falling into the 40s and 50s with less cloud cover, check out the 90sar >> and gabby from salt lake city >> and gabby from salt lake city is celebrating. give me a high-five for the 21st birthday. enjoy. we've got to get over -- ooh, all the products. tory, i missed you and all your fun things. robin. >> that was a perfect 10, ging. no, you. that was a perfect 10. time now for our summer "steals & deals." tory johnson here with bargains all under $20, and we have a "gma" watch party from ft. smith, arkansas. they're joining us. there's some super fans that watch you every week. it's hosted by super fan jessica hayes. hey. hey there, arkansas. sooie. so let's get some great deals. >> we do have great deals for them. i love this. everything is under $20, you can't beat that. first up, super fun sock company. they make socks for men and women. i picked this out for you. you're so fresh. >> very nice.
8:19 am
>> there's so many fun things. you know, they're a little sassy like this one right here, i love my job, ha, ha, just kidding. >> very cute. >> there's a lot of sassy stuff, great selection for men and women. there's sports. there's all different things to choose from. you can't go wrong with these. normally they start at $10, today only everything is slashed in half, so they start at 5 bucks. really fun. >> oh. >> little tikes. >> this is pretty genius. this is called baby dipper invented by a mom of two sets of twins who needed to figure out how to do a one-hand feeding. typically with the bowl you have to hold it and maneuver it. this bowl is slanted so all the food goes into one place. it also has a grip bottom so it doesn't slide all over the place so it's great for mom, for dad. one-handed feeding and it's perfect to help toddlers learn how to eat, so with this deal you are getting the set, the bowl, the fork, the spoon and an additional set of utensils, as well so it's a really phenomenal deal.
8:20 am
normally $18 slashed in half. 9 bucks for your baby dipper. i love that. >> this is always a big hit with our viewers. >> huge hit from lulu dharma. these are the leather double wrap bracelets. kind of coordinating here although you need deandre's approval for everything. beautiful mini beads, all semiprecious stones. great, what i love about these, adjustable clasp. look how different they look onscreen. different sizes, look how beautiful they look onscreen. leather, i said. normally $99. these are not inexpensive however today only slashed by 81%. >> wow. >> $19 and free shipping from lulu dharma. free shipping from lulu dharma. >> now, whose birthday is it here? here you go. happy birthday. happy birthday. >> makeup. >> one of our favorites, laura geller. this is all from laura geller beauty. big assortments. she gave us all of the favorites. this spackle is one of her signature products but all of the products are fabulous for
8:21 am
eyes, lips, blush, big, big assortment. and also what i love in a variety of colors for different skin tones which is also really important, a terrific deal on these. normally all of the laura geller products start at $17, but today only, of course, they're slashing them in half so starting at $8.50. >> $8.50. >> and then last but not least this is brand-new. one of my favorites. look at these. these are little neoprene tech cases. i got two of them here. so these are great. these are for men, women, kids. you can customize these with a name or initials depending on the style that you choose and what i really love about these, this neoprene is great for -- you could put school supplies, makeup, receipts, money, flip-flops depending on if you change your shoes. so many different styles to choose from. you cannot go wrong. two different sizes, as well. a phenomenal gift. normally starting $32 slashed in half, 16 bucks includes all the personalizations. >> there you go.
8:22 am
>> doesn't look like the one he's holding but that's okay. >> that is fantastic and these great buys. our thanks to jessica and her crew for joining us and guess what, guess what, our watch party there in arkansas, you get each one of these amazing products. you all get these. [ cheers and applause ] yes. >> so fun. >> we thank our companies for these "steals & deals" and have an exclusive one on on yahoo! you always bring it. >> lara. >> thank you, robin. come on in. it is "pop news" time. and the question this morning, to bid or not to bid. well, that is the question. and the answer was a big yes. this year marks the 400th anniversary of william shakespeare's death and four centuries later the playwright continues to make headlines. just yesterday christie's put the original copies of shakespeare's first four books on the auction block, considered the holy grail of publishing. it includes his first one that had 36 plays, 18 of which never appeared in print before and an
8:23 am
anonymous american collector took home the lot for a hefty price that even "the merchant of venice" would balk at, $3.68 million. that actually does not -- >> it's a ton of money but i would have thought it was more. >> could he not put out those plays? >> i don't know. >> i was feeling like -- >> let's call our lawyers. >> -- an entrepreneur. so there you go, then bon jovi in the news. fans, prayers have been answered. the new jersey based band revealing their album is finally done. in their twitter post they said just that. the album is done, the band celebrating in this photo with their producer here yesterday in new york. the record is entitled "this house is not for sale." it'll be released in partnership with island universal. no one is giving a drop date just yet, but i'll be there for you with an update as soon as we find out. >> love that. >> thank you, thank you. >> we were waiting for that. >> we were. wait for it. >> we have to sneak one in. >> you got to. prom season is here again. it's also the cannes film festival.
8:24 am
so what is a girl to do? >> well, if you're "it" girl actress, elle fanning, you have to be in cannes and had the premiere of "the neon demon." it's exactly the same time as her senior prom. you don't want to miss that milestone so elle's friend brought the fun to france and posing prom style for pictures elle captioned in part thank you for flying out since i could not be home and making our prom night one to remember forever. i say #toocute. >> #theywin. >> exactly. the best of both worlds. you are right. you are right. finally love this video. say hello to a doting dad who tried so hard to impress his 1-month-old daughter. take a look. [ making baby noises ] >> her reaction says it best. >> dad, you're embarrassing me. >> already. already totally embarrassing. his description he said got my
8:25 am
one-month performance review from my new baby -- from my position as a father. not good. not good. >> that is hilarious. >> oh. >> he was trying. >> so hard. >> got to get the 13-year-old soul out of that little girl. >> get ready, dad. that face, you'll be seeing it for a long time. >> he already is. >> adam sandler, david spade are here live coming up. they got a brand-new comedy. and how much do you really know? we're playing our own version of "500 questions," a game that is making even "jeopardy" star ken jennings sweat. dan harris is the new host of that. he'll be here. come on back. that. he'll be here. come on back.
8:26 am
8:27 am
now from barks c 7 news. good morning i am natasha zouves from the abc7 morning news. developing news out of the north bay. authorities plan to remove the body from a hiking trail this morning. two students were shot yesterday near st. andrews and one sur vooifd and the others did not. office is are look for a male smt. good morning sue. >> good morning everyone. we're going to 280 first near the road and we had a couple of cars off the shoulder there and traffic is stacked up from south bound and on the other side and 101 and this is a motorcycle that is off to to the peninsula. >> thank
8:28 am
8:29 am
good northerning across abc7 news and it's a little bit of a chill in the air and you can see the sun coming out:we're in the 50s and near 60s and on the way to warmer weather. upper 60s around the in land and 70s to 90s around the bay land. we will have another local news update and join reggie,
8:30 am
mike, sue and me mayday, mayday. this is deepwater horizon. >> what's wrong? ♪ i believe >> got to get to the lifeboats right now. ♪ i believe >> my wife and daughter -- the exclusive sneak peek at the new movie "deepwater horizon" starring mark wahlberg and kate hudson. >> looks intense. >> it did. >> giving everybody a lot of notice. it opens on september 30th. looking forward to the whole cast joining us on "gma" as we get closer to that and you can see the trailer on on yahoo! i want to walk over this way, guys. love y'all. love you. walk this way, talk this way. look who is here with us. adam sandler, david spade, they've been working together since the '90s, and now they're back in a new netflix comedy
8:31 am
"the do-over" where their characters, this is a great premise. they reunite after their 25th high school reunion. >> i love it. let's see. >> i shouldn't have a drink right away because i popped a few dramamine to help me get my sea legs but i did get us some sea band bracelets. one of the cashiers at save and pay said that this is a miracle worker for her mother-in-law. >> i get one too? >> yeah. >> well, thanks, man. [ cheers and applause ] >> okay. what's not to love, guys. >> it's too much. it's too much. it's so early but it's so beautiful. >> we're glad that you got dressed up for this. >> i put on these. these are brand-new. >> brand-new. >> brand-new. just got them. >> you always bring out the best for us. >> i have to. >> hey, you guys, loved it, loved it. live >> oh, you saw it. >> yes, i know it's out on netflix on friday. i got a sneak peek, you guys.
8:32 am
how was it different working together? you've done it over the years but this thing, a little different. >> it was better. >> it was better because we've never done it just us and we always have other guys to deal with but great to work with him. very fun. you get to make up jokes and try to help each other with jokes. >> he was good. he plays kind of a goofier guy than he usually plays. >> we're not used to seeing you ply play that kind of role. >> i like to play one character for 20 years then i switch it so this is the time i switch it a little bit. >> but you know what else i like, there is a lot of action in this. >> yes. >> looks cooler than we look. >> did you guys do your stunts now? >> i'd say we did percentagewise about none of them. >> you did more than me. i couldn't handle it. >> david doesn't like to -- >> when he pulled me out of the pool by my hair, i did not want to do that. >> oh, i did do that. >> throwback thursday and we remember you guys from "snl" and so we thought we'd have a little throwback clip. remember the gap girls. >> oh, yeah. >> come on. take a look. >> david's masterpiece. >> should you cinch that?
8:33 am
>> i tried them with a belt. >> no, you can't do that. you got to cinch them. >> yeah, we told you to cinch them. >> yeah, you just paper bag them out and cinch them. >> it's just -- >> cinch them, then you'll see. >> you'll love them. [ cheers and applause ] >> i love mike myers. >> does that bring back memories for you guys? >> david wrote all those gap girls and it would be like david staying up all night long going, hey, i have a gap girls, yeah, i would get so excited because he would give me a freeb bee. >> give you a freebie. when you were working on a film, hey, i got something, just the two of us and this was it. "the do-over." >> i didn't know it would be this big or this good. it was such a gift because this part i don't play sort of the straight man like every man guy, read it. it was so funny with twists and turns, not like the normal one we do and got into it and every
8:34 am
page, this is -- whoa, what's going on? so that was way different for me. >> funny. >> and really fun to do. >> and paula patton too. >> yeah, paula. she has to pretend she likes him. >> oh, come on. we showed your doppelganger. >> yeah. >> we showed him. come on. the same name you have in the film. >> max kessler, right. >> coincidence, we think not. >> the kid is -- that's a young, sweet, cute version of me. >> he came to the premiere. >> yeah. >> i know. >> we had a good time. >> he's a nice kid. >> he must have been really psyched. >> he was very excited to meet david spade. >> yeah, no, he didn't like me at all. >> not at all. >> really went to the sandler team. >> can i do a little "do-over" game with you guys because i love this premise. who wouldn't want to do it over again, a mulligan. who wouldn't want a mulligan? a do-over game and ask you questions. looking back at your early careers the one audition you'd like a do-over. >> oh, wow. >> one audition you'd like a do-over. >> i auditioned for the third callback of "in living color" and it was me or jim
8:35 am
carrey. i think they did the right decision. >> really? >> i can't believe we were at the final audition. i'm like, i'd pick that guy. this guy is unbelievable but that was good. "snl," i did not have a great audition. it lucked out but i bombed. what about you? >> what would you do over? >> i mean, i don't think -- i don't think i got one thing i auditioned for so every one of them. >> that's why you got your own production company to make your own films. >> take it over myself. never good. i'm never good in the room alone when it's just me and somebody. >> it's great because aren't you guys going out on tour with other comedians? >> yeah, stand-up. we did brooklyn last night. we're in boston tonight and then in connecticut tomorrow night. >> where in connecticut? i'm there tomorrow. >> you want to come? >> i may do that. >> come. do it. you got to come. it's the best. it's the best night, last night we did -- >> the king's theater. >> the king's theater in brooklyn and chris rock came up and norm mcdonald and snyder,
8:36 am
every night it's the best. >> super fun. >> hook me up with tickets and see you tomorrow night. >> we'll get you half price. >> i need four. i need four. >> half price. >> david, i don't know how you do it. i don't know how you do it with this guy. we're so glad to see you. >> i love you, buddy. >> always so good to you. >> let's whoop it up a little. >> green v-neck for "good morning america." >> "the do-over" premieres on netflix tomorrow. ginger. >> robin, make that five tickets. make it five. we are joined by nationally renowned chef and dietitian katie cavuto here on behalf of curate snacks. healthy and on the go. what do you have? >> good morning. we're making a really delicious smooth think. who doesn't love chocolate for breakfast, right? >> i'm in. >> okay, so we've got in our blender and we'll add sorghum. cooked. gluten-free grain. >> it adds oomph. >> hemp seeds is a great source of protein along with almond butter. creaminess which is beautiful. >> and it really sticks with
8:37 am
you like this will keep you full. >> gives you staying power so now we'll make it decadent with a little cocoa powder and a pinch of sea salt because who doesn't love that chocolate salty flavor combination. delicious. so, yes, this is our salted decadent smoothie, right? and it was inspired by this salted decadent curate bar. >> okay, and so then you also have a second dish. >> we do. really all of these dishes were inspired by the curate bars. i loved working with them because the flavor combinations are so unique. and it's a great example that wholesome and delicious can co-exist, right? >> it can. >> healthy food can taste good. so this quinoa bowl is by -- this is inspired by the irresistible bar, so we have strawberries, pistachios and shaved dark chocolate. >> yum. more chocolate for the morning. >> more chocolate for the morning. all topped over creamy quinoa with almond butter and sweet strawberries. i mean it's truly delicious. >> thank you so much, kate. thank. we a
8:38 am
>> hello, i am meteorologist mike nicco. check out the sunshine and warmer weather on way. 65 in san francisco. 80s inland. it will be hotter this weekend. around the bay and inland. head to the coast for freer airi >> i'm going to be -- where is the chocolate again? all that weather brought to you by bush's baked beans. lara. >> hey, gging, did you like ginger -- ginger? did you like "general hospital"? >> yeah, are you kidding. >> listen up, the daytime soap opera event anticipated every year the "general hospital" nurses' ball. abbie boudreau made an appearance and went behind the scenes of the biggest party in daytime. take a look. >> reporter: the nurses' ball, the annual ritual for the characters of the daytime soap "general hospital." >> my lovely co-hosts "gma" correspondent abbie boudreau. >> hi, everyone. >> reporter: this year i get invited to join in on the fun cast as myself.
8:39 am
i'm in the red carpet scene covering the ball, kind of a big family reunion for the show's cast. >> the nurses' ball is a chance for us to show off a different side of our characters that maybe the audience doesn't get to see too often. >> reporter: do i look like a soap star? how do i pull off this look? let's go. first stop, hair and makeup. all right. time to get my hair done. next, wardrobe. you must cover a ball in a gown. at rehearsal we run through the scene with the director. playing myself is not so easy. fan favorite laura wright plays carly corinthos. >> carly is a little scrappy at this nurses' ball with a very big mission to protect her man. she may have to get a little down and dirty and a little physical. >> it's not even what you say. it's your look because you have to -- >> you have to really feel like i'm going to kill you. i will rip your head off and, hi. that kind of thing. >> reporter: it's matt cohen's first nurses' ball as dr. griffin monroe, the show's
8:40 am
newest hunk, i mean, doctor. so what's it like to be a heartthrob? >> i don't know. you tell me. >> oh. good one. >> reporter: my day on the set was but a glimpse of some very long days for this cast and crew. >> all: that's a wrap. >> abbie, great job. you can see more of the nurses' ball today on "general hospital" right here on abc. check your local listings. coming up, the trivia game that has everyone stumped. we're playing our own version of "500 questions" with the one, the only dan harris. coming up.
8:41 am
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♪ we are back now with one of the most intense game shows on television. season two of "500 questions" kicks off tonight and the battle of the brains has a brand-new host, our very own and sometimes intense dan harris. >> yes, not known for his brains ironically. >> before we play the game because dan is going to put us to the test, abc's nick watt has a closer look. it's so tough, by the way, it had all-time greatest "jeopardy" champ ken jennings working up a swit. >> will anybody be able to answer 500 questions? >> reporter: featuring some of
8:44 am
the finest brains in the land. >> how much money have you made doing game shows? >> somewhere north of 3 million. >> reporter: and dan harris. and you are bringing which perhaps you have to, dan, a bit of self-deprecation. >> yeah, i bring that everything. i have no choice. in this environment, what else are you going to do because i can't compete with these people. >> reporter: how does it work? >> the world's toughest questions and only one simple rule. don't get three in a row wrong. >> reporter: a near genius on deck. >> any time you get two in a row wrong, your challenger, the lovely monica will get to choose your next category. >> almost like we're watching the olympics of game shows. >> you nailed it. it's crazy, the amount of knowledge in the most obscure areas these people have. >> france has a land border with what eight countries? ken, five seconds. >> spain. >> andorra. >> reporter: do you know the other six? for "good morning america," nick watt, abc news, los angeles. >> and, dan, you said that
8:45 am
tonight's episode might be so incredible that i might be reporting on it tomorrow. >> there is an incredible surprise in the first five minutes of the show. i will tell you nothing about it, lara spencer, but it is worth watching for that alone. but i hope you watch all five nights. >> do you do this for a living like tease stories because you're really good at it. >> thank you very much. but you know what, i'll ask the questions here. get over there and let's play the game. our contestants this morning, ginger zee, lara spencer, amy robach. you know them all. here are the rule, ladies. i'll ask a question. you have five seconds. can you take as many guesses as you want over the course of five seconds. that will be useless for you. it's just a prop because we'll go one by one. and the theme of the questions this morning, all related to "gma." >> i got this. >> okay. >> you got this? our first contestant is the lovely ginger zee coming off of the finals of "dancing with the stars." okay, ginger, how you feeling? >> i'm a little burnt out but i'm ready to do it. >> you will not risk pulling a hammy during the course of this. the first category, morning
8:46 am
music, and the first question is which two broadway musicals faced off in "gma: the musical" this year, five seconds? >> "gma: the musical," "aladdin" and "the lion king." >> correct. well done. well done. all right, ginger, you're still in the game. if you get three in a row wrong you're done. the next who performed in the "gma" studio with a "wizard of oz" theme? >> gaga. gaga. gaga. >> yes. >> running through my head. >> this is a battle question. it's going to be lara versus ginger. a battle question. >> a battle? >> i'm going to ask one question and you go back and forth. whoever gets the first wrong answer loses. multiple -- >> scream it out? >> but go back and forth. >> who goes first? >> ginger goes first because she's the reigning genius at this point. who is performing in the "gma" summer concert series this summer? go. >> flo rida. >> jason aldean. >> kenny chesney. >> jason derulo. >> ariana grande. already did. >> sia. >> correct. >> and -- >> ginger is out.
8:47 am
>> okay, so, lara is the reigning genius now. this is a tough game. all right, lara, here is your question. which anchor was featured in which '90s sitcom and how did they enter the plot of the episode? >> oh, come on. in the 1990s? >> yes. >> an anchor was -- >> your five seconds is over. the answer is george. his pizza was delivered to the friends, george stephanopoulos, i believe we've got a clip of him right there. it is a pizza. >> i didn't know that either. >> george is a man with a history. okay, so you're out, lara. amy, it's over to you. robin is famous for her fluffy footwear. what are two animals she's been known to sport as slippers? five seconds. >> she sports lions and frogs. >> let's look inside and see if that's correct. lions right there and -- >> she has her froggy slippers. >> amy, well done. so you're the reigning genius now. okay, here we go. who is kerry washington's "scandal" character? this is actually -- >> olivia pope.
8:48 am
>> this is a battle question. >> you gave me a question from the 1990s. >> i did. i did. it was not fair. you know what, we're out of time so we're not -- >> we're not even going to -- >> the reigning champion. >> thank you. so the winner is -- >> all three. >> all of three of us. >> ginger zee. >> oh, ginger. >> i'll take it. i love how you get to be a genius for like -- it's very short-lived when you're the reigning genius. >> "500 questions" premieres tonight at 8:00 eastern right here on abc. we'll be right back. congratulations, ginger. >> thank you. >> congrats to dan. ♪ remember me for centuries
8:49 am
8:50 am
♪ you will remember me we had so much fun with the new stars of "x-men: apocalypse" this week and now we're one day away from the u.s. premiere and here's lama hasan with more of jennifer lawrence and her co-stars in their battle against evil. ♪ >> the world needs the x-men. >> that's why i'm here. to fight.
8:51 am
>> reporter: the marvel mutants are back. >> the stakes are definitely higher in this one. >> yeah. >> because we've never had a villain before that's like straight up about to wipe out the face of the earth. >> reporter: in the brand-new superhero movie "x-men: apocalypse." >> let's go to war. >> reporter: jennifer lawrence playing the shape-shifting mystique. >> yeah? >> reporter: you take no prisoners. actually ever in any of the "x-men." >> no. >> pretty hard core. >> yeah. >> but this one you're a bit -- >> this one i'm growing up a little bit more. yeah, she's not so focused on rebelling anymore. she's more interested in the betterment of the mutants. >> reporter: teaming up with charles xavier, aka professor x. >> it's kind of like the old testament versus the new testament in some ways. >> good versus evil. >> i'm not saying the old testament was evil. that was you. >> breaking news.
8:52 am
>> reporter: battling the most powerful mutant of them all, the invincible and immortal apocalypse. >> everything they've built will fall! and from the ashes of their world, we'll build a better one. >> you were very convincing. you were very scary. how did you prepare for this role? >> he's the meanest person i've ever met. >> in real life. >> yeah. >> so it was easy. >> he dominated the whole set. he terrorized everybody. >> it was easy and that gave me a lot of pleasure. not all of us can control our powers. >> then don't. >> reporter: had help from the new generation. >> i saw the end of the world. >> reporter: sophie turner playing a young jean gray armed with her telepathic and telekinesis powers. how does it feel to be -- >> it was a little daunting at first but then everyone was so welcoming and it's just -- it's fun to play like a small part in such a big ensemble cast but -- >> small part? >> well, i'm being humble.
8:53 am
>> reporter: we won't give away any spoilers, so to all you fans out there who can't wait to watch the movie -- >> it feels like an "x-men" movie that i've been waiting for as well because some things happen that are so classic from the comic books. >> reporter: for "good morning america," lama hasan, abc news, london. >> you can see it tomorrow. "x-men: apocal what if we made a paint that was so special that was such a jewel among paints
8:54 am
that you had to seek it out. nope, even easier than that. more like taking a left on that street where you usually take a right that wasn't so hard. and if finding that paint made you and your walls beam with pride, is it still paint? benjamin moore. paint like no other. find one of our 5,000 authorized retailers near you.
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8:56 am
tomorrow say hello -- ♪ hello friday >> -- to flo rida taking over central park live and you know it's going to be a party only flo could throw. tomorrow on "good morning america" summer concert series presented by king's hawaiian. ♪ out on the verge of the rest of our lives ♪ >> "good morning america" is brought to you by fage crossovers greek yogurt. introducing chef level snacking. >> you ready for the park, ginger? >> oh, i'm so ready. >> flo rida and it feels that way. we'll see you tomorrow. have a great day. y. we'll see you tomorrow. have a great day.
8:57 am
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now from abc7 news. >> good morning i am natasha zouves with the abc morning news. we have a quick check of the forecast. >> hey everybody. you can see the sun breaking free and check out the temperatures and already 60s showing up around the bay and warmer days and san francisco and rich plond upper 06. check out the heat that's coming up tomorrow and in land. 90s in land. we have a problem on the hill crest way and we have an accident blocking the lane of traffic there and then the traffic is going to be slow. that's traffic on 237 and 101. it's not thursday light. >> thank you sue. it's time for live with with
9:00 am
kelly. we're backwi abc7 reporting news. join are >> it's "live with kelly." today, from the series "devious maids," susan lucci. and a performance from the winner of "the voice," alisan porter. and how to feed your brain, as we continue our take charge of your food week. plus andy cohen takes a seat at the co-host desk, all next on "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] >> and now here are kelly ripa and andy cohen. [applause]


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