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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  May 27, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> we are almost at the holiday weekend. i am natasha zouves. >> i am reggie aqui. it is friday, may 27. congratulations for making it to 5:00 a.m. on this friday. we will get a check on the weather and traffic. mike said it will be warm. around bay and inland so i thought we would start at the coast. we still have cloud cover from san francisco. it gets thicker around half moon bay but it will be again this afternoon. and tomorrow.
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the local sea breeze will keep you in the 60s at the coast and it will be comfortable watch out for the strong sunshine. the next 12 hours temperatures are running in the 50s and we have 40s inland seem, and we will stay in the 60s at coast, 70s and the bay, and 80s inland. i have 90s coming up for holiday weekend and i will show you those next. >> right new bart has 36 trains all on time. but, this weekend, here is something to look out for, going to be a bus bridge in place between san leandro and bay fair and the stations are closed. you can expect delays so factor that in if you are headed to san leandro:ryville is looking great with no problems in the east shore freeway from goaf through berkeley to the macarthur maze you are looking at 15 minute drive. that is all the way in to san francisco. we have road work still out there and we will which evening in a few minutes. >> the search area widens for a missing bay area teen. the one person who would know where she is has been killed.
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the solano county sheriff said then-year-old castro kidnapped pearl pinson and it is believed he took her from vallejo. his car was seen yesterday morning in marin before being spotted in southern california. he led the c.h.p. on a chase into santa bar behalf in solvang where he was killed in a shoot out the it is believed pearl was shot on the foot bridge not far from her home. all the search on for the third suspect in an attack that killed a marin county high school student and injured another. two students are already under arrest. here are the latest development. >> teams swarmed the homes of the two were it is both are only 17. they attend redwood high school in larkspur. hands up. >> this is new video of one of the raids, and it it is at arms
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in novato the suspect surrender asked a couple hours earlier they entered a hell on role land boulevard and video shows the arrested. neighbors who witnessed the dramatic scene were reluck tap to talk. a woman did not want her face on camera. the mom was here and gave the police department the key to the house. >> we are talking about juveniles, the people we have arrested are juveniles and students at redwood high school. >> the teen victims attended novato high school with classes can selled yesterday. a letter say it was to ensure the safety of students and staff and were attacked on a trail on wednesday, one was found need a creek bed and the other walked into cell phone range call sunday money and is recovering at hospital. classes at novato high school are out for staff develop president today. people are putting together the motive in the case.
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>> san francisco mayor three is -- mayor lee is putting the mail on judges for increased property crimes in city. the mayor said that judges should be held accountable in they don't punish people would have been charged with car break-ins and home burglaries. the police department say property crime in san francisco increased 31% last year. the mayor lee wants people to pressure the judges to impose tougher sentences. >> are you getting out of town this weekend? a big heads up whether you are going by plane or car. matt, what can we expect? >> good morning. here it is, a little bit after action, in san jose, at mineta san jose international airport where it is picking up. you have heard of the long security lines at airports across the nation in the bay area and this weekend it could be worse. today is the 4th busiest air travel dave year and last year on the friday before memorial day, 2.25 million passenger went
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through airport security and travels can expect to wait longer than normal to weekend. some airports are recommending passengers arrive three hours before their departure times. it will be busy on roads and c.h.p. starts the max enforcement period tonight through monday. santa clara lived is also holding a d.u.i. check point in winchester boulevard. that is right by valley fair mall and santana and aaa is predicting 33 million americans will drive 50 or more for memorial day weekend the busiest memorial day weekend in ten years. we are here to help you, so avoid driving between 3:00 and pack this afternoon and the best day to travel is sunday. less traffic is expected on sunday than a normal sunday. >> good to know. supporters of bernie sanders will file a lawsuit in san francisco federal court this morning asking for an i junction against california's primary. lawsuit claims that independent
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california voters are being disenfranchised by complicated voting procedures. among other things, plaintiffs want to force the state to allow revotes by voters for the presidential primary candidates and to extend the voter registration deadline to election day. san francisco city attorney called the lawsuit "baseless." >> democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton will breakfast with community leaders in oakland this morning. yesterday, "los angeles times" governor introduced hillary clinton to an adoreing crowd in san francisco. hillary clinton said she does not believe donald trump and bernie sanders debate will happen. we will be at the home of chicken and waffles in oakland at 9:00. >> today, san mateo county registration is inviting the public to patch processing of vote by mail ballots. formals start open the ball thes today and will check for signatures do make sure they match the voter application. the last day to register to request a vote by mail ballot for june 7 primary is next
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tuesday. >> less than a week remains to request that as i mentioned and the dead behind is 5:00 p.m. voters go to the polls here in california on tuesday, june 7. >> want to watch the warriors take on the thunder? there is a watch part tomorrow at oracle arena after winning game five. >> many true fans never doubted the team for a second in the "do or die" game and the thin december fought hard against the dibs and kept the score really close golden state was able to hold oklahoma city off and citizen the series. go warriors! >> the warriors closed out and hit the shot and it was a great all around game. >> the worse still trail the series 3-2. game six is tomorrow night in oklahoma city. tip-off is at 6:00 people.
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>> it has been tough for washing steph curry running around. the guy that is trying to guard him grabs him. he is just amazing. what they are doing to him is amazing. glen park is 51 and cooler in portrero hill at 54 and the ferry willing. bell monday and richmond at 55, 56 in union city. petaluma now is 46 degrees. the activity planner has the holiday feel to it and sailing is if, the local spots get breezy this afternoon but no small craft advisory. beaches, watch out for the strong sunshine, many of us are still pale and it will be hotter tomorrow. sfo is mostly clear right new, so if you have people coming in, not expecting any delays. 90 inland east bay, we will see
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a few more 90 on saturday and sunday and they could hit the north bay and the south bay. sue? in walnut creek, southbound 680, the tail lights headed from pleasant hill through walnut creek and on to highway 24, looking really good if you have to be up at 5:09 you are at the limit for eight minutes from highway 4 to highway 24. we will check outside, better news in livermore we had an early accident near airway and it is cleared. green is good. check out the central valley, you can see right at the limit all the way from tracy to dublin for a nice drive. >> next we will look at concert chaos. the new surveillance video showing gunfire at a packed rap concert. teaching kids how to code, block by block
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♪ i got the discounts that you need ♪ ♪ safe driver ♪ accident-free ♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪ >> recommend, palo alto, north by, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> a french naval ship specializing in underwater exploration has arrived in the mediterranean to search for the egyptair plane that crashed last week. all 66 people on board were killed. the ship is carrying equipment that can find the flight data
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and cockpit voice recorder. ought video is unbelieve average, police showing a rapper opening fire before a concert right here on the right side of screen. the gunman is brooklyn rapper troy avenue accused of shooting three people including a friend who die asked he shot him helpful in the leg. it happened upstairs from where the concert was to start starting at a fistfight. he -- there is no connection for t.i. to the shooting. >> 24-year-old man struck up a friendship with a 16-year-old and they met and he is accused of having sex with the teen four times. hes with arrested last week at his home. he has been charged with three felony including statutory rape. >> distracted driving in general is dangerous. texting while driving is the worst. researchers found texting while driving disrupts part of your mind that requires hand and eye
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coordination that puts the britain on auto pilot. eating, and work stress, and fighting in the back seat, but cell phone use was more hazardous than any other distraction. >> teaching kids to code a hot topic and it can start by middle school. we find that a local teen we have spoken with builds a toy to teach this to kid as young as five. >> snapping blocks together but, really, she write code. >> it controls this ipad with a friendly blue creature. >> computers are not just a black box that is magic. it follows specific instruction. >> a it started at a college research roth with ipads in more and more classrooms, he thought something was missing.
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all the ipad is from but it is just one idea. >> they wanted to teach programing and they found a device to make it possible, the mirror of a bay area start-up. we have covered this since it debuted in 2013 at the tech conference that included games and a drawing game. the team showed off their idea and offered them jobs. >> it is awesome because a lot of research projects start and end in the laboratory. >> it made coding a team sport. >> these people have been centered around one ipad. >> it does not teaching a programing language. >> it is a way of thinking and problem solving. it goes so much more cornered sitting at a computer. and clicking away. >> they launch in apple stores on june 1. this is the first chapter of many. all the adventure is not over. at all. >> incredible.
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>> wish i knew a little bit of what any of them know how to do. >> i don't know how to tell the weather but we have our expert, mike nicco. >> my coating was way back when and it was black jack. how to play 21. good morning, everyone, we will look at what is going on with live doppler hd, the winds are light and variable, and they will pick up in the normal spot but it is not going to be a full on sea breeze not with the temperatures we are going to have. the if picture from mount tamalpais is sunny this afternoon and even the coast and warm to hot and we are clear tonight breezy in the hills in the north bay and temperatures are warmer tomorrow morning and that will pentagon us to our warmest day on saturday before monday and tuesday come into the picture and they will be warmer. in the south bay, san jose is 85 a lot of low-to-mid 80s and santa cruz is 72 and you will have sunshine. 72 is the cool spot mill bring up to 82 in mountain view and along the coast we hang around 63 to 66 degrees, and hit the
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low first in downtown south san francisco, sausalito at 74, and 80 to 85 through the north bay valley and if you are along the east bay shore, richmond at 73 and oakland at 76 hitting 80 in castro valley, and antioch is up to minute and the rest of us behind in the mid-to-upper 80s but more of us see 90s temperature. tonight, mid-to-upper 50. that will spring board us to remain wither weather tomorrow in my seven-day outlook. a little bit of a sea breeze on sunday. we will cool the toes ever-so-slightly and a surge of warmth on monday and tuesday. have a great weekend. sue? >> bart has 40 trains on time this friday morning and that is a great way to go. don't forget on monday for memorial day they will be on a holiday service and ace train is not running monday, right now, train 1 is on time from vasco. no problems with the golden gate buses and no canceled routes so far. they are on holiday for monday,
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as well, in you are thinking of taking a bet. we 8 come pack and look at some of your south bay commute in a few minutes. >> a jury has award add fire victim's widower $6.5 million but he not collect a single penny. this limousine fire that killed five women on the san mateo bridge in 2012. one victim's husband won the not against the company that made the let limousine but ford convinced the court that the operator should pay the man. so he will be unable to collect the minute because of an early settlement with the firm. >> the centers for disease control is everyoning the public this morning of a super bug that the country has never seen before. scientists have dreaded it for a long-term and it is finally here. the string of bacteria is not killed by our toughest abe
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biotics. two million come down with the inin connection 23,000 die from it. it is the first strain ever to be found that is resistant to the oldest type of drug of last resort. we rarely use it because it has such harsh side affect. >> that is important and disturbing. >> pay pal is changing up their apps. >> big change for pay pal announcing they will discontinue apps for make mine, mack barry and amazon kindle and instead will focus only on the ios and droid app. >> microsoft and facebook will build an undersea cable to run 4,000 miles from virginia to spain no wider than a garden hose saying it will help the growing demand for high speed online and cloud service. >> a state by state list of the most misspelled words on respond. >> some that triple up the most include "desert," which has one
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"s" and canceled has two "l" and vacuum has two "u"s. >> those are the tech bytes. >> i is easier to hold on when you cannot fine a seat on bart which is move ahead with a land to buy 35,000 new hand straps. at $each, they expect to spend $311,000 on the project. the project is done, each bart car will have 80 straps. >> explain this to me, developers of a new dating website things your dan -- d.n.a. has the secret to relationships. and you your partner spit into the container and send it back to the campaign, they analyze it for genes that can determine how you communicate and process emotion and instant chemistry tends compatibility score. the total cost is $200. what in you are not compatible?
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it is not a first date activity. >> it is not even 100th date activity. stay tuned.
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no, no, no, no, [music] people are both soft and strong... yey! which is why our products are too. angel soft. >> he are seven things you need on know before you go. number one, amber alert in affect for 15-year-old pearl pinson. fernando castro accused of kidnapping her was shot and killed during a shot out yesterday. >> authorities are looking for the third suspect in connection with wednesday's violent shooting and stab that killed one novato high schoolers and wounded another. two 17-year-olds were arrested yesterday in back-to-back afternoon raids. >> it is memorial day weekend, and today is expected to be the 4th busiest day of the year for air travel, aaa is predict ing 38 million will hit
5:24 am
the road, the busiest in a decade. >> four, we are following your friday morning commute, and it is pretty light. if you can get identity of dodge fur leaving town, now is the time to do it, no metering yet at the bay bridge toll plaza. this afternoon, that will an different story. a hot weekend starting with temperatures that are jumping 5-9 degrees above average in the 70s and 80s and i will show you 70s reaching the coast and where the 90s are going to be this weekend. >> bernie sanders supporters are filing a lawsuit that could delay the june 7 primary. the lawsuit claims that independent california voters are be disenfranchised by complicate voting procedures. >> president obama visited the hiroshima peace memorial laying a wreath. he is the first sitting united states president to visit the city since the atomic bomb was dropped in world war ii. >> gawker media has confirmed to
5:25 am
the "wall street journal" they are exploring a sale of their company. gawker is. broiled in an expensive legal fight with hulk hogan who sued after a self tape featuring him. a judge ruled in favor of him and awarded $140 million in damages. reports surfaced that peter thiel helped fund the suit. in defend 20 gawker wrote about his sexuality. >> apple and sam punk suppliers have replaced 60,000 factory workers with robots. the chinese company confirmed that they are making the manufacturing tasks automatic but deny that it ruled if long term job losses. this assemble the ample iphone and ipad. china is developing in a robot workforce amount study suggests that 35% of jobs are at risk over 20 years. >> you could tell your children
5:26 am
or grandchildren about passwords and they will be amazed it was such an old fashioned security measure with new password replacement technology that uses multiple sensors to determine in it is you or someone else trying to log in. cnn reports that security options include combining a scratch your face, the sound of your voice and your scene swiping style. >> stay tuned.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> we are approaching 5:30. i am regular. >> we are approaching the memorial day weekend. >> i am natasha zouves. it is friday the 27th. now the check of weather and traffic. mike? good morning. we will start with a look at our
5:29 am
roof cameras. the winds are barely blowing and we have just a little hazy out there in san francisco. now on live doppler hd you can see where the cloud cover is. right along the peninsula coast. you will get some sunshine. we will revisit our roof camera to talk about the day planner, 44 to 54 is our coolest morning moving failure. 62 to 80 from the cost inland. by lunch hour, we will have sunshine with the sunglasses and we will be still in 960s at the coast but mid-to-upper 80s inland by 4:00. >> a last folks are taking the day off today and if for you. coming up on 5:30 where slight conditions in san jose. this is the 880 overcrossing. and 280 headed in the northbound direction with the hold lights headed town cupertino. green is good. en from the central valley with no slow traffic. wonderful. love to have that in the traffic center. we have a car fire fully engulfed, and this is southbound
5:30 am
880 before this area and slow traffic out of castro valley on 238. it is minor. we will check on the mass transit options this memorial day weekend. >> in alameda, an overnight fire chase add person out of her home, and this happen on fountain street before 12:30 a.m. the woman living inside got out safely. officials say they had access issues which made it very difficult. a firefighter is hurt. he was taken to the hospital. a fair investigator is on the scene trying to determine the cause. >> where is pearl pinson? it has been almost 48 hours since police say a man kidnapped the teen in vallejo. police shot and killed the man possibly the only person would knows where pearl is. amy hollyfield is in green bay where the search is, expanding. amy? >> investigators are hoping that these along sir friend sits drake boulevard can help find
5:31 am
antis. they will ask businesses to look at footage from the surveillance video, the car was seen in this surveillance video near the san rafael bridge yesterday morning. they would lick to fine more pictures. authorities believe that 19 year old fernando castro kidnapped 15 area old pearl pinson. the f.b.i. has now joined the search. castro was shot and killed in a shoot out with police in santa barbara county after leading police often a high speed chase and pulled into a quiet mobile home park in solvang terrifying for the residents. i got a again call and he almost ran her over and we showed up and 20 shots were fired. >> a witness said that pearls with abducted on wednesday morning near this foot bridge over 780 in vallejo. she was screaming. the witness then heard a gunshot. in the picture captured here in marin county of the car it did
5:32 am
not appear that pearl was in the car. southwest fairs want more pictures so they can putting to what happened. >> the other big story, two 17-year-old boys under arrest and a third lose after a shoot asking stabbing that last one novato high school student dead and another wounded. sky 7 was over the whom year at 2:00 when marin county swat teams made the first arrest then officers zeroed in on the apartment a up cough hours later taking into custody their second suspect. the marin county sheriff said that both teens are students at redwood city high school in larkspur. the victims were students at novato high school. classes are canceled in novato because of a staff develop president day. >> police hope you can help them catch this woman wanted for robbing a bank. she held up the credit union on crow canyon praise at 1:20 yesterday afternoon.
5:33 am
can you see the surveillance camera that caught a photo of her. she airs a vest like those on highway and construction workers. >> in california the center of the political word hillary clinton will have breakfast in oakland this morning with community leaders, and on thursday, lt. governor joins the democratic presidential candidate to rally supporters at the bank in san francisco. hillary clinton let donald trump have it. >> donald trump is an unqualified loose cannon who cannot get near the most powerful job in the world. it is up to us to say no. >> earlier hillary clinton spoke to south bay supporters in san jose and this morning will have chicken and waffles. >> bernie sanders will bring the campaign to san francisco tomorrow spending thursday in southern california where he expect land to make college tuition tree. many of you saw the vermont senator last night on jimmy kimmel ignoring a question from
5:34 am
donald trump asking in the delegate selection process is rigged. >> tell them what i hope will happen is that, in fact, i will run against him as the democratic knox necessity for president of the united states. and in i do we are going to beat 'em and beat 'em bad. >> sanders is at the farmer's market in san francisco tomorrow at 9:00. >> donald trump is in california, today, as well, and yesterday this picture on instagram of him in montana. the republican candidate posted this eating mcdonald's french fries and talking how he earned enough diagnosises to win the governor presidential nomination. >> we had a big day today. today was the day where we hit the 1,237. right? >> he get to that february by claiming a small number of the we party's unbound delegates. donald trump is in fresno this morning before heading to san diego. >> stay up for date on the race for the white house with news
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app which you can download right now with updated push alerts. >> investigator say plumbing work to blame for the fire at a complex in foster city, and it break out language hillside boulevard before 5:00 yesterday evening. no one was hurt and the fire caused significant damage to several units. >> if you plan to barbecue, cal fire is asking you to be extra vigilant the start of wild fair season unofficially. do not leave your grill unattended. and clearing away any glass near the camp first. they are increasing staffing to make sure flames do not get out of control. >> one down. two more to go. warriors are still alive in the western conference finals again the thunder after winning game five at hope. >> there were back-to-back losses in oklahoma city but they did not go down without a fight and kept it close the entire
5:36 am
game. they have to win this weekend. >> you could see everyone was up. spirits were high. i knew then that everyone was ready to go and was going to bring the dog to the game. >> it will take...all our iq, all of our gamesmanship and just ...48 great minutes to get a win. >> final score was 120-11 and here is what happens, the dubs are trailing 3-2. they will be out of town and you could go over to oracle arena and watch the game tomorrow, the team hosting a watch party at 1:00 people this afternoon to get involved. >> now, temperatures if you wake up in the north play this is as cool as it will be, this morning, 43 in rohnert park, petaluma, is 45, 50s around san rafael and in the napa canyon the winds keep the
5:37 am
temperatures in the 50s. we are seeing that elsewhere, san ramon, lafayette, at 51 and san carlos and newark and 53 and san francisco, san jose, 53 and alameda at 5, a look from our exploritorium camera at pier 15, look how calm the water is as you come in to san francisco, breezy around angel island but, otherwise, watch out for sunshine and that will get you this afternoon. now, our temperatures, tomorrow, 64 at half moon bay, 73 in san francisco, but 77 and look at upper 80's in san jose and santa rosa and all the 90 inland east bay neighborhoods and we will drop the temperatures a little bit on sunday but look at them surge back on monday, our warmest day with low-to-mid 90s inland, 90s around the south bay, and upper 80s in the north bay, and, still, refreshing 70s around san francisco and oakland. head to the coast of the enjoy the sunshine. it will be relatively mile. sue? >> an easy commute for san mateo bridge drive we have 14 minutes from hayward to foster city
5:38 am
across flat section on the high-rise early road work has been cleared out and it is a nice drive. on the hayward side we have a car fire and this is southbound 880 near 238. we are seeing slow traffic on the sensors meaning a delay of five minutes to get to the scene and fire is going to have for close down a couple of lanes, 238 also is slow out of castro valley so we heads up here expect delays as they get this car out of there, fire is out and the car removed from the area. we have road work still there, eastbound 788, the ramp to northbound 680 is closed for road worker until 6:00 this morning. stay tuned. >> this is scary stuff hundreds of passengers on a korean air jet laner forced to evacuate after an engine caught fire while they were taking off last night at tokyo's airport. can you see the aftermath, the boeing 777 with the can't
5:39 am
rejecting the take off when the left engine caught fire and he ordered everyone off the airplane through the merge escape slides. 302 passengers and 17 craw managed to escape the plane. 12 suffered minor injuries. firefighters sprayed foam on the engine to put it out. >> eight automakers are recalling 12 million vehicles to replace takata airbags that can explode. honda, fiat, chrysler, toyota, and months da among the automakers involved. it includes passenger airbags mainly in older models in areas along the gulf coast where this is high heat and humidity. the auto recall is already the largest recall in united states history. the air bags are linked to 11 deaths so far and more than 100 injuries around the world. >> president obama is in hiroshima the first sitting united states president to visit the city decimated by an atomic bomb during world war ii. he and the japanese prime minister laid a wreath at the peace memorial the only
5:40 am
structure left standing after the nuclear attack. as we expected, president obama did not offer an apology. here is what he said. >> force orselves to imagine the moment the bomb fell, to feel the dread of children confused by what they see. we listen to a silent cry. all the president now is returning to washington, dc, after the five day tour of vietnam and japan. the trip was aimed at becoming allies or strengthening our ally status with the nations. >> bart rider, news for holiday weekend. >> why the most popular homes in the bay area is going up
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daly city, dublin, los gatos, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> pg&e peg is asking a judge to throw out a crime california case over the deadly pipeline explosion claiming misconduct bit prosecutors harmed the right to a fair trial sparking harsh criticism. the prospect of reduced charges or dismissal of the case has dismayed san bruno officials and victims who seek closure in the wake of the disaster. the blast killed eight people and destroyed three dozen hopes six years ago. >> golden gate bridge officials are looking do hire two engineers to help with the installation of a suicide
5:44 am
barrier on the span. the district needs more manpower on the $75 million project. they have difficulty fining talent because of the proximity to bart and less competitive salaries. the latest delay on the project. and you was delayed two months earlier in the year to make sure american made steel is used. >> oakland police want you to look at a new surveillance video image and health you know the $30,000 reward they hope will lead them to a killer. bring an bole die after being shot fear his home on april 10 near his home. someone may have tried to problem hill. he walked from a bar on telegraph avenue and police are sharing imen has of people considered "persons of interest" that were taken from surveillance video along the route that bol. took. >> the surveillance video are grainy to us who may not know the individual but who is that, but if you know that person, you can tell sometimes, wait, a is
5:45 am
so and so. >> there is an image they are sharing of a silver honda accord that is called a "vehicle of interest." >> two sheriff deputies pleaded not guilty to betting high speed chase suspect stanislav patrov. this month the two deputies were charged with assault and battery. according to the court documents they hit stanislav patrov with batons at at least 30 ties. can you see the november incident was caught on surveillance video. both deputies are on paid leave. stanislav patrov is in federal custody on unrelated drug and gun charges. abart is taking advantage of the holiday weekend to finish traffic maintenance between san leandro and bay fair station. you will went to know that service will stop 20 midnight and 4:00 a.m. on tuesday or. bart is bringing a bus bridge to get passengers between the two stations. of course, plan for the time accordingly. in the warriors go to game then and they run on monday bart will
5:46 am
restore service that afternoon so you are not stranded. this is the last weekend part will close the racks for the current maintenance. >> bottlerock festival starts today. arts include florence and the machine and the red hot chili peppers and there will be local chefs. although festival tickets are sold you can buy after show tickets with spend perform amendments. bottlerock runs through sunday. i want to say "bottlerockets." ever dreamed of living in the most popular home of san francisco. >> have you her dreamed of just affording a home in san francisco? look at the house in the "if you house," opening which is up for sale. it will cost you a lot of money. asking price for the icon ice home is $4.1 million. the three bedroom victorian built in 1883 with office and 3 1/2 baths.
5:47 am
inside, you would expect it look nothing like the house on tv. some fans think it was shot in the house but of course it was shot on a hollywood set. we do not know why the current owners are selling it but the new netflix skip off is drawing a last tourists. >> now over to sue with traffic news. >> good morning, happy friday. it is friday "lite", san rafael is great conditions, traveling from novato south all the way the freitas parkway overcrossing, beyond the specific center up and over toward the golden gate bridge and a novato 37 to the city at 22 minutes. green is good, and even out of the central valley we are not seeing slow traffic the friday get away and this afternoon, though, it will be a different deal. we had a car fire fully encouple offed southbound 880 near 238
5:48 am
the transition was closed and i am seeing that the 238 is looking fine and southbound 880 coming into san lenadro or san lorenzo is low. give yourself extra time. stay tuned. >> at 6:00, a first of its kind idea for the city of san francisco involving marijuana and working out. >> but, first, the reason millions of sippy cups are recalled
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the abc7 news app, on the go, on your schedule. news that lives where you live. >> that, friends, is the sound of science. you can next month be part of it. the exploritorium is setting up a huge public sound exhibit at united nations plaza. it is huge. enormous chimes and giant xylophones open in mid-june for two years. we will be hearing that for a long time. >> two years. >> three million sippy cups are recalled because of mold. it includes five types of spill proof cups. model can develop on the valve inside the cup when wet. it is difficult to clean. they were sold at several stores from december 2014 through this month of the stop using them and call for free replacement.
5:52 am
>> if you are headed to a bench the bay area has the clean of the beaches. that is according do a new report released by annan environmental group rating 45 california beeps and 88% got top marks but three bay area beaches were on the ten most polluted list, including one in santa cruz, again, named state's most polluted because of the number of birds that rat there. all the best beaches in case are in sonoma and pick are peach with the view of golden gate bridge. >> moving is a has sell but for families it can affect how children people in the classroom. a study is out this week fining youngsters would move around in early and middle childhood were more likely to perform poorly in math and literature. the children were more likely to develop emotional and behavioral problems. the authors believe the changes disrupt daily routine published in the journal of child development. >> a grueling night for some of
5:53 am
america's smart ever young mines as they spell words not of us would not try to say. >> correct! >> that is spelled... >> we are proud of san jose's contestant would made it to the final six of the scripps national spelling bee. tension mounted when two spellers faced off in the filial -- final round. >> that is correct! did you see that? he went for the high five. and nothing. >> still no love. what is going on there? >> for the third year in a row no spellers alone, with co-champions sharing the title but not a high five near washington, dc. >> we said pro-spelling bee bays are not something to look up to. >> a lost smack going on up
5:54 am
there. >> good morning, everyone, remember all of the snow we had in lake, check it out, it is again. it is brown. again. and there is rain on the way. my forecast for the holiday, 64 on saturday. 68 on sunday. with thunder. warmer on monday. with sunshine and 74. at him the next three hours, absolutely dry. look at sunshine beginning on mount tamalpais and we have high cloud cover going away for a warm to hot afternoon, and clear and breezy hills and above average through the continued. as far as the cloud cover can you see it moving away by 11:00 and 60s at the coast, and 70s around the bay and 80s inland. we will get to 90 in one area, antioch, with more areas in the 90s inland tomorrow and the south bay can see a too 90s and we will pull back the temperatures on sunday and the warmest day is monday into tuesday. >> good morning, were, mostly
5:55 am
friday light so we will check on bart with 44 trains running on time on a sunday schedule for memorial day. ace train one and three are on time, and ace train one coming into fremont, and ace train three coming in to vasco and there will be no service for ace on memorial day. for delays with the transit but they will be on sunday service for memorial day. both the buses and the ferries. bart is expecting big delays between bay fair and san leandro and we will check on that in a minute. an early car fire in san lorenzo, cleared but slow traffic remains. changes coming for muni and i will show you a map, seven bus stops are discontinued on van ness starting june 4, affecting
5:56 am
three routes. the changes ahead of the van ness improvement project. >> common sense advise on thousand lose sweet now getting attention: east less. portion control could be the key to weightless. people would ate prepackaged meals loss lost 8% of the initial weight compared to those would selected their own diet. when food is packaged to small controllable portions it is easier to shed pounds. the study is published on "journal of obesity." >> pet owners can get money back if they adopt from a shelter in a few bill that makes them a deduction on the personal income tax. if you adopt a dog or cat from a shelter you get $100 tax credit. supporters say it encourages more adoptions and reduces the shelter population and pets that are euthanized. >> local governments spend $140 million a year to maintain the
5:57 am
shelters and it is important to incentivize people to adopt a new family member regard than going a store. >> a senate committee will take up the measure next month. >> could bottlerock be facing competition? a new music festival headed to napa. stay tuned.
5:58 am
5:59 am
live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> what day is this? >> friday! >> thank you. >> memorial day weekend is upon us and mike nicco has been bring us beautiful weather. >> a lot of sunshine. warmer weather. even the coast will get warmer
6:00 am
because of the add sunshine. that is the most comfortable place to be if you don't lake the heat. right new the clouds are clinging to half moon bay all the way down toward monterey and carmel but they will see sunshine. it is tranquil from the explore dorm, we are starting in the mid-40s upper 50s through 7:00, and we will stay in the 60 at the coast, and upper 70s to low 80s around the bay and mid-to-upper 88 inland. enjoy a delight will evening at 7:00, 60 at the coast and low-to-mid 70s. sue? >> it is good. you can brace for big delays this weekend on bart. heads up if you are planning to use bart. san leandro to bay fair, closed stationed where the track getting maintenance. bus bridges are in place. they are experiencing or warning there you could find big delays the green is great. no slowing in the central valley. hayward is the big problem


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