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tv   ABC7 News 800AM  ABC  May 28, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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the breeze this afternoon, the sea breeze will keep san francisco and beaches comfortable. live doppler shows cloudiness off the coast. clouds in san jose. partly cloudy there. but this shot looks pretty nice with numbers ranging from 55 half moon bay, 65 mountain view. 64 in san jose. as well as oakland with 64 in morgan hill. great visibility today. we will be looking at sunny skies at our beaches. 64, santa rosa. fairfield, 73.
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63 in napa. low 60s for you in concord. how much warmer? two to six degrees warmer from concord to oakland. it's sunny here in santa cruz. we'll talk about all the temperatures around the bay and have a look at the next seven days in just a few minutes. we have breaking news out of sonoma county. 27-year-old petaluma county woman is dead after ejected from a roll over accident and run over by the car following her. it happened near santa rosahp& northbound davis street. according to this chp the woman was speeding when she rolled her suv and was ejected on to davis street. 28-year-old petaluma man who was also speeding and then ran her over. the woman died at the scene. the man is under arrest for suspicion of dui. more breaking news out of santa cruz where an inmate escaped and still at large. 46-year-old leroy hamilton walked away from the ben loman
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conservation camp last night. he3w- has brown hair and brown eyes. and was working as part of the camp ice firefighting crew. officials say hamilton was wearing gray sweats when he left the camp. he's currently serving an 18-year sentence for robbery. call authorities if you see him. we have a silver alert this morning in marin and sonoma counties. 98-year-older lien flag was seen late friday night at her her. she suffers from medical conditions and may become disoriented. he drove away in a tan 2007 ford escape. 5yom051, license plate. if you see her call the san rafael police department. in developing news, sonoma county search teams will resume a missing 15-year-old student today. hasn't been seen in three days. he was kidnapped on wednesday.
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taken in ve lallejo. abc7 reporter melanie woodrow has the latest on this developing story. >> reporter: investigators say a strong lead brought them here to the willow creek area. right here has been a big question. it's one investigators say they are not ready to answer. more than a-/a dozen people spe the day searching foursquare miles for 15-year-old pearl penset. with additional crews in the water and air. this is still very much a search and rescue effort.hl and our number one priority is bringing pearl home safely to her family. we do believe that is possible. >> reporter: pearl's family also believe she's is alive. >> it's heartbreaking knowing that she's still not found. >> reporter: pearl was last seen wednesday morning near the bridge on her way to catch a bus to school. witnesses say 19-year-old fernando castro çidnapped her. police shot and killed him in a chase. with castro gone investigators are combing through countless
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tips. they say the most promising ones are here. in sonoma county, melanie woodrow, abc7 news. and back in ve va, witnesse saw her calming for help on a pedestrian bridge above interstate 780 on wednesday morning. that bridge is near her home. authorities in marin county are still trying to identify ad third suspect in the murder of a novato high school student earlier this week the name of the victim has been release and we're learning about a possible motive. >> reporter: investigators released the name of the teen who was killed wednesday at this novato hiking trail, 17-year-oln ed win josue ramirez guerra.
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>> we are continuing to try to paint a picture of exactly what took place and why. >> reporter: during an afternoon news conference there was a question whether this week's attack was related to a sexual assault case reported to novato police at this park last week. >> there are some common names but weather there's any true nexus between that and the investigation we have right now, we have not clearly defined that. >> reporter: at the apartment community where s.w.a.t. teams swooped in to arrest the 17-year-old suspect thursday neighbors say he's a seemingly well behaved young man. she said he's a7@o good boy. he comes from a good family. both suspects in custody are facing high school, students were invited tow[-ñ meet with grief counselors if needed. turning to politics. protesters and supporters of donald trump clashed in san diego last night. outside the city's convention center police and riot gear arrested a dozen people. more than a thousand people were
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in the crowd. it started with a few small scuffles after trump's speech erupted into a larger fight. one man pepper sprayed another man in the face. police stepped in. 18 people needed medical attention. earlier in fresno trump's chp motorcade blew through a barricade where a much smaller group of protesters was gathered. police arrested two people for blmyñ
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oakland mayor at the home of chicken and waffles. the mayor asked clin top for flexibility in spending federal dollars on public housing and career training if she's elected. >> brothers and sisters, we can win here in california. >> democrat bernie sanders is confident he can win california's primary on june 7th and also go on to win the democratic nomination. he held a rally in san me dro outside of los angeles where he criticized donald trump and corporate greed. the crowd was packed with union members. it was his sixth great day campaigning in southern california. sanders will be in oakland for two ents on monday. as always you can stay up to date on the race for the white house with the abc7 news app. download the app for free and enable push alerts to get updates as they happen. time right now is 8:07. a south bay family is hoping you can help find the person who drove off after hitting a woman and hurting her dog so badly they had to be euthanized.
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ann palmer provided this picture of her family and labrador in happier times. palmer was also hurt wednesday morning. you can see what appears to be a ford pickup truck and it looks like the camper shell is a different color. if you've seen this truck, sheriff's deposition tips in santa clara county hope to hear from you. a school in san jose is taking steps to ensure nobody else gets sick after several students came down with the contagious stomach virus. abc7 news was at willow green elementary. a play structure is roped off. workers have been cleaning the campus. the school has canceled all field trips for the time being and they are urging parents to keep sick kids at home. san francisco mayor ed lee is honoring a hawaiian teenager recovering from a life-changing surgery before he returns home. abc7 news was at san francisco city hall as she received a certificate of honor and a warrior's hat from mayor lee.
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they also let him put on his warriors championship ring. the 14-year-old has spent the last month recuperating at the ronald mcdonald's house for surgery to remove a brain tumor. >> the bay area and san francisco has been the people here have been really amazing and we're really appreciative of all the aloha we've been receiving. so thankful to the connection between san francisco and hawaii. >> a group called the sfx democrats rallied support for family after abc7 news reporter vick lee reported the story in late april when the thieves stole several items including her medical records. people sent cards and a san francisco police officer's association replaced a laptop and camera. they will return to hawaii later today. pleasant conditions outside right now, but it will get a little warmer today. meteorologist lisa is tracking
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the latest for us. hi, lisa. >> chris, it's warm right now. numbers range from 56 in safr san rafael to 73 by the delta. this is the tower camera where it's 59 degrees in the city. everybody else already in the 60s. north wind to get us started. still a sea breeze to cool us off at the coast. i'll explain, next. >> lisa, thanks. also ahead, the bay area's largest city is just days away from hosting first ever stanley cup final game. preparations under way in san jose. first, a murder mystery is turning into a custody battle. the grandparents fighting over two children on the peninsula. intromercedes-benz c-coupe, redesigned with its athletic prowess and sleek new body. it doesn't just raise the bar...
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welcome back. a peninsula murder mystery is now entwined with a custody battle. two children were removed from their hillsboro home thursday where they once lived with their mother. she is now charged with killing their father. here's abc7 news reporter vic lee with a story you will only see on abc7 news. >> tiffany li's mother and lawyers came to the chous to fight for custody of her grandchildr grandchildren. geoff karr is the attorney for tiffany li. >> they were kidnapped unlawfully by our government. >> reporter: he's talking about her two children suddenly taken into protective custody by district attorneys investigators.
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li, her current boyfriend and adel la are all in custody and charge with murdering keith green. li's ex-boyfriend and father of her 2 and 4-year-old daughters. >> they issued a warrant for children, seizing children, one from home, one from school. >> reporter: li's mother who resides most of the year in beijing, china, has been caring for them since her daughter was arrested last saturday during a s.w.a.t. team raid at the house. green's body was found may 11th in a field in sonoma county. he disappeared in april when he went to the pancake house in millbrae telling his roommate he was going to meet l.i. green and li has an acrimonious breakup when he found out she was having an affair with his friend. the mother who lives out of state asked the court to give her custody of the children. she said li's mother should be considered a flight risk. >> and they sought to get a warrant based on a false
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allegation that mrs. li senior, the grandmother, was not a citizen of the united states, which she is. >> reporter: she feared for the safety of her gand daughters. she had reason to believe tiffany would herself harm the children. the judge issued warrants ordering the authorities to remove them from the hillsborough home. a formal hear willing be held next month. vic lee, abc7 news. the family of kate steinle filed a lawsuit blaming the government for her killing last summer. she was walking with her father at pier 14 last july when she was shot to death. an undocumented immigrant is charged with pulling the trigger. juan francisco lopez had been deported five times. steinle's family blamed him for releasing him without telling the fed. after san francisco decided not
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to prosecute him on an old drug warrant. he acted unilaterally and without any legal authority and contrary to the law that existed and had been on the books. >> steinle's family blames the bureau of land management because the gun used that killed her was stolen out of an agent's car and they fult immigration and customs for not having properly tracked lopez. they responded to the lawsuit saying the steinle's family's loss is obviously tragic but a tragenlgedy for which san franc taxpayers cannot be held liable. sanchez has been charged with second degree murder. a heads up if you plan on visiting the golden gate bridge over the memorial day weekend. cars will not be able to park at the welcome center at golden gate bridge or at vista point on the marin side. taxis and ride services will only be allowed to drop off passengers at vista point. the closure runs from 11:00 a.m.
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until 5:00 p.m. today through monday. it's all part of an on going effort to ease traffic congestion during peak hours. the bay area's largest city is on the verge of a first. after 25 years san jose will host its first ever stanley cup final game. that will be a week from today. the success of the sharks is a real point of pride for san jose and for fans, it is long overdue. here's abc7 news reporter. >> it's home. san jose is home, so they're bringing it. >> shark fans don't mince words. >> this is the most amazing time in my life. >> reporter: it's an amazing time for all of san jose. >> great things come to those who wait. >> reporter: the mayor says the sharks are a great source of pride and economic impact, $200 million a year. >> there are a lot of folks who benefit from the sharks' success and we want to continue to have them playing games in downtown so we love it when they get deeper and deeper in the playoffs. >> reporter: hotel, taxi drivers and establishment where's the
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shops are teal and the owners are ready for stanley cup action. >> want to try to get to my office you're going to have to climb over to the kegs of beer. we're hoping after the games you will be climbing over it. >> reporter: manager shane murray might be the biggest fan in the place. >> fantastic time for us. it's good for the bay area. and i don't care what anyone says, we are a hockey town. >> reporter: and the head of this hockey town is already counting on the cup coming home to san jose. >> fortunately they don't put me in charge of parade planning. i just take full responsibility as mayor for their victories. >> reporter: confidence is high. santa clara county supervisor made a bet what counterpart in pittsburg. the loser has to wear the other team's jersey while delivering donations to the boys and girls club. in san jose, abc7 news. the stanley cup finals begin on monday. game one in pittsburg starting at 5:00. abc7 news reporter wayne freeman will be there reporting live here on abc7 news. game two is wednesday with games
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three and four at the shark tank in san jose. on june 4th and 6th. let's get a check of of the full accuweather forecast with meteorologist. lisa? >> our unofficial start to summer. long memorial day weekend. and with summer just three weeks away it's going to feel like summer really for the next seven days at least. a live doppler 7hd starting off with little in the way of cloud cover. we had some earlier. right now in santa cruz you can see getting pretty sunny. it was cloudy there but it will be a nice day. it will be in the mid 70s. 57 half moon bay. 62 in morgan hill. 59d, san francisco. 62, oakland. 65 in mountain view. 64 in san jose. look at the visibility. just ideal out here with 64 santa rosa. 63, napa, novato, 73 by the delta. 63, concord, livermore 67. so we are much warmer than we were at this time yesterday. and not only that, we are above average today. and this forecast is above
8:20 am
average temperatures lasting right on through next friday. sunny and mild this morning. warm to hot over the holiday weekend. it will only be mild right at our beaches. so we're going to get into that sea breeze. it will feel pretty good. ocean temperature anywhere from the low to mid 50s. santa cruz, the warmer spot at 76. look for mid 60s from half moon bay, ocean beach, and bodega day. sunny skies each and every day. tomorrow look for a slight cooling in the city. we'll be back down to 65. that's five degrees cooler than what is forecasted today. oakland will be a few degrees cooler but not a whole lot of change in our inland valleys. then we fast forward to memorial day where it's going to be in the 90s. from concord to livermore, low 70s, still beautiful in oakland with mid 80s on the peninsula for you in redwood city, smat, 84 in petaluma. for tuesday, the heat peaks with numbers in the upper 90s by antioch with low 80s around the bay. and 70s in san francisco. so if you are planning the next several days, plan on the warmth
8:21 am
and summer like weather. the sierra nevada could see thunderstorms along the highest peak there's. numbers in the mid 60s. that's the northern sierra. southern sierra with rain and 80 today. fresno, 93. los angeles, we will be looking at temperatures there in the low 70s. so cooler there with a low clouds and fog. cozied up to the coast. so highs today around the bay ranging from a comfortable 65 with an afternoon sea breeze, half moon bay. 70 in the city. 76 in oakland. this is where we should be for late may. 86 in san jose. 85 in santa rosa with 89 in livermore. if you're headed up to napa, plan on a warm one there with 86 by 2:00 in the afternoon. bottle rock today, low 80s at 6:00. mid 60s by 10:00. and on the east bay shoreline, headed over to the coliseum. upper 70s 1:00 for the as. should be a very nice day there. but bring the sun block and, of course, the halt. the accuweather seven-day
8:22 am
forecast. today warmer than tomorrow. plenty warm for your sunday. monday, look at that with the parades and picnics, very warm. tuesday the heat peaks. slightly cooler wednesday, thursday, and friday. even with that cooler weather, the second half of the seven-day outlook, chris, we are still trending well above average. you know may has been somewhat on the cool side, so hopefully a lot of folks like it. remember, be careful. high fire danger out there as well. always with that sun shining. chris? >> good information. you look so nice out there. i remember last week it was windy. your hair was blowing all over the place. so what a difference a week makes. >> reporter: i'm going to stay up here. beautiful. >> enjoy it. lisa, thank you. coming up next, it's one of the biggest parties in napa county. the annual bottle rock festival drawing thousands of people
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you're looking at one of nap fa county's biggest parties. bottle rock kicked off yesterday. the outdoor festival features
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plenty of music, food, and as you would expect in napa, lots of wine. yesterday's headliners included stevie wonder and lenny kravitz, familiar wrens and the machine and ziggy marley later today. the red hot chili peppers will take the take tomorrow. the indy 500 is called the greatest spectacle in racing. the 500 marks the 100th running for the checkered flag at the b brickyard. >> first time ever, the indy 500 is completely sold out, crowd 300,000 strong expected to roar into indianapolis this weekend to celebrate the 100th running of the greatest spectacle in raising. and for fan favorite driver tony it is all about the fans. >> i remember how amaze that moment, the fans went nuts. what is that like for you coming back and trying to do it again? >> i know i got my face in the
8:27 am
trophy. i got a ring that i can wear for the rest of my life. but the memories of that moment with the fans is something that i will never forget. >> reporter: for a driver race preps might include this. >> so we go like halfway. go, yes. >> reporter: and this. >> look. she's ready. >> reporter: but what about the preparation for this big race? castroneves three-time winning and would join the elite if he takes the checkered flag for a fourth time. >> i did it again. it would be great because in the record books it looks really nice. as driver i don't think that. i'm just thinking what can i do to win that race were a. >> reporter: and he says there's that one moment he knows he's ready. >> the "national anthem" is time when, okay, now i'm ready. okay, now, let's -- let's go for the battle. >> that was abc's lindsay zaniac
8:28 am
reporting. you can watch the running tomorrow morning at 8:00 right here on abc7. we have much more ahead this saturday morning. it is a getaway weekend. we're going to be seeing what the tsa is doing to keep the lines from getting too long. plus, actor tim robbins visited a hayward school back in february but some of the details of his trip were kept secret until this week. stay close. you're watching the "abc
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live from the kgo tv broadcast center. this is abc7 news. >> thanks so much for wabing up with us. we're starting this half hour with a quick look at the weather. lisa is tracking the conditions where you live. some parts of the bay area are already warm. >> yes, that's right, chris. that's due to the lack of wind in san francisco. it's beautiful and, in san jose, plenty of sunshine with temperatures ranging from 59 in the city to 65 in mountain view. 64 in san jose. 62 in morgan hill. from our tower camera one of the those days where great visibility, sunny at our beaches. 73 by the delta. 63 in concord. so the wind, i spoke of it, nothing out here. we'll get that sea breeze later on today. that will keep the beaches in the 60s. 90s out by the delta. mid 80s san jose. and petaluma and santa rosa, oakland will be beautiful for the ball game. we'll talk in particular about your neighborhood in just a few minutes.
8:32 am
>> thank you. first, we have breaking news out of antioch. that's where a man was shot and killed near sick more drive. officers responded to a reports of a shooting and found a man on the ground in front of a home. police tell us he died at the scene. anyone with information about the shooting is asked to call the antioch police department. time is 8:32. near new york city fleet week celebrations took a tragic turn when a world war ii vintage plane crashed in the hudson river. divers were ror recovered to be body of the pilot. the plane appeared to have trouble with its only engine. in texas, at least one person is dead and three more are missing this morning as much of the state braces for a long holiday weekend of rain and flood. the person died in a flooded trailer home. meteorologist say the next 24
8:33 am
hours could be crucial. several rivers are headed towards historic crests and people are being caught in the swift rising water. fire crews in one county reported having to make 13 water rescues on friday. we've heard about how long it's taking to get through security at airports across the country. but locally, the lines look a little different. here's abc7 news reporter david louie. >> reporter: one of the reasons the lines are relatively short here is assistance from the airlines. they, too, get complaints from frustrated passengers so they hired contractors to help with the bins and to remind fliers to take off their jackets and belts. tsa stepped up its game to get through the holiday crush. >> they've added staff on over time and they've brought in the canine dog teams that sniff for explosives on passengers. therefore, passengers don't have to take off their shoes. they don't have to take out their laptops. >> reporter: san jose is handling a surge of 5,000 additional passengers compared to norm of 14,000. some passengers are taking advice to arrive two hours in
8:34 am
advance of their flight. how soon is your flight? >> 2 1/2 hours. >> you planned ahead? >> yes, i did. >> you've been heeding the warning to come here extra early. >> yes, definitely. >> reporter: two hours is already the recommendation for international flights. san jose has attracted new routes this year and expect 16% increase in passenger volume by august. a speedy tsa line doesn't eliminate a wait, though, at the baggage claim area. >> where did you start your day? >> albuquerque. >> was there a line there? >> not really, no. not too bad. so this is where the line is. >> reporter: there was no wait at the tsa precheck line. premium service costing $85 for five years in which fliers don't have to remove shoes, belts, or laptops. >> easy, not more than five people ahead of me in line on the tsa premium. i'm keeping my fingers crossed. >> reporter: in san jose, abc7 news. president obama made history yesterday with a visit to hiroshima, japan.
8:35 am
no sitting u.s. president has gone there in more than 70 years. the president did not apologize for the atomic bomb that the u.s. dropped to end world war ii but he did honor the dead and called for an end to nuclear war. abc news reporter is traveling with the president. >> reporter: history made with every step. president obama walking where seven decades of american presidents would not. >> 71 years ago on a bright, cloudless morning, death fell from the sky and the world was changed. >> reporter: august 1945, a flash, a burst of fire, and a mushroom cloud. 80,000 people killed instantly. near the only building still standing the american president refusing to apologize, but listening intently as survivors told their stories. this man dissolving into tears. obama calls what happened here a lesson for the modern world. >> the scientific revolution
8:36 am
that led to the splitting requires a moral revolution as well. >> reporter: his message written in the memorial book, let us now find the courage together to spread peace and pursue a world without nuclear weapons. president obama now heading home after his historic visit to japan and vietnam, both former enemies, now strategic friends. abc news, hiroshima. 8:36. a new jersey police officer responding to a call to tree branch blocking part of a road ended up being hit by a falling tree. it happened in the town of ringwood yesterday morning and was captured on the officer's dash cam. police say the officer had gone out of his car to move the branch when the larger tree fell and hit him. he reportedly broke his wrist and received 13 stitches on the top of his head. he was treated and released from the hospital. ♪
8:37 am
students at an east bay elementary school are beaming with pride not only are they featured in this music video that debuted on youtube yesterday, they're also being recognized by the white house. it's a story you will see only on abc7 news. it's a star-studded performance featuring celebrities and students from across the country. including a group from burbank elementary school in hayward. he says it was great to see her classmates in action. >> very fun. and that's pretty much the reason why i go to school every day, to learn and have fun. >> reporter: back in february actor tim robbins visited burbank as part of turn around arts, a white house initiative that connects high profile artist mentors with high need, low performing schools. all with the goal of integrating arts into the curriculum. we were there as a cameraman captured the students singing "everyday people" some of the clips were shown at the white house this week. a proud moment for the hayward
8:38 am
unified school district. >> when the kids are smiling, engaged, performing, can't wait to get to school. this is what we need. >> reporter: while the arts have played a role in the school's success many say it's teachers and staff who have made all the difference. >> the strategies and educational value that teachers put into educating our children are now being recognized on a national level and are now pa partners with the presidential counsel. >> reporter: students will take to the stage one final time for their annual play. "the jungle book," something they've been rehearsing for months. >> you're on stage and you're watching and seeing people smile and just kind of like know that you're making people happy makes me feel really good. >> reporter: an exciting end to the school year for some extraordinary students. >> turn around arts reaches 68 schools and 33,000 students each year. still ahead on the "abc7 morning news" while the san francisco opera asked me to do
8:39 am
something that is usually forbidden. but first, a live look outside from the east bay hills camera. for those of you staying home for the holiday expect warm temperatures this weekend. we'll have the full forecast in from bank of america to buy a new gym bag. before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time and 2% back at the grocery store. even before he got 3% back on gas. kenny used his bankamericard cash rewards credit card to join the wednesday night league.
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you might use to follow your fitness goals but this morning they si they're done with making the up brand of trackers. jawbone struggles to sell three different versions. tech insider reports jawbone
8:42 am
sold it at a discount to a resaler to get enough cash to keep the company going. jawbone owns a small bone of the market by fitbit and apple. waking up to warmen conditions but just how warm will it get? lisa is outside tracking it for us. hi. >> chris, it's beautiful here. 59 degrees. 61 at the airport. 64 in santa rosa, oakland, and san jose. very little wind right now. that will aid in our quick warm-up and sea breeze will curve temperatures at the beaches. we'll have 80s and 90s inland. your full forecast is just moments away. >> lisa, thank you. also ahead, the warriors need to win today to stay alive. if they're going to beat the thunder on the road they need a fiery draymond green. but not too hot. we will explain co
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
in sports, it's another do or die game for the warriors and the western conference finals. the dubs are in oklahoma city for game six. tipoff at 6:00 p.m. in baseball the giants are trying to keep their hot streak going while the a rz just trying to get a win. here's abc7 news sports director with this morning's sports report. >> good morning, everybody. the warriors and sharks as you know they've dominated lately. meanwhile, the giants, quietly sizzling, winning 13 of their last 14. ten straight against national league west and trying to keep the good times going. last night in colorado. trouble early. matt kaine on this pitch pulls his hamstring.
8:46 am
would have to leave the game in the second. may head to the disabled list. top of the third. kaine's replacement alert suarez rounds up the middle. rockies out at second. parker, they call him out at the plate. but he slides under the tag. they review it, called reverse. save. and the giants take a 1-0 lead. suarez gave up five hits and five. >> ian:ings of relief. trouble is they were all doubles. noted giant killer driving in charlie black and suarez allowed three runs. quints giants start a ten-game road trip with a loss, 5-2. how about the as and tigers? beautiful night for baseball in oakland. gorgeous sunset there. speaking of gorgeous, kinsler leading off. billy byrnes lays out and makes the catch. the as couldn't get anything going against michael fum her, allowed just one hit in seven. >> ian::. top of the sixth. nick with his tenth of the year.
8:47 am
made eight 3-0 game. as would fall 4-1. they have dropped 7 of their last. warriors to keep their season alive tonight in okc, they need to bring even more energy and intensity than the thunder. and that's where draymond green comes in. he's got to be emotional but under control. it's like trying to bottle lightning. draymond has not been the same since the kicking incident in game three. li lifeless at times. automatic one-game suspension. steve kerr knows harnessing draymond's emotion is like juggling vials of nitroglycerin. >> we need his edge. we need his fire. every once in a while he spills over the top. he knows that. we'll take it. he's got to be composed tomorrow night for sure, especially on the road. >> lebron and the cavs trying to wrap up eastern conference tight until toronto. this was all cavs, all the time. kyrie irving to lebron.
8:48 am
cavs by seven. lebron here, the fake, the drive, the hammer. lookout below you. 33. cavs roll, 113-87. heading to the finals. lebron going sixth straight typals. first player to do that since bill russell, casey jones and boston celtics in the 1960s. that's a wrap on morning sports. have a great holiday weekend, everybody. dubs fans looking for a fun place to watch the game can head over to the oracle where warriors will have an official watch party. the parking lot will open at 4:00. tipoff is set for 6:00. it is shaping up to be a gorgeous day across northern california. meteorologist lisa is outside tracking the conditions for us. lisa, it looks so nice up there. i am very jealous of you. >> that's right. there's plenty of it to go around. all weekend long. in fact, into next week we're going to see very warm weather. it's warmer here today in
8:49 am
northern california than southern california. we'll get to that in just a moment. live doppler 7hd showing the clear sky around the bay until you get to about the central coast. wow, tons of sun and temperatures ranging from 59 san francisco, 64 oakland as well as san jose and morgan hill, 55 in mountain view with 57 half moon bay. so from tahoe it looks nice and clear right now. but we're going to see some afternoon thunderstorms throughout the day today. 64 in santa rosa as well as novato. 66 concord and livermore. 73 by the delta. looking at the temperature trend from yesterday to today, everybody is up. we are warmer with very little wind. and by the afternoon that sea breeze is only going to make it to a mile or so from the shoreline. so keeping the coast cool. you can see the haze in santa cruz. just when you get to santa cruz, a little cloudy, then it's sunny in monterey. more clouds from santa barbara.
8:50 am
sunny and mild this morning. warm and hot for the holiday weekend. mild weather at the beaches. if you're traveling east yourself you've got thunderstorms and/or some fog. 65 in ocean beach. 60s from half moon bay. look at that ocean temperature. that's being generous at 54. it's cooler than that. 67 monterey. 76, warmer today in santa cruz. san jose, you will be at 86 today. average high is 76. so you see the trend. slightly cooler tomorrow. you probably won't even notice it. memorial day, upper 80s. warming up even more so in to tuesday. just a little bit of cooling and we're warm again by next friday. so if you are headed to the northern part of the state, it's going to be sunny but the mountains from northern sierra nevada to yosemite, could see thunderstorms. fog from san luis obispo. the beach less warm up next
8:51 am
week. so as we look at other temperatures, you'll notice that starting out in the south bay you are all in the 80s. mid to upper 80s from santa clara through morgan hill. 83 though sunnyvale and milpitas. 80s on the friends in the peninsula. 66 in pacifica. 70 downtown. 81 petaluma. our near east bay, 75 in san leandro and 78 in fremont. you head inland. look at the reds here with numbers approaching 90 degrees in fairfield. 87 in pleasanton. accuweather seven-day forecast, wow, 66 to 94 today. cooler tomorrow. warmer for the holiday on monday. so parades and picnics very sunny and warm. the hottest day will be tuesday. and then just a little bit of cooling wednesday, thursday, and friday. but, boy, it feels like summer. three weeks away. but i think we planned it pretty good with this seven-day outlook. nice and warm for folks who like that kind of thing. chris?
8:52 am
>> bring out the flip-flops. thank you. carmen is the newest show at the san francisco opera. earlier this week the show had its final dress rehearsal. and as abc7 news reporter found out opera may be about singing but at this rehearsal there was an awful lot of tweeting. ♪ >> reporter: it's an edgy modern take on a classic opera. >> very visceral. very athletic. it's very sexy. ♪ >> reporter: among the crowd of friends and family here for this final rehearsal there's a special row, the tweet seats. >> have you ever done this before? >> never in my life. >> reporter: kevin applied online. >> we invite these people who have these long lists of followers and then get them to go wild over the course of the rehearsal. >> reporter: a few have experience. >> what does it take to live tweet an opera and do it well? >> well, you have to kind of chop your mind in half. if you have adhd it helps. >> reporter: watch what's going on and put your thoughts into
8:53 am
words. >> you're multitasking which is why -- if i don't already know an opera well i try to do some homework so that i'm not learning what's going on as it happens. >> reporter: the opera was kind enough to give this live tweeters the tweet cheat sheet and it helps that they know "carmen" backwards and forwards. >> how has the tweeting been going? >> my thumbs are tired. i'm doing a lot more than i planned. >> reporter: so much that carmensf was trending in the bay area. they get a lot of pick up. >> they do. if they didn't we couldn't continue. >> reporter: the tweeters aim to make the opera relatable. >> think about the characters. i address the sets and the costumes. i'm a kind tweeter so if something goes wrong i don't pick out negatives. >> reporter: a rehearsarehearsad to have wardrobe malfunctions and other things. the crew told us that was in the script but this one shattered wield shind brought out an army of stage hands and flurry of tweets. of course the performers finished the scene, even in the
8:54 am
age of twitter the show must go on. in san francisco, jonathan bloom, abc7 news. coming up next, how you can celebrate mother earth in today's annual carnival festival in san francisco.
8:55 am
♪ they go ooh ooh. ♪ hey! ♪ they go oh-ooh-ooooh. ♪ sitting, watching, waiting, wishing. ♪ ♪ i tell you one thing, you never knew it. ♪ ♪ at the back of the bus ♪ there is so much to give, so dream big. ♪ ♪ yeah.
8:56 am
♪ and when they screaming get out, get out. ♪ ♪ all i wanna hear is get down, get down. ♪ "get full on summer at target. get a $10 target giftcard when you spend $50 on groceries. this sunday and monday only. details at" welcome back. happening today, the annual carnival in san francisco's mission district. eight blocks of harrison street between 16th and 24th will be transformed into the largest
8:57 am
multi-cultural celebration on the west coast. global cuisine, international music, dance, arts and crafts will be a big part of the fun which starts at 10:00. tomorrow the grand parade will start at 9:30. the grand marshall is united farm worker icon deloris. before we go let's get a final check of the weather. lisa, we'll need the sunscreen today. >> yeah, absolutely. in fact, i'm baking up here with this black on. 65 at our beaches today. 70 in san francisco. look for 78 in fremont. upper oughtitys and 90s inland to our delta. look for the warmest day to be on tuesday but the holiday looking very toasty with mid 90s inland. 60s at our coast. thanks to you for joining us on the abc 7 morning news. the news continues now online on twitter, facebook, and all of our mobile devices with our abc7 news app. abc7 continues at 5:00 p.m. make eight great day, everybody.
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>> "jack hanna's wild countdown" is sponsored by nationwide. >> hi, everyone, i'm jack hanna, coming to you from my base camp here at the columbus zoo, and welcome to "wild countdown." you know, some of the most exotic animals in the world can be found right here in our own backyard. >> i just saw it and i grabbed it. >> that happened quick. and today, i'm counting down some of my favorite american animals. >> he's in full strut and he's really displaying well. >> from purple mountains' majesty... >> this is a syrian grizzly. we've had it ever since it's been two months old. >> and from sea to shining sea.


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