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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  May 27, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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that is the most comfortable place to be if you don't lake the heat. right new the clouds are clinging to half moon bay all the way down toward monterey and carmel but they will see sunshine. it is tranquil from the explore dorm, we are starting in the mid-40s upper 50s through 7:00, and we will stay in the 60 at the coast, and upper 70s to low 80s around the bay and mid-to-upper 88 inland. enjoy a delight will evening at 7:00, 60 at the coast and low-to-mid 70s. sue? >> it is good. you can brace for big delays this weekend on bart. heads up if you are planning to use bart. san leandro to bay fair, closed stationed where the track getting maintenance. bus bridges are in place. they are experiencing or warning there you could find big delays the green is great. no slowing in the central valley. hayward is the big problem spot
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with a car fire. crews still blocking lane. it is slow. not too bad. maybe 10 minutes. i connected the drive time ten minutes to get to the 238 junction. a couple of problems in the north bay we will check on. >> we have break news from vallejo. more than 350 pg&e customers do not have power. that is because of an early fire you can see where a car caught fire at 3:30 this morning bringing down the power lines and it spread to the dry grass. firefighters say it threatened homes but they managed to keep the flames from spreading to the house. >> pg&e is on the scene trying to restore power to the initial as we speak. no one was hurt. >> another story from vallejo, the search area widens for a missing bay area teen from vallejo. the one person who would know where she is now dead. the sheriff said that 19 year
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old fernando castro kidnapped pearl pinson on wednesday morning. it is believed castro took the 15 year old from her neighborhood. castro's car was seen in marin county yesterday morning before being spotted and led the c.h.p. on a chase to santa barbara county where he was killed in a shoot out with police. investigators believe that pearl was possibly shot on a foot bridge over highway 780 which is not far from her home. >> this morning the search is on for the third suspect in an attack that killed one marin county high school student ask injured another. two students are already under arrest. our reporter is here with the latest developments. >> good morning, police are still putting together a motive and they have arrested two suspects and are looking for a third suspect. here is new video when the teams swarmed a home. >> out the front door with your hands up. >> this is at the apartments in novato. the 1-year-old suspect
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surrendered peacefully. only a couple of hours earlier swat tombs entered a home on roland boulevard with video showing that arrest and the suspects are project juveniles attending redwood city and the victims are teenagers from novato high school. police say they stabbed and shot on the trail and one was found dead in the creek bed. the other was able to call for help and is recovering at a hospital. >> the first victim in the case, the gentleman now is recovering in a local help, was able to provide information also combined with what the people were asking, the community, that allowed us to get where we are right now. >> classes were canceled yesterday at novato. cities will taught run until tuesday and there is a staff development day today and, also, the memorial day holiday. the names of the victims have not been released. the sheriff is following up on leads after doing a lot of door knocking yesterday to try and track down the third suspect or anyone would might have
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information. in the newsroom for abc7 news. >> getting out of town for memorial day weekend, a big heads up whether you going by car or bus lanes, our reporter had that. what can we expect? >> this is rush hour at mineta san jose international airport and people will be facing a lot of long lines inside as they try to get identity of down for memorial day weekend. today is the 4th business of the air travel day of the year and last area on the friday before memorial day, about 2.25 million passengers went through airport securities and t.s.a. said the travelers can expect to wait longer than normal this weekend. some airports are recommending passengers arrive three hours before their departure time. people we spoke with this morning or hoping no the best. >> we will see what security is like. i is not soon it this long in a long-term. >> i had no idea. mostly gist hoping to make my flight. >> aaa is predicting 34 million machines will drive 50 miles or
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more for memorial day weekend and that is 2.1% more than last year low gas prices are fueling the increase, and drivers are paying the lowest memorial day gas prices since 2005. c.h.p. starts the maximum enforcement period tonight through monday night with believes holding a d.u.i. check point tonight near stevens creek boulevard and winchester boulevard. that is near valley fair mall. >> supporters of bernie sanders will file a lawsuit in san francisco federal court this morning asking for an i junction against california's primary. the lawsuit claims that independent california voters are being disenfranchised by compliment voter procedure including plaintiffs want to force the state to allow revotes by voters four presidential primary candidates and to extend the voter registration deadline to election day. san francisco city attorney calls the lawsuit "baseless." >> meanwhile, democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton has breakfast with community leaders in oakland,
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year lot hoot governor introduced her at an adore, crowd at the bank in san francisco. show said she does not believe donald trump, bernie sanders, debate will happen. she is going to be at home at chicken and waffles on embarcadero at account am in oakland. >> new, the warriors. if you want to watch the next game it is out of town with 20,000 of the greatest fans and you could do so with a matter hosted at oracle arena after weeing game five last night. -- after winning game five last night. >> fans never doubted in the "do or die" game. the thin december -- thunder fought hard. golden state held oklahoma city off and extend the series. >> number one. go warriors! >> they closed it out. hit the shots. a great all-around game.
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>> a they still trail 3-2. game six is tomorrow in oklahoma city with tip-off at 6:00 p.m. >> first, bottlerock and napa live inside and out another music festival coming to downtown napa on sunday. next sunday. it offers a concert goer day of snapping, sipping and singing with plenty of live music from blues to bluegrass, rock-n-roll, and funk to fiddle. it is from noon to 6:00 next sunday. >> fur into marijuana and working out, the next store is for you. the co-founder of 420 in san francisco will have a pot grandly gym in the city called "power plant fitness," it is opening in the fall. he believes if marijuana is used responsibly it can help you focus and perform better. science is defied on whether marijuana helps or hinders
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athletes. >> coming up unbelievable mixup, how twitter mistakenly sent a. 's personal information to the pan she said was stalking her. >> honoring our heroes, a look at the incredible display of rem
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>> we are back at the forecast broadcast, with a look of sun off the bay this morning. the temperatures are a town or two warmer than yesterday, upper 40s around woodside and palo alto and low-to-mid 50s elsewhere and a item or two degrees caller at 45 in santa rosa and mill valley at 46. 53 in san francisco. concord is 56. local breezes but nothing to worry about, beaches, strong sunshine, all weekend; hotter tomorrow if you are thinking about heading to the pool another area with a few clouds we have total sunshine even the cost, today, and a few high clouds and warmer tomorrow, the sea breeze kicks in on sunday, and monday and tuesday, gist as warm as saturday, in not even warmer. sue? if you are trying to get up and at it for the weekend, early, smart. very smart. we have good conditions. a couple of exceptions and this is a big artery to i-5, eastbound 80 the ramp to finish
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505 is blocked with a cement farook that crashed into the guardrail. this is eastbound get away direction so heads up. you can see the green sensors and i am not seeing any slow traffic there but that is going on and southbound 680 before 880 we have a car in the center divide facing the wong way and they will have to get a tow truck in there that could be blocking a lane so we will keep our eye on that, at 238 and 880 we will check on that in a few minutes. awesome better ceremony at arlington national cemetery in virginia marks the beginning of memorial day weekend activities. arm traps place more than 230,000 american flags at the grave stones in the cemetery and a thousand soldiers carried 300 to 400 flags cross the cemetery 624 acres, the flag-in with continues of thousands of visiters speakinged and all the flags will be precisely placed.
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>> big day for a bay area landmark. guess which landmark is turning 79 years old today? a land in the washington for you didn't listen to your parents. you ignored every piece of advice. you failed over, and over, and over. and look where it got you. time to shine. orbit. britta olsen is my patient. i spend long hours with her checking her heart rate, administering her medication, and just making her comfortable. one night britta told me about a tradition in denmark, "when a person dies," she said, "someone must open the window so the soul can depart." i smiled and squeezed her hand.
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"not tonight, britta. not tonight." [ female announcer ] to nurses everywhere, thank you, from johnson & johnson.
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>> benicias san ramon, san mateo and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> this video is extending releasing a shooting of a man.
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right there. before a t.i. concert. the gunman is brooklyn rapper troy avenue. he is accused of shooting these people on wednesday including a friend who died. he shot himself in the leg during the incident. it happened in the green room upstairs from where the concert was to start and started as a fistfight. the rapper, t.i., had no connection to the shooting. >> woman who contacted twitter to report she was harassed said it turned into a disaster. according to business insider twitter sent the fill contact information including her address to the man who was harassing her. the woman said she filed name rouse complaints to twitter by the report button but the process was convoluted and slow wants twitter to include more visible instructions on the compliment page advising people to show how to avoid sharing an address. all the holiday weekend is here. it looks like many people are starting the welcome now.
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meteorologist mike nicco is on the roof. what did we have? >> i have an early dose of vitamin d because we will have a lot of sunshine at the coast with the local sea breeze with some of us paying to stay comfortable this holiday weekend. we will look at live doppler 7 hd and i have forwarded the next three hours you can see it is absolutely quiet in santa cruz with the people clean, the sand is groomed and they are ready to head on down to the boardwalk, sunny and 72 this afternoon, but, warmer today, and it could get to 80. her at look at the forecast highlights, sunny and warm and clear tonight and breezy in the hills so it will be warmer when you wake up tomorrow morning. and as far as the cloud cast be you can see by noon, most of the clouds are gone in our temperature spread, 60s to 80s and antioch will reasonable be 90s you will be the lone one, and morgan hill is 87 and everyone else in the low-to-mid 80s up the peninsula we start at 83 inned with wad to pill bring at 72, and mid-60s along the coast,
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and cracking the 70s-degree mark in downtown south san francisco and sausalito, 83 to 85 across the north bay valley and 73 to 80 along the east bay sure and warm inland 85 to 92 degrees. tonight, the breezes will keep our temperatures in the mid-to-upper 50s and the 60s around fairfield and antioch. my seven-day forecast shows the 90s will be pore widespread inland and in the south by tomorrow, possibly even the north bay and only the east bay has 90's on sunday and there should be 90s monday and tuesday can 80s take over the bay but, notice, we stay in the 60s at the coast and we will be close to 70 on monday, but fill be comfortable there so watch identity pore the strong sunshine. here is sue. >> we do have light traffic conditions for the most part a couple of exceptions, but, just soak this in: it is all friend. usually by this time we do not have all green just a blip slow traffic over the altamont pass and this is hayward car fire
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partly blocking the ramp to 238, and one lane now is open on the ramp and we are still seeing slow traffic for an 8-10 minute backup to get yourself on southbound 880. also, some problems in vacaville with the ramp closure we will talk about that, from eastbound 80 to 500 a major artery up there and in i getting an early start to the memorial day weekend. >> it gets easier to hold on when you cannot fine a seat on bart with a plan to buy 35,000 new hang straps. at $8 each, bart specifics for spend $311,000 on the project and the project is done each bart car will have 80 straps. all the bay area landmark is celebrating an anniversary and i will give you a hint it is covered in international orange, the golden gate bridge opened to foot traffic at 79 years ago today, 200,000 people across the span that day and each of them
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paid 25 cent toll. vehicles were allowed to cross the follow day. since that time two billion cars have crossed over the golden gate bridge. >> our password is a thing of past with the new way you could soon be accessing your private information. one was not enough,
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narrator: sometimes it's the things that the rest of us don't see that can make all the difference in california's classrooms. it's part of my responsibility as someone who's experienced to allow the door to be open for younger teachers. the teamwork between the teachers is essential. when we collaborate with each other... makes everyone stronger. by helping my fellow teachers be successful, i'm helping kids be successful. narrator: the california teachers association: educators who know quality public schools make a better california for all of us.
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>> the abc7 news app, on the go, on your schedule. news that lives where you live. >> gawker media confirmed to the "wall street journal" they are exploring a sale their company. there is a lot back story. gawker is in an expensive legal fight with hulk hogan who sued after publishing 2006 sex tape featuring him. a judge ruled in favor of hogan and awarded him $140 million in damages. reports this week surfaced that
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silicon valley venture capitalist peter thiel helped newspaper the suit against gawker. in 2020 gawker wrote about his sexuality. >> chlo. is divorcing lamar again. they married black in 2009, she filed for divorce four years later but it was never finalize. she withdrew the pet as heave was found unconscious at a brought el last year. the filing stated they have a pren you p agreement. >> apple and samsung have replaced 60,000 chinese factory workers with robots but they say it does not mean long term job losses. they assemble apple ipads and ipods. they are investing in a robot workforce in china, with 35% of
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jobs at risk. >> could soon tell your kids about passwords and they will be amazed you delegate with social an old fashioned security miles an hour, with new replacingment technology for passion words called "trust a.p.i.," that determines whether it isous or someone else, cnn reports that options include combining a scarf your face, the sound of your voice and your screen swiping style. >> now, time to ask michael finney. think everything cutting the cable, how do i get abc on amazon fire tv? >> here is the answer from michael finney. >> john, great question. good news. it is easy. ail you have to do is download the agree watch abc7 app and can you watch abc news and abc7 news on a live stream by watching it while it is on. much of the network programming is also available but it is on
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demand, usually the difficult after the program airs. remember, too, you can get an antenna and just pick us up off the air for free. >> if you is a question for michael finney record it on the smartphone or tablet at finney. you can share it on social, as well. >> we have details on an overnight fire in alameda that left a firefighter hurt. >> an expaded airbag recall you need to know about. >> the latest on the search for a missing vallejo girl and what authorities will do to track her down. >> we will be above average with our temperatures today and warmer weather this weekend. stay
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> welcome to friday. >> i am reggie aqui. >> i am natasha zouves. >> you have made it. >> also, congratulations to mike nicco he is giving us what a lot you will enjoy. this is a summertime forecast. for sure. >> that is what a lot people
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look purred to for the with, summertime warmth. if you head to the cost it will not be overly hot but it will feel comfortable. know when you are out in the sun can you burn quickly but you will not feel it. live doppler hd is showing the umbrella for the sunshine but not for the rain. hazy but not "spare the air" day. we start off cool this morning mid-40s to the mid-50s by 7:00. 60 at the coast, and as we go from low-to-upper 70s around the bay from noon to 4:00, it is warm inside, and i should say inland, 80 to 8 by 4:00, at the beaches today. 65, and ocean beach is sunny and 65. the bay bridge toll plaza shows the sun is coming up and check it out. no metering lights, cars are streaming right through with no delays. you are looking at continue minute from golden gate field into san francisco at 6:30. that is impressive of the green is good.
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slow traffic. in the altamont pass but nothing compared to what we normally see. we have an early car fire near hayward 238 and we will update that in a second and transition ramp eastbound 80 to northbound 505 blocked with a cement truck. >> it is going so well until now, thank you. we have breaking news from vallejo 350 homes are without power this morning because a car fire brought down some electrical lines. this happened near cyrus avenue at 3:30. vallejo fires say the fire spread to dry grass and it briefly threatened a home. it got real close but the crews managed to keep it away from the structure. pg&e is on the scene right now trying to restore power to the neighbor. >> investigators looking for a cause in a fire that chased one person out of the home on fountain street near santa clara avenue before 12:30 of the woman living inside got out safely.
6:32 am
official say they had access issues and it made the firefight difficult. one firefighter was injure asked taken to the hospital. where is pearl pinson? it hack almost 48 hours since police say man asked napped and probable shot the teen. amy? cot answer be, here, inside surveillance cameras to help find her? the car they believe she was abducted this was captured on camera near the san rafael bridge yesterday, so, now, investigators want to see more pictures. they believe the 19 year old fernando castro kidnapped 15-year-old pearl pinson on wednesday morning. they say she was not in the car in the picture. it was taken yesterday morning in marin county. castro was shot and killed in a police shot out yesterday in santa barbara county but there is in sign of pearl.
6:33 am
her family is very we ared. they are focused on finding her. we want to know where she is. where he left her. >> a witness told police that she was scening on wednesday morning near this bridge in vallejo as she was grabbed by her hair and put into the car. the witness also heard a gunshot. police say that the two are acquaintans, castro and pearl, and that pearl clearly did not go willingly. they are asking businesses for surveillance in marin but the everyone is, spanning to southern california and the f.b.i. now is involved in the search. >> thinking about her family. thank you. >> two, 17-year-old boys are under arrest and a thirdless after a shooting and stab that left a novato high school student dead and another wounded. sky 7 was over over the home when the swat tombs in marin
6:34 am
made the first arrest. officers then zeroed in on the apartment building a couple of hours later and took into custody the second suspect. the marin county sheriff said poet of the scenes are students at a high school and the victims were students at novato. classes in novato are not held because after staff development day. >> police hope can you help catch this woman who held up a credit union on crow canyon place yesterday afternoon at 1:20. can you see the surveillance video show wore a reflective vest like highway workers. >> hillary clinton will have breakfast in oakland with community leaders. on thursday, lieutenant governor joined to rally support at historic bank in san francisco and let trump have it. >> donald trump is unqualified loose cannon and who cannot near the most power of job in the
6:35 am
world. sit up to us to say "no." >> earlier she spoke to south bay supporters in san jose, and this morning at 9:00, she will have chick condition waffles on embarcadero west in oakland. bernie sanders will bring the campaign to san francisco tom and he respond thursday in southern california where he spoke about the man to make college tuition free. many of you may have seen the vermont senator last night on jimmy kimmel ignoring a question is from donald trump asking in the delegate selection is rigged. >> tell them behalf i hope -- what i hope will happen i will run against him as the democratic nominee as president of the united states and in i do, we are going to beat 'em and beat 'em bad. >> bernie sanders will an the farmer market in san francisco tomorrow at 9:00. here is how donald trump celebrate add milestone in the campaign flying to montana on thursday, posting a photo of him in a plane eating french fries
6:36 am
shortly after earning enough degrees to win the g.o.p.'s presidential nomination. >> we had a big day today. today is the day where we hit the 1,237. right? >> donald trump passed this by claiming a small number of the unbound delegates. he will be in fresno this morning before heading to san diego. stay with us on the race for the white house with our abc7 news app which can be downloaded for free. >> if you are barbecuing this holiday weekend, be extra vigilant especially with the winds. memorial day weekend is the unofficial start of wildfire season. they are asking the public to take steps to prevent sparking a new wildfire. that includes not learning your grill untanned and clearing away extra grass near the campfire. they are increasing their staffing to make sure any flames don't get out of control. >> one down. two to go.
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the warriors are alive after winning game five at home. golden state reground after back-to-back losses in oklahoma city but the thunder condition it close entire game. the dubs need to win. >> you could see everyone was up. everyone's spirits were high. after the walk through everyone was in high spires. i knew we would bring dog to game. >> it will take...all of our iq, all of our gamesmanship...and just...48 great minutes to get a win. >> final score 120-111 and now trail 3-2. they are hosting a watch party at oracle arena tomorrow tickets you are on sale at 1:00 this afternoon. >> now, the sharks holding a team practice today as they are ready to leave for pittsburg and game one of the stanley cup finals. the penguins beat tampa bay last
6:38 am
night in game seven. game one is monday at 5:00 p.m. >> on the roof, it is sunny. that means warm weather is on the way. today and glue the holiday weekend. but it is chilly. because of the lack of clouds. 47 in saratoga. santa clara is 49. everyone and else around 50 to 54 and that continued up through the bay more and into the east bay, in the north bay our coolest temperatures in novato at 46, and bodega bay at 49. at game this evening, tigers take on the a's at 7:00 first pitch but cool at end of the game at 61. on saturday, 64 at half moon bay, 76 in bodega bay. we are 70s and 80s around the bay and most of 90s are inland. 80s inland, on sunday, and monday is the warmest day with 90s in the north bay and inland east bay and the south bay with upper 60s to mid-70s at the coast. how is the commute?
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>> light so far. this is a great beautiful hazy dreamy view of the golden gate bridge. not a bad ride. if you are driving from novato to san francisco it is still 20-25 minutes. that is a good-looking shot from the central valley. just a blip over the altamont pass but otherwise it is good. a remember spot of a car fire fully enguffed and it was partly blocking the 238 transition from southbound 80. the fire continued to block part of the transition ramp so that is why you are seeing an 8-10 minute backup and the major transition eastbound 80 ramp to northbound 505 is a super get away day for memorial day and that is a big corridor to i-5 and that is partly blocked with the accident a truck vs. a guardrail. you can get by on the shoulder and the history lane. traffic is getting influence.
6:40 am
so it is not too slow in that area. we will look at the mass transit coming up. >> bart takes advantage of the holiday weekend to finish rack maintenance. service will stop between midnight tonight and 5:00 a.m. on tuesday morning so bart is providing the bus bridge but that will make it longtory get where you are going. in the warriors plaff impose to game seven and they return to oracle arena on monday bart will restores is that afternoon it is last weekend bart will close the tracks for the occurren round of maintenance work. >> pg&e moves to end a criminal trial over the san bruno pipeline explosion before it even begins. what it is accusing the federal reports of doing. >> are long lines keeping you away from the airport? many of us could find a different mode of prescription to get away from the security
6:41 am
checkpoints and amy hollyfield has a look at what is coming up on "good morning america" next. >> good morning. dangerous flash floods slamming the plains and more than 16" of rain in the south and flood waters tracking more than a dozen constitutes in a cave in tick tuck. they were stuck for six hours before escaped. we have all of
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>> president obama in hiroshima the first sitting united states president to visit the city decimated by a bomb during world war ii. he and the prime minister laid a wreath at the hiroshima peace memorial, the only structure last stand, after the nuclear attack. >> president obama did not offer an apology but he reflowed on the somber moment. >> four -- force ourselves to imagine the bomb melling and feel the dread of children confused by what they see. we hear a silent cry. >> the president returns to walk after the give day tour of vietnam and japan aimed at strengthening our connections. >> pg&e is asking the judge to throw out a criminal case over the pipeline explosion saying misconduct by the protesters has armed the right to a fair trial. a move sparked harsh criticism of pg&e with the prospect
6:45 am
dismissile or reduced charges has dismayed san bruno officials and victims who are seeking closure in the wake of the disaster. the blast killed eight people and destroyed three dozen homes nearly six years ago. new this morning, eight automakers are recalling 12 million vehicles in the united states to replace takata airbags that can explode. honda, fiat, chrysler, toyota and mazda are among the automakers involved in the recall including passenger air magazines mainly in older models and areas along the gulf coast where there is high heat and humidity. the recall is the largest one in united states history. the airbags linked to 11 deaths and more than 100 injuries around the world. >> the have bug that scientists have been dreading is now here in the united states. the centers for disease control isenning a the public of a strain of bacteria so resistant our toughest antibiotics can not kill it. a woman in pennsylvania is infected with the super strain of e. coli and it is the first time that the drug is not effect
6:46 am
it and usually in antibiotics of last resort because of the serious side effects. s there centers hopes to -- centers for disease control hopes to screen contacts. >> the big concern is we are step away from having untreatable bacterial infections. >> an estimated two million people in the united states come down with a super bug helps fection and 23,000 guy from it. we will have answers on how concerned the public should be on "good morning america" next. >> more than three million sippy cups are recalled because of a possible mold exposure. the recall includes five times of tommy tippy sippy spill proof cups. mold can grow on the valve when it is wet and it is difficult to clean. they were solded at several stores from december 2014 through this month. if you use them, stop and call for a tree replacement. >> stops -- stocks are quiet and
6:47 am
long lines are scaring the pat jersey away. jane? >> yes, good morning, it is quiet but we are higher. the dow is up 26 points and the suspect and nasdaq in the single digits, and the financial markets are closed on memorial day. in you have an amazon fire, black berry, orens phone and use pay pal, it will be discontinued on june 30 for mobile phones for those users and you can daughter access payment system but still you can an set by the when but not by mobile. >> facebook and microsoft laying a massive undersea cable to 4,000 miles in length in a joint venture from virginia beach to a hub in spain. google starts this in 2010 and new there is a crisscross of cables that connect the world.
6:48 am
>> excruciating wait times at airports across the cup doing more than just exasperating travelers and curing to a survey the long lines are driving one in five travelers away, costing the draft industry $4 billion over the summer. 22% say they will drive or not travel because of the long lines >> have you dreamed living in the most popular homes in san francisco? >> i have dreamed about living in any home in san francisco. come on. >> you will be happy to me if you have a last -- the house from "full house," is for sale. it will cost. this is the asking rice for the we home, $4.1 million. three bedrooms build in 1883 with an office and 3 1/2 bags and inside, it look nothing like it does on the tv show. some people do not realize that tv shows are filmed on hollywood
6:49 am
sets. you cannot expect it to look like where d.j. and uncle jesse were. we do not know why they are selling the house but the new "fuller house," is drawing a continue of tourists so...maybe they don't want to be harassed. i am not sure. >> now, meteorologist mike nicco, how is it looking? >> great weekend to be outside. have the sunscreen. you will need it if you are spending multiple days out there. we. have sunshine at the coast and in lake, also, remember the snow we had early in the week, a lot of it has melted and here is a look from our lake tahoe heavenly camera looking over the beautiful wars, temperatures are 64 today, close to average, with thunderstorms possible tomorrow and sunday, and sunny and 74 above average for memorial day. winds are light and variable with high pressure dominateing the forecast and gorgeous sunshine from the exploritorium
6:50 am
camera in the light breezes on the bay. sunny afternoon, warm to hot, away from the coast, clear tone, breezy in the northeast hills and warmer tomorrow morning, and above average highs all the way through my seven-day forecast. the spread in the south bay milpitas at 81 and morgan hill at 87 and san jose is 85 and 72 at boardwalk and 72 in millbrae is the cool spot, and 63-64 along coast and low 70s to mid-70s downtown, south san francisco and sausalito and 80 to 85 throughout the north bay and 73 in richmond to fremont at 80 heading inland orinda is 80 and 8 is in castro valley and 85 to 90 in our east bay inland neighborhood. the lows tonight, mid-to-upper 50s and a few 60 around fairfield and antioch. if you head up to battle rock, 83 today, and warmest tomorrow and the sea breeze kicks to on sunday dropping you into the low
6:51 am
80s and we will pull back the temperatures on sunday at the coast and around the bay and they surge back higher on monday. and tuesday. our two warmest days in the forecast. next week, when you see the sick and 70s and 80s, the temperatures are above average. it is already june. in the back half of the seven-day forecast. have a great safe holiday weekend. >> we have a couple of issues. we talk abut the weekend, we are expensing bart delays with track opinions. there will an bus bridge in place with delays this weekend. remember that if you are expecting to travel bart. right now we have 52 trains on time. no problems. ace train one and three on time. for ace train service on people day and bart is on sunday schedule memorial day weekend. no problems with the ferry or
6:52 am
business at golden gate but on holiday schedule on monday. remember that if you travel this morning. bile look at the golden gate bridge traveling in from marin county, no problems. we do have an issue to talk about in the north bay, the big transition from 80 to 505. stick around for that. the sold it bottlerock festival starts today and stove you -- and stevie wonder is in town. there will be local chefs on the cooking stage, as well. tickets are sold out for bottlerock you can buy after she tickets and bottle rock runs through sunday. . stay tuned.
6:53 am
6:54 am
>> these are the seven things you need to know before you go. pg&e crews are working to restore power to more than 350 homes in vallejo after the overnight fire. the place knocked down power lines with no word on when service will be restored. >> amber alert in aknow for the 15-year-old on the screen, with fernando castro accused of
6:55 am
kidnapping pearl and he was shot and killed in a shoot out yesterday. big heads up this memorial day weekend, today is theth busiest air ralph day of the year, and if you are drying expect a lost company, travel experts are predicting 34 million people are hitting the road this holiday weekend. >> yes, afternoon commute is a lot different than this one, transition ranch i have better news, eastbound ramp to northbound 805 is reopened. >> have the house car ready for the heat whether you ralph or stay home. we will have 71 in san francisco. the rest of us in the 80s and even 90 and warmer the holiday weekend. >> bernie sanders supporters could throw a wrench in the california june pray marry -- primary saying the we california voting is disenfranchising
6:56 am
california voters. >> hillary clinton will sit down to breakfast in oakland telling supporters they cannot allow donald trump to be the next president. hillary clinton will break bread with community leaders at the home of chicken and waffles. >> california remains at center of the policemen world right new with our primary come up and all of the detects. >> we continue on-line and twitter and facebook and the mobile devices.
6:57 am
i'm a customer relationship my namanager with pg&, i've helped customers like plantronics meet their energy efficiency goals. so you save energy and you can save money. energy efficiency and the environment go hand in hand. and i love how pg&e's commitment to the environment helps a community like santa cruz be a better place to live. and being able to pass that along to my family is really important to me. just being together and appreciating what we have right here in santa cruz. see how you can save energy at together, we're building a better california.
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good morning, america. flash flood emergency in the south. 16 inches of rain sweep away two overnight in texas. neck high water traps more than a dozen students in a kentucky cave. more rescues under way right now and the new tropical system taking aim at the coast. as 38 million get ready to travel this holiday weekend. breaking right now, president obama makes history. the first sitting president to visit hiroshima. >> the world was forever changed here. >> laying a wreath addressing survivors but no apology. we're live in japan with the latest. a massive evacuation. after a plane's engine bursts into flames on the runway, smoke pouring out as the flight prepares to take off with more than 300 on board. all runways at the airport shut down.


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