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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  May 27, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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it has been 48 hours since police say a man kidnapped the teen in vallejo. police shot and killed the man. possibly the only person who knows where pearl is. we are in green bay where the search expands. amy? >> good morning. the necessity focus is on surveillance cameras in the area long sir francis drake boulevard and along green bay. they got a hit a car, a picture of a car in marin county taken on surveillance cameras of the car it was believed she was taken, and we will check all cameras in the area. they believe 19-year-old fernando castro took pearl. he was shot and killed in a shoot out with police yesterday. now her family in vallejo wants
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to know where she is. >> we want to know where she is, he left her. show was abducted and possibly shot on the bridge, the overpass over 780 on wednesday morning. people say they heard her screaming. this image of her, the image of the car near the san rafael bridge. mess did not see her in the car. they would like to see more pictures or hear from anyone else with information to help them find her. >> thank you. this morning, the search is on in marin county for suspect flee. police arrested two 17-year-olds after a shooting left one novato high school dead and another hurt. sky 7 was over this home yesterday at 2:00 when marin s.w.a.t. team made the first
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arrest. officers zeroed in on the apartments a couple of hours later taking into custody the second suspect. the marin county sheriff said that both teens are students at redded with high school. the victims were students at novato high school. classes will not be held today because of staff development day. >> san ramon police hope you can help catch this woman wanted for robbing a bank holding up a credit union yesterday. a camera caught this photo wearing reflective vests lick a construction worker on a highway. >> hillary clinton will have breakfast in oakland this morning with country leaders. yesterday, lt. governor joined the democratic presidential candidate to rally supporters at the historic bank in san francisco. hillary clinton let donald trump have it. >> donald trump is an unqualified lose cannon who cannot get near the most powerful job in the world.
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it is up to us to say no. >> she spoke to south bay supporters in san jose. this morning at 9:00, she will have chicken and waffles on embark dough west in oakland. >> bernie sanders will bring his campaign to san francisco tomorrow. he spent thursday in southern california where he talked about the plan to make college tuition tree. many of you saw the vermont senator on jimmy kimmel last night ignoring a question from donald trump asking him in the delegate selection process was rigged. >> what i hope will happen is i would run against him as the d nominee for president of the united states. in i do, we will pete 'em and beat 'em bad. >> sanders will be at the farmers market in san francisco tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. >> donald trump will be back campaigning this california this morning. yesterday he celebrated a milestone in montana posting this photo eating mcdonald's
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after earning enough delegates to eastern the g.o.p. nomination. >> we had big day, the day where we hit the 1,237, right? >> donald trump passed 1,237 by claiming a small number of the unbound delegates. he will head to san diego after fresno. we will have a news app that can be downloaded for free to get breaking election updates. >> president obama is in are rochelle this morning the first vest to the city by a sitting united states president. he joined the japanese prime minister for a wreath laying ceremony at the peace memorial. we have more on this historic visit. >> it was a powerful moment seven decades in the making, president obama walking through hiroshima the first sitting american president to visit the city decision mated by an atomic bomb during world war ii. >> 71 years ago a bright
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cloudless morning, death fell from the sky and the world was changed. >> the president and japan's prime minister laid a wreath at the hiroshima peace memorial the only structure left standing after president truman authorized the world's first nuclear attack. >> president obama offered no apology for the decision. but reflected on the deadly moment forever etched in history. >> force ourselves to imagine the moment the bomb fell and feel the dread of children confused by what they see. >> we let them on a silent cry. he called for a more ad awakening making the case for ridding the world of nuclear weapons. >> we must have the courage to escape the logic of fear. pursue a world without this. >> he shook hands with survivors of the blast that killed 140,000
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people. >> the world was forever changed. but, today, children of this city will go through their day in peace. >> president obama is now heading back to the united states after a five day visit to vietnam and japan. both of the countries which the united states has overcome a painful history to become a allies. >> if you plan on barbecue over the holiday weekend, be stravaig length with the windy weather. memorial day weekend is the unofficial start of wildfire season. they ask the public to take steps to prevent sparking a new wildfire. that includes not leaving the grill untanned and keeping grass away from the camp fire. they increase their staffing to make sure that flames do not get out of control. one doing, two to go the warriors are still alive in the finals again the thunder after winning game five at home. >> golden state regrouped in
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oklahoma city. the thunder did not go down without a fight they kept us close the entire time. the --s have to win on the road this weekend. >> you can see everyone was up, everyone's spirits remain high after the walk, everyone's spirits were high. i knew that everyone was ready to go and we would bridge the dog to the gale. >> it will take ail of our iq, all of our gamesmanship and 48 great minutes to get a win. >> that is how you do it, final 120-111 and now trail 3-2. this is a watch party at oracle arena tomorrow with tickets on sale at 1:00 today. >> now the sharks. there is a team practice as they lead for pittsburg in game one of the finals, betting tampa bay lightning in game seven of the finals last night. game one is monday night at 5:0
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p.m. >> now, temperatures, our early risers in the east bay on highway 4, look at way are walking out to, mid-to-upper 50s through the san ramon valley and into conquer, low-to-mid 50s and to livermore and productening out our perspective, the school spot at 48, with los gatos, at 1,800' in the hills, and the rest of us in the mid-to-upper 50s novato and pacifica at 50 and from the east bay hills camera, the air quality is out and about today through the weekend, good news, tree pollen, weed poll be, mold spore, but watch out for the strong sunshine all weekend. now, the numbers for the weekend, 64 at half moon bay, tomorrow, 73 in san francisco, the 80s in the north bay and the south bay and the 90s inland east bay and sunday will pull back the temperatures just a little bit with the sea breeze kicking back in and monday is looking to be the warm ever at 97 in antioch, san jose at none and oakland is not bad at 73 and san francisco is 72 and half moon bay is 67.
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there is relief from the east but you have to travel a bit. >> in san rafael, it is fought too -- not too bad. it is a light commute. 22 minutes from novato into san francisco. green is good. a problem spot in livermore with an accident westbound 580 near airway. we are seeing a bit slow traffic beyond the scene. two left lanes are blocked. so far from the central valley we are looking good. the wilson off-ramp eastbound 37 remains shut down. >> the pg&e moving to end a crime california trial over the san bruno pipeline explosion's it begins. what it is accusing federal reports of doing. all the family of an oakland murder victim hopes money helps. the reward they are
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>> los altos, antioch, petaluma, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> pg&e asking a judgment to throw out a criminal case over the deadly san bruno pipeline explosion. they claim that misconduct by prosecutors has harmed its right to a fair trial sparking harsh credit sip of pg&e. the from expect of reduced charge or dismill of the entire case has dismayed san bruno
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officials and victims who are seeing closure. the blast killed eight people. it destroy three dozen homes, nearly six years ago. >> golden gate bridge officials are searching to hire two engineers to help with the installation of a suicide barrier on the span. the district needs more manpower on the $75 million project. they have difficulty finding talent because of the bridge's proximity to bart. it is latest delay on the project. construction was delayed by to months this year to make sure that american-made steel is used on the project. >> new surveillance video and a $30,000 reward hopefully will lead to a killer after a man was shot near his home april 10. someone may have tried to remember him. he just walked from a bar on telegraph avenue. police sharing new images of people considered to be "persons of interest" taken from surveillance video along the route that he took.
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>> these surveillance video are grainy to us who may not know the individual, but who is that? if you do know that person, you could tell us, wait, that is so and so. >> if you look at the scene you can see a silver honda accord detectives are calling a "vehicle of interest." >> two sheriff deputies pleaded not guilty to beating high speed chase suspect stanislav patrov. deputyies this month were charged with assault and battery. according to court documents they hit stanislav patrov with batons 30 times. can you see the incident was caught on surveillance video. both deputies now are on paid leave. stanislav patrov is in federal custody on unrelated drug and gun charges. >> bart crews take advantage of holiday weekend to finish track maintenance between the san leandro and bay fair stations. sue has been warning us about this for the week. service stops between midnight tonight and 4:00 a.m. on tuesday morning.
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part is providing a bus bridge to get passengers between the two stations. in the warriors playoff series goes to game seven and the warriors return to oracle arena, bart will restore the service that afternoon, and this is the last welcome bart will close the tracks for maintenance work. >> the bottle rocket festival starts custody with stevie wonder performing and the red hot chili peppers. this will be local chefs. although tickets are solve out you can buy after show tickets with special performances. bottle rock will run through sunday. >> sounds like fun. >> dreamed of living in the most popular home in san francisco? >> i drop about even buying a home in san francisco. >> the homemade famous by "full house," is for sale. it will cost you. asking price for the iconic
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home? $4.1 million. the victorian built in 1883 has an office and 3 1/2 baths and inside, well, it looks nothing like the set we saw on television. some fans unbelievably don't realize it was actually filmed on a hollywood sound stage. no word on why the can youent owners are selling but the netflix spinoff is drawingtons of tourists. >> you have to enjoy having your house photographed morning to noon. >> people knocking on the door. >> every day. >> meteorologist mike nicco, good morning. >> can we have a tour of your house? it is not an open house? just kidding. >> house is "full." >> like that. now a look at live doppler hd the next three hours, nothing to wore about and it is clear from our exploritorium. we start off with more sunshine bringing us warm to hot temperatures an the bay and
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inland and comfortably cool at the cost. clear tone, the freezes in the hills are going to be fast but not fast enough to warrant the advisory but we are getting interest fire station. it will keep our temperatures up. that will bring warmer temperatures over the weekend and through next week. we will have temperatures in the afternoon above average. here is a look at the lack of cloud cover near half moon bay and by the afternoon, it will be gone. sick there, and 70s and 80s for the most part inland and we will see a 90 coming up, but first, in the south bay, ill pete is 81, san jose is 85. in santa cruz, 72 degrees. 82 in mountain vie down to 72 in millbrae. mid-60s along the coast and low 70s in downtown and south san francisco, sausalito, a sunny and comfortable 74. we will hit 81 to 85 in the north bay and 73 to 88 in our east bay and inland we go from 85 in san ramon to 90 in
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antioch. my seven-day forecast shows the temperatures are pulling back a little bit on sunday and they will surge on monday and tuesday. >> the golden gate bridge is beautiful this or coming off of the waldo grade at limit waiting for zip are truck to give you four lanes in the southbound direction. it is usually done before action. the bay bridge toll plaza has a few carried stacked to pay cash in the left hand cash lanes and otherwise they are breezing right through with no metering lights that happened around 5:30. green is good. when we get the blip in livermore it is an accidents two left lanes blocked and they are waiting on the tow truck so minimal delays of less than ten minutes. the road work is still in the lanes. >> they are calling for a recall because of a danger to little ones.
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>> adopting a pet has a lot of benefits but it could put money in your pocket be as well. but, first, america's money report. >> good morning. low prices at the purport for this memorial day weekend. >> the agency rice for gas is $2.33 a gallon, rising every day for two week now but that is 40 cent less than last year the lowest for this time of year in a decade. >> google won a massive victory against oracle who said google illegally copied parts of the java programing language for their software and was seeking $9 billion. >> we start off the summer movie season, and two blockbusters battle it out "x machine," take on "alice," from our parent company disney. >> that is american's
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>> you that is the sound of science. next month you can make it yourself. the exploritorium is setting is up a huge public sound exhibit at united nations plaza. by huge we mean it. enormous chimes, long tubes and the giant xylophone open to the public by mid-june.
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it will be there a while. >> how long will the striking dumbbells be there? >> i am sure the exploritorium is all over it. >> they say it will be there two years. >> three million cups are recalled because of possible mold exposure of the sippy spill-proof cups. mold can develop with the removable white valve inside of the cup when it is wet and can you not get to it to clean it. the recalled cups were sold from december 2014 through this morning. stop using the cups and call for free replacement. >> tommy sippy sippy cups. >> 456 california beaches built graded and 8% got top marks, three bay area beaches planned on the ten most polluteed list,
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santa cruz county, again, named the most polluted and that is because of the number of birds that rat there. some of the best benches in the state in sonoma and baker beach in san francisco. >> moving is a hassle and for families it can affect how their kids perform in class. a new study found that youngsters would move around early in middle childhood were more likely to perform poorly in math. they were more likely to develop behavioral problems, too. the authors believe the changes disrupt daily routine. >> a gradual night at tames, a bit of a shady night for some of the smartest young members as they spell words most of us would not me how to say. >> that is our local boy from san jose making it to final six of the scripps national spelling bee. two spellers faced off in the
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final round. >> that is correct! >> did you notice that? one of them went for the high five and the other missed. >> it is the third career in a row that no speller stood alone at the end and co-champions shared the title near washington, dc. congratulations. you could see the stress came out and there were a lot of missed high fives. >> natasha does that to me all time. >> how we do. >> she trash talk me with words i don't understand, either. >> good morning, everyone. the a's are back take on the detroit tigers, 68 and sunny, down to 61 and sun will society at 8:23. if you are heading around the state today, a few showers are still around yosemite at 78 and hit the 90s in the central valley, and upper 60s and
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mid-70s around san diego and los angeles. at bottlerock we are look at temperatures in the low-to-mid 80s our warmest afternoon on saturday and add the beaches starting today we are in the mid-60s but total sunshine with the burn factor tremendous. slap on sunscreen. sue? yes, in san jose, highway 87, on the shark tank. busy busy activity there. we have very light traffic. friday get away day, the breeze is getting up to the san jose area. north san jose. we have the accident in livermore; that is out there and we have road work in the lanes, and this is 880 between 23rd and 29th out there for a few more minutes and i am not seeing slow traffic. we will check back on bart for the weekend and what you can expect in the next report. >> pet owners could get money back in they adopt the next best friend from a shelter. lawmakers are looking at a bill
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to make animal shelter adoption as deduction on your personal income tax. i want that beg el. -- beagle couraging more adoptions and help reduce the shelter populations and pets that are youth knifed. >> local governments spend $130 million a year maintaining shelters and it is incredibly beneficial for us to be able to incentivize people to adopt their new family member rather than going to a store. >> state senate committee will take under the measure next month. >> are you missing a bird -- bearded dragon? the animal was found on wednesday. it is in good health. it is lost. if you recognize this republic -- reptile give animal services a call. >> property crime is on the rise with the unexpected that the
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mayor said is to blame. all the california is a week and a half away and bernie sanders supporters are going to court
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> we are almost at the holiday weekend. i am natasha zouves. >> i am reggie aqui. it is friday, may 27. congratulations for making it to 5:00 a.m. on this friday. we will get a check on the weather and traffic. mike said it will be warm. around bay and inland so i thought we would start at the coast. we still have cloud cover from san francisco. it gets thicker around half moon bay but it will be again this afternoon. and


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