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tv   ABC 7 News at 5  ABC  May 29, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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divers recover two bodies in walnut grove south of sacramento in the search for a missing father and his one-year-old daughter. tonight the family is left dealing with a terrible loss. that is the breaking news we begin with. a boater found a body believed to be that of one year kaylee jackson, quarter mile from where divers found her father's body last night. the area is known as the georgia sloughing. family and fairgrounds broke down what happen the got the
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news. divers continue to look for the car they were in. jackson and his daughter went missing a week ago when they left antioch on their way home to sacramento. investigators say there is no evidence of a crime. quick work by rescue crews and a bit of luck helped two teenagers survive a terrifying accident in the oakland hills. block can. >> reporter: a dramatic rescue off grizzly peak boulevard. firefighters hoist a teenaged girl up the ridge. a helicopter drops a chp medic down to the site, then lefts the other injured victim out of the steep ravine. firefighters say the two teenagees were driving along the scenic east bay road when their car plunged off the side. >> the vehicle is 500 feet off the roadway. the vehicle was on its roof, on the side, completely caved in, air bags deployed.
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>> the lieutenant with the fire district took this picture of the car on its hood. he spoke with the victims, who he says were very shaken but able to escape from the car on their own. >> i asked them, what were you doing? basically they were just driving down the hill. something -- they think it was biker cut them off -- they went through the barricade. >> you can see the path of the car and this must have been a terrifying drop. the driver broke through the log barrier and then traveled several hundred feet down the hill and flipped upside-down. rescuers say the pair suffered cuts and bruises and broken bones. >> super lucky. very lucky. >> they're now recovering at hospital in oakland, abc7 news. >> a driver died in mess tan ton -- pleasant-on when his driver went off the road and struck a pole this morning. the highway patrol says the driver died at the scene.
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investigators are looking to see if speed led to the tragedy. the coroner is working to identify the victim. dive teams today search for two missing oakland teenagers. the both jumped oat of a boat yesterday. the sheriff's department tweedded photos saying a dive team is search are fog the 15-year-old boy -- searching for the 15-year-old boys who are presumed dead. rescuers say it does not appear anyone in the boat was wearing a life jacket. some family members were able to get back into the boat but lost sight of the boys. >> pearl pinson's family hope that she will return home safely. detectives asked for anyone who may have seen pinson after she was abducted to call them. search and rescue teams found no sign of pinson in sonoma ya county yesterday and have no plans to look again in that area. pinson's suspected kidnapper,
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fernando kaz industry, died in a shootout with police on thursday. >> new details on the rescue of a little by who fill into the gorilla closure in a zoo in ohio. this video was released today. the gorell would -- gorilla was put down, a result that is bringing criticism. >> reporter: hard to watch. a four-year-old child sitting in hands of a 400-pound silver back gorellly. shock leg the boy survived, the gorilla did not. >> they're endangered animals not very many in captivity but it's the proper ending. >> a child has fallen into the gorilla age. >> onlookers could only watch as the gorellly grabbed the child, and then the boy's mother calling out. the gorilla took off, dragging
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the boy with him. >> he did not hit the boy. he almost was guarding the boy, was protecting him. >> minutes later zookeeps rushed in, shooting and kill think gorilla. the boy was injured but awake and alert. critics are questioning why the zoo didn't use tranquilizers. the director says those may have taken too long. >> they made the right choice. they saved the. boy's life could have been very bad. >> a day before his death the gorilla celebrated his 17th 17th birthday. now that's a nuh-uh facebook pain. >> there is some responsibility to the zoogoer that says, you have to abide by our barriers. >> officials want to know how the boy got into the closure, apparently crawling under a railing, through wires and bushes, then falling into the moat. something that has never happened in the exhibit's 38 years history. abc news, cincinnati.
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>> a scare today at san francisco international airport. officials evacuated terminals this morning when a fire alarm went off. an airport spokesperson says it was a false alarm and the terminals were clear as a precaution. >> another day of summer-like temperatures. the exploratorium camera at pier 15 shows people there enjoying the breeze off the water and were in for even warmer temperatures on memorial day. drew tuma has the warm weather news. >> today a little bit of a sea breeze has kicked in. so right along the coast we feel cooler but still warm to hot on this sunday and the holiday weekend. a live look from the tower cam row showinging if you not a fan of warm weather you love this look. we have coastal includeds. here's your memorial day planner. by 4:00, lots of sunshine, 60s on the coast, 80s around the
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bay. mid-90s inland. if you think that's hot, wait until you see the numbers for later in the week. that's in the full forecast coming up. >> one win away from the nba finals after nearly seeing their dream of back-to-back nba titles fade. the warriors won 108-101 in oklahoma city to take game six. the victory tied the western conference finals at three games apiece after the dubs trailed three games to one. and these are the warriors arriving at oakland international airport at 1:30 this morning. the head coach praised the players. >> after getting blown out twice in oklahoma city so show that kind of heart and -- grit was great. >> the warriors try to make it three straight wins when they host the thunder in game seven
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at oracle tomorrow night at 6:00. >> game seven, come out loud and early. big game. see you on monday. >> last night's hero, klay thompson, is inviting you and tickets for the game seven are on sale now. season ticketholders could get their tickets this morning. sales to general public began just few minutes ago. resale tickets start at $360 apiece or so. from the hardwood to the ice where hoyt is being made bay the san jose sharks. they're in the stanley cub finals for the first time. there is a watch 'party tomorrow night. wayne freedman is heading to furring right now and will bring us live reports on abc7 news. a group of fraternity and
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veer. new details on the left behind at lake shasta following an outing by university of oregon students. the free tempts and sororities plan service project ted camp site where 1,000 people left behind not just trash but tents and coolers as well. campus agreeing organizations issued a statement of apologies. forest service workers spent hours cleaning up the mess.
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the bay bridge bike pace open longer. the hours from 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. will be in effect until labor day. an hour longer than before. the path is still not complete pending demolition of the old bridge elm the full trail is expected to open this summer. the warriors' win means bart service will resume tomorrow between the san leandro and bay fair stations to help get fans to the game at oracle. service is set to resume at 3:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. the tracks between the two stations are closed this weekend for the fifth and final weekend for maintenance work. and the warriors win -- whether you're going to the game or watching from home we want to see your warriors pride. post your fan photos and videos to social immediate, using the #dubson7. >> feeling the bern in california. bernie sanders' upcoming fullcourt press to woo voters in the state before the primary.
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looking live outside, get ready for a warm to hot memorial day holiday. a look at how much our temperatures will rise. now here's a look at what is ahead on world news at 5:30. >> good evening. coming up, much more on the frantic zoo emergency, four-year-old boy plunges into a gorilla enclosure. the new video, plus breaking news, shark attack in shallow waters, and on this memorial day, abc news goes back to vietnam for an uplifting store to show how navy seals never
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in the race for the white house, bernie sanders is making a concentrated evident to win california, holding two rallies today in the central valley he has two events tomorrow in oakland, including a rally at 5:00 p.m. tuesday he'll be in emeryville, santa cruz, and monterey, with a
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stop in palo alto on wednesday. hillary clinton's campaign celebrated the grandopening yesterday of her campaign office in fresno. she'll spent memorial day at a rally in new jersey and has no california appearances scheduled before our june 7th primary. donald trump pledged to im0 prove health care for america's veterans when he spoke to thousands at today's rolling thunder motorcycle rally in washington, dc. the presumptive republican presidential nominee also renewed his call to build a wall along the mexican border. the annual rolling thunder rally honors prisoners of war and american troops who are missing in action. stay up to date on the race for president with the abc7 news app. download the app for free and enable push alerts to get breaking election updates as they happen. we told you there's a warmup. just how warm? let check in with drew tuma. >> we're going to finishing the holiday weekend with temperatures climbing, a little
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dip at the coast, thanks to a breeze. otherwise, tons of sign around the bay. a live look at live doppler 7hd showing you we are rain-free. so take you to to beach. a live look from the santa cruz camera. it's packed. the folks barbecuing and enjoying the sunshine. on the horizon you can see the low clouds push inland overnight. 77 san jose. futurecast showing you much of san francisco and the east bay in sunshine but just to the lower half of the screen, notice the clouds trying to make a comeback. napa could off to 69. fairfield, 82. 77 concord. so overnight tonight we'll have that coastal fog, a little bit of it may try to push into the bay but most areas have clear skies and we'll kind of hover in the 50s. so a mild night on the way. future weather shows you first
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thing monday more than on memorial day, there's patches of fogs. it's not going to be anything deep. that marine layer pulls back to the coast by 10:00 in the morning, and away from the coast it is nothing but sunshine on the memorial day holiday. so highs monday, we're going up in the south bay. 90 san jose, santa cruz, 70. afternoon sunshine. 81 redwood city, 80 san mateo. san francisco, 60. north bay, warm. 86 napa. 90 cloverdale. oakland tomorrow, 76. 84 in fremont. inland, we're hot, upper eights in to 90. 90 concord, 95 antioch. >> showing you the beach forecast tomorrow, we start with with low clouds in the morning ask quickly pull back. a nice beach day, touch warmer than today. very high u index. the ocean water cool at 55, and
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then head over to oracle to see game seven. i think we'll pull out a win. by 8:30, 64. watch what happens on friday. this is when that heat is going to peak. we'll go ten to 25 degrees above average. i think triple digits will be widespread away from the water, even around the bay. 80s and 90s the accuweather seven-day forecast, a hot holiday tomorrow as a steady pattern tuesday, slight dip on the coast on wednesday, thursday and friday, hot, and then saturday and sunday, temperatures drop. so a hot trend the majority of the forecast and meant plentiful sunshine. >> where did that 104 good? >> it's going to be hot on friday. >> rick quan is here now with a preview of sports. >> the bay area is still buzzing about lanight's amazing
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comeback victory but it's time to turn the page. can the warriors bring the same determination to tomorrow i've been blind since birth. i go through periods where it's hard to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. learn about non-24 by calling 844-844-2424. or visit
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last night the amazing victory won't mean much if the warriors can't finish off the thunder tomorrow night. golden state forced game seven with clutch play drown the stretch. iguodala finds klay thompson who knocks down a 3. setting an nba playoff record with 11 three-pointers. with 14 seconds left, steph
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curry with a drive and seal the deal. the warriors refuse to lose. >> our players mentally tough. already knew that but they firmly confirmed that, correct. so, it's been a great comeback, but now we still have to play. we still have another game. >> a great series, but coach' told us only win one game and have a chance to win the series. >> the bay area's other playoff team, the sharks, are in pittsburgh, preparing for game one of the stanley cup finals inch 1997 joe thorn son and patrick marlow were both in the city getting drafted. thornton said one day he knew the sharks would be playing for the ultimate prize. >> i thought we're a couple pieces away, and here we are. so it's just -- you got to put
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in the hard work in the summertime and have to believe and this can happen. >> you'll see two teams that are pretty close knit, and just want to find a way to finish up right. >> now to baseball. the giants continue to roll through the national league werts. at coors field. hunter peps had hamstring injury but had three hits today, including a pair of doubles. this one brought home buster posey. dennard span made it 6-2 san francisco. that was more four nor johnny cueto, who improves to 8-1. 8-3 was the final. the giants won 15 of their last 17 games. >> the a's were trailing the tigers 2 or in the six nell when ian consistence will you boot this grounder. that would have been the third out. danny valencia scores. soon after a washing to simeon, billy butler flies to shallow
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center, cameron maybin can't make the grab and two more runs score. rich hill goss his team a victory but had to leave the game with a slight groin strain. the 100en in indy 500 was run today and a rookie driver from california took the checkered flag. a record crowd of more than 350,000 took in the greatest spectacle in racing. with four laps to go carlos munoz had the lead but had to stop for refueling, opening the door for alexander rossi who crossed the finish line first. rossi, from auburn, california, the fir rookie to win the indy 500 in 15 years. by the way, the tradition of drinking milk began in 1936 when the winner drank some butter milk to cool himself off in victory lane. of course, you knew that already, right? >> sure, yeah. i sure did.
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at 6:00, not an our watch. how three women stopped an attempted date rape and their message to others. and, flying history. planes from another era making a stop in the east bay. where you can catch this experience, join us at 6:00. we leave you tonight with a look at an amazing feat. a world famous base jumper and wing suit pilot can now add human arrow to his resume. he dropped from a helicopter at 6,000 feet, flew through the air at 120 miles-per-hour and hit a target over the great wall of china, bull's eye, human bull's eye. that does it for us here at abc7 news at 5. thank you for your time. i'm eric thomas. for drew tuma, rick quan, thank you for inviting us into your
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homes. see you at 6:00. welcome to "world news tonight." the gripping video and new eyewitness accounts from that frantic zoo emergency. a 4-year-old boy plunges into the gorilla enclosure. the 400-pound animal grabs him and runs off. >> mommy's right here. >> tonight, what zoo workers say they had to do to keep the boy alive. neighborhood shootout. >> get in your house! >> two gunmen start firing in the middle of a residential area. at least eight victims shot, one killed. the intense hunt to take down the shooters. breaking news. shark attack. a boy bitten in shallow water. how the entire beach came to his rescue. deadly flooding. record rain over the holiday weekend. mandatory evacuations under way. families pulled from flooded homes. the danger at some beaches this memorial day. and, driven to distraction.


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