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tv   ABC World News  ABC  May 29, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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homes. see you at 6:00. welcome to "world news tonight." the gripping video and new eyewitness accounts from that frantic zoo emergency. a 4-year-old boy plunges into the gorilla enclosure. the 400-pound animal grabs him and runs off. >> mommy's right here. >> tonight, what zoo workers say they had to do to keep the boy alive. neighborhood shootout. >> get in your house! >> two gunmen start firing in the middle of a residential area. at least eight victims shot, one killed. the intense hunt to take down the shooters. breaking news. shark attack. a boy bitten in shallow water. how the entire beach came to his rescue. deadly flooding. record rain over the holiday weekend. mandatory evacuations under way. families pulled from flooded homes. the danger at some beaches this memorial day. and, driven to distraction.
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a bus driver caught in the act. driving on the highway while watching a program on his smartphone. good evening. thanks for joining us on this sunday. i'm tom llamas. we begin with the scare at the cincinnati zoo. a 4-year-old boy plunging into the gorilla enclosure. tonight, we have the dramatic video that shows the boy in the clutches of a 400-pound silverback gorilla. zoo workers forced to shoot the gorilla to save the boy. at the zoo a growing memorial for the animal. while protesters are outraged over the use of lethal force over a tranquilizer. marci gonzalez on the zoo defending its actions. >> oh, my god! >> okay, everybody back up. >> reporter: tonight, a young boy recovering after coming face to face with a 400-pound gorilla. >> mommy loves you. i'm right here.
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>> reporter: for more than ten minutes, onlookers, including the boy's mother, watch in horror after authorities say the boy crawled through a barrier, making his way through the bushes and plunging ten feet into the moat below. >> a child has fallen into the gorilla cage. >> reporter: you can see the gorilla's left arm make contact. the boy scoots back. then the gorilla lifts him up, sweeps him across the water. >> the gorilla rushed the boy, but didn't hit him. he was almost guarding, protecting him. >> reporter: with the animal holding the boy between his legs, a zoo worker takes aim. shooting and killing the endangered 17-year-old silverback. rescuers rushing in, pulling the boy to safety. while the zoo is open today, the gorilla exhibit is closed. people have been coming by here all day, leaving flowers in honor of the gorilla.
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protesters outside of the zoo questioning why the worker didn't use a tranquilizer. >> in an agitated situation, it may take quite a while for the tranquilizer to take effect. >> reporter: the family releasing a statement, saying we extend our heartfelt thanks to the cincinnati staff, we know it was a difficult decision for them. the family also saying the boy is home from the hospital, and in their words, doing just fine. tom? >> glad the boy is okay. marci, thank you. now to breaking news in houston. the deadly shooting rampage, forcing a neighborhood on lockdown for hours. eight people shot, at least two killed, two officers among the wounded. here's phillip mena. >> reporter: this morning, the
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crackle of gunfire interrupting a quiet morning. >> one more down at -- two people down. >> reporter: 10:15 a.m. officers arrive to find two men armed with guns. one an ar-15 rifle. police say at least one suspect opened fire in the streets. blowing out car windows, igniting a gas station. >> do we believe this is just one or do we think we have two shooters? >> reporter: residents told to stay in their homes as a gun battle raged outside. >> get in your house! >> reporter: video shot from inside a nearby church. where congregants huddled together for safety. the first officer on the scene shot several times. s.w.a.t. teams and a police chopper move in. gunmen firing on that chopper, even hitting homes. >> female was shot in the leg. >> reporter: one woman shot in her car, another driver killed. a boy scout giving first aid to a wounded officer. >> i asked him to remove his vest, and once he had done that, i wrapped up the wound. >> reporter: eight shot in all. bullets coming just inches from this man.
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>> the bullet came through that door and then it went through that seat. >> reporter: one man police are calling a suspect was wounded, but they aren't saying who shot him. s.w.a.t. officers killed one, and are still searching for another. right now, police searching for a motive. tom? >> phillip, thank you. and we have breaking developments coming in from florida. the shark attack reported off neptune beach. a boy bitten on the leg in shallow water. here's aditi roy. >> reporter: terrifying moments at a florida beach this weekend. a boy attacked by a shark. police say the middle school-aged boy was waist-deep in water when a shark bit his right leg. >> someone yelled, oh, my god, he got bit. >> reporter: this photo snapped
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as paramedics rushed him to the hospital. officials say the boy has at least two severe lacerations, down to the bone. this incident comes as experts predict a hike in shark attacks since last year. there were a record 98 attacks in 2015, including 6 fatalities. and this, two weeks ago in boca raton, florida, a two-foot nurse shark still attached to this woman's arm. and in these waters near west palm beach, a diver attacked by a seven-foot bull shark last month. tonight, the boy recovering, and the beach, still open for the holiday weekend. aditi roy, abc news, san francisco. let's turn to the deadly weather this weekend. record rain across texas and the plains. dozens rescued after their cars were surrounded by water. dozens rescued, several dead or missing.
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to the east, bonnie losing team as it spins over south carolina. life guards warning about dangerous rip currents. here's eva pilgrim. >> reporter: tonight, extreme weather pummeling northern texas. no relief in texas after almost 20 inches of rain forced evacuations, driving families from their homes near houston. the swollen bravos river, seen here from space, now expected to crest over 53 feet. >> i didn't know it was going to come up this fast. >> reporter: at least five dead and three still missing, including an 11-year-old boy in kansas. search teams recovering the body of darren mitchell, a national guardsman who posted this chilling photo on facebook just minutes before his truck was swept away. >> it disappeared. once it flipped, you didn't see tires, truck, nothing. it just tumbled over. >> reporter: out east, it was tropical storm bonnie lashing the coast. eight inches of rain submerging cars and making for a dangerous drive along i-95. the biggest worry now, rip currents from florida to north carolina where one swimmer was rescued, but another is still
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missing. >> if you float out of it, you can take the longshore current to the side and swim in. >> reporter: it may look to be a good day to be out on the water. but it's still dangerous. as forall that rain, it's moving north, dampening a lot of holiday plans along the way. tom? >> thank you. let's get right to rob marciano. >> a lot of folks in the northeast going to get a piece of bonnie. after two days of the holiday weekend, serious summertime heat. the carolinas going to continue to see showers. some of them could be heavy. and moving up the east coast, along i-95, by tomorrow morning, from new york city to boston. maybe drying up by the afternoon, but not clearing out,
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really, until tuesday. storms across the plains, and nice weather out west. for those of you in and out of the storm zone, have a safe and respectful memorial day. tom? >> same to you, rob. back at home, now to the race for president. donald trump appealing to america's veterans. trump today speaking in washington, meeting members at the rolling thunder motorcycle rally. with one of the nation's most famous war vets saying he owes veterans an apology. here's devin dwyer, with the trump campaign in washington. >> reporter: tonight, rolling thunder rumbling through the nation's capital. >> i will say, no matter where i go, rolling thunder. look at all these bikers. do we love the bikers? yes. >> reporter: trump, who got five deferments during the vietnam war, paying tribute to those americans who served. >> we're going to take care of our veterans. we just raised almost $6 million for the vets. >> reporter: but trump's appearance at an event honoring prisoners of war was a stark contrast with his famous comments about former p.o.w.
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senator john mccain. >> he's not a war hero. he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people who weren't captured. okay? >> reporter: those words still not sitting well with decorated veteran bob dole, the only former republican nominee to endorse trump. >> i am going to try to get trump to issue an apology. >> reporter: but many in the veteran community here say they give trump a pass. what they like most about trump is that he speaks his mind. >> i like the fact that mr. trump speaks the truth. let the chips fall where they may. >> reporter: trump now calls mccain a good man, but in an interview earlier this month said he has no regrets about his original comments. >> i like john mccain, and he is a hero. there are many people that like what i said. after i said that, my poll numbers went up seven points. >> reporter: tonight, here donald trump says he'll hold a press conference on tuesday to finally reveal the names of the veterans' groups who will receive money from that fundraiser he held back in january. tom?
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>> devin, thank you. now to stolen history in virginia. a civil war cemetery looted by thieves. here's care -- karen travers on the investigation. >> reporter: tonight, this sacred ground a crime scene after a brazen looting. the civil war battlefield in virginia, often used to honor the sacrifice made by the soldiers who died there, now desecrated. >> we had a report of finding a number of holes in the battlefield. >> reporter: investigators saying thieves likely used metal detectors and shovels to dig up civil war relics in the dark of night. >> belt buckles, buttons, possibly guns, ammunition. >> reporter: visitors paying their respects this memorial day weekend were shocked. >> i was very upset and heartbroken. >> reporter: the national park service telling abc news money is the big motivator. on ebay we found these civil war relics for sale, said to be recovered in central virginia.
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and these rubber overshoes found at gettysburg. but for some, the theft at petersburg is personal. >> they don't want to see items that belong to their ancestors stolen. and it's just disrespectful. >> reporter: it's a federal crime to steal from parks like petersburg. violators can face up to $20,000 in fines and two years in prison. tom? >> karen, thank you. overseas tonight, to the fight against isis. iraqi forces completing their troop buildup around fallujah. gearing up for an all-out battle to retake the city. tonight, an up-close look at america's u-2 spy plane, tracking isis in the middle east. this, as the terror group relies on pickup trucks to get around. martha raddatz with an exclusive look at the war being waged from the skies. >> reporter: coming in for a landing at an air base on the arabian peninsula, the famed u-2 spy plane.
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we are in the chase car speeding alongside at close to 100 miles per hour, the driver talking the pilot down safely, since he has limited visibility in this aircraft when landing. returning from a 12-hour mission 70,000 feet above the war against isis. so high that pilots must wear pressure suits similar to astronauts. >> flying the u-2 is crazy, because you're the highest person in the world besides the people that are on the space station. >> reporter: you have the best surveillance possible, right? >> exactly. >> reporter: we are allowed on a mission in an awac over iraq and syria. those huge airborne radar systems coordinating the war planes. we've been orbiting over iraq for about two and a half hours now, very near the syrian border. when you're on station, that's the busiest time. you're looking out for aircraft, looking out for enemy? you pass on whatever? >> yes, ma'am, and funneling information back to the ground commanders so that they can
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decide the flow of battle. >> reporter: and once the targets are located, drones and fighter jets are unleashed. >> targets range from anything from banks to oil infrastructure to enemies on the ground. >> reporter: with the iraqis now trying to free fallujah, those airstrikes will almost certainly intensify. martha raddatz, abc news, the arabian peninsula. >> we thank martha for that report. back here at home, and to one of the most famous races in the world. to the 100th running of the indy 500. the winner, rookie alexander rossi, crossing the finish line on fumes. lindsay czarniak is in indianapolis tonight. lindsay? >> reporter: tom, a rookie driver won the indianapolis 500. that's so rare. it hasn't happened in 15 years. >> the winner, alexander rossi. >> reporter: 24-year-old alexander rossi came out of nowhere. a year ago, he was a part-time
5:45 pm
driver in a different racing series in europe. he made himself a household name in front of a record crowd of 350,000. the drama started early. juan pablo montoya, losing control. he was okay, but his day was done before it could ever get going. the rest of the field had to make pit stops for fuel. but rossi took a massive gamble. he knew he didn't have enough. but managed to conserve what he needed to coast across the finish line on fumes. and managed to win the indy 500. he has only been driving indy cars for three months. now, he's won the indianapolis 500. tom? >> what a race. lindsay, thank you. still ahead on "world news tonight," driven to distraction. a bus driver is supposed to be watching the road, but he appears to be watching something else. how one scared passenger took action. and later, a new way to
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back now with new video of a distracted bus driver, tempting fate and putting passengers in danger. here's lauren lyster. >> reporter: tonight, caught in the act. this bus driver appearing to alternate between watching the road and glancing at a video on his smartphone, around a dozen times in under two minutes. all while driving passengers down a busy interstate from the washington, d.c., area to new york city. this video, taken by a nervous rider, is far from the first. just this week, a student in illinois catching a high school bus driver allegedly texting. a furious passenger last summer filming this limo bus driver texting on a new york highway. >> i couldn't believe that a man that had 45 lives in his hands would do something this serious. >> reporter: and here, another school bus driver caught talking
5:49 pm
on his cell phone, enraging the student's father. the concern is warranted. close to 3,200 people died in distracted driving accidents in 2014, another 431,000 injured. in the latest case, the passengers on that bus from the d.c. area made it safely to new york. as for the driver, he's been fired. tom? >> lauren, thank you. coming up, a professional athlete kidnapped. growing concerns after a star soccer player vanishes. where he was last seen. and lightning strikes an area full of children. the latest on their condition, next. but there's a difference between the omega-3s in fish oil and those in megared krill oil. unlike fish oil, megared is easily absorbed by your body... ...which makes your heart, well, mega-happy. happier still, megared is proven to increase omega-3 levels in 30 days.
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5:53 pm
world cup team. no word yet on a possible motive. now to that massive lightning strike in paris. 11 people, including 8 children hurt. one child remains in critical condition. and the world's wingsuit wonder is at it again. jeb corliss, suited up here, and soaring over the great wall of china. a stunt he's been planning for ten years. gliding over the wall at 120 miles per hour, even hitting an apple-sized target along the way before parachuting to a safe landing. when we come back on this memorial day, abc news heads to vietnam. the uplifting story of how a group of navy s.e.a.l.s never forgot their vietnamese translator. how their last rescue operation turned into the mission of their lives. stay with us. ility of a flare was almost always on my mind. thinking about what to avoid, where to go...
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finally on this memorial day weekend, as we honor those that served our nation, a story from the vietnam war. one man that helped to keep so many american servicemen alive, including navy s.e.a.l.s. tonight, how they returned the favor. here's bob woodruff. >> reporter: walking down this path in vietnam is like walking back in time, meeting nguyen hoang minh. he was the combat interpreter for every navy s.e.a.l. in the mekong delta during the war. >> those s.e.a.l. teams were the most effective combat s.e.a.l. teams in vietnam primarily because of minh's influence. >> reporter: this lighter, a gift from a s.e.a.l. whose life
5:58 pm
minh saved. when the u.s. left vietnam, minh disappeared, presumed dead. but he wasn't. minh spent more than two years in a prison camp, then lived in poverty until patrol boat officer john donovan found him ten years ago. he recognized him by his smile. >> he always had this big grin on his face. >> reporter: what would your life be like if the did not find you? >> i would be dead. for a long time. >> reporter: they brought him to florida for a reunion. >> you're a hell of a man, i'll tell you. god bless you. >> reporter: and now, they give him $300 a month, meaning minh can send his granddaughter to college. on this memorial day, as we honor our fallen veterans, these remember a man who helped them survive. bob woodruff, abc news, my tho, vietnam. >> we thank bob for that story. where he thank you for watching this memorial day weekend. "gma" in the morning.
5:59 pm
next at 6:00, developing news. the search ended for a father and his one-year-old daughter who went missing. plus, two teenagers are lucky to be alive after their car veer off the road. the dramatic rescue. >> we all have the able to speak up. >> hear from three women who helped stop a potential date rape. abc7 news at 6:00 starts now. >> thank you for joining us. developing news out of sacramento county where sheriff's department advertise recovered a body believed to be that of missing girl kaylee jackson. a boater spotted the body this afternoon in a slough. the one-year-old and her dad left antioch a week ago. they were supposed to return home to sacramento. family and friends, including
6:00 pm
kaylee's grandmother, broke down when they received the news about the little girl this afternoon. >> she never one -- he never one day shied away from his responsible to her. >> diverrers are searching the waters for the car they were in. police are investigating a terrifying accident in the oakland hills that left two teenager wes cuts, bruises and broken bones their car ran off the road and down a hillside, rare requiring a dangerous rescue attempt. this happened on grizzly peak boulevard and fish ranch road. >> reporter: a dramatic rescue in the oakland hills. firefighters hoist a teenage girl up the ridge. a hadn't drops a chp medic down to the site. then lifts the other injured victim out of the steep ravine.


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