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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  May 27, 2016 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning. i am kristen sze. >> i am regular. the family of a missing 15-year-old vallejo girl is organized a search party. police say a man kidnapped pearl pinson on wednesday morning. officers in southern california killed the man yesterday. where is the victim, pearl? our reporter, amy hollyfield, is in vallejo. amy? yes, reggie this is where the family plans to meet along with anyone else who can help. this is where she was abducted, now marked with candles and balloons. police believe that 19 year old fernando castro of vallejo kidnapped 15-year-old pearl pinson on wednesday morning near
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her vallejo home. he was killed in a shoot out with police yesterday. in southern california. but pearl is still missing. a woman told police she saw pearl being pull by her hair by a man here on the pedestrian walkway over interstate 780 and she was screaming and the witness heard a gunshot l is a large blood stain here at the scene. the familiar said they cannot sleep they are so worried. they decided to organize a search party this afternoon so they could get out and do something for pearl. here are the details if you would like to help. they are asking people come at 2:00. we at taylor and the 780 crossover, the foot bridge. they want people to walk the streets, look for her, post flyers around vallejo. law enforcement said they are organizing a search party of their own.
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theirs will span from northern california to southern california. they are trying to get it organized now. they are getting a lot of offers of help including marin county offering search-and-rescue teams pearl's family said they still have hope she is okay and they still leave the door open expecting her to walk through any minute. >> new this morning, the family of kate steinle has just filed a federal lawsuit saying many missteps led to her death. kate steinle was walking down pier 14 in san francisco when she was shot in july. the bureau of land management and immigration customers officials and former san francisco sheriff responsible providing the means and opportunity for a repeat drug fowl listen to kill kate steinle. the man acan youd of killing her was undocumented immigrant deported five times. the gun used was stolen from a
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bureau of land management agent. >> now the race for the white house. all three presidential candidates are in california today. >> i worked in oakland in the speaker of 1971. >> democratic frontrunner hillary clinton brings her presidential campaign to oakland this morning on day two of her bay area visit. matt keller in deck where show met with community laters over break fast. matt? >> yes, good morning, kristen. hillary clinton left 25 minutes ago in her motorcade. she gave way to the crowd as she drove by. she is hoping events hick this help heed her to victory in the primary in a week and a half. >> it is not every day a presidential candidate visits your neighbor. >> i woke up and they said she would be at chick condition waffles and in oakland there is one chicken and waffles and i knew where it was. >> hillary clinton aextra add small crowd outside the restaurant on west embarcadero and broadway across the street
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from jack london square. the mayor schaaf was politicald to her here. i am thankful a federal official is here seeing how the policies actually help and sometimes hinder our ability to lift up our residents and give them tines. >> leaders took part in the discussion including the superintendent of schools and the leader of the east oakland youth development center. recently, donald trump made headlines for call oakland one of the most dangerous places in the world that receive add sharp repuke from mayor schaaf and hillary clinton. >> i want for an champion for oakland and all the oaklands of america, places that have challenges like any part of our country and any kind of human endeavour but places that are coming together. we are stronger together when we work together. >>, working with bernie sanders supporter could be a challenge with a few protesters showing up. the democrats will likely unify. soon. but it is important that concessions made.
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>> hillary clinton's next appearance in california is june 6, the day's the primary election. >> this morning, hick's competitor is in southern california, and bernie sanders is expected to speak shortly in san pedro talking about a wide range of issues including getting big money out of politics and make public colleges and universities tuition free and ensure universal health care and head up the coast to spar bra before making a few stops. >> security was tight at fresno 's arena where donald trump is speaking to supporters of the environmental policy. >> clean air. clean water. very very simple. we are going to be back up here. we will start opening up the water so you can have your farmers survive. so your job market will get better. >> 200 demonstrators gathered outside chanting slogans with no
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violence that marked the other appearances. donald trump speaks this afternoon in san diego where police are taking precautions to avoid further disruption. >> in marin county a search is under way for a third person in connection with the shooting and stabbing that left one novato high school dead and another wounded. >> out front door with your hands up. >> he -- this were two raids year, at an apartment where a 17 -year-old surrendered and hours before that another teen was arrested at home with both victims and the suspect are from novato high school. this are no classes today due to a previous scheduled day off. the school is offering counseling. >> a car fire overnight led to a big power outage in vallejo neighborhood that lasted for hours. investigators say the fire caused power lines to fall near cyrus avenue and lemon street at 3:30 this morning. it briefly threat an house with
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fire. 700 pg&e customers love power at height of outage. restoring of the pow enter by noon. >> flames chase add. with out of the her house overnight after the fire break out near santa clara avenue after midnight. a firefighter was hurt battling the flies and taken to the hospital. a firefighter said that they have had access issues making it difficult to access the place. all the warriors are in oklahoma city after keeping the his tore season alive with an impressive win over thunder. they were confident on the whom court, and they got big perform amountses from everyone including m.p. steph curry and oracle arena living up to its name as the 19,000-plus fans provided the extra little boost to the team. at one point steph curry screaming "we are not going home." game six tomorrow is a must win.
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>> now, teen practice on the ice as they are ready to leave for pittsburg in game one of the stanley cup finals on monday. >> millions of sippy kits are recalled. the danger that parents need to know about. >> president obama pays tribute to the victim of hiroshima and gives no apology. stay tuned.
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>> president obama is making history in japan. he is the first sitting united states president to sift hiroshima. he laid a wreath at peace memorial the only structure left standing after president truman authorize the first nuclear attack during world war ii. the president offered no apology. he reflected on the deadly moment. >> we have to force ourselves to imagine the moment the bomb fell. we force ourselves to feel the dread of children confused by what they see. >> we listen to a silent cry. all the president shook hands with survivors of the blast that killed 140,000 people.
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71 years ago. he called for a moral awakening and made the case forgetting rid of nuclear weapons. >> new to what is happening here, with memorial day. in you are going to the airport, so is everyone else. today is the 4th business of the air travel day of year. and after all t.s.a. trouble you may wonder how the bay area airports are doing. we have been looking into it. >> t.s.a. is being put to the test today. in bay area, we are seeing pretty normal wait times, all three bay area airplanes say it is busier than usual and traveler wake 20-30 minutes to get through security. >> it is the first big travel holiday in the height of t.s.a. troubles, staffing is down, and passenger number are way up. travels have hours long wait time. here's the lines at o'hare in morning and this is how it looks in atlanta around here, though, it is busy. >> not to long in a long time. it could take 30 minutes for
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passengers getting through security at mineta san jose international airport and t.s.a. lines are fully staffed, with k-9 in place. the duty manager said that passengers should still arrive 2-3 hours early. >> it makes you nervous and adds more stress, but, hopefully, it will move okay and not be a problem. >> robin isfully telling denver and the trick is to pack light. >> i literally only pack clothes . nothing. >> sfo is expecting 81,000 travelers to pass through today. most flights are full. passengers are being advised to check in two hours early. at deck international passengers are also being told to arrive two hours ahead time. security checkpoints average ten meant wait. in san francisco for abc7 news. >> if you still have sports authority gift card listen up, use it or lose it. the retail children announced gift cars are only honored
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through june 28. after that, you will not be able to use them at the stores or online. sports authority has stopped selling new different cards. they filed for bankruptcy in march. they hoped to keep some stores open but they have failed to find a buyer and now they are selling all assets. >> if you like it hot, you are in luck for the holiday weekend. mike? >> yes, if you live it hot, stay away in here. let me show you what it is like at the beaches, we are going to be in the 60s but santa cruz is 72. i will let you know in the free air conditioning will hang around for the holiday weekend. >> also, how facebook and microsoft are teaming up to credit an internet superhighway far below the ocean
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>> three mill sippy cause are being call because of five types tommy tippy sippy spill proof cups. the consumer products safety mission said mold can develop on the removable white valve inside the cup when it is wet and not cleaned enough. the recall cups were sold at several stores from december of 2014 through this month and people should stop using them and call for a free replacement. >> microsoft and facebook are teaming up to build a private internet superhighway underwater. the project will span the atlantic ocean the cable will be sure faster community between the united states and europe 4,100 miles along virginia all
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the way to spain with construction starting in august the it will take career to complete. facebook said they want to make it possible for people to have deep connections and shared spents with others anywhere in the world at any time. >> now, we will talk about the weekend because a is all that is on my minds. >> it has been for many days now, to be honest, and meteorologist mike nicco is on the roof expensing it. mike? good morning, a lot of sunshine, temperatures are starting to take off at four degrees warmer than we were 24 hours ago and back to average after being so much cooler-than-average for a long-term. now, it will be hot, hyping it and it is inland and not make it to the cost bus the wind. they are not blowing offshore just light and variable because of the high pressure. you have the free air conditioning and check it out. sunshine with the free air conditioning at the coast. the northern winds kicked in as we speakinged and they are taking away the cloud deck and letting the sunshine down on our beaches. so we will look at the
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temperatures, still 57 at half moon bay, and we still in the 60s in san francisco, san mateo and oakland and hayward and even san jose but the 70s are show up deeper into the south bay the north bay and inland east bay, here is a look at santa cruz, get there early tomorrow if you are taking your spot next to the board wakes sunny afternoon. breezy in the hills and warmer tomorrow morning and above average highs ought way through my seven-day forecast and today half moon bay at 63 and san francisco is 71, that is warmer-than-average and we will have upper 70s to low 80s around bay and low-to-mid 80's inland to inland east bay, mid-80's to a 90 in antioch and at bottlerock, it is starting at noon and it will be 80, 85 tomorrow, and 80 again on sunday, and look at all of the sunshine, high burn factor, for the sold out tall -- talent. >> it will be cool by 10:00, and
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down to 60 degrees. our temperatures are going to fall only in the mid-to-upper 50s and a few 60s around fairfield and antioch and instead of our isolated areas openly in the hills where it is breezy tonight. now a look at saturday, and watch the coast, still 64, half moon bay is 72 and san francisco, and a hot of 90s inland and the slight sea breeze will develop, dropping most of our temperatures just a couple of degrees barely noticeable on sunday and look at the surge of heat coming back on monday, especially inland, 90s in the south bay, and, also, inland east bay in the north bay with 70s in san francisco, and 60s along most of the coast. in your thing is art and wind festival and you like to go to san ramon, it is sunday and monday, so that gives you nothing do both of those days so watch out temperatures are in the 90s-degree range in the afternoon. now a look at my seven-day forecast, and tomorrow we butch up a couple of degrees and we lose the sunday and then monday we will have our warmest day in the next seven days and we will drop off a little bit on tuesday and on wednesday and thursday it
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is more manageable and if you have to run the air conditioning inland you can turn it off hopefully by when or thursday. now, on friday, it is perfect pet so we have two cuties from the marin humane society to show you. they are lit are mates, the perfect pets, 11-year-olds or best friends for life and want to live their life together in a loving home look for a family with children, ten years or older. her to 11 year old cats and probably stuck in their ways. if you want to adoll call the marin humane society. they are adorable. they have personality quirks. if you are a cat lover you will love them. >> thank you, mike. the sold out three day bottlerock napa valley festival is underway in an shower they have quite the lineup. stevie wonder and more.
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florence and the machine and the red hot chili peppers and food and wine demonstration. the tickets are sold out but you can by after show tickets with special performances. it runs through sunday. >> in you are not going to bought old rock, there is still plenty to do. >> natasha zouves has some ideas for you. >> we have your long weekend covered with fresh baked dads, piers and a celebration of meat eaters. the brand new french bakery in north bench, the butter, the flour, and every ingredient but the water is imported from france. customers say it is flakey perfection. >> best i have ever had in my life. that is what we hear so the back story, its took david 13 months to cut through the red tape and zoning restrictions and open bakery. he offers 30 different pastries each day. >> this is for the people of san francisco because they give.
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>> big smile when they love your pastry. they applaud you. i feel like michael jackson. >> you want to meet david, on grand and vallejo from noon to 7:00 but he wants, he expects to be sold out by 3:00 p.m. >> why not wash it down with craft beer a new barn spinoff is open called beer basement, with strawberry, pear beer. >> and meat eaters are on display at the carnival at the zoo this weekend and monday. go to we will learning you up with the information. >> it seems like we cannot get enough of cute animals, next, a lot pup. >> scientists help the
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>> imagine receiving the heimlich maneuver from heimlich himself. he used it for the first time ever. a major study links cell phones to cancer. find out what you need to know at 5:00. >> and a lost sea at certificate back with his mother because of a regulation cue team.
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>> the little pup was found cry ing so the patrol jumped in to help and they got the baby ottor over the water and spotted its bother. >> i was concerned but it worked out because mom swam toward her baby and picked it up and good thing because scientists say the pup was less than telephone house old they were trying to get it away from the boat. >> a you were worried about the rowing. >> it was good throw. >> for the at certificate it is okay. thank for joining us. on wants to an millionaire is next. have a great memorial day weekend. here is a look outside, it will be warm one.
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>> hi, i'm chris harrison, and in the next 30 minutes, you may be watching someone walk out of here with a very big check. get ready. it's time for "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] [dramatic music] ♪ thank you very much. welcome to the show. are you guys ready to play "who wants to be a millionaire"? [cheers and applause] let's do this. our first contestant is an interior designer who has an eye for all things green: fabrics, plants, and of course, the money. from new york city, please welcome douglas kane. [cheers and applause] hey, douglas. >> hi. >> how you doing, bud? good to see you. so i hear from my staff, an interior designer that can't let work go. >> that is right. i feel like it's a part of me. um, i'm always on the


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