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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  May 28, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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to force
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live from the kgo tv broadcaster in, this is abc7 news. still alive and kicking, heart stopping moments tn for dub nation as a the wrs win a game in okc that fans will remember for a very long time. good evening, everybody. i'm eric thomas. we have team coverage of this dramatic victory. we start with abc7 sports anchor mike shumann. where do you begin? what a game. >> unbelievable, eric. i am a exhausted just from watching this game. probably one of the greatest victories from the wrs franchise history. it all started off with klay thompson setting an nba postseason record with 11 three-pointers. post has come up big in the postseason.
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tonight 41 points. okc concentrating so much on the mvp steph curry klay had to do it again. and he did. a career high 41 points. all but eight of them coming from behind the arc. it was incredible to watch. hit contested threes. wide open tlesz. it was a thing of beauty. afterwards, klay said he was disappointed he only hit 11 tripples. >> i should have had at least 13. i had a couple open looks early. i had no idea what the record was. i feel good owning the record but i feel better if we close them out on monday and play with the same toughness and resilientsy we played them with today. >> steve kurz said to me, that was kinda fun. a lot more coming up here at okc. we're the last ones here.
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i'm mike shumann, abc7 news. the team wasn't playing at home tonight. but dub nation still flocked to oracle arena. sergia can tanna picks up our team coverage from outside the arena. it must have been crazy in there? >> it was -- yes, crazy is a good description. you know, i don't really -- i can barely imagine what it sounded like in oklahoma city tonight with so many disappointed fans there. it was ear splitting here. this is what it sounds like when dubs win! [ cheers and applause ] >> pandemonium erupted inside oracle arena as the wrs eke out a hard fought win against the thunder. >> we knew bewas gonna inwith. go wrs. we going. >> we believe. we staying here. we bringing it back to the house and we gonna take it all the way. >> reporter: golden state trailed oklahoma city for post of the game. but the last four minutes on the
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clock was with a blur of screams and cheerz as the warriors closed in. >> i can't believe how loud it is. the warriors fans are going crazy at this game. >> reporter: and then the moment where it all turned around. curry sunk a three pointer that tied it all up at 99-99. >> top of the world root now. curry and thompson carried the team. >> reporter: the roof neuroly blew here at oracle rein as golden state never stopped and sapped the electricity right out of the oklahoma city thunder. there were a few confident warriors fans who walked in this afternoon with little banners that said "see you monday" turns out they were fon fortune tellers because game seven will be played right here monday afternoon at 6:00. >> they made noise outside of
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oracle, too. folks clearly enjoyed the game. fans celebrating at soma street park in san francisco. and fans taking it all in at the flat iron in san rafael. to the ice now. history is being made by the san jose sharks. they are in the stanley cup for the first time. this is video of the team practicing friday. game one is monday night in pittsburgh. wayne freedman will be there and bring us live reports on abc7 news. game two is wednesday with games three and four at the tank in san jose on june 4th and 6th. before basketball it was a day in the sun for many dubs fans. this is how it looked in santa cruz this afternoon. you can see the beach was packed. meteorologist drew tuma is here to tell bus a warm up on the way. >> that's right, to start off the holiday season, temperatures today warm to hot with most cities coming in at least ten degrees above normal.
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oakland, 82, that's 14 degrees above average. and mountain view coming in with a high of 86 degrees. that's 12 degrees above average. believe it or not. we have warmer air waiting in the wings that will exceed these averages. we'll let you know when that is coming up in the full accuweather forecast. breaking news involving a father and daughter who haven't been seen since leaving the bay area. tonight sheriff's deputies found the body of dad, kyler jackson in a slough in walnut grove outside sacramento they will be back in the morning searching the water for his 1-year-old daughter kaley. jackson and kaley left on sunday, they were on their way to sacramento but family members say they never arrived. tonight a vallejo family isn't giving up hope that a missing teen will be found. pearl pinson was kidnapped on wednesday. a search for her today along the coast has been suspended. the one man who may know where
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she is died in a shootout with police. >> the man's neighbor describes fernando castro as a good kid, says her family is shocked. pearl pinson's family says the two did not know each other. investigators saying their strongest lead in the seven for 15-year-old pearl pinson has turned up empty. search teams from four counties and california state parks calling off the search in the coastal town of jenner. >> we believe search teams conducted a thorough search and met all the goals we set and areas we wanted to search and we are confident that pearl is not here. >> reporter: the one person who who could know pearl's whereabouts is gone. police shot and killed 19-year-old fernando castro after a high-speed chase. they say he abducted pearl near this bridge.
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castro's family agreed to speak with abc7 news if we disguised their identity. >> they were going back and forth. >> reporter: looking for clues that castro may have left behind. meantime, pearl's family members continue to walk the food foot bridge above interstate 80. >> some of us are stoic buts in we are hurting. even if we stay in this area we are hoping more and more people will see us here. >> reporter: pink balloons and signs line the foot bridge reminders that pearl's family is not giving up home. castro's family says they are grieving. >> especially the mom. i think he got shot. >> reporter: a search now producing more questions than answers n. vallejo, melanie woodrow, abc7 news. developing news tonight out of stanislaus county. dive teams will resume searching tomorrow morning for two teens from oakland last seen in
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reservoir. deputies in oakdale say the two 15-year-olds jumped into a water out of a boat in the woodward reservoir this afternoon. they say it doesn't appear anybody in the boat was wearing a life jacket. some family members got back into the boat but lost sight of the boys. police executed a search warrant in association with a shooting and stabbing near know vado high school on wednesday. the victims has been identified as 17-year-old edwin luis rivera. two suspects were arrested on thursday. another student who was shot and stabbed survived the attack. deputies in saratoga have arrested the drive who they say hurt a woman and hurt her two dogs so badly they had to be euthanized. ann palmer provided this picture of their family and their
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labradors. palmer was walking the trugs when a truck hit and dragged them. she was holding the leash at the time and fell to the ground. palmer went to the hop with moderate injuries. heads up if you plan to visit the golden gate bridge this long weekend. cars will not be able to park at the welcome center at golden gate bridge or at vista pont on the marin side. taxis and ride services will be allowed to drop off passengers at vista point. the closure ones through monday. it's part of an ongoing effort to reduce traffic congestion in the area during busy time. still the come on abc7 news at 11:00, it's all eyes on california with under two weeks to go until the primary. the latest from the campaign trail. and a traveling tribute to the fallen this memorial day is here in the bay area. and later, see pluto up close like never before. the just-released high definition images. but first, a good-bye barbecue this memorial day.
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the owners of a local market hoping this don't have to close
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the race for president, senator bernie sanders held a rally in backersfield tonight after events in santa barbara and santa marialier today. sanders will be back in the bay area on monday with two events in oakland. hillary clinton didn't have any campaign events in california today. but five current and former mayors from across the country stumped for her across the bay area. with just days until the june 7th primary, it's all eyes on california. abc news reporter devin dwyer has the story. >> reporter: bernie sanders in california, the only candidate on the campaign trail this holiday weekend. >> what is most important to my
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mind is that we have the strongest democratic candidate out there who in fact will not only defeat mr. trump, but will demolish mr. trump. >> reporter: sanders wasn't the only one talking or in donald trump's case tweeting. overnight the likely republican nominee addressing this. protests aye erupting outside his friday night speech in san diego. trump thanking police for quote handling the thugs who tried to disrupt our peaceful and well attended rally. the protest outside the even just miles from the border did mexico lasted hours after trump lefted the state. police beating back demonstrators, using pepper strai spray, arresting 35 people. >> we're going to build a wall. latinos for trump, i love you. >> reporter: the backlash not stopping trump from plugging
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hijs proposed border wall and lashing out at hi. >> she shouts into the microphone and it drives everybody crazy. hillary saying she is ready to take on trump. >> we don't want a bully in the white house, but we can use the billiony pulpit. >> reporter: first hillary must stop bernie sanders. sanders still calling for a debate with trump even after trump said no. >> for a guy who changes his position so many times, i would hope he would change it one more time and say yes. >> reporter: devin dwyer, abc news, washington. abc7 news was in oakland as voters got a headstart in the june 7th primary. the alameda county registrar of voters is open this weekend for people who want to vote early. staff also set occupy a ballot drop stop for voters to deliver their mail in ballots. the registrar's office is open from 9 a.m. tomorrow until 3 p.m. and again next yooekd.
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volunteers of all ages spent this saturday honoring our fallen veterans. in san bruno the place men of small american plastic bags were placed next to the grave stones. there are more than 100,000 graves here. the flag placement happens on the saturday before memorial day every year. abc7 news was at lonetree cemetery in hayward for the only traveling memorial honoring the fallen from the gulf war in iraq and afghanistan. it's intended to confident families who lost a loved one. >> looking at this, it's probably the only memorial they are ever going to see to memorialize their children's sacrifice. >> the traveling memorial pays tribute to more than 7,000 service men and women. et cetera a o'on display at loep tree sim terry through the memorial weekend. a about ite sweet memorial
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day weekend for owners of fog hill market. the corner store hosted a good-bye barbecue. it's likely the neighborhood market will close after nearly 20 years because of a $1400 rent hike. >> the rent went up to $5,000. we cannot afford it. and the landlord is not backing off. so we cannot pay arent that much. >> the store owners are still hoping for a last-minute reprieve. they may be able to stay if a new landlord emerges by the end of this month and didn't raise the rent. we'll check on the sunny warm forecast. here's drew tomb audio. >> that warmth is going to peak over the holiday week on memorial day itself. today tons of sunshine. tonight clear skies. live doppler showing all clear in terms of rain. we'll talk about temperatures royalty now. still holding on to warmth, especially inland. 70s on the birdie. antioch 72, high was 94 today.
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# # in concord. 62 in hayward. closer to the ocean, cooling off. 59 in san francisco. half moon bay coming in as the coolest election right now at 52. overnight tonight, whether you are on the coast, on the bay or inland we are all going to drop into the 50s. it's going to be a mild night the next 12 hours under starry skies. it sets the same to get us nice and warm tomorrow afternoon. one ching. when we look at winds. they are pretty calm, between five and phenomenon miles per hour. tomorrow along the coast we will develop a sea breeze. it's not strong enough sea breeze to bring widespread relief from the heat. highs,le 7 for san jose. same for santa clara. santa cruz, tomorrow up around 69. redwood city 72. 78 for san mateo. pacifica and half moon bay in
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the lower 60s with the light sea breeze. downtown san francisco, 63, tons of sunshine. 73 for south san francisco. into the north way away from the ocean, in the 80s. 82 in novato. napa up to a warm 84 degrees. into the east bay tomorrow, oakland, 80678 hercules up to 79 degrees. inland our warm spots were in the 90s. 92 in antioch. 89 the high in livermore under tons of sunshine. headed to the a's game. they are hosting the tigers tomorrow at the oakland cole see yum. first pitch 1:05. 78 at the start. 80 as the game is wrapping up. sunday clear skies. nothing but sunshine. peak at 84 degrees about 2:00. sunday at the beaches temperatures all in the 60s.
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it will be a nice day even with the sea breeze. a cool ocean water temperature of 64 degrees. monday the temperatures rebound along the coast. we lose the sea breeze. we will have 70s and 80s around the bay. the 90s continue to stay inland. mid 90s in our warmest spots of the if you are headed to oracle raep, game seven monday, 73 degrees by 6:00 as you pull up that wind. 67 degrees as the fans let out. seven-day forecast shows sunny tomorrow. cooler on the coast. about up on monday. hot holiday. warm tuesday. dips wednesday. and warms back up friday, inland locations topping out near 100. a ebb and flow in the temperature department the next seven days. still to come on abc7 news at 11:00, everyone needs a little love someti
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>> one, two, three, four. >> a man in endia spread the love and set a record. this is video from the guinness world record's you tube page. you can see the man breaking the world record for the most hugs givenan by an individual in one minute. the previous record, 77. kumar managed to hug 79 children at a school. all right. wonder if he plays basketball. >> he was happy the warriors won tonight. giving out hugs. coming up in sports, the warriors klay thompson was more than okay in okc tonight. as made an nba record 11
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wbz 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> it was do or die for the warriors. and thanks to a record setting performance from klay thompson there will be a game seven monday night in oakland. thunder fans were hoping their team to close out out tonight. for a while it looked like okc would do just that. the thunder led by as much as 13 the first half. okc led by five at the break. the warriors trailed at the end of every quarter before the fourth thanks to thompson. he had 11 threes in one game. the thunder bought back behind russel westbrook. he came in with a triple-double. steph curry had 29 points. this basket tied the game at 99-99 with under three minutes to play. after a basket from iguodala, iggy steals it from westbrook, finds klay, to hits another three.
11:30 pm
thompson finished with a game high 41 points. time running out. stev with the drive. puts it in off the glass. the warriors win 108-101, forcing a game seven on monday. mike shumann was at game six tonight in oklahoma city. mike, this was one gutty performance by the warriors in a very loud arena. >> no question, rick. you could not hear yourself thinking the first half this crowd was so rocking. urk to, you could hear a pin drop. led by klay thompson's 11 threes. he had 19 points this the fourth quarter. before the fourth started, steph told klay, this is your night. >> testify told me before i went out in the fourth. this is your time. you know, put on a show out there. and have fun. you know i took those words to hard heart and i tried to be aggressive. >> i think i fed off of klay for sure. we have got a lot of belief and heart giving ourselves a chance to win the series.
11:31 pm
that's all we can ask for. >> game five was a battle. this was a war. i mean. and you know, we continued the fight. we gave ourselves a chance at the game. and eventually our guys were able to knock down shots for news we feel better now than we did a few days ago, obviously. but it doesn't guarantee anything. >> if this was a battle, game seven is going to be a heavyweight fight. we are the last ones standing here. we hope the warriors are the last ones standing on monday night. reporting from oklahoma city for the last time, mike shumann. back to you. >> this abc7 sports report has been brought to you by river rock casino. later in the show we'll show you how the giants and a's did today. plus we'll hear from the sharks who are preparing for their first-ever stanley cup final. we could have two world champions this year, the sharks and the warriors. >> can't forget about the sharks. rick thanks. a terrifying tumble down
11:32 pm
several waterfalls. the lessons this man says he has
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>> announcer: live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is abc7 news. good evening. i'm eric thomas. in tonight's headlines, sacramento county sheriff's departments will be back out in the morning searching for a missing 1-year-old girl who left the bay area with her father. they recovered the body of the girl's dad, kyler jackson tonight in a slough in walnut grove outside sacramento. jackson and his daughter kaley left antioch and never made to it sacramento.
11:36 pm
divers were resume their search for two teens in the woodward reservoir in woodward outside modesto. sheriff's deputies say they were not wearing life jackets. pearl pinson was last seen wednesday morning. police say fernando castro abducted her. he died in a shootout with police. police went into his home today looking for clues he may have left behind that may lead them to pinson. in the southern u.s. police with telling people to stay off the roads because of flooding caused by heavy rains. in texas four people have died. south carolina is under a tropical storm warning. abc news reporter elizabeth her has the story. >> reporter: this will be a memory dwral day weekend of bad memory for so many in texas. flood waters chasing them from their home. >> we got what we could and we left. >> we are watching the water.
11:37 pm
we have nowhere to go. as streets became river they dialed 911. >> we called the fire department. they came 8:00 and got us. >> reporter: first responders went door to door rescuing residents from rising waters this. man was removed on a stretcher. up to 16 inches of rain in 24 hours washing out roads and submerging cars. at least four dead. and now five missing after days of violent storms. in wichita, an 11-year-old boy is missing after being swept away when he fell into a creek trying to cross it. this family heading to their son's graduation by boat. >> i have his cap and gown here. >> reporter: in the southeast, they are bracing for tropical storm bonnie, set to roll in between 5:00 and 6:00 a.m. in south carolina. high winds and high surf have the lifeguards on high alert. the big concern, potentially deadly rip tides. >> it is a little choppy.
11:38 pm
a little rough. but not terrible yet. i think it's going to get worse. >> have to be careful with the kids. >> reporter: residents hitting stores to stock up. bonnie will drift north by monday making it a damp and dreerry holiday for millions. overseas, dangerous weather injured dozens of children. in paris, nine children and two adults were struck by lightning at an outdoor birthday party. they were huddled under a tree trying to protect themselves from a thunderstorm when they were hit by the bolt. in germany, 35 people were hit by another lightning strike, several are seriously injured. a little boy came base to face with a 400 pound gorilla at the cincinnati zoo this afternoon. he fell in. zoo officials say the child crowd through a barrier and landed in a grillo moat. he was picked up and dragged by the grula for about ten minutes.
11:39 pm
>> it's a sad day all the way around. the right choice was made. it was a difficult choice. we have protocols and procedures. we do drills with our dangerous animal response team. >> the boy is expected to survive. he was taken to the hospital with non-life thenning injuries. a man in washington state is talking about how he survived falling down two waterfalls. josh reichert dropped 70 feet after slipping on a rock in olympia national park. as he was falling he hit a rock and his feet shattered. after the fall he somehow managed the swim to the side of the river. it took nine and a half hours for rescuers to get to him. the hiker got out of the hospital with casts on both of his legs. when asked what he was thinking during the fall, he says it is a miracle he didn't die. >> i guess that's the closest thing i had at that period of time, you better just live. >> reichert thinks he fell
11:40 pm
because he tried to get himself out instead of waiting for rescuers to come get him. more than 200 scientist asks doctors want to move or delay the summer olympics. concerns over the spread of the zika virus prompted them to send a letter to the world health organization claiming the virus is an unnecessary risk to the half million tourists expected to come to brazil. the who advised pregnant women to avoid travel there but says the games should continue. >> a lot of people going to rio, they have the potential to bring the disease all over the world if they get infect there had. >> i don't know anyone who has got ten zika virus and i know a lot of people. so this is not big issue. >> there are more than 100,000 case ises of zika in brazil, a third of them in rio. take a look at this. dramatic video out of china showing children climbing a 2500 foot bamboo letter too and from school. forced government firms to come up with a quick, safer solution. they say a solid set of steel
11:41 pm
stairs will be built as a temporary fix until they come up with a longer solution. the children ages 6 to 15 climb up the cliff side ladder every two weeks. it's their only way to get home from the boarding school. tonight a drop the mic video ate a north carolina church shared thousands of times on line. when you hear it, you'll know why. we have the story of the little singer with a big sound. >> reporter: from the first sec you hear him you can't of haven't believe it. but indicate lib leb, -- but ca has got the voice. and he's got the moves. >> caleb has been singing and demonstrating that he's got the "it" factor for a long time. >> reporter: in just the past few week he has got the fans, too. more than 3 million views since
11:42 pm
a family friend put this post up on facebook. caleb performing at the new hope baptist church in north carolina. how does a kid who was born four years ago get this good. >> i would sing to him when he was a baby, when i put him to sleep. >> reporter: where does his inspiration come from. >> where do you sing from? >> my heart. >> to who. >>er and we know this, caleb is anything but shy. >> hey everybody. i'm on abc news. >> reporter: here's the question, he's got the voice. he's got the moefs, but does he have the finish? oh, yeah, caleb's got the finish. and he's just getting started. john done beck, abc news. still ahead on abc7 news at 11:00, a lot of new technology has common thread. it's visual. next, see the device that lets
11:43 pm
you go eyes-free wherever you are. also an unprecedented look deep into space tonight. see pluto as never before. i'm drew tuma. a hot start to the holiday weekend. 80s and 90s on
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11:45 pm
tonight, a new unprecedented look at polluto as never seen before. these new stunning close up images are from nasa's new
11:46 pm
horizon spacecraft. the photos were released on friday and taken from the spacecraft as it flew past the planet last summer. pluto is not officially a planet anymore but is classified by nasa as a dwarf planet. texting and driving is illegal in california. but plenty of folks admit to reading messages, checking e-mail or browsing facebook behind the wheel. as jonathan bloom found out, a local start-up has designs to fix that using technology originally made for the blind. how do you use your smart phone in the car? >> you don't. >> mary is in the minority. do you use the smart phone in car. i try not to, but sometimes i do. >> how do you do that? >> carefully usually. >> you have seen it? >> they are driving or swering, and most of the time they are looking at their phones. >> reporter: but this aims to change that. >> yesterday at 7:55 p.m., you received an e-mail from ben --
11:47 pm
>> reporter: it's called 06, originally dreamed up to help kids at this school for the blind in india. >> it lowers the barriers for people who were blind to start using the mobile applications. >> reporter: but they realized there was another market for their product, not just folks who will are blind or visually impaired but for anyone who use as phone while driving a car. >> this is a steering wheel mount. it's meant to be used eyes free. it taps to apple's voice-over feature to browse. >> like, react. >> and you can turn stuff you like to read into radio stations. >> twitter, pot cast. >> go back to twitter. >> e-mail, twitter. >> its makers say it's more natural than trying to have a conversation with siri. >> we believe this is the safest and best way to access content on the road. our friend mary is skeptical.
11:48 pm
>> you shouldn't be using your smart phone behind the wheel. >> is that something you would be open to. >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: it's set to sell for $99 and be available next year. not worry, drew tuma is keeping his eye on the thermometer for you. we have a warm up come. >> inland we'll still in the low 70s. it's going to be mild across the board. everyone is going to bottom out in the 50s. 54 in oakland. same san francisco, warmer in san jose, 57. 52 in napa under plenty of stars. highs for sunday of the it's goc to be warm. inland, 92 ant ok. 90, fairfield. 94 in livermore. a sea breeze is going to knock numbers down along the coast. 87 the high in san jose. future track temperatures shows you as we head into memorial day we lose the sea breeze. the coast warms up.
11:49 pm
a lot of 80s. still lot of 90s. watch what happens tuesday. near 100 inland. the numbers keep on climbing accuweather seven-day forecast shows you cooler on the coast. numbers climb on the holiday. climbing tuesday. dip on wednesday. going back up on thursday and friday. friday one of the warmest days with plenty of sunshine. rick is back with more sports. >> speaking of hot. how about that klay thompson. in a record breaking season for the warriors, klay thompson breaks another mark as golden sta
11:50 pm
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abc 67 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> the warriors displays the heart of a champion tonight as they beat the thunder at oklahoma city to force a game seven w. a 3-2 series lead, thunder fans were hoping their team could close it out tonight. but klay thompson was not ready to call it a season. he set a nba playoff record with 11 threes in one game. oklahoma city led most of the contest as westbrook came within a rebound of a triple-double. klay thompson was hot. steph curry finished with 29, tied the game at 99-99 with under three minutes left. westbrook finds klay, who hits another three.
11:53 pm
finished with 41 points. 19 seconds left, steph with a drive, puts it off the glass. the splash brothers win 108-101. there will be a game seven monday night in okakland. >> steph and klay walk that fine line between lethal and crazy. and we have to live with some crazy shots some crazy misses because they make more than their fair share. >> he has always told us in those games, if you have a shot and you feel comfortable, take it, we'll live with the results in those situations. don't want to second-guess yourself while you are out there. >> whether i'm 2 for 18 or 14 for 18, i just try to be a continuous player, forget about whether the shot went in or not, just hone my shot. and believe it or not, i mean, i practice with range. and my feet were set. and my legs were under me and i
11:54 pm
was in a great flow so all i had to do was catch and release. >> the giants cut matt cain on the 1 day disabled list with a strained right hamstring. chris straton has taken his place on the roster. buster posey rocked the rockies in the first with two on. the catcher goes deep to give the giants a quick 3-0 lead, madison bumgarner worked his way out of a jam with a strikeout and this 6-4-3 double play. mad bum was bumped up. the giants used five relievers in the seventh but couldn't hold the lead. 5-4, colorado. but not for long as san francisco answers with six runs in the eighth. once again, it's posey connecting for a three run homer. 6 rbi. giants win 10-5. at the cole see yum it was
11:55 pm
josh redick bobble head day. s out with a broken thumb but the jay's offense did fine against detroit. in the sixth, the butler did it again, breaking a 3-3 tie with a two run single. the a's scored five runs in the sixth. four more in the seventh. davis leads the team with 14 home runs this season. valencia had three hits, including a hole run. he also made a nice defensive play here in the ninth. the as snap a losing streak with a 12-3 victory, the most runs they have scored all season. the sharks open their first ever stanley cup finals on monday at pets pits. while these teams don't see each other very often there are several connections. mike sullivan was a member of the sharks first team in 1991 paul martin played for pets pits before signing with the sharks in the offseason.
11:56 pm
once the puck drops friendship takes a back seat. >> once the puck drops it's all business. but i was there for five years, i'm friend with some of their guys. it's just one of those thing. that's the i with a it work out. it is a good tonight for us. >> every series we've been in, there has been a little bit of a feeling out in the first game. especially because you are playing team you are not familiar with. we only played them twice, it was prior to christmas, they have got a different coach now, we are a different team. i think you just want to get in and get accustomed to the other team and get your own game established as quickly as possible. >> at avia stadium, the earthquakes and s skrrks dallas finished in a scoreless draw. this sports report brought by river rock casino. the warriors force a game seven with oklahoma city, j lebron james j and cavaliers await the winner. one more check on the weather forecast. >> cool at the coast as the sea
11:57 pm
breeze kicks in. a hot holiday on monday. head towards tuesday, temperatures continue to climb inland. then a dip as we head into wednesday. temperatures take off once again. a wide range on thursday. friday very hot inland, near the triple digits, and a slight dip on saturday. >> drew, thank you. that's it for tonight. i'm eric thomas. abc.noose continues tomorrow morning at 5:00. for drew and shoe and rick kuan thank you for joining us. have a great rest of your evening.
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