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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  May 26, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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sul vain. once he was spotted by police he went into a trailer park we understand. there was an exchange of gun fire with polices, and then apparently castro got into a pickup truck and tried to escape. we understand at that point he was shot and killed. back here, the search continues both here and of course now down in santa barbara county for pearl pinsen. still no sign of that teenager. >> and i heard her screaming. >> reporter: leslie car row said she heard the frightening sounds just before 7:00 wednesday mornings. screams police believe came from the 15-year-old pearl as she was being dragged away and possibly shot on this walking bridge. there's a large blood stain still on the cement here. >> it was just like when you're getting chased and you're screaming for help, like that. like in a horror movie. >> we do feel she is injured. our number one priority is to find her. one of the ways of doing that is finding him. >> he's listening. please return my daughter. >> reporter: her family tells us
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pearl would have been walking to the bus stop to head to school about that time. instead, solano county sheriffs believe she was abducted by this man, 19-year-old fernando castro, and taken away possibly in cost troh's gold-colored 1997 four-door saturn. what's your hope at this point? i'm hoping she's returned safely. >> reporter: in the meantime, pearl's family and friends have placed photos and kand dells on the bridge. >> all i know is he kidnapped her and i pray that she's found safe and everything. >> reporter: besides the blood stain, police also located pearl's cell phone on the walking bridge. in vallejo, laura anthony, abc 7 news. we want to take you right now to a live news conference by the solano county sheriffs regarding pearl pinsen's case. >> california highway patrol. the pursuit ended the man inside the car shot at the deputies. at some point he drove into a mobile home park, got out of the gold saturn and jumped into
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another nearby vehicle. no one was inside the car. he then drove a little ways, got out of thor car, shot at deputies again. they returned fire. the suspect is dead. and at this point, we believe the suspect is probably fernando castro. at this point, pearl pinsen was not found. we continue to look for her, and we are very worried about her safety. i want to make it clear that our investigation continues. we are going to continue with what we were doing. it changes nothing. we're going to continue to search for pearl. >> any idea where she may be now? >> we have no idea. >> any officers hurt? >> like i said, what i gave you is what i have. okay? >> do you have jurisdiction or how does that work with -- >> we have jurisdiction on the kidnapping. >> you are listening to a solano county sheriff's department briefing on this situation today. and as you heard they are still very concerned about the whereabouts of pearl pinsen, the missing girl, but they believe the man who abducted her is the one that they shot and killed today in santa barbara county.
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more on that later on abc 7 news at 6. in the meantime, happening now in novato, the search for last remaining suspect in a deadly shooting. >> only sky7 hd was over an apartment complex 40 minutes ago as s.w.a.t. teams made the second arrest in the shootings and stabbings from last night. this is one of three people accused of shooting two high school students. one of the stewards died. >> that takedown happened on leafwood avenue and roland boulevard. earlier around 2:00 this afternoon only abc sechbz news cameras captured the arrest of another man after a raid at this home. the first arrest was not far from where the victims were found on fairway drive. investigators are still looking for one more suspect and they are determine ed to find him. >> 23for us it just means the search will continue. >> authorities say the surviving victim gave them a lot of information about his attackers. the motive is still unclear. let's move next to your voice, your vote. the presidential campaign of
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course happening right now hillary clinton is expected any minute at a rally in san francisco. and let's go live to abc 7 news reporter lyanne melendez in the financial district. >> reporter: dan, good timing. she just arrived and definitely it's full speed ahead for hillary clinton with less than two weeks before the california primaries. supporters arrived here very early to get inside the high bern ya bank near market street. before arriving here, mrs. clinton spoke to supporters in san jose. now, a recent field poll in california found that jobs and the economy are the two things that matter most when choosing a candidate. but clinton instead focused her attention on donald trump. >> we know a lot about donald trump. he roots for himself, not for you. he wants a good result for himself, he doesn't care who gets hurt in the process.
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that is not -- that is not the kind of person who should be the president of the united states of america. we cannot let that happen. >> bernie! bernie! bern bernie! >> reporter: and let's not forget that secretary clinton is in a dead heat with vermont senator bernie sanders here in california. sanders supporters came out to criticize clinton for refusing to debate one more time. now, clinton turned down the invitation she has all but secured the democratic nominati nomination. her husband president bill clinton defended that decision saying she's already debated 12 times. again, mrs. clinton has just arrived here to talk to supporters at the high bern ya building. i think also you'll hear from her talking about how to reunite this party. and i think both sides want to hear that from her. i'm live in san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news.
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>> now, you can stay on top of the late breaking developments in the race for the 2016 presidential campaign with the abc 7 news app. just download it for free and enable push alerts p. in other news, a legal hitch will keep a fire victim's widower from collecting the $6.5 million jury award in the death of his wife. five women died when their limousine burst into flames on the san mateo bridge in 2012. one of the husbands won his suit against ford. but as our media partner the mercury news reports, the automaker argued the limo company should pay. the judge agreed. but that widower cannot collect any more money because he's already received a settlement from the limo company. two alameda county shave's deputi deputies charged with beating a suspect made their first court appearance before a judge today. abc 7 news reporter melanie woodrow was in court. she's live outside the hall of justice with the story. melan melanie? >> reporter: well, those deputies pleaded not guilty.
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gascon had previously said there were reasons it took so long to charge the deputies, including that the office neefded to analyze the surveillance video, also to obtain a use of force expert and medical records. well, today we learned some new information from court documents, that the initial d.a. investigator that was on the case was taken off the case because some people in the d.a.'s office felt he had pro-police bias. alameda county sheriff's deputies paul weber and luis santamaria had nothing to say as they walked into court. anything the video doesn't show that you want to speak about? both are facing charges they used excessive force which taking stanislav petrov into custody. the deputies hit petrov with their batons at least 30 times. both pleaded not guilty. their attorneys say they will be acquitted. >> police use of force is disturbing, and when it's captured it's disturbing. that doesn't make it illegal.
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>> this man was not giving up. >> reporter: whether or not petrov was resisting arrest is a key issue in the case. according to court documents, deputy weber's body camera inadvertently turned on captured audio including deputy weber saying, give me your hands and get on the ground. petrov could be heard saying, i'm sorry and help me. a use of force expert quoted in the document says, while the initial use of force was not excessive, subsequent use of force was grossly excessive and lethal. >> today is a day of reckoning. this is one of the most savage beatings in theable wills of conduct. >> reporter: both deputies are on paid add main strafe leave. petrov is in custody in other charges. google win a's jury verdict in its long running copyright infringement dispute with oracle. the decision kills oracle's claim to a $9 billion slice of google's around android phone
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business. in 2012 a jury failed to agree on whether it constituted fair use. oracle appealed and today jurors decided google made fair use of the programming code under copyright law. android is now the operating system in 80% of mobile devices. pg&e is asking a judge to throw out a criminal case over the deadly san bruno pipeline explosion. the utility claims misconduct by prosecutors has harmed its right to a fair trial. this move has sparked harsh criticism of pg&e. the prospect of reduced charges or even dismissal of the entire case has dismayed san bruno official and victims who are seeking closure after this disaster. the blast killed eight people and destroyed three dozen homes, nearly six years ago now. trying to turn things around for the dubs. >> we made it happen last minute. appreciate it wnchts.
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>> a man with a plan to thank warriors fans tonight. and the zika virus and avoiding mosquito bites can specially treated clothing really help? michael finney with the answer. an-- >> that's the sounds of science. find out what it's all about
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a famous warriors fan is resurrecting a campaign he hopes will fire up the fan and the team to lead to a must win playoff game guinness the thunder. >> live team coverage from oracle arena. let's begin with abc 7 news anchor eric thomas. hi, eric. >> reporter: hi, dan. on the other side of the coliseum on the walkway between it and the b.a.r.t. station uber fan paul wongs is handing out copies of his "we believe" sign in hopes of inspiring the team on to a victory. it is not a new campaign, but
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this is a do or die moment. at today's shootaround in oakland, warriors star draymond green said they'll need all the fan support they can get to turn things around and beat the thunder. >> it's always good to get some home cooking. you know, definitely in front of the home crowd, we've got to bring some energy to this building. then we bring the energy and we can feed off that. >> reporter: and this fan is taking that job seriously. alameda businessman paul wong was at the printers today picking up hundreds of signs reading "we believe" to stir up some coliseum energy. it's a campaign that worked before. >> nothing's changed. just want to build a little confidence and to share to the player that's we're a thousand percent behind them and everything will be all right. >> today he did a quick 500 run. last week he did a 10,000 run. he's given these out to whoever he sees and he's paying it out of his own pocket so that's a lot of heart there. >> reporter: paul did something similar during the playoffs nine years ago, the we believe campaign back then helped
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inspire the warriors and their fans to an upset of the dallas mavericks. this year he's added something new, a sign that reads "dub peat" his way of encouraging the team to repeat as nba champions and steph curry to repeat as mvp. he's halfway there. >> magical things happen in sports and i think that's why we play. >> reporter: paul is giving away copies of the sign on the walkway between the coliseum and the b.a.r.t. station. he has one request. when you cheer tonight, stand up and mean it. eric thomas, abc 7 news. >> stand up and mean it. i like it sports director larry biel is courtside at oracle tonight. >> he's standing up and he means it. larry, can we turn this around? >> reporter: well, certainly. anything is possible for sure. you know, with great power comes great responsibility. the quote attributed to either spider-man or volu1r08 tear. but take your pick. warriors are the defending nba champions, coming off a record setting regular season and they have the unanimous mvp in steph
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curry. and here they are finding themselves on the brinks of elimination. they're down 3-1 to oklahoma city and they've just been out of sorts especially in the last two games. in game four they committed 21 turnovers that led to 18 thunder points. steph curry 6 for 20 with six turnovers, draymond green six points six turnovers. these guys know they're under the microscope in a must win game. >> anytime you struggle in the playoffs it's mrag a ae's magni. for good reason, it's about winning. how you help wur team win so if you don't play to your potential or fall short when it comes to getting your team a win, you'll be scrutinized and that's fine. >> i've just got to be me. my spirit, my edge that i bring to the floor, if i bring that edge which i will everything else will fall in line. i think it all goes hand in hand.
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>> reporter: i bring in abc 7's version of voel tear, mike shumann. thoughts on draymond. >> well, just what he said. he hasn't been the same since the incidents with steve adams e. has to play on emotion which he normally does and not worrying about getting a flagrant and being suspended. there's nothing to lose. steph curry needs to take over the game like he has in the past. he's had a tough two outings. two things to look for today and the first elimination game they've paced in the last twoo years. >> reporter: a lot of the warriors assistants are feeling pretty confident. one of them hairing with me he has never looked so forward to a return trip to oklahoma city. and i know you feel the same way. >> reporter: that's right. no question. >> for mike shumann, larry biel live at oracle. back to kristen and dan. >> thanks, guys. you know, abc 7 news viewer picture happy photos is showing some warriors pride. look at this. ah, blue and gold. just gorgeous. you can also show your pride by using hash tag dubs on 7 when you post yours on social media so we can find them. great shot.
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keep getting so many great shots. >> we may show yours on air. well, the zika virus understandably has a lot of people concerned these days. >> that's right. there are some clothing lines that promise to keep the mosquitoes away this summer but how well do they really work? >> good question. michael finney partnered up with convict assumer reports to find out. michael? >> with so many people worried about the zika virus, sales of this type of clothing such. the clothing however doesn't come cheap, some of the you shirts cost more than $70. so "consumer reports" tested them to see if they're worth the price. this is the enemy. and stores are offering you a weapon. clothing with bug protection, some llb and x owe fish yoe shirts promise to repel mosquitoes and other bugs for up to 70 washings with something called prometherin. >> it's a insecretary side approved to -- >> reporter: 0 "consumer reports" tested to see how well the shirts prevented mosquito bites both when new and after
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being washed 25 times. volunteers put their arms into cage was 200 mosquitoes. >> all of the treated clothing we tested about stun or kill many mosquitoes that landed but none of them were foolproof at preventing bites ff the volunteers were not bitten when wearing the new llb shirt. but after the shirt had been washed 80s mosquitoes the kind that carry the zika virus bit 3 out of four. with the other shirts both new and washed, all four testers received bites from the 80s mosquitoes as well as the cue level mosquito that can carry west nile virus. "consumer reports" contacted the companies to make the prometh rin treatment, both cited formal studies and field testing data to underscore the e. i effectiveness of their products. there is another way to protect yourself according to the cdc. any repellent that works on your skin should work for just as
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long when applied to clothing. okay, now this is interesting. "consumer reports" tried the exact same test with a regular shirt sprayed with a 30% deet insect repellent and none of the volunteers were bitten. if you do try this, consum"cons reports" advises spraying your clothes before you put them on and then waiting until they are completely dry. >> some good advice there, michael. thank you. >> thanks. well, let's turn other attention to the weather forecast as we inch closer to the weekend. the thermometer is going to be inching up, too. >> oh, i can't take this nice weather anymore, sandhya. >> oh, come on now. you've lived here long enough. kristen and dan, is it going to get hot as we head toward the upcoming weekend. right now bright and breezy out here. let's like at live doppler 7 hd. just about everyone seeing the sun. a little finger of fog hanging on to the coastline. a live look from our mt. tam cam, we are seeing blue skies there temperatures in upt upper 50s san francisco half moon bay
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oakland 65 santa cruz camera showing you some people already have the right idea. they're getting ready for the warmer weather. it's already warmer today and here's a look at those temperatures mid-70s santa rosa convict kword napa 68 livermore 76 degrees a live look from emeryville showing you a little bit of haze there, patchy fog overnight tonight. summer like heat for the weekend but it won't be hot everywhere. mild afternoons are expected at the beaches. first thing tomorrow morning upper 40s to the 3450id 50s most of you will start out clear except for that little bit of fog right near the coast. and watch what happens to the fog tomorrow morning it aets limited to the coast by 9:00 a.m. everyone is seeing the sun with the exception of the sun and by the afternoon hours that fog will start to move away. there will be a little bit lingering for the evening hours so really looking nice for the end ever the workweek, the beginning of the holiday weekend. tomorrow afternoon the warmest spot will be up to 90 degrees in antioch. today you got up into the upper 80s. 80 degrees vallejo, 76 oakland 80 in fremont 85 santa rosa 80
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for san rafael 71 in san francisco 78 in you taio, 66 in half moon bay. really just a beautiful day. saturday gets even warmer. it's going to be warm to hot for most of you. with the exception of the beaches where you'll be in the 60s. then a weak sea breeze develops on sunday taking the temperatures down just a little bit but not for long. on monday, memorial day, look at the heat inland. yeah, fire up the grills. it's going to be cooking inland temperatures in the 90s, 60s, 70s coastside. accuweather seven-day forecast, mild to warm to fo friday, the warming continues on saturday as i mentioned a slight dip for sunday but memorial day temperatures bounce back upper 60s at the beaches to the mid 90s inland and you'll notice it's still pretty warm on tuesday but we do start to see the cooling at the coast and it spreads by mid week across the rest of the bay area. >> sand you yeah, thanks. pitching in three agencies
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and one hot shot come together to help some kids. that story next. plus -- >> your entire head is stuffed up and it's not fun. you can't breathe. >> allergy season is far from over. new at 6, what's with the late start this year and what experts say you can do
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all right, let's take you live now to san francisco where presidential candidate hillary clinton is holding a rally. she he is just taking the stage. wet want you to listen live. >> number one, can you produce positive results that will improve the lives of americans? and how do we know you can? have you done it before? and do you have the best ideas about how to do it in the future? secondly, can you be commander in chief, protect our country, and lead the world on behalf of the united states with the kind
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of smart, steady, strong leadership in accordance with our values that we need. and number three, can you unify -- >> hillary clinton speaking in san francisco live as you watch. she was in san jose speaking earlier today. san francisco can be a noisy city, and it's about to get a little noisier for the sake of science. ♪ abc 7 news was at united nations plaza as workers installed a new exhibit from the exploratorium. as you heard, it focused on sound. there are giant zixylophones, he chiens and long echo tubes. the exploratorium wants it to be a different kind of social media. >> hopefully it gets people sort of watching each other, interacting with each other, playing with each other, and just bringing people together and making people happy. >> reporter: the sound exhibit will be ready to use by mid-june. the pieces have been treated with anti-graffiti coating to
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keep vandalism to a minimum. how about not at all? >> what a neat idea. that looks fun. three agencies and a former nba player teamed up to make this a special day for some kids in marin city. >> golden state warriors community ambassador donald foil spent some quality time reading to students at the bayside martin luther king academy today. the kids age 3 to 8 hung on to his every word. >> now too tall loved to play sports but he couldn't find one that fit. >> afterwards everyone got ice cream and an autographed copy of too tall foil donated by marin housing authority. the sheriff's department and the friends of marin city library. very nice. okay, speaking of warriors here is a live look at oracle arena where it's tip-off in just a half hour as dub nation arrives in droves for the big game, a new win against okc in game five of the western conference finals. >> we heard from our sports director larry biel earlier, and he's going to have a lot more on
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the game coming up at 6:00 live at oracle. from basketball to hockey, the line was long to grab sharks gear. >> yeah. the team cannot restock merchandise fast enough. coming up, what you need to know
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i'm ama daetz in the abc 7 newsroom. coming up new at 6, thousands will hit the beach this memorial day weekend but there are dangers lurking at some of them. tonight an environmental group's report card an the best and worst beaches in california. also, adopting a pet has many benefits. getting a tax credit isn't among them but we'll tell you about an effort under way right now to change that. and teaching kids how to code block by block. we'll break down the purpose behind this unique new program. all that, plus much more coming up on abc 7 news at 6. we'd like to thank abc 7 news viewer bomb. >> yes for this image from the san jose mercury headlining the sharks big win. share your pictures with us
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using the hash tag abc 7 now on air or at abc 7 by winning last night, the sharks are heading to the stanley cup finals for the very first time. >> it's just a huge accomplishment. there are at least two things the uninitiated should know before jumping on the sharks bandwagon and going to s.a.p. center. o one, you will hear the "jaws" movie theme if there is a sharks power play. >> and you'll want to move your arms up and down like a shark. and -- ♪ >> get familiar with gary glitter's rock 'n' roll part 2. it is played after every sharks goal. really pumps up fans. >> apparently fans is cheer part ever the song and shout "hey" while pumping their fists in the air. >> just in case you're going to take part in hockey as the sharks enter the stanley cup final forzed first time ever. >> and go warriors tonightor, too. very exciting. "world news with david muir" is
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next i'm kristen sze. >> i'm dan ashley. for all of us, we appreciate your time. we'll see you again at 6. as we come on, we have just learned an ef-4 tornado, winds up to 180 miles per hour, a half-mile wide, on the ground for 90 minutes. also tonight, the school children sheltering in place. and passengers at the airport held in garage tunnels amid new watches and warnings at this hour. also breaking tonight, the stunning new images from the nypd moments ago. the deadly shooting. a man opening fire at a concert in new york city. several hit. the race for the white house tonight. donald trump hits the magic number. what he needs to lock in the nomination. also tonight, his $10 million challenge. will he debate bernie sanders? there are also breaking developments involving the secret service tonight. word coming in now that 41 agents have been disciplined amid a widening scandal.


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