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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  May 26, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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next i'm kristen sze. >> i'm dan ashley. for all of us, we appreciate your time. we'll see you again at 6. as we come on, we have just learned an ef-4 tornado, winds up to 180 miles per hour, a half-mile wide, on the ground for 90 minutes. also tonight, the school children sheltering in place. and passengers at the airport held in garage tunnels amid new watches and warnings at this hour. also breaking tonight, the stunning new images from the nypd moments ago. the deadly shooting. a man opening fire at a concert in new york city. several hit. the race for the white house tonight. donald trump hits the magic number. what he needs to lock in the nomination. also tonight, his $10 million challenge. will he debate bernie sanders? there are also breaking developments involving the secret service tonight. word coming in now that 41 agents have been disciplined amid a widening scandal.
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and your health tonight. the new headline. the superbug doctors have dreaded is now here in the u.s. good evening. and we begin tonight with the tornado watches up right now, just as millions prepare to travel for the holiday weekend. a huge swath of severe storms right now. the national weather service revealing late today it was an ef-4 that tore across abilene, kansas. a monster tornado. a half-mile wide, winds up to 180 miles an hour. and it was on the ground for 90 minutes. and look at this. late today, new images coming in. you can see the fire igniting. this twister touching down in bryan, texas. and a tornado bending the railroad tracks in kansas. meteorologist rob marciano in the tornado zone, where they believe it will be a dangerous night ahead. >> tornado! >> reporter: tonight, new twisters on the ground power flashes on the horizon showed just that in bryan, texas.
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>> oh, [ bleep ]. >> reporter: homes ripped apart there. in missouri, passengers at kansas city's airport evacuated. in kansas, parents at a topeka library keeping kids calm with story time amid the tornado warnings. this after an incredible 24 hours here. in northern kansas -- by some accounts, one of the most intense tornadoes ever chased. an ef-4. with winds of 180 miles an hour. a half-mile wide, traveling 26 miles. on the ground for a terrifying 90 minutes. >> that's a barn sitting in the road, folks. >> this storm left a huge path. we need some help. >> reporter: more than 100 first responders racing to find those injured. the damage, catastrophic. bent train tracks defying physics. >> that's insane. >> reporter: thankfully, no injuries. the twister's relatively slow speed giving residents like sam zook and his wife time to get to their shelter. the main floor walls of their home, completely blown out. this is their master bedroom.
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that says it all. the zook's emerging to find their home gone. happy to be alive, but overcome with emotion. >> good lord upstairs knew where my wife and i was. >> reporter: david, this area just west of wichita has already seen several tornado warnings this afternoon. look at the sky behind me. you see just how turbulent this atmosphere is. beautiful, but very, very menacing and dangerous clouds. that will continue through tonight. we have several tornado watches out across seven states from texas through colorado. as far north as into nebraska and those are in effect right through this evening. look at our computer models and it will show you another round of severe weather, if not two more rounds, that will go across the i-70 corridor from oklahoma city, down through dallas, up through wichita and east in through kansas city. and then, overnight tonight, heavy rain and wind threat. one to focus, as well, what's going on in the tropics, southeast of the carolinas. we're watching this system. national hurricane center says it has a 70% chance of
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developing into a tropical cyclone. either way, it will come to the carolinas this weekend, making for a wet and windy holiday weekend. in the meantime, dangerous weather here in the plains. we'll be tracking it all night. david? >> all right, the ominous skies behind you. stay safe, rob, to you and the team. meantime, back here in new york city tonight, new images just released from the nypd, after a concert turned deadly overnight. several people inside the concert were hit. abc's eva pilgrim with the video just released and late word now coming in on the suspect. >> reporter: tonight, chaos inside that concert hall. the nypd releasing that chilling surveillance video. a suspect, identified by police as rapper troy ave, seen here lifting his gun and firing a shot inside this v.i.p. green room. about 1,000 people were attending the show at irving plaza, a popular concert venue, in lower manhattan. witnesses in the audience say a fight broke out near the stage. about five minutes later, shots were fired. concertgoers scrambling for safety. one person killed, three wounded, including the suspect and one woman shot in the leg.
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all in area hospitals. at least one in critical condition. just moments before featured act t.i. took the stage. ♪ you can have whatever you like ♪ >> reporter: the popular star in one of those third floor green rooms near the shooting. david, nypd telling us rapper troy ave has been arrested and is being held at a local hospital. he's facing charges of reckless endangerment and possession of a gun. nypd not ruling out other suspects. david? >> eva pilgrim here in new york tonight. thank you, eva. and now, to washington. there is news coming in at this hour on the secret service. word that 41 secret service agents and staffers have now been punished for searching for embarrassing details about a congressman who had been critical of the agency. so, let's get right to abc's senior justice correspondent pierre thomas tonight. pierre, what have you learned? >> reporter: david, tonight, the results of an investigation into a smear campaign against a sitting member of congress. as you said, 41 secret service personnel are being disciplined, ranging from letters of reprimand to suspensions without
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pay for up to 45 days. the investigation determined secret service staffers snooped through the personnel files of congressman jason chaffetz, who had been investigating the agency. one agent even leaked to the press that chaffetz once applied to the secret service, but was rejected. tonight, that agent has resigned and homeland security secretary jeh johnson says he's appalled by the episode. david? >> pierre thomas live in our washington bureau. thank you, pierre. we turn now to the race for president tonight. donald trump getting the magic number, the delegates he needs to land the republican nomination. trump today earning enough delegates to put him over the top. now with 1,239 and counting. and this evening, trump's $10 million price tag to debate bernie sanders, not hillary clinton. abc's tom llamas on the campaign trail from california. >> reporter: tonight, donald trump naming his price. $10 to $15 million to debate bernie sanders. >> i think it would get very high ratings. it should be in a big arena somewhere. and we could have a lot of fun
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with it. i'd love to debate bernie. i mean, the problem with debhating bernie, he's going to lose. >> reporter: trump saying the millions would go to a charity, supporting women's health issues. senator sanders, who requested the debate, saying, bring it on. >> i think it's important that somebody told him to task for his outrageously bigoted remarks. >> reporter: the specter of a trump/sanders showdown, coming as the billionaire locks in those 1,237 delegates, clinching the gop nomination. >> i was coming out of my building this morning and there was a big news flash that donald trump had won the nomination. and -- >> reporter: trump tonight tweeting this picture, celebrating with mcdonald's on his jet. officially he won't become the nominee until the convention, but for trump, that's just a formality. >> politicians like hillary
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clinton have failed you and they failed you badly. they've used you. they've stolen your votes for decades. and they've given you nothing. i will give you everything. >> reporter: and last night, with jimmy kimmel, a rare confession. >> as recently as 2012, you said you thought she was terrific. what did she do? what happened? >> let me just explain to you. >> yeah. >> i will tell you. when i'm a businessman, if people ask me about politicians, i speak well. so, when they ask me about hillary, she's wonderful, the husband, everybody's wonderful. and that's the way it is. including contributions. they ask me for contributions, i give contributions. >> so, you were full of [ bleep ] when you said -- >> jimmy kimmel joining our political team. tom llamas with us live tonight from los angeles, and tom, is this trump/sanders debate going to happen? >> reporter: david, it is a steep price tag, but tonight, the sanders campaign saying tv networks are already reaching out to them and they're having back channel communications with the trump campaign. senator sanders himself says if it does happen, they're going to have to rent out the biggest stadium here in california. david? >> all right, stay tuned on that front. tom llamas, thank you. in the meantime, we turn to
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hillary clinton, reacting tonight after that harsh report from the state department about her private e-mail server. our team also asking clinton today what some of her supporters have been asking. after donald trump's attacks, is clinton fighting back hard enough? here's what she told us. abc's cecilia vega on the campaign trail, as well. >> reporter: tonight, hillary clinton on the defensive, after that scathing state department report about her e-mails. speaking with abc's liz kreutz. >> can you say today that you did not break the rules? >> you know, this report makes clear that personal e-mail use was the practice for other secretaries of state. but it was still a mistake. and as i've said many times, if i could go back, i would do it differently. >> reporter: clinton now has her sights set on one man. >> the best way to reassure ourselves and the rest of the world is to make sure that donald trump, this loose cannon, never gets close to the white house.
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>> reporter: but tonight, questions about whether clinton is ready to battle a rival like trump. >> some of your supporters would say that you have to fight back a lot harder against donald trump. that his attacks against you and your husband are left unanswered. >> i'm going to run a campaign about the american people. he can run his campaign any way he wishes, but i'm going to stay focused on what matters to voters. >> reporter: and she's getting help. in japan, president obama saying world leaders are worried about a possible trump presidency. >> they are not sure how seriously to take some of his pronouncements. but they're rattled by it. >> reporter: and tonight, donald trump is shrugging off president obama's claim that some world leaders are rattled by the prospect that he could win the oval office, saying that in business, sometimes when you rattle people, it's a good thing, not a bad thing. david? >> cecilia vega with us again tonight. cecilia, thank you. we're going to move on now to a mid-air scare involving two
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american fighter jets. their f-18 superhornets colliding off the coast of north carolina. the coast guard and commercial fishermen pulling all four crew members out of the water. abc's chief global affairs correspondent martha raddatz tonight on t training mission gone wrong. >> reporter: the coast guard rescued the naval aviators within hours. two of them from the water, the other two had been picked up by a passing fishing boat. they were brought to the hospital within hours. the two jets were flying 24 miles off of cape hatteras, a training mission, likely flying in tight formation, like these air force jets, just a few feet separating them. it is not clear what parts of the airplanes hit, but even wingtips striking could bring the planes down, says former f-18 pilot steve ganyard. >> flying formation in tactical jet aircraft is very dynamic, and there's very little room for error. but the first rule is, don't run into the other guy.
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>> reporter: the jets are a total loss, which means about $140 million at the bottom of the ocean. but of course, david, we are all grateful the pilots and crew survived. david? >> that's for sure. all right, martha raddatz with us tonight. thank you, martha. back here at home, the sex scandal rocking an american campus. baylor university today apologizing for blocking alleged sex assault victims from coming forward. the school today saying it will fire its football coach, after numerous assault allegations against players. a law firm investigating the claims says the program did not report cases. the university also demoting president ken star. his name may sound familiar. star investigated then-president bill clinton during the monica lewinsky scandal. now, to a major medical headline tonight. the new superbug scare here in the u.s. a powerful bacteria making its way to the u.s. for the first time. it's resistant to an antibiotic considered one of the last lines of defense. abc's linsey davis on the new concern tonight. >> reporter: it's what doctors have dreaded for years. a strain of bacteria so
5:43 pm
resistant that the toughest antibiotics can't kill it. and it's almost here. tonight, the cdc is sounding the alarm, revealing that a woman in pennsylvania has become infected with a bug this countrtry has never seen before. >> the more we look at drug resistance, the more concerned we are. >> reporter: overuse of antibiotics has bred superbugs, resistant strains. 2 million infections in 2013 alone. even worse, 23,000 of those infections are fatal. this is the first strain ever found to be resistant to colistin, an old drug of last resort, rarely used because of its harsh side effects. >> the medicine cabinet is empty for some patients. it is the end of the road for antibiotics unless we act urgently. >> so, he says act urgently. linsey davis with us now. and we reported on antibiotics before being overused, so, what kind of conversation should you have with your doctor after this? >> reporter: right. don't ask your doctor for an antibiotic. you don't always need one. and if your doctor does
5:44 pm
prescribe it for you, make sure you take it for the entire course, even if you start feeling better after a day or two. >> all right, good advice. linsey davis with us tonight. thank you, linsey. and, memorial day weekend almost here. 34 million americans are expected to be on the road, beginning tomorrow. the average price of gas now at $2.33 a gallon. abc's chief business correspondent rebecca jarvis on what to expect at the pump this weekend. rebecca? >> reporter: david, pump prices have been rising now for 15 straight days. but that national average tonight is still 40 cents lower than it was this time last year. making this memorial day weekend the cheapest for gasoline in a decade. so, who's got it the best? well, the gulf states, including mississippi, louisiana and texas are paying some of the lowest prices in the nation for gas. and even in california, where prices are the highest in the country, a gallon of gas is still $1 lower than it was this time last year. and while that $2 a gallon gas is firmly in the rear view mirror at this point, the experts tell me we can expect prices to stay below $2.40 in
5:45 pm
the coming weeks. david? >> all right, rebecca, thanks so much. and there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this thursday. the breaking developments involving the mother of the so-called affluenza teen. the family had tried to blame a drunk driving crash that killed four on his privileged upbringing, that he didn't understand what he had done, and then fleeing to mexico. tonight, word coming in. new charges the mother is now facing. the frightening confrontation. strangers at her door. the text messages a daughter sent her mother, and the moment the people who broke in found her. and later tonight, take a look at this. incredible pictures coming in. this is boston harbor. a construction site. and if you can see right there, suddenly, the discovery. the new clues coming in tonight.
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5:48 pm
abc's clayton sandell on how authorities helped that young woman. >> reporter: jensen clark was home alone when she says these two burglars came knocking. >> my daughter's in a room with some burglars and they're going to hurt her. >> reporter: with bad cell service at their rural marion county, oregon, home, the 18-year-old could only text to her mom, who called 911. >> she said, i think they're inside and i'm afraid they're going to see me. >> reporter: jensen hides in her father's closet, for nearly 15 minutes, typing out a terrifying play by play. "i love you so much, mommy." and then, "they found me." >> they found her. they have her! they have her! >> what do you mean by they have her? >> they have her! she said, they found me. >> reporter: but jensen stands her ground. the suspects flee. >> i stood up. i said, you guys need to leave immediately. if you leave right now, i won't do anything. >> reporter: sheriff's deputies later found both suspects. >> i'm super proud of the strength that you had. >> i guess. i don't know where it came from. >> i don't know where it came from, either. >> reporter: tonight, those alleged busted burglars are in
5:49 pm
court. they have not yet entered a plea. clayton sandell, abc news, los angeles. >> clayton, thank you. when we come back here tonight, a new big dig in boston. the major discovery. they have halted construction and called in a team of archaeologists. also, win or go home. steph curry and his dream season, facing an elimination game tonight. what the superstar said late today. and from the white house to this house? new details about where the obamas might live next. next. postmenopausal osteoporosis and a high risk for fracture... i can tell you prolia® is proven to help protect bones from fracture. but the real proof? my doctor said prolia® helped my bones get stronger. are your bones getting stronger do not take prolia® if you have low blood calcium, are pregnant, are allergic to it, or take xgeva®. serious allergic reactions, such as low blood pressure; trouble breathing; throat tightness; face, lip, or tongue swelling; rash, itching or hives have happened in people taking
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5:53 pm
he was on probation for a 2013 drunk driving crash that killed four. her son became known as the affluenza teen after his defense team argued his privileged upbringing contributed to his irresponsible behavior. the first family doing some house hunting. we're learning more tonight about the house after the white house. if this is the one, the obamas will be just two miles away from where they are now. a nine-bedroom, eight and a half-bath home. the obamas have said they will stay in washington until their younger daughter, sasha, graduates from high school. no official word from the white house. and the dream season that could come to a close tonight. could. superstar steph curry and the golden state warriors facing an elimination game against the thunder. everything on the line. steph curry saying today, by the way, his knee is doing, quote, just fine. the warriors have not lost three games in a row since november of 2013. when we come back here tonight, you've heard of the big dig in boston. you're not going to believe the discovery this evening. they have halted construction for this. i take pictures of sunrises.
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finally tonight here, boston's big dig, taking on new meaning. construction was halted when workers made an historic discovery. boston harbor. for centuries, one of america's busiest ports. and here in the sea port district, at a busy construction site for what will be a new 400,000 square foot office building, construction crews were digging, when right at this very spot, an unexpected find. an old ship buried 15 feet below ground. >> looks like we have a ship wreck that was trapped on the dorchester flats. sometime in the mid to late 1818s. >> reporter: that ship from a time back when boston harbor
5:58 pm
looked more like this. >> no other ship wrecks of this size or scale have ever been found, especially on existing ground. so, it's maybe one of the only ones i'll do in my lifetime. >> reporter: construction halted. a team of archaeologists have been called in. they have found a barrel lid that once carried lime, used to make mortar and plaster for constructi construction. here, the bow of the ship. and the ship's hull. and just today, this fork, offering new clues. it's from the 1800s. found right next to a stack of burned dishes in the ship wreck. taking us back to a time long ago, right there in boston harbor. history revealed. thanks for watching tonight. i'm david muir. we leave you with this. more than 1,000 soldiers in arlington national cemetery today, honoring each grave marker with an american flag. we'll see you tomorrow night. good night.
5:59 pm
lots of frees and hots of plants i'm allergic to. >> impact of an el nino fuelled winter for people with aller allergies. a shoot out in santa barbara county leaves a suspect dead but no sign of the teenager he's suspected of kidnapping. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> witnesses heard screams and gunshots where 15-year-old pearl pinson was seen. >> and the suspect's car was
6:00 pm
spotted near solvang. >> reporter: there is a small memorial here where pearl was seen yesterday morning. it's a difficult time for family and friends of the teak. -- teenager now that the man who knows where she is dead. a father's anguish. this afternoon, the man believed for her abductor shown in this gold saturn was spotted on highway 101 near solvang. >> we continue to look for her and are worried about her safety. >> reporter: leslie says she heard the frightening sounds, screams police believe came perfect pearl he is


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