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tv   Nightline  ABC  May 28, 2016 12:37am-1:08am PDT

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tonight, explosive allegations against johnny depp, accused of domestic violence throughout his 15-month marriage to amber heard. the actress claiming he threw a cell phone at her face in a drunken rage, trashing their apartment. tonight what the hollywood star is saying. plus justin bieber, accused of ripping off his mega hit, "sorry". an indie musician calling foul. did he lift this riff from "ring the bell?" >> and finally, texting, gaming, snap chatting. some teens using their phones 12 hours. is this an addiction, first, the night line five. >> constipated?
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good evening. thanks for joining us. johnny depp facing serious allegations tonight. his wife, amber heard getting a temporary restraining order against depp saying his temper flared when he was intoxicated and that he was repeatedly abusive. both verbally and physically.
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>> reporter: explosive allegations tonight. actress amber heard accusing johnny depp of domestic violence throughout their entire whirlwind romance and brief 15 15-month marriage. graphs submitted to the court show her with a large bruise on her face which she says occurred after her cell phone was thrown at her in a rage striking her cheek and eye. the alleged incident occurred saturday night. according to court documents heard said he was high and that he turned angry during a conversation about his late mother. after striking her with the cell phone, heard says he picked up a bottle of wine, swung it around smashing everything in its path. the star of "pirates of the caribbean" produced by abc's parent company, disney has long been a hollywood bad boy. earlier this year they both filed for divorce.
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yesterday depp's rep issued a statement. johnny will not respond to any of the false stories, gossip, misinformation and lies of his personal life. hopefully the dissolution of this short marriage will be resolved quickly. >> johnny and amber had not been photographed for a little while now, but their divorce came to a shock to most of hollywood. their marriage was short. >> reporter: he says he's often paranoid and his temper is scary for me. it's proven many times to be physically dangerous and/or life threatening. she also mentioned in the court papers there's substance abuse. >> she says there is substance abuse. alcohol and drug abuse. and she says that that was one of the reasons why this episode escalated so quickly, so aggressively, so forcefully. >> reporter: heard describes him pulling my hair, striking me and violently grabbing my face. she says there were several witnesses to johnny's abuse
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saturday night, including her friends and one of his body guards. >> how crucial is it that there's a witness? >> it's extremelcrucial for any judge that is going to grant a restraining order that there is an eyewitness to the domestic violence. here you not only have photographs of the domestic violence, but you also have someone, a friend, an eyewitness, telling this judge that she saw and experienced the same thing. >> it's not just he said she said. >> it isn't. >> the lapd telling us that heard called 9-1-1 on saturday. they responded and determined no crime occurred. according to a letter saturday's alleged incident was the third in six months. heard filed for a temporary restraining order. today an l.a. judge ordering johnny depp to stay away from her. amber heard seen leaving this
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morning with a bruise still on her face. his lawyers say she's alleging abuse to get a quick payout. johnny depp's lawyer says the restraining order appears to be in response to the negative media attention and that depp agrees to stay away from her pointing out they're on different continents so there's no basis in law or fact upon which to issue the orders amber seeks at this time. depp is reportedly worth $400 million, and they never signed a pre-nup. they met in a movie in 2009. >> amber was seen with johnny's kids. they were out having dinners together, going to concerts. >> reporter: at the time depp was involved with his long time
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love of 14 years, vanessa. together they have two children. >> johnny had been in a long term relationship with the mother of his children and said he didn't see marriage as something he wanted to enter into. >> reporter: but he fell hard and married amber heard in 2015. >> no tattoos. i'm not getting them. >> reporter: it was the 1987 hit "21 jump street" that first catapulted him to stardom and turned him into a teen heart throb. he made his mark playing misunderstood and quirky characters. from edward scissor hands to the mad hatter in disney's alice through the looking glass opening this week. but perhaps johnny depp's most famous role is that of the drunken troublemaker, captain jack sparrow.
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he is long known for making trouble off screen. in 2003 he said while he was making the movie, what's eating gilbert grape", he was in a rough spot. >> lots of drugs during that time? >> yeah, at that time. there were some drugs here and there. anything i could stuff into my system to medicate, self-medicate or numb myself. >> what were you numbing yourself to? >> i felt really uncomfortable in my own skin, and i took to poisoning myself, which is really stupid. >> did somebody say something to you? >> oh, yeah, sure. friends, yeah. >> what did they say? >> yeah, you're [ bleep ]ing up. >> in 1994 he was arrested on charges of criminal mischief after allegedly trashing a room in a new york city hotel. police suspected he was drunk and was fighting with his girlfriend at the time. >> johnny depp is eccentric.
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he's not shied away from the partying lifestyle. sources say that was something that frustrated amber. >> reporter: the two recently made headlines for a dispute with australian authorities after heard smuggled the dogs into the country. heard pleaded guilty to conceal the pets as part of the case, they were forced to make this unconventional apology video. >> australia is a wonderful island with a treasure-trove of unique animals, plants and people. >> it has to be protected. >> he talked about the incident on his recent appearance on jimmy kimmel live. >> you seemed sincere. some are calling it your greatest performance ever. >> you know, i haven't seen many of them, but i couldn't disagree. >> amber heard is asking for depp to take anger management courses and that she be given both dogs but both requests have been denied until the next
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hearing. >> often times in domestic abuse family pet as a way to get back at the person that is being abused. so her request, while it seems to be a bit silly, is really not. >> he's still a very sought after actor in hollywood, and it's unclear how the allegations are going to affect his career. >> reporter: depp and his lawyers have not responded to our request for comment. the couple will continue their dispute in court next month. >> up next, did justin bieber steal his number one hit "sorry"? (vo) they say big can never be good. purina believes it can. inspecting every ingredient for quality? that's big. being confident that your pet's food is 100% safe? that's big, too.
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justin bieber may have to say more than sorry for the music in his latest number one single as allegations of copy right infringement are coming out. claims that parts of the song are lifted from an indie artist 2014 track. rebecca jarvis has more on the music industry's blurred lines. ♪ >> he's one of the world east biggest artists like hit songs like "boyfriend". ♪ >> and "as long as you love me". but you know who is not loving him right now? casey dinel an artist who goes by the name of white interland to filed a lawsuit against
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justin bieber and his producer alleging the hit song, "sorry" borrows heavily from her 2014 track, "ring the bell". in a facebook post she writes the writers, producers and performers of "sorry" did not obtain a license for this exploitation of my work. she goes onto say that her lawyers have sent bieber letters but bieber chose to ignore her. she says she's left with no other option but to sue. but tonight, the producer responding tweeting this video. ♪ >> now take this. pitch it up 12 tones. ♪ >> reporter: bieber retweeting with hash tag, we don't steal and hash tag, sorry.
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>> this isn't the first time he's been under fire for copy right infringement. he faced a lawsuit over claims that "somebody to love" sounded too much like the identically named track by singer, devin copeland. copeland and song writing partner filed the lawsuit saying bieber's song closely resembles their version. but bieber and usher argue the phrase somebody to love is common and that the songs aren't substantially similar enough. the decision does overturned by a u.s. court of appeals. the case is still ongoing. and bieber is in good company. ♪ >> ray parker's ghost buster
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theme song earned a lawsuit from huey lewis for the striking resemblance to "i want a new drug". eventually, they settled out of court. robin thicke and pharrell williams found themselves in court after a lawsuit over whether the artists and their song, "blurred lines" ripped off marvin gay's hit song "got to give it up" heard here on "soul train". thicke named him as the inspiration in several interviews. >> i mentioned to pharrell that one of my favorite times of all time was "got to give it up". we tried to get a groove like that going. we wrote the song in about a half hour. >> reporter: and marvin gay's family agreed. >> the first thing i thought was one of my dad's songs. i thought it was a remix.
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but it wasn't. >> reporter: i took the songs to a professional new york city music producer and instructor, chris. >> this is the original one, and i've cued it up to the parts where it starts. >> marvin gay. >> this is his version. ♪ >> and hear the beginning of "blurred lines". ♪ >> reporter: and this is the heart of the argument. >> you would have thought it was "blurred lines". >> reporter: and the jury awarded marvin gay's family millions after determining that artists, robin thicke and pharrell williams did copy marvin gaye's music. a big upset to the defense. >> nothing detracts from the
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fact as we know it, that the song came from the heart and soul of pharrell williams and no one else. >> i think this is going to lead any musician who has been inspired by another song to think twice. this is a big legal ruling. ♪ ♪ won't you stay with me >> reporter: and then there was sam smith whose song sounded like "i won't back down". ♪ no, i won't back down >> reporter: take a listen to this smashup of the two songs. ♪ pitch them together and lay the vocals over one another and voila. yeah, you hear it now, don't you? tom petty's camp heard it. smith admitting his hit did sound an awful lot like petty's. he's even adding them to the
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song's credits. smith's reps saying although the likeness was a complete coincidence, all involved came to an immediate and amicable agreement. a harmonious end to the latest high profile copy right controversy. as for bieber, he has not returned our request for comment on the suit. the question remains, whether or not bieber will eventually have to say sorry to dinel. ♪ for "nightline," i'm rebecca jarvis in new york. >> up next, are you addicted to your smart phone? might be time for a digital detox.
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>> if we're honest with ourselves, we're all pretty tied to our smart phones, especially teens who can't seem to look away from the screen. are they feeling the fear of missing out or is it the beginnings of an addiction?
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t.j. holmes finds out. >> reporter: now, this interview here is going to take about 30 minutes. are you going to be able to make it 30 minutes without looking at your phone? >> i can do it. i'll try. >> reporter: jason clark loves his smart phone. he's a 15-year-old. but he's so attached to it his family worries he might actually one day need therapy to get it under control. >> you've been on the phone how long? >> four hours. >> we asked him to put an a on his phone to track his use. yesterday six hours. >> reporter: his mom says there are days it's eight or 12 hours. she thinks it's crossed the line. >> when you're talking about addiction, you're talking about i can't live without it. you think he's dependent on it? >> i know he is. >> reporter: cell phone addiction isn't officially designated as an official disorder, but one doctor thinks it should be.
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he treatments people for what he calls compulsive use of technology. >> their brain changes in ways to chemical addicts. >> reporter: that sounds nuts. >> if you talk to the parents of my clients, they come in and say my kid is like a junkie. they feel like it's an addiction. >> reporter: when does it go from being normal acceptable teenage behavior to a problem that needs to be addressed? >> when we talk about a compulsion, it's not the behavior. it's whether you have control over it. >> reporter: clark says she worries her son fits the definition and it's affecting other parts of his life. as his phone use goes up, the grades go down and she's noticed changes in his behavior. >> when somebody freaks out because you're taking something they have an emotional attachment to, it's an addiction. >> reporter: jason says there's nothing on normal about his use and doesn't believe it has a major impact on the other parts of his life, but he admits he could stand to cut back later. >> i'm about to end this
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interview. what's the first thing you're going to do? >> check my phone. >> at least he's honest. tune in to good morning america tomorrow, and we're online at have a happy weekend, america.
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