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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  May 28, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> it's saturday, may 28th. this morning and thanks for joining us. i'm chris nguyen. we are are waking up to mild temperatures this holiday weekend. lisa is tracking live doppler hd for us. >> very little in the way of low clouds this morning. here's live doppler hd. we will see a lot of sunshine today. texas to get started. once we see it. temperatures will warm quickly. 56 in los gatos, 61 in san jose. 52 in napa. it's going to be a comfortable morning out there. but by the afternoon we are going to warm up. in fact, numbers right now about 15 degrees warmer than we were yesterday at this time in antioch, 11 degrees warmer in
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san jose. the water temperature just in the low 50s. we will be looking at upper 80s and near 90s today. 85 in san jose. we will talk more ticks about your neighborhood and the holiday forecast coming up. chris >> breaking news out of santa cruz where an inmate has escaped and is still at large. 46-year-old lee roy hamilton walked away from the minimum security the ben lomond concentration camp last night. he has brown hair and brown eyes and was working as part of the camps firefighting crew. he was wearing gray sweats when he left the camp. he's currently serving an 18 year sentence for robbery. search teams will resume lacking for a 15-year-old teenager at sunrise. the high school student has not been seen in three days.
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pearl was kidnapped on wednesday and she was taken in vallejo. efforts to find her have shifted 70 miles west of the coastal town of jenner. melanie woodrow has the latest on this developing story. >> investigators say a strong lead brought them here to the willow creek area just outside jenner. >> why here is the question. >> it's not one they are ready to answer. more than is dozen people spent the day searching the day searching for 15-year-old pearl crimson with additional crews in the water and air. >> it is still a search and rescue family and our number one goal is to bring her home to her family. >> they also believe she's alive. >> it's heartbreaking she's still not found. >> she was last seen wednesday morning on her way to catch a bus to school. a 19-year-old kidnapped her. police shot and killed him following a high-speed chase that ended in santa barbara
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county. >> we needed him. he was our main source. >> with him gone, they are combing through countless tips. the most promising ones are here. in sonoma county. abc7 news. back in vallejo last night, friends and supporters hung ribbons and other tributes to the place she was last seen alive. witnesses saw her calling for help on a pedestrian bridge across interstate 780. the bridge is near her home. they are still trying to identify a third suspect in the murder of a novato high school opportunity. the name of the victim has been released and he with are learning more about the motif. sergio quintana has the story. >> investigators released the name of the man killed on this hiking trial, edwin josue
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josue ramirez guerro. >> they have arrested two suspects and the third will be able revved soon. >> we're continuing to try to determine what took place and why. >> there was a question whether this week's attack was related to a sexual assault case reported to novato police at this park last week. >> there are some common names, but whether there's any true nexus between that and the investigation we have right now, we have not clearly defined that. >> at the apartment community where the s.w.a.t. team swooped in to arrest the 17-year-old boy thursday, neighbors say he's a seemingly good man. >> she said he's a good boy, comes from a good family. both suspects are facing murder charges. students are able to meet with grief counselors, if needed. abc7 news. protesters and supporters of donald trump clashed in san diego last night.
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outside of city's convention center, police in riot gear arrested at least a dozen people. more than a dozen people were in the crowd. it started withed a few small scuffles aft trump's speech and erupted into fights. one man pepper spraid another man in the face. police took people down to the ground and handcuffed them. 18 people needed medical attention. earlier in fresno trump trumpches's motorcade blew through a checkpoint trump talked to farmers who said we have plenty of water and they said we shove it out to sea and i said why? nobody knows why. they are trying to protect a person kind of three-inch fish. >> trump it talking about the endangered delta smelt. >> democratic frontrunner
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hillary clinton is heading to the east coast for fundraisers after a swing through the bay area. yesterday morning she met with oakland mayor libby. she asked for flexibility on spending money on public housing and career training if she's elected. >> we can win here in california. >> democrat bernie sanders is confident he can win california's primary on june 7th and also win the democratic nomination. he held a rally yesterday in san pedro, outside of los angeles, where he criticized donald trump and corporate agreed. it was his sixth straight day of campaigning in southern california. sanders will be in oakland for two events on monday. you can stay up to date on the race for the white house on the abc7 news app. download the app for free and enable push alerts to find out
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about events as they happen. a woman's dog was hurt so badly he had to be euthanized. palmer was hurt wednesday morning u can see what appears to be a ford pickup and looks like the camper shell is a different color. if you have seen this truck, santa clara county sheriff's deputies hope to hear from you. >> you are looking at a sinkhole that hoped up in san francisco's ocean view district last night. city crews will decide today if they will patch the hole this weekend or wait until tuesday. it's been four feet deep and officials say it poses no danger a school in san jose is taking steps to ensure nobody else gets sick after several students came be down request a contagious stomach virus. as you see, a play structure is roped off. workers are cleaning the campus. the school has cancelled all field trips for the time being and they are urging to keep sick
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kids at home. >> san francisco's mayor ed lee is honoring a hawaiian teenager who is recovering from a life-changing surgery before he returns home. the man received a certificate of honor and a warriors hat from mayor lee. the mayor also let him put on his warriors championship ring. the 14-year-old spent the last month recuperating at the ronald mcdonald house to remove a brain tumor. >> the people here are really amazing and we are really appreciative of the love we've been receiving. thankful to to the connection between san francisco and hawaii >> a group called the sf tech democrats rallied support for the family after abc7 news reporter vic lee reported the story back in april. that's when thieves broke into the car at fishermen's wharf and
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stole several items, including his medical records. the police department replaced a laptop and camera. they will return home to hawaii later today. we are in for a decent weekend across the bay area. lisa argen is tracking it for us. hi, lisa. >> good morning. 5:51 is the official sunrise. from the exploratorium camera, it's clear. numbers in the mid-50s. we will see highs today near 70 degrees downtown. stay with us. i'll have a look at the rest of the bay area and the warmup right in time for the holiday next. >> lisa, thanks. also ahead, the bay area's largest city is just days away from hosting their first-ever stanley cup finals games. the preparations underway in san jose. first, a custody battle. grandparents fighting over two children in the
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>> a peninsula murder mystery is nowen twined with a custody battle. two children were removed from their home where they once lived with their mother. she's now charged with killing their father. here's the story from vic lee >> tiffany lee's mother and her lawyers came to the courthouse to fight for custody of her grandchildren. jeff carr is their attorney. >> it's our position they were kidnapped unlawfully by our government. >> he's talking about her two children who were suddenly taken into custody by district attorney investigators. the two of in custody and
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charged with murdering green. >> she issued a warrant for children based -- seizing children, one from home, one from school -- >> lee's mother, who resides most of the year in beijing, china, has been caring for them in the home after her daughter was arrested last friday. the man's body was found in a field. he disappeared in april. he left his home at that time, telling them he was going to meet lee. they had a breakup after he discovered she was having an affair. a lawyer asked the court to give lee custody of her children. they thought she was a flight had risk. >> they thought the grandmother was not a citizen of the united states, which she is.
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>> they feared for the safety of her granddaughters. she had reason to believe tiffany herself would harm the children or instruct others to harm them. the judge issued warrants, ordering authorities to remove them from the hillsboro home. the judge denied the motion to reverse the protective order. a formal hearing will be held next month. vic lee, abc7 news. the family of indicate steinle filed a federal lawsuit blaming both federal and local government for her killing in had san francisco last summer. the 32-year-old san francisco woman was walking with her father at pier14 last july when she was shot to death. mr. sanchez, charged with pulling the trigger, had previously been deported five times. they blame the government for releasing him and not telling them after they decided not prosecute him on an old drug warrant. >> he acted contrary to the law
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that existed and had been on the books. >>stein hi's family also blames the bureau of land management because the gun used to kill steinle was stolen out of an agent's car. and they fault immigration and customs for not having properly tracked lopez sanchez. the city attorney's office responded to the lawsuit saying the family's loss is obvious tragic but it's also a tragedy for which san francisco stacks payers can't be held liable. lopez sanchez has been charged with second degree murder we have good news for bart work. the track work between san san leandro and bayfield schedule may be finished ahead of schedule. this is the final week of the track closer. this weekend's closer will last through 4:00 tuesday morning unless the warriors can force a playoff game for monday. in that case track work will stop at 3:00 in the afternoon to to accommodate warriors fans.
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a heads-up if you plan on visiting the golden gate bridge over memorial day weekend. cars will not be able to park at the welcome center at golden gate bridge or at the vista center on the marin side. taxi's and service will only drop off at vista point. it runs from 11:00 to 5:00 p.m. today through monday. the bay area's largest city is on the verge of a first. san jose will host their first of stanley cup final game at the sap center a week from today. the sharks are a source of pride for san jose and for fans it's long overdue. >> it's home. san jose is home. they are bringing it. >> sharks fans don't minutes words. >> this is the most amazing time in my life right now. >> it's an amazing time for all of san jose. the sharks are a great source of pride and economic impact.
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an estimated $200 million a year. >> there's a lot of folks who benefit from the sharks' success, and we want to continue to have them playing games in downtown. we love it when they get deeper and deeper in the playoffs. >> talking about hotels, taxi drivers and establishments where the owners are ready for stanley cup action. >> you want to get to my office there you will have to climb over the kegs of beer. we are hoping after the games you will be climbing over empty kegs of beer. >> and he might be the biggest fan in the place. >> a fantastic time for us and bait area. i don't care what anyone says we are a hockey town. >> and the head of the hockey town is already counting on the cup coming over to san jose. >> they don't put me in charge of parade planning. i just take credit as mayor for their victories.
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about. >> in san jose, katie marzullo, abc7 news. the stanley cup finals begin on monday. game one in pittsburgh starting at 5:00. abc7 news report he wayne freedman will be there and will be reporting live. game two is wednesday with games three and four at the shark tank in san jose on june 4th and 6th. happening today, you can run and enjoy a tropical vacation at the same time in san jose. occasion is the color run. part of the color run world tour. it's 5k run trying to look like atropa cal vacation. runners get splashed with vivid colors about every half-mile. run, which benefits the american diabetes association, starts at 8:00. what will be conclusions be like at the start of the race? hi, lisa. >> hi, chris. san jose warming through the
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mid-80s and we aren't going to stop there. we do have cloud cover. live doppler hd shows cloud cover around the bay. we will call it partly cloudy. as we look outside from the roof camera, a:51 is the official sunrise. we will see plenty of that. temperatures right now ranging from 56 san francisco. it's 60 in mountain view. look at half moon bay. 46 degrees. 61 in san jose. right in the middle morgan hill at about 54. so sutro, you can see a few clouds around. but still a very nice morning. and temperatures, wow, over the weekend, they are going to be climbing well above average. but we do have subtle changes day-to-day. right now looking at 58 santa rosa. low to mid-50s from napa to novato. 57 fairfield. concord and liver more already at 59 degrees. a bit of a north wind out there that will aid in our warmup and then we will see a sea breeze. that will allow for the coast to stay comfortable so partly cloudy this morning. warm to hot over the weekend. looks like memorial day will be
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very, very warm. mild weather at the beaches at, say, about 65 and ocean beach and around santa cruz in the mid-70s. looking pretty good. as we take a look at the water temperature. low to mid-50s. from bodega bay to half moon bay, very pleasant. mid-70s santa cruz and about 67 in monterey. if you don't like the heat, the coast probably a popular place. temperatures will be very mild day-to-day. take a look at san jose. talk about the average high being in the upper 70s. today 86. a slight dip tomorrow. memorial day upper 80s. tuesday is even warmer and the following day still looks like the warmth is going to stick around for the foreseeable future. finally feel like summer. tomorrow a few degrees of cool. you will barely notice it unless you are right around bait or at the coast. still in the upper 80s to near 90 in our inland valley. here's memorial day. pretty hot.
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the parades and picnics should be summer-like. 90 concord. tuesday little change. still the reds and orange encompassing the entire bay. let's start in the south bay. planning your afternoon from santa clara to san jose. pretty warm. you head down to the peninsula, or up the peninsula, looking at numbers around 80 degrees. menlo park, and 65 daly city. newspaper the north bay, check it out. the warmth from bottle rock in the mid-80s for napa. 86 sonoma. east bay shoreline a nice afternoon. 76 in hayward. 75 in san leandro. looking a the a nice ballgame in the afternoon in the mid-70s. 90 pittsburgh. look for 89 livermore. the accuweather seven-day forecast, looks and feels a a like summer today.
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tuesday looks to be to be the hottest. 60s coast, 80s the bay, mid-70s towards next weekend with 90s inland. nice if you like it warm. you know where it find the cool zone. >> we'll take it, lisa, thanks so much. 35:22. prospects are looking better for recent graduates. next we followed two cal students on the path to the workplace. and in honor of pacific heritage month we are recognizing people making a difference where you live. the initiative brings together emerging female leaders in science, engineering and mathematics. you can learn more on our bay area instagram
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new this is already being called one of the hottest markets in years for the college grads. mark finish think has tips for new grads. >> have no fear! >> the job prospects are good for this year's college graduates. this year one out of five members in the class of 2016 found jobs before their graduation. katrina is the senior vice president of the job search firm. >> it's great in the bay area for sure. we are seeing folks with little to no experience, recent grads, receiving offers and someone who just has one to two years experience. >> graduates are understandably nervous. >> the serious potential i wouldn't get a job. >> the interview processes are very challenging. >> these two are both among the
5:26 am
21% who accepted job offers before graduation. both graduated from u.c. berkeley, and both were in majoring that are in high demand. t." ina double majored in business and psychology. the other in computer science. one of the biggest hurdles may have been getting an interview. >> you have to graduate into the true world of networking, which is folks in the space you want to work in it and outside of it as well. >> they did some of their best networking during and after presentations made by employers on campus. >> the people they bring of very good resources because they have been berkeley students before. >> most were open to staying in touch with students. once you get that interview, be prepared to confidently put your best foot forward. >> you have to put on that face and really sell yourself every single time. >> it's all about the importance of developing your personal brand, even before you graduate. >> branding starts with your image online, it starts with your interaction was mentors,
5:27 am
professional mentors, and also folks that you are mentoring. all of those are outlets to develop a personal brand. >> she said once that job offer comes in, make sure you do your homework about the salary range. job offers can be lost if your expectations aren't realistic. trina took a job with a marketing consulting firm utilizing both her psychology and business degrees. the other accepted a job with airbnb to develop their android app. >> i'm excited to find a job that puts together what i have learned at school. >> both this multiple job offers, and ultimately they say it was a job that was the best fit and not the highest paid that determined which one they took. i'm michael finney, "7 on your side." ♪ >> you you are looking at one of napa's biggest party.
5:28 am
bottle rock kicked off yesterday. is it features plenty of food and music and, as you would expect in napa, plenty of weinrich. >> we thought we thought combining good food, good music, a great, beautiful day. >> great music, good location. nice weather. >> yesterday's headliners including stevie wonder and florence and the machine and the red hot chili peppers will take the stage when it wraps up tomorrow. much more ahead. it's a getaway weekend. we will see what the tsa is doing to keep the lines from getting too long. and after actor tim robbins visited a school in february, but some of the details of his
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>> thanks so much for waking up with us. i'm chris nguyen. we are starting this half-hour with a quick look at the weather. here's lisa argen. she's tracking the conditions where you live. >> hi, chris. it's nice and calm. looking at sfo right now. the sun just about to come up around the bay. it's a beautiful morning, 56 in the city. 57 in oakland. 60 in mound a continue view, 61 san jose. 54 in morgan hill. with the cool spot on the coast, 46 half moon bay. the view from the suit troy tower camera. you know it's going to be a nice day out there. 52 napa, 54 in novato. we will have a sea breeze this afternoon by the afternoon. we will heat up quickly. >> you see already upper 50s concord, livermore. 57 by the delta and finally from mt. tam, isn't that just exquisite. temperatures in the 60s at the shoreline. a beautiful day at our beaches. but if you head toward the bay, comfortable, in the mid-70s in oakland. getting kind of warm there into the upper 80s to the low and
5:32 am
mid-90s out by the delta. it's not the warmest day. we will check out the full k seven-day outlook coming up. chris. >> good to know. thank you. across america this mention, fleet week presentations took a tragic turn when a world war ii vintage plane crashed. witnesses day the plane appeared to have trouble with its only engine. a military aviation museum is honoring the p-47's 75th anniversary this weekend. in texas one person is dead and three are missing as much of the state brace force a long holiday weekend of rain and floods. that person died in a flooded trailer home. the next 24 hours could be crucial. several rivers are headed toward historic crests and people are being caught in the swift-rising water. fire crews made at least 13 water rescues on friday in one community. we heard about how long it's
5:33 am
taking to get through security at airports across the country, but locally the lines are looking a little different. here's abc7 news reporter david louie. >> one of the reasons the lines are relatively short here is assistance from the airlines. they, too, get complaints from frustrated passengers so they have hired contractors to help with the bins and remind flyers to take off their jackets and belts. tsa also stepped up their game to get through the holiday crush. >> they have added staff on overtime, and they brought in the k-9 dog teams that sniff for explosives on passengers. therefore, passengers don't have to take off their shoes, they don't have to take out their laptops. >> they are handling a surge of 5,000 additional passengers compared to their norm of 14,000. some are taking the advice to arrive two hours in advance of flight. >> how soon is your flight? >> two and a half hours. >> so you planned ahead. >> yes, i did. >> so you have been leading the warning to come early? >> definitely.
5:34 am
>> two hours and more for international flights. san jose has new routes and expect a 16% increase in passenger volume by august. a speedy tsa loin didn't eliminate a wait at the baggage area. >>y did you start your day? >> he will we kirkky. >> was there a line there? >> not bad. this is where the line is. >> there was no wait at the precheck line, a primeau service that costs $85 for five years. they don't have to remove shoes, belts or laptops. >> it's been easy. not more than five people ahead of me in line. i'm keeping my fingers cross the ice the same tonight. david louie, abc7 news. 5:34 is our time. public health experts are calling or the world health organization to consider moving the rio olympics because of the zika outbreaks. almost 150 experts signed an openler to the agency calling for the summer games to be moved or postponed.
5:35 am
it sites recent scientific evidence that the zika virus causes severe birth defects, most notably, babies born with small heads. the games are set to kickoff on august 5th. president obama made history yesterday with a visit to hero hero -- japan. abc news reporter gym is traveling with the president. >> history made with every step. president obama walking where seven decades of american presidents would not. >> 71 years ago on a bright, cloudless morning, death fell from the sky and the world was changed. >> august, 1945. a flash, a burst of fire and a mushroom cloud. 80,000 people killed instantly. near the only building still
5:36 am
standing, the american president refuse to go apologize, but listening intently as survivors told their stories. this man went to tears. obama calls it a lesson for the present world. >> the scientific revolution that led to the splitting of an atom requires a morale evolution, as well. >> he said let us find the courage to find peace without the use of nuclear weapons. president obama heading home after his historic visit to japan and vietnam. both former enemies, now strategic friends. abc news. >> johnny deppth has been ordered to stay away from his wife. she filed a restraining order. she claims she was struck, he
5:37 am
pulled her hair and screamed at her. she submitted photos of herself of a bruised eye. she feared johnny depp to return to their home to terrorize her. crews responding to a tree branch in a road ended up being hit by a tree. it was captured on the officer's dashcam. the officer went out of his car to move the branches when the larger feel fell and hit him. he broke his wrist and received 13 stitches on the top of his head. he was treated and released from the hospital. ♪ >> students at an east bay elementary school are beaming with pride. not only are they featured in this music video that debuted on youtube yesterday, they are also being recognized by the white house. it's a story you will only see on abc7 news. it's a star-studded performance featuring celebrities and students from
5:38 am
across the country, including a group in a burbank elementary school in hayward. she said it was great to see her classmates in action. >> it's pretty much the reason why i go to school pretty much, to learn and have fun. >> back in february actor tim robbins visited burbank as part of turn around arts. it connects high profile mentors with high-need, low-performing schools and they have art in the curriculum. >> we were there as they were singing. some of the clips were shown at the white house. a proud moment from the hayward unified school district. >> when the kids are smiling and engaged, performing, they can't wait to get to school, this is what we need. >> while art has played a role in the school's success, many say the teachers and staff has made all the difference. >> what the teachers are put into educating our children,
5:39 am
being recognized to the a national level because we are partners with the presidential council. >> students will take to the stage one final time for the annual play, the jungle book. something they have been rehearsing for months. >> you are on stage and watching and seeing people smile and just kind of like know that you are making people happy, making them feel really good. >> an exciting end of the school year for some extraordinary students. >> turn-around arts reaches 68 schools and 33,000 students each year. still ahead on the abc7 morning news. why the san francisco opera asked people to do what it usually for bids. but first a live look outside from our south beech camera. we are looking at the bay bridge. no issues with the commute for now. we will check in with lisa argen in a little bit for the full
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>> you might use one in school. but tonight java said they are done making the up brand of trackers. they struggled to send three different versions of up. jawbone sold their remaining inventory to a reseller to get cash to get them going. they could develop other wearables. they zone a small bit of the market dominated by fitbit and apple. it's shaping up to be a warm weekend in northern california. lisa argen is tracking it for us. >> check this out. this is mt. tam. the sunrise is just about here. we are looking at numbers already warmer than we were yesterday at this time. so we are looking at low 50s
5:43 am
for napa. 59 san rafael. already 60 in mountain view. we will talk about the warmup, the memorial day weekend and how long this little heat wave, if you want to call it that, will last. that's next. >> thanks, lisa. also ahead, the warriors need to win today to stay alive. if they are going to beat the thunder on the road they need a fiery draymond green, but not too hot.
5:44 am
♪ i got the discounts that you need ♪ ♪ safe driver ♪ accident-free
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♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪ >> in sports, another do-or-die game for the warriors in the finals. if golden state wins, game 7 is back at oracle arena monday night. tipoff is at 6:00 p.m. in baseball, the giants are trying to keep their hot streak going. the a's, they are just trying to get a win. here's abc7 news sports director larry beil with the highlights
5:46 am
in this morning's sports report. >> good morning, everybody. the warriors and the sharks, as you know they dominated the sports headlines lately. meanwhile the giants quietly sizzling, winning 13 of their last 14. ten straight against national league west folks and trying to keep the good times going last night in colorado. trouble early. matt cain pulls a hamstring on this pitch and may head to the disabled list. top of the third, cain's replacement, saurez. jared parker, they call him out at the plate but he slides under the tag. they review it and call the reverse. sorry. saurez gave up only five hits in five innings of relief. they were all doubles. he allowed three runs. that was good enough for the rockies. giants start a ten-game road trip with a althoughs. the a's and tigers, a beautiful night for baseball in oakland. gorgeous sunset there. speaking of gorgeous, ian
5:47 am
kinsler leading off. billy burns lays out and makes the catch. the a's couldn't get anything going against the pitcher. allowed just one hit in seven innings. valencia the victim there. top of the sixth, nick a's won 4-1. they need more intensity thunder and that's where draymond green comes in. he has to be emotional but under control. it's like trying to bottle lightning. draymond hasn't been the same since the kicking incident in game three. much better in game five but did pick up his fifth technical foul. seven t's means automatic suspension. steve kerr knows bottling his energy is like bottling
5:48 am
nitroglycerin. >> we need his edge we need his fire. every once in a while he spills over the top. we know that but we'll take it. he has to be composed tomorrow night for sure, especially on the road. >> lebron and the cavs trying to wrap up the eastern conference title in toronto. this was all cavs all the time. cavs by 7. lebron here, the fake, the drive, the hammer! lookout below. he had 33. cavs role 113-87. heading to the finals for the second year in a row. lebron going to his fifth the straight finals. first one to do that since back in the 1960's. that's the wrap on morning sports. have a great holiday weekend, everybody. i'm larry beil. >> . >> be dubs fan looking for a fun place to watch the game want head to oracle. tickets are 1 to bucks and are on sale at
5:49 am
a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the aeg oakland community foundation and the warriors community foundation. tip-off set for 6:00 >> we know many of you have plans for the holiday weekend. whether you are staying home or traveling to tahoe, lisa argen has you covered with the full accuweather forecast. good morning. >> good good morning, chris. we are looking at warm condition not only for for the weekend, bt the holiday included and beyond. it felt cool for may. yesterday things changed. a look at emeryville right now. partly cloudy conditions. numbers ranging from the upper 40s half moon bay to the low 60s in san jose. so we are going to start out milder this morning and looking a the 56 san francisco, 57 in oakland. it's 60 mountain view. 54 in morgan hill. so getting up so early the sunrise just about two minutes
5:50 am
away. you see how nice it is from our sutro tower camera. beautiful in san francisco and all around the bay. 52 napa. boy, about a 35-degree jump today where numbers will be in the mid-80s for much of the napa valley. 54 novato by the delta. we will do warmer than that with numbers in the 90s. 57 right now. 58 concord. livermore 59. we will be looking at temperatures not only this morning warmer than yesterday, but probably into the next couple of mornings because we are going to add a little bit of heat not tomorrow but into memorial day and tuesday. 6 degrees warmer in mountain view. san jose 8 degrees warmer. from mt. tam, isn't that a nice shot to wake up to? with plenty of sunshine, we are partly cloudy this morning. warm to hot over the how day weekend. mild weather at the beaches. so we will see the mid-60s from ocean beach, bodega bay. in the 70s in santa cruz. a little bit of fog from big sur and points south. but other than that that will evaporate quickly.
5:51 am
85 in santa rosa. average high necessary the upper 70s. slightly cooler tomorrow. here's memorial day. pretty warm. looking at a warmer tuesday. a little bit of drop in temperature come wednesday and thursday. next friday in the upper 80s. if you are headed up to napa, warm day there at about 73 at so:00. 86 at 2:00, and 83 for 6:00. it will be quite toasty. 77 today at the a's game. pretty warm there, as well, with the light west wind n the south bay, 86 santa clara, 83 sunnyvale. on the peninsula notice some of the reds keeping it in the low 80s from mountain view to palo alto. 78 san mateo. mid-50s pacifica. san francisco 70. low 70s for you around south city and in the north bay we talked about the warm numbers around napa and cloverdale, how about 86 for you? 80 san rafael. stinson, we could do a little better, probably upper 60s
5:52 am
today. and the east bay shoreline. 75 san leandro. union city warming up to 77 today. heading toward fremont upper 77's. 88 concord, 90 concord. the accuweather seven-day forecast. a couple degrees of cooling tomorrow. memorial day back to more heat. tuesday looks to be the warmest day of the week. slightly cooler wednesday and thursday. looking still at 60s coast, near 90 inland. chris. thanks. carmen is the newest show at the san francisco opera. earlier this week they had their final dress rehearsal. at jonathan bloom found out, opera may be about sing bug at this rehearsal there was an awful lot of tweeting. ♪ >> it's an edgy take on a classic opera. >> it's very athletic and sexy. >> and among the crowd of friends and family for the final
5:53 am
rehearsal there's a special row, the tweet seats. >> have you ever done this before? >> never in my life. >> kevin applied online. >> we invite these people who have the long lists of followers, and then get them together wild over the course of the rehearsal. >> a few have experience. >> what does it take to live tweet an opera and do it well? >> well, you have to kind of chop your mind in half. if you have adhd, it helps. >> you have to watch what's going on, and put your thoughts into words. >> you are multi-tasking, which is why if i don't already know an opera well, i try to do some homework so i'm not learning what's going on as it happens. >> the opera was kind enough to give them the tweet seats cheat sheet. it helps many of them know carmen backwards and forwards. >> it's a story of a really dysfunctional relationship. >> how is the tweeting going? >> my thumb is a little tired. i'm doing more than i planned. >> the tweets get a lost pickup. >> they do.
5:54 am
if they didn't, we wouldn't continue this. >> it makes the opera prelatable. >> i address the sets and the costume. i'm a kind tweeter. so if something goes wrong i don't pick out negatives. >> a rehearsal is bound to have wardrobe natural functions and other things. the crew told us that. [horn honk] was in the script. but not this one. even in the age of twitter, the show must go on. in jonathan bloom, abc7 news. >> coming up next, find out how you can celebrate mother earth in today's
5:55 am
5:56 am
>> here are the winning numbers from last night's 218 mega-millions drawing. . >> nobody picked all six so tuesday night's jackpot goes up to $235 million. happening today, the annual carnival in san francisco's mission district. eight blocks of harrison street between 16th and 24th will be transformed into the largest multi-cultural celebration on the west coast.
5:57 am
global cuisine, international music, dance, arts and crafts will be a big part of the fun which starts at 10:00 this morning. tomorrow the grand parade starts at 9:30 and the grand marshal is united farm workers icon delores. next on the abc7 morning news at 6:00. breaking news. an inmate walks away from a prison cam and officials need your help to find him. and the desperate search for a missing teenager moves to the sonoma county coastline. where they will be in morning in hopes of finding her.
5:58 am
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>> it's saturday, may 28th. this morning and thanks for joining us. i'm chris nguyen. we are waking up to pleasant conditions across the bay area. here's lease as you tracking live doppler hd. >> hi, chris. we are looking at a little bit of cloud cover helping with all the colors out there. here's live doppler 7hd. you see a little bit of cloud cover there. in san jose hooking at temperatures pretty mild. we are about 630 trees. 56 san francisco and oakland. 54 morgan hill. 46, though, at the coast. it's going to be comfortable there. you look at the sutro tower camera, it's really nice with numbers ranging from the low 50s in the north bay from santa rosa to napa. looking at 66 already by the delta. the north winds aiding in the warmup quickly. and then the sea breeze kicks in.


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